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Sales Funnels - Your Traffic and List System

teacher avatar Brian Cliette, I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

How To Build A Sales Funnel For Your Website

Learn how to maximize your customers' lifetime value ... automatically!

This is a step-by-step course that teaches you how to plan, implement, and optimize a sales funnel for your website.

Meet Your Teacher

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Brian Cliette

I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly


I help Businesses GROW and SCALE Quickly. Via High Velocity User Acquisition & Data Driven Growth Marketing!!

Meet the Mad Scientist of Digital Greatness.

What do you get when you combine a data geek, a social media master and a growth marketing connoisseur?

You get a mad scientist named Brian Cliette. Brian has been working his brand of magic for more than 10 years, serving the hospitality and digital media industries with a unique, holistic approach that allows him to see the entire picture, tear it down and rebuild it into something amazing.

Brian gets a lot of joy from helping people and companies to be better than they were. He's a people person, a problem solver, and holds an unusual balance between the analytical and creative sides. After trav... See full profile

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1. Salesfunnel: Brian Client here and wanted to record a quick course on sales funnels. Now we'll talk about a lot of different topics. Aziz relates to additional marketing, and it's probably no other topic of greater importance, probably outside of email marketing, other than developing an effective sales phone. So Cells funnel is kind of the overall process of how you follow up with lead. So what? Someone comes into your sales funnel so you sit out a tweet. You've created some article on some guest blogging. You've done some SCL when someone comes to your site and someone wants addition information so they sign up for your newsletter. Typically, that's what we call a top of the funnel. So cells funnels kind of the automated processes of kind of taking something from top of your funnel, taking someone that's maybe curious about your product, looking for new information regarding your product and service and actually getting them to the level of wanting to sign up for your product or purchase. Uh, you sign up for your service. Our purchase, your product so cells finals kind of all the backend stuff and the moving parts that develop this kind of working cells phone. It's essentially a 24 7 sales person, Okay, in a digital sense, so creating compelling often form is probably one of the most crucial steps. When we talk about developing the cells fall. So you have to get people to sign up by either developed some type of lead, magnet of some type of lead generation tactic. Where you get someone's cell phone number, you get someone's email address. You get their name to get their phone number. We can follow them at a later date to kind of broom them on your product. Groom them on your product. So typically people offers some type of special reports. Some type of e book are something that dresses the customers problem or something that customer cares about. So, for example, if you're fitness and weight loss niche and you might give way report such as how to lose the way you gained over the holidays. So someone comes to your Web page, they wanna, you know, lose these quick pounds they put on over Thanksgiving, another Christmas holidays. So they come to your site looking in, uh, looking and reviewing on all the different weight loss products that you offer, but aside from that, they want is free report. So they signed up for that three report and you would have the email drip campaign that will follow up and send them to report for free fall up in the next few days. Some additional information. So we've all kind of signed up for different cells. Finals. Maybe we didn't realize what it exactly. Woz. What we didn't really call it. That's pretty much what it waas so on to kind of a sales funnel. So understanding traditional offline sales funnel will help me better explain what a actual cell swan it's so traditional cells funnels that people use additional funnel. Did we make a list of names and they call them up on the line? This is called a war market follows chips. So, for example, back in the day they had this ah service Columbia House. We could write off free CDs. Okay, so you come into their offline cells phone, you send in a postcard, you let them know what's free CDs you want, and it's signed up for these free CDs. They'll send you out 12 3 CDs. You sign up for a CD of the month club. Where's kind of continuity programs. Every month they send your new set of CDs aside from the free ones that they sent you. So now you've kind of come into Columbia's houses. Kind of sales follow, So this is kind of traditional sales funnel, Um, now Omanis cells Funnel is a little more automated than that. Um, and it's typically about sending traffic. Are tracking online traffic, capturing some informations, follow information and kind of nurturing that perspective customer and then eventually nurture that prospective customer into a actual customer. So actually converting that lead into a cell and, you know, continue to deliver the goods as promised, pertain to satisfy the customer's needs and demands it eventually up. Selling that customer our referral, referring that customer getting that customer to refer other customers are up so in that customer to buy even more of your products that service. So this is kind of a sales, one of the online version of the sales fall. So the pros and cons of a cell's funnel I'll start with the cons because they're not very many cause of the cells follow. It can takes a lot of work and it's something that you constantly have to be tweaking. So you never set one, sells for a walk and have it pump out gold forever. So you have to constantly be tweaking yourselves formal and adjustment on because there may be changes in the market, the level competition that maybe some seasonality involved in a product that maybe some price sensitivity. So maybe the new competitors in the marketplace and the price of your particular service, the price of particular product is no longer as high as it once was. Okay, so you have to readjust yourself scrolling according to that, because people have changes in their proceed value. So, for example, 10 years ago you could sell a book for $97 people would happily pay you $97 of that evil satisfy their knee. And then Amazon decided to get into the Kindle market, and they saw in E Books for 99 cents. So the overall perception of the E book is no longer $97 because people have