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SKETCHBOOK on IPAD: Learn the basic options to draw

Damien Barban

SKETCHBOOK on IPAD: Learn the basic options to draw

Damien Barban

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6 Lessons (24s)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Presentation of the working space, part 1

    • 3. Presentation of the working space, part 2

    • 4. Starting to draw with pencil

    • 5. The inking tools

    • 6. How to use the color

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About This Class

You want to learn a very powerful software to draw? You an try Sketchbook, which is a really powerful software to sue on Ipad! You will find in this course the basic options that will allow you to draw easily and to produce good quality illustrations. You will find with couple of examples how to use the drawing options, the available brushes and how to use all of these to create your illustrations.

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1. Introduction: in this course and going to prison to the basic options of sketchbook on iPad. This software is very easy to use for any people who ever wanted a simple drawing software . It is no very simple and easy to draw on a bed, learning this course the very basic options and start to create your own artworks. 2. Presentation of the working space, part 1: Welcome on this course about sketchbook. We're going to see how we can work with this software on your iPad to create from very simple illustration to more complex ones. But first, let's see the main options when your style choosing sketchbook. You have this working space with my two fingers myself and my other finger. No matter which one, you can enlarge our zoom in. Zoom out in the, uh, paper. If you don't use two fingers, you're going to draw with it. But the main thing is, we're not trying to draw with the fingers. You are using a pencil, and this is different. What you have to use while you work with drawing software is to use do pencil. So when you want to create a new document, you will click here and a new window is going to happen and you have several options. You can click a news catch. It will propose you to create a new document. First, the documents is present like this. You have the difference here. The different options off, um, of the size of your documents, you can click on preset, and the preset is going to give you the Moors. Common resolutions are size of documents. When you have selected this, you can decide to turn your document like this or like this. It's not really important, because here, if a Christian you documents, you will ask me if I want to save the one that's just behind. But I don't care, because there is nothing. So I just can't. Yeah, this card and I am a new document. So with my two fingers, I can rotate my working space. Zoom in, zoom out. So it's not really important if you work urgently, are vertically so you can change. Zoom in, zoom out and you can see here the angle and you have also several options, so I will get besides would be full screen. And now we're going to talk about the different tools on Duh left. First we start with the pencil, the bell on sale, just giving you some pencil options. I'm going to take black color and I would have the bank color if I won't cancel. I just click on this one time two times three times and you can go back to many, many grinds. You have drop or things you did you have done. And if you want to get this raising appearing again, just click on this. You go back and can restore what you have erased. So here I have the penso and when I click on this here you have the option of the pencil. With size, your capacity and you have advanced options which wearing can, uh, personalized pressure, they're stamped effect. New is the arness when dumbness usually going to give a cane A friend, um, aspect of your brush. But if you just If you just modify things and you're not satisfying, just click on resets and it will resent current birth settings, and he will go back to the initial sitting. When you click on this, you can also gem to other kind off brushes, which are the brushes you have here. So I select the basic option, and I couldn't draw. This is very similar to the normal pencils. And if you put your pencil or is until e almost flat on your screen, you can have effect like this. And if you he was only the point of your pencil, you would have something like this without changing anything in the side of the brush are anything on your, uh on the size are on the effect of the brush. So I go back. All right, so now let's try. This one is the marker. The market is giving you something like this. Now, if I can personalize the options engine's size and the size can also change. Here you can see just above the color you remain. You pushed on this. You remain here and you have the options. You can change too. And if you push and you move from Ralf too right, you will have the flow is going to change. 