Salad In A Jar: Prepping Healthy Meals To Maintain Your Health | Margaret Joyner | Skillshare

Salad In A Jar: Prepping Healthy Meals To Maintain Your Health

Margaret Joyner, Simplify Life, Have Fun, & Break Free

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10 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introducing Salads In A Jar

    • 2. What You Will Learn

    • 3. Prepping Your Ingredients & Jars

    • 4. Homemade Vinaigrette & Store Bought Dressings

    • 5. Taco Salad Recipe

    • 6. Greek Salad Recipe

    • 7. Asian Salad Recipe

    • 8. Learn The Structure For Building Your Own Salads In A Jar

    • 9. Understand Your Class Projects

    • 10. Thank You For Joining Us


About This Class

Margaret Lynn is on a mission to inspire healthy living around the world! Together, let's make one simple change towards health by prepping these amazing Salads In A Jar! In this class, Margaret will show you that with just a little bit of prep work you can have delicious and nutritious salads prepped and ready for you to eat throughout the week. By having these prepped meals, you will find yourself consistently choosing those healthier meal options when otherwise, you might make a not so healthy choice. Decide to make that one simple change towards your health with these Salads In A Jar!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to prep your ingredients and jars
  • How to prepare a simple vinaigrette dressing
  • How to purchase a salad dressing
  • How to build your own salads in a jar with your favorite ingredients
  • How to make a Taco, Greek, and Asian salad in a jar