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SQL Server Fundamentals (SQL Database for Beginners)

teacher avatar Artemakis Artemiou, Awarded Database Expert, Trainer,Author.

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

24 Lessons (2h 11m)
    • 1. Welcome to the Course!

    • 2. Relational Database Management Systems

    • 3. Databases, Tables, Queries and Programmability Objects

    • 4. T-SQL vs SQL: What’s the Difference?

    • 5. What can you do with SQL Server?

    • 6. Main SQL Server Services

    • 7. Supported Operating Systems

    • 8. Installing SQL Server

    • 9. What is SQL Server Management Studio?

    • 10. Downloading and Installing SQL Server Management Studio

    • 11. Connecting to the Database Engine and Navigating Through Database Objects

    • 12. Creating a Database and Other Objects

    • 13. Running Queries and Scripting to T-SQL

    • 14. Importing and Exporting Data

    • 15. Logins and Database Users

    • 16. Surface Area Configuration

    • 17. What is Azure Data Studio?

    • 18. Downloading and Installing Azure Data Studio

    • 19. Working with SQL Server using Azure Data Studio

    • 20. Special Topic: How to Install SQL Server on Ubuntu Linux

    • 21. Special Topic: How to Install the SQL Server command-line tools on Ubuntu Linux

    • 22. Special Topic: How to Access SQL Server on Ubuntu Linux using Azure Data Studio

    • 23. What we've Learned in this Course

    • 24. Learning More and a Thank You!

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn everything you need to know, in order to easily get started with SQL Server Database, SQL Server Management Studio and Azure Data Studio.

The class contains lectures and many live demonstrations that combine theory with practice, in order to help you fully understand all concepts and being able to work with SQL Server and related tools.

In this course you will learn:

  • Basic Database Principles
    • Databases, Tables, Queries, Stored Procedures, Functions, etc.
  • SQL Server Data Platform
    • What can you do with SQL Server, main services, supported Operating Systems, how to download and install SQL Server.
  • SQL Server Management Studio
    • What is it, how to download and install it, work with databases, tables and queries, import and export data.
  • SQL Server Security
    • Logins and database users, Surface Area configuration.
  • Azure Data Studio
    • What is it, how to download and install it and how to start using it.

After you complete the class, there is a comprehensive class project that will help you test all the skills you've learned in this class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Artemakis Artemiou

Awarded Database Expert, Trainer,Author.


Hi there! I'm Artemakis. I'm a Senior SQL Server and Software Architect, a professional Author and Speaker, and a former Microsoft Data Platform MVP (2009-2018). I have over 15 years of experience in the IT industry in various roles and I'm also a certified SQL Server Engineer.

Moreover, I'm the founder of SQLNetHub and TechHowTos. I'm the creator of the well-known software tools Snippets Generator, DBA Security Advisor and In-Memory OLTP Simulator. I'm also an author of many eBooks on SQL Server.

I currently serve as the President of the Cyprus .NET User Group (CDNUG) and the International .NET Association Country Leader for Cyprus (INETA).

