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Safest Forex Trading Strategy for Beginners

teacher avatar Benjamin Berry

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Heikin Ashi Introduction

    • 3. The Strategy

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About This Class

Forex Trading can be difficult without a proper strategy. In this lesson, I have shared a simple forex trading for beginners who do not want to go to complexities of chart and chart pattern analysis. Basic knowledge of forex market and risk management is good enough to roll this forex strategy.

This strategy is very simple and you can apply the same strategy in stock trading if you are a beginner in stock market as well as bitcoin trading or crypto trading. 

This strategy works well because this strategy follows a different chart whether it is stock trading in market, forex trading, crypto trading, bitcoin trading or short term investing. 

Heikin Ashi, also sometimes spelled Heiken-Ashi, means "average bar" in Japanese. The Heikin-Ashi technique can be used in conjunction with candlestick charts when trading securities to spot market trends and predict future prices. It's useful for making candlestick charts more readable and trends easier to analyze.

This class will give a brief overview of:

1. Heikin Ashi chart

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of heikin ashi chart

3. how to use heikin ashi chart

4. how to use heikin chart along with indicators 

Hope this forex strategy will help you in your forex trading journey.

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1. Introduction: So this is how our typical candlestick chart looks like. You can see that we have got red candles, green candles, different types of red candles, different types of green candles, the green lines, red lines. Overall, the chart may look very, very messy for beginners. Even candlestick chart has also the capacity to confuse experienced traders because there are many aspects in the chart that we need to consider. We need to understand there are many layers that confuses vigorous most of the time. In that case, we may switch to different types of chart sorted. We can understand the market better. Sorted, we can understand the chart better. If you look at that chart right here, then it may be confusing for us where to enter and exit. But if we switch to take Inaki chart, it'll be easier for us to understand. Let's find out. Now you can see that we have switched to behave in ascii chart. And if you look at that chart or absorbed a chart carefully, then you can see that the chart has become much smoother. Now. The chart has become easier for us to understand because whenever it is going up, it is going up. And whenever it is coming down we are seeing a series of red candles. Right now, you can see that the chart has become much, much easier for us to understand whether the market is being dominated by buyers or sellers. Therefore, in this class, we're going to go through a strategy that will help us to enter and exit from the market with profit with the help of Hakan mushy charts. So let's find out. 2. Heikin Ashi Introduction: So let's try to understand heck Inaki. At first. I'll be telling you about what does hake and osteogenesis? First talk? First and foremost, I would be just dealing with the theoretical part. And after that I'll be jumping interdict practical implication. So let's try to understand what does hake and us. It tells us the leakiness or technique is used by technical traders to identify Cuban print more easily. Green candles suite. Shadows are used to signal a strong upfront. While red cables with no upper shadow are used to identify AS strong downturn. Reversal candlestick. Using the faking us use techniques similar to a British McCandless. Universal backbones have small bodies along upper and lower shadows. There are no gaps on the Hake Inaki charged as the Governor Gamble is calculated using information from the previous candle. Let's just try to understand the Kyoto, but I'll be showing you everything on. He goes. And I think that clique smokes vice information over periods. It makes friends. Rice battles and revisit boy, it's easier to spot. Candles, honor finish on the canvas of jogs. Frequently, genes from up the DOM, which can make them difficult to interpret. Taken us jobs typically have more consecutive colored candles. There'll be greater certainty for Boston, price morbid, easily. Solve. Let's jump to recharge from Michelle. You. So deserve typically candlestick chart and this Howard difficult candlestick chart looks like. So you can see, look at that chart is a mixture of red and green candles. So if you're a beginner, so would you read me taking it? For a beginner audit crater? It's a mess. They find it very difficult to understand the trend of the chart. And if I switch to other