SVG Fonts: How to start with your font in Procreate! | Ria Green | Skillshare

SVG Fonts: How to start with your font in Procreate!

Ria Green, Surface Design, Illustration&Photography

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9 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. SVG fonts: How to start your font in Procreate!

    • 2. What equipment you'll need for this class

    • 3. Create a new document and place your guide.

    • 4. Selecting a brush for your font

    • 5. Let's start with our font!

    • 6. Export from Procreate to Photoshop

    • 7. More about Fontself and some final thoughts

    • 8. Bonus: turn your letters into Procreate brushes!

    • 9. Class project!

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About This Class

Following on my previous classes, I would love to answer another question: how to start making a textural font before I import it into my fontmaking software. I’m going to show you how I start with such an OpenType SVG font in Procreate before I assemble the final font file in Photoshop with the Fontself extension.

After this class, and if you haven’t done so already, remember to watch my other two classes which will show you how to make a proper functional OTF font in either Photoshop or Illustrator, which you will be able to use when using the Type tool. This means you can illustrate your favorite handlettering and turn it into a font, which you can then use in all your design projects! And as a bonus I will also show you how to turn your letters into brushes for Procreate, so that you will always have your lettering on hand when you design something!

In the Project section of this class you will find a discount code for the Fontself software, I loved using the software so much that I decided to help spread the word about it.   

I hope you will join me for this class!





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Ria Green

Surface Design, Illustration&Photography

I'm a Surface Designer, Illustrator and Photographer from sunny Bloemfontein, in the middle of South Africa.

I am married to Brent, and we have two children, a girl, Caitlin and a boy, Joshua. We have three dogs, two cats, two hamsters and a goldfish!

I'm crazy about pretty fonts and beautiful patterns!! 


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