I'm here at Skillshare, to share my expertise with you, in a simple and understandable way. My classes include ... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the Course!: Hello and welcome to Secret Server fundamentals. My name's has the magazines Damu and that will be your instructor for this course a few words about me. I'm a senior civil server and software architect. I'm certified Civil seven. Professional. I have been in Microsoft Dell a platform M v P. For nine years. I have over 15 years of experience with Super Server and .net development. I'm a professional book and active all offer. For example, I publish articles on a medical teams that come simple talk coding site. Eskil Shock. I'm the founder of Fiscal Net Hap and tech. How to Moreover, on the president of Cyprus event using group and there any other country leader for Cyprus who should attend this course? This course should be attended by people that just started using civil server people that want to start using the word leading at the BMS. Such is super server and technology in two years that want to learn more about sequel server and then their services world. What will you learn this course this course First, we're going to refresh your basic that have these principles. Then we will focus on Super seven, their platform we will talk about what you can do with civil. Sever what the main services are supported. Operating systems, how you can download install she was ever and more. Then we will talk about. She was several management studio, which is the main tool for connected people. Seven. Working with their basis, we'll talk about civil service security. Another important aspect in the dead averages world in the last but not least, will talk about Asia Data Studio, which is sung eternally way off, connecting to Shiver Server and working with databases about course requirements. There are no actual requirements for this course, so you don't need any prior civil sever knowledge. The only thing that is good to know is some basic salaries principles, even though we're going to refresh these principles in this course as well. Great, let's begin the course. 2. Relational Database Management Systems: in this lecture will talk about relation database management systems. Relational database management systems, also known as additive BMS is after that May systems other based on the relational model of data. What does this mean? This means that there is an approach to manage data using a structure in the language. In this case, there s credit language below you. Consent example. Off these concept, you can see two tables called employees and location. And in the employees table, there is a field called location ity that references the corresponding location record. This is an example off data structure and information from these and their structure can be retrieved using s Krell, for which we're going to top later. Some examples of popular relational deliveries management systems We have Microsoft sequel server, Oracle Database, my Skrill Paaske Restaurant as cruel light and more. Now what differentiates out to be a mess is between them Well, each are to be amiss, offers additional factions system start procedures and said well, additional features and components and it's an example super saver. In addition to ask Rael, it offers a T secret language in memory. All t p s I s a serious as his A s and more for which we're going to talk about later. The next lecture discusses declarations, tables, queries, views and become ability objects. 3. Databases, Tables, Queries and Programmability Objects: in this lecture, we will talk about databases, tables, queries, views and other pecan ability. Objects in Civil Server What is it that a base and database structure set or collection of data? Starting a computer that is accessed electronically in Super Saver and database contains the There is diagrams. Tables use, external editor says. See no names. Program ability. Objects like straw procedures functions that every streakers and more. It also contains catalogs, for example, full text catalogs and security objects. For example, users Rolls, ski, Muskie's certificates, security policies, audit and more. These an example off and database when you access it. Valya Supra, Server Management Studio Off which we're going to talk extensively. Letter. As you can see, this is that test the beat that the base. It has a table called table test, and here we brand query and see all the elevators in this instance of yourself. Now what's table? The table is a collection of data held in structure for month within a relational database tables. Many consist off rows and columns in Secret server. A table council contain keys, constraints, triggers in taxis and statistics. Let's hear again, a sample table. This is the table called table test. It has two columns called idee and description, and that the column is designated as a primary key off this table. That is the column that uniquely identifies each record within the table. A query is request for data from one or more tables. In Super Server, you can retrieve data using sequel and T sequel coat queries can do much more than just information retrieval from tables. They can also art immune, date at the table, update existing data and delete existing day down from a table. All the above actions are also known as crud. Create, read, update and delete operations. On this light, you can see examples of queers the first, he says, select query that selects all data from table tibial test. The 2nd 1 inserts to records in the same table. The 3rd 1 updates an existing records in the table, and the last one deletes data from the table. Actually, deeds single record of you is the result. Set off a TC quick, quick have used definition contains a query. It doesn't actually start data, and every time you call it do it runs. The defined query returns the data from the involved tables. Views are searchable and below you consent example off of you creation t secret statements it was ever. Now, whenever we call this view, it will turn information about all users databases except the system that the bases on the specifics he was server instance. So instead, every time off running the query select staff from season other basis were generous. I d. Is larger than four. We just call the V User Data Bases view, and it will around the query for us. These enables us to write simpler T sequel coat now about profitability objects in silver Silver. These are stop procedures that is a set off T secret statements stored within the database under a sign name that can be called for execution functions. ASEM, please that every streakers in many other. In the next lecture, we will discuss about sequel. There's justice equal. And what is the actual difference between this truth? 4. T-SQL vs SQL: What’s the Difference?: in this lecture would talk about the differences between the Secret and the T Sequel language. Sequel stands for structured query language, and it is used for accessing managing data stored in Relational. There there is monitoring systems. Secret is a standard. It became a standard of the American national standards in Sioux On Sea in 1986. End of International Organization for Standardization, I show in 1987 TC Quill stands for Transact a Skrill, and it is Microsoft Extension to sequel. Therefore, physique will fully support the secret language, and additionally, it provides a Latin large number of extensions in terms off functions, views, system catalogues, start procedures that set her all these and house the users experience with Super Seven. Let's see an example Off Sequel and T sequel coat. The first query is an SQL query, so you have select from where? So you say, Let's all data from Table A, where I d equals one. The second example is a TC quit query because we make reuse off the cast and get date functions off Sequel server. We could write the same quickly like the 1st 1 and have the same results. But super sever. You also have the option to use, built in functions, stop procedures and more in orderto have on enhanced experience. T is equal language in these links you call. They're more about the sequel language in secrets ever. 5. What can you do with SQL Server?: in this lecture who will talk about what you can do with civil server? So what can you do with Super Server? You can start, organize and present your data with the use of databases and other third every subject, You can transform row data into mean for insights and knowledge. You can process very large volumes of data on disk and in memory. You can't perform business intelligence operations, for example, set up in their warehouse, you can complex analytics proc. Use sophisticated reports where with encrypted data, apply machine learning algorithms and operations. Against your data, you can perform their ink integrations, for example. It yell processes and much more. You can do all that and even more in sewers ever by a combination off services that offered during its installation. In the next lecture, who will talk about the main civil server services? 6. Main SQL Server Services: in this lecture, we will talk about the main sewer service services, the combination of all these services allergic to have an advanced experience, which she were. Server Super Server service, known as database engine, is the main service of Super Seven. You need to have these services story started in order to be able to create the basis and the other, and they re subjects each sequel server that SNG is called a sequel server. Instance, there are two types of super several instances we have. A different instances in the named instances and different instance is when the Civil Service Service is installed, without specifying a name and connection can be made using the computer or server name or I P. For example, Server name in 18 Stance is when school server service is installed, along with specifying a name that's connections can be made using the computer server name or i P. Along the sequel server, said his name. For example, several name Backslash instance name. Super Server Agent is a schedule of sequel server that can be used for running schedules. Tasks known as jobs each job have multiple steps, and each step can perform different operations, such as executed sequel scripts, Execute Operation System Level Commands, Execute Power Shell Scripts, sequel server analysis Services commands Super several analysis services queries and last but not least, Francie was seven integration service packages. She was savory. Party services can be used for creating deploying and management reports. This service can be administered via a Web interface. It provides an interface to Microsoft Visual Studio for procreation and Everything. Or alternatively, you can create report for sequel. Several important services Using a free tool, which is report builder. She will serve integration services, allows you to perform their migration tasks such as extract, transform and low detail processes and more. You can process data from various sources. Such a sex symbol files, X selfies, flat files and other RTB amazes can be used as the data source. Moreover, it provides an interface to Microsoft Visual Studio for S, a science Project and package creation and everything with several several analyses services. You can design and run decision support operations as well as business analytics. These service supports Tapachula and masking dimensional data motives and provides an interface again toe Microsoft Visual Studio for A S project and package creation. Anything. Sequel. Several browser providing civil sever connection for measure between kind of connections from client computers. The request for connection information are made using the DP Port 14 54 sequel server. Full text Search enables a user to run full text queries that is cut after based lookups against character based data. Would you start in secret? Several tables. It is an optional component of physical several engine, and it is not a prerequisite to install these service along with the base engine. Now let's compare full text search with the like operation. Like slower buy. It supports precise logic. Like is limited. You can only use wildcards. Full text search is much faster when searching through text and full text searching support precise and fuzzy logic. So it's up to you whether you use the life operation or full text search when performing character based. Lucas's other Civil several related services is super several via, says writer, which is installed automatically when installing civil server, and it is used by volume. Shadow copies have she goes server active Director Helper, which publishes Super Seven information enough in directory, and it is handled by the database engine in the last but not least distributed transaction coordinator for that isn't DTC that is actually a Windows component, but it is used by civil servants and other applications as well, in order to make and distribute transaction between more than one machine. In the next election, we will talk about the supported or pediment systems for installing sequel server. 