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teacher avatar Kashish G, Life & Spiritual Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction | Steps on How To Solve A Problem

    • 2. Before We Start

    • 3. Define the Problem I

    • 4. Understand the Problem

    • 5. Perspective Development

    • 6. Define the Problem II

    • 7. Success Story Examples

    • 8. Finding The Solution

    • 9. Tips For Success

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

This class is about "STEPS ON HOW TO SOLVE A PROBLEM". In my past, I often wondered how I was learning so much and moving ahead in less amount of time while my friends were taking years to get the same results.

Then I looked within and found out that I performed activities in a different way. Whenever I had to make a decision or solve a problem, I always spent the most time making a Perfect Plan. Therefore, I always won.

So, through this Course "Steps on How to Solve a Problem", I endeavor to share with you the steps that I have followed, and that has helped me make the best decisions in life, making fewer mistakes, and have always saved me many months and sometimes years*.

I just hope that I am able to help you a little.

Who is this Course for?

This course is for those who want to find out the Best Solutions to their problems in life in the least amount of time.

The problems could be varying from Choosing the right career, making an important life decision, problems at work or at school, bullying at school or at work, taking major decisions in the family, or with friends, or any other life-related problem.

In today's time, there is so much available on the internet that it eventually confuses us whenever we have to make decisions or choices for ourselves. Many of us tend to make wrong decisions and waste a lot of time in that process. 

In a fast-paced and competitive world, it has become crucial to acquire this Life-Skill of making the best decisions in the least time possible.

This Course brings together the many ways of finding solutions and filtering out the best ones most suited for our lives.

This class can thus -

1) help one to learn the technique of solving problems in life. 

2) help one become self-reliant and not staying completely dependent on the family or society around oneself for making any decisions.

