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SEO in 2021 - An Effective Guide To Climb The Rankings

teacher avatar Fedi Hs, SEO Consultant, Digital Marketing, Conte

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. One Critical Metric

    • 3. Strategies To Grow A Blog

    • 4. Turn Visitors Into Subscribers

    • 5. SEO Mistakes Part 1

    • 6. SEO Mistakes Part 2

    • 7. SEO Mistakes Part 3

    • 8. SEO Ranking Factors Part 1

    • 9. SEO Ranking Factors Part 2

    • 10. SEO Ranking Factors Part 3

    • 11. Keyword Research Part 1

    • 12. Keyword Research Part 2

    • 13. Keyword Research Part 3

    • 14. Keyword Research Part 4

    • 15. Content Promotion Part 1

    • 16. Content Promotion Part 2

    • 17. Link Building Part 1

    • 18. Content Promotion Part 2

    • 19. Content Promotion Part 3

    • 20. Content Promotion Part 4

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About This Class

It's 2021. In the fast-changing world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), things completely changed, what now drives the real impact on your site? Join this course to learn how to rank high, drive traffic, and stand out.

This course includes not just SEO strategies relevant in 2021 but also tips on what to avoid in today's SEO. This up-to-date SEO training guide takes you through:

  • The difference between the 2 big strategies to grow a blog

  • How you can turn your visitors into regular readers and customers

  • The SEO mistakes of today and how you can avoid them

  • The SEO ranking factors of today and how they affect the rankings

  • Create an SEO friendly content

  • A complete guide to do keyword research

  • Ways to promote your content

  • Build Backlinks effectively

This class is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups, freelancers, marketers, or any SEO beginners/experts! No prior experience or skills required.

How do you know this is the class for you? The best thing about SEO is that it's not different for every type of site. The fundamentals covered in this class can be applied to any business or website that its goal to grow their traffic naturally. 

To help you get the most out of this course, all the concepts are explained to you in simple terms and broken down nicely into actionable steps that are easy to understand and follow.

The course is full of studies and examples that prove everything, starting from the SEO mistakes to the ranking factors. You'll be surprised how some of the ranking factors that gurus teach you 2 years ago are actually considered mistakes today.

Don't rush results. SEO is hard when you try to learn it on your own, don't try to blaze through material that you find anywhere on the web from different people that call themselves 'gurus'.

If you end up doing the wrong things, you could suffer bad consequences. Your site will get penalized from Gooogle and eventually fade.

The truth SEO is an increasingly complex field, it's not a true science, it's all based on experiences and case studies and it keeping changing every day. There are a lot of information to grasp and rules to digest before you can actually succeed.

And that's exactly what I'm going to teach you, clients pay me hundreds of times the amount of this course for a one-on-one consultation. You're going to get precisely the same information that I teach for a fraction of the cost.

After taking this course you will be able to climb the Google rankings, even your appetite for SEO learning will be thoroughly wetted and you’ll be searching for your next.

You'll be able to understand the SEO mistakes of 202and beyond, the actual ranking factors of today and how you can apply them correctly, you'll be able to create content that's relevant to the targeted keyword and how you actually get the authority of that search query. Next, you'll have a deep understanding of doing an effective keyword research and its goal to grow your business value and how much money you make, not only increase your website's traffic. Finally, you'll learn to build backlinks the right way, you'll get thousands of high-quality backlinks fast. 

Note: This is not a course to teach you how to get fast results or get rich quick type of course!

Don't expect any super-smart killer SEO tactics that will rank you 1st by tomorrow, but if you believe in putting in the effort and time to learn and practice what I teach you, then this is the most suitable SEO course for you.

I will also regularly update this course with fresh content to bring you the most up-to-date knowledge and information about SEO.

Once you are enrolled as a student, you will receive all future updates and new content additions automatically at no extra cost.

Now, it's up to you.

If you have read all the way until here, I believe you are serious about learning and you have a great attitude to success in SEO.

If you are ready to start your SEO journey, just click the 'Buy Now' button to enroll and I'll see you inside.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fedi Hs