7. Supported Operating Systems: in this lecture will talk about the supported operating systems from the StarLink sequel server. First about Windows Super Sever 2019 have been stalled on Window Sever 2012 or later. You could sever 2017 can be installed again on Windows Server 2012 or later. Super Sever 2014 on Be installed on Windows 7 2008 or later. She was having 2012 can be installed on Windows Server 2000 and eight, 2008 R two and 12 4012 to only super 7 2000 and eight or two can be installed on Windows 7 2000 and 8 2000 and eight, R two and R. Windows 7 12 4012 or two and Super 7 2000 and eight can be installed on Windows Server 2000 and 8 2000 and two and on Windows Server, 12 4012 are, too. The above table is only about six or seven separate stability for the window. Several Paris systems. There are variations and additions of secret server that also support installing it on Windows seven Windows 88.1 and on Windows 10 this link, you can find more information about this impossibility for different operating systems. By civil service. Now about leaners Super Server. Seems there. 2070. Release it support Lee knows, so the supporter lives. Distributions are Red Hot Enterprise Lee News 7.3 or later. SOC Lennox Enterprise Server Version 12 with SP two or later and then Baudolino 16 point off our or later again, the Bolo links. You can find more information. Sequel server also supports containers that is currently docker containers. Open systems within containers can be Windows, Nano server, lean oaks and mark. Always you can start your server or, in some cases, hula container image. This has many benefits. It provides portability, speed and eyes alert environments. On this link, you can learn more about this. In the next lecture, we will talk about installing swore seven, and then right after that, we will have our first demo that is, downloading and installing. She was have 8. Installing SQL Server: Now let's discuss about this stalling super self. First, let's talk about the available. She was never traditions, she goes. Server comes with a Developer Edition, which is a full featured free addition, but know that it is licensed for use s and development and test database in a non production environment. So if you comply with these terms, you can free, download and install the developer tradition off sequel server. Now the experts Addition is a free additional sequel server that this idea for development production for desktop Web and small server applications has, however, several functionality limitations. For example, one of the main limitations is that the maximum size for each database cannot exceed 10 gigabytes. Then there are the pain traditions off civil sever where a license is required. These officials are the Enterprise Edition, the Standard Edition and the Web edition. On the Below wings, you can learn more about the available Super several additions as well as the licensing options. Now how to install Super Server on Windows. First, you have to check the system requirements to see if your hardware and operating system can be used for installing civil server. Then you can download or Petrie's. Accordingly, the sequel, server version and addition. Eventually, you will end up having a nice, oh file. You need to mount their profile into the operating system under which you're going to install Super Sever, start follow and completely installation. With that in the end of this election, Will say, like demonstration off downloading and installing Civil. 7 2017 Develop a tradition on Windows. The next step after installation is completed is to check that they install services are up and running on Windows. You can do these either by by a window services manager or by yes, it was. Have a configuration manager on the billowing. You can find more information about the installation process of Secret Server and Windows. Now look after installing Super Seven links again. First, you have to check the system requirements. You have to see if your heart where no Perry system that is your limits. Distribution can be used for installing sequel server, then unit. We import the public repository G PG keys. The next step is to register the corresponding repository, and in this step, you need to take into consideration again possible licensing requirements. After this, there was completed. You can start followed complete Instant Nation with that which in Linux starts using the shooter leaders command. After this relations completed, you need to check that they installed. Services are up and running. You can do that with a common system. CTL statues. Ambitious krill Dash Server on the blowing You can find more information about the procedure off Installing sequel server on LeAnn's Now about installing Super Seven in containers. There's this way to get started is to pull and around the container image. This is a common example off how you can do that. Then you run the container image with Doctor. It's important toe. Mention that prior to running the container image, you must make sure that you have the appropriate licenses were applicable. Right now let's jump 20 demo and see how we can download and install Secret Server 2017. Develop tradition on Windows in order to use it. Yes, the license allows just for testing in an on production environment, so we open our Internet browser and type sequel server download. We end up on these Microsoft Official Page for Civil Server, and we can select for this example to download the developer reason if she was ever we saved the installer and see software, for example and we ran. This is the installer. So here we have three options. We can select the basic installation type that will stall. She was set a 2017 develop politician with different configuration. We can select custom installation type that will allow us to, um, make some options recasting the installation of she will server and just download the media in order to run it later, I will choose to download the media on my local disk drive in order to launch the Super Seven installation. With that, um later, these would allow us Torrey used the I. So if we need to set up other develop development environments is worth so here, I'm downloading and I saw, and we'll save it on C software falter. Now the download process has begun. We just have to wait until the ice was downloaded. Okay, then download of the isil has just been completed and we are ready to mount. Our eyes will start this relation off civil server. We close these initial super sevens dollar and we navigate toe our eyes so in order to mounted. This is the I saw seen some installing Super seven on Windows 10. Just double click on it, and it would be automatically mounted. And by right clicking on the set up executable and selecting runs. Administrator, I'm starting the installation process. Okay, This is the Civil Seven installation center where I can select from an number off factions . In our case, I will select. I will select the leisure and knew she was ever stand alone installation or our futures to an existing installation. Okay, now, regarding the product, Lee seems I'm installing the developed tradition of civil server in an oil production environment for testing purposes. I will keep this option. That is the developer tradition. Click next. Here. We review the license terrors. And if we are, if we accept that the lesson attempts, we can continue with this delay. Jha, here we have the option to use. Michael's erupted to check for updates during these installation process. Since this is and Emma, I won't check this option, but it is generally recommended. Who? You check this option? Here we have There is out off the stall rules. Check. We can see that the three past. The last one is a warning by the Windows Fire world. And it is a warning to check the window fire world, you know, to make sure that the appropriate pores are upcountry Neighborhood, more taxes. Okay, we kick on next. Now we're presented with a feature selection for our Civil seven installation. Here, you can select feature you want to install. Um, I will install database engine services. As you can see, there are many other services as well. The convene start, for example, full text semantic instructions for search machine learning analysis services. They that quality client who's connectivity. So since this is a simple demo just for showcasing the isolation experience, we didn't start that that every sentence service has and a client who's connectivity here. You consider the instance root directory? I only have a seat drive on this virtual machine. Um, so I will use seen Dave here. We cancel it, whether we want to install and different instance super server or named Instance, if we install Civil service services and different instance who will be able to connect with using a computer name? If we you stole this unnamed instance, we would also need to specify the instance Name. I will install a name, Mr Is You will sever. So will specify his name. That's credit Tok 19 CTP pool. Okay, keep going. Next. Now here we select the service accounts. You can either use a different or set or your computer or service when the man you can use in the main user. And you also said the correlation, This is a little bit essential configuration that I look here you select If you are using a Windows indication, mouth or mixed mode, even use the windows Indication mouth. Who will be only able to connect the worse ever Using a Windows user, you select mixed mount. You will be able to connect using Windows user or a civil several user, that is, several log in with user name password. They're committed. They're security best practices, toe use windows, Indication mouth. But off course, this depends on the type of applications that you will have, um, connected to see what seven. I'm leaving Winters indication for this example. The next tab. So are marching the current user that is my user on the them right On this top, you can set the data directories, for example, than they that'll directory. Who's that database directory visited of his lock, directory and backup directory. Since I'm using a virtual machine with only See Dr, we leave the defaults. But again, you are recommended to whom? Using different directories for all of these in order to have and better configuration for the base. Angie, this is the TEMPTED be systems that the base configuration Tim to be is one of the system that the basis of sewers ever and the its proper configuration can help performance. And the five stream is one of the features off Super Survey. If you like who accept who use it. Okay, we click next. This is a review off the installation rules for the car installation we're running. If everything is OK with click on install and the installation process starts, so wait for the installation process to be completed. These most recent versions sequel server are getting start very fast. We can see that distillation is almost completed, and yes, we can see that the installation was successful. We close the wizard, and the next step is to check that secret server service is having running we can do that via Windows Services Manager. As you can see, these are civil servants surveys, and it is up in the running. And we can also check the status from Super server configuration manager, you know? Yeah, you can see that. There she was. Seven. Service is up and running from here off from window services. Murder. If we like. We can also start. See was have a reagent. She was river browser. And so one. Great. So in this demo, we downloaded Super 7 2017 developed tradition and started installation process, checked out the installation options and performed a basic installation off sequel Server 2017. Develop tradition. More of it. We used window services Manager and Super seven configuration merger in order to check the statues, the secret server service. 