SMART Goals - How to set compelling goals you will achieve | Matt Barnett | Skillshare

SMART Goals - How to set compelling goals you will achieve

Matt Barnett, Courses for coaches & entrepreneurs

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9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Be smart about setting goals

    • 3. Specific : Get a laser focussed view of your goals so you hit them perfectly

    • 4. Action based : Discover the power of taking directed action

    • 5. Realistic : Make your goals realistic so you hit them every time

    • 6. Measurable : Know when you are winning

    • 7. Timed: When do you want to achieve your goal >

    • 8. Wrap up : a recap of the course

    • 9. Bonus section SMALL


About This Class

Most of the time, what people have when they turn up wondering why they are not getting anywhere is dreams. Now there is nothing wrong with having dreams, after all if you dont have one, how can they come true. But dreams are very different to Goals. 
I have heard it said before, and its a line I borrow often when working with people, Goals are dreams in action. That is, a goal, is a dream with direction, that is measurable and thought out. 
So that is what this course is about. This course is concerned with writing and planning your goals, or putting your dreams in action so that you can achieve whatever you desire in life. would that be ok.?