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12 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Inroduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Choose a Location to Build (or Renovate) Your Dream Studio

    • 4. What Type of Structure Do You Want to Build?

    • 5. How do You Want to Place Your Structure in the Space?

    • 6. What Materials Are Suitable for Building Your Structure?

    • 7. How Much Sustainability Can You Mangage?

    • 8. Think About How You May Want to Landscape Your Structure. What Are Your Outdoor Needs?

    • 9. What Level of Security Is Important to You?

    • 10. Make a List of Your Primary Items and Gather Swipe for Those Things

    • 11. Create Your Sketch

    • 12. Research, Revise, Research, Revise..


About This Class


If you dream of an inexpensive studio/home/cabin/getaway outside of the city, this class will help you make this a reality. I'll show you how I did it and help you sketch out your tree house, cabin, greenhouse, hobbit house, yurt, micro home, trailer.... whatever your home away from home may be! You will leave the course with a good idea of the dream space you want, a necessities list, and a building sketch.

I'll provide you with an introduction to the tools you need to design the studio of your dreams including site scouting, materials, prefab options, recycling, and using reclaimed materials.

My father taught me to build a cabin in the woods when I was 16. We were air dropped into our 400 acre plot of land with lake in Northern Ontario. For the next three weeks, my sister, stepmother, my father and I built a cabin with just a few tools and lumber from the property. We had a local helper, a man named "Peg Leg Mike," who actually did only have one leg. Since then I helped my father build the cabin I now live in part time. I renovated it after my father died in 2000. All the plans for the design are my own, bouncing off my father's original vision for the cabin and property.