SEO Consultant, Digital Marketing, Conte


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1. Introduction: Hi. We come to this course of issue. Let's want a quick video. First Hague Ago. Open calendar Open calculator Open photos. Set a timer for 10 minutes. What's the weather today? What about tomorrow? Show me John Legend on Twitter. Get a lift ride to my hotel. Turn the flashlight on. Turn it off. Take a selfie. This was the Google assistant service. I wanted to show you how smart Google is nowadays. Google now can do all of these tasks for you and look at the speed and accuracy of the door . This is also the Google vision told, for example, let's drag an image here and see how Google analyzing and look how it's able to detect the dog, the person, even a football. We are in the age of artificial intelligence or AI. Google now reached the highest levels of intelligence, and that also is affecting its search engine. We are in the new age of a CEO. Things completely changed from what we used to. Back in 2000 and 12 for example, we chose a keyword. We create a simple pl our content, and with some automatic software's, we generate thousands of back clinics and that's it. We find ourselves ranking first in Google, then that long time ago in 2000 and 17 for example, the ranking factors were their own pace. Factors, off page factors, dressed factors, the user experience, the speed, etcetera, the God of Google back then to become social just like Facebook. Now, in 2000 and 20 things changed with the artificial intelligence now ranking and Google is actually easier. But it takes more hard work. It takes doing the work correctly. The age of spam is over. The age of Black Hat Seo and Link building ship tactics is there. So in this course, don't expect any top secret, super smart killer as your strategy that will make you rank by tomorrow. But instead you will find actionable steps that you do to start ranking Google. You will learn how to grow your bloke and focus on the business value by bringing in customers and sales to your website. Everything. What I would say during this course would be proven by studies and examples. It took me months to create this course. It could easily be a 10 hour long and just a bunch of collected information But I decided to cut to the chase. You will get directly to the points. So this was a brief introduction about this course, you know now. And I see you inside. 2. One Critical Metric: Let's talk about the one critical metric of measuring the success of your blow. In about a period of seven months, I managed to grow one of my websites from around 5000 visits per month to over 40,000 visits per month. Well, you might be impressed by this result and you're probably thinking that this is a successful website. But honestly, this was a total failure, considering the work that have poured in the high quality content, the time spending CEO. At the end, I was only making a few cents out of the service that I was provided. I mean, the numbers were very low, so my monetization plan was very weak. That's why I considered the website a total failure. For me, traffic is just the second daily metric number of visits per month. Number published articles per month, social shares, email subscribers. All of these are bad matter. Expert, Determine your blocks access instead. What you should be looking for is the number of sales per month. How much exactly did you make out of your broke over the last month? You're going to spend a lot of time and if we're trying to rank your website. So what's the point of ranking it without making any money? That's why you should have a clear idea on how you're gonna generate income out of your bloke, whether it's selling products both physical or digital services, though in affiliate marketing, a membership side or even advertising. And there are a ton of different ways that you can monetize the website, so be clear with that before, starting this year in June. Now, this course won't teach you about the monetization aspect of your side, but instead will teach you how you can bring customers from Google how you can get more sales to your business with the help of a CEO, and I will be happy to share with you or what I've learned about a CEO throughout the years with discuss cereal strategies and tips that you do to make her issue. Julie successful 3. Strategies To Grow A Blog: Welcome to lesson number one. It would discuss the topic strategies to grow Bloke. So basically we have social media traffic on one hand and s e o traffic. On the other hand, let's start with social media traffic challenges. First, we need to create a shade over three content, a sticky content that stairs an emotional response. Second, we're gonna need to peach influencers without influences with big followers, our content won't go viral. We must make influencers share the content. And lastly, we have to publish more often. If we start publishing, our social traffic will feed. So we have to regularly provide the share worthy content so we can get support from influencers and hopefully they will share it Now, on the other hand, s your traffic changes? Our first, we need to create a relevant content, a great content as well. And second is trying to get back links to our content. We try to get other websites linked to us. Now it's strategy obviously has its pros and cons. But me personally, of course, I would say I prefer issue because that's what I've been doing. But here is another point. Let's say you just have published an article on your block. And like everyone, what we do here is trying to share it with your existing audience, whether it's on social media, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etcetera. He will share it on different communities, such as rated Facebook groups, forums you shared with your email list subscribers and the list goes on and on. Now. What would happen here in your analytics is a sudden spike sending an increase in your traffic and this is most likely not a new audience, which means your social platforms, your email list subscribers. One of them have bean in your website before, so you're not generating new customers. On the other hand, ASIO traffic takes time to build up, but would be reaching new audiences. Every day on this will let you reaching customers. So does that mean should you only focus on issue off course, not ideal, You know them both social and s you. In fact, there is no way your content gets a lot of visits from Google without any social shares on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And the opposite is true. There is no way your content goes viral on social media without getting any traffic from Google and even what you have to do here is trying to build your audience. Whether it's our social media or your email list, try to turn your new visitors into regular beaters and subscribers. 4. Turn Visitors Into Subscribers: we've talked about why it's important to try to generate wire traffic from social media and , of course, from doing S CEO. Now we discuss how you can turn investors to your website into a regular readers and subscribers. Of course, you wouldn't be reaching new audiences as much as we've discussed in the last video, but here is why you have to do it anyway. If you don't turn your visitors into subscribers, chances are how you won't see them again so you wouldn't be able to promote them in your articles. You wouldn't be able to launch new products promotions to them. You want to get shares its area so bending your audience is super important. But it shouldn't be your main focus, especially if you're starting your blood. Now. It won't go in depth on how you can grow your audience and turned visitors into subscribers . But here are some ways you can try to grow your own ist. Pop ups lead magnets, social shares, icons, internal wings content, emigrates, sliding. These are all technical tricks that help grow your audience, and there are many more. So take this in consideration when you're trying to grow your bro. All right, next lesson will get into the technical parts of with you and we will start by the issue. Mistakes off today. And that might be surprising for you. So see you there. 5. SEO Mistakes Part 1 : we can to listen numbers toe in this lesson, I'm gonna talk about the issue Mistakes off today. So these mistakes were factors not long time ago if you were in 2000 and 16 or 2000 and 17 for example, I would say that this current mistakes our factories to help frank your website on Google. But today not only it won't help your side ranking Google, but also, if you do these mistakes, your website will fail. So these mistakes are on three main levels. We have mistakes in the content, mistakes in the domain name, and you are ill and finally keyword mistakes. So let's start with the content in steaks. The first mistake here is publishing a lot of content. Before it s you. We get the idea that we should regularly publishing new content every day. This way will increase our traffic. But I want to inform you now then this is considered as a mistake. Today, Google prefers quality over quantity. There was a study done by a trips that come on. What they found is pretty shocking. Almost 91% of all pages on the Internet get zero traffic from Boo today, creating a website is super easy. Every day millions of pages is published, So imagine the amount of websites that have no value to Google. Now, The only pages that rank is those who provide value First, in fact, you can build your entire business or website around the single page. Only here is an example. They could look at this article from hell flying that come. It's a guide about the ketogenic diet. If we see this article in an S, E, O told will find that it gets an estimation off 400,000 visitors every single month. And those are old keywords that this page ranks for around 8000 keywords. Imagine that. So see, what's the point of publishing a lot of articles every week when we can only publish few articles and get them to rank on Google? So instead of publishing an article every day, you should be publishing weekly or even once per month. But during that time you have to promote your articles and try to get them back leanings. As we will discuss in this course now, the second mistaking content is short articles. Today, Google likes the comprehensive, detailed articles. The short articles off 500 words won't drank anymore. Here is a study done by snap agency that can, and what they found is that articles between 2200 words and 2500 words get the most traffic kombu fund, with by articles that over 2500 words And not only that, but also they found that the longer the content is, the more social shares will get. This means people love long articles. So from now on, for gain writing articles, off 1000 words or even 2000 wars, just remember the longer and in depth. Your article is the higher to rank on Google. Now let's move to the last mistaking content, which she is writing for your audience. You might be wondering what I'm talking about, But let me explain. Writing for your target audience in a direct way isn't mistake. Nowadays, we should be writing tow them in an indirect way, and that's done by attracting one person. And that is the influences. So we need to write toe attracting for once, especially if you have a new block. Now, if they everyone likes our content, that means our target audience will definitely like the content as well. So when we not we should be thinking about the influencer and how we can get him to share our content, like mentioning him, for example, This way we can get a lot of promotion and we will acquire natural back clinics. 