9. What is SQL Server Management Studio?: Now that we have any structural server, we need to install the proper tool in order to be able to connect with and perform their that corporations. The most popular tool for these is Super several management studio. A few words about six or seven modernised with you. First of all, is a free tool provided by Microsoft, he say. Well established in the credit environment for creating clearing and managing sequel, server and Azure sequel databases can be also used for configuring secrets. Ever secret. Several management studio, also known as SS Amaze, provides many Weezer's for performing different tasks. Easy. For example, it provides Weezer's for creating the other races tables, index use at cetera. Weezer for importing and exporting data with us will allow you to set up always on availability. Groups ran a vulnerability assessments, set up replication and even more. Also, the availability of some features in Super several management studio is dependent on the sequel server version. In addition that are using, these are connected Tweet via SMS. This is a screenshot off Super seven margins to the up. As you can see, I'm connected toe named sequel server instance called secret Tok 19 CTP to that is Super Server 2018 City, too. Convection System requirements for Sequel Server Management studio. The convention is 17.9 point x, for example, 17.9 point one that is an upcoming new version that is Version 19. SMS Supports connecting a single server 2008 through she was Sever 2019 on Watch and the supported of Paris systems for installing. Is this a mess? He's Windows 10 Windows Server 2016 in 2019 Windows Server 2012 and Are Too and Windows Server 2008 are to all of these operate systems. Must be the 64 beats architectures on the bill. Only you can learn more about Super Server Management Studio, and their requirements for installing is in the next lecture. We will talk about downloading, installing the worst ever management studio, and of course, we're going to see a live demonstration off how you can do this 10. Downloading and Installing SQL Server Management Studio: now that we saw what Super several management studio assistant Miss. He's Let's proceed and see how we can download and stole it. But first, let's talk a bit about its system requirement. First, you need to check if your opinion systems supported by the version office is a mess. The car inversiones 17.9 point one and they're currently supported operating systems are Windows 10 Windows Server 16 4018 Windows Server 2012 and 2012 are too, and Windows Server 2008 are to all of these weapons systems. Must be 64 beat now. Not that system is Iran's only on Windows. So if you're looking for a similar to that Condon on other platforms to, for example, limos, you can try Microsoft Azure Data Studio, which is also a Frito by Microsoft. We will talk about it later. Now they let his version office is a mess can be downloaded from these websites. This is the Microsoft official website for a super server management studio. After we download installer with just double click on it in order for the installation wizard to start your starting, this is a message That is important. Let's hear Demo. So in our Internet browser, this type is this mess, and the first search result is, of course, the official page off Super saver margin studio. So it was called down the beach. We can see that. Indeed, SMS version 17.9 point one is the current general availability version. Off system is so we click here and we download is Let's Save the file on C Software and right after they're downloading is completed. We can run this dollar so the downloading of the installer has just been completed. She has a fight, and you just right click on it around this to me straight or and the installation starts, we click on Install. Now the other packages have been loaded, and here we can see the overall progress off the installation, and a few minutes later, we can see the installation of Sequel seven Margin studio was successfully completed. Let's closer with that and let's start modernised with you. Sure, we'll go to start and can find she was ever imagine Studio under the Fourth or Microsoft. She was ever tools 17 kitties okay before connecting to a Super seven database engine we installed in a previous demo. Let's jump to the next lecture and we will come back to continue this demo. So in the next lecture, we will talk about connecting to the terrorists engine and navigating through database objects. All these using SS Amis. 11. Connecting to the Database Engine and Navigating Through Database Objects: we continue our elections since it was have a margin studio. And in this lecture, we will talk about connected with database engine and navigating through this every subjects again using seaQuest ever match Mr. Here when you first launch SMS will be presented with a dialogue that you need to specify some connection details in after for a connection toe the sequel server database engine Toby attempted. So the connection details you need to specify are several type. For example, are you connecting toe under the recent gene? Or maybe a connecting two? She was the reintegration services or something else because the system is supports, not only connected in database engine off, she was server, but also to some other services. Then it is the several name there you specify the several name or I P. And remember from earlier elections when we mentioned about default instances and named instances and the way you need to specify the super server instance name or i p in order to success will connect to. Then we have the indication here. Use a left Windows indication if you're going to look in with the Windows user civil. Several vindication If the syndication. Mouth off your civil server instances, said Toe mixed moment. Not only toe windows, the geisha, which, by the way, Windows Vacation mount is the suggested when it comes to secure the best practices. So with super several indications, you need to specify a log in name and the password. And there are three other a syndication types, half of directory universal with him. If I support acting director possibles and Dr Barrett Integrated, which can be used for connecting to Asia, she quoted the base, let's see an example off connecting to a Super seven deliveries engine using a system is in this example I'm connected with with Windows indication. As you can see, you cannot specify their Windows user that is going to be used because this is a mess. It's the credentials already used in our Windows session. In this case, I'm looking toe de fuc, or one, and because that means navigating through there every subjects using a system. It is very simple, as you can see that the three of you, which is called Option Explorer, and from there you can see all the objects under civil sever Instance, for example, you can see in the other basis. Tables have used car ability, objects, security objects and many other things. Now let's jump to our next demo. Actually continue the papers demo and connect the sample Super Server database engine that is the decorous engine we installed in earlier demos and navigate through which the ravages and other objects. So this is the first screen we get when we launch that is amiss here. I'm specifying the several type, which is database engine, then the server name. If you remember the provision relation with performed off Civil Servant database engine, we specify the name instance with this name sequel. Tok 19 City People hold touch working with Windows authentication and, like any of you remember during this relation we specified thes looking as server administrator on the database engine. It's very important to remember while installing sequel server to specify server demonstrators, for example, you can specify yourself you can specify, and often the referee group a seven ministers, but at least you need to specify one user, as you can see with Windows with Indication, will manage to connect the sequel server instance just because previously when we were installing, she was seven that every Kenji we set up these user on deaf PC over at me as sees. Had me has several me when she was ever No. We can see that they're known Della bases yet because we haven't created one. We're going to create the end of the base in the next devil. But we can check out the system that I results a master model. There must be a 10 db here. You can check the security here. You can see that he sees our user and it went its properties and go to several roles. We can see that these users sees at me. We will talk about several days later. No, let's jump to the next lecture which will talk about creating and database and other objects in single server using management studio 12. Creating a Database and Other Objects: In the previous lecture, we saw how well connected she was server using Super Several management studio and navigate through databases in the degree subjects. In this lecture, we will talk about how we can create and database and other objects. And she will several using Super seven Management studio and, of course, see a live demonstration in this screen. We can see that I'm locked in tow. Our civil server instance there were created, I write kicked on the basis, and here have different options. One of those options is noon database. When I clicked on Monday the base I get a dialogue that allows me toe creating one database . The's dialogue has three taps and general top the options. Tap the fire group stuff in the general top, I specified ended up his name. If I want, I can specify the owner or leave the different Boehner. That is the user that created the base and below. I have some other options, like AutoCorrect options for our database, the path where the transaction look and data files will be start and so on in the second time. That is the options top. I have more options. I can set the correlation form and elevation that is the character set for the database recovery model, where the full recovery model loves everything in the transaction. Look the same product. Have every mother which loves basic information with his actual look. So I can also say the committee and many other options alternative way of creating a new television sequel. Seven. Using Management Studio is using T sequel In this example, I'm running the command, creating that always testing me, too, and after execute these t secret screams they're testing me to celebrate is created. Now let's jump to our demo and see how complete database table if you a stock procedure as well as a function, let's connect to the Super Seven database engine we created in TVs and a Most as you can see, there are now user data bases Yet on these instance of single server. Let's right click on data basis, selecting Yoon database and use this dialogue for creating and database called Testing Me one. Let's leave the other crops, settings and the path as they are, and the rest of the options nets and leave the default in case you need something different . You can make the problem selection in these options have we keep okay and we can see that a lot database was created. Now these diverse is empty, so let's create a table. Let's open these to the base, navigate with tables, right click there and select new table. Great. Here we can specify the table carbs. Let's create a column called I D Had said that there type toe integer. If we right click here, we can set. This column is a family key, which defines this column as the carbon that can be was for uniquely identifying our coach . We think this table, it's been said another column, call it cold would say, And this time, let's select work out to the type Let's not allow now by use for this column is World no. We click on the safe button and we give a name for this table. Let's quality TBL test. We never get to tables, expand the street view, and as you can see, our table has been created. If we right click on the table, we have different options. For example, we can select the top 1000 growth we can edit to talkto 100 off, we can scream the table and many other options. Let's edit the top 200 rows off course table doesn't have any day that yet, but these this function allow us to insert data busy. So that's it's a two records. That's it. Now, if we close these do, then they that will be instructed in this table. Let's right click again the table and say, Let top 1000 rows here we can see the two records we in Seattle area in this table. Now let's get the view that would have these coat we called to use, but I have a clean select a new view. Here we select the table that will be used in this you and in graphic away. We can select the columns we want. Toby, return it. After we're on these you you can see that the tea secret code is generated automatically based on our selections. Let's save the view and call it. We test. So now if we're running your query instead off selecting a data directly from the table, we can call the view and they do will do this job for us. Flits around, select start from retest click on execute and you can see that interview returns the table data. Now let's create a stop procedure. We got a car ability, since store procedures, functions and other our credibility objects in civil seven. Let's right click on start procedures selecting new store procedure. And here we have a template for creating the stored procedure. Okay, let's start modifying this template. Let's call our stop a seizure as peak test here. We can't specify the parameters off our stop precision is an input parameter. I will said I d in after when we call our