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Sales Letter Copywriting Tutorial For Beginners

Yalla Papi, Digital nomad and fitness bro

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12 Lessons (1h 57m)
    • 1. Step 1: Get Attention

    • 2. Step 2: Identify The Problem

    • 3. Step 3: Provide The Solution

    • 4. Step 4: Present Your Credentials

    • 5. Step 5: Show The Benefits

    • 6. Step 6: Give Social Proof

    • 7. Step 7: Make Your Offer

    • 8. Step 8: Give A Guarantee

    • 9. Step 9: Inject Scarcity

    • 10. Step 10: Call To Action

    • 11. Step 11: Give A Warning

    • 12. Step 12: Close With A Reminder


About This Class

Sales Letter Copywriting Tutorial For Beginners

Hey all, in this class I write a sales letter in front of you so you can see how to do it according to the 12 step copywriting formula.

I made these videos because I personally prefer hands on type learning, so I thought it might be helpful for you to watch me create a sales letter in real time instead of just learning about how it's done.

Let me know if you have any questions.


1. Step 1: Get Attention: Yeah. What's up, guys? In this video, I'm going to show you. Um, this is part of a 12 video Siris on the 12 step will prove sales letters. So it's gonna be a copyrighting video in this video. We're going to use click funnels. So what we're going to do is gonna go to funnels, and we're going to pick a template. I think I have one in here that I haven't actually use this. Just create a new one. Create new funnel, sell your product sales funnel. It's called this one. Copy writing. Um, copyrighting. Now, this is only gonna be, um, about the first part of the copyrighting. All right, so this is gonna be broken up into 12 sections. Number one is going to get attention. That's what we're going to be talking about right now. Now, there's lots of different templates that you can use, but we're going to use a sales page. Okay? Now, all of these have videos, which is good, but we want one that is text for the purposes of this. So I think maybe that one is text. Most of these are actually video, so I see video. All right, So we're going to use the same template that I used for my last one. Which is this Okay. You know, this is the same one that I used for my, um, cold email course so might look familiar. Okay, so we're gonna do is go to edit page. Now, the first step of this is going to be get attention. Okay, So what does this say? Assuming the reader has opened your envelope, next step is to get their attention. Okay, so this is obviously for, like, a, um it's called, like, direct mail, right? But we're doing a sales page on the internet, so it's kind of the same thing, just in the form of a, um, website. Okay. How? We took one dead funnel, made a few simple tweaks and turned it into a $500,000 per month powerhouse almost overnight. So we are going to make this funnel about, um, selling a product. Let's see what we're gonna do. Actually, for this final, we're going to market this to people who have click funnels who want to sign up more. Click funnels, affiliates. All right, let's just I don't know. I just came up with that idea off the top of my head seems to have, like, a good theme, right? How I one about that's actually we, um, took one frustrated marketer, made a few simple tweaks, made a few how we took one frustrated affiliate, few simple tools and turned him into a dream car winner. Okay, so this is obviously like my fantasy, right? You know, to have 200 affiliates, but you get the idea. So this is this is to get attention. Now, to be honest, it is probably too long. Um, but this will get people's attention if they're interested in being a quick funnels affiliate. Right? So this is I think this is pretty good. Now, essentially, all you really want to do with this, um, is just get their attention. And, like the reason I say this is too long is because this is gonna take a long time to read. It's like four lines. Like, what else could we sit here like What's we clone this and think of something else. We I went from one to 200 quick funnels affiliates, and that's probably pretty good. Ah, in less and, um, two weeks, little get people's attention. Is it true? Probably not. But you know, this is start like fantasy world that we have here. So let's go with that 11 to 200 Quick Finals affiliates and must in two weeks. Yeah, sure, why not? Or you could even like, Let's say we want to do another one, right? Let's say we want to dio discover how I went from one to 200 jobs. Click funnels affiliates in I Don't Know Less and four Weeks. Right. Let's go with that. Okay, so you see, it's pretty straightforward. It's pretty simple. Essentially, all you really want to do like this is like click click bait at its finest. How does that look? 1 to 200. Clean. Listen. Yeah, that's fine. I'm happy with that. Okay, so you guys get the idea. Essentially, what you want to do is you want to tell them something that will get their attention, right? Anybody who's a quick funnels affiliate, who wants to sign up other people for quick funnels and, like, you know, whatever do all that stuff. They're going to be interested in this. This is going to get their attention. Can this is just kind of like a basic many headline right here. Stop. Um, if you're click struggling, click Funnels affiliate. And you need must read this. No. Okay. All right. So that's basically it. Um, guys get the idea. Cool. 2. Step 2: Identify The Problem: it was up, guys. So in this video, we're going to talk about identify the problem, which is step two of the 12 step copyrighting. Um, Siri's. OK, so where is my? Here we go. All right. So, basically, like this section right here, we're just gonna say, like, you know what the problem was, right? So I'll just start, like, just actually leave this. Hey, my name is Stuart other. No, Poppy, I I wanted to share something. Share something with you guys. That's to board. And I wanted Teoh, um, feel compelled to tell you guys how I cracked the code on signing up. Click funnels affiliates. See, I was once just like you, actually. What's the next step for this? Identify? Yeah. Okay, so So it's just like you struggling frustrated. Click funnels affiliate. It seemed like everywhere I looked, people were signing where posting screenshots, signing up affiliates and posting screenshots of their earnings on Facebook. Felt like they just doing it pissed me off. And then one day I got so frustrated that I made a post on the official quick funnels Facebook group. I don't remember exactly what I said. It was something to the effect of I understand you like to you I want to enjoy. I understand you enjoy bragging about yours success. But many of us are extremely frustrated. All you dio is post pictures of you are earnings with useless comments like just add value . Probably shouldn't posted that. I just couldn't help myself. Okay, what do you think happened? I got banned all the official click funnels groups. It's not a good day, actually. What I should do to really flesh out the problem, because