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SUPERFANS: Digital Marketing Strategies For Musicians - Grow A Loyal & Devoted Fanbase

teacher avatar Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

We have a problem with marketing. 

The days are gone of making good music and waiting for people to discover it.

You can make great music, but you’re missing out on incredible opportunities if you aren’t marketing it.

And it’s not marketing in general, but marketing it correctly.

How many times have you heard this:

“Hey! Check out my Soundcloud link!”

What do you feel?

Annoyed? Angry? Sad?

Maybe a mixture of all three.

Social media is the driving force behind music marketing, and if you aren’t building a brand around yourself or your band there’s a lot you’re leaving on the table. 

In this candid and action-inspired class you’ll learn: 

  • How to properly connect and build relationships with your fans...
  • Tips for leveraging collaborations to grow your audience...
  • The biggest mistake most artists make when marketing their music...
  • And a simple way to tell your story in an effective way...

You’ll leave this class with specific examples of what works from successful artists who have turned their small and loyal followings into 6 figures.

So whether you only have one fan (hi mom) or are already building your audience, this class will give you actionable steps and new ways to build your audience. 

Grab a coffee, set aside 30 minutes of focused time, and get ready to take your marketing to the next level. 

Let's get it.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kia Orion

Artist & Music Producer


Ay! I'm Kia. 

I'm an artist and educator who believes life wouldn't be the same without music.

Or tacos.

I realized that I was equally as passionate about teaching music as I was making it.

In 2016 I founded Beat School, an online platform and series of educational programs to help aspiring artists and producers learn how to make beats, accelerate their growth, and stay inspired. 

I'm originally from New York but these days you'll find me traveling around the world writing songs or playing beats on a rooftop somewhere.

I appreciate you stopping by, and if you'd like to get in touch you can DM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] 