store procedure toe passes parameter the I D. And so get the record with that i d. From the test table we created earlier. Here we write the actual call. We want to be executed when we call our stuff procedure. This is a cold where I select everything from table test where I d equals our input parameter i d. By the way, you may already noticed that while I'm writing with physical called, there is Intelligence in Super Several management Studio that that gives suggestions for other completion of our quote. This is very helpful, especially in cases where you write a lot of coat. Now let's click on execute and the worst opposition has been successfully created. Let's try calling procedure. Let's test I d equals one. Let's click Execute and you because you can see the start for your husband Accepted. It took us any parameter the I D equals one and returned the record from the table with I D . Because one last but not least, let's create a function we write came on functions and select Create table Bible function musty Statement. Faction scaler valued function. Let's select scale of vital function The scaler vital function returns a single value were accepted. Let's call our function FN test. It takes no parameters and returns the thing. So whenever will call, this function will return the date. Is that a taste by civil service? Let's execute stop. The functional has been successfully created, and now let's call the function to test its output. This is how we call functions. I would specify there scheme as well, and as you can see, it returned that eight. Now let's jump to our next lecture, where we will talk about running queries and scripting different things from dialogues and Weezer's tutus equal 13. Running Queries and Scripting to T-SQL: in this lecture, we will talk about ran queries and scripting different stuff to teach equal. Let's talk a little bit about the power of T is equal s already discussed in earlier lectures. T's equal support RC as krill, but also it provides a wide range of extensions to sequel. Sarge's System Catalogues system. The user defined abuse functions stop procedures. It's much more almost anything that's performed using SMS. Weezer's and Dialogues can be scripted toe typical screens. These a lot of information and more control over these processes. Let's hear these value and them. In this demo, we will perform the forum. We will leave data from table using T sequel. We will insert data update later and delete data from table. We will also join two tables based on keep and last but not least, we scraped away. Is that base process toe a T secret script? Okay, so these are something that the base besides the tibial test we created earlier I created another table called test two and even you quote delivers diagrams. I generally diagram which shows that these two tables are related. How are they related? What is the key that connects these two tables. If you see tibial test two, that's a call called TPL Test I. D. This is a foreign key to the first table. That means that the values in thes column reference the i D. Value on the first table. These creates a relation between these two tables, and this is a good example off. What a relational databases. Now let's retrieve data from one off our tables. Let's around in your query. Let's write for the Problem T sequel coat for retrieving data that is Select start or everyone you can specify. Individual column from TVL Test Let's let's click on Execute and here are our results. Now let's opted thes table by density. Another record. The T sequel for doing that is so we have successfully added one more record. Let's check again the condits off our table. As you can see, the record leg, Noriko has been deserted. Now let's update every court using the active command. So we write update, then the table name. Then we set the value for the active column, and we also said the condition so have one row affected and let's check again the causes of the table so you can see that it was up to it. Now this journey to tables that is table tests and developed has to This is the biting condition. So So our coat here says I received everything from the two tables where their records have the same key. That is the I. D. The idea in Table One, he calls the tibial test I d on table on the several table in the second attempt, as you can see these Air Terrace. Nothing, because there's no data on the second table. Let's inset if you're records and let's try again So we go cool belt has to added toe edit in the top 200 rows and hear the idea would put one TBL test. I did to description we set the value description one. Okay, let's close here and it's and let's around again. This queen. As you can see now we have enjoying their court out of these two tables. Now let's see how can deliver a court, for example, let's see their contents off tibial test. True, we can see that there is a single. Now let's delete that the record by explicitly defining the idea off the record to be needed. So we type that deed command. We specify the table and we set the condition, he noted. Toe find that echoed to be delivered the king on execute. And as you can see, that record has been deleted. Let's check again the contents of the table and the record has been successful. Deleted. The last thing to see in this demo is strewn. Generate is equal cold from dialogue, or Reza in the system is So, for example, let's all right, keep on the database, tested the one go to properties and let's said the recovery more than two. Simple. But before clicking on OK, we go here where it says screams, and we script this action to a new Cory window. We click cancer, and we can see that we have a nuclear window with their cold that we change the recovery model off the database. Now this process of Jared T sequel script in sm is is something very common. You can find these option in many actions that you can perform. Unisys Amis. This is very useful for in generating TC quick hold that can be used in alternative tasks. Maintenance plants and many other informations. In our next lecture, we will talk about importing an expert in Dayton secrets ever using SMS. 14. Importing and Exporting Data: in this lecture will talk about importing and exporting data in Super Server using SMS. So how Country import data VIAS is a mess in the letter duty. Decency was seven. You can use the secrets ever import and export. With that, you can also use the import flat file. With dessert, you can use Super Serve integration services, TC Quill. That is the bulk insert statement as well as the Mississippi utility. There's an example of a super several import and export reason in this is a mess you had click on database, you go tasks, import data or export data, and the wizard guides you on the rest. With process is some Screeches off the import and export wizard, for example, who say, left the data source, you can select from different out to be a message from flat face people from My Excel and many other data sources. Then exception is the import flat file, Liza, where in essence, amiss again you oracular and database. You go to tasks and you select import flat fire. This is a sketch of the Wizard so you specify the in profile and the wizard does the rest automatically, but also it allows you to modify a little beat. The the important parameters, another way off, importing data and see where server is Super said a very technical services with super several technical services, that is, S eyes. You can import export transform and process data you can beat and around. Complex detail processes with a sigh years so you can create integration service packages. Lie a visual studio and most physically Violent decoration Services project or via sequel, server import and export. Who is that where you can save the procedure in the form off unnecessary ISP average? Yes, it is mostly used for repetitive dinner processes, for example. Detail produces. You can learn more about this so yes, by visiting these leg another way of important data and sequel server he's using T sequel. That is the bulk insert statement. The bulk Insert statement inputs Data from a data file to secret. Several table This file have a user defined former. For example, we Rather command bulk insert was specify the table name and by using the from close, we can specify the input folly by visiting the blowing. You can learn more about Barkin set statement last but not least we have the Bishop utility , which means Bad Copy pocket this utility Kobe's data between a sequel server instance and identify in a user defined program. Here's an example of a typical month, whereas BCP the table name. We specify the direction off the process that is importing this file this table by visiting the billowing. You can learn more about the basic utility. Now let's jumped on Interesting demo where we import and export data from Super Server using the Super saver Import Export Wizard The Import Flat file Who is that? TC Quail with Ballack Insert statement and finally, the recipe utility. So we go to our tested B one database were at click and from tasks we select import made we keep on next. And now it's time to select our input data source. I will import some day that from an Excel file. So this is a fight. I specify the version of the except, um, problem that was used for creating this file, for example, except 2010. Here I check if the festival has column names in this case, Yes, my sample file has a row with the call of natives And then I specify a destination. The destination would be, in this example, our instance of cigarettes ever. So by using Windows indication, I would input this data in the tell everyone database. We're kicking. Next, we have two options. We can copy the data from one or more tables. Views. Or we can write a query for importing a subset of data. I will select the first option. Now we specify a destination table. I will creating table when they excel. Input. You can have a pay view of what is going to be important. This is the preview and we click next. And here we have two options. We can either run immediately. This process or we can save it is a necessary is package. What we can do both every seven s honest size package. It means that we can use package in after toe, have a repetitive procedure. Let's say import everyday, these files kick next and finish the process runs It was successful. Now let's refresh our view. God tables. Then we see we have a new table called Excel Import. Let's check its contents. And as you can see, this table was created and popularly with data using this data source our Excel file. Now let's test the import flat Fire wizard again. We right click on test to be one go to tasks, then import flat fight. And this is our wizard. Click on next. And of course, this has there is to select our sample find I'm choosing between court sample flat file here we specify the table name that is a table to be created with the contents of thes file . Here we get a preview of the day that we kicked next. Here we have some additional options. For example, we can set a columnist primary key or change the type or select to allow or another loners . I will just click on penalty for i d. Since this is the column that I want to be used for uniquely identifying each record in this table to create it. This is Samaria. Off the action toe be performed, we click finish and that process will successful. Let's go again and check these new table. We refresh our you again we go to tables and as you can see, we have a new table called sample flat PFI. Let's check its contents, and here we are. Now let's import some more data by using the bulk insert statement, I will create two more tables going to use the first table for the ballot instead. Example in the second table for the BCP example. Okay about tables uh, created now with the bulk encirclement, I will import the contents off this file into test tape. As you can see here are specify three parameters. The festival equals two. I skipped the first row because in the festival, in the file, I have the column names with a few Terminator I'm specified that Akamai's was for separating refutes. And as the role Terminator is the new line, we execute this piece of coat, you see it was successful and let's check the contents off test table again. As you can see, our back into the Commander was successful and the data has been imported into test table. Now let's deron the recipe command for importing the same data in tow. Test table two this is a common are going to execute. As you can see, I call the people utility here. I specify the chemical table. Okay. I defined the direction of the day that this is the in means that I'm going to import date her if you use out you expert later. This is my input file With happen T I specify that this is a trust connection to my civil server. Instance that is I use my windows credential Liar window