6. SEO Mistakes Part 2: Now let's talk about the second part of a CEO Mistakes, which is in the domain name, and Uriel, the 1st 1 here is using keyword in the domain name. Now. I wouldn't consider it as a mistake, as much I considered without value. Not long time ago, we used to say, Try to put your main key word in the domain, for example. Let's say you're broke. Ski? What is this? You would have something like tips and your domain name would be something like seo tips that come. And by doing this, you get rank on Google and you get their authority of that keyword. But today I want to let you know that this is no sense. It has no effect at all for Google. Just because keywords are in the domain doesn't mean it will rank for those keywords. But in fact, Google now loads the branded domains those the weird ones. So when you choose a domain for your website, try to shoes that Brandon that special and doesn't exist nowhere else. So when this domain gets indexed by Google and start becoming a keyword search, now your website will get their authority on whatever you are trying to rank for. Let's now move to the second mistake, which is long your else before in s CEO would try to make the U. S as long as possible. We're trying to add all the possible keywords off the article so we can wreck for them. We used to treat Google in a way. Unfortunately, this tricks won't work no more. But instead, today shorter, you RL's tend to rank higher. This is a study done by back links that come and they found that the lower the numbers of characters in your l, the higher it will rank on Google. No, ideally, what you want to do here is just use your Minky Worden, Uriel. So let's say your keyword is s your strategy, your your area would be your domain. That come slash s your strategy. 7. SEO Mistakes Part 3 : the last part of the issue. Mistakes is the most important one, and that isn't the keywords. And the first mistake here is writing for things that no one is searching for. Let me give you an example. One of my clients is a self published author. She published a few books on different marketplaces, but she got no sense. So she decided to create a bloke around her books against traffic, build audience and eventually make sense. Until this moment, the plan seems perfect. But for almost two years she didn't make any sale. So when I checked her website to see what's wrong, are you mean if he saw some suspicious article titles like Chapter two of my upcoming book , The first time I Met My Brothers and many more read headlines. Basically, she was writing about chapters and stories off her books. So by checking this keywords and a key word to like the free Google planner, you find that they have zero monthly searches on Google, and this was her crucial mistake. Writing about things with no such demand isn't guaranteed failed, So you have to choose keywords that your audience that actually searching for so they can find you as a quick tip here. Your keyword should at least has 100 social each month because, as we've seen before, there is no article that drinks for one keyword only. We will discuss this in depth in the keyword research. Listen, okay, The second mistake is choosing keyword based on the issue. Keyword, difficulty score. See, Every s yo toward has a metric called keyword difficulty. For example, I'm here at a sheriff's Let's stop Seo tips as our T work, and as you can see, a number from 0 to 100 will show up and tell us whether this keyword is easy, medium or hard to rank for simply. This metric is an average to the number of referring domains off the top 10 ranking patients for that keyword. So in other words, the more referring domains, the higher the keyword. Difficulty scoring is. So people think about this magic as the magic tool that will solve all their ranking problems. But let me show you why it's a bad idea to choose your keyword. Based on this score, I'm here again at eight raves. Let's type in Seo strategy, for example, so The keyword difficulty is 54 the source volume is 2500. Good. Let's check another keyword submit website to search engine and we get 89 which is very hard, and the search volume is only 90. So you're probably thinking that the first keyword is a better option, It seems the easier keyword to rank for, and it has a better source morning. But I want to tell you, Wait a minute. Let's see the average traffic off the first ski world. As you can see, the highest gets 1500 then between 402 100 visits on Lee. Now, if we see the second keyword, the average traffic is around 8000 visits 6000 visits on 3000 visits, so you get my point here. Even the second key world has a higher keyword Difficulty scored, but it's still the better option because it gets more traffic. Even it has less source volume, but that's simply because it's impossible. Toe only rank for one single or keyword on Lee, so we chose our keyword based on what then simply we choose based on traffic and linking domains or back links and that what we'll see in the keyword research Listen now. Also, the keyword difficulty is still very useful, and I will show you how exactly you can use it. In that lesson, the last mistaking keywords is showing the target keyword more frequently in the article before in the old days of Aecio. If we want a rank for the keyword, we try to show that keyword more frequently in our article. This was a common method to treat Google, but not today. Let's search for how to rank on Google, for example. Let's open the ranking pages and see how many times that keyword showed up in the article. The first result. It only appears once the second result, Vicky Ward doesn't show up at all only once in the common section. So why they rank higher then. That's because Google now is a smart enough to understand that cures like improve your Google rankings and, like increase your rankings have the same meaning as how to rank on Google. And that's basically called ls I or late in cementing indexing, those are essentially keywords related to the main keywords that your are searching for. In our example keywords like improve your ranking and increase your Google traffic gets it in. So that's that means you should ignore your main key word in the article. Not really, but you can use your target keyword in the U. R L title and in the content. But you should be writing your article in a natural way, and it has to match the social intent for the targeted keywords. Use as many. Ls I keyword as you can. Don't try to trick or play around with Google nowadays. Just provide a great content and you shall drink. 8. SEO Ranking Factors Part 1 : Welcome to lesson number three. In this lesson, we will talk about the S your ranking factors, In my opinion, those factors will last for a long time. I don't predict any court updates nearby. I want you to pay attention closely to this lesson because by understanding and applying those factors, you can expect to rank on Google. Okay, we have three main factors. First is relevant content Second is back clinics and third, something called user satisfaction. I don't get confused between uses, satisfaction and user experience will get to that. Now Those factors come in that exact order. Relevant content is the most important. Second important is back clinics and it won't disappear at some people might say. But in fact we can say it's a strong, further, same as relevant content. And finally, we have the user satisfaction. Now in this lesson, I will only talk about relevant content and user satisfaction. Back clinics would be in another separate chapter itself. All right, there are some key words that only need the number one factor, and there are some key words that actually need both factors. Relevant content and Bagri Knicks. But what about the user satisfaction nowadays uses satisfaction is essential with your keywords, no matter what, it's the mast and a factor at the same time. So I want to start by this factor as its basic and understanding. It will help us next in the relevant content. First, to understand the user satisfaction, we need to understand an important thing called Google Rank brain algorithm. As a definition, rancor brain is a machine learning, or AI algorithm that Google uses to sort search queries and provide the most relevant search results for users. Let's explain this with some examples. Let's suppose you like a song in a movie you watch and you want to listen to it again or you want to download it. But you have no idea what's the name of the song, so it will search for the square. You knew what was the first song and frozen, for example. Now, if we take a look at the results, we'll find exactly what we are looking for. Not only Google understands that we are referring to frozen movie and not as an objective, but also gives us an accurate results with links to you tube videos. And that's exactly the intelligence of rancor brain. It understands what we want. Even the search query isn't specific. If I type, why does my TV look strange? For example, see, Google will understand our problem and give us and not crude diagnosis. And that is the soap opera perfect. Even we didn't know about it. So the rancor brain does an interesting joke off connecting multiple aspect of that search to other similar searches based on keywords. It's simply trying to provide the most relevant results. Here is another example. Let's type in the blood console developed by Google again. Google will understand what we are looking for and give us a pretty accurate results, which is a PlayStation. So the ranking brain has two main jobs. First, understand search, query or keywords. So the ranking brain starts by detecting the similar keywords in our example of the PlayStation. It starts by detecting key words like Sony Black console develop, then knows there is similarity between those keywords. And that is the L. S. I. The one we've talked about in the last lesson. After that, Google will show us the relevant results, which is PlayStation, and not only that the ranking brain also understands the user intent based on many factors like age, gender, country. It's a they think local search query like Where should I go for dinner and see Google first ? Would be important. Your location. The device you are using in Citadel. And they use these factors to interpret your intent and provide the relevant result, which is restaurants that are open for dinner and near to your location. Okay, let's move to the second job of the rancor brain, which is imagining results so it starts to measure the page results based on the user satisfaction. The user searches for a certain query, and he starts to see the first page results. But he couldn't find what he's looking for. The same goes to the second base, but with the third his 40. Satisfied with the result now with the rank brain, Google notices that users are satisfied with the third result, so it would rank higher for that key work. And that's the importance of user satisfaction alongside with the other two factors rid of and content and back clinics. Now the question here the users that inspection is determined based on what? Where there are three signals or factors that will increase or decrease the user satisfaction. And those are organic. City are bounce, rate and, well, time. In the next video, we would discuss each one of them and see how they can be optimized. 