SMART Goals Made Simple - How To Set And Achieve Your Goal Faster! | Silviu Marisca | Skillshare

SMART Goals Made Simple - How To Set And Achieve Your Goal Faster!

Silviu Marisca , Founder of

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17 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Promo FREE

    • 2. 4 Reasons Why Setting Goals is Important!

    • 3. How to Make Your Goal a Reality

    • 4. Areas in which to Set Goals

    • 5. Important Questions to ask when setting a goal

    • 6. The BEST Opportunities in Life are the Ones We Create!

    • 7. The First Rule of Why So Many New Year’s Resolutions Never Come to Reality!

    • 8. This is the Step that Many People Fail - and how to Avoid That!

    • 9. Use these SECRET Words to Reach Anything you Want!

    • 10. How to Create More in Your Life by Having Challenging Goals!

    • 11. How to set a Time Boundary to your Goal and Achieve it at 100%

    • 12. Final Words - How a SMART Goal should look like!

    • 13. #1st Action - How to Turn your Goal into a Project

    • 14. #2nd Action - How to Schedule Time Every Day to Work on Goals

    • 15. #3rd Action - How to Turn Goals into Important Tasks

    • 16. #4th Action - How to Schedule Time for Single Actions

    • 17. #5th Action - How to Track Your Goals

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15 of 16 students recommend this class
Absolutely loved this course! Cant thank Silviu enough for this. He goes through a lot of concepts, with examples, so you get practical experience setting practical goals in the SMART way.
you need to be able to see an outline of the course