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Sales Funnels and Growing Your Customer Base

teacher avatar Dan Grijzenhout, Over 35 years of business experience

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction to Sales Funnels - Growing Your Customer Base

    • 2. Using Audio Podcasts as a Lead Generator

    • 3. Using Webinars to Generate Sales

    • 4. Using Lead Capture Points as Part of Your Sales Funnels

    • 5. The Art of Using Auto-responders

    • 6. The Subscription Opportunity

    • 7. Once They Have Purchased - What Do You Do?

    • 8. CRM and Your Home Based Business

    • 9. The Reality of Organic Online Marketing Today

    • 10. Congratulations

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About This Class


Start a Home Business Chapter 9 - Sales Funnels and Growing Your Customer Base

The concept of the sales funnel is that you are focusing your energies on bringing people to your website so that you can provide them with some information to gain initial trust. This being achieved, you try to capture their e-mail addresses thus giving you a way to contact them in return. Once connected, they can then get to know you over time, begin to trust you further, and then they may buy from you once at least but hopefully more than once. If they really like you, they will also then begin to help promote or evangelize you to others thus helping you grow your business.

In the real world of today, this singular funnel concept depiction does not fully reflect what is now possible on the Internet and how the actual sales funnel concept truly works in implementation.

In this course, I will introduce you to the concept of multiple focal points for online leads capture and numerous sales paths driving to sales down multiple sales channels. You can have many of them in your online business. In fact, the more focal points you can create out there, the more sales channels you create, the more your social presence increases online, the more organic search engines such as Google will find you, the more opportunities will arise for you to cross sell, the more contacts with people you will make, the more sales you will obtain and the more revenue you will ultimately generate. That’s how it really works.

Through these lectures, you will learn a number of strategies to build your “sales funnels” – plural. They may have different focal points and different paths to achieving results, but they do all lead to the same point in the end; and that is getting customers to subscribe to you, to then purchase your products and to then become your evangelists helping you to promote your business and products.

So join me as I show you how you can make money online through the multiple sales funnels you will be creating in your business.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dan Grijzenhout

Over 35 years of business experience


About Dan Grijzenhout: For close to thirty years, I've been a professional business and information systems consulting professional working to executive levels for both private and public sector organizations globally, a number of which were "Fortune" level enterprises. I've built from scratch, operated and sold an online global payment services company that moves millions of dollars on behalf of its 100,000 plus account holders annually; I've been interviewed on the show "World Business Review" by former head of NATO and Secretary of State, General Alexander Haig, for my work in advanced digital and online telecommunications services and nation-wide online and card based "Loyalty" programs; and I now work at writing books and building training programs to share my years of experience w... See full profile