Life is too short not to do what you lov... See full profile

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1. INTRO: you making music. But the marketing is why I still struggling because you missing on fags? I'll show you which one. Welcome to the class, right you're paying for your views is the fund and night. It's all about connecting with fans. Watch me break it down as I give you the plans. Just the course are the server band. If you want to step a marketing instead on understand, let me show you about this world you can navigate get you taken off and I talk about your Saturdays. A couple concepts give you that you have to make. It's all about connection. Consistency. Collaborate Sweet. Need a couple minutes? Give me your attention. 10. Huh? Your lieutenant. Now let's begin your training. That's the welcome to your mission by the end. 11. Why are we still treating marketing like it's not the most important part of the process? In order to be heard, you need people listening to music, but still we try to do this. Follow follow spam people with links that's not building a fan base. Let's break down what really matters and strategic weight start doing today 2. WELCOME TO CLASS: ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to another course with your boy Keogh Ryan from Keio Ryan dot com with creative consultant and coach. And I do online courses for artists and creatives that want to take their game to the next level. In this course, we're gonna focus on marketing. So a lot of times when I talked to more specifically rappers and R and B artists that really want to grow their career, grow their families Hey, hey, hey, Key. I have the music, but how can I really step it up? So whether you are just starting out and you have your music and you really want a build your fan base or if you already have fans already and you want to grow that families, this course is really gonna help you take your game to the next level. The system that I built to help people digest this easier. Boss under three main topics. Those are connections, collaboration and consistency. You learn about all three of those things in this course and how to implement them into your own music in your own game. That sounds good. Follow along. Let's jump into it 3. BACK TO BASICS: it's a so before we can get all the fun stuff, the first things first we take all the way back to basics. I'm a creative a musician as well. I think that we get hung up on music in general, and we think, Oh, man, music doesn't sell anymore. It doesn't It's a commodity. It's on Spotify. I don't get paid for it, but that I actually think is the wrong way to think about it. When it boils down to it, marketing comes down to value. How many times people sent you their sound. Totally think about your music, less about trying toe. Push it onto somebody and more about trying to pull them into your world. And the best way to do this. I found I was working with artists. Work with musicians. Think about your music as a business, right? So think about your music in particular as what is the value that you bring with your tunes ? So this is called a business proposition, or think about it as your offer doesn't have to be that cut and dry but really boils down to what are people getting from your product? The product will be your music when you think about it. In those terms, you really start to get an idea about what you're offering, right? If you're gonna go to the store, buy an ice cream when you're eating an ice cream cone, it doesn't. You're buying, actually, but we're really buying Is the feeling of the ice cream, right? If you're going to the movies, depending on the movie, you want that it's art, right? You're buying a feeling if you go to a restaurant, you're buying that feeling. And so think about your music in the same way. What type of music do you offer really break it down into your music? What are the emotions that people feel when they listen? Your music and the course project is gonna be something that we're gonna jump into later on down the line when we actually do some more practical aspects of this course. But I think it's important when you think about to offer music that people can break up to . Are you offering that super height shit that people are gonna put in the work out? Videos are You may be offering something that people really like to dance to when you think about it like this of what am I giving people with my music rather than just trying to be famous or get soundcloud plays? It completely changed the way that you think about where your music fits into this landscape because it's a very saturated landscape. So you weren't trying to be for everybody. You really need to find your niche and then double down on that. That's when you start to be able to narrow down where the value is that you bring with your music. So I hope that kind of helps. That's the general idea. This course is it's less about trying to push your music onto people and think about what is the value that you actually bringing In what way can you find that? That is an offer that people actually want to hear from you? Then they'll be willing to pay you money for help. You build your business, helping did your fans down. One hope that helps. Under the next lesson. Number one connection 4. CONNECTION: as we dive into this first pillar Number one, it's gonna be connection. This is how you really start to build those fans. Build relationship with those fans. If you've heard of the idea of 1000 true fans this when I build my entire thesis my entire strategy around, it's awesome. If you want to be famous, if you want to drink. If you want to shoot for the moon, I'm right there with you. Shoot for the moon, but you can't start there. You can't try to bank on having a number one hit. You don't get there overnight. The key is, how do you really build a fan base of super loyal customers who are going to then share your work and spread the word for you? Rather than thinking about shooting for a product that is super wide and water down? That's what a lot of these labels should for when they try to make a hit. Something appeals the most people possible. Rather, think about it the opposite way. Think about the smallest viable audience. What is the type of music that you can make that is the most meaningful to the smallest group of people to be able to make this work for you. And it sounds counterintuitive, But hear me out, because when those connections happen with your fans with your potential customers, they're gonna feel so connected to you in different ways that they're going to want to follow your story. They'll buy your albums, have case studies that talk to you about where instead it is being, You know, fans are fickle. And in this day and age of content, you don't want someone who's gonna be high and by you know what, something's gonna ride or die with you throughout your entire creative process or creative journey. One of the big keys when it comes