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SQL with Python in 90 minutes

Max S, Power through programming

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10 Lessons (1h 24m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. SQL Introduction

    • 3. Creating And Connecting To A Database

    • 4. Navigating a Database

    • 5. Creating and Removing Tables

    • 6. Inserting Data

    • 7. Getting Data

    • 8. Conditional Searching of Data

    • 9. Updating and Deleting Data

    • 10. Course Outro

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About This Class

Python is one of the most friendly and popular programming languages. It finds applications everywhere, ranging from research, over to industry, as well as things like the entertainment industry. Programming in general allows for you to greatly reduce workload, as well as solve problems that would be impossible to solve by hand, or create great, new, and fun applications/software.

A big part of the new digital world is that everything is producing data, and storing as well as using data are becoming emerging and very important industry fields. The ability to combine data usage with programming allows for rapid development and automation, and is extremely superior when compared to systems that need manual input or data handling.

SQL is the language that you can use to interact with one major database type (SQL databases), one that is very wide-spread in today's world. 

Knowing SQL will give you a nice ability and understanding of how to handle data and databases, and being able to integrate it into Python code enables you to create great, dynamic, and automatic systems that combine the power of programming and data.

This course will be using SQLite in Python, which allows us to execute SQL commands through python, and will allow you to create, connect, use, and manage local SQL-based databases.