this is actually all true. I definitely did actually get banned from that group. Was not fun. And what I really should dio should actually reiterate I should I should go over all the things that I that I talked about, that I actually tried to sign affiliates. I feel like I tried everything when it comes. Sign up. Affiliates. I tried Facebook ads. No luck. I tried solo ads. Still no luck. I tried using a contact form submit. Er no even offered companies free two week trial for managing their Facebook ads, which would require a click from those accounts. Nothing. I used a contact forms better to spammed the Internet promote any CF product thought would convert. I tried messaging random business owners on Facebook to see yes, I could weasel my way into convincing funnels was the answer to their problems. Nothing worked, And I was so frustrated, I was always just minutes away, throwing my laptop out the window to make matters worse. Okay. Actually, also tried posting literally hundreds of YouTube videos. Torrey ALS click funnels. Any other topic? I thought interest people peppering my descriptions with affiliate links. Nada Can I actually did do all these things? Nothing actually worked, so I was very frustrated. What you think happened? I got that right. So that's the problem, Okay? Actually, I was ready to give up. Felt defeated. I was ready to give up. Okay, so that's basically how you state the problem. Obviously. Like, I should go back, like, format this later on. Maybe add some, like, you know, bold this or something or whatever. Like I tallis, eyes bold, capitalized, like, add some different colors in there, but that will be done later. Okay, So that is how you identify the problem. 3. Step 3: Provide The Solution: Yo, what's up, guys? In this video, we're going to go over Step three of the 12 step copyrighting formula, which has provide the solution. So this is now They built your reader's interest by making them feel pain. It's time to try this solution. This is the part of the sales that are where you boldly stake your claim that you can solve the readers problem. So the moment everything changed. Then one day one day I was got a message from my friend John. John had seen some of the videos I've made on my you tube channel about hiking. Those don't know Begum bought is a contact form Mitter that I used to great effect too. Build my social media management business from the ground. Uh, I knew that software like back my hand and made dozens of videos, published dozens of tutorials on how to use it. So John and I have been talking about scaling up my operation with my grandpa. He was a systems Minnis traitor with multiple GPS virtual private servers and could set up multiple several instances of the body to scrape harvest data, which I would then used to create contact form campaigns. Our idea was to create a lead generation business. Sell leads to anybody who needed them. When John called me told me during this specific call, John mentioned to me that he wanted me to meet his friend Bill. He told me about Bill before mentioning that he had worked in the cell phone industry and and access to incredible software that it was not available to the public curious. Set up a call with Bill and John and proceeded to have my mind Absolutely loan. Turns out Bill had acquired a big data license. I found he had technology that could identify users, visited a site without acquiring often. Let that sink in for a second. Normally, with, um uh, right with, um, lead generation sales funnels. I need the user. All this work Fill out their details in Upton form for you can contact them. All this work to get them to your websites. Pay for ads. So that's you right? Blogger, Write articles, make videos, sell your damn soul, get them to your website. Then what do those stupid customers dio? I don't even fill out your damn lead Capture form. Unbelievable. But with bills technology. None of that would be necessary. All I would need to dio be to drive traffic to the site Bill Pixel to the science, Dr Traffic, whatever means necessary. And then take the data. Load the data into either auto Sponder campaign or a custom audience on Facebook. On this call, eyes nearly popped out of my head. Fewer struggling click funnels affiliate. Who knows? And, he said about difficult. It is to generate leads and get traffic. You can appreciate solution that pill waas provided Now, to be honest, using this technology for quick funnels Affiliate, it seems, seems a little shortsighted. Affiliates sign ups only pay 40 20 months, whereas I could be selling my own services high end coaching, for example, for five, 10 times that amount, but had it in my head that I wanted to win that damn dream car. And but more, I had other reasons for wanting to probably shouldn't say this. I know the most famous click funnels affiliates out there personally. I knew this affiliate for they made it big. I To be honest, I thought they were one of the stupidest people I had ever met. Fast forward a few years later and got into quick funnels here. I see that they actually made dreams come true. I had my reasons for wanting to succeed with they honest, good reasons, maybe day or power? No to make. Okay, do what I did. All right, so anyway, that's a little dramatic, but you get the idea now this is way longer than I planned it on being. But they say that long copy outsells short copy. So keep that in mind. You know, don't be afraid to write a lot because, like, you know, like, I have a blawg and I've noticed that, like, you know, and I are very long articles like my articles were like 5000 words minimum and have a lot of people who you know, there's a difference between, like, writing something that's like 300 words like tweet. That's like good. But like, honestly, how much can you say in a tweet or in like, a 300 word Article 500 word article, you could say so much more in more words, right? You just have to learn how to, like, say it in a way that gets people, um, like every every sentence needs to kind of get them toe. Want to read the next sentence? That makes sense. So again, this is just a first draft. And I haven't really, like, gone over this. You definitely should write. And I will. Before I actually published this and turn this into a live funnel. But just keep in mind that, um, you know, they say good writing is rewriting. All right, so that is number three. Cool. Here we go. Number four. 4. Step 4: Present Your Credentials: Yo, what's up, guys? This is going to be video number four, um, about the 12 step clock copyrighting formula tutorial. And in this one, we're going to present your credentials. Okay, so this says in most cases after you have introduced yourself and your product or service, your reader is thinking quote. Yeah, sure. He can fix my problem. That's what they all say. So now it's important to hit them right away with the reason you can be trusted. So here we go. Here we go. Yo. All right. No, this it's just quote. Um, like this one. That's actually right there. All right, well, we'll do that later. Before we go any