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1. Introduction to Sales Funnels - Growing Your Customer Base: Hello and welcome to my lecture, which I title introducing the basic concept of a sales funnel. The sales funnel concept is actually quite simple, and there have been many educators and marketers before me that have built lectures and courses and have even written books about this subject. If you go to search dr Creative commons dot org's and search on the Words Sales final, it will return literally dozens of graphical images of a sales funnel for you to view. Here's one image I was selected from that terrible image sight to make my point and show this conceptualization. The premise of the above funnel diagram is that you are focusing your energies on bringing people to your website so that you can provide them with some information to gain initial stages of trust so that they will give you their email address, thus giving you a way to contact them in return so they can then get to know you over time to begin to trust you. And then hopefully they will buy from you once at least, but hopefully more than once, and if they really like you, they begin to help promote or evangelize to others what you are doing, bringing others to you as well. In the real world of today, however, this funnel concept, as depicted above does not fully reflect what is now possible on the Internet and how this sales funnel concept truly works any longer. To illustrate the point. First, when it is great to be able to get a person to your Weber Blawg site now to capture their email address in the interest of future sales, you can now capture their email addresses without even having a website of your own. Some ways you can achieve this include the following Build the Facebook business page and directly integrated with your email marketing system, and you can mark it to people on Facebook and capture their email addresses there without having to push them to your website. Companies like lead pages provide you lied magnet and email capture pages hosted on their site. So again you don't need your own website to capture an email address. You can point people you target over to their site to sign up for whatever you are selling . If you are affiliated with an MLM multilevel marketing company or direct sales company of some sort. They will host affiliate sales pages for you, and many will allow you to view and capture email addresses of people who purchase from you and can be important to your email marketing system. If you have written any book, for example, and it published it on Amazon, you can put people directly to your book to purchase it through emails, promotional literature you can create and distributor post online on a myriad of third party sites, and these sites will mark it on your behalf. Automated links to your online property easily obtainable and shared or embedded in things you do. Once you get a person to buy your book Amazon. Let the consumer know when your next one is live on their site. Or you can use them to run periodic promotions on your behalf to both new and existing customers. You can get active on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, instagram bread, it, Google Plus and others, and do your magic from those platforms, pointing people to your lead magnets your books on Amazon or anywhere else you want them to go. These are just a few of the ways that the top of this conceptual funnel are now distorted. You literally have dozens of ways, if not more, to make money on the Internet without actually having a website. But don't get me wrong. Having a website is great. I love websites. It gives you social presence and credibility. It provides you with a place to showcase as many products as you wish to promote. If it is a block site, you can interact with it and build large followings of subscribers that you could interact with and promote to etcetera. All I'm saying above is that you can get started making money online without building a site. This can be done at whatever speed you manage. If you want one, it doesn't have to be your starting point online. The overriding point that I am actually trying to make in this opening lecture to this course is the concept of focal points and sails past driving, too. Sales down multiple sales channels. You can have many of them in your online business. In fact, the more focal points you can create out there, the more your social presence increases online. The more organic search engines such as Google, will find you the more opportunities will arise for you to cross sell the more contacts of people you will make, the more sales you will generate in, the more revenue will ultimately generate. That's really how it works. So here's a few examples of what focal 0.1. Attract people to your website by various means, Then get them to subscribe to your email system or by right there, share information with them and then sell to them over time through an honor responder. Email. Siri's Make sales. Repeat the process, starting at the next daughter responder email. Campaign vocal point to YouTube selling. Just create content videos and go for the accents revenues, corporate marketing sponsor contracts. Subscriber base is that you then point at content locations you've created online, such as Amazon E Books. You know me training courses, etcetera. Also send them to a lead magnet location or your website, which is optional. As I mentioned, if you have built one and some of your content is there that can be purchased and or including email, sign of capabilities and try to sell them or get them to sign up to your newsletter. Siri's focal 10.3 affiliates selling for Emel EMS and direct selling organizations use their website built for you to make sales from and point people to that site location to by using social media, direct selling methods, email, etcetera, Vocal 0.4 online training course, for example, host a free or cheap course and possibly more expensive courses as well. If you have the patient's knowledge and ability to do so, markets your courses and you can get tons of students into your free courses or by offering discount coupons to attract their attention. The other day, for example, I published a new course on the site, created 1000 introductory coupons to take the course and told my existing students, I have in other courses on the site about the deal and the free coupon and the entire 1000 coupons were used in the new course was subscribed to in just one day. You can't let them know about you, and you can use the platform not only to generate training revenue but to inform them of who you are and what else they can get from you. Elsewhere on the Internet, such as your website, your book on Amazon, etcetera, different focal point but good sales. Final awareness generation point for your business. There are many more examples of what can be done this part of your sales channel activities