Meet Your Teacher

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Kashish G

Life & Spiritual Teacher


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1. Introduction | Steps on How To Solve A Problem: Hey friends, I'm Eleanor and my spiritual life coach from India. I'm also the founder of karmic bus virtuality Foundation. I have given life and spirituality sessions to so many children and hundreds of people. But do you know what brought the success to me? It was no degree or no certificate. But it was the many, many and many problems that are faced in my life. Initially in my childhood. When I started facing problem, every time I thought that this was the end of my life. But then I understood that every problem gave me an opportunity to become a better version of myself by getting over that problem. So that is what I'm here to teach you today. I'm here to teach you the technique of how to solve a problem and not give you any answer. You will find your own answers. Once you've learned the technique, you'll become self-reliant and you will never be dependent on anybody. You can use either the whole technique or some parts of it to find the solutions to your problems. You can be 16-year-old or 30 or 50 year old. This technique is very simple. It is all around us. But usually The best things are very simple. And their unseen. Just that I put it together for you so that you can see things clearly and perceived them clearly. Now, if you're a human being, life is bound to have problems because human beings are meant to evolve. And this evolution, this growth and development will come only when problems are there. Are there was the life will become static. Know there'll be nothing to break from, nothing to grow from. So if you ever thought of warming yourself or becoming a successful person in this world, always remember that with success and with great power comes great responsibility. And if you want to reach there and handle those responsibilities, you must, first of all, become capable of fulfilling these little problems and responsibilities. Today, I can proudly say that I am at a point in my life that are infinite piece of mine and bless advanced us more reasons in this is also learning how to solve any problem. So I'll teach you, but you have to decide whether you want to pause your life or grow from your problems. Take it as an opportunity and understand that you are infinite. 2. Before We Start: Before starting the lesson, now we need to understand that there are many layers to a problem and you may find a solution at any of the layers. Although I've really worked hard on this course and simplified it for you. But it's not important that you find your solution in the last step only. It is possible that you find your solution on the way in the third, fourth, or fifth lesson, because everything is connected. So Azi move lesson by lesson. Do. Let me know at what stage you found your way to your answer. Okay? I wanted to note that this is a practical exercise and we will learn by doing. So. It will be easy for us if we take notes of this class and do our project in a separate space, whether it is a small separate notebook or a new notebook whenever note. We must also understand that because we are learning the basics of how to solve a problem for the first time. It is only for this reason that we are writing it down and doing it. But once we have learned it, just once, then we'll be able to solve all our problems just in our heads. Do all this process in our heads. It's that easy. So let's start with our first lesson. Are we ready with us separate space too, right. 3. Define the Problem I: Now to learn the technique of solving the problem, what is the first thing that needs to be done? The first thing is that of course we have to define the problem unless and until you have defined it and understood it, how can we find the real solution, the correct solution? But there is a way to define it. First of all, we make three columns, column one, column two, and column three. And of course I must say this again, that right now we are doing this in the North. You must be doing this online or on your notebook. But once you have learned this, then you will be doing this in your mind. It becomes very easy. Ok? So this is only to learn for the first time. So the first divide and make three columns. And in the first column we will just list our problem starting from the most effecting to lease defecting, which is the problem that is most effecting you right now, I will write that first. Second, we list the problem that is affecting us less than the first one. And why do we write the most effecting problem first? Because we want to solve the more spin 4.1. Once we have solved a problem that is affecting us the most, then it will give us a little peace of mind and it will also save us time to expand our horizontal if we have a list of problems. So in the second column, you will define the problem that you've listed in the first one. Let me give an example. So the first problem that is affecting me, The moisture's work. And how do you define this? Maybe I am facing a lot of anxiety and stress that walk and I want to leave my job. So this is just an assumption that we are taking here. This is just an example. And you may want to replace it with your own problem, with your own list, ok? And also whitelisting noun. You must be very honest with yourself while filling these columns. Because only if you're honest in filling these columns will you be able to find the right solutions? Then a second example could be, say, bullying at school, okay? So somebody might be getting bullied at school. So he might be, you know, writing. Dani may be defining it in his head. I get bullied in school every day. I'm afraid of that guy. So that is how you're defining it in your head. So in the second column you are going to write down how you are defining the problem in your head, okay? So the third example could be say, No Income, No business, or loping job. And maybe a person who's going through this problem, maybe he thinks to himself, I'm a failure. I won't be able to achieve much in life, right? So we will just list down our problems and define our problems in the second column. And we'll leave the third column right now. Okay? And we'll get back to the third column once we are done with the next two lessons. So your work is that you need to just find out what is your major problem in life right now, you need to list down three or five problems in the list in these columns and write that up. And, and if you want, you may write it down and then upload it in the projects and resources section of our class. 