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4 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. SLAP BASS 1 part 1

    • 2. SLAP BASS 1 part 2

    • 3. SLAP BASS 1 part 3

    • 4. SLAP BASS 1 part 4


About This Class


Slapping 1 takes you through right & left hand exercises to improve coordination/ dexterity/ speed & accuracy with the thumb & finger/ slapping techniques / How to pop in between strings/ slapping chops /motor slapping/ timing/ ghost notes/ 1/2 1/4 1/8 note triplets/ right hand excercises for the thumb and more...

This class teaches how to slap bass. The techniques used such as "Double Thumb" "Ghost Thump" are applied. Focus on coordination with both hands are used. This class is for Beginner to Advanced

Its very important to have the basics down before you can play "cool" chops.

If slap bass 1 is alittle too much the slap basics might be just the video to get started. This video is for students that have a good slapping repitoare and some slapping chops under their belt. Students just starting out might want to watch " Slap Basics first. Practice these chops slowly. It is better to get a solid technique is this style since alot of it depends on coodination to get a rythmic feel to make these chops sound good.





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Eric Petrei


In the 90's Eric Petrei studied at University of Miami School of Music. Majored in Studio Music and Jazz Performance Eric has also studied with amazing bass players including: Bill Dickens, Jaco Pastorius, Wally Voss (Yngwie Malmsteen) recorded and performed/toured with many bands & artists over the years. Eric also is an endorsement artist with Bag End Speakers and JBE Bass Pickups. Eric has been teaching all styles and techniques of bass guitar for over 25 years.

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