online these days. And that is where I intend to take you through this course through the lectures you will be viewing. You will learn a number of strategies to build your sales funnels Plural. They may have different focal points in different paths to achieving results, but they do all lead to the same point in the end. And that is get customers and building revenue streams. So join me in this course is I show you how you can make money online through the sales finals you create hope to see on the inside and bye for now. 2. Using Audio Podcasts as a Lead Generator: Hello and welcome to my lecture, which I titled using audio podcasts as a lead generator. How do your podcast can be useful to the sales funnel processes and awareness to and is a lead generator? The difficulty of using podcast is a lead generation tool is that of getting people who listen to your audio to remember to go, where to sign up with you and to actually get them to go to that location to do so. If you haven't easy to remember website or Blawg site name. This will help them to remember you also, if they are viewed in your podcast through Apple TV or iTunes online, the graphical image you present to front your podcast should have information on it so that the viewer or listener has a means of finding your other content and subscribing to you. You are also afforded a few lines of description area for audios that you have uploaded that can be viewed through any of the online viewing portals for podcasts. So be sure to have U R L links to your content included in the description areas. There are additional strategies that you can employ to enhance the usability of a podcast as early generation tool. One of the best strategies that I have found is to build out a podcast playlist on your YouTube channel is. Well, go into your video editor and in search of desire graphic slide for the podcast and then add your audio recording to it. The graphic slide. Cover the duration of the audio or you can even include additional graphics as part of your video. And then you generate and upload the video to YouTube. You now have additional content to give to your subscribers on your YouTube channel that took you very little time to create. This is about the easiest and fastest way to create video content. Do fine, and you will be able to gain additional views from it. Add annotations and cards as well to send people to your content and products sites. If you have a mobile site in working order, you can also create a menu item on it for this YouTube video podcast playlist that you've created. And your subscribers can listen to your podcasts on their mobile devices as they travel about. I have used the strategy and one of my own sites and it works well. ITunes If you want your podcast to appear their work with barred casters through RSS feeds , which means that you have to find an external media server provider separate from Sony iTunes itself, iTunes does not allow you to upload your audio content to their servers directly. Most website holsters do not provide this as a service, so you will, unless you are good at coding and site hosting within your own skill. Set capabilities have to find your own third party podcast hosting medias provider toe work through this can have its benefits, though. If you find a good third party podcast host ER, they will make it easy for you to upload your podcast in your own library. And then they will manage your interfaces, toe, iTunes and other podcast services for you. They will even track your viewing statistics on these platforms. There are several good podcast hosting providers out there, and with a little hunting, you can find one suitable for your needs. In my search for provider, I chose Buzz Sprout because of the features and integrations that they provide. For example, they manage my entire iTunes relationship for me. I can change my podcast front and graphic in one place with, um, and it automatically rolls out to all my podcast content on iTunes. They tracked my viewer listening statistics for me, which I could view it any time I like just by logging into my dashboard with them, they provide me with RSS feed Link so I can bet the links anywhere I want to on my content sites, giving viewers the ability to listen to my podcast on my Web and wog sites. They have even built for me a nice viewing environment for my podcast, so I don't have to build that either, and I can customize it's looking field. They have a WordPress widget the you can implement so you could embed individual podcast directly in your block posts with a player that a person can click on right within the blood post itself. They have now built in RSS feed interfaces to stitcher and Google play as well. So now if I accept those interfaces in my dashboard, I cannot load new content and it automatically loads there and to all RSS feeds of my audio content that I have placed out in cyberspace. The 1st 3 months of working with them are free, and thereafter it is just a small monthly feet. It continue on granted, there are podcast hosting sites you can get registered with that are always free. But you will find that you will have restrictions on what you can do. For example, you may only be ableto load. So many minutes of content a month older content might get deleted by them arbitrarily after being life for certain periods of time, etcetera. And you cannot even get AZM any additional features such as I have just described that I get with my implementation at Bus Sprout. So the bottom line in finding a podcast hosting partner is to look first as to how you want to use them and what features that are important to you, and then select your partner accordingly. That's all for now. Thank you for watching Bye bye 3. Using Webinars to Generate Sales: Welcome to my lecture, which I title using webinars to generate sales, Webcasting has become a very strong method of generating sales of your content, products and services. There are a number of Webcasting services out there that you can obtain accounts through, such as on stream, webinars, WebEx, Webinar, Adobe Connect, ready talk and also now periscope, which is a mobile application for live broadcasting owned by and integrated with Twitter. Now you can also use services such as Google hangouts for no charge as well. The key to successful Webcasting is to strive to bring people into environments that allow you to do the following sorts of things. Archive completed seminars allow attendees to both phone in and enter via computer or smartphone application. Edit recordings When completed, mute participants a mute, more than one moderator hide comments from participants to other viewers. Handle hundreds and possibly even thousands of attendees. Allow a customizable interface process that incorporates the sending out of email invitations and also about to start notification messages. Allows for live embedding of computer page views, video