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SEVEN Different Text Effects on Premiere Pro //

Alex Edwards, Video Editing

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8 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Content

    • 2. 1- Reveal text

    • 3. 2- Glitch effect

    • 4. 3- Track Matte Key

    • 5. 4- Animating Text To A Beat

    • 6. 5- Slide Text

    • 7. 6- Handwritten Text

    • 8. 7- Walk By Effect


About This Class

In this class I’m going to teach you how to edit your text seven different ways. These are perfect for headers and subtitles in youtube intros as well as for event videos such as weddings and anniversaries!

Sidenote: when I refer to cropping the text when glitching your text I’m referring to using the mask to select part of your text :)


1. Content: Hey, guys. So in the following classes, I would teach you how to reveal your text, do a glitch effect, and also Chuck Marquis, as well as animating your text to beat sliding the text across your video, doing 100 texts, and also doing a walk by effect. 2. 1- Reveal text: I think so. The first thing you're going to need to do is create a new text file to mind. I just chose Mirriad Arabic. Andi made it bold. Then you need to drag this on top of your existing video so you don't need to go to a pastie and create a new mask. I just shows the rectangle one because it fits perfectly around my text. Now go to the point on your timeline whereby you want all of the text to actually be revealed and click on the clock next to mask Path. This will create a new key frame and then go back to the start of your video on going back onto mask and drag it all the way out of sight. So what's happening between these key frames is that the mask is moving from the left hand side to the center, revealing the way if you wanted to stick around for a little bit so you can actually read it. Then you need to choose the point on your timeline whereby you want in text to actually start disappearing again and then just move them. Ask ever so slightly to create a new key frame. Go to the end of your video on drug theme, asked back out off the frame. So from key frame to keep frame, your mask is moving into the center of your video, then staying stationary and they're moving back out to the left again. Additionally, you can feel the text from top to bottom. So you need to do is put the mask above the text than drug it down onto the text and then back up or down. Just remember that to create and you keeping you do have to move the mask ever so slightly or toe wherever you want it to be. I know this sounds quite confusing, but when you watch, how I'm doing it is quite simple. 3. 2- Glitch effect: So in this lesson I'm going to teach you how to do a glitch effect three different ways. So to begin with, you need to make a new text file. I went with quite a vortex since my video was quite busy. Once you've great it, you just need to drag it on top of your video. Then you need to go to effects and type in walk. Then you need to drug wave Walk onto your title Thier main things you need to know are the wave type. So at the moment minus on sign But you can choose from a variety such about square triangle salt to circle. In the end, I went for squad wave heights Split your text. Basically, Onda we with such is your text horizontally direction can basically make the perfect way Wave speed is how fast you want the effect to travel. So if it sounds over, absolutely nothing will happen when you play your video. But if you increase it, then it will speed up. And then for now, we don't really need to worry about the rest off the options. Currently, this is what mine looks like. Then you need to drag your title on again. So if you go to the title layer in which in which you added on the war perfect, just cut off your video into lots of little sections on delete. Some of way you can see it will create the perfect. So for the second effect, you need to duplicate your original text file twice in project. Then you need to edit two of them by changing the color off the text. So I went for pink on also peach, just to go with the colors in my original video. Then you need to drop your original text on to layer three sets at the top, so it's most visible. So for me, that is the white text on drug, the two color for text underneath. So you should have four layers theory, journal video and then three different text files. Then if you go to position and click on video, too. So for me, that is my feature wants just like ever since, like you said, is revealing itself and then do the exact same with your other colorful textile. This is roughly what it should look like. Thank you need to drive wave walk onto your colorful videos. So for this glitch effect, I chose noise on die stretched out the height and width of it. Do you recommend you have just a little bit of play around with the height width on the directions just to see what suits your video? But once you've done that, then just chop up your colorful videos like we did before, and then just delete the ones that you don't want. - If you wanted to, you could include your original text piled one on top, which is my white one on his travel as well. But instead of deleting it just at on the glitch, in fact, toothy files that overlap with the colorful text files. So for the last glitch effects, you're basically going to be cropping your text on moving ever so slightly, so you need to layers to begin with. Just hide one of them for now, you clicking on the Iittle, which should put a blue slash through the eyes. Then click on your video and go to capacity. You don't need to click on the box or the rectangle on just select part of your text, so I had a play around with this until I had copped it toe Have I wanted it to be so if you unclipped the eye on your original video, you can see where about the placement is for your crop video. They just go to position and change the movement off the crop video using the X and Y axes . Then you basically need to do this again, Bert. Crop different parts of your text. So again you're better off just hiding the other two files for now. But go Teoh capacity, then create a new mask on just select part off your text. Then again, just go to motion and move its position on the way the way I did this one more time in the bottom left corner. So again, just go to a pastie, crop the text and then move it using traditional way with your text. You just need to chop up your video again and delete the parts that you don't want And this drug we will move on to one of your clips so I won't sign this time, and I changed. We've wit, but I changed it ever so slightly so that you could so tell it waas the text. I just pasted this onto all of those little clips. So know what? Your glitz should look like this. And again. If you wanted to put this on to the original text, then just cut up Andi piece on the what? We've war. 4. 