SLAP BASS 1 | Eric Petrei | Skillshare
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4 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. SLAP BASS 1 part 1

    • 2. SLAP BASS 1 part 2

    • 3. SLAP BASS 1 part 3

    • 4. SLAP BASS 1 part 4


Project Description

Thumb Repetition

Its very important to have the basics down before you can play "cool" chops.

If slap bass 1 is alittle too much then "slap basics" might be just the video to get started. This video is for students that have a good slapping repitoare and some slapping chops under their belt. Students just starting out might want to watch " Slap Basics first. Practice these chops slowly. It is better to get a solid technique is this style since alot of it depends on coodination to get a rythmic feel to make these chops sound good.

The overall goal of StudioBassLessons videos are to make you a well rounded professional bassist. To give you the tools to play any style and technique. Knowlege of chops, technique and music theory will open doors for you as a bass player. You will be able to step into any stituation like a professional bassist. We never stop learning as musicians no matter what level were at.

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