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SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) Interview Questions and Answers

teacher avatar Arindam Mondal

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How Can You Configure Package To Run 32 Bit Mode

    • 3. How Is A Data Flow Path Different From A Precedence Constraint

    • 4. What Are Buffers In Ssis

    • 5. What is breakpoint in SSIS

    • 6. When You Should Use Script Component In The Packages

    • 7. Wmi Data Reader Task

    • 8. What is codepage

    • 9. How Do You Use Logging Features In Ssis

    • 10. What is delay validation

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About This Class

SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)  Interview Questions and Answers.

In this Class you will find frequently asked questions in SSIS. It covers all topics in SSIS including Control Flow Tasks ,Data Flow Tasks,Precedence Constraints,Transactions,Data viewers and many more.I am sure you will get some values out of this course.

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1. Introduction: hello and will come to the courts. It's a size sequel server integration services interview question about this course. This course video contents frequently asked interview questions on essences. It covers all the topics basic when ones it covers topics from control forecasts. Better float us and continents and advanced stuff. How to extend the brackets functionalities by using check Brian's transaction. Bit of us. It's such a. This course also provides demons with that sunsets so that it can explain in detail with the appropriate answers. 2. How Can You Configure Package To Run 32 Bit Mode: How can you configure it? You're suspected to run in 30. Toby wound on a 64 would mention this situation. May our car, when you have a case developed in 64 with Mission. But a data provider is available for only 32 week mission in order to run on its suspected and Michelle studio in 32 bit moon. They societies project for a party around 64 with a run Time needs to be set to false. The different configuration for this property is true. This configuration is an instruction to Lord that are due to be the one payment women that I've done 64 weeks and your brackets well, Dylan, without any additional changes the property can reformed under, is a science project party. Please configuration properties debugging. Been running a Beckett's from mystical several agent job. You must sick the property. You started to build runtime on the execution option. Step off the job 3. How Is A Data Flow Path Different From A Precedence Constraint: how he said it all fell apart. Different from me. Residents. Constant resurgence Cranston are used to control the order off operation Off Task Execution in the control fruit this constant can learn it just based on the success failure, our completion of the previous Tres. They can also be made enemy with the evolution often insistence expression It did envelope up controls the direction of the data movement inside the data from this love for that glover to send erode rose down special parts while successful rose may be loaded into your table. 4. What Are Buffers In Ssis: What about a person is This is my first like markets of memory. Reshoots is that can be used by you. Size it up, flows out off a source in memory buffers that 13 megabytes inside or 10,000 rose by default . And the first transformation is working on those 10,000 rows. The next waterfall of 10,000 rows is being processed, and that's what's 5. What is breakpoint in SSIS: what is break pointy necessary is requirements. Put pauses in your package. It's a great tool for devaluing affected because you can place it with point on a test, and it will force the fact based on execution against a situation where we may have used break points is when we have a loving container and we want to see how the very real sections by the Loof you can place a watching the on the package and have the variable name in saved a break point on the container on then stuff after each iteration of the look. Let's see. An example in this package will see home Rick Warren's health Perkins to live in I Am Ended and execute Physical test Tennessee. Good statement. I'm receiving Total Count a person that but some tables can I have ascended variable to receive the total con values now invited Clicking that does. You have enough central headed, frequent sincere. There are. Let's stop events available and you have the check boxes. We never love break point and I check on Post Executive and let's execute the package. You can see it the package, and it's two in the big point Now you can see here the variable information along its system. Variables can see that user very even the proton compound. Who's using their point? We can see how the revel hello is changing while learning the practice. 