9. SEO Ranking Factors Part 2: the last video we've talked about the rank brain algorithm and how the user satisfaction is affected to rank on Google. We say that our three main signals or factors to improve the user satisfaction score and those are the organic city are bounce rate and, well, time. Okay, let's start with the Organic City are, as a definition organic city. Are is the percentage of socials that click on a search engine results. In other words, it simply means the clicks from Google. So to increase the city are we only have to optimize to things. And those are the title scored of my article and emit a description for the title scored. That is an interesting statistic. Eight out of 10 will read your headline, but only two out of 10 will read the article. And that's because your headline isn't optimized enough. There is free tool that I use a lot called I'm Institute that come this stool will analyze your title to determine the emotional marketing value or E. M. V. This is a key metric to increase the clicks to your articles by just temporary storming and seeing the headlines of your competitors, you can come up with a great headlines. Here is an example. Let's say I come up with this title. The reason Kato diet doesn't work, so it gets score of 16% and the tool says that scores between 30% and 40% are great, and between 50% and 75% are super. Agree no. After a few more attempts, I decide to go with this headline 10 reasons why you are not losing weight on Cato and here it get 55% which is a perfect score, as this title has a lot of envy words now regarding the headlines. Also, there is an amazing research study done by Bonsu that camp they analyzed around 100 million headlines. I felt these results. These are old powerful words to increase the city out of your headline. So including words like will make you. This is why your headline would get higher score. I would attach a fight with examples so you can come up with your own, and I will also add words to avoid that. Actually, decrease your city are now let's move to the middle description. The media description is simply a brief summary of the article, I want you to think about the media description as yourselves copy. This is a major tool that searchers use to decide which search result would be the most helpful for them that were great. Me. The description will include present tense, actionable language. Try to describe exactly what you want the search to do. What what exactly would happen when they click on your article? Give them a clear picture of what lies beyond the link. Try to start with words like learn, discover, experienced, read it, sit there and finally try to keep it short and sweet. There is a cool trick. I want to share it with you here, and that's using an It's by toe. I'm here at ice panache that camp. So let's say my article about key to die. So I will type Mikey work, then Goto ads, and here we're gonna sort the list by other keywords, for example, and these are all great me, the descriptions to use because they already have been successful at gets now talk about the ball straight and well time. I want to talk about them both because they are similar in a way in a natural here. Do you want to increase the amount of time users spend on your website so as a definition, 12 times the amount of time that visitor spend on a base before returning back to the search engine results page? While bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who entered their page and then lied rather than continue to view other pages within the same side, these visitors may have returned to the search engine results page or simply close to page . Now Bounce state is visible in your Google analytics, and your goal is the decreases as much. The lower the bounce rate, the better chances to rank. So these factors are related to each one. Let's see how we can optimize them both. First, you're gonna check of your website is moved by friendly or not. So goto the Google move by friendly, destitute into your website, and the two will tell you if it's mobile friendly or not, and it will give you what the fix. Now, if you are using WordPress, the A M P plugging is essential now, and it will make your site loads faster for move on the second thing to check is the occasional time. You can check the 80 metrics that come to find out the speed of your website, and it will give you useful insights and see how you can optimize your website for faster load time. No, that's determined by many factors. First, the hosting. If you want a high performance and first website, I recommend using cloud hosting. This is the perfect option rather than using shared hosting just church for Google, and you will find a ton of cloud hosting providers. Now me personally, I used Balto dot com. I find it. The first is, and it's cheap. It costs an average of $5 a month for great hosting. Now I have enough Really think what you can use. You get free $50 when you make it deposed off $25. Now the other thing that effects the page load time is the media size, so you have to compress your images. If you are using WordPress, the smash black, it works great. It has both free and paid volumes also for the base size. Using a cash black, it will make your website loans faster. There are many cashing blankets for a paint option. Used. WP rocket A great cashing, blogging and if you want a free option, you can use the W B Super Gas works fine without any problems based on my own experience. All right, let's now move to the third factor, which is the user experience here. Try to meet your website designed, simple and clean. So if you are using WordPress, choose a theme that's fast and relive into your side, because a good theme will make a huge impact on the user experience and the low time. So pick the right colors and customize the navigation menus to make it easier for the visitor. Now also here, trying to pick a theme that has a good co two takes ratio percentage. Every single page on the Internet is written in HTML Co. And the content displayed is takes, so the code to text ratio is the correlation percentage of actual text found in a page. So today, Google doesn't want to show up pages that have a lot of gold. Let's check in Beijing, a goto takes ratio checker, and as you can see, this page is considered agree. The code size is only 25 killer by the text. Size is nine kilobytes, and the co two text ratio is 26% which is good now. Good percentage, I would say, from 15% to 40% less than that would be considered bad and higher than that would be spent . Here is an example of a bad team. This page has a quote size of 482 kilobytes and the text size off six kilobytes so they go to take. The issue is only 1% which is very bad for Google Now. Finally, make sure to include Intel earnings because thinking to related, posting your content would increase the amount of time visitor spend on your side. Therefore, you will increase the 12 time. 10. SEO Ranking Factors Part 3: So we have talked about the user satisfaction factor, and we have seen how we can optimize it. Now let's talk about the first factor issue ranking, which is the relevant content as quick definition. The relevant content is an indication of how your content is relevant in relation toe a particular source, query or topic. In other words, the better the content of the page mashes in search query, the more likely it will achieve a good ranking, so the relevant content is achieved by five steps. First, your article should belong. And when I say a long article, I don't mean just a long article with random wars just tryingto first your article to be long. But what I mean stay is to write in depth articles that are details and cover the topics you're writing about from A to Z in the issue Mistakes. We've talked about the length of your article and here is another study done by sir back you and they found the same results. The average content length for the ranking articles is over 2400 words. Also in the issue mistakes with mentioned that you shouldn't use your main key word lot in the article, but instant use the L A psyche words, which are keywords similar to your main key word. Likely there are some tools for them in a sacred off. For example, just by taping Jermaine keyword, it will show you a list I keywords that you can use in your article. The other important thing here is to use the Google Natural Language Processing. No, this is an AI algorithm that go uses to understand language and words. There are many components off the natural language processing, or NLP. It's a huge subject, but what we are looking for is something called entities. Google takes the content and splits it into many things or entities. Those could be people, location, organization or even concepts or ideas. It said there. So let's take an example first. Goto the Google Cloud slash natural language. Go to the A P. I hear you don't even need to look in. Just use the A P I demo. Now let's and some text here and see how good would understand it. And as you can see under entities, Google understands that Steve Jobs is a person. Americanism location. Apple is an organization it said there. So those are basically entities for Google to understand the content now the important thing here is you can find out the salience of which entities sailors is a value from 0 to 1. That Google shows us how important that entities is in the whole context of the article or content you're writing. It's like relevancy for Google now. For the stakes, for example, Steve Jobs has a huge salience off 0.79. So for Google, Steve Jobs is the most important entity in this content. And another good indication is that Google willing to the Wikipedia article