presentations, power point slides, etcetera allows you to show the webcams of additional moderators, attached clickable files or links Share applications have some method attached to a clickable link to a service you own where you can collect a payment, redirect people to U R L. You specify when they log out. So how do you find the people to come to your webinar sessions? Well, following is a list of things you can do to attempt to get attendees. Invite them to attend through your emails and auto responder systems. Post the events on various social media sites. Try to get them to pre register with a sign up form like Think of using a lead page form for this. If you have that service and use a message something like Savior Spot Now because this webinar will fill up, you can announce it through Facebook. Boost posted. If it warrants that price wise, announce it and advertise it through a YouTube video and campaign. Announce it on a lead capture page on your Web or blawg site, post barbs about it and share the block posts. Women are. They're a great way to train people and to get them excited about purchasing your paid content and applications that you are promoting. People sign up to learn something new. And while learning, they could be viewing a product of some sort that will help them earn revenue, be more productive or be a benefit to them. In some way, this is almost like one on one selling, but it has an advantage of things go well in your webinar, and that advantage is tied to the building of pier excitement about the product being viewed. If in attendee sees others getting excited in making purchases while on the webinar, it can inspire them to purchase a swell. So do not overlook the use of Webinars as part of your sales final program. It can make you money bye for now. 4. Using Lead Capture Points as Part of Your Sales Funnels: Hello and welcome to my lecture, which I titled using lead capture points as part of your sales funnel. A key component, Any sales funnel is capturing information on people who are starting to view your content. They could be looking at a video you've published on YouTube, an article you created and published online a block post. You've written a press release, etcetera. Irrespective of how they have come across a piece of your own mind content. You want them to go to one of your online lead, capture focal points and get them to provide you with their email address so that you could begin to communicate with them directly once you have the ability to communicate with, um, there in your sales final, the first step of capturing an email addresses to build your email, capture focal point and tie it into an automated email marketing system of some sort. Most commonly used email marketing systems like a Weber Mail chimp, constant contact and get response have widget code that you can paste into a Web page set up on a Facebook page, etcetera. These give you a template usable form that allows you to capture the information from the user. Then you would use their provided on responder tool to automate the process of sending back a thank you message with possibly the access to a free gift of some sort to give some value back to your new subscriber. This is something I have discussed in more detail in other chapters. So now let's focus on the lead capture aspects of the process. Here. There are a number of mechanisms and strategies you can employ to capture the email. Address information from a content viewing person, including point where you have your content that the potential prospect is Ewing Toe one of your Web pages where if they get there, you have a newsletter sign up form with possibly the offer of a free gift of some sort to help him pull the trigger on signing up. From there, they will be able to see your other website menu options, and hopefully they will choose to stay on your site for a bit and look around further. Very basic, very straightforward. If you are running a blawg site and creating block posts of any significant length, if you get your prospect externally viewed content to point to a specific block post that you've created, you can use the strategy of embedding lead box is part of the way through your post that they can then click on to become a subscriber of your content once they have read a paragraph or two of your block post content. The idea here is that they are seeing the value of the information that you are giving them to consume, and they want to position themselves to be able to get more of it later so they sign up if they start to leave your sight. As they start to move the cursor to the close out icon on your Web page, you can set up a pop up window to appear that they will have to view and close before they can leave your sight in the pop up. You can say something like, Don't leave empty handed and sign up here first to get the following free gift from us. This gives you another chance to capture their email address before they leave, and you will get some drivers this way. Next, you can set up a lead capture pop up window that appears we may get to your site in the first place that they have to close or respond to Justus, they reach it. A good strategy in this regard is toe. Have this window pop up for them. Only every few visits or so don't have it popping up for them all the time. This takes a bit more sophisticated programming to capture their inbound I p addresses and then automate the making of the decision whether to have disappear or not. So if you like this idea, I suggest you look at a service that can provide this feature for you rather than you trying to code it yourself, as it isn't easy to do if you don't have the skills already. Another strategy is to use an external service location to point them to, so they don't even hit your Web page initially. Why do this? First, the service will have dedicated templates and tools for this purpose that will look really professional to the year. See my recommendation vote lead pages below. They have this capability. Another reason that may be important is that if your site is a Google AdSense enabled website where you have placed third party ads, on it. Google's contract terms with you do not allow paid traffic to hit your site, and they could shut down your AdSense privileges. If you are sending pay traffic to the site, send the pay traffic to 1/3 party locations, such as lead pages. Instead, capture their email address there, get them into your auto responder, send them emails and have these emails direct into your website Content. This strategy can keep you in business with Google. Set up email Capture capabilities on your Facebook business page As you market to people using your Facebook business page and boost post content, you put their having the ability to capture their email address from your business. Page is a very good idea, as you can literally get thousands of people to this page economically with a boost post of your