4. Understand the Problem: Understanding the problem. A great foundation for finding the solution to a problem is to understand the problem very well. Now a person may be facing a problem because of many reasons, infinite reasons. It could be because of the patterns that have been formed over the period of fears. It could be because of the belief systems that have been given to us by our society, by our culture. Or it could be just because we are not having the courage to change things. There could be many reasons depending upon your problems, depending upon your situation, your background, and many other factors. But right now, we are not completely conscious of all the causes of all the reasons of those problems. So it is very important to understand the problem very well so that we become conscious of the direct cause of the problem. Right now, it is only in our subconscious mind. And once we become conscious of the problem, only then we get the power to change it. Just think of it this way that you have a problem and you don't even know it. Can you change it? Of course you cannot. How will it change something they do not know. Therefore, once we become conscious, we become aware of the cause of the problem. Only then we get the power to change it. And that is what we are choosing right now. Now let us go further. Now to understand the problem. Well, we'll define six w's and one each of the problem. The first Ws. What, what is the problem? Now this one we have already discussed that is becoming conscious of the problem. What is the problem? My problem is that I don't have an income or I have a low paying job. I've already listed that in the first column, right? The second blowers, who, who is facing this problem? Of course I am facing this problem and who else is facing rate? This is very obvious. But, but stay here. We need to understand more things to it. Third, by whom will this problem be solved? Of course, I have to solve this problem. Nobody else will come and save me. We ourselves, our own saviors. And we have to understand that if we want to be in a powerful position in our life, if we want to be successful in our lives, we must understand to take responsibilities. If we want great power, then great power comes. Great responsibility that must be taken. And to fulfill those responsibilities, we must learn to solve these little problems forward. Why? Why is this problem existing? Knowledge us go example wise. What was the first example that we stated in the first column? In the first column we stated that the problem was work. I feel a lot of anxiety and stress at work. Now, why is that problem existing? Am I taking too much pressure? Am I thinking too much about something that is wide anxieties being developed? What if I stop thinking right now? What if I start ty watching my mind to something else? And there could be other reasons also, we are just discussing a few reasons here. Okay, let's go to the second example. I get bullied in school every day. I'm afraid of that guy. Now, the why you've already stated here, I'm afraid of the guy. This is the why we're feeling weak. You, if we're feeling weak, if that is the y, then the solution is here only, right? What is the solution? You tell me, right in the comments below. What is the solution here? If we are afraid of somebody? I wanted to see that in the discussion. Tell me. Now the third problem is knowing I'm a failure, I wouldn't be able to achieve much in life. Why is this problem existing? Is it because of the beliefs that have been given to me by my family, the many families across the world, you know, where children have been grown up with this belief that we are poor and we're gonna stay poor all our lives. That's what we're supposed to do. And this is the work that we are supposed to do, and that's how it will go. You should not take risk, you should not do this and that. And it keeps you where you are. Are we not taking step forward because of those belief systems? So that is why it is very important to understand the why of the problem. Now you have to find out two your y according to your problem that you have stated. We come to the fifth one. When when is the problem? You know, many of us have a very bad habit of procrastination. What does procrastination? We're always thinking what is going to happen in the future. And in those thoughts we developing anxiety. But when is the problem? It is now, it is not in my future. The pasta's gone. I don't know about the future than when is the problem existing? It is in the now. And when can it be solved? In the now? I have only today with mean, nothing else. What I'm going to do today is what is going to become my destiny. Muhammad Ali said, live every day of your life as if it were your last day. And of course, I cannot go to tomorrow right now and do the walk of tomorrow right now. Can you can go to tomorrow right now? No way can you be right now. You can be only right now here in the now, just write huge debt on your wall now and read it every day once you wake up, that you have to live only in the now, only in the today. That is the only way to live. Then we come to the next one. That is, where where is your problem? Is it in the school, is it in the family or is it only in my head? Many of us have problems only in our heads. Do we know that now for each of us, the wear will be different and we only have to become aware of it. That's it. Just write down where that's it and leave it. Then we come to the last that is one each. How, how am I going to solve this problem now that I have six w's off my problem and have become very much aware of my problem. How is it that I'm going to solve this problem? That is what we are going to learn now, right? To walk on the how to solve the problem efficiently. We were building up this foundation of the sixth w's and the one H. Now that we have become aware of the sixth tableaus, we will fill up on worksheets completed and uploaded in the projects and resources section. Let's move forward. 