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teacher avatar Kurt Mueller, Values Inspired Business Ownership

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Introduction: Business From The Inside Out

    • 2. Myths and Truths About Business Success

    • 3. The Power of a Values Based Business

    • 4. Digging Deeper Into Values

    • 5. The Mindset for Success

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About This Class


 Imagine what it would be like if you could have unlimited income by sharing an emotional bond and common interests with your customers. You would naturally and easily be committed to satisfying their needs by offering profitable products and services uniquely defined by your relationship with them.

This is the first class in the Business Success From the Inside Out Class Series From the Values Inspired Business Ownership System

You will learn:

  • how the power of your values will provide financial independence through business ownership
  • to destroy the myths about starting a business that may be holding you back
  • what you DO need to succeed as a business owner see if you have what it takes 
  • the keys to success of the Values Inspired Business Ownership System (VIBOS)


 The Business Success From the Inside Out Class Series consists of the following:


A Look In the Mirror: Building Self Awareness

Think Like a Successful Business Owner

Follow Your S.T.A.R.S.

Discover your Brand Values

Harness Your Habits

Three Secrets to Success

Set Goals that Provide Success

Note: One additional supplemental class specifically developed for military veterans is available at no cost.



  •  A career coach and university business instructor
  • Retired Chief Talent Officer for a division of a major entertainment company whose founder started with a cartoon mouse and a dream
  • An active entrepreneur with two on-line businesses
  • U.S. Coast Guard veteran and member of the National Veteran-Owned Business Association

Learn more at:

