SMUDGING : Clearing Energy With Sacred Smoke. | Sage Logan | Skillshare

SMUDGING : Clearing Energy With Sacred Smoke.

Sage Logan, I Teach Spiritual Topics.

SMUDGING : Clearing Energy With Sacred Smoke.

Sage Logan, I Teach Spiritual Topics.

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7 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Smudging: Introduction

    • 2. Smudging: Using Smudge Sticks

    • 3. Smudging: Using Sweetgrass

    • 4. Smudging: Sacred Herbs & Charcoal

    • 5. Smudging: Using Sacred Resins

    • 6. Smudging: Using Palo Santo & Cones

    • 7. Smudging: Making Smudge Sticks

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About This Class

Enroll today in this smudging & saging class and learn to utilize the power of sacred smoke & incense to attract more positive, peaceful helpful energy into your life. The ancient practice of smudging is remarkable in its ability to help create positive energy shifts within our lives.


In this class you will learn all about:

  • How To Use A White Sage Smudge Stick.
  • How To Cleanse Yourself & Your Home.
  • How To Attract Postive Energy With Smoke.
  • The Safest Way To Burn A Incense Charcoal.
  • How To Use Sacred Herbs With A Charcoal.
  • How To Use Resin Incense Of Different Types.
  • How To Use Stick & Cone Incense & Palo Santo
  • How To Craft Your Own Smudge Stick.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sage Logan

I Teach Spiritual Topics.


Hi, I'm Sage, I Am A Musician & Tarot Card Reader In NYC. I Have Taught Spiritual Workshops For Many Years In NYC. I Teach On Topics Like Intuitive Development, Fortune Telling Methods, Natural Magic, Meditation & Shamanic Spirit Journey & More! I Am Excited Now To Teach Here On SKILLSHARE!