further, we tell you a little bit about myself. Why now I know what you're thinking. Yeah, sure. He says talks a big game. Why should I listen to this idiot? And perhaps you'd be absolutely right. Why should you listen to me? After all, I don't literally All of those stupid marketing gurus promise the same thing by my course, and you'll make in, um, let in the next 48 hours. Learn how a 17 year old, um decoded Google's algorithm to cure cancer and make himself rich in the process. Sign up for my webinar and I promise you will be making five figures months for you can say Charge back. Or you could say no refunds. I get it. I was the same way I bought so many courses. Watched so in the videos, so many God damn sales mutters that couldn't stand eloped, a severe phobia towards anything even remotely looked like funnel. That's why I put off learning copyrighting for so long. I was fortunate enough to have other skills. Pay these bills. Some of you might know me from steam. It's where I am known as Allah. Poppy, Straight shooting, No on sense, business minded Jew who tells it like it is and everyone to a higher stent, including himself. At least that's I. I see it. New funnel. Maybe you know me from YouTube. I make videos about the snake diet, otherwise known as prolonged fasting. Sure, you take business advice from the guy who makes you too. Videos doesn't without wearing a shirt. I don't know, I probably wouldn't Here we are, maybe even know me from Instagram. I post post my deepest, darkest thoughts and mildly inappropriate pictures of women. I lightly muscled women I can't help find attractive. Why am I talking about this? Been talking this All right, All right. So, like, if you're a copywriter like, don't do this for your copy, right? Like this is like, I'm kind of stretching the attention span of my reader now because, you know, ah, lot of the people who I will be promoting this, too will know me from one of these channels and they kind of know my sense of humor. And they I think we'll find the congruence of this effective or refreshing, at least, right. Like, have you talked to somebody in one way most of the time. And then as soon as you try to sell them something, you talked to him in a different way. That kind of disconnect is going to, like, rub them the wrong way. Right? So that's that's what I'm thinking, right? I am points that I've been spreading my my seed. I see it's all over the Internet for better heart year and 1/2. There's so much content out there that you can read about me I've created that I've put out there much of it, too. Do with marketing sales and getting the most out of your sad short. You are, fortunately short and satisfying. Human life said before, I want to say one. Nobody could say about me. It's that in authentic. So if you don't believe what I'm saying, who I am, you just stop reading right now. Go do something better with your time. Maybe watch one of my You too. Yes. Remember to subscribe. All right, now, again, this is, like way to tongue in cheek for what you're going to be doing. And I'm probably it's there's a good chance I'll edit this right and take some of this out . Um, but I hate the like, very bland. Like this is one of the reasons why didn't put any digital marking stuff on my Facebook page for so long is because I hate seeing that on other people's pages that, like, fake smile like wearing a suit. And they used these like, stupid corporate buzzwords. Like I'm gonna help you achieve your goals. I'm gonna add value. I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna do that's like, broke. Look out of here. We don't give a shit about don't talk like a normal human being. Sorry for my profanity. It's just very agitating for me. Okay, so that's basically it. I'm probably like this section. I'll probably go over and rewrite this more than the other ones. But you get the idea basically, in this you want to just tell them who you are and why you're qualified to talk about this . Okay, Now, when it comes to click funnels, right, Like, I don't You know, I could say, essentially, the whole point of this is that I've got 200 clip ons, which was that which I don't have one, you know? But like I'm right, this is a sales that, er that I will right now, and I will actually show to this guy. Bill. Hey, Bill, guess what? This letter is already written, you know? So, like, once we get some success, Mike, you know, once it actually happens, this is the sales. That right? It's it's already ready to go. You know, once it actually works like this is gonna be $500 in your pocket for everybody who buys anything from this site. You understand? Some kind of like doing it in reverse, so to speak. Okay. I don't know if that made sense. Anyway. We go. That was number four 5. Step 5: Show The Benefits: Yo, what's up, guys? In this video, we're going to do step number five of the tutorials. Show the benefits. Okay, Now it is time to tell the reader how they will personally benefit from your product or service. Don't make the common mistake of telling them battle the features of your product without talking about the benefits because they already stated people are interested not so much in you, or even your product or service, but what it will do for them. So let's go down here and we'll do this section later. But, um, so you can even see that this is already set up with that in mind, right? With all those check marks right there, like this is what you'll get all this crap. Okay, so let's take a look with having here. It was a metric of my funnel. Look, now let's get down to business. So by now, now you're probably wondering thinking to yourself, Sounds good, smart guy. So what's it now? What's this going to do for me? I just came back from working out outside, so my hands are cold. All right, So what's this going to do for May? Well, anonymous reader. Internet person. Glad you asked. Let's take a moment and examine if you haven't figured it out already. Let's take a moment and examine all of the benefits that you will gain from using this service to sign up. Click Funnels Affiliates. Okay, so we're just gonna list thes. I think the way we're going to do this is we're just gonna, like list thes Now. I remember did a really good job on my last final because that one was very polished. I went over it like, five times. So if I get stuck, I will just check that you guys can check it too, if you want cold. Email crusher dot com But for now, it's trying Just trying wing this. Okay, so let's see. Um, okay. Benefits not features. So what's the benefit? Sign up. Uh, skip the, um massively expand your reach by skipping the opt in process. Um, it's another word for offer. I don't want to say offer your offer. Promote your offer to literally virtually anyone who visits your site. Not just opt ins. Nos. Um save hundreds too. Thousands dollars on paid ads. Used the data to instantly create lookalike audiences in Facebook. Hit your visitors from Stay front of your visitors by marketing to them. Fire. It's a mess. Email and don't much more. Now let's salmon this more