content or Facebook advertisement. And some will sign up for your free gift offer in newsletter. As they view your paid, do not overlook this strategy. Also, in regard to Facebook, be sure to link in a YouTube video to your business page. For those that watch your video, they will see your annotations and your cards while watching the video and these contrive them to one of your league capture points on your site, on lead pages or a similar external location. Another interesting strategy that I've experimented with. And it does work, but it costs a little extra money is to do some keyword research on words and phrases that have relevance to your content and then purchase additional domains that fit the key words or phrases that you want to use. Then use domain forwarding from this prospect. Capture 0.2 prospects to one of your league capture points within your online enterprise. The only thing to be aware of is that if you don't post the site here, you cannot add additional meta tags to this location or met its descriptions so you won't get too far if you are wanting to use it to capture organic search traffic from Google or another provider. But if you're using this domain within places like Facebook or Amazon or an external blawg site, basically anywhere you can type in this domain you are l that you have created. This can work as a strategy for you. It saves you the cost of building a website for it and you will get some organic traffic with a little bit of work. By the way, if you want to really put your lead capture program on steroids, I'd recommend taking a look at the lead pages website, which you can find at http korn slash slash w w dot lead pages. L E A d P a g e s dot com They make putting up lead pages, lead boxes and sending out gift messages almost sinfully easy. They have many templates and features built into what you can do to capture prospect information that would otherwise take you many hours to code yourself. So please check them out. It's well worth your time to do so. That's all. Thank you for watching this lecture and by for now. 5. The Art of Using Auto-responders: Hello and welcome to my new lecture, which I title the art of using auto responders in your online business. Other responders air a tool built into most message management systems. Whether you're using mail, chimp, a Weber, constant contact, eye contact or almost any other quality messaging service, a novel responder will be built into the product suite. What the Allied to do is send out a series of messages to your email subscriber customer at intervals without manually having to do any work beyond the original set up of your email campaign. Siris, for example, When a person first subscribes to you, it is customary to send them a welcome message that tells them a little more about you or your organization and possibly provides them with a gift. They hopefully will value gifts can be created in many forms, and it is entirely up to you as to what you decide to give them. And by the way, it often transpires that the person is willing to sign up to you because you have advertised the gift beforehand. They see it and they want it. So give that thought to what you give out as it may be what gets them to sign up in the first place. Here's a few guiding principles for your gift idea to keep your costs down or it nil. Make it something that could be Elektronik Lee transferrable to the person signing up. The gift most often should be educational or inspirational to them in some way, so they do remembered over time and treasure that you are willing to part with it. It should be perceived as being a gift of high value to them. They will treasure it more, and you don't want them to feel insulted. I recommend you think hard and give them something you would value if you were in their shoes. It should be something that stands out its unique. You don't want to give them something that they can get anywhere on the Internet. Make them feel special. The gift should have relevance to your business. After all, it is your type of business. They have expressed an interest in when they signed up in the first place. So here's some gift ideas I think may be useful to someone just signing up to your business . A checklist of good ideas that they can use to make money in some fashion if they apply themselves a checklist of something relevant to your business. Are you in travel? How about a checklist of things to pack when you go on a trip, etcetera. Are you an online trainer? Perhaps. Give them a coupon for a free course. Have you written and published anything? Give them a copy of it or let them download a free copy of electronically or possibly even just give them a free sample. Give them an application or some software that could be useful to them. Give them a temp later, templates or something Well, could be done in Excel or PowerPoint, etcetera that create something. Be happy to have a plug in of some sort. Custom ring tones, screensaver, free music, access, etcetera. You get my drift. So this gets us past the first thing you do with your auto responder. You cannot have made all of this so they can sign up. Get their gift and you don't need to manually do any additional work at all, except for maybe view your sign up. Statistics periodically, once they have signed up, start sending them periodical useful information such as a newsletter. Most marketers will get something out to the subscriber base about once a week or so. The newsletter really shouldn't be trying to sell them anything. It should just convey some or knowledge or insights to them to help them during their day. You want to send them contact they will want to see and so that they will be looking forward to your next installment with a desire to open the next message from you when it arrives. Pat Flynn, a well respected, A successful online marketers, says that he only sends them a promotional message about everyone in seven messages. A strategy like this is a good thing to keep in mind as you set up your auto responder campaign. It's a good idea to be thinking of setting up a series of 30 or messages in a periodic sequence, carefully interspersing your promotional messages so that they don't feel inundated with pressures to purchase anything. You want them believing you're in a relationship with them and that you were not just a salesman. And when they get to the end of your auto responder, Siri's, hopefully they have purchased something by then, But in any case. Keep the relationship going. You can have multiple campaigns built into your messaging platforms over time. A second series of emails construct it after the 1st 1 concludes. These costs you nothing but a bit of time to set up, and they're well worth it as you never know when your prospect will choose to buy or who he or she will tell about you if they like you, which helped your business grow. So use auto responders in your business and give them careful