5. Perspective Development: A major point and solving a problem is understanding what is called prospective. What happens if we do not learn how to solve a problem? And if we just run away from that situation, do you think that if life puts system, does themes tuition with a similar problem? Will we be able to solve it? No. We want to run from it again, because we have not learnt how to solve it. So it is always better to learn how to solve that problem, to face it and overcome it. In fact, as we overcome each and every problem of our life, we become a better version of ourselves. We are not the same anymore. You are not you. You become something else. Now let us see here what is happening in this picture. This goal is being bullied by her friends and her classmates, Of course not friends. Now, what will happen if she doesn't learn to solve it? Even if your changes her school and she meets similar People, She'll think of running away from there as well. But what if she learns to solve this problem? She will become better and a bigger version of herself. And she will be able to deal with anybody in a matter of seconds. Isn't that great? Now, right now, I may be wanting to cross this huge place, this, maybe I'm considering it as a mountain. And of course it does for me right now. But once I solve this problem, what will happen? This same mountain and many other similar mountains will just become a mole hill. And I will realize that I was just an ant bag, Ben. Now I've grown up. Now I'm bigger and now I can walk through easily. Now let's see here. I'm working very hard to on my first income to get that first car. But do you know friends that it is always the first step that is the most difficult. Once we learn to do something for the first time, then with practice, it becomes so easy. Your struggles today are preparing you for a bigger and better tomorrow. Understand that right now and maybe wanting to just buy this one car. But maybe the universe has preparing me to buy a fleet of cars. So if I want to become successful, I need to learn how to solve any problem. Whatever life throws me into. Now will get back to the third column of the first exercise, and now we fill it up. 6. Define the Problem II: Finding to solve the problem. Now we fill up the third column of the first exercise. Now, as we have done the exercise on perspective, I'm sure you will be able to understand this. What do you have to do with that? You have to think of somebody that you really look up to 30 wanted to be like you're idle, okay? And then just imagine this. What if you're idle, we're in the same circumstance that you are in right now. What would he had known about it? What would she had done about it? And then you fill up the third column thinking that you are, that I do. How would you think now? How would you define the problem now? Now let's see an example. Now, what is the work-related problem for me? I get stressed and workplace, but I'm a very strong woman and I am going to find a solution to this as an item, your words are going to change your window. Notice that yourself, now you write that down for your own problems. Suppose you idealize President of your country. I'm not sure which country you're from. Or maybe a does some educationists, maybe it's good beer living. It could be a non-living person, not become that person and define your problem as if you were he. Now, as we had discussed in the previous lessons, we are not going to run away from our problems, right? What if these problems come again? What a fear in the steam life situation again, we are not going to run, but we are going to grow from it, right? So let's take the next example, Bullying. Now how do I define bullying? She believes me, but I'm not going to be weak anymore. I'm going to muster up the courage and find a way out. I know I can and I will. Do you see the difference in how you define the problem now, the whole definition changes. And in defining the problem, you will find the solution as well. Let's take the third example. No income, no business or a loping job as an idol. How do I define this problem? If I faced this problem, I will say So. What if I have not been able to do anything under law? Sandoz started KFC at 65 and it's one of the biggest. Every body has a different timeline and I'm going to focus on building up a new business for the next three years. Without any question, I am willing to become capable and do this well, I wanted to build this. And we will see at the end of three years, I'm going to be patient about it. So you just have to complete the third column and submitted in the project and Resources section, symmetric once and then see me in the next lesson. 7. Success Story Examples: Now before we proceed, here's a case study for you. We'll see bought fictional and real characters. Do you know when he's Harry Potter? He was very innocent. When he was a child. As he grew up, started gaining more maturity. But he still did not learn to solve all the problems in his life. His friends helped him. Although he did not have any parents, but he made new friends. And with so many problems that he kept on facing in his life, he became so capable one day that he defeated Lord Voldemort, who was feared by everybody in his world. So friends, these problems that we face in our life, they always prepare us to become something bigger and better. Now a given example from real life, 2NO, Who is this? A real character in our real world? Hereby him money has been one of the biggest businessmen from India. He continuously face so many problems in his life that once so happened that even after earning so much money, he went into a great debt and the whole public went behind him. He wasn't the work of getting a heart attack, but only by his willpower. He decided that if he could earn before than he can earn in the future also. And he rose again. He ruled during his time. And he on so much money that even today, his two sons, mitigation money and Annalen money have so much money that the ten generations could live without having any money. Do you know that location? Bonnie is also the world's fourth richest person. He comes in the top ten richest people in the world. So you can only imagine that if a person who can go from debt to becoming the world's richest, if that is possible, then anything is possible in this world, right? 