63 are I decrees 22 and soon so you can change. The signs here are here just clicking on the left, tending to side or reset if you want to go to the original setting. So witness is interesting because it will make the tool acting like it. There was some water. It's not the re first Lance. Very clear. But you will see while you're going to use it that you can play on these small options here that can make the difference sometime with the effect want to create. So then you are here the flow airbrush, and this is basically the airbrush confined in any kind of software drawing software. Then you have kind of pencil right, but it you back and you have options again. You'll bestie sized advanced, and you have more or less the same options. Then you have font in pain, and it is very interesting because you will see a real difference occurred in the pressure of the pencil you're using. So this pressure convey rare interesting. When you drop coming. Look, because you can have a different size in the outlines or drawing. I'm not changing sized brush. I'm just changing pressure. I'm using it's standard. But just to show you the difference of pressure, you can see the race state by statement drawing. Then we have to brush itself. Where you have this went off brush and you can off course changed. The different options can see different critical change here. Take natural brand the size and you can see in life just here. The changing changes you are bringing to the brush when you change his options, and if you don't really know what blandings changing, just have to observe ah, to brush changing while you move the cursors, the solution. Feeling some water color. All right, then you have this brush, which is British. More looking like, uh, natural tools on it will brush their thin brush. You can hear ALS and for coming book. It's also very useful. It looks like it kind Japanese, uh, brush. And you have spurge pens being to smooth the colors are making collars with the others is very useful when you are playing with colors because you will be able to two makes the colors you're using. If it's so, I'm creating use, catch, create, discard, discard. Okay, we have a new documents were going to use is different tools with examples. Then we have the A razor. There is a very simple you take the reserve and you erase the same. You know, this texture raise her neighbors of it is going to give you some texture, just christened effects. You can see that we have additional picture given to the the brush. All right, so we have seen the options here on the left. Um, in the next video, we're going to talk about what we have on the top of the options 3. Presentation of the working space, part 2: Now let's talk about the options we have here. So first, we have here the options here to create new documents to have access to the galleries. It means that you can have access to the work we're working on and you saved on your iPad. You have share to transform your document into a share. A bill format like a G, p J or any kind of other format perfectly can share. You will be able to share on different all the software and save on different over things print and so on. Here, go to the previous step over drying here to, uh, to cancel. Do he raising you have done with this? Then we have here the options off selection you can select. Bring example Rick Tingle and this freak tingle is going to give you a dilemma. Mated space toe work. And you have also now also re tango magic runs to select a very specific area in here Selection clear toe end select things. But for instance, if you have this and you click on this you selective magic hand, you click inside and you can see that the selection area is inside a formula draw and you have the tolerance, which means that is going to be more or less accurate by default. You have something like this. It could be enough. So I answer like this. I cancel everything and I suppose who have and you can hear have, for instance, you have two rectangles you can add another re tingle in. Your selection is going to be like this. And you can, ah, cancel one part of the selection Coulson you have here is going to move your selection to another point and you can revert. This election can see I'm drinking side. You can take Revert. I will be drawing outside the selection. So it is reverting the selection area. So all these tools are very good, too. Work and select. Then here you can just I have to draw something inside. Deception is going to transform, can move. You can select and change drawing, or you can move like this. We can have a mirror effects horizontally, vertically. How are you can move like this? You rotate done, then I'm raising this. Then you have, um, fill option. You something here I designed to fill with black. He's going to feel with color got here and I'm filling it so it will fill a form that is complete. That if you're something like this, you have a texture and you can change the tolerance which mean that he will taking account , that your firm is composed off a text her. So if you decrease deterrence, it will taking account that you have some pixels per runs here and you will come. Consider that there is something around. If I get parents at this point, it will not consider the pixels here anymore. So we will have to play with this. You would have also some rules. And if you draw a rule, you will be able to draw something very straight. And if you move your working space like this, your rule will be always in the middle of your working space. Anyway, we were able to drop occurred into this role and this is very, very useful. Especially if you work on drawing buildings. You have different kind of froze. You can change like this and this is just amazing. This too is really amazing because you can change the rule the way won't Andrew exactly like this in playing like if it was really rule. All right, then you have the mirror effect you can put here, and when you draw on the size, it will draw ultimate like automatically on the other side. And you have different came off lines, and you can really create beautiful things. Then you can draw forms. I have to cancel the rule. Uh, all right, you click on the selection, clear. If you want to end, select everything. I'm going to erase this, and I will use this droll style so it will take. The color ain't going to give to your perform some, uh, lines according to tool your using here, If you take the vintage marker, your selection to is going to be like this. And if you take a