thought. When setting up, you may find it. Over time, they become the heart and soul of the marketing side of your business venture. Good luck in your marketing activities by for now. 6. The Subscription Opportunity: Hello and welcome to my lecture, which I titled The subscription Opportunity. Probably the greatest singular benefit to building in a subscription component to your online business is that of gaining the assurance of at least a repeating baseline monthly income stream. You are no longer fully at the mercy of the consumer. Look to make a new purchase in order to show revenue for any given month. With a subscription model in place, you know you will be getting a repeating baseline income. Plus many corporations air now making significant penetrations into monthly subscription revenues. For example, Amazon's eBook lending program now generates over $12 million gross revenue monthly. They have built in infrastructure and auditable formulas that allow them to share these revenues proportionally with authors whose books air in the program that month, Netflix rents you all the movies you can consume monthly for only $9. Adobe now has a subscription model in place that allows you to rent their software monthly , and we'll let you opt out at any time you choose. You re verify your subscription with them each month, just by opening one of their applications in the new period, and then you're automatically rebuild by their system for that month. One of the financial benefits toe Having paid monthly subscribers in your home business, your business valuation goes up with banks because they have something they can measure when calculating whether or not to give you a loan. Also, with subscribers, you can more easily sell your business when you're ready to. A monthly paid subscriber base shows very well in business valuation reports. Also, with us in place, you know exactly when you are getting paid each month for most of your business. Thus making your budgeting process is much easier. People will stay with you paying you for a month to month much longer than they might otherwise have, and this will help to increase your monthly revenues. How often have you subscribed for something and just never got around to cancelling the subscription? The minute you didn't feel like using something any longer, many people will keep things going months longer than otherwise. For this very reason, they just don't get around to canceling things for a bit, particularly if they're not that expensive. A monthly cost to begin with, you can even trigger a customer to buy more of your products than he or she was originally planning to buy from you. They may have only wanted one thing from you, but the discounts you offer may look so sweet to them that they buy more of what you're selling just because the package deal looks good, more repeatable revenues for you. Having a subscriber model in place if you are selling physical products helps you to smooth out monthly demand. For instance, how often have you run out of stock you to a good sales month occurring? If you have a subscription model in place, this can help smooth out and reduce occurrences of this type of situation is you have already prepared to have on hand much of your product for your subscribers, so the surprise sales volume fluctuations are reduced in magnitude during that month. As the home business, you may be able to find ways to make this work for yourself now as well. In the USA, many credit card processors and payment service providers like authorized .net, allow you to set up automatic subscription payment services for your customers, and I now understand that you can do this through pay, Pal as well, So how can you make this work for yourself in your own business? Take a few minutes and think creatively about the products and services that you sell. Here are a few general ideas that might work for you. So take a read below and see if any of these might fit your situation. Are you an online trainer selling training courses? Maybe. In addition to selling the individual courses, you can build a model on your website that allows access to all your courses via a subscription model. Your students can get all your content for a set monthly price. Do you sell some form of hourly service? And do people buy services from you regularly, like freelance writing website building, online marketing services, etcetera. Maybe there's a way that you can offer some sort of incentives to repeat buyers by offering them some sort of a discounted services subscription model. Do you have products for sale, such as perhaps certain beauty care, health care products, weight loss supplements, etcetera that people restock and buy from you each month? Perhaps you can get them into some form of monthly subscription program for your products. Do you have your own software that you sell. Perhaps you can find a way to lease it to people monthly for a fee, offering all software updates for no additional charge as they are released. Do you sell flowers or any other products that people buy more than once in a year, but not necessarily every month? Perhaps you can generate greater sales by offering monthly subscriptions to get these products. There are many ways to begin subscription services to create a sustainable monthly base income stream. And a little extra creativity on your part may very well get something working for you as well, that's all and bye for now. 7. Once They Have Purchased - What Do You Do?: Hello and welcome to my lecture, which I title. Once they have purchased, what do we do? You stay in touch your absolutely best future customers or people who have gone all the way through yourselves. Final process to actually buy from you. If they like what they've purchased, they will often be more likely to buy from you again. These air also the people that will become your evangelists to others. So you stay in touch and you make it easy and possibly even profitable to them to become your evangelists. Let's start with the staying in touch part. What a good marketer will do is set up more than one auto responder Siri's. These additional marketing programs that you implement into your business can be triggered in a couple of ways first, after they purchase from you. If you know who they are, you can add their name to a second auto responder list that you've created within your messaging platform. As soon as their name hits this list, they get their first email from you. I'd usually recommend this one to be congratulatory in nature, only with no additional selling taking place. Plenty of time for that in later messages. Secondly, if you know how long your first on responder Siri's runs just set the second Siri's to start a few days or a week after all the messages in the 1st 1 runs up, they may not have purchased from your first Siri's. But if they have not unsubscribed to you, they might be liking to free knowledge content. You