8. Finding The Solution: Finding solutions to the problem. Now we have already defined the problem. We have understood the problem. So the third and the final step is finding solution to the problem, right? How will you find the solution? First of all, we make five columns and you don't need to make, I've already given you the worksheet that is attached. Suggest refer the worksheet and you can fill it up there. So in the first column we will write the same that we wrote in the third column of the first exercise, the problem as defined by our Idol. Okay? We'll write the same column here, paste it here. Then in the column two will be listing down the possible solutions that we could think of if we were, are idle. So just like dial Define the problem first. Now the Idle, we'll write down the possible solutions because now our way of thinking is different as we are already at a certain position, at a certain power. So therefore will be able to find out more solutions, right? Don't worry if you're not getting this right away because we'll also understand it along with the example. So just stay along. Now in column three, we list out all the possible solutions that we can find on the internet. Now you must be thinking that if I had to find it on the internet only then why would I take this class, right? Finding the solutions from the internet does not guarantee solving my problems. Does it know? Because everybody's coming from different backgrounds, from different cultures. So finding the solutions from the internet would come only in one column, that is column three. So we'll just do a little research on the internet and we list down five solutions from the Internet for our problem, because there has been nothing in the world until you're working on something like Albert Einstein. Everything has been solved, every problem has been gone through by somebody, right? So we list down five solutions from the internet in the column tree. Then we come to column four. Now in the column four, we have to consult an expert or a specialist in the field of our problem. First of all, we have to stop asking solutions from our mom unless she's an expert in are particularly of problem. Plus we know how much enriched gap is there right? Now, you must be thinking that how can I approach an expert or a specialist? There are many people out there who can help you just with your request. But we must muster the courage to approach different people. And if we do not muster the courage, then who will do it for us? We'll just stay where we are, right. So just politely asked for hip asked from seven people. One will reply. And then before you consult an expert or a specialist, remember that you must have thought of probable questions that you want to ask beforehand. You might get only one chance or maybe just one question to ask from that person. And if you have to ask only one question than it should already be placed in order of importance. So once you've written the questions, placed them in the order of importance as well. Know whatever answer you receive from that export. Just fill up the fourth column with that answer. Now we come to column five. Now in column five. We'll just finalize our list of solutions with the best trees solutions. Know these best three solutions will come from column to column three and column four. Read all the solutions in these three columns and finalize any three solutions. List that you think is the best for yourself will just understand it with the example. But before we come on to the example, I must tell you that once we have finalized our list of solutions, we must try each solution one by one. And the time period that we are giving that will be allotted to each solution will be different for each one of us. Therefore, I'm not state at any specific time period. You may be giving one week for one solution or one day or one month. It depends upon the gravity of your problem. For example, if you want to choose a carrier. So it's not, again here. You have to devote something, you have to step into, something that you will be into for the next ten years or maybe 15-20 years at least, right? So you have to think over and then reach onto a certain solution. Now we come to the example. So in the first column, what did we say? We'll just paste the column tree from exercise one. And here we are taking the third example that is, when we don't have any income, how design ill-defined die. They'll say that what if I have not been able to do anything until now? But now, I'm going to focus on building up a new business. Now as an idea, you're going to find out dancer for yourself. You're going to lays down the solution. So let's say you listed down, I'll find out the best business that gets me the most money and is also off my interest. Now it is possible that you may not reach to the best solution big because of course, we are putting ourselves in the shoes of our idol. But it will take us time to really get into that mindset. But still we are thinking from that perspective. And that is what is opening our mind, right? So the second solution may be writing down, I will walk on improving my skills and making myself capable. And I'm going to be patient and I will right now on my wall. And I will also focus on the present moment I'll make every single day as my best day. So these could be the solutions that you write. Once you imagine yourself, you are the idle. Then in the third column from the internet, you started searching, okay, fine. How do I earn money online? How do I increase my income? And then you may be presented with a list of options, pled tore off options, whether it is from the video or from the blogs. And now you may get confused. Now you are getting y. I said that searching from the internet will comprise only of one column because so much information in today's there, I just confuses us. That is why it is very important to combine these different options to reach to a certain solution. So now, when you saw so many solutions and you got more confused, so you decided to consult a specialist. Nurse specialists might say that you should first find all the carriers that will not go out of the demand in the near future so that you don't get into the same situation again. And your specialist might also take your aptitude test and may suggest you coding or robotics and digital marketing. So the specialists gave you three options. So now what we will do, as we studied, we will combine columns, 234 solutions, and we list out the best three solutions that we have decided for ourselves for choosing what we'll do to earn money. So in the column five, we'll just finalize the list. And because I know that I have to start my career in this new field and I'll be holding on to wait for the next 20 years. So I have to be patient and I'll take my time in deciding exactly the wine option from out of these three. So Wireless down my three solutions from column 234. First, I'm going to learn a new skill. I will explore digital marketing for a week and I'll do complete resorption finalize if I wish to learn it or not. And even if it requires another week, might give another week to understand it. Second solution, Alice down that I will explore coding on Code dot ORG for 15 days. And if it interests me, then I'll