of the entity because Google relies so much on Wikipedia to understand these entities. Now let's see how this can affect the rankings. Now. This is an article on what by clinics are if we take the content of this page and paste it into the natural language. AP now under the entities will find this article has a high salience in website, then photo blogger than a little about back clinics. It's a dinner now. If we see a ranking article on the topic of what are by clinics, for example, this one and paste the content into the A P I to we find that according to Google, this article is most likely about back clinics than S E. O. Then marketers is set up so clearly the second article is more relevant for Google for the topic of back clinics. So when you write your content, use this tool and make sure it's optimized for the entities or topics that you are targeting. Tweak your content like using LS I keywords and 10 Google matches the right entities and give you salience or relevancy on your topics. And that's the importance of Google Natural language processing. It's very useful to check your content and see whether it's relevant or not. For the topics you're trying to rank for another feature, you can look up for his categories. Here. Google will understand what category you're content fits into and whatnot. This will help your lot when you categorise your content in your website, so use the Google NMP as a reference. An extractor in relevant content is that your article should answers the frequent ask questions off the topics you are writing about, see if we search for any term. Google has this books that will show up, and that's the related questions off that topic. So when you're writing your articles, you should consider answering those questions. Now there is a great tool for that called Answer the Public That camp. You just type your keyword and you get a ton of questions that worth answering in your article. Another thing here you want to go for the position. Zero. Now Position zero is the first result of a search query, and it's a summary that directly answers the search query. Here are some tips. First, make your primary keywords into a question. For example, the keyword lead magnet. Make the question. What is the lead magnet? Next, put the question in a headache. Drug. Use the H one or H to check. Third summarized the answer. Keep the answers testicle and keep it one paragraph. Stay around 50 words, Then wrap the answer in a paragraph. Tech and finally place the answer directly below the question. There should be no other text or images between the heading and the answer. Now the third factor in relevant content is using out Bond Ling's. There are many studies that prove that out ball bearings have positive effects on issue. Just make sure to link toe high authority websites, even if you are using any issue blackens forward place, whether it's used or all in one or rank math, all of them have a check for outbound things. Next, make sure you are using media files and your articles, whether it's images, videos, infographics, etcetera and finally, keep your content updated. Let's take an example of a nishio empire, which is Wikipedia. It is ranking number one for the keyword search engine optimization. Now this is the 2000 and three addition. It has 355 words and zero images for 2000 and 14. It has 3000 and 99 words and zero images. And for the 2000 and 19 addition, it has over 3800 words and one image. So it's constantly updating, and that's why you see these rankings the same you have to do, especially for your older content. Keep updating and adding things every now and then, and also don't forget to keep your content unique. This is a crucial factor that will make or break your rankings 11. Keyword Research Part 1 : we've got to lesson number for where we will talk about keyword research. This is a crucial part of your Seo journey this will make or breaker website. So if your keyword research zone or the other ranking factors will have no effect at all, keyword research is super important. I want to create this lesson based an example, a case study from start to finish and how to do keyword research. So let's say I'm starting a new become websites selling dog supplies. Obviously, we need the product pages, but we also need a bloke so we can start our content marketing journey and start making sales the first step of vision rating key. What ideas for our blue and the right couple of methods. For that, let's start with the 1st 1 which is keywords you already rank for. Instead of trying to find a new keyword ideas to rank for, try to look for cures that you already rank for. This is by far the best proper method of keyboard generation. If your website been around for a while and has some traffic from Google, let's say Iraq for the keyword doctors, and I get this in traffic from it. So chances are high that Google will also like me for all the other variations on that keyword like sheep talk tourist for high quality Doctor, is it? Sit here. So what I would do here is try to create content with these new variations as I already have the authority for the harder keyword. Now there are a couple of ways to find these keywords. The 1st 1 is to use Google search console. So just authorise your website to be able to use it and even its essential nowadays for the great insides it provides now Goto performance and you will see all the queries that you rank for alongside with top patients and other insights. And here you can filter by clicks, for example. Now, the second way to see keywords you already rank for is by using a keyword to. Now we will discuss the keyword tools in a minute. But let's just use a chairs for now. So just push your domain and then go to organic keywords. And here you will see all the ranking keywords around side, other different Matics compared to the search console. All right, this was the first method of generating keywords, which is the most proven method, and by implementing it you should see fast results. But my example I'm starting a new website, so I have to move to the next method, which is key words that your competitors rank for. This is also great method. Now. If you didn't make any keyword research, chances are high that your competitors spend a lot of time researching key words. Now, in my case here, I found a great competitor website which sells dog supplies called. I heard dogs that can Soto find the keywords this website ranks for. We will need a keyword toe again. I will use HS, put the domain and go toe organic keywords. And here I find all the ranking keywords of this website. Now even a single competitor website like this can keep us busy for months with keyword ideas. Also, if you want to find more competitors, you can just go here toe computer domains or even you can searching Google for a keyword and see who is ranking. Then again, put their domain into the tool and see what other key was there for. Let's now move to the third method of generating keywords, which is actually using keyword research tools to generate ideas. I want to start by mentioning the free tools that you can use. First, we have Google keyword planner. Just go and brainstorm. If you keyword ideas based on your niche, it could be genital ideas like dogs, for example, or, more specifically, was like dog food, for example. Now, keep in mind that are some restriction with the stool, as it's more for advertisers. And that s your professionals. For example. As you can see, they give you an average estimation of monthly surgeons, which is a huge gap compared to other tools that will give you more accurate members. But it's still a good tool, anyway, especially for beginners. The second fetal is over suggest this is by far the best free tool you can use. It's the closest to the potatoes, and it has all the essential features. Next we have answered the public. We've seen it before. It also can be used to generate keyword ideas, and lastly, we have key were treated that this also a great way to get a ton of keyword ideas in a matter of seconds Let's now move to the potatoes First is hs. Now, this is the tour I personally used and in my opinion, is the most powerful one. They have many features, like the new Discovery keywords, which we will discuss later. Next, the CME Rush. This is a powerful paid tool as well. It has all the features and a lot of people use it. Next pools are Kwoh. Find there and spy. For now, these tools are less expensive compared to see em Russian A. Trips and they can be used in keyword research. So it's up to you and your budget to decide which tool to use. Now, don't think without a paid does he wouldn't be able to do keyword research. But in fact, with a free to like over suggest you can start and making great results. 12. Keyword Research Part 2: Now we know how to generate a ton of key would ideas We need to decide which ones to pick. Basically, we need the shortlisted keywords that we can rank forward. And this is the hardest part of our keyword research. All right, The first filter or metric to check is the search volume. This is simply will show us the social demand of Ricky work. How many times people serves for that keyword I showed you in the issue. Mistakes lesson. An example on how targeting key words that no one so sport will lead to an ultimate fail. So make sure to pick yours that has this in search volume, I would say anything over 100 worth considering. The other thing to pay attention to in search volume is the top countries. For example, this keyboard is way more popular in the US and has tiny traffic everywhere else. But you might see the opposite effect. This is a good way to decide for whether or not a keyword is worth targeting. The last thing to keep in mind in the search volume is to avoid seasonal keywords. For example, keyboards like black Friday. So as you can see this keyword spike in November while having almost daily socials during the rest of the. For those who don't have a chest, you can use Google. Transfer this All right, let's move to the second metric or filter to check, which is traffic. This is more important than search volume, so basically we need to truce keywords that bring catastrophe and not only get to the first page of Google. So that's that means are there key words that get to the first page of Google without bringing traffic? The answer is exactly Let me show you an example. Take a look at the G word like time in Paris. So is the reason for this search. Query has been solved. Yes, obviously it has. There is no need to check the ranking patients for this keyword as we've already found the answer. So these type of keywords have huge source volume each month, but their traffic is very low. That's why we need to pick our keywords based on traffic and that search. Morning. Let's take a look at this keyword in agents. It has 87 search volume, but only 20% clicks, which is very low compared