Meet Your Teacher

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Kurt Mueller

Values Inspired Business Ownership


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1. Introduction: Business From The Inside Out: welcome. This is Kurt Mueller, and this is the introduction to how to build a business from the inside out. It's designed to get you started in building a business that's based upon your own amazing values, unique capabilities, experiences and interests. You're going to see that you're values inspired business will allow you to leverage undiscovered capabilities to generate the financial freedom, independence and the security that you deserve. This is the first class in the values inspired business ownership system, also known as Vai Bos. This unique and one of a kind process literally turns how to start a business in the traditional sense on its head. Because we don't start with a business plan, we start with you and what you bring to the business opportunities that you will discover as the designer of values inspired business ownership system. I'm delighted to serve as your guide. I'm inactive entrepreneur, having businesses in franchise coaching, business management, consultancies, retail food service, distribution businesses as well as to online businesses that I'm currently engaged in. I'm a business instructor at a local university, and I teach courses in business management, leadership and entrepreneurship. I recently retired as the chief talent officer for a major entertainment company that had a hugely successful entrepreneurial start. The well known founder established his values in the theme parks that he built. Bibles was originally developed to support veterans to capitalize on their values based devotion to duty and patriotism, and use that as a leverage for transitioning to business ownership as a life work opportunity. As a U. S Coast Guard veteran myself, I fully understood how incredibly valuable military services in the development of entrepreneurial capabilities and I wanted to have a process that would bring those capabilities to all our veterans interested in starting their own business. However, in the process of interacting with folks about Thieve eyeballs program, it became apparent that the powerful process we have is much more broadly useful for any individual seeking to have a unique capability of developing a values based business. Therefore, we have broadened the opportunity for anyone to take and benefit from the program and have a special class specifically targeted for veterans that's available to them at no cost. As you're probably aware, there are tremendous changes underway now on how businesses operate. There's a number of factors that are contributing to those differences from traditional operations. The Vibe owes program is based upon the latest findings on what it takes to start a successful business. It's the only program of its kind, and I am super excited to be sharing it with you now. How to build your business from the inside out is the first Siris of classes in the Vibe. Oh, system. The second Siris of classes is how to discover your values inspired business. The third and final Siris of classes is how to start your value inspired business. Okay, that wraps up our first lesson and will be moving on now next to take a look at what is and is not necessary for success As a business owner, we're going to strip away. Some of the myths look forward to seeing you in the next lesson. 2. Myths and Truths About Business Success: we'll start the second lesson here with the class. Siri's objectives or business from the inside out. Here's what you can expect to learn first, why should you own values inspired business? You'll find that successful business owners think very differently there in people in general, so you'll learn how to think like a successful business owner. Many studies have shown that the failure of businesses often is a result of the limiting beliefs and fear of failure that individuals come into the business ownership process with . You'll learn how to overcome limiting beliefs and self defeating behavior to move forward towards business success. We'll show you how to use the stars to discover your hidden business success capabilities. The stars processes a technique that will help you examine your past successes. To find those capabilities you can use for business success, you'll be able to discover and establish your brand values, a powerful way to match what you bring to what people need as customers and clients. You'll learn how to reset your habitual behavior to literally be an autopilot towards business success. Finally, you'll learn how toe harness the secrets of gold setting success to put everything that you've learned through your self awareness to work for you. Now let's take a look at what you don't need and what you do need to move forward on the path to a successful, values based business. Many folks haven't pursued the benefits of business ownership because of myths that abound about what it takes to be a successful owner. I want to make sure that that doesn't happen to you. The 1st 1 you might have encountered is that you have to have a killer idea in order to be a successful and prosperous business owner. That is simply not the case. What you need to do is simply be able to find a specific need and fill it better than any competitors. Running a values based business makes that not particularly difficult to do. You've probably been told that you need a lot of money to start a business. I really think it's important. Understand that technology has dramatically changed the game. Remember that apple was started in a garage on a shoe string. Technology really has reduced the cost of entry into ah variety of tremendous business opportunities. So have you heard the war stories from business owners about the long hours they put in, and they have no time off. Well, that's certainly true that many owners have that sort of circumstance. But that's ah factor associated with the choices that they made about the business they chose to run. I listen to a podcast from a business owner who makes his seven figure income from a beach using a laptop. It can be done. What about needing a comprehensive business plan to start a successful business? Well, that's really the wrong place to start. It's putting the cart before the horse the most likely to succeed businesses really start where you're starting with a examination of your own needs, values, desires, which then could be connected with your customers and their desires as well. This is where the profitable match of need to opportunity exists and that you will be able to take advantage of the preparation of a simple, practical business plan is the final step before you move into action in building the business. What about the concerns voiced of ah, not having a business education? Well, once again, technology generates and provides the good news. Computer based training provides just in time learning that you can use to pick up all of the specific capabilities that you'll need for business success when you