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12 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Inroduction

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. Choose a Location to Build (or Renovate) Your Dream Studio

    • 4. What Type of Structure Do You Want to Build?

    • 5. How do You Want to Place Your Structure in the Space?

    • 6. What Materials Are Suitable for Building Your Structure?

    • 7. How Much Sustainability Can You Mangage?

    • 8. Think About How You May Want to Landscape Your Structure. What Are Your Outdoor Needs?

    • 9. What Level of Security Is Important to You?

    • 10. Make a List of Your Primary Items and Gather Swipe for Those Things

    • 11. Create Your Sketch

    • 12. Research, Revise, Research, Revise..

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11 of 12 students recommend this class
A great good course if you’re looking to build a workspace, cabin, or the like. E. Genevieve Williams presents resources and planning for many different types of personal building projects. You’ll come away from this course with a solid understanding of how to brainstorm, sketch, organize yourself, make decisions, think through the steps you’ll take, anticipate and solve problems, and begin the building process.
Who knew classes like this exist? Genevieve gave us the privilege of telling her story and showing us her own space—and has composed videos and course assignments that intimately flow from her own experience as an artist, designer, lover of nature, and the unseen things of daily life. She will take you through the process of creating your personal space along with the environmental & technical considerations one can expect to encounter. I really liked the fact that her experience was weaved into each section of the course and her love for her lifelong project really made the experience of this class. I don't know when I will be able to build a space of my own, but it is great to imagine what it could be.
Ekaterina Smirnova

An artist, who is inspired by science and nature.

Genevieve Williams is just the person I need! Wow, this class is so inspiring! At the moment we are dreaming about having a house and this tutorial really pushing the dream forward. I am absolutely going to implement these ideas while building our house. It's just great to see how one creative person is developing the house designs from scratch, starting from doing research, making sketches and finishing with planting flowers on the front yard. Thanks a lot Gen!
This turned out a great lecturing session. I really appreciate Genevieve's amazing outlook on things and details one could think of when creating a world of own. The video quality and the narration is apt and sequential. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and i highly recommend it to all.
Genevieve is an excellent teacher. Whether be typography, design, paper, screen or spatial. She is very thorough and takes you through everything from concept to completion. I have had the pleasure to take several classes with her. Spatial design is as exciting as the others. Making your own home, studio, bat cave is a very personal journey. I am excited about starting mine with Genevieve.