chocolate on darpa and slight red bar will confuse. C is the line chart will get much information. Does a Barton very confusing? And this is again a sector, the most popular chart, better news vector Idris all over the world. But if you're bringing a and if you're finding it very hard to understand where to take the entry and exit and how to find be trained and on. So this can be very messy. So you can easily use taken us to chart the loved, all those differences and to find an easier way to creep. So let me show you. So this is how org Denisova chart looks like. You can see it's a big set of Fourier dendrite. It went up, down again, went up again, again. Dodd went up, down, up, down, up, down. It's full of abundance again. So let me take enough. See. I'll test. Or you can say, I didn't defy the friend very easily. Green green gambles again with Dan. And if I switch to a different timeframe, and we sweeps through all one our DataFrame. You can see that whenever there is a grin downloaded is low interruption for read countless green, green, green, green, red, red, red, green, green. Daniel's great gambles again read countless, then bring devils. And if I suites are two suits together, it's a jug. So I've gambled and looks like this. Green, red, green red Magnifier switch still taken us each R. It doesn't look like this. So it is much easier in Hagen Nancy chart executed pred. Suppose you bought boat, whether Hello, upped and recomputing or how long you should be. Steel, then you can easily do. He can ascii chart instead of Ghana's dot n is a diploid or debate, isn't that you can enter and exit here. And what do you see? Gender? You gentleman. Look on the exit button. If short selling and bird here and exit here again become n 30-year could sit here, but it could have been fitting. Gambled, sick, dug a little bit confused. See, red green, red, green, red, green, red, green, red, green red. So for beginners, it is very easy because it will help you, help you find the trend up the bucket and also to be on the train had to execute a trade. So if making us eat sort easy, and you must be taking their white endlessly, is the most fopen of arms are, as I've already mentioned, will becoming good at Guangdong. So at first, let's try to understand what are the advantageous off he can answer chalk, but God quit. Pretty traditional Japanese, countless X-chart Hagen us is Sheila slows down the speed of the market, eliminating thumbnails unfold signals. All signals, salary adjustments, minimize, giving you greater confidence in your price, X shrimp and alive. So now let's try to understand what are the disadvantages of hate than us ajar about from big, big, advantageous, it has got these advantages also in the indicator that is based on slowing down to signal is pretty much Ali, you sort of end up prices friendly. In a slide. Sideways is choppy market hate Guinness, you wind up broke down. First of all. See disciplining on disk devices framing here. Use the Haganah CHR, independent magnet. It works great. Yielded bucket or spreading. It was growing up. It was a friend and Margaret. So he can assay was going walking greatly. But in case of stumpy market, our reads bomb nugget or a sideways market where there is no particular brand. Those kind of market then he can nestle doesn't work well. Let me show you that we look for choppy market soldered either get relevance and here you can see it's kind of a jumpy magnet. And let me give it good, clear example. Is a choppy market. Like it is w mugging. It went up again, down. Then those you get. When gathers. Then it gave us read scandalous again, three green gathers, a.mp4, red. Bucket was choppy here. Bucket was not showing any thread here. Taking us she would not work well. So it is very clear to us that taking us works greatly excellent way in Brendan nugget, whereas in choppy or sideways mugging, it fails to perform that Hubel. And Q. So I am considering if you're a beginner, if you're a beginner and you're thinking to use Hegel osteology, easier way to execute, creates, obeys, buy-sell, autosome market. Then we can do one thing or use of vehicular ascii chart. It can also use indicators, slide, moving, ever written a song, stuck a severity. And that manner. Again. Got out. The few disadvantages that heck, Intersil Scott, let me look for it will be I picked up the admin. So right now we have got Uber winner is in front of us. One is 20 Moving Average, and I'd be another, or being every this 50 moving average. So if you're a beginner and if you're looking for a strategy to piss traits or bucket, then you can easily use the strategy. 