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1. Smudging: Introduction: Hi, I'm Sage Logan. Welcome to this. Brief class on staging, smudging and clearing. So you might be wondering Well, what is staging? What it smudging? Well, who better to learn from them? Somebody named Sage. So the biggest is that staging People use white sage to clear a space. You may have heard of that smudging, but I'm gonna cover other methods using Palo Santo using capo using traditional methods with char coals at all the different ways that you can clear spaces using incense and different different techniques. So that sounds interesting to you. Then let's get started. Let's begin the class. 2. Smudging: Using Smudge Sticks: Okay, now we're gonna talk about smudging. So you might say what is smudging with smudging is clearing a space or a person with smoke , clearing the energy with smoke So you can. You can smudge a space like your home like your car. Or you can also sip, smudge a person's weaken, smudge somebody else and helped them clear their energy. Or you can clear your own energy. So the thing is that used for smudging most often is white sage. So this is white sage. You can see that it's been, has rope around it, and so when they harvest the sage, when it's fresh, they put the white rope around it, and then they allow it to dry. So this little straight sage bundle is called a smudge stick. So there's different ways that you can use white sage. One is with a smudge stick, and then where can you find this? Where can you find the white sage mud stick so you can find one in whole foods? If there's whole foods near you, usually in the vitamin section of a whole foods, they'll have them. A lot of health food stores have them nowadays beyond how whole foods. Additionally, any kind of new age or metaphysical shop will always have white sage. And failing that, you could always order it online on etc dot com. E. T s y dot com. Okay, so you want to have the white sage. Additionally, it helps to have a shell now see show. So this seashell is abalone, which is kind of an iridescent material. This is the traditional shell that's used in pairing with the white sage, and you would have the white sage inside the shell, and you use that to protect yourself from the heat of it while it's burning. Now, if you don't have a C show, you could. Also, you could also use any seashell doesn't have to be abalone. I used a clamshell for many, many years, but the thing is that if you don't have a seashell, you could also use any kind of ceramic bowl. It could be a clay pot. It could be porcelain, anything, anything that's ceramic but heavy duty, not something thin. Something that's gonna be ableto will be able to hold it without feeling the heat. Additionally, it helps to have ah, lighter. I find personally these lighters like this work really well that have this little extra pipe Because if you're burning something outside like if you're staging outdoors sometimes if you have one with the flame is right there. If the wind burns the flame that sends the flame towards your thumb, you can burn yourself. So these wanted how that little extra pipe are very useful. Additionally, people use the ones that they have for a barbecue as well. And lastly, is that it helps to have a fan. In this case, I have a feather fan. These air duck feathers traditionally turkey feather, a turkey feather fan is what's used Now you may say I don't have a father fad. Okay, so the thing is, is that even if you don't have a feather fan, you could use a Chinese fan Chinese folding fan, one of those or even a piece of paper if you're really short, so you could use a ceramic bowl, a piece of paper on the white sage. All right, so now with the white sage. So here's what you want to do. You want to take the lighter and you gonna hold one end far from your hands and then like the other end. Okay, here we go. So once you get it, let it's going to start to smoulder and you blow it to help feed the flame, the the embers. So that gets a little bit more smoke. Now. If you were clearing a person, you would use the feather fan towards the person you would clear from top from top to bottom. So you start clearing around the head and then you would clear the person's head, work all the way down to the hands down to the body, all the way down to the feet. Have you were clearing a room? You would start on the back of the room and then clear towards the front of the room. It's also helpful when clearing space to have the windows open if possible. So if the weather permits, if it's not winter or cold or something like that, arraigning have the the windows open. This allows the energy to move, so as you're you're clearing with the smoke, then the negative energy can kind of flow out the window as you're doing the clearing with smoke. Additionally, you'll see smudge sticks of other materials the one that you'll see beyond sage is sometimes you'll see cedar so cedar is used more to attract positive energies, while SAGES used to clear. So some people will use a smudge stick of sage to clear negative energies first, and then a smudge stick of cedar to attract in positive energies. And then they would close their windows. Okay, so that's a basic procedure. That what you can do with sage or cedar, a C show? Ah, feather fan and two matches. There you go. So we're going on to the next section. 3. Smudging: Using Sweetgrass: Hi. This next section I want to talk about sweetgrass. So what is sweetgrass? Sweetgrass is a natural growing grass that has a kind of sweet flavor to it. It smells kind of licorice. She now why would you use sweetgrass? We grass is one of the things that's used for smudging. You'll find it again in metaphysical shops, and sometimes you'll find it even in whole foods. I don't want to be plugging whole foods, but, you know, this is where you find it sometimes. Okay, So the thing is, is that the way you burn sweetgrass? What sweetgrass is four is This tracks positive energy, just like the cedar, but is more common. Define the sweetgrass. So what you would do it comes in a braid so I could see it like that. They take the grass and they braid it up. What you're gonna do is you're gonna take the very tip or the end of it, and then light it. All right. Okay. And again, when the flame gets big, kind of just blow it out. And now you've got some smoke toe work with and to the things that you can do the same thing If you want to give a positive vibe, you take your feather fan and your sweet grass and you go around the room and it's gonna sent the place with this beautiful scent of sweetgrass, which attracts positive energies again. When doing this, it's good to have the windows open. So this way the energies can come in and you can do this around a person. You could do this, you know, with your car, you consider contract positive energies into the car. I've been clearings for many years on homes, cars and people, but that's that. The thing is that sweetgrass, that's what it's used for. It also comes in a big thing like this. Not me