rectangle, you can see it's only appear in this selection. So you click on selection, you end, select clicking and clearing, and then you have nothing selected anymore. Then you have the predictive stroke. It's going to give you something that the stroke is going to be worked. Are automatically change to the sitting degree and trying to make your drawing line more clean. It's not really useful, especially If you want to keep the control of the draining one to do but it exist. Then you can go in selective picture from your, uh, I pan by clicking on this and eat, select directly something you have in your album and you click on this and you can create some perspective with different option of perfect Eve. Two points, three points in salon. Then you can add some text, all right, with different options off texts and also changing the size of your objects. And you have also a notion to to shoot what you are doing. And if you're drawing your, uh, video is going to be saved in your library. I discard, and then you have to full screen. All right, so the last things to see is that you can move these options here. I we already send this. You can change the color, and you can change the size of your brush, and here you can have different layers. Every layers is a layer of informations, for instance, going to have a layer with black. Then on this later, I'm going to have some green, and you have couples of the years where you can draw. Hide one layer, lock your layer to make sure you don't. You raise it. And if you maintain pressure on the layer, you can have a sailor options. You can kept path copy clearly earlier. Yeah, do that here. Okay, now we're done with all the options around the software, and we're going to try a couple of example with this after. 4. Starting to draw with pencil: So we're going to start with a very simple catch with this option. So let's see if I have to change things first. A take black color and I'm starting with this layer on. Don't change anything of this layer. I keep the normal mood. She's normal. Like if I was drawing on wine paper on green to draw someone, maybe I will take, um I will draw a face, so I'm going to drop the face first. So I start with the kind of egg and I'm using theme usual anatomy rules species first neg than I kept this egg in two parts. I'm going to use the full screen mode, and I will put this here to make sure I don't. I'm not disturbed by anything on my working space, So I'm during the Hey get and this eggs getting to start and I have the lines for the eyes . Then I'm drawing, too. Firms like this knows here and in math approximately here, and I will triangle here to things like this, and on the shoulder and the arm. This another shoulder. Then I will flat dispatch and make sure there's still things. Piece here and there 13 here. And the joke is going to be like this, trying to have the same things here, the same curve approximately here. I keep some space on the front head, and if Nick way have, then we can put the hairs first. The hairs on the head. I can manage things here and I'm filling the black. Make sure that this is clear for me, where still the hairs and where it stops. And we've kind of helmet in the hand of the character. Sorry way have the I Breaux's. And when this is done for the all the rules catch Maybe Kim. So Okay, so we continue with the fence hill, I'm zooming in, and now I can start working in more detail. If your sketches too rough and you'd one's work in another working space, you can move this and creating new layer by clicking on the plus and have a new layer. This there I I can click on it and I get opacity down. And then I go back to my premise for your and now I can use The layer can use this later to work in more detail. I'm really using points off my pencil to get something We record because if I bend a little bit, my brush of my cancer will give you something like this. And if I'm only using the point using something like this is what I want Kit here, not drinking a four train. And when you draw this part, make sure which is rather similar to the other side to do Noto have something that is to difference. July is going to be two different, and I'm standing. My pence him control shadow here and maybe also here, Here. Okay, you can see it. I can hide the later with this catch. And they can already have the first vision. And I gently comes here with my Penh's hill to create some shadows. All right, activate the proves failure, and I continue to work. This time I'm really accusing on the detail of the hairs. Right? Hide this and I can come here to create some other things. - And then I adding in youth shadow here, maybe just bill the hairs too. And here just suggests the form of the face. And here we are recreated, first portrayed with pencil options We can see can really have something very powerful and very simple tools to create, um, drawings. So then I can, for the background, create something the size of much more importance, And I bend my pencil and I just suggest something in background like this, and we have the portrait. 