3. The Strategy: So let's jump in Miss strategy. If you're a beginner and you're looking for a strategy to understand the market better than you can easily use this strategy. So we have got three components on the strategy. The force, we have a 20 days moving average, then we have the fifth period moving average. And we have got stochastic RSI down below the heck Enos job. To get the confirmation about the trend of the market, we may be using 50 moving average. If D Hickey nasa candles, her candles out above the Hickey nasa candles are above 50, moving average. We will not write the short-term market. We will, Aldi is biotas all will be only going long. Listen carefully. If the gambles are above the 50 moving average, we will only be this biota. We sort the market. For example, here. You can now see both above the 50 moving average and already nine period moving average is already giving us a signal that weekend. By order. So easily we can go ahead and raise the biota here. See here, due to nine period moving average was giving us a signal that yeah, where you can buy order, but as the candles are below the 50th period moving average, moving average, and candles or below 50 period moving average. In that case, we won't be placing them by order, will only try to sorta market. I will getting. And first, let me make it clear. This is a 50 moving average. If the price above the 50 moving average, we will buy. And if the price is below the 50, boring errors will sell. And we'll take the confirmation from the line moving average. And also this top astronaut inside instead of stochastic ISI you can solve. They'd help of MACD. Admin City is the most popular indicator. Let's use MSE. The prices are the prices above the 50 moving average. Price is above 50 moving average. And the nine. And although above dynein moving average. And MACD is, MACD is also giving us a green signal. So easily you can go ahead and base the order here. Here. See the price has gone below the 50 moving average. So any signal, any Bicycle, Bicycle will not be entered or we will not go for any bicycle. And because Because the price below the 50 year moving average, if the price of freedom moving errors, we will only sorta market. So where would you start a bucket? We can sort the bucket here, or we'll soon see missing. He has also given us a signal. 50 Arctic price below 50 worrying average. Again, the line moving average nine people being aboriginal. So give me a signal at MCB has also given us a confirmation that yes, you can go ahead and login and we will be on the budget deal. We see the opposite. Cancelled off candles. Or we'll be on the market. They will hear. Again, MACD has given us a signal here. The price is below the red guy read moving ever is already 50 moving average nine. Beautiful being evidence. He's also giving us a signal that Yes, go ahead and sort them OK. And we can easily shoulder market here. We can sort the market here, a here. And we, we'd be on the grid. Devi get cantos of the opposite gunner. Are we exit somewhere out here after a scene to read dentist. Against C. Here. The nine period moving average has given us a confirmation, knocked all already given us a signal that go ahead and buy. But we wouldn't buy because the prices, but the price is still building 50 period moving average. As a result, we will wait. Mse. They also gave us a signal that you can buy, but reiterate here. So as the price moves above, as a Bryce moved above the 50 period moving average. And MACD was also giving us advisory group. So we can enter here and we will exit. Yes, the market builder bucket went. But SBRT strategy, we will exit somewhere around here because see Bowl study is open. So this started is very good for beginners to understand the market. And an excellent, let's be Don Herbert. Sorry. 50 period moving average is a dynamic market. So whenever nine bit revising will allow read MACD removed by sin here after read candles or candles. Old opposites, whether again, again, enter somewhere around here and here. Again, we can enter here and basically give us a clear indication that yes, it's a trending market. Real exit somewhere around here. Or fully yellow Obama stood, hardly started to be worked on. I'm pretty sure that this strategy will help you a lot to understand forex market or any month in the Bryce morbidity 50 moving average, dynein period moving average has also already giving us a signal that we can start the market. And MACD was also in favorite all of us. We can start somewhere down here. And candles opens. Fella again, will exit here. I didn't enter here. And dirtier and dirtier exit. So hopefully you can also change the diaphragm will answer, as is the forex market. Most of the people are referred to use. For all US. Dime dream. Let's look at your chart and basically give us equal year. It rises above the period moving average will buy here. So here. Again, we can buy here MS-DOS. Denied moving and, but also giving us a good signal year by year. Cynthia. Hopefully, this fantasy world. I'm pretty sure that this strategy will help you to understand the market better. Thank you so much.