need them and how you need them delivered to you. You're going to get a lot of what you need right here in the Vibe Owes program, and the rest will be available on very targeted courses that are available through a variety of online sources, which will be recommended to you. Okay, so now you know what you don't need. And I hope that provides a little bit of relief and in terms of anxiety. But there are things that you do need, so let's take a look at those next first. You need energy, you need the power and the determination to bring into being a business, and that takes a good deal of effort and work. Tied to that is persistence. The willingness to take the time dedicated to doing what needs to be done and doing that even when there's frustration, mistakes, delays, problems that need to be overcome, all of those things create demands on the business owner that you must be willing to take on. You're going to need to approach building a business With an open mind, you're gonna need to put aside any preconceived notions, biases and assumptions that limit your ability to look at the opportunities and the challenges. From a effective perspective. You'll want to be continuously seeking more understanding and information about your customers and how you can use that information to build your business effectiveness. A practical hands on orientation is absolutely essential. Each of the classes that you have here will have a critical project attached to it. He skipped those, and the program won't give you the results or the outcome that you're really looking for. So maintaining the action staying in motion is critical. As a business owner, you are your own boss, so you should be seeking that form of independence when, along with that comes the responsibilities and the consequences of the decisions that you make. The last one on the short list and quite likely the one that's the most important of all is having a genuine desire to provide value to your customers. The foundation of the values inspired business is really tied to the understanding that there's a shared value between the business owner and the customers and clients who interact with that business, and the expectation is that there's mutual benefits for both. In the next lesson will be talking about the values based approach to the business and a lot more detail, along with the benefits that are available through this particular approach to business ownership. 3. The Power of a Values Based Business: in this lesson, I'd like to introduce some of the other aspects and advantages of, ah, values inspired business. One of the most important ones is we want to leverage your strengths. The things that you're already good at can be the foundation for building the capabilities to be a successful business owner. The Vibe OH system is designed to help you identify the strengths that air particularly valuable for the success of your business. Another great advantage is that you'll be working with the very people who share your values, and they will be both individuals who believe and operate on the same principles that you do, and you're providing the services that they need for their own success. You'll enjoy a competitive advantage because you're delivering products and services to individuals very much like yourself. And there is only one U S. Oh, there is no other competitors who can replicate thespians. If ick value the year personal experience and value set bring to the game. You'll have the advantage of a much higher level of trust from your customers and clients because of the shared values that you have in the consistency of your actions and the obvious commitment that you have will be clear to to your customers regarding the products and services that you offer. And, of course, your upside earnings potential is unlimited. Your earnings will no longer be governed by an arbitrary employer, but rather it will be determined by the value that you bring to your customers and clients . Let's also take a look at the big picture, which is really how owning your own business can become your life's work. And there's really three major ways your life will and can be changed by making a commitment to business ownership. The 1st 1 is autonomy. It's the sense of independence that you will have as a business owner because you have the freedom to make choices on how you want to spend your time, dedicate your efforts and work to accomplish the goals that you've set for yourself. Not to mention the freedom that you'll have to take a look at the way the quality of your life is managed with the impact of your work. Number two is mastery. The tremendous satisfaction that you'll get was your business grows and as you yourself get better and better at being able to build and grow the business of and move it forward. Third is life's purpose. Your business can make a difference in the lives of others. He can take great satisfaction in knowing that you're leaving a legacy. If you think about it, your business can continue on indefinitely long after you're gone and continue to add value to others. So as we wrap this lesson up, I hope you have a sense of the value and benefits of business ownership, particularly of values inspired business in our last lesson will examine How do you distinguish a successful business? I will tell you now that it has to do with the relationship your business has with the customer. 4. Digging Deeper Into Values: in this lesson, we want to dig more deeply into our understanding of what values are and what it is about them that makes them so useful in the formation of a successful business. First of all, we now know that values air formed very early in life. This is a result of the interactions that we have with the people that are most close to us . Clearly, the impact of parents and other relatives and anyone else who's been directly involved with the a young individual is going to have some impact on the values that are shaped. Some researchers are suggesting that the values are really fully developed in many ways. By the time a young child is five or six years old, values play a critical role because they anchor our beliefs about what is right, what's wrong, what's good, what's bad. They really shape the direction of the choices that we make as we move through our lives, exerting a powerful influence on our likelihood of success or even the lack of success are deeply held. Core values are with us for the better part of our lives. They change very little unless there's some very disruptive event that creates a change. The relationships we have with other people, to a very large degree are impacted by the values that we share. They create powerful bonds. You've heard about the birds of a feather that flock together well, it's not just birds, it's people, Aziz Well and values. Shared values are a powerful way in which people connect with one another. You can probably see now that values provide a tremendous opportunity, Combined with the experiences Thean Tristen capabilities that you have to set you up to serve specific customers or clients that have the same or similar