to a keyword like buy Bitcoin, for example, which has 91 cases volume and 80% clicks. Now look at the ranking articles on the first keyword. They get low traffic of 9000 while the source volume is high. On the other hand, the ski world of by Bitcoin. When we see the top articles, they get really high traffic compared to the search morning like 43,000. So that's why you should select keywords based on traffic. Let's now move to the last filter of our cures election, which is chances of ranking for a certain keywords. There are two available sources. Information for us to see the ranking difficulty. It's the pace factors itself, plus the back clinics. The page factors are the relevant content, plus the user satisfaction, the one we've seen in the last lesson. Now let's assume all the ranking pages for the keyword are perfect and meet the requirements for the base factors. The content is relevant and the user is fully satisfied with Paige. Here is an example. Take a look at this awesome article on freeze dried dog food by canine of mind that comes as you can see this article is definitely relevant to the search query or freeze dried dog food. The content is in depths and long. The page load fast, and it's optimized for issue. So clearly the page ranking factors are achieved here. But if we see the ranking off the keyword, freeze dried dog food, we find this article by canine of mine only ranks number seven while the number one spot for chewing that gum. And if we see the page, it's only a simple listing page for users. Probably the number seven ranking page is more appealing and detail, but why? It ranks number seven, while a simple listing page ranks number one well, that's because of links I want you to think of mix as votes. The more websites vote for the page, the highest would rank on Google. Back at eight shapes. We see that the first ranking page from Chile that come as 29 by clinics from different 14 websites. While the article from Canine of mine has only five clinics from four domains, you might also see that this relation is not necessarily in year. I mean, there are pages that have more by clinics than others but still rank lower. And that's because of the other different factors that we've talked about. Like I said, Google has many ranking factors, but the back lane X factor is one of the strongest. Even at the strongest here is a study done by Mazda. Come, they looked for the relation between Google rankings and links. They found that 99.2% of all top 50 results had at least one external link, pointing to the website. Also, 77.8% of top results had at least one external link pointing to the page another study done by Bike Lane. Could that come? And the take away simply patients that have more back early next rank higher than those that have less back clinics. So that's why we need to take back the Knicks in consideration. When we are doing keyword research back, Kleenex is a strong factor to choose a keyword or not. Now, another thing to mention here is the domain rating ord ER, which represents the strength off the total back clinics profile over domain. If both articles are the same off course, Google will pick the domain with higher. They are to be the first. But if we get some back clinics to our article, then we can outrank the competitors. Finally, what I want you to do is go ahead and create a sheet like this where you have the key word ideas your generated. I don't side with the search volume, the top ranking articles off each keyword, the traffic each article gets. And finally, the number of back Kleenex of each page. Now your job is to aim for the key words that have the least amount of back clinics while having this in traffic. 13. Keyword Research Part 3: Now we know how to generate keyword ideas, and we know how to select them based on our filters. So let me show you an example of how a generate low competition cures for a dog niche website. I would use the HTS content Explorer toe. You can enter any word into the search bar and find all pieces of content and mentioned this world in their content title or both. So in my case, I would choose dogs and find all pages in the Web that have the World dogs only in their title, which results in over one million pages. Now let's start applying the filters that we've learned in the last video. First, I would filter the patients that have traffic from, let's say, 1000 and now we are down to 5000 pages. Next, I wanna pages that generate traffic without anybody clean exploiting to them, so it will go to referring domains and put zero as the maximum here. Now we are down to 1 89 pages on. Finally, I will choose English and sort the results by search traffic so I can see the top pages first. I immediately start to see great content ideas like best dog colors of 2000 and 19 white dog names. These are all amazing opportunities now. We'll also check on details to see the ranking keywords for the article. As you can see, for example, this keyword white dog names is bringing the most traffic. So that's what I will target. Here are a few more great content ideas. Best programs. Can dogs eat blueberries? Talent? Dog breeds all of them get great service traffic without the need of back clinics. Now I can even try other keywords rather than dogs. But I can't change the referring domains to a maximum of 10. For example, this way will get more results, which only need a few back lane external. Now I want to show your bonus method of really finding cures that are easy to rank for. This method consists of finding new discovered keywords. I would be using a sheriff's again. Now we don't know this feature is available. Other keyword tools or not, but try to look for it anyway. We're gonna go to Keyword Explorer. Then let's choose a keyword. For example, dogs from here, we're gonna go to newly discovered now these are Are you discovered yours? During this timeline of June, let's choose keywords that don't need Bakley next to rank for. So I would go toe keyword difficulty and said the maximum 20 And here we find the new discovered keywords, like school dogs, bugles, dogs. Those keywords are super easy to rank for because first they are newly discovered and second, they don't require any back clinics. Just if we post great content about this key words, we can expect to rank now. Also for more keywords, you can always change the battle in expenditure to a few more. For example, a maximum of 10 which we will get vastly more keywords there only need few badly in extra rank for. 14. Keyword Research Part 4: By this point, you should have generated a ton of promising keyword ideas and your filtered your list of the best ones only now it's time to prioritize your list. It's time to decide which keywords to tackle first. In the beginning of this course, we said that we will focus on the business value of blogging. What's the point of spending a lot of time and effort in a CEO bringing people that won't buy from our website? First of all, we need to answer a simple question. What are the chances that someone social for the square would be interested in my products or services, then trying to assign the priority of your keywords? Whether it's high, medium or low armies, the keyword, the super important and my product or service is the solution. Media means I can mention my product or service in the content and low means. There is no chance I can mention my product or service in their content. We need to focus on keywords with a huge business potential and not traffic potential. Let me show you an example. You could look at this article from I hard dogs that can. It's about a YouTuber and their investigation for dog abuse video. And if we see an ancient apes will find that this article in the top ranking pages of this website, it brings them almost 2000 visitors every single month. So that's this article has a business potential for them? Well, I don't think so. I heard dogs are sending dog supplies. I don't find any relation between the news over YouTuber and the investigation and DOC supplies. Clearly, who is searching for this article? It's not a potential custom. So soon. Volume or traffic doesn't equal business potential, but instead the key word in 10 does. And let me explain. For generally, we have three types of keywords. Informational, navigational and transactional. Now, informational keywords help you find general information. In other words, they are the no keywords. An example would be dog bed benefits. Next, navigational keywords will help you find a specific plant or service. In other words, there the go keywords, for example, dog beds, reviews and finally, the transactional keywords. And those help you find the place to make a transaction. In other words, there the action keywords an example would be by dog beds. Now Let's say genital keyword like dog bed has a search volume of 100,000 each month, while a keyword like by dog bed has only 1000 searches per month went from a business potential. I would say that dog bed is medium while by dog big business potential is high, so we definitely pick the second key world as it's more promising to my business. 15. Content Promotion Part 1: welcome to the lesson of content promotion. In this first part, we're going to cover some of the common content promotion mistakes. The first mistake is expecting too many back leanings out of your content promotion. See, that is a rule that the more traffic you get, the more natural back links you required. In other words, the more people see your content, the higher chances that some of them were linked to you. But unfortunately, this rule won't work. If you have a brand new website, this will only work for big websites. And let me tell you why. Based on my experience, out of 1000 visitors to an article, expect only one natural back money that would be considered the good result. And that only happens if the content is great. Of course. Now imagine if you wanna take natural back clinics, you will need around 10,000 visitors to your Article 10,000. Visits to a single article is differently. Not achievable for a new website, and that's why you would have to build your back clinics manually rather than just rely on some promotion steps. So content promotions goal is to attract and convert target audiences and not acquiring back clinics in the first place. Don't think by just promoting your content. Your job is done, but instead what you have to do. We start building back clinics immediately, especially if you are starting out, and that's what we'll see in the last lesson. Now let's move to the second mistake, which is stopping at the start line. Most of bloggers have a content promotions checklist, and they used immediately after they published a new article, and it looks something like this. Sending newsletter to email list subscribers, most on social media sites submit to forms and communities in Sevilla, so assume they have