SQL Tutorial - Learn SQL in Under 90 Minutes | Jon Avis | Skillshare

SQL Tutorial - Learn SQL in Under 90 Minutes

Jon Avis, IT Systems Engineer

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3 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. SQL in Under 90 Minutes

    • 3. Class Summary and Project


About This Class

In this class you will learn all about databases and how to use SQL in Under 90 Minutes. By the end of this class you will know:

  • What a relational database is and what it is used for
  • How to create, modify and delete tables from a databases
  • How to insert, modify and delete data from tables
  • How to retrieve data from a table using select SQL queries
  • How to filter your results set using where clauses
  • How to order and limit your results sets using SQL
  • How to use column name alias'
  • The differences between 4 different types of joins
  • How to use inner joins
  • How to use outer, left and right joins

This is the best and quickest way to begin your SQL and database journey.