SSL Simplified | Ethan Ballinger | Skillshare
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7 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. SSL Architecture

    • 3. Certificate Authorities

    • 4. Certificate Classes & Validation Levels

    • 5. Self signed certificates

    • 6. Demo Generating Certificates

    • 7. Demo HTTPS API


About This Class

SSL is the security standard for securing communications over the web. Because it is largely configurable and comes in a wide variety of flavors, it can be very confusing. 

SSL Simplified provides fundamental topics of SSL, Certificate Authorities, self-signed certificates, a demo of how to communicate with HTTPS web services, and a demo of how to integrate SSL into your own web services. 

This course is meant for beginners to SSL but it's also a good refresher to those who are familiar with SSL/TLS. 

By the end of the course, you will understand the fundamentals of SSL and you'll be able to create a self-signed certificate and incorporate it into your web services. 





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Ethan Ballinger

Software professional with passion for teaching

Howdy, I'm Ethan.

I'm from Texas and currently live in the Dallas area. I went to a small high school that didn't offer computer science, so my first introduction to it was in college. I had registered to study electrical engineering until the speaker at my orientation canceled and was replaced by a computer engineering graduate. That 60 minutes changed my life and I've had a passion for software development ever since.

While pursuing my degree, I had internships in the teleco...

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