closely. Finally, master signing up. Click Funnels affiliates and put your marketing on auto pilot Automatically send out email , um, drip campaigns to anyone who visits your sights and when your dream car and walk the stage to meet more good buddy Russell. So you spell Russell two else. All right, that's fine. You know, again like I've said it before. I'll say it again. Good writing is rewriting. So, like this is essentially just a rough draft to show you like what you need to do to, like, get everything out there. Okay, Like when you write anything, regardless of whether it's a sales funnel or article or whatever the first draft is essentially, I don't want to say the hardest, but like I think it's the easiest. Could you little just sit down and write whatever pops in your head? It's the rewriting in the editing that requires thoughts. Okay, because you need to think OK, what's the best way to say this? Should I write this? You use this word. Oh, but actually used this word, you know, three sentences ago. Start to think of another word. So it's more of an art firm art form you have to add, like images and stuff. It's really annoying, actually, to do the editing. Okay, so it's examine this more closely, So let me paint. Now I know that sounds amazing. I know. No, all of that sounds amazing, but you're probably wondering how it all works. Well, let me paint the picture for you. Let me break it down for you. Really simple. All you have to do is generate traffic to your landing page and or sales page. What's it like, Pidge? Let's just say funnel your sales funnel. That's it. Nothing else. We handle the auto responder campaigns we gather the data give you. We can set up the lookalike audiences for you. We can even hash the data, give you, um, everything that we can get our hands on so that you can follow up personally all of your site visitors. But that's not Oh, and to quote the legendary really mais. But that's not all. We handle the auto responder campaigns. We write your email. Copy? Call them swipe files. You're slight files. We to sign your had coffee. Oh, this is gonna This is turning into a fucking bomb. Asked little sales page right here. All right. We had a lot response. Committee were stifled. We design your ad copy. We're you, literally to everything you need to have done to get people to sign up for click funnels under your affiliate link. All you need to do is Dr Traffic. And look, if you feel like driving traffic is even too much for you to handle. We can take care of fat. A swell how we're gonna do that. Let's see, It's Kanai. That's right. With our state of the art. I see this technology isn't the only thing we've got up our sleeves. Bill, John and I been have over 50 years bind, marketing my marketing experience. We've got access to tools that you've never even heard of. We can scrape. That sounds bad. Gather data from linked in Facebook. What's up? Instagram should be a site. Think of hundreds, thousands people day. Vote your offer to trump traffic to any site or for you to all right. So, like, theoretically What you should do is I should go into more detail about how I do this, right? Like I should talk about, like, maybe contact form, submit her or like, how we get leads from like, din. But that would be, like would be a lot more work. I don't really feel like doing that right now, so that would be something that you do like in the first rewrite. OK, but that should be good for now. Essentially, what you want to do is you want to tell them how they're going to benefit. So, like, honestly, I probably should like What I also could do is I could essentially copy and paste every single one of these and write a section about it. That's another way to do it. Um, I just did it this way. Um, so, yeah, this actually isn't so bad. I mean, at the end of the day, right? Like, you know, people want to buy them by ship. Um, so this is probably fine for now. And this is also one of the things you can A B test as well. So test it. If it works, it works. Doesn't work. You try it again. But I think this is all right. All right, here we go. 6. Step 6: Give Social Proof: All right, So this is going to be step six of the 12 step copyrighting tutorial. This one is give social proof. After you presented all your benefits, the readable again begin to doubt you, even though they secretly want all your claim benefits to be true, build your credibility and believability. Present your reader with testimonials from satisfied customers. Now, if you don't have any, like we don't have any yet. We haven't even launched this yet. Like, what are you supposed to dio? Right? So you can do a couple things can either fake it, right? This one doesn't have any, Uh, any testimonials? So, like if you actually have some, then you can add them. But if you don't have any, then you could either skip it or you can add some fake ones. Or what you can do is you can give some review copies away to people and ask them to just like do you like a quick video review of everything? Hey, Bacchus chorus. I used this product is a service. Um, and you know, I really liked it was amazing. Solving problems. Well, um, could do that. We can just skip it so for the purposes of this, we're just going to skip it, so I don't feel like I just don't have anything, actually, you know. 7. Step 7: Make Your Offer: What's up, guys? This is going to be step seven. Okay, Make your offer. Our offer is the most important part of your sales that are great. Offer can overcome mediocre copy, but great copy cannot overcome a mediocre offer. Your offer should be irresistible. You want your reader to say to themselves, quote, I'd be stupid not to take advantage of this deal. Okay, so let's take a look here. What are we gonna dio for our offer? Now, at this point, you're probably wondering. Great. So how much is it and what do I get? Let's take a look. Now, Okay. Again, this is all gonna be formatted again later. So, like when it comes to the offer like, this is where you want to have images you wanna have, like, book covers? You wanna have, like, you know, all of the like, stuff that just looks cool. Like you don't want to just have text. You wanted to stand out from everything else, but we'll go over that later. Okay? So number one, um, site Well, actually, let's call it, uh, We're gonna call this, um cf Auto about CF auto affiliation. Super pixel. Sounds ridiculous. Um, This is where this is. The core offer of this is the core technology of this offer. A industry leading no fortune 50 piece of technology. It's a Fortune 500 technology that big boys use. You're just add to your sites this pixel on it's called the Super Pixel. Our super pixel. Your site. We'll be able to gather data. I want every single one of your site visitors every single one of your site. Visitors. Regardless, after or not day, fill out your often before. Well, actually, we'll be gathering data sending you the crypt It version to you. But on a daily basis. Number two, um, 30 day click Funnels Affiliates uh, unique 30 day click funnels affiliate Auto responder pain. Not only