have been fighting this far and still make purchase from you in the future. It costs you nothing to keep communicating. So keep communicating, depending on what they have purchased. Some after the fact CRM, which stands for customer relationship management steps, can be taken. Here are a few examples of what you can do with future correspondence to them, probably all set up through your next auto responder. Siri's. Start with your congratulatory email. Don't try to sell them anything within it, depending on what you had sold them. A satisfaction surveys always a good thing to send out to them. Ask them to send you any ideas about future products. They would like you to create and make available. This works best if you are creating some form of knowledge where Siris of products within your business package up of marketing email related to the product they have already purchased from you and ask them to re share this with others who they think might like your products as well. If you have the sophistication within your systems, create an affiliate account for them and an affiliate program of some sort on your website that allows them to earn revenues from referrals or free access to future products of yours in exchange for referrals generated. Keep sending them additional useful content and information. Without marketing, you don't have to market to them in every message, as you do not want them to unsubscribe from you ever. In fact, you only really want to be marking to them about 20% of the time. Keep the friendship in the trust between you alive. As a note, we have a tendency to want to sell all the time because we like seeing our revenue statistics go up. But a constant bombardment of marketing messages does not help our cause. It all it hurts it. So be aware, as you find interesting news content or even good offers for mothers out there, send it off to your customers as a service, you know what they are interested in, so stay on topic with them and keep sharing. If you can find a model wherein they can share in your profits in exchange for their successful evangelism, put it in place. This is like setting up a sales force for your business that does not cost you anything but turns a profit for you if you can build real relationships with, um, one of the best places to do this is by setting up in interactive block site here. You can communicate back and forth over time, and you never lose sight of each other. If they have an online presence as well, join them there from time to time. Guess posting on someone else's site never hurts you. It just brings in a wider group of people in cyberspace that are aware of you. Any interaction with any of these others just increases the quantities of people moving through your funnels if they have their own YouTube channels or Twitter accounts or pitter accounts etcetera and you run across them since crying, they will recognize that you are taking a personal interest and they will become your friends out there often liking or plus whining or sharing your content with others. Do the same. And now you both. They're helping each other out, and you both win. And this is how you go. Thank you for watching. Bye for now. 8. CRM and Your Home Based Business: Hello and welcome to my lecture, which I entitled CRM in your home based business. The thought occurs to meet its CRM, which stands for customer relationship. Management has just as much to do with your home based business as it does with the corporations intent to provide quality customer support in order to retain the customers that buy into their products. Whether your businesses content creation of some sort blogging, selling products online, etcetera. You are marketing yourself and what you are doing to others. And it is all about building longer and lasting relationships. A corporation sells its products to consumer and then supports it. Why? So the consumer remains happy with the product and the corporation, knowing that this leads to that consumer becoming an ambassador for the company, the brand and the product also so that the consumer will purchase again. It is much easier to build future sales with people that have already purchased your product and like it than to spend your capital and energy enticing others who have never bought from you at all to make a purchase with you. Ah, happy consumer buys from you again, again and again. And isn't that just what we do as we're building. Our social networks were working to build long lasting relationships with those we come in contact with. If we succeed, they really follow us. They don't just hit a follow button once in the hopes we will follow them back and they're follower. Number goes up. It really isn't about numbers, although that does somewhat increase our exposure. What it really is about is building the relationships with those that have followed us, because then, instead of being just a number, it becomes a person interested in our content who will then view it, think about it, communicate about it with others and possibly even contribute to our financial success and survival in some way. This is the part that takes the rial work out there, not just building your numbers but building your relationships. Be looking to build these relationships as they are your lifeblood. So here's some advice and things you need to be cognizant of is you go through your content creation or blogging day. If someone sends you a note of any kind, take the few seconds or minutes it requires to respond back to them. Let them know you hear them and that you care if you feel you can help them with something which might take going the extra mile and actually checking out there blogger or website or video, then do it. Provide to help the tip a link to somewhere useful to them, etcetera. Do what you can. If someone follows you, follow them back. And not only that, if over time you notice them creator publishing content in their own, check it out and like it or plus wanted or pin it. If it is worthy of some form of affirmation, guess what happens, they noticed. Next time around, when you are putting something out there, they will remember you and we'll stop a moment to see what you have created. And maybe some good things will happen for you as well, by doing the above things at the next level of interaction. What starts to happen is that you make friends out there in cyberspace. These friends helped build your day as you helped build. There's and it's not so lonely world up there anymore. You all look forward to connecting with each other again at some time in the near future collaboration start and you all started helping each other grow and succeed your life and their lives are enriched. The world becomes a better place. So enjoy your social media experience. This is where the rewards really are. The friendships that you build. That's all for now. Bye bye. 9. The Reality of Organic Online Marketing Today: Hello