5. The inking tools: Let's see now how we can do the inking. But before two in Kansas, Trey Shin, which is the creation of the outline with the black ink, we're going to do a thorough fast sketch. And then from this catch, we're going to create a layer above and on this layer, we're going to add the inking parts. So first I'm taking my pencil. Let's decreed size the other prostitutes were and red and just creating fast catch off a monster skin off goblin or, uh, a De Vil something, even if this is a monster, as he looks like human or getting positioned knows. And the mail. I tried to respect this on the anatomy, basic enough to me rules. Anyway, - I'm adding some shadows just to give to this face some volume. And from there, when I think that sketching is done, I'm going to create a new layer. We consume the right layers created. Now this first layer is going to be with their Sepap City jumped on you earlier, and this time I can select the phone team paying, for instance, or maybe the tattoo inker. She's very good black ink and um, yes, let's try this one. I'm going to zoom on some parts for the drawing and this, wanting to give some interesting alliance for the thinking. You can pretty much find this easy to turn your drawing from left rights toe oriented to to rotated and especially to zoom in. - You can see that when you are thinking here to be very slow, take your time and move rotator illustration and zu means you melts. And I can try also the fountain pain to see what it's going to give us an effects. It's notes about two. You always do straight lines, and you can add some Catchings zooming, and if you want to have more precise hatching, you decrease the opacity. I tried to something at six. Some additional etchings represent the shadows, - so according to what you are doing, like the details with the eyes, which has to be very, very carefully done, you have to select the right tool. And here, for instance, I can say that this promising to be dark can take this and black hole this part, and even with this tour, we can do the some outlines, - and I can complete the details and several parts again. See that we can Really? The fast end in the same time can take your time. Make sure you don't miss anything, because when you are thinking illustration, you have to make sure that all the necessary parts of the drawing is complete to do not have a space where you have some black things and the rest of registration where you have nothing like blank spaces that will, uh, create a kind of unbalance between the black in the weights became so so. You can, of course, create even more details. But it will be over for this step. Um, I have created two layers. Maybe I can merge. We had the previous when, in case of doubts regarding the thinking of one part you concrete's civil layers. But in the end, if the layers are about the thinking, I'm merging all of these years. Eso if I hide the pencil earlier, but just kicking on the I. We just have your inking here, and the next step is going to be how to add color to that illustration. 6. How to use the color: and now we're going to create a new layer and add a color so you can see that with this new layer a fire. I'm using the painting tool some green, for instance. It's going to cover the black color, so I'm taking and clicking on the layer, and I can click, blending and click on Darken. It's going to give a transparency effect. Now we have to sedate the right tool to make the color. So first I can select, for instance, doom the tool that will feel all the space in creaking off blue like this, and they click one time and this feeling the entire and you can try different mode. You can select multiply because darkens lines off the previously are not very clear so quick and multiply, and you can see you have several other options. But multiply the best one to have tea transparency effect. Then I will first work on this, uh, background. I consider acting all the color have here, too cursors. I will take that one, and you can see that I can create some random lines, and I can then use this tool to smooth the color and have something more interesting. In just some random color, it looks like we draw some fog or some counts behind. All right, then I can take that too. Advanced. It's seen. Let's see. What's it to you? I think some grand. All right, We can do it first. First, uh, color and a crazed capacity. I decree that science. And when you maintain your finger one of the color, Yeah, that's I come, that's appear. And in fact, we take back the color you just pointed out to do some correction like this. All right? It was seeing green skin. And now I'm taking a duck and grin, and I can play by drawing the shadows of this creature. I can play with different game. It's off green, and then you can smooth against moving color to smooth color is giving something more realistic unless, uh, with the colors too much uh, kids. All right, enough with the eyes. I can take something very precise like this. All right, now again, also play with the we grow like this, taking very dark shadow and a large brush at some very strong, uh, shadows on the face and smoothing in. And you will see, that's when you accumulate all these different layers off colors is going to give you something interesting for a character and not just one flat color. And then I can take blue in a chin. But see if it works some very sharp lines. Anyone's too much can smooth again anyway, I can also take some blue. Just add some blue Killer just for having a different kind of flights touching the character, then smoothing again. Maybe we have the light touch in character on this side. And why? Notes We can come back on the black and white layer and raising a little bit. Some lanes not too much, but enough to have some kind of light effect. And we have something interesting. Go back on. My color layer is adding some lights on the eyes and maybe some lights on. Very few points I'm faced complete this drawing. All right, so we are done with this illustration. Now, in this in these videos, you just have seen the basic tools to use sketchbook. I hope you learn a couple of things interesting. So now you know the different basic steps to start drawing with software where she is very amazing, very simple and very useful. When you have your tell, it's your iPad, or the device is when you want to bring with you a software that will allow you to draw easily and with very powerful tools.