personally, what I do. Sometimes I chop it up with scissors so that I could burn it on a charcoal. Now, in the next section, I'm going to show you how to do incense, using charcoal in the safest possible ways. Because charcoal there's something that really confuses people, and there's a lot of people doing it wrong, so that's what we're gonna cover in the next section 4. Smudging: Sacred Herbs & Charcoal: in this next section. I want to talk about this, which is a charcoal. Now, charcoal is they're used for incense are not the same as the charcoal that you use for doing a barbecue or something like that. All right, so this is a flat, kind of little charcoal, and you find them in packages that look like this. All right, so it'll say swift light on it, all right? And so what often people do wrong when it comes to Char Coles is that they have a situation where they don't like them in the safest possible way. So I'm gonna show you the safest possible way to do char coals and charcoal is you burn various herbs and plants on the charcoal and residents. And so here's here's a set up that I use. So the senate that I use involves that. See, first, have a glass. All right. So we really don't need the plate. I just had that. They're okay. So here we go to remove that plate underneath, so you start off with a glass. I have this container which is basically like a desert container. It's metal. And I put the metal container inside the glass inside that metal container. I have some salt That's just a regular table salt. So here's the situation that you have set up like that. Okay, so now you want to put your charcoal there. Now, it's good and useful if you use some tongs, some metal tongs while doing lighting a charcoal because you'll see in a moment. Why? And I have here my safety lighter. Okay, So when it takes my metal tongs, open them up and I place the charcoal this way in the tongs. Now, when I light the charcoal, you're gonna see what happens is a little line aflame. Makes its way across the charcoal as it gets ignited. Now, inside the charcoal, it's in salt, Peter on bats. The stuff that ignites that makes it pop some nice little pop like that. That's another reason why you want to make sure to do it this way in the safest possible manner. Okay, so you have it there now, once the charcoal is let Okay, it's almost let you can blow on the charcoal, and eventually it will get this charcoal will go from black to red Hot. Now I can hold the container, The glass that's holding this, this section I'm holding the glass. And then I could go around the room, use my feather fan, and I could take things. I can put various things like, um, frankincense or other resins on top of the charcoal. So we're going to do that now. So going to stop the camera. So here we go. All right, so now I have here, This is some tobacco, right? So this is natural organic tobacco. I when I often when I burned to back wide burn it on a charcoal like this. Okay, so what you want to do you to take a small bunch of the tobacco? He would place that onto the charcoal, and it would begin to burn. I'm not gonna burn it right now, but we'll show you some other herbs that you can dio to burn to. This here. Right. You've got some lavender. So I brought some lavender for you. Here you go. So put some lavender onto the charcoal, and what happens is you'll see some smoke. Start toe wafted up. Okay, Now, that's lavender is really great for bringing peace. So especially if somebody's having a situation where they're having nightmares to clear a room with lavender in the night that will help clear away any any, any nightmare energy. But as you can see, I can pick this up perfectly safely and there's no chance of me burning it, what with the mistakes that people make when burning incense, they often have it in their hands in a container. That's not that doesn't have two layers like this having the layer of the glass and the metal and the salt has three layers there of protection. Okay, some other things that you might wanna burn on a charcoal is this herb is called Angelica. Angelica also brings angelic spirits around. If you feel any kind of strong negative energies, this is another one that you could do is that is just garlic skins. So garlic skins is another way to clear an area. Okay, And then in the next section, I'm going to talk about resins. So there are residents or the sap of various trees that could be used in burning incense. So there you go. So now you know how to burn a charcoal. The essentials are you have to have tongs. You It's good to have a safety lighter, good to have a safety lighter and good to have this special Char Cole's and have a container. There you go. 5. Smudging: Using Sacred Resins: So this next section I want to talk about resins, so resins are like the sap of the tree. So if you think about the maple syrup that you have, you know that you might have. That's a resin. So this one here right, is called CA Paul CEO, a p a L c o p a L coupon is a resin, and then you have frankincense. Couple and frankincense are very related, which is the reason why they look very similar. Couple often is this way. Sometimes there's, but there's all different types of copal. There's white and black, but they're basically used to call in. Both frankincense and couple are used to call in positive energies. Co Paul is often burned in Mexican ceremonies at the Day of the Dead on DSO. That's also for ancestor work as well. Some people burn it, but frankincense is used to clear, and it's used the church incense as well. Now this one is the one that a lot of people have never heard of. But it's one of my favorite incenses has a scent that's very much like vanilla called Ben Zayn, B e n z o i n and Ben's oin is fantastic. What it does is it helps with difficulties. So any time somebody's going through a time of difficulties where things are not going their way, burning Ben's own for a few days out the window could help clear that a situation Ben Zayn also very strongly calls in positive forces into your home. Okay, so and then this one here is, believe it or not. Pine resin, This one right here. So pine resin you can. One of the things is pine resin. Because pine is such an available tree, most places you can actually go out and harvest your own pine resin. So you're out somewhere near woods and there's a pine tree and you see a bunch of sap around it. You could just kind of scrape it off with your finger and then place it into a little jar and take it home. And you could burn that. All of these could be burned on a charcoal, I thought, when you burn them on a charcoal, I particularly love the smell of the pine and pine is a big purification sent. It's great for purifying situations, so these last two resin incense is this is camp, for this is natural camp. For now, this is not the camp. For that you find in blocks in a pharmacy that looks like a block of ice that's perfectly square that camp for you don't ever want to burn that camp for on a charcoal. This is natural camp for that comes in little Granules. It