SPEAK WITHOUT FEAR, PART 1: Public Speaking Fundamentals

Sardar Mostofa, Award Winning Speaker, Engineer, Author

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11 Videos (54m)
    • Introduction

    • Introduction What you will learn

    • Speech Profile & Awareness Building

    • Appearance & The Power of Eye Contact

    • Eye Contact Exercise1

    • Pause Not Fillers

    • Filler and Pause Exercise

    • Power of Compassion

    • Speech Flow & Organization

    • Speech Development Exercise

    • Your Presentation


About This Class

Public speaking is a craft. We all need this skill to communicate and express our viewpoints effectively.  Most people feel uncomfortable or some level of fear in speaking in front of a group. Thankfully, it is a skill that can be learned. 

Knowledge is power but knowledge alone is not enough if we cannot present and influence others with that knowledge.Your success depends on your ability to speak with confidence to share your knowledge and convey your message effectively.

We all have the potential or stored capability within us to speak or present with confidence. Yet, many of us live a voiceless life unaware of the potential ability inside. This course is designed to change that for you, to help you speak and present with confidence! 

You'll learn to implement immediate measures to improve your speaking.

You'll identify your speech profile and understand different triggers of fear and anxiety of speaking.

You'll develop skills to overcome each trigger of fear and anxiety.

Manage and chair meetings and events.

You'll learn the parts of an effective speech and how to develop one.

You'll learn how to attract and hold your audiences interest.

Conduct effective business meetings.

You'll develop skills of effective verbal and non-verbal speaking techniques.

You'll learn to think on your feet.

You'll have a higher level of confidence in speaking and presentations than ever before.

As with any subject, having a solid foundation is vital for long-term success. This course is designed with the necessary materials and corresponding practice solutions to help you build a solid foundation!






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Sardar Mostofa

Award Winning Speaker, Engineer, Author

Sardar Mostofa Giving an Inspirational Speech to a Group of about 500 people

Sardar Mostofa is a many times award-winning speaker, author, engineer and teacher. He has earned a Master of Science (MS) in Management Information Systems from University of Illinois and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Engineering from Pittsburg State University. He has received the highest level of distinction called Distinguished Toastmaster from the public speaking and leadership building organization, Toas...

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