6. When You Should Use Script Component In The Packages: when you should use script component in the packet. Escaped component in the Isis s data flow can be used as a custom sorts, transformation or destination. You may need to use skip source when you're loading. Unusual fail for months, for example. The data does not follow standard column or row permits. You may use escape transformation with the new to transformation that are provided to you. Don't solve the 100 extraction problem you have. For example, let's skip. Transformation may be used to have played a glad expression for hunting two year daytime being extracted. You might need to use distance. And if you record output up later no, it's not. Allow traditional column and reform it, for example, your businesses requiring a file sent to customers that has Somali lose after leads category of the time that would cause a break in the traditional ruin column. Former off the source. Stater 7. Wmi Data Reader Task: the gloomy detail leader us so I ever did in the limited. A little task in the 100 flu and also ended and skip test so head were collecting information regarding the local dream. See, and it will be displayed on the sweep desk. Mrs. Most let's go to the Paschal ident can see different option here. First of all, you need to persuade the connection manager the W my connection in the dog look, you will source that it can be directing for or the file connection are from the medieval. Now we need to space way that biblical quickie. You can see the training here that your collecting information regarding mercy J R. Put tape when it especially ahead. And output should be a detectable property of the little property name or reveal next in the But I destination time, especially when they need to keep overnight or happened the original it in the distinction . No, the distinction tape can also be invariable. Or if I'll connection here, we have slipped in every Really we have given the video will name please dreams This it will be used in the skip that you shoulda So, David, the little information here. You can see that Dublin. My connection. We're using the local salve on local news. That is my own system. You can see her in the did only very ever live selected. A pretty nice trees Will even we should be was tracks. Is that so? They've been from us. Let's go to the script, Eddie Tempt you can see had I haven't end the cleanest presbury even in the message books two for them helpers. 8. What is codepage: the court been sitting. Options can be used if you're so system has let us stored in a different language. For example, other them any say, letting sittings that is. Court fridge oneto five Toe by default, it says, Use this 1 to 5 to court fits toe dance. Live that source. You should not modify this corporate settings. If you are not sure ever the sorts data stream the default option should work with most of the yet the sorts. But for example, if your source system has been restored in Japanese, then you have to find the appropriate court first number toe chancellor. Yep, on this character, for example, 932 and in their in their default court fits field. 9. How Do You Use Logging Features In Ssis: How do you use logging projects in exercise with the logging features we can capture because literally information runtime, say, For example, brackets start time and in time you can also include flogging while running the packets from common from DT XZ. Utility exercise provides different Types of Love provider, including text file. It's still summer profound, that is, school servers and Windows. Even Long and XML file in this example will see the logging features in essays here. I ever eggs Good secret us. And there we have a simple slept statement by clicking exercise on the menu. We have the logging option fasting in to check the continents where we want to at the logging features. Then you need to select the logging providers. You can see different logging providers sort of 11 here. I'm selecting example files, and it needs a connection to the example. Fight well, here I ever did that Final connection manager WTO External failed. Now, in that little step, we can add di events. We want to log in the XML files also you Mickley Kanda advance To check the advanced option . You can also open and existing external log file setting. If you did save a level. Also, you can save this sitting by clicking the save button. Click OK, now exclude the package that beckons you succeed and no, let's go to the folder can see her. The lock file has been united. Let's open the file. You can see here external hellos with the restrictive events and that different variable values we are receiving here, like computer name operate on him a source, the back, his name and source idea and execution I d and brackets start time and end time, etcetera. 10. What is delay validation: What is the live allegation property? Or how to validate a package at runtime that be live validation per party helps affected. Valid it at the time. Let's see an example. This is the package for we live validation example. Here we have one eggs, good secret test and one did have foot us in the executive secret task We're creating attempt able and in the data flow task little floor sources. We're using the same timetable as a source table. Let me show you the execute Secret task A leader. So here we are creating a simple Tim Tebow Will just This is with the single column. Let's close their leaders. Now Let's go to the little float us on the Willet TV sports editor Here I am using sickle comment Select staff from the comfortable, and I means in your relativity institution for a distance and table that I have seen. That means during some era in the Beckett it is throwing in our because the sequel object. It's not phoned in the led resource. If we try to execute, the package will also receive any of that. Let's try to execute the package, but we have getting any around here and see invalid object. Name has justice isn't so the object. It's not yet created. So the only ways we need to validate the package that run thing so that the object will be cleared it and it will be used by the net outflow sources. Now let's turns the packets properties. Here we have that delay validation property, the different valleys. False. Let's tended to Trouville. Now execute the package again. Now you can see what on the task executed successfully. So that bill a validation property helps affect kids toe belly, that up done thing.