3- Track Matte Key: So in this lesson, I'm going to teach you how to use the truck monkey. To begin with, you just need to create a new text on one shell. Don't drag this on to your original video. So the text I went with was phosphate. I do recommend using quite a bold front in order to make the track matte keep effective thing. You need to go to effects and type in track. Mackey and directors onto your original video, not the text. Then go to affect controls. Andi, click on the drop down next a map and click on video too, which is your text. This basically crops your video to the text. 5. 4- Animating Text To A Beat: So in this lesson, I'm going to teach you how to animate your text to beat. So as you just heard the music before is what I'm going to be working with. So it's begin with you need to drag your text file on top of your video. The next thing you need to do is move the textile where the first beat plays Theun. Depending on how many words you have army letters, you have what they need to go along and crop your text in line with the start off every beat. As I am doing here, we're bearing in mind that start the text file is the first beat. Are then created six cups for the rest of the words way on the first section of your text and go to a pastie on creating a new mask. Recommend using the square one as if it's a textile. Quite well, you don't need to select a different word for each section of text. Before my first text section, I selected the word how and then second I selected two and then enemy and so on, and this is what that looked like. And so the second way you could animate your text to beat is instead of having only one word show up, you could add on another word for every beat. So again, you need to cut your text in line with each beat on, then for each section, go to capacity and create a new mask For my first section off text. I'm going to just select the word how. But then, from the second section, I'm also going to include the word to and then every different section you need to add on a new word. I'm just gonna be through this. If your mask doesn't reach all of your words, you can include more than one on one section. Once you've done that, it should look like this. 6. 5- Slide Text: in this class, I'm going to show you how to do a really simple slide effect. This is pretty similar to the revealing text. However, Instead of having a mask that moves, it's actually your text that slides in and out. So to begin with, you need to move your text out for frame. And I just did this by moving the position of my text on the X axes. We need to make sure that you are also at the start of your video and then you need to click on the clock next position and create a new key frame. Then go to the point by which you want the text to appear on drug. The text back into shop on go to the point where which you want it disappeared on drug it back out. So I've done this two ways seven it coming in from the left and then also coming in from the bottom. - Now , as you can tell, we both of these text doesn't stick around, so go straight in and straight back out again to make it stick around. I need to go to the point. In between the second and third key frame and create a new one on. Do you need to change the position of the text to whatever the position is off your second key free. So my second key frame was at 637 so I made the new third key frame 637 as well. I know this is a little bit confusing, but as you can see on my screen, it is pretty simple. So now that you have four key frames, this just means that in between the second insert, the text doesn't move. 7. 6- Handwritten Text: So the next effect I'm going to show you is how to create a handwritten text. So again, the first thing you need to do is create a new text file for this one. I went with Sign Painter was my fault just because it did look slightly 100 then just tracked this on top of your original video. Then you need to create a new adjustment layer on drug this on top of your video. Next, go to effects and type in right on, and drag this on to your adjustment layer in the middle of your screen. That should be a small dot. This is basically what we're going to use to track the text so that it reveals itself like your writing for yourself, way that controls on Just use the size of the brush. It needs to be wide enough that it covers your foot. Then you can just make your way through the other options. So color both sides. Bouchard knows capacity lengthen things like that, so brush hardness basically changes how the front appears, so it could be quite harsh or it can flow quite nicely. So the passage we wanted to be 100 and then for brush spacing, we want it to be on 0.1 This just creates lots of little brush strokes, so it's quite smooth when it reveals itself. Now you need to move that doctor. The top off where you want your text is first start revealing itself on to move it. You need to click on right on, and then a small cross will appear on Just drag it over the miners at the start of my B. We then need to go to the start of your video and click on the crop next to brush position . This will create a new key frame. Then you need to move the door ever so slightly and then click the right key on your keyboard. So every time we move the dark, you need to click on the right key. This will create and you keep going, and then you basically just do this until it covers all of your front. So I'm just gonna speed through this, as you can see, and your key frames should will be quite tight next to each other. - Once you've done that, it should look like this so to get rid off the mess. Basically, you need to go to effects and type in track. Mackey and you need to drive the truck Marquis onto your text file, then go to affect controls and change the map to Video three, which is your adjustment layer. Now, if you go back to the start of your video, you'll see that the text certainly appears as you go across your timeline. 8. 7- Walk By Effect: so the last effect again, she is a walk by effect. Sophistry just need to create a text as we've been doing, and then you need to drop this on top of your video. If they need to find the point at which the person in your video or whatever is that's moving across your screen starts to cut across your text. So I cut my text where it wasn't yet revealed by the person. So if the person your background is surrounding your text like this, then that would be the point about which you cut it. However, in the next key frame, you can see that the tea no longer is on top off the person, so we have to go back one and cut it there. Thing you just need to delete the first part of your text. You click on the text and go to a pastie and create a new mask. So for this, do you frame? None of the text should be selected. Then you need to click on the clock and create a new key frame. Then you need to leave one. Keeping over on click on masks, it appears, and then select the area around the person so that your text is revealing itself. Then you basically need to keep moving along one key frame and reveal more and more of your text. So for mine, I didn't use the square to select my text. However, it may be easier to use the pedal.