finished off this list. They forget about the article and move to the next one and do the same thing. This is absolutely wrong. You should never quit promoting your article. You need to promote your content regularly on I suggest keep promoting until your content reach high ranking in Google. In matter of fact, you can add some excess toe the checklist of your content promotion. All right, The last mistake here is making sharing difficult. I want you to take a look at your website and see how it's easy for the visitors to share your content. Don't make your visitors work too hard to share your content. Try to add social sharing buttons If you are using words breast, there are many pregnant for that. Also, you can add this click to tweet, which is within your content. There is blood in court click to treat. For that. You can even add these widgets into your newsletter emails or ask them directly like this. For example, at the end of the email. Now this kind of tricks and more not only will help your visitors share their content but also will bring much more traffic to your side. 16. Content Promotion Part 2: welcome to the part number two of content promotion. He would discuss some of the best content promotion strategies. First of all, the quality of your content always comes first. There is no technical strategy that would make an offer content. Coast popular. Now, the first obvious Sergiy is reaching your existing audience. And generally that's done by sending a newsletter to your email list subscribers on by posting on social media, whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest to there. But when you were starting out, you barely have any email subscribers and your social media forwards is a small, so don't expect any traffic or natural back links. That's why you need to build your audience now. Another great method. You can reach your audience with its push notification. Basically, push notifications are clickable messages that allow you to reach your audience. First, you need to get the visitors to subscribe, and that's not by those. Opt in boxes. Then you can start sending your content, and it can be accessed by both desktop and mobile. No person you with push notifications I'm seeing without 15% open rate compared to other channels like email, which I get 5% only so consider push notifications for your business. The next counting promotion strategy is to be active in relevant communities, and that's can be done by engaging in niche forums, curing Assad's Facebook groups, etc. But you need to be aware here that most online communities hate self promotion. You might get away with mentioning your article once or twice, but if you overdo it, you would certainly be better. What I suggest here is only beach. Few the best ones only that are relevant to your website, then try to become an active member in there and constantly provide value first, like answering questions and then eventually you can try to plug your content from time to time. This way, you wouldn't be spammy and you'll get a lot of engagement. Another thing I want to add to the list is blow commenting. And no, I'm not living in the stone age of issue. But I still believe that bloke comes have value on your website, and I'm not talking from a back links perspective and how we used to do it before because they come is that your post on blocks have no four rulings, which means they have no s your value to Google. But what I'm referring with value is that bloke commenting has side benefits such as getting more awareness to your website. You can get authority, and even it could be a so so referral traffic. Here are some tips you should consider when doing comedy First, I recommend to get personal. When I say personal, I refer to writing your four name, adding a grab it our image and using a valid email address. By doing this, you have more chances to promote your personal brand. So after you leave your comment, expect people to read the bloke owner himself. My answer. You you can build business relationships out of a single common, and that leads us to one thing you should pay attention to. And that's the quality of your common. Not leaving a high quality, value based comment can kill your chances of getting value out of this strategy. Try to write a detailed insight will come in that will add value to the conversation onto the block owner. Now the last wanting promotion strategy is paid, and this is by far one of the most effective strategy. Did you have to pay. But this will allow you to a huge number of targeted people that you wouldn't be able to reach other words. And here you are not limited to one channel. Only you can try social media ads paid search display as etcetera. So make sure to go with the channels that are relevant to your content and fit your budget . Try to spend money on content that you're certain will bring your engagement. 17. Link Building Part 1: welcome to the last lesson off this course, which is building back innings throughout the entire of this course. We've talked about the importance of back clinics and house necessary if you want a rank on Google. But before we dive into the lesson I want, I insist on something that told the strategies and tactics that I'm about to teach. You will be mainly focused on giving high quality. But clinics all the blackheads pummeling building strategies of article directories and cheap ling's won't work no more. In fact, it will harm your website. Your site might even get penalized. So here is the list of five of my best link building strategies. First, replicate your competitors back clinics, second guest, blogging, Third Broken Link, Building, Fourth Resource Page Building and finally link around UPS. No one is safe based. This only means based on my experience, because there are countless number of white highlighting bending strategies. So let's start with the 1st 1 replicated competitors back clinics. Analyzing your competitors website and pages can lead to greatly building opportunities. Whatever keyword you're trying to rank for chances are high that your competitors already ranking for that think you were. And that's because, most likely they have a solid back clinic profile. Now you might think that this is a bad thing, but not exactly. If there are many websites linking toe competitors, chances are high that they will link to you as well. If you provide better content now, let's go through the steps of replicating your competitors back clinics. First, we need to find our competitors. We actually have two types domain level competitors and page level competitors. Let's start with domain label competitors. These are Web sites that compete in the same Nisha's your side. So to find those we can use a trips. Just go to Site Explorer into your domain or any other competitors domain that you probably know that subject Competing domains on. This will show us a list of sites ranking for similar keywords compared to our domain. Now, an important note here is that domain level competitors parent always competitors in a business sense. For example, Doc time that come is a took adaptation side and doesn't say dog supplies like I had dogs that can, but they still competing for similar keywords and the same niche, so that means the strategy of acquiring back lining can be the same. Now go ahead and make a list of 3 to 5 of the most relevant domain level competitors and mention if they are competing with you in a business sense or not. Now, on the other hand, Page never competitors. These are websites that perhaps don't compete in the same Nisha's your side, but Steve compete on a page level. For example, if I targeted keywords like best dog food, we find the website like business inside the ranking, which is obviously not a domain level competitors and not even close to our niche. But they still compete on a page level. There are many ways you can find these competitors. You can obviously use a keyword tool, or another method is to use Google native enter, you're keyword and then you need a free plug in court data. Miner. This plug in will allow us to export all of the Google search results. Then don't forget to change your Google saving to show 100 search results. Now click on the Data Miner. I can click on the published up and look for Asterix Google Search Results and the Click around. Now you can download there's a CSP five, and you get a long list of page level competitors competing for that keyword. All right, now we have a list of competing domains and competing you RL's. It's time for Step number two, which is analyzing competitors back clinics. Now there are many strategies and tactics to analyze your competitors back next and discover thousands of potential link building opportunities. I will show you three of the most effective strategies that will immediately spot these opportunities. So let's start with strategy number one. Find competitors recurring back clinic sources If you see your competitors getting links from the same side time and time again, this tell us two things. First is that the website is likely very open to receive link requests. And second, the website is more likely to be interested in our content as they already have Bean to similar contento us. Think about it. If someone is so eager to link to a site more frequently, they might be very interested in our content as well. If we provide better value, here is an easy way to find those recurring back leaning sources. First, we need to pick one of our domain level competitors from the list, then paste it into side Explorer. And next, we're gonna select best buy links and make sure to set the http called filter to 200. Now we get a list of pages of our competitors that generated the most background. Then we're gonna take some of these pages and placed them in tow. Link intersect. Oh, let's say I'm taking three, for example, then Weekly Control Inc opportunities. And here we get 800 websites that are linking toe at least one of these pages. These are all opportunities now. We're gonna change the intersection, filter toe the websites that only linking toe all of these pages so we can only pick the three targets. And here we get six website only. These are gold mine opportunities because they linked or not only one but three articles of the block that we are competing with. Chances are very high that if we reach out to them, they will link to us as well. Now you can also play around with the intersections as well as the pages, and even you can try other websites. Let's now move to strategy number two, which is finding websites that are linking to more than one competitive. If the site is linking to more than one bloke that we are competing within the same niche and never linked tow us. This means chances are high that the site will also link to our website. So again we're gonna use the Intersect toe. And here we're gonna enter some of the domain level