Sales Funnels and Growing Your Customer Base

Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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10 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction to Sales Funnels - Growing Your Customer Base

    • 2. Using Audio Podcasts as a Lead Generator

    • 3. Using Webinars to Generate Sales

    • 4. Using Lead Capture Points as Part of Your Sales Funnels

    • 5. The Art of Using Auto-responders

    • 6. The Subscription Opportunity

    • 7. Once They Have Purchased - What Do You Do?

    • 8. CRM and Your Home Based Business

    • 9. The Reality of Organic Online Marketing Today

    • 10. Congratulations


Project Description


Start a Home Business Chapter 9 - Sales Funnels and Growing Your Customer Base

Create an electronically downloadable gift that you would be comfortable giving to a potential customer in exchange for their e-mail address.  Ideas for such a gift if you wish to refresh yourself, are found in my lecture in this class titled "The Art of Using Auto-responders".  

Once you have completed this gift, upload here as a completed project.  Also, set it up and link it's downloadable URL / link to an e-mail you have created in an auto-responder e-mail you have setup.

In the gift if you do load it here, be sure to have at least one link included within it to somewhere you have an online presence - you may as well get a little advertising mileage of your own here as well from your upload.

Student Projects