down to connection with these fans is thinking about it. Mawr of Industry Music This is something want to dive into later down the line, as where Where does your music fit into this general landscape? But first things first is thinking about it more than just a music. In this day and age, it has to be more of who you are as a person, and that's what I like to start with this first pillar because your music you're gonna make that's something we can always dial in later down the line. But first off, who are you and how can people connect? You make yourself available, make yourself vulnerable and create a connection with your fans that really is honest and shows them behind the scenes. You might say, OK, ks sounds great, but what does this look like? So rather than just tryingto make a bunch of music and put them out on soundcloud and send people your soundcloud link instead creating ecosystem around who you are as a person, who are you really right? Don't hide from the fact that you got hit by a bus and you have a prosthetic leg Share your story. And what does this look like? Which is like behind the scenes photos on instagram? And this could be creating merch, ensuring the process. This might even be documenting the creation of your album, the creation of your art. You can't just say once a year. Hey, here's my album. Check it out. You have to bring people on your journey. Tell them your story, so it has to be bigger than just the music. You have to create access points for people to connect with you in a way that feels genuine , feels authentic, and then through that is the way that they can connect with your art. 5. CONNECTION CASE STUDY: Look what here, A couple case studies that I found that I think are important and really illustrate this point of connection. So the 1st 1 that I really love is Nipsey Hustle, the late and great Nipsey Hustle. Use a rapper, and at one point he was selling a his album on his mixtape, and he sold it for $100 he made a limited amount of them. I think he made 1000 of them, sold them all for $100. That is the key. You don't have to have a Brazilian Spotify streams. You can do it. If people really feel a connection with you, they're willing to spend more money so it doesn't have to be just on the music, either. It can also be on experiences. Ryan Leslie is a great example of this. He's a producer and a rapper as well. He creates custom experiences for his fans that they're willing to pay top dollar for because they get toe have this experience with Ryan. So every New Year's he would throw this big party in a castle. You pay a high price to come out and you spend this time with Ryan. Another example is Logic. One of my favorite rappers, the way he engaged with his fans and audiences, incredibly, next level. I remember when one of his tapes was coming out. I believe it was the incredible true story. He would actually come out on this tour bus coming people's houses one on one with fans and have a listening party with them. That feeling is never gonna forget that. And that thing is gonna be telling all their friends What would you rather listen to, a song that pops up on your Spotify playlist? Or if one of your friends says, Hey, check out this artist, They're amazing. You've gotta hear him. If you can really create an experience, connect with your fans, they will become the best promotion for you that you could even ask for. So to recap connection, you need people to be able to latch onto something, so you need to be able to connect in that regard. A big part of that is your story. What is it that makes you unique? What is your story? Who are you? Tell that story and be authentic with it. Lastly, when it comes to the connection. What experience can provide to these people that really makes them feel connected to maybe music and sunny more? What is either an experience either online offline or a product? Maybe you could do Q and A. Maybe you make customized merch, some sort of a tangible experience or something that makes people feel connected to you in a way that's like a limited edition exclusive offer for your fans. When people feel connected to you, they're gonna want on senior music. They're gonna want to see what you're doing. And that is what keeps people coming back, time and time again that allows you to have a sustainable long term career in this business . 6. COLLABORATION: kept When it comes online marketing a big aspect of any artists endeavor. Any artist adventure is collaboration. In order to grow, you need to know who you're going to serve. So when it comes to collaboration, take a step back and think about where in this landscape does your music actually fit? Because if you make sad, emotional breaking music, there's a space for that. But that's gonna be a very different audience. Then, if you make up height trap music that's gonna work for workout videos, dance videos, part of the class project I'm gonna have you do is boil that down and so you can start to see where in this landscape you fit because once you know where you fit, then everything becomes a lot clear and you know what direction you need to go into. You need to pitch to, to try to work with them. Everyone's going to want to shoot for the person at the top. Everyone wants to be on Joe Rogan's podcast. Is there more podcaster? Of course, everybody's in a shoot for him. The real value. Instead of shooting for the one of the top network laterally who is in your similar level or below you that you could collaborate with and still get the same bank for Buck, if not more. Return for investment, who has a smaller fan base but a super loyal because working with those people, especially if you already you're bigger than them. As far as numbers wise, if you're working with someone who is either on your same level or even below you in terms of metrics, it's not gonna feel quite as manufactured because they know even if they do have a incredibly loyal fan base, that it might not be all about the numbers. You both know you're leveraging each other's audiences, but you could build a meaningful relationship out of that still. 