SOLIDWORKS Class 1: Interface and Navigation | Tayseer Almattar | Skillshare

SOLIDWORKS Class 1: Interface and Navigation

Tayseer Almattar, Realize Innovations

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9 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Class Series Intro

    • 2. Intro to SW Interface and Navigation Class

    • 3. The Download Section

    • 4. Starting a new part

    • 5. The Command Bar, Canvas and Design Tree

    • 6. Adjusting the Document's Measurements System

    • 7. Utilizing the Mouse for More Efficient Models Control and Creation

    • 8. Class Conclusion

    • 9. Teaser to Sketching and Project Intro

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About This Class

Welcome to our first SOLIDWORKS Course covering Interface and Navigation. This class is the first of our SOLIDWORKS Class Series which consists of 12 short classes ranging from 15 mins to 1.5 hrs. The series will take you from knowing nothing about SOLIDWORKS to the Certified Professional Level (CSWP)

The learning objectives for this specific class are:

  • How to start a new part.
  • What is represented in the command bar, canvas and design tree.
  • How to select different measurement systems for your files.
  • How to utilize the mouse through right clicks, zooming and rotating the model through the scroll wheel.

Access the download section for this class here: 

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Tayseer Almattar

Realize Innovations

Hello, I'm Tayseer.


Tayseer is a Mechanical Engineer from NC State University. He is also the founder of TforDesign. In addition, for more than 8 years, Tayseer has worked extensively in instructional design and first-hand training of corporate Mechanical Programs.

Throughout his career, Tayseer leveraged the power of SOLIDWORKS to both design products and mechanical-related training materials. He also holds many SOLIDWORKS professional certificates.


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