competitors from our list, then click consoling opportunities. And here we have 19,000 results. Now we only want to see the websites that are linking toe all of the four competing domains . So we goto intersection and we choose for targets on Lee. And here we have 62 domains. They are gold link bidding opportunities. Also here we can play around with the intersection filter or we can add to remove more. Do means Now. The less strategy Number three is replicated competitors, space level back clinics. This strategy relies on finding our competitors page level back Kleenex and then create better content and finally replicate or steal their links. It's a great way to build back clinics. We will get a list of many links that we can reach out to and hopefully they approve our content. So to find those links, we can insert any competing page level. You are alien to the site Explorer. Next we go to back the next. Now it's stand toe filter Those links, we only want to do follow links. We set the language to English and hit one link per domain. Now, these are promising prospects. But there is actually a better and faster way to find those competitors by clinics. We're gonna use the whole list of ranking pages for a certain keywords, which we've downloaded it using the data minor planet. Next, we're gonna goto batch analysis in a trips. Then we enter all the your ears from our list and start the analysis. Now he ended the referring domain section. We saw the list by do for the final step is to go through each of these your ales and extract as many link opportunities as you can find. So that was how you can find great thing opportunities by researching your competitors. Just a few minutes of analyzing you can find enough opportunities to keep you busy for months. Now it's time for the last step number three, which is the actual process off. Replicate or steal our competitors back Lennox. You might find that some back clinics can be obtained easily likeness forms, which you can get by a single post. But the majority of the super valuable links will require outreach. Now all trees can be confusing for many, but it's a really simple two step roses. First, we're gonna find emails and contact information's off these link prospects, and to do that that are too amazing. Tools first is handled that I owe, and second is Wallander birth. These tools work simple. Just enter the main of a link prospects, and you will get their contact information. The next step is to reach out now. We will include three Milton Place that you can use based on our three strategies that we've discussed. I don't recommend using these templates exactly as they are trying to do some customization based on the prospect. However, these templates work really well in those strategies 18. Content Promotion Part 2: wake up to strategy number. Toe guest Blogging remains one of the best ways to let only build links but also to generate referral traffic. The key point here is to only focus on high quality guest blogging opportunities. So let's start by Step one, which is finding guest post targets. There are many ways you can find websites to guest post on now. The first obvious method is to use search operators like you were double course guest post keyword double course, right for us keyword double course guest article, it said. Now, if we go to Google and enter our keyword double quotes right for us, for example right away, find plenty of guest post targets to go after Now we'll add a sheet. All this thing cooperated as you can possibly use to find those targets. The next method to find guest post opportunities is by using the H shares content explored . We're gonna put our topic here, and we changed the title search. Now it's time for some filtering. First we set one page per domain. Then I change the language filter to English and lastly, for new bloggers, I recommend to use the domain rating filter and said it from 20 to 50. This way we get websites that are more likely to accept our guest articles. And here we get around 30,000 unique websites that have written about our topic. Now you're probably thinking, How do I know these websites allow guest posts when I actually don't? If a bloke doesn't have right for us Page for any indication that they accept gets posts, why not just send the many male and ask about the key point? Here is the quality of your pitch. If you have a compelling idea and your writing is good, you might get accepted by blocks that don't even a longest posts. And that leads us to step number two, which is finding s post topics. Here are two amazing methods for that. First is about so much that can. This is a great tool toe. Find trending topics in your niche into Ricky words. And there we can filter by the last month, for example, and I immediately can spot some great topics for my guest posts. Another method. You can use this H F's Content Explorer. We can add a popular website competitors. Then we're gonna sort the results by the toll from shares this way we are certainly get topics idea that are proven and, as you can see, some great ideas, like three keys to stop barking White grieving for dog is so hard, it said. So when we send websites guest articles on these topics, they more likely will approve those ideas. Let's now move to the final step, which is reaching out via email again. Would be using hunters that are you and what a Norberto get the contact informations. Now, this is the mail template that I use for this strategy is the specific and works agree You will find it also in the Dutchman. So that's all. For the second strategy, go try it and see the results. 19. Content Promotion Part 3: welcome to strategy number three, Broken leg building. Broken links are surprisingly come even. You see, some of the largest websites have broken inks. Now, this is a great link bending opportunity for us because we actually provide value to the website and then ask for links is how torques first step is to find broken things that are a couple of ways to do that. First is by using a free browser, black and cold. Check my links. This plug in will allow us to find broken links and any based next we gonna browse for pages related to our nation and we want to get links from. So I do a simple search and I open some of the ranking pages. Now I run the shake, my legs plug in. And as you can see, we find 14 broken links in this page. So these are links to replicate. If we create a similar content off the broken pages on by contacting the side, they will definitely replicate those things. Now, another method to find broken links is by using a keyword to I'm here again at eight trips . We type of competitors website inside site explorer, then we're gonna go to Best Buy Ling's, which will show us the most ranking pages of this domain. Next, we're gonna filter the results for http 404 This way we will see all the broken pages of this competitive and we sort by the number of referring domains. Now, we only interested in the four rulings. Let's check a page. And here we get all the websites linking toe that broken page. We can sort by Domina rating, for example. This way we will see the most powerful websites so we can get the most powerful links. These are amazing opportunities because we actually going to help fix their broken external links. Now move into the next step, which is sending our pitch off course after we've collected the contact information of those prospects by the tools hunter that are your bottom burst more than the site itself. Now it's time to send our email, so we're gonna remain the site owner about their broken links, and then we're gonna pitch our content as a replacement for those links. Here is any male Tom played that you can perfectly use its sore 10 3 20. Content Promotion Part 4: Welcome to the fourth Link Building strategy, which is resource page bending. Now. Resource pages are just curated lists, which linked to the best piece of content. Here is an article example of these pages. Now these pages provide the perfectly opportunity because it definitely works, and it's really easy compared to other strategies. Let's start with Step One, which is finding resource pages. Obviously, we want to find pages that are relative to our niche, and there are a couple of ways we can find those. The first method is to use Google search operators, so we're gonna go to Google. Enter our keyword in title color. Resource is, I really touch those social operators that you can use to find the maximum resource pages. Next, they were shipped through the results to find the best worthy pages. Here is an example, or we can try other queries like keyword, double quotes, best blocks and clearly, some example. Now the core thing here is that some of the resource pages you will find are filled with broken links, which means we can use that as a leverage in our email outreach. So let's check this page to see if I can find broken links using their check my links, plug it, and here we find broken links, so that will change our approach for reaching out to this website. Acquiring those back clinics would be much easier now movement to the next step, which is reaching out after we find the emails using the tools we mentioned, whether it's handled that your volunteer birth here is the email template. This works when the resource pages doesn't have a broken links, and when you find broken links in the page, use the template of the last lesson. Let's now move to the last strategy of our link building, which is number five link roundups. These are daily, weekly or monthly curated lists off the best content in a particular niche. These are similar to resource pages, and it's also easy to get back clinics because of the sole purpose of these end up speeds to link out to other websites. So they are willing to accept our links if we teach them a great content. First step is we gonna find link roundups again, would be using social period tres. And here is the list of the queries that you can use. For example, let's try dogs, double quotes, link round up And here all of these websites that are posting regular roundups, then we just have to reach with a simple email. Here is any major downplayed that works in this strategy? So this is the end of this lesson as well as the end of this entire course. Finally, I created a Facebook group called the CEO Community. You can join, get in touch, ask any questions, and I'll be happy to answer honestly, I could easily make this course at an hour long and just start talking about basic stuff and make the recordings longer without any editing. But actually, like I say, they took me months to create and edit this course. It's very straightforward. Toe the points, and I hope you enjoy it, and you are going to apply all the tips and strategies, interaction and grow your bloke and your revenue. Also, you can live a review on this course. That would be very helpful. So that's it. By