paid nine and I sent for evil, so the value perceived that evil has dramatically lower. So now we're doing it, maybe offering a free E course are some type of free video course em and ened ilo that video, of course, that has a higher perceived value arm. So, as I said, we had a cell phone, a built in front, giving away evil. It may not have the same perceived values we have to constant tweaks. One of the cons of cells farms. That's something constantly have to be testing out. Also, it could be pretty pricey to eventually set up, so there have been a few ah, email applications online drip email Convert kit are some pretty, very powerful, friendly, price, price friendly kind of email captured forms that kind of have this built in. It sells formal, but then you have infusion soft. You have the click formals of the world. They can cost you several $100 per month. Eso One of the prose is that you literally have, ah, follow up system, and it's constantly rolling your constant processing people from this big. Being visitors to actually grooming them to be customers also really allows you to fully leverage three online landscape. As far as developing these close relationships with customers where they know, understand, and like you and trust your brand. All this could be done digitally versus more traditional methods. You have to constantly advertise constantly jumped to the customer. You can kind of have all these automated reach out touch points. A sales for also tons off. Pros are very few cons outside testing and maybe probably some of the costs associate, typically typically with sales. Um, so I guess I'll give you kind of a breakdown because I didn't really fully elaborate on how you go about building a sales funnel. So typically it starts with kind of lead capture page of some type of squeeze page this tip of the entry point for your cell phone. This is where the lead capture, also known as kind of a squeeze page that aim to do he is not really sell anything are convince anybody of anything. You just really trying to get them to give you their email address and typically often in some type of ethical bribe, entice them to submit their contact information will follow. I'm at a later date, Andi. Typically, what you find is that a solid squeeze page probably convert maybe 30% of your traffic, not for buying anything, but it's been have simply submitting it. Now, if you're getting 30% of your visits to sign up, that's actually a very high poverty. Ah, squeeze page. So that's typically the first start of yourselves. Funnel on the second star second proponent of yourselves, one of what we call it Shit wire. It should wise a very inexpensive product that you really used to try to get people off with the free training onto the I'm willing to pay for something Trains Trip wire could be typically about $7 to $5. You just trying to get them to be comfortable with spending money with you and that trip wire Really separate. People that are willing to pay for people are not willing to pay again. This is very important. We're trying to signature list really follow up with the people throughout your whole cells , Father. They're probably willing to spend additional money. If you at a later date outside of the trip wire, you may have some additional follow up. So you didn't move someone to a different portion of its sales want because now they've made a purchase where people have it. You'll follow those two different people in two different ways. That's one of the powers of the sales. For instance, you can do all this programmatically, whereas before have to be done very manually, and it could be very tedious time. So the cells funding you now have two groups of people have people that signed up for the cells final Sign up for that particular giveaway, and people have purchased your trip wire $7 that people have not. So the way you follow with people that person's you trip are you may introduce him to kind of your front and product. His front end product could be anywhere 37 and $27 again, You're not trying to get rich here on. It's typically fairly low product. Or it could be some for some type of trial. If you're running some type of SAS product again, you just trying to get people comfortable with your brand and comfortable with your service again. That's kind of front end product, and typically, after during the purchase of that front end product, you may have some type of upscale arm up cells where you try to get them to upgrade our ass and bonuses to your particular product or service again, trying to get some additional money, our revenue out of there. Originally, they also have a down cell. Maybe they're not interested. Upgraded this point. C putting through the whole down still prop a process where they go back down to what the regular prices. So that's typically the mechanics off the kind of sales funnel, give or take. You may have some different levels based upon the type of product that you're selling, Um, and that always varies. But that pretty much of components are some way of captured Nelly somewhere following it within the some introduction of kind of a a great offer were you tryingto monetize that list very early on the kind of see who's will industry money you. And this is how you see those kind of free trials of started trying for a dollar on start a trial for $7. These are trip wires trying to get people to trip the wire to actually becoming a higher pain customer. So that's kind of the basic mechanics of exactly what it sells, following its give or take. All right, So what isn't tools of development of sales funnel on. I did mention to one company I've been very impressed by his effusion. Soft, my only critic of effusions soft is that is very expensive. So almost cost about $12 get started, then could be is expensive is 800 to $2000 per month if you have a nice size of this. But again you have all these automation is that are just almost ingenious A bit follow people that different levels based upon how they interact with their products. I've whether or not their past customer current customer whether they've never purchased from you you want to follow these people differently. Also, you able to segments illicit even further. So you may want to follow with your mail clients different for me female clients. I may want to follow with you enterprise clients different from us and be quiet. So you're small and medium sized business clients may not need the same type of follow up that you give kind of the enterprise clients are people, you know, when this spin $1000 a month with you. So again, infusions also figure all of this out and really kind of, uh, you know, automate this whole process. I'm some tools that are more reasonable for people really getting started. Cells funnels to call click