7. COLLABORATION (THE PITCH): knowing where your music fits is number one, and then you're gonna know who to pitch to When it comes doing these pitches, you can. This chapter, this part of the course, could be its course in and of itself, because it's incredibly important that collaboration is really where it happens. Rather than trying to build one fan in time, you can work with someone and get exposure toe thousands of fans just from that one collaboration you do with that person. When you're pitching, it's gonna be different from an artist, which is gonna be different than a brand was gonna be different than an influencer. So all of these people might want different things, but the core still stays the same thinking about there are people, everybody's busy. What can you give them? That is easy for them to do easy them to work with you and helps them. Don't try to hop on and ride coattails. People already poppin Try to build those relationships with that that's locally or online building relationships Now. Then you can actually build something meaningful. And if somebody does start to have opportunities, they might remember you that you were authentic and genuine and bring you along as well. Another one is working with influencers. This could be in many different spaces. So thing about YouTube, people love making video content these days, and they only muse it thinking about what space does your music really fit? And then reaching out to those YouTubers And don't say, Hey, listen to my music Say, Hey, X, Y and Z, I love your music. Here's an tunes would love to work with you. Last but not least, think about collaborations with this could be brands or companies or other things who have a similar audience to yours, or that your music might actually fit in with their projects. When it really boils down to it, who already has your audience? Where does your music fit and what can you offer these people? So one hand washing the other Both wash the face. You know that it's a symbiotic relationship. In order to get something, you got to make sure that you give more than you take. That's number two 8. CONSISTENCY: it's the third pillar, and what makes this entire thing work is consistency showing up artists objective. So that means whether you're the best in the world or not so great, you can still make this happen. If you're consistent, you show up because there's some people gather gonna love your work. Some people that are gonna hate your work make the music that matters to you, to be able to find an audience for it. For the case study for this example that I love is the artist Russ. He's a hip hop artist. He makes his own beats. He raps, he mixes, he masters all of his own work. And I love this because it's a D. I. Y. Approach. And whether or not you, like Russ or not, is a relevant because what he did was show up consistently for his audience. Every single week, he would release a new track on a soundcloud. This is something that I firmly believe in because you can't just bank on this one post or one song or one album. The blow up people don't listen to albums as much anymore, especially if your new when you're trying to grow your audience released this in bite sized pieces that people then then he get exposed to rather than having to bite off a huge chunk in an entire album all at once of a piece of advice that I recommend do things that are inspiring in front of you. So this doesn't have to meet that you released a song every week but that you are posting something. You are creating something every week. You have to realize that this is going to take time. You have to be patient. This is the slow build. The good news is that if you do it this way strategically, you build your fan base slowly but organically and in a way that's meaningful. They're gonna ride or die with you. They're gonna want a rock with you for the long haul. So that way you know that the effort you're putting in the return on your investment is much greater. But it is going to take time. You can't expect this to happen overnight. This isn't a get rich quick scheme. If you wanted to do something easier, you shouldn't be an artist. But if you are going to be a musician, continually show up for fans in a meaningful way, and they will then be ready to buy support you whatever when the album finally does drop, but you got to show up. 9. TYING IT ALL TOGETHER: How do we tie this all together you have to eliminate friction. And by this I mean you have to make it easy for people to connect with you. And then if you can offer value to people, then they will in turn, want to listening music. Keep it 1000. I'm doing marketing right now with this course talking to you. Part of my strategy is both whether that's with YouTube, skill, short courses, whatever. How can I offer more value to the listener? That then in turn, will either be interested in the brand, Maybe something else I'm doing or the music. So for me, using skill share as an opportunity to hopefully, if I've done this correctly, build a relationship with you and really giving you something meaningful. So you say, Yeah, you know, that means All right, let me check out either another court or who is. This guy's got a weird beard. Let me check out what he's doing on Instagram in that regard. No matter how you put yourself out there, you have to think about it in a way of providing and offer that people actually want. People often ask me Kia, how can I market my immediate online? That's why I said, How can I create a course and tell people in a simple and effective way exactly how I do it ? And I told people to do it. And here we are, everything you do, you have to approach it with the mindset. What can I offer to people? How much more fun is this? Didn't me saying, Hey, check out my sound public right? Everything is marketing, and if it's done in the right way, it doesn't feel like marketing because nobody wants to be marketed to. We want to connect with people having other mediums and platforms so people can connect a few outside of the art itself. 10. COURSE PROJECT: Okay, So for the course project, there's something I wanted to both be achievable, but also pushing debut actionable steps that you can then take some homework that you can take from this course and start implementing today. So here's how that looks. I want you to post a picture. This could be a screenshot or a photo of your value proposition that we talked about in the course. So number one, I'll show you the one that I made up. I drafted for this project, and I want you to list five artists that your music is similar to thes are. If people are listening to your tunes, who else are they listening to? I'm excited to see the projects down below. If you have any questions, I'm in the comments. Shoot me a message. Email Kia at Keio Ryan dot com and let's get into it So proceeds you guys can use with this . Thank you 11. NEXT STEPS, RESOURCES, & THANK YOU: I hope that was helpful. If it was, Please leave a review if it wasn't helpful. Please leave a review. I'm always trying to improve. Good or bad. I'm a thick skin artist. Isn't my first rodeo. Tell me what you think of this course, what I can do to improve. And it was helpful in shirt with a friend. Let him know that we're bringing this info. Every single course Try to help you guys get better on your own terms. On the d I Y guy, I believe in This is the day and age of no gate keepers. If you want to do it, you can do it. But you got to be patient. Got put in the work to tell you about the course project because there's next steps, actionable steps that I think that you can take in order to start implementing these strategies right away into your own online marketing. So we're gonna jump into that, leave you with that. But thank you very much for tuning in means more than you don't check you on the next one. Peace