and welcome to this lecture, which I title the reality of organic online marketing today. We all like products or services out there that we hope to make an income from. I'm selling your selling world doing it, and there are literally millions of us out there trying to build client base and sales to make profits that each of us need. As a result, each of us in one form or another is being inundated with offers from others. Some are direct, targeted selling attempts sent our way because we fit a profile we can't read an article were interested in without running a gauntlet of its first ads and pop up screens. Everyone wants to partner with us to jointly achieve results, while each of us is hoping the other person truly will help us succeed and that are promising to help them in return doesn't take a lot of our valuable time or any of our money and span. Email isn't an all time high, and it takes time each day just to delete the high quantity of messages coming into our in boxes. Now, through features on websites like Log in with your Google or Facebook account to avoid going through, setting up yet another access somewhere when you want to get too useful information that you know it was behind someone else's firewall, you are automatically giving these sites your contact and email information so they can start emailing you with offers just by logging in using these features. And so you're inundation of offers grows, as does the offers everyone else's receiving. It is now a volume game, and virtually every person I talked to about this is tired of the volume of sales content they receive. And they're becoming evermore leery about taking advantage of any gift offers that come their way. I tried an experiment in this regard just the other day. I took literally my top online training course that had taken me hundreds of hours to build and which I charge $497 for at retail on my website and tried to give it away for free to several 1000 targeted prospects the A YouTube Lincoln Google plus and a few more social sites that I am a part of, and not one single person took me up on the offer and signed up for the course, the quality was there, the content was valuable and people had taken the time to look. They would have seen that yet not one person signed up for the course. Did I try to market it incorrectly? Perhaps. And I thought through that possibility as well we use Marketers are being sold on just about every type of sales A that people can conceive up with a view to trying to stand out so we can make a sale beautifully. Capture pages, flashy video intros, pop up email, capture screens and gift giveaways. We're running contest surveys asking for input from people we don't know, creating videos, using hand drawn tools or stick people aceptar do you, as a person online trying to make a buck, Ever just get tired of this year volume of things you were trying to do just to get attention and to get a sale out there these days, some mornings I wake up thinking, well, should I put something on length in? Do another video posted a Facebook group try to improve my website s CEO today, etcetera. What should I attempt next when I have done it all 1000 times before with mixed results. How do I spend my time in trying to generate sales and prospects? And then I sit for a moment, and I realized with I guess you could call it an epiphany feel like that the one thing that I have not thought of to do. Or maybe I did in the back of my mind and then tried to swept but is to just get out there and really start connecting with people one on one. This is by far the hardest thing to do online. It's easy to spend a few dollars on a new content marketing campaign or to boost post some content that you've created or publish an article somewhere. Such is what I'll be doing with this when I get to the end of it, or posting some sales or gift pitch to a group that I belong to, or liking something someone else posted etcetera or leaving a brief comment in the hopes of getting some back link credits. But the hard thing to do is to actively go out there and see what others are doing to think about what they were doing for a change instead of what I'm trying to achieve and to take the time to actually communicate with them somehow and add value to them first. Before I try talking about myself in my products and seeing something superficial, like High date, Nice site to have their I like what you're doing now Here is something that I think will sell and that would really help you. This doesn't even remotely cut it with the other person. Trust me, they will instantly know that they're just a target for your latest sales approach through my life. The real friendships that I have built all have taken time, months and years as opposed to nanoseconds. And I submit to you that even though sales, aids and technology and the ability to reach millions and seconds have improved dramatically in the last few years or so, people have not changed. They were out on the Internet looking for information that can trust that isn't tied to a sales pitch. They're looking to build new friendships, and they want to belong to things they respect and can promote honestly within their own hearts. If you want to sell something to them, they have to believe in you first. So What do you do? First you have to show them that you care. Learn about them individually and then do something for them. Or share something of yourself that Israel that they can trust and respond to if you then have something they can learn about and possibly purchase without feeling pushed into buying from you. They can become your customers and evangelists for your products as well as friends. But have them become friends or believers in you. First, a few real friends on the Internet helping you out, or were thousands of people you have made direct blind sales pitches to. That's all for this post. Bye for now. 10. Congratulations: Hello and congratulations on completing this class. It's great to see and making it all the way through. And I hope I was able to give you some useful and lasting knowledge that will help you and whatever you're wishing to achieve. If you're liking the content that I'm creating, I'm very much looking forward to seeing you in more of my classes, which you confined in this site by going to my profile section. You can still reach me through this class. If you have questions by starting a discussion with me, I'll be more than happy to respond if I hear from you. A second thought that comes to mind is that if you have appreciated the content I have created, please give me a thumbs up where and when the site ask you to to rate my class. This helps me trend better in the system and helps me to reach more people who could benefit from the training I'm trying to create. And if you choose to share the class link with friends or anyone else, thank you for that additional support for my creations as well. Bye for now,