it indication and will happen s I specify the civil servant Instance name. Remember, this is and named instance off she was server. So let's and tell the name we gave up on installation of this instance This is s krill Tok 19 City peak too. Hyphen t specifies that Homa is the field separator and finally hyphen F two specifies that our process should skip the first row because it contains column names. Let's sit on the process. As you can see from the output five rows Corbett. So our data has been successfully imported. Let's double check by checking the contents off test table two. Great. As you can see, here is the data. So in all these day, most we imported the same data using different methods as you can see as SMS and related civil sever tools, allowing to do many things that have to do with your data handling for example, import and export data, using a variety off methods 15. Logins and Database Users: security is a very important aspect, not only in super Sever, but in order to be a Mrs. It is within a not to be a mess where we start our data in data is the most important asset within organization. Therefore, we need to make sure that we take all precautions in order to have a secure have to be a mess. In this lecture we're going to talk about looking is and database users, which are basic ingredients in the super Sever security area. What have Super Several bookings? Super. Several looking grants access from the secret server instance level. It can be associated with many database users. The relationship is one looking for the base. Yes, it was ever looking could be based on either Windows indication that he's using a Windows user actor director used in order to look into the secrets every instance or secret. Several indication with the user name and password. I know that in most of to use simple several indications that is having looking with the user name and password, you need to enable the Super Server and Windows Indication mode in the server off indications that core accepting issuer server however, know that Security Best Parties is to use only Windows on syndication mode in after toe. Have a mark sexual way off. Connecting to divorce ever if you use it was an impossible that these super server authentication mixed more. You need to in order to make sure that nor will steal the credentials while the client communicate with sewers. Ever. You need to have enabled encryption foreign data emotion that is, using a success certificates on civil servant and forcing secure connections. So whenever you created a G in my between database, the corresponding that is used there is autumn article created. That's of course, in case you don't mop Villa Keen on existing User This is an example off a super several logging. As you can see, the Logan names test low G. I used Civil several authentication this case. So I specify a positive for these logging some security settings like enforcing puzzle policy and first things possible explanation and so on. Here you can see that Gilligan has been created, and now, using these begins credentials, I kind of like in tow. The specific superstar, very instance, looking can be assigned three type faxes. It can be assigned several roles where the most powerful several in civil server eyes, he said. Me and security at me sees Hartman can't do anything in the secret seven, for instance, and security that men can create law against assigned accesses, therefore, is a core of the admin looking can create. This is happening again the next time off access that can be assigned to again. Isn't that obeys? Arouse? For example, you can set the Rogaine toe have in the division old DB owner. That means that the looking would be able to do just about anything within that database can assign that they are either the bizarro, which means that that looking can read the condoms off all tables you can assign and they that writer database. So that means that there again use able to write in every table within a database. And so what? And then there is the fifth type faxes, which is secure about So these explicit permissions, which means that you can grant XPS permission today. There is object. Let's say you can set a looking to be able to just read from a specific table or right to specific table update And so what? In this green shirt, we can see them beating several roles in single server. As you can see, we have the bulk. Adam ing Several depict creator discovered me process at me. Public security at me server at me said about me and Seaside me know that the public role is automatically assigned whenever you're creating your against sequel server here, you can see it's connection with these roles. These roles are db Access Had leaving backup Hope Perito leaving the Darida de being day. The writer Debbie did yell at me, debian denying to the reader d beaten, denying the writer the Boehner and DB security at me again. The public debt up is wrong this time is moderate. Branded whenever going grant access when database for lucky Last but not least, this your apples. This is where we can provide access is on in wrangle 11 By the way, know that these screenshots shows the secure labels on an instance labor. There are the correspondence Incredibles on Ended Up is living what our database users and that of his user grants elegy access to the entire database or to specific that every subjects such as tables use start procedures, etcetera in contained data basis, which is a special vessel. The business secrets ever you can looking into and database without using. Ella Jean. You can just use the database user in not contained the basis and the other is user is always marked. Talagi these an example where we can see that after we created the secret several logging test looking one a corresponding database user was created. So we have that. Always use a test looking one, which is marked toe the looking name test looking one. Okay, now let's jump 12 next demo where we will reduce it. Will server secured settings civil several against database users and permissions. Again, we are connected to our super sever named instance named Sequel to Okay, 19 City V two. So now if we go to the properties off our instance by arrives, pick of the instance name and selecting properties, we cannot get toe the security tab and check the vindication mode where I see worse. Every instance as you can see in the several vindication setting we have checked on Lee their windows is indication month. That means that we can only connect well sequel server. Instance using Windows Loggins off course under the assumption that these locations have been granted Access SQL Server and that they can be authorised during their looking face. If we keep on see what seven Winter syndication Morgan keep Okay, Way will enable the so called mixed mode authentication Civil seven. And that means we can have either Windows looking or super several looking, that is, looking is with the user names and passwords. In this case, I would just keep their Windows authentication mode, since I want to have a more secure single serving stuff. Now, if we go to Security and Liggins, we can review our available against in the currency was a very instance. As you can see, there are some service account that were created during installation of the Civil seven instance, and there is one looking that I have included in the sequel server instance upon Vessel Asia. So this is actually my user. My Windows user, with which I am also locked in in these civil server instance who go to the properties of the game we will not, is that it is a cyst at me here. You can see that I am Seaside me If you go to use and mapping, you will see that Besides the fact that my looking this is hot me it is also DB owner on the test to be one deliveries and it is said to be owner because I created this database using a session off my user in civil seven. If you go to secure apples, you can see that my user, it's grounded the connect to secret permission. That means that my logging can connect with yourself, for instance. Okay, now, if we expand the testing we want with the base and go to security, we can see that in the users that is the CBO user. And then we were penned the properties of these user. We can see that the TV a user is marked with a logging named EPC or one pack slash at me that is my windows looking. That's because when I credit that I very my windows logging marked with mdbo user, we're going to look in properties for their PC over one and backslash at me. User, we can see that it is much for the test debut under the base and it is explicitly maps to the user Mdbo. That's why it will go to the security and up in the products of a typical user. We can see that it is marked toe the looking deaf PC or one at me. Okay, now let's continue to the next lecture where we will talk about another important area of civil silver security that is the surface area configuration. 16. Surface Area Configuration: another important aspect if she was ever security is surface area configuration. Surface area is a term that is usually used to describe the secretary of attack in terms off computer security. It actually refers to the number of cigarettes. Have components and features that are enabled or not. You Super seven By default. Some features are not enabled. For example, CLR enabled close DB ownership chaining database May licks piece or lay automation procedures scan for start approach XP CMD Shell and more are not enabled by default, you can check the status of surface area components using the below system start procedure sp configure. However, not the following you must have. This is happened seven role in affect Iran s P configure and off course. You must be extremely careful when using s pickle figure seems you can enable surface a refuges. Such operations must only be performed by experienced and certified super server engineers . This is a screenshot showing their output when executing s beacon fear, as you can see after running SP configure to get the least off super server components and features than their minimum maximum config and the random values. If you want to see even more features you need to enable the show advanced options option. So after you do that and they reconfigure the Super Seven instance, you can get a larger least features and their studies, whether they are enabled or not minimum and maximum values. It's an example. You can see that XP CMT Shell, which is the component of super sever that allows you toe run, always commands via physical server to the base injury. He's disabled by default. That's why it has no value. Zero. The value zero means disabled and value want means enabled. 17. What is Azure Data Studio?: by now. In this course, we have worked a lot with Civil server using Civil server management studio. That is, a system is. Now Let's talk about Asia Terror Studio Asia, their studio. It's another free cool provided by Microsoft for working with its on premises, the platform that the sequel, Server and Cloud based their platforms. Such is azure secret database and Azure sequitur. That warehouse the difference. The main difference Off Asia studio from SS inmates. It is that it is a cross platform. It can Iran on Windows leanings and the mark, always Agent of the studio offers Ridge customizable dashboard entities extensible as well . This is a screenshot from Asia to the studio in order to get a local feel about these great tool, this is the first round off Asia. The studio and in a similar way like sm, is you get the connection that I look for connecting toe super server on premises or on the cloud so you can select the connection type. You enter the server name or are people you select this indication type just like this is a mess. Fifties Windows indication. You don't need to enter anything. It gets the kitchen shelves from windows. If you select, she was server authentication. And, of course, under the assumption that you have enabled, you can specify, you certainly partner for connecting. Moreover, you can specify otherwise you won't connect and other options after you connect toe your civil. Seven instance. Using Asia to the studio. This is what you get. This is the seven bash boat, which you get some basic information about the super server instance and some other shortcuts to tasks on the left side to screen. You get a preview. This tree view you can never get through their bases in the various objects, just like a system is so use 11 database. You expand it, review you check its tables, columns constrains. Travis triggers in tuxes statistics, and so one now about system requirements. A time of speaking the supporting a pair. This systems for Asia to the studio are from Windows seven, with his pew on Auntie Windows 10. That is the late as we does release and from Window 7 2008 are, too, until Windows Server 2019. Now we're Captain Michael West. Michael was 10.13 high Sierra and Mark always 10.12 Sierra are supported and actively knows . Red Hat Enterprise Lino 7.4 on 7.3 are supported as well as shoe Seeley Knocks Enterprise server, version 12 sp two and I'm born to 16 point or for these system requirements are constantly updated, so check off them. These link in orderto be updated it. You can let more about Asia their studio, by visiting these link less note about support for Windows on Lee. 64 beats versions off windows are supported. Now let's jump to our next lecture where we will learn how we can download install Asia Studio. 