looks like clumped up sugar if you think about it because I looked at clumped white sugar. So the on lee camp for that you should ever burn is the one that looks like clumped up sugar. And this is natural camp for now. What natural camper does it very strongly protective. And it removes negative energies from a place very strongly. So basically, it weakens negative energies in such a way that it causes them to leave. Now, a piece of camper like this is a little clump. You don't even need to put that on the charcoal. You can actually place it in a metal bowl. And this, like this, right on fire, and it'll go right on fire. Other residents don't do that. Only camp for is the only one that I've ever encountered. That really does that. And like I said, campers a very strong protective incense. And you might want to burn a little bit of honey on a charcoal after burning can for to bring some sweetness back. Okay, now, this last one here, this one is right. Red. That is the natural color of this incense. This incense is from a dress, a nia palm. They're saying the M meaning essentially dragon, and this is called the Dragon Palm gives out a red sap. That's burden is as an incense called Dragon's blood resin. It's not actual blood, but it's the sap of the tree of this particular type of palm tree, and this stuff is super strong protective energies. This will is what they call banishing incense. It will banish anything. And if you want to make a really strong incense to burn on a charcoal, if you combine camp for and dragons resin, that's something that can really clear out pretty much any situation. But I wouldn't use that unless you absolutely needed to. All right, if you're hearing some weird rumblings around the house or you you bought a house that somebody told you was haunted, then maybe you might want to do the camper on Dragon's blood resident, but other than that, that's the only time a situation that I would use that for. 6. Smudging: Using Palo Santo & Cones: I want talk about the last types of incense that you'll come across, which is this is Palo Santo. Palo Santo is a stick that has a very fragrant smell to it. So this send and has been burned already. So here we go. So what do you do is you take a lighter right and you burn palace Santo. This one is especially good to have a safety lighter with because it takes a second for the palace onto to really get burning. A policy is related botanically to frankincense. It's actually the wood of a palace onto a tree. The palace on the tree itself is actually botanically related to frankincense and couple or what's known as well as well. Yeah, and so you would take a feather fan and would place this into a shell and you could burn this the same way. Or you can hold it in your hand and burn it in a situation to clear now the reason that you would use Palo Santo Versace. Um, the reason that you might use palace on toe instead of using, um, frankincense or sage ages of personal preference. Some people like the smell of Palo Santo better than the cells smell of frankincense or better than the smell of sage, but all of those could be used to attract and clear situations. Now, when you have the situation of a stick incense, this same method that I used before of having this can also be used. If you have a stick, incense simply place the stick into the salt, and then as it burns down the as it burns and it will go, the ashes will go right into their I also, sometimes at home, have a situation where it's just a cup filled with salt, and then I can place the incense stick right in it. And in the last type of incense that you'll come across is this one right here, which is a cone incense a cone. Incenses is especially important to make sure that you always have a ceramic base or a metal base that you're burning them in so that we burned this way, and so I usually do the same set up that I used for a charcoal that place it there. Um, you like them the same way for similar way. You like them right at the tip this one is actually white couple that I'm burning right now . This wake up all birds very strongly. Okay, give it a shake so that, and you'll see the tip. And one thing I do like about Koenen senses is that when you're done, when you you don't want to do any more, you could just extinguish it right in the salt. Okay? And that's a way of extinguishing it when you're finished. So there you go. So now you have a way toe work with Palo Santo Cone, Incense and Palace. Santo Conan Sense and stick incense. There you go. 7. Smudging: Making Smudge Sticks: And lastly, I just want to give you on overview of how to make your own smudge stick. So this what you have here, what you're looking at here is just some rosemary. Rosemary can be used also for purification just as much as sage. And it was used Maurin European traditions than in American traditions. What you do is you take the various pieces of rosemary, all right, And you put them together, okay? And then you're just going to take some string. And this is basically the way that smudge sticks are made. So I have the herb. Here's fresh. This is fresh fright from the supermarket. Okay, so here's what I do is you make a slip knot, we make a slipknot or a square knot, pull it tight and pull it around the bottom. Okay? And now what you're gonna do is going to go around spiraling up, okay? And just keep spiraling up rosemary until you get to the very top of it. Now you're gonna go back the other way. Keep spiraling back down. Okay, so it's crossing back over. And then when you get to this section here, well, I tend to do take that little tale from the original Slipknot and that and make a regular overhand knot. And I usually do 2nd 1 There you go. And I would cut off this section here, this this this tale here and then you just leave this to dry and after dries, you get something like this that you can totally just burn this. You put a little bit of fire at the end and there you go. So that's a smudge stick that you can make on your own. And it takes about three days, three days to a week for to get dry enough to use. But there you go. So that's a way to make smudge sticks on your own. So if you have any herbs that you'd like to match together, and people make all kinds of their own, um, special herb combinations where you can find some cedar and some sage and there's all kinds of combinations of people make out there, but that now you have a way to make smudge sticks on your own. If you don't want to buy one from the store. So now you know how to make a smudge stick and you just take pretty much any herb, particularly rosemary or sage, are the ones that are used most often. But you can also get some fresh eater from the woods. Try to use cedar or sage already kind of herb like that that has fallen naturally. You could also sometimes do it with pine needles as well. On DSO you want to do is just like I said Take the string around the herb and then there you go. So if you enjoy this course, please give it a thumbs up And I hope to see you in the next class. Thanks a lot.