values and probably the same kinds of needs and desires that you have yourself. This puts you in a great position to serve those needs of customers in the form of a business that provides four your needs as well. I think it's pretty easy for you to see now at this point that if you share the values that create an emotional bond along with the common interests that you have with your customers , you're going to be well positioned to satisfy your customers needs by offering the services , the products that are but things that you both value 5. The Mindset for Success: welcome to the last lesson. We're gonna be examining what's necessary in the form of a mindset for business success. But first, let's recap some of the key takeaways from this class. I explained that this is the first class in the business from the inside out Siris of classes. This is followed by the discovery of your own values inspired business. Siri's The Last Siri's how to Start a values inspired business wraps up the vibe owes system. In this class, you learned about the common myths that stop so many people from moving forward and launching a successful business. You also learned about the key attributes that you need to provide a foundation for a successful business. You now know where values come from and why they are so powerful in the foundational building of a business and the right place to start. So now, in this lesson will take a look at the proper mindset to has as you move forward and examine, uh, the direction of your business will end this lesson and the class itself. With the final project, this pivotal project will help you decide whether business ownership should indeed be your life's work. ready. Okay, let's go ahead and take a look at mindsets. A focus on the customer is the mindset that's necessary for success. This four by four box provides the results we get when we examine whose needs are being met . As you can see here in this first box where the prospective business owners, our needs are being met but not the customers. What we really have is, ah, hobby. Hobbies are focused on oneself, and the objective is really enjoyment. It may provide some stress reduction and even, uh, earn a few dollars on the side. Hobbies can only become a successful, robust business when there's a major mind shift that moves from self to the benefits derived by the customer. Here in the second box, we have high needs satisfaction for both the customer and the prospective business owner. This is where we have a mutual exchange of value. It is where we truly want to be. The customers wants needs and desires are being met or exceeded. The business owner is fulfilling his or her life's work and achieving financial independence. Start out with the wrong mindset and the business is pretty much doomed. Failure is most common when you don't know why you're in business in the first place, when you don't have a commitment to customer satisfaction when you give in to the pressures of others that distort your thinking in this last box, where, indeed, we do have high customer satisfaction. But if we take a look at the low satisfaction of the business owner, we may be facing a situation we sometimes call burnout. I see this most often in businesses where the owner is really good at meeting the needs and expectations of customers, but is getting very little satisfaction out of that process themselves. They really would prefer to be doing something else. It may indeed be that the business does a good job of paying the bills, providing AH adequate standard of living and the fear of change. The loss of security might be factors that kind of paralyzed the business owner in terms of making changes that are necessary for higher quality of life. I really hope these four boxes illustrate how critical it is to enter the business ownership arena with the proper mindset. All right, it's decision making time. Our action project for this class is to determine if values inspired business ownership is right for you. To do this, you'll be taking a 14 question self scoring inventory. Each question is associated with the behaviors related to success from this type of business ownership. You will be able to check Mark one of three response options. The 1st 1 is rarely or never used. The middle one is your sometimes involved with these actions, and the third time is there. Used often are. Always go ahead now to the project section and download and complete the questionnaire and then come back to this spot on the video and we'll talk about the scoring and what it means . All right now for the scoring with the questionnaire in front of you, take a look at the often always column and add up all of the responses and give yourself three points for each one of those. Then move over to the sometimes column in the middle and just put his zero for any of the answers there. Then finally, move over to the rarely never column, add up the number that you have there and subtract that total from the total that you have from the often always call. So, for example, I have a student who had 24 points coming from eight responses in the often always call him had five responses in sometimes so that is a zero. They don't count and had two responses and rarely never for a total of six point. So we subtract the six points from the 24 points and we end up with a total score of 18 points for this individual. So what do the scores mean? We have found that if you have, ah, positive score, no matter how small you do have what it takes to be an owner of a values inspired business . The higher the number, the more you're encouraged to get going now and make this part of your life. If you're in double digits, don't wait. You're encouraged to take action right away to move forward on this opportunity. That almost certainly will be life changing for you. What about those of you with negative numbers? Well, it certainly doesn't mean that it's hopeless than you will never have the opportunity. But to be a business owner, it does mean that you will have to apply extra effort and a willingness to change some of the approaches. You have to move forward in this direction as opposed to the other opportunities that may be available to you in an employment situation. Well, we've reached the end of our time together in this class. In less than an hour, you've gained a deep understanding of what the values inspired business ownership process and system is all about. If you're is excited about business ownership as I am, you want to move right away into the next class in the business from the inside out Siris of classes. That class, the next one up is a look in the mirror building self awareness. This foundational class is really all about you. It's understanding who you are and really what you want to get out of owning a business. This is where we begin the process of matching you to your ideal customers and clients. I am really looking forward to continuing this amazing journey of discovery with you. You'll find the class a look in the mirror in the course listings, so go ahead and take a look for that. And let's continue the journey now