will we be gathering the data people, that is it your site, but also create an auto a trip campaign to reach out to them on your behalf if he wants. You can create this on your and we can execute it. We can create it. You can load it into your own auto responder. Point is that you won't have to come up with 30 days of swipe files campaign. Well, that is 1% done for you. Best part. Each campaign is fully unique. Come on. Alright. What else would you Ah, we say we're gonna give them here. All right, so let's give them my other courses. Just for fun. Bonus. Um, secret traffic traffic generation. Secrets of underground marketers. No, that's stupid. Let's call this one. Generate leads and traffic quality e mails and contact form submitters. Actually, that's that's about create a traffic tsunami. There we go. Okay, so you responder landing page funnel end, super pixel set up. So now how do you generate traffic? Poppy's got you covered. Once again, every customer person who signs up gets access to my, um, detailed to a my most popular courses on generating feeds and traffic through cold emails Contact called partner. But Thies to resource is you don't know everything you need to know about generating traffic traffic towards you are 10 premium sales channels. It's called these actually 10 premium industry specific sales funnels who? That's a restaurant. So basically, these are, um, additional funnels that I have gathered over the years over the months, actually, very high quality things that I had actually, I bought stuff from people and they through these funnels. And so I figured, might as well give them away. Just kind of like I hate this term, but add value, like add, you know, some stuff to the offer as well. Um, restaurant and wants to I don't want dio got a client with a restaurant. I want to set them up on quick funnels. Want to start reaching out to dentists, offer them coaching on generating leads. Um, um, contacting general contractors, asking them chance to do business with you This quick funnels getting 10 of extremely high quality sales funnels that I had to pay a lot of money to get. You get them for Brady. See? And I think what I'll do is I'll turn this 12 video. Siri's into a little mini course, right? Cause why not? You know, uh, stupidly simple copyrighting course. Even though this service essentially we have designed to service to do all of the heavy lifting for you, you can't avoid the fact that you probably still need to write some copy the future. When you order this service, you'll get access to another one of my popular courses where I take you through Okay, Bullet proof 12 step copyrighting formula and right. And create sales letter while you watch Best part. You get access to the exact funnel it's called. Sales Order creates. Of course this. Well well, what else? We want to give these people, um, about this. What a final way. Bonus funnels and courses. Sure, signing up formals on Auto Pilot is great. Do you know what's even better than that? Selling click funnels products to people and getting them to sign up as affiliates. Boom. But seriously, this bonus includes two super high quality landing pages by Click Funnels affiliate Dream Car winner Doug The Man Putin who set a record for I don't know, um set a record for sending to click funnels godhood by selling the One funnel way challenge 72 times in 60 days. This bonus it's just includes both of Hiss funnel templates that used and both of his, uh, bonus packages to funnels. Thanks. Click funnels courses, um, CF mastery and sales funnel mastery. I think that's what they're called. Take you step by step through. No templates, actually. Okay, let's call this one a 3000 for just think of random numbers Why not number seven away bonus courses? So basically what I want to dio I don't want to block the funnels. And the courses into the same thing will just separate them, right, cause they're essentially different things, right? Get the funnels and to get the courses. - Okay , It's bonuses, thanks to good buddy, my funnels and tour. Doug Once again, not only did he creates two incredible sales funnels well, help you sell the one funnel challenge. But he added to equally incredible courses that two equally incredible courses that one of these courses do help you sweeten the deal. If you want to try on market, see if a challenge 30 day challenge. We're Russell Bronson. Stephen Larson. Other look funnels legends, take you by the hand, teach you everything you to know about creating first sales, funnel generating. I can start traveling the world and according no working out in strange Vietnamese. They're Jim's with me. Okay, Number eight. What we got it's gonna give people I don't know. That's it for now. All right, you can always go back and add more. And like, honestly, there's so much free stuff that you could give people. Um So, like, this is kind of where, like, e covers, come into play because, like what I'll do when I go back and edit, this is all have an e cover for every single one of these. So like especially for the courses, right helps to like, kind of give people the idea that, you know these covers are like Are these bonuses? That's not just like whatever. Some PdF you know they're giving them essentially what it is for a couple videos. It's this, like CDs and DVDs and like some tablet with, like, your logo on it, whatever its took a mind trick. But it works OK, so we'll go back and wide that later we do the editing and rewriting cool. 8. Step 8: Give A Guarantee: Yeah. What's up, guys? This time we're going to do the number eight in the 12 step copyrighting. Um, strategy. We're trying to do these all in a day. Some, like, kind of out of it. But anyway, this is number eight. Give a guarantee. All right. To make your offer even more irresistible, you need to take all the risk out of the purchase. Remember that people have a built in fear that they're going to get ripped off. How many times have you purchased a product and got stuck with it? Because the merchant wouldn't give you your money back. So let's think about this. They're okay. There's no here. All right, so let's see. Um, so for this, I don't want to like like, essentially, what I don't want to do is waste this guy's time that I'm working with by like, I don't want to like, Not that I don't want to give a guarantee, but I'm thinking if there's some way toe like offer a trial because he said he would be down for, like, a two week trial, right to give people to do this for people, um, and essentially give them the data or, like, do the auto responder campaign for them. What? I feel like doing that for them for free for two weeks. It's like, No, but this is like the way that I'm writing this sales letter like this is gonna be charging thousands of dollars for this is not like a $500 a month thing that we're doing for people just like two grand minimum. You know, it's a big ticket item. So basically, what I want to do is I'm thinking to myself, like, what can we get people like I want them to either, Like, sign up for some, like, really ridiculously