18. Downloading and Installing Azure Data Studio: prior to download and store Asia to the studio. Need to do some checks. For example, you need to check the system requirements, so we need to check if your operating system is supported by the version off Asia. Did a studio below You can see at least off currently supported operating systems for Windows. Margo Ways Lino know that the system requirements are constantly updated, since the version off Asia to the studio is also constantly being acted. It So by visiting these link, you can check world are the system requirements the convection off Asia? There's todo at any time. The latest version of Asia. The studio can be downloaded from the below link, and after you download install, you just double click on it. Another for the installation, always after start installing Asia to the studio is very simple, and we were going to see these in the very next them. So when these them will download and start electric version off Asia Studio on windows, so winter there link here or we search for Asia, the studio download and eventually we end up toe the download page. So here you can see that we have three options. You can download Asia, the studio for Windows, for Margo Ways and for Lee Nooks. And of course, there are links for the defense divisions, awfully nooks and different options for Windows as well. I will don't know the user installer, which is also were coming that far windows. And after we downloaded, we end up having these extra curable. Now we right click on this file. Iran is as many straight off, and this donation aphasia there's for dear begins. So we review their last in terms. And if we accept, with continual, we have some options for creating this. The icon register AirAsia their studios in it off support. If I types that he's said some file associations enough attribute when it opened by Asia, their studio in double pig out path and by clicking stall. The final step of installation takes place. It just takes some moments in our stuff installation to be completed, and you can see that installation has just bean successfully completed. Even we leave this check box checked after we keep on finished Asia, just to the up we belong. Since I had the option toe place an icon on my desktop you can see that on my desktop. I have an icon for Asia, the studio as well. We keep on finish now. This will be their first round off Asia. The last rodeo. So in the next lecture, we will do justice. We will work with Super Several Asia. The studio We will connect Toe Super Server, navigate through the subjects around queries, export data and more. 19. Working with SQL Server using Azure Data Studio: with this lecture and it's demo. We'll see how we come back. The civil sever using azure. Get a studio. So what you can do with Asia, there's to deal. First of all, I just remind you it is a cross platform free told by microscope so you can run it either Windows, Linux or Marco West. You can connect with you, will sever around and ended queries. Export eight Hurt who see is really excellent. J saw view results Graf and build custom server deliveries. Dashboards with rich insights You can have built in inside widgets customers, said Widgets and much more. Now let's head compare a shot in the studio with sickle sever margins. Todos system is in Asia, their studio. Currently, you can perform in a subset off task that you can perform in civil several management studio. But more features are being constantly added. In Asia. There's two years well, Asia. The studio could be characterized S and S a more developed, her oriented, rather van on administrator oriented tool. So it's a treatable for query editing insights for deep administrative on security management tasks. SMS is currently most readable Asia. The studio is cross platform So you have more options. The captain will pay this system onto which you want to install and use Asia in the studio . And on the other hand, assess a mess around on your own windows. If you have really use with us for different tasks, SME is both treatable. But in the end of the day, the combination of racism is and Asia the studio is a great idea because with this too powerful Fritos by Microsoft, you can do just about anything with your data on civil server on premises and in the cloud . Now let's jump for demo and continue where we left it. So using a studio, we will connect to Super Server, navigate through the lavish objects and some queries and export data. So here we need to specify the several name. If you remember, this has name is the name instance on the local machine. So his look, of course Backslash s credit Okay. 19 CTP took I would be was with indication here you can use on its trail together the secret authentication You have mixed mode enabled on your civil server. Instance security and you can also use Asia. Director is negation if we're going toe work with the club, exhale. As you can see, I managed to connect to my super savory starts. This is the seventh dashboard I can see. Some basic information about the civil seven instance have some shortcuts to tasks. For example, Parana Restore Operation. New query here Considered the basis. See the backup Standish. And so if I click on the savers. But I get my review. So this is this was have a instance. By expanding it, I can see security that are basis. Then I can browse by databases and navigate. They're objects. So if I can tested, be one. If you remember, that is the test tested a base we created earlier in previous demos. So let's check its tables. And if you want to run a new query, you just click these short cut. We can start around inquiries against our database, so let's select all the day that from a table. Let's change. The date of is here, so I will be with the database test to be one, and let's check the contents off Excel Import table. We click on Brown and these are out of the results. So here you can see some shortcuts. The faster Cuddy's save the results off the our query, SSE is V. Then save this Excel s and Jason That is the Jason format and see chart. This is the chair, for example. Now, let's expert the results into the three different types. You would click here. We expect to, um, see, SV stole it. Saved contemporary Father. This will be a preview of my CSB file. We'll go back to the query results we can export toe, exhale as well and tow Jason Former. This is a preview of a lot of Jason file and and this is the falter. With our general advice, you can do much more using agent in the studio. So now that do you checked how easy it is to install it and start working with it by connecting toe, super sever or civil sever on the cloud. You can start using it 20. Special Topic: How to Install SQL Server on Ubuntu Linux: seems he was ever 2017 that is support for installing she was ever on Lino. Therefore, I decided to have these new lecture in my course we're working to install She was having 2018 currently City P. Three on Baudolino First, let's take a look on the support of the Phoenix installations for sequel server 2017. Later, we can install she was ever read had early knocks. Enterprise Edition We can install it on shoe Silly Nukes Enterprise Server on on Baudolino sh We can around source ever on dark hair as well as we can. Provision sequel VM in Asia Installing Super 70,018 Preview on Lino It's Ah Ready really easy task because that is comprehensive documentation provided by my So we're going to see a live demonstration off installing Super seven. Twitter's an 18 city PC on a Baudolino version. 19 point over. Let's press it with them. So here we are on our test environment, this actually virtual machine where the guest always is from Baudolino 19.4. Okay, The first step is to find the documentation provided by Microsoft's in orderto follow step by step, the process of installing see was 7018 City P three on these addition and version of Linux . So let's search for the rotation. So we find the vision lamentation. Get static Civil Several Boon do part off Microsoft dogs. He's a quick start and this is the You are ready. Okay, First, let's take a look on the perquisites we need. Uh, I'm gonna do Lennox distribution with veteran 16 04 or later. We have police two gigabytes memory. This is a boon. Do 19 point off or so it's innovation than a 16.4. I have two gigabytes of memory and let's proceed who they're commence. So the fest that is to install the EMAS Super seven package so we could be the w get command. We open terminal and we run it. Okay, any chance our passwords in order to get at Mr Consul and next, we need to register the problem repository now for installing suicide 2017. Well, can run these positive restriction command. However, since we want toe test super Sever 2018 city P three. So this is a preview version of serious ever. We can use this repository which is the M A sequel server Preview released. So let's copy these and at an easy you know, it's happy that Okay, so we have successfully registered the proper repository for installing Secret Service 2018 City PC No, the next day history on these commands in orderto Update Our Repository and then install Super Seven. So let's around after Command Fest and now let's start this relation off sequel server. So now these will download the actual media off Sequel Server 2018 City P three. It is around 224 megabytes. But if you have ah, fast connection to the Internet, it is just a matter off a few minutes. Okay, the media was successful, downloaded, and now this dilation process starts. At this point, I would like to mention that it is off course offers, but I need to mention this for this type of installation of sequel server. For this live demonstration, for example, you need an Internet connection. OK, excellent. Now, in order to complete the set up off sequel server, we need to run this command. This Communist also included in the quick start documentation conceived here, but it is also reported by the installation with that off sequel server. Okay, now let's king the screen and ran the Vermont. So these allow us us toe set up the relational Super seven. As you can see now, we are prompted who select on additional She was seven. At this point, I would reformation that it is critical that I left the proper additional super several, for example, thesis a city P. So I'm going to select the immigration addition, which is free. If it was, ah, released one factually version of Super served, for example, you will, when installing, see What's that? A 2017. If you were installing super saver on a test environment for non production purposes, you could in select, for example, developing additional, which is free or express addition. However, if you select appendage of suppose ever, for example, Standard and the price and the press corps or Web, you need to make sure that you have also purchase the probably license for where it'll sales channel and you have a product. Heat went okay now, since this is a test environment and we're installing their city P vaginal Super 70,019 let's select one, which is immigration. So here we are presented with high brings to the license terms. And if we agree, we need to type. Yes. Otherwise we type. No, I agree with tears. So I type. Yes. And now I am prompted to enter a civil service system. Things the password that is actually they say users passwords. So, yeah, make sure that you interned as a Kurd password. Let's confirm here we get the message that this is not a relegation vaginal sequel server. There are 173 days left in the migration period. No, concede that some more features are being enabled for the for these instance of civil server, for example, for Flash L. Feiler would get the message set up has completed successfully, and that super saver is starting. So the last step in these live demonstration is to confirm that, actually, yes, Civil service service is up and running. In order to do these, we run a system city l studies comment. So we go to the quick start and we copy this command. So actually, this command instructs our legal system in order to check the status off the ambitious Kriel Kaif in server service. So let's go back with her family and execute this command. And you can see that the super cell service is active. This running and you can see here the original time stump where she was ever what successfully started that these 54 seconds ago, where this relationship was ever were successful completed? 