explore more. The third solution that I might list down, I will explore blogging for a month. So you listed down these three solutions and then you decide that after two months, say, in November, you will finalize from this list and finalize one solution and stick to that one subject area and gain expertise in that field. Get a certificate and start earning. Now, as you do it over a period of one year, you understand that you're willing to take bigger projects and he will start running more. And as you stick for the next three years, your earnings will keep on increasing. And while learning more about the investment over a period of time, you will learn more. So that is how we come to finding the best solutions. We combine columns 234. Column two is very important because it puts us in the vision of what we want to become, of whom we idealize. It helps us in giving us a direction in where we want to reach intuitively. So that is why it is very important. Liz, Don't Solutions has our own ideal as well. Now, as you fill up these five columns in the worksheet that has been provided to you. I'll give you some tips for your journey. And once you have gone through these steps, don't forget to upload your worksheet in the class. 9. Tips For Success: Now as we solve our problems, let's consider these very important pointers. First. Just work on the next step. You know, we usually start thinking about all the steps and all the work that has to be done. It only gives us tensions and worries. But what can be done is only the next step, right? It is good to have an overall goal in mind. But as we talked before, now, always ask yourself, whenever the low-energy tries to surround you, ask yourself, when can I solve this problem? I can solve this problem only in the now and in the now. I can perform only the next step and not jump to the fifth one, right? So live in the present and work on the next step. Forget what happened in the past. Some of us, you know, we just keep crying about how much time has already been wasted. It's okay. Life is all about learning and growing. If you have learned now, then grow from it. Be thankful that you are aware now and you can save your time now. Just do it. Point number three, drop thinking. Once you've started working on the possible solutions, just drop your thoughts for the time period. Setup the target, say for one month and don't think anything is what will happen. Will it happen or not? We think at the end of the first month, okay, pointer number four. In India we see garden guard bulky Cham MapKit, which means that the best way to achieve maximum results is to stop worrying about the results at all and just focusing on the efforts. It's a very famous saying in India gives us trends no matter how good our intentions are. But unless and until we do our karma, we do our action with all our efficiency would our best efforts in it, the results are not going to come. So just stop thinking about the results. Point number five, focus is a game changer. So this has also derived from the point and I'm before complete focus on one thing is definitely leads one to excellence. You can achieve the best results when you are focused. Pointer number six, become courageous. You have to muster the courage and think what will happen if I don't take the next step? If I do not act, My life is going to be the same as it is right now. So it's any way better to change our actions. Pointer number 7.5, faith in the universe. Do you know the universe can give you the greatest help if you stay connected with me throughout the social media human also slowly learn how to make universe respond to you more than ever. You know, I am at a stage in my life where I just ask the Universe and a get whatever asked for just under same d, maximum. It takes one day. This is like, Wow, my life has become like a miracle. The universe either gives me or if it is something that is not practically that can be given the next day, then it shows me the way that can be implemented in the best, fastest way possible. Pointer number eight, happiness. Most of the anxiety and unhappiness comes because we attach ourselves to others measure of success. We all are in our own time lines. Jk Rowling took six years to write a first book, and she was in her thirties when she released her first book. This also doesn't mean that we are going to start in Tony's. What it means is that everybody has their own timelines. And we must understand this. There is no competition because everybody's coming from a different background, from different culture, different countries. We are having different knowledge and different wisdom that we are carrying along with us, our passions, our interests are different. Visions are different. How can there be any competition? We need to understand what successes, successes only that, which is success to you. For somebody success could be having one's own home. While for another person's success could be selling one's horn on and going on a world trip. So what maybe happiness to you may not be happiness for somebody else. Whatever we are doing in life, we're doing it because we want happiness rate. That is the base, nothing from a winner's perspective. What does winning for me right now? Tell me, tell me what is winning for you? What is success for you? Write it down, right in the discussions tab. I want to know what is success for you. 10. Conclusion : Hey friends, I hope that you liked this technique of very simple one, right? And you have all the worksheets to refer to the lessons and it was still face any problem, then you can always let me know to summarize, first of all, we define the problem from our point of view and from the point of view of our idol. Once we define the problem, then we understood the problem. We understood the six w's in one h of the problem. And the third one, we found the solution to the problem, VOS, we found the solution from the highest offer idle, secondary found the solution from the eyes of a consultant, an expert, or a specialist. Third, we found a solution from the internet. And then we combined all of these and found the very best list of solutions. Then we set targets. Not this technique of finding a solution to a problem is very beneficial, especially when you have to take bigger decisions in life at the end, we also learned some tips, some pointers that could help us during our journey and also motivate us. Now, if you need any other guidance, if you need that little direction in any area of your life, you can always stay connected with me. I wish you a great week ahead.