funnels begin Click funnels is not as expensive as effusion. Soft click finals actually allows you to develop all the email capture pages and integrates with a slew of different email capture services such as a Weber Mail chimp, just to name a few convert kid drip email. So a lot of cool things going on click funnels that was a product to go up by Russell Bronson. Uh, Russell Brown said. I believe maybe I'm chopping its I know his name is Russell. He's a very, very popular email marketer. It's our Internet marketer and it came out the whole clip funnels product kind of based off all of his success in online market. So that's definitely true. That's just checking out. And for people that are more casually trying to warm up to the whole concept of how cellphone funnels working, getting started, email capture page ice is just convert kit. A person Really great things about convert kid. I'm actually a customer off. There's I just recently started, so I don't have a ton of feedback, but everyone no, no have used convert. It's almost like infusion soft, but with training wheels without the huge price tag on, it was almost like kind of having this intuitive sales funnel our potential for sales funnel without doing all the technical know how and having to write up all your own work flows. They do a lot of it for you. It's signing up. So again, a really cool tool that I was just checking out was converted, and you get this. Google converted to get more information. So that's kind of the basic tools that I suggest on working on a cells farmer A. Sfar the email side as far as the Web page of the landing page side, I was take a look at lead pages to lead pages dot net. You can develop these instant landing pages, and they integrate that with email capture page. And this comes with the basic foundations of the cells funnel. You could also look at into the pages dot com instant pages. It's also very similar to the pages were you to create this download? Are legion paid page. We send traffic to it, hopefully trying to capture the email. Adjust name for a number of text. Ah, cell phone number of a potential lead a client and able to follow up with them with some type of drip marketing campaign and then be able to send them up sales discounts and see what bites on based upon what bites would determine what part of your A list they fall into and how you follow up that list. Pretty really cool stuff. So that's kind of the basic work proponents. You need something to capture e mails. You need something to manage those emails and follow up. And he also need a landing page. Wiki caps bit. We actually sin traffic to those two, Basically, Pollitz there. So, um, outside of that, um, probably have to do your own research. I would need to know a little more, I guess about your particular business to really determine what other tools to suggest getting started definitely some type of ability to collect emails from type of Billy to follow those e mails. Also, you need more than a tort of solution outside of maybe a Weber and mail chimp. I don't readily have all these work flows and follow up. They just started implementing some of his analytic tools, but they don't have to automate it. Follow ups where you can determine if someone makes a purchase. They going to this party list? They don't make a person if they make a purchase here. We don't make a purchase here where they go and how you follow them all very so. My suggestions. Check those things out As far as getting started with sales funnels, the best thing that I always like to suggest is actually signing up for other people sells false. So go online. Typically, Internet marketers are really good. They have very tight cells, formal sizes, just you sign up symmetry email are probably come up with maybe some type of fake email address and actually going these different sales formal sites and submit your email. See how they follow it with you. See what pages they used to products. They use this kind of reverse engineer different people that using sales farms are Ryan Deiss, Ryan Dyson, big Digital marketer of digital marketer dot com. Hey, does a lot with cells finals. Any time I assign any of his products, always do Distributor's engineer them So the best way to get started is to, uh, go through a few cells. Formals go for your cellphone is actually make a purchase. How do they follow with you ve even after purchase. What do they send to you? What type of copy do they use these? The best way to get started is to really mimic those that are already doing it. To get a good idea of what's working and what's not working. And advice on cells funnels again. You can over analyze cells. Phones are not as complicated as people make it. You just really need to capture the email. He needs a mechanism of organizing those emails. Being able to follow those leads based upon they're clicking through to your links and not clicking through the links than making purchases. Not making purchases just really need be very organized. So another piece of advice is that when you're looking at software to invest in especially developing your own cells, farm is that you want to buy something that you're gonna grow into, so you don't need to necessarily buy something that solves all your issues problems. Right now, today you need something that will continue to help you of yourselves for more needs to 34 years from now. But it's very hard with start growing these huge list and moved to another email hand on the software moved to other software. So I always say, you know, vested in soft, which plan on being working with for a nice little amount of time that will save you some headache of trying to migrate to another software provider. Our service providers relates to yourselves. Phone development. Also, that's tip number one. Tip number two is a city you want to reverse. Engineers, many cells forms. It's possible that really get a great idea about how cells finals work and how they don't work. It didn't last. You just want to get started. You don't want toe over. Do it. You don't want to overcomplicate the process. You know? Sin traffic test. Different headlines do a B testing just different call of action buttons. Just different color buttons. See what gets you the most. Email sign ups in the email, email, email. Be the best way off becoming a good email marker or the best way becoming a basketball player best way of becoming a pianist is to play the piano is to play basketball is to send emails, so I always say it started and just do it. If you have any other questions were gone and developing own cells. Phone and always feel free to email me our post. A question on the discussion board are result to me on social media again. Bryant Quiet signing off, and it's quick over the video on Sales Falls.