expensive, like click Funnels product or, um, maybe give them, like of them signed up for something, right? Like, All right, well, actually, let's you know, let's just do the guarantee part. Um, Let's see here. What about even right in the last section? Ok. Oh, those bonuses really sweeten deal, don't they? To you if you you want to take a moment and go to the doctor to make sure you don't have didn't catch diabetes away. What's that? You're still here? Okay, Well, since you're still here, let me take this opportunity to tell. Tell you about our guarantee? No, Look goes about saying that. Obviously we have a 30 day money back guarantee even possible to so services like this these days, I found one fact so rare. Used it is that we ever come across. After all, even click falls 30 day to their service. So they really set a tone for city. Set the tone for what the minimum acceptable standard of behaviour should be. That's just my opinion, at least. But anyway, here's the bottom line. If you're not happy, some reason after using the service for 29 days and 23 hours, just let us know in that last hour that you want your money back and will give you back every penny and will oblige. Keep in mind that we yeah, that's fun. You back every penny because look, the end of the day, we don't want anybody's money. Who isn't? Isn't a happy that they gave it to us. We're here to stay for a long time. Our service is literally to be next big thing. It's here to stay for a long time and, well, honestly, I don't care out. A couple of bucks here and there. Someone really feels, like, actually chooses to stop using us after they start. You know that some people out there are just impossible to please, no matter what. My mom. No, I'm kidding. My mom is actually very nice. Very easy to please possibly like the most easy to police person in the world. But, um, I probably right that the easiest person to please that I know if those people are their money back, that's no problem for us. What's well, actually, that probably sounds bad, because then that's like implying that if they want their money back there impossible to please. It's that good? Probably not. So let me just come out and say it one more time. In case it wasn't clear you are not happy with our service for some strange reason. Uh, after, um, 30 days to request a full refund. All right, that was fun. 9. Step 9: Inject Scarcity: Yo, What's up, guys? Section nine on the 12 step copyrighting tutorial thing number nine. Inject scarcity. Most people take their time responding to offers even when they aren't irresistible. There are many reasons why people procrastinate on investing in a solution To motivate people to take action, they usually need an extra incentive. Remember when I said that people are more motivated to act by the fear of loss rather than game? That's exactly what you were doing when you inject scarcity into your letter. Okay, Now, my foot, um, there's a couple of ways we can do this scarcity thing. Okay? We can either do time or we can do the amount of units that will sell. So for something like this, because, I mean, we could do you. Could you actually both could run to campaigns to separate campaigns like we could. This would be something you could test, right? Could have won sales page that, um, you know, talks about Oh, we're only gonna sell 11 copies of this. We're only gonna sell 11 licenses or whatever giving away 11 pixels. Whatever. Um or you could say this Offers only valid for 24 hours. Flash there are 48 hours or a week or whatever. Um, for this one, specifically, I think it's more plausible to put a limit on the amount of people that can use it. Because theoretically, this is I mean, when I heard about this, I was thinking to myself, like, Okay, this is like, if everybody's doing this, then it's gonna get saturated. You know what I mean? So, like, obviously, you can only do this for, like, I don't know. 13. Let's go with 13 right charge, like, three grand for it. So what is that? 40 grand? That's not bad. 40 grand is not bad. I got, like, eating like tuna fish every night. Um, okay, so here we go. And this again, we'll edit later. I don't feel like doing that now. It's not a point of this video. All right, so here we go. All right, We're gonna say here perfect world you'd all be able to Now, if you're like me When I heard about all this Well, Bill told me about all of this was practically foaming at the mouth, uh, with, um, the desire to start fermenting it into action. I mean, all I had to do was pushed traffic. I could do that all day with tools like high jump up. And unlike you, I had the luxury of, um, time on my side. Since I was, uh, had been feted by John, I knew that I could go into business with Bill. We could partner on something, Um, because it would be you truly beneficial arrangement for both of it's Fortunately for you, that's just not the case. See, in your stray shin, you are, uh, sadly at my mercy. If you understand the power, what I've described in the sales letter and you know that, um, you can pretty much justice which on your, uh, you've developed a faucet sorts that will, instead of pouring water or how it click funnels affiliates and to your account, Yes, you can imagine that power can't be distributed to everyone. If it did, then the method would become saturated and it wouldn't work for anyone. Prisoners dilemma at its finest. So instead, here's what we're going to dio. We're only going to be taking on no offering this upper to nitty the 1st 13 people who sign up for it using the link below number 14. Oops. No automatic click funnels affiliates for you. You dilly dallied and we're smelly. Number 14. Oops. I like to keep your real you know, that's just May. Okay. What are we doing here? Um, So, um, in other words, this offer isn't going to stick around for very long. And not only that, once we get our 13 clients, we won't be taking on any more until one of them cancels. Otherwise, that just wouldn't be fair to them were to you. You decide to become one of them, and it wouldn't be fair to you. Oh, get some exhausted. All right, To be honest with you, I don't know how long this offers going to stick around. I mean, I'm very happy, Mr Work, we'll see tech with the technology myself. Bill has helped me get to 200 affiliates faster than I ever thought possible. Faster than I ever would have been able to get there on my own. He's essentially cut down the amount of time I he's essentially shaved off two years, two years off of my professional development. All one little pixel. If you want to take a chance, this offer will get snapped up by someone who gets it. It's ready to pull the trigger right this second. Well, I don't know what to tell you, Joy, your mediocrity. Enjoy your mediocrity. Or I guess I won't be seeing you. Guess I won't be seeing you in Tokyo anytime soon. Yes. Enjoy your mediocrity. That's a little harsh, but like I don't know, we'll leave it in there. We'll see. Okay, we've run out of sections, but we'll take care of that in the next video. 