21. Special Topic: How to Install the SQL Server command-line tools on Ubuntu Linux: now that we have successfully installed Civil Servant was in 19 city P three on our test on Baudolino Spiritually machine. The next step is to install Supercenter command line tools also on these distribution off Linux's on our test environment. So why do we need these tools when it was not ableto around? T sequence statements on the sequel server instance. So for doing that, you can either use Asia has to deal with these cross platform, and we will talk about later or command line tools. So what are Silver said the command. A command line tools. The Continentals are S Trail CMD, which allows you to run Tisco statements, system procedures and script files through a variety off available most as well as BCP, which is the Ball Corby program, which allows you to Balakot been daylan between. On. It starts off Microsoft sequel server and then identify in a user specified for months. Now let's install secrets, have a command line tools on a Boolean looks. Version 19.4. The procedure is twin for the public repository. Jipping G. Keys registered a Microsoft Boudou repository after the sources list and around Destination Command with a unique. So DBC developer package optionally we can at the path to our Super Seven commanders to our pattern Vitamin variable in and bash shell in order to be easy accessible. Let's proceed to go there Live demonstration. So here we are back on our test environment on a Baudolino and we are between store serious ever command line tools. The procedure for doing that is included in the same quick start documentation We checked earlier for installing civil server on a boon. Do so it was full down the document. We can see that in order to proceed with historic Civil seven commanders. First step is to improve the public repository in Japan G keys. In order to do that, we need it. We ran these Carol Command. However, you can see that the chemical was not found because these utilities, nothing start on our Linux virtual machine. But we can easily install it with Sudo apt install curl So we could be this command and we're on it. You know, the twin stole these utility. Okay, so now we're ready to proceed with starting the Commander and tools. So Iran, their character manifest number two in part of public president. You PNG kiss. It's clean screen. So this first step was successful. Now let's register the magazine. Bondo repository. Okay, so now let's update our sources list and the RAV installation commander with the UNIX or BBC developed package, I can we need to check and accept or not. Their lesson therms. So now they're installation process continues again. More license terms and installation was successfully completed. It's an extra step we can at the path off our she was Circum Island to store path environment. So I will do that. So I can just around these command as well less what kind of these comments here noted toe make as Christianity and visit P accessible from them. Passions shell for interacted, non looking sessions. So again we modify our path this way. Okay, Excellent Now have successfully installed command line tools 22. Special Topic: How to Access SQL Server on Ubuntu Linux using Azure Data Studio: Now let's see another interesting aspect off working with sequel server and Linux in this lecture we're going to talk about accessing serious attitude was in 19 currently City P three on a bundle in looks using Asia. There a studio now, a few words about Asia. There's to deal, Agent Estudio is afraid to. It is Microsoft's cross platform that I was tool for its own premises. Data platform. Serious ever as well, less for its cloud based platforms. Asia sequel to the Base Asia Single Day. That warehouse, etcetera, it is cross platform. That means that it can run on Windows, Lee knows, and mark always. It offers reach customizable dashboard, and it is extensible. Now, the current system requirements about Asia, the studios that you can install it either on Windows 10 8.18 or even Window seven with SP one. You can also install it on Windows Server 2018 to 2012 12 to 2016. In 2018 Consulate in starting tomorrow is 10.13 high Sierra or Mac OS, 10.12 sierra or later. Moreover, it kind of started on lean looks that is for example. A Red Hat Enterprise. Linux's 7.4 later, 7.3 or later Shoes. E. Lee Knox Enterprise. Ever Russian, 12 sp two or later, as well as on a boodle eunuchs version. 16 point off four or later. The system requirements are constantly updated, so you can check often these u R L for these system requirements, and you can let more about Asia to the studio on these weather. Last but not least, know that about Windows on Lee? 64 bit versions are supported now. Ah, let's install Asia. Their studio on really looks. So we're going to install age of the studio on the same 1,000,000 books Teacher machine, we working previous lectures and 11 illustrations. So that is some undue Lee looks version 19.4 and the procedure is straightforward. Therefore, we went to download install when it is released, so just installing and launching their tool and either an issue can install as well missing dependencies. Okay, let's proceed toe on demo. So I'm back on our test environment on our virtual machine. Let's download Asia, their studio farm Baudolino. So we such for Asia, their student download and eventually we end up to the official Microsoft website and here we have access to a range dollars so you can see that here there are the stars were all path comes next in store for windows remark aways and Lena I went toe use the tar dot urges it Mr Legend Package. So let's download these and I'm going to save it. Mr. Leisure Media is about 124 megabytes, so allow a few moments in auto tune downloaded and the main table below. On these official website, we can find installation instructions. So we are downloading the charges. Aaron Installation Media. So this is a procedure to follow. Let's take a look if our installation is completed, so we need some more time and right after installing and trying to launch hedge it a studio . Either the problem. We can check up out any missing dependencies against them based on these excellent argument . By the way, while you're waiting for the ah installation media to be downloaded, we can copy these commands and prepare them from execution. As you can see here, we need to replace these words registering with the proper version off. A jitters were that we are downloading, which is currently 1.8 point zero. So let's open, aware process are and paste the Commons there in order to modify them. Okay, these are our months. So we replace these string. Probably for sure. We're downloading. Okay. And the next one as well. Okay, Our commands already. Let's go back to our interview outside and check if Mr Relations completed. So not yet. So currently, I'm experiencing a slow Internet connection, so I have to wait a bit more. By the way, if you don't have anything connection, you can download the installation media from another computer and you can place it on your links environment. United to be ableto proceed with installation procedure. So now we can see that our installation media for Asia The studio has been successful in downloaded Let's check its location. So that's right. Legal need open containing for that. You can see that it is in mine download folder. And this is the name of the file. Okay, Now let's go toe the word processor and start coping and executing the commands. Let's clean our screen. And Okay, so now let's change director toe downloads. Okay, that's good. So now let's let's extract the condoms off this. Um okay, let's really this empty space here, so yeah, let's run this command enough to export. And now we're exporting all agent last few files from the archive download it from the official website from Microsoft. OK, and let's update our path Very apple. And the last step is true. Start Asia their studio. Yes. So if this is the first time you are working with civil seven only nooks and you are in the process off connecting to indelibly changing resignation there Studio picture that we consider these moment at their peak just like I did when I first did this. So now let's connect here. Let's just put a local host with a dot, for example and the letter again without their say user we created during this relation of Super Sever. Okay, let's connect and you can see that we're have a successful connected to our instance off Secretary 2018 City Pizza 3.0 on Baudolino. Let's maximize this. And now we are running in graphical user interface tool that these Asia, their studio an excellent client, will for civil sever Cross platform and in these Linux's environment, we can access our database and run queries. For example, let's type here new query and let's creating onto the base. So we have intelligence we can wear with sewers ever, just like we were in other open systems, for example, in Windows or on Asia. Secret to the base. So it is business as usual. So let's create a database. Let's name this deliberate test everyone. Antilla. The database has been successfully created. Now let's change the context off our query window to these and their families will create it. And this is testing you on. Now let's get a table. So lets include two columns and i D column. The witches Primary key. The coat barker. 50 Problem. Let's around the command. Also, let's import some day, turn out in table test. Okay, excellent. And let's run a simple, select query or the check the table's contents. You can see the intelligence feature is really amazing. These are the contents off the sample table we have just created and popular does test data . And let's expert please excuse me. So let's expert toe downloads fault, for example, or documents and the little Neymar file results. Tazi Zvi. So let's save it and this is our fight. So now if you really want to work cross platform, you can back up their base with a backup command. You can t story when another pair system with civil, sever the same version or innovation so you can really work cross platform. 23. What we've Learned in this Course: So let's now see what we've learned in these cars. We learn what a relational database management system is. We learned basic deliveries, principles. Such is the basis tables, queries, copied objects and more. We discussed about Sequel and T sequel and compared these two languages we discussed about Super Several Della platform and what you can achieve with Super Server, what remain services are and what you can do with each service. We also discussed which I've supported operating systems and how we can download and start . She will serve. We discuss about super several management. Studio system is what is a system is how you can download and started how you can connect with people. Sever how you can use this estimation after to create in the fairies and other objects in a secret server and all queries important export data and mark we discussed about super saver security water look incented of his users are we discuss about surface area configuration, which is another important aspect off. She was cyber security. Last we talked about Asia data Studio we learned toward Asia. The studio is how can download install it and last how you can work with your server using Azure, their studio 24. Learning More and a Thank You!: in these bones. Lecture on providing some information about my activities in the secrets ever community. First, feel free to check my e books on civil netapp dot com. A popular My book since you could Not Help and the Tease the same community where I block a lot about She was server and the Internet by now will have published three e books. The 1st 1 is titled at Ministering Civil Sever, the 2nd 1 developing with Sequel Server and the 3rd 1 Shooting Single Server. You can find more information about thes e books. If you visit, she will not have not called. Also, feel free to check mine blocks. My main blood is on single net help, and I have a second block with genetic technology topics on Check out who's not cop. Also, you can connect me on Tweeter. You can find me on these our address as well as on linked in. I would like once again to thank you for taking my course I really appreciated and I hope that I managed to transfer a significant amount off knowledge about getting started with civil server through these course. So thank you very much. I would really appreciate it if you could take some time and review this course. It is very important because you are honest. They've used will help other people as well to decide whether they should take this course or not that are more courses on secret server and that net topics that are coming soon. Stay tuned. I wish you go the best and thanks again.