SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR, PART 2. Advanced Public Speaking and Presentation Skills WOW Factors.

Sardar Mostofa, Award Winning Speaker, Engineer, Author

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12 Videos (1h 14m)
    • Introduction WOW FACTOR It's How You Say It!

    • What is the How You Say It!

    • Audience's View of Your Speech

    • Matching Expressions

    • Influence Factors

    • Vocal Variety L1

    • Vocal Variety Techniques L2

    • Voice Projection & Control

    • Best Pace of Speaking L1

    • Best Pace of Speaking L2

    • Conversational Speech L1

    • Do You Speak or Converse L2


About This Class

Great speakers and great speeches are the results of meticulously crafting certain techniques that are only known to those who can inspire, motivate and move people to great height.  These techniques convert regular speakers into great ones! Thankfully, these techniques can be learned.

This is an advanced level public speaking and presentation skill building course. If you are new to the subject, I recommend that you also enroll in my "Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Fundamentals" course prior to or concurrently with this course. That way you will gain more from this course.

Public speaking is a craft. There are dos and don'ts to make that craft effective. 

You'll develop skills that are known and used by the world's top speakers.

Become a highly effective public speaker, communicator, presenter and leader.

Learn to influence others as a great speaker and communicator.

Understand why your speech effectiveness depends on "how you say it"

Learn and implement in your speech what is missing in most speeches. 

Acquire skills to influence and motivate others to take actions.

Learn how to share ideas and thoughts to inspire others.

Use these tools and techniques for successful speaking, presentations and interviews.

Speaking and presentation skills are essential in our daily communications with others, in meetings, seminars, workshops and interviews. This advanced level course takes you through some of the skills that can surely help you speak with tack and finesse in any occasions.  





Sardar Mostofa

Award Winning Speaker, Engineer, Author

Sardar Mostofa Giving an Inspirational Speech to a Group of about 500 people

Sardar Mostofa is a many times award-winning speaker, author, engineer and teacher. He has earned a Master of Science (MS) in Management Information Systems from University of Illinois and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering from Pittsburg State University. He has received the highest level of distinction called Distinguished Toastmaster from the public speaking and leadership building organization, Toas...

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