10. Step 10: Call To Action: What's up, guys? This video we are going to do number 10. Call to action. Do not assume that your reader knows what to do. To receive the benefits from your offer must spell out how to make the order in a very clear and concise language. Whether it's picking up the phone filling in order for him faxing the order form, you must tell them exactly how to order from you. I'm very good at that. Okay, so what we're going to do, we're going to clone this section and clone this section. We're going to move this section down. Yeah, there we go. I think. Right, It's not to do that, right? Yeah. All right. So, basically, like and again, obviously Look, will go change this later. Um, but, uh, yeah, I just don't want to deal with the design stuff now. Just, like write it. Um and that's it. Okay, so here we go. What was this one again? Call to action. Let's do it. Call to action. Subset of my H 20 ah, delicious. Okay. Called action While. Are you still reading this? I'm flattered. I mean, everyone always told me I was in incredible writer and I to love myself, but wow. So look, in my authentic way, I am going to tell you what you need to do right now in order to get your shit together. Because look, you could Well, actually, I think the next section is give a warning. Right. So, like a call to action, let's just handle it now. But I want you to dio scroll down to the bottom of the page and click that little blue button that says something like Sign up now for by now. Still haven't decided what I'm going to right there. But anyway, click that button. Oh, got my back is killing me. Click that button. When you click that button, it's going to bring you to order page going to scroll down to a couple of empty, scary looking fields. Scary looking fields that have, uh, fields that have scary words on them. Like credit, uh, name on card and card number. Then I want you to go get whatever credit card you have that's connected to Has enough money on it, too. Sign up for our service. And look, I know it's not cheap. I didn't want to make something. She There are tons of cheap services out there that you are more welcome to experiment with on your own. Really? Maybe some of them are even good. If you want something. The ability. A guaranteed way to sign up. Click funnels. Affiliates, get that damn dream car so you can be the one posting Stupid screenshots. Your click funnels earnings in their Facebook groups writing stupid, useless comments like, Hey, guys, just add value. Okay, Thanks. Ha ha. I have a Amanpour and hanging out with working out, getting kicked. Surprising hard by small Thai people with me, then really have no business not signing up for this. So be a man. Even if you're a woman, Pick up your balls, Grab your balls in one hand. Take your credit card in your other hand with your third hand. Enter in your credit card details in the fields on the next page. There may be some additional offers in there if you want, but you don't need them in order to, um, execute the plan to sign up massive amounts of click funnels affiliates like I've outlined for you in this sales letter. So again, to recap, click the button down below. Fill out your credit card details. Make that purchase, baby. Little shamanistic, a little rude, A little gas, as we say in Hebrew. But that's just my style, you know, Like I say, I keep it really, And I really do. But like what it really comes down to is, you know, this isn't like me overly trying to, like, keep it real like, Yo, Whoa, cool. Whatever. You know, maybe a little bit of that here in there, but what it really is is that I just can't stand like fake marketing talk that you hear, like, literally everywhere else this, like plastic corporate startup, buzzword, trash like again, like just add value. Anyway, getting off topic So bad is that section. Get the idea for how I wrote that. Let's save this bad boy and move on to the next video 11. Step 11: Give A Warning: What's up, guys? In this video, we're going to do give a warning. This is always one of my favorite sections because, like, this is essentially the section where you can, like, talk the most shit to your reader. Basically called them stupid losers for not buying your service. Um, but you can do it in a way that, like, you know, ostensibly. It's like, I don't know, whatever. You'll see what I'm talking about. Okay, what we're doing here is my thing. All right. Um okay, So that would do this one. After all that. You still haven't pot this damn service yet. Seriously, what's wrong with you? Do you just like to You really love reading my copy so much? If you do. Thanks. I like writing it. But if you're here because you're being a scared little bitch about spending little money Well, sorry for you. I actually feel bad for you, But look, I don't want to be rude. Rude? I'm sorry about that last comment. I could be a riel asshole. Sometimes I find also that when you swear like, cursing is a very good way to establish authenticity. Especially like in a business setting Sometimes it's inappropriate. Like sometimes when I hear that kind of talk from people, um, I get, like, a little grossed out, like, honestly, some people will probably read this and be like, Oh, God, like fuck this guy. But honestly, like, look, somebody gets 2 3000 words into your sales letter like they like you, you know, they're not gonna bite that point. They're so invested that they're not gonna, like, be like, Oh, my God, he said, asshole, delete, You know, maybe some people, but like whatever, you know, I mean, I like money. I would love like to sell to everybody, but it's more important to me to stay authentic. Unfortunately, I guess it depends how much money. But anyway, let's get back toward. But look, I don't want to be rude trying to be professional, trying to be professional. Sorry about that last comment. I could be a real asshole sometimes, actually been writing this sales letter all day. As I write it, I'm recording videos that I'll be using for a brand new copy writing, of course. So it's been a long day for me, but that's besides the point. But point here is that I have two choices right now, one you can keep. What do we want to do? Do we want to scare them first? I think we should scare them first. Keep doing what you're doing. Being a no affiliate, having click funnels, wannabe loser and spinning your wheels begging to help people in various Facebook groups. You can keep wasting money on solo ads, Facebook ads and Google ads, and Lord knows what kind of other ads fail invents for you to empty your bank account into . Have fun with that. You can, um, deal with the daily frustration. And these are all things that I had to deal with of checking your affiliate. Taff Elliott Tab in You're Click funnels dashboard, seeing the number of affiliates stay at the same God, God, God damn number for weeks, days, weeks, even months. You can. What else? What's autos is frustrating here, right in the beginning. Oh, you can keep trying to work for companies for free managing their ad two weeks in the hopes that they will sign up for a click funnels count under your affiliate link. What a waste of time you can keep spamming. Facebook groups all day, every day, messaging people that seem to have trouble with their business. What right do you have to give them vice when you haven't even reached success in your own right? No offense or consign up this service, change your life virtually virtually no additional effort on your part. See, I realized long time ago that people, everyone is lazy. People don't want to do any more work than they have to. More than that, they don't want to have to learn anything new either. They don't want to push, push their comfort zone self included. I'm not immune this either argue. When I started freelancing, I knew this instinctively. I would design social all of the offers that I designed where all inclusive social media account growth offers. We're all inclusive. I would grow the accounts host content daily, right? The captions research the hashtags even answer comments. Client literally didn't have to do anything other than pay my fee every month, and I signed up heaps of clients. But soon as I try to phase out, even one of those features that took the response took the responsibility off of the client . My numbers plummeted. That's why we've designed the service to be the way it is. Because you don't want to do all the things that you were still doing. I mean, maybe you dio on some sub conscious level because brain doesn't want to go through the effort changing deep down, you hate yourself and your lack of success. This area. I know because I was once just like you hated so mean in the last section and in certain parts, this letter Because I wasn't really talking to you, talking to myself, myself, the old me who had this problem, who would have killed for a solution like this. And let's be real here. This solution is going to get you what you want. Not going to have to waste any more time begging for affiliates offering your little insignificant, insignificant can't offers chasing down people for essentially what is really a measly $40 a month. You could make way more Matt with way less effort, selling virtually anything else. I got this far. Thank you. Just like me have have a burning desire to get those affiliates you want. What? The glory want the recognition. I want to be one of those household names. The click funnels world people Kiss your ass on your own very own Facebook group. Just a shame, admitting that we all want those things. It's human nature. But some of us are willing to come out and admit it if not to others like I am right now and at least two ourselves. Because those people ultimately the ones who went on a roll, huh? They are the ones next fucking killing. They're the ones who set goals large enough to get them excited. They see the lights at the end, the tunnel. They're the ones who I believe that someday, somewhere out there, there's some person they've never met who's never heard of them, who will thank their lucky stars that they stumble cross there free video. Of course, the magnet changed their lives wherever. That's me, really just talking about myself. If you're reading this far, I think you know that it's you too. And look, believe me, if you want, I wouldn't blame you if you didn't just another guy trying to sell you something in a sales letter. Got no response for that. Just going to have to make your own decision on what feels right for you on fucking fire, baby, have you to break 12. Step 12: Close With A Reminder: Yo, what's up, guys? This video we're going to do the final 12th step of the 12 step copyrighting program Close with a reminder. Always include a postscript. Believe it or not, your PS is the third most red element of your sales letter. I've seen good copywriters use not just one postscript, but many PPS in your post script, you want to remind them of your irresistible offer. If you use scarcity in your sales that include your call to action than remind them of the limited time or quantity offer, it sounds like a simple step. Postscripts get noticed. I think the reason for this is people just skim to the bottom just to see how much things are. And then when their eyes are already at the bottom there, just like, oh, what are these words down here? Let me just, like, read this bottom thing right here. So All right, let's do it. Do it. Okay, so we will, too. The same thing we did before, um, clone and clone. Let's move that down. Okay, so that's right. Why are you still reading this? This should say this is long. Qari. Serena's already. Okay. So still like that. Um, So I think what I should do actually know that I'm looking at this as I should have this right here. Initiative the PS here. All right, PS. Oh, here we go. PS There we go. All right. So, actually, I'm going to delete these sections. Probably looks better that way anyway. Delete to delete. Yeah, that's good. And do what feels right. Right for you. Okay. Okay. Here's the PS. If you're skimming, just want to see what the offer was for $7. You're getting Russell's funnel ology one on one course in the blueprint for a funnel that's currently making $500,000 a month. Holy shit, dude. It's got crushing it, huh? Okay, so we're doing here, Um, you're skimming. Were we supposed to do in this stepping? Always include a post script scarcity call to action. So basically, call to action Limited time. Um, yes. Look, I know you just skipped to the bottom to see how much that's cool. Probably just not intelligent enough to appreciate genius of my expert copyrighting. If that's the case, then you really don't deserve to be one of the 13 one of the only 13 people who will get access to this life changing service. What was he supposed to write in here? Scarcity. And what sounds like a simple step. All right, I guess I'll just talk to people. I don't like people who skin to bottom. Like, position reiterates. Reiterate the price. How much this service waas. And that's cool. That's cool. I mean, sucks for you that you're not intelligent. Sure. Not intelligent. Appreciate the genius of my expert copyrighting. If that's the case and you really you probably won't probably won't appreciate. I appreciate already. Probably wouldn't. Sorry that you have to read all those words order to awfully understand. You know, it's kind of funny, like we did all this. Writes the 12 step. No, I'm thinking like we've been so much easier. Just make a video, you know, like what I write all this could just made a video, but anyway, we wrote it all. Here we are. Um, so it's finished this last sentence, and then I'm gonna take a break. Sorry that you have to read all those words in order to fully understand why this service is worth I don't know. 299 Hello. so I d. Card 997 Yeah. No, it's OK. I'm done in, like, 10 seconds. It's all good with all those words. Help you get to automate your journey to 200 albums. Done. That is how you write a sales letter in 12 steps. There's no reason for you guys not to be able to do the first draft in one day. I don't know how fast you type, but like I type pretty fast. So a couple days, let's say cool, all right?