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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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11 Lessons (55m)
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About This Class

Want to learn about Wedding SEO? This online course will teach you how to get your website found by more clients on Google.

You will learn:
How to improve your Google ranking
Keyword research and selection
Create backlinks
Write blogs that bring people to your website
Make your website mobile-friendly
Write SEO-friendly blogs
Improve your web design, layout and structure

This course is for:
Anyone who wants to attract more wedding clients via organic Google search results


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Advantage Weddings Academy

Not your typical wedding experts


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1. PROMO VIDEO: Hello, You. Good thing. I have a question for you. Would you invest less than 60 minutes to learn how I get over 2000 new clients to my wedding business website on Google per month? That was a big sentence. Off course you would. It also doesn't cost me a scent. So how do I do it? The answer is my websites rank really well on Google. And I have a nice smile First. His proof. All right. Okay. Here's proof that I get lots of lovely people to see my websites to. Okay. Is that this Fascinating. So this is one month of my organic seo search results. You'll see there's about 2000 organic seo search results, so this literally cost me nothing. Can anyone learn these methods off course they can. After speaking with many different wedding business owners, I've learned that they're either really confused about s CEO or they can't be stuffed. Most people just think it's a game of lock. Or maybe you just need to pay thousands of dollars for an expert. $1500 a month for seo services for a wedding business Seems like a stretch, and that doesn't even include GST in Australia. I don't know about you but running a wedding business. The last thing I want to do is spend over $1500 a month on something that I could do myself . Getting found on Google is actually quite simple. The missing pace is the step by step system. I have spent countless hours figuring out how to hack that Google algorithms. I wish someone had guarded me through the process. It's actually really easy. Once you can see the big picture, you can go it alone and you can try and pace it all together. And that's just fine. Or you can take the express line and get results. Now let me be clear. Google s CEO. It's not my passion. I'm much more interested in dogs and music and cheesecake like I don't get out of bed in the morning so I could work on my back links and my keyword research. But I do understand what it takes to boost the ranking off wedding business website, and I will tell you what else I'm passionate about. Teaching people how to run a smart on efficient business that helps them achieve their goals are you still ready? Toe ice? This s e o stuff in under 60 minutes. Would you like to become an S e o wizard and still find time The watch YouTube until 2 a.m. in the morning. The topics will include S e 0101 I'll cover the simple technical stuff that most people miss. This is one of the main reasons why most people fail. I'll show you keyword research The free Andi Easy way How to create back links the lack of pro Once again, this is one of those really important parts of S E O that most people just don't even do how to write Amazing blog's that drive traffic to your website Tidy up your websites and more people stand up for longer. This is also one of the key reasons why most websites never hit the front page. How to optimize for mobile. This is super important and so many other things all in under 60 minutes off jam packed over five years of experience all into one affordable package. So what are you waiting for? The sooner you get started, the better. You gotta plant the seed and what you grow. Let me be really clear. Time is a massive factor in boosting new Google ranking. You can do all of the most clever technical stuff, but you're not going to see the benefits for some time. So get in there now and start working on your SCR and you can be rest assured, your competition will probably continue to do nothing about there s CEO. They'll just sit around and complain that they don't get any clients. If you get started now, you already have a head start. And by the time your Google ranking is absolutely smashing it, they're all gonna be thinking you're just one of those lucky people. Invest in S E. O now so you can spend more time on the things that matter like I don't know dogs and cheesecake and going to the beach or whatever. You're into that if it now, thank you for your time and I look forward to being your teacher 2. SEO COURSE INTRO: Hello? There it is. Brendan here on this is wedding business s CEO and proven step by step system toe optimize the Google ranking of a wedding business website. First things first. It was originally called simple sdo but this is an S E o course and I had to pick a good CEO title so I've picked wedding business. SDO couldn't get any more scr than that. I'm going to stop saying s CEO. Let's get into the introduction. Who am I? Well, I'm the founder of Advantage DJs. My name is Brendan Kelso. I have over five years of experience in the wedding industry. I also have two university degrees law and public relations. It seems quite popular for people with law degrees to avoid actually being lawyers myself included. So here we are doing a course on S e O. I'm also a dog Dad, I love cheesecake and obscure documentaries like vice is a really good channel on YouTube. If y and you can obviously tell that I am an Ozzie Now I'm gonna get show you my face in a second just in half, while I the next video I'm gonna show you actually stole from the welcome video that I use for my wedding business advantage DJs. It was just so good and it's got my dog in it. And I just love the video and it's really funny. And so or I hope it's funny. So roll the tape. He is like my welcome video. Just a few fun facts about May. I'm a total music nerd. I started playing drums when I was about 12. I used to be a fat kid. I love dogs. I don't know if you can see that right Right behind me is my dog, Westley. He is on the couch right now, having a snooze in the air conditioning. So tough life. Hey, I guess that's what happens when you're gorgeous. Beautiful Labrador. I also live in this house with my partner. She's obsessed with buying plants. I can assure you that there are many more plants that aren't in this shot right now, and there's absolutely nothing I could do to stop her from buying more and more plant. I also love watching really weird documentaries. I'm obsessed with YouTube, and I ate scrambled eggs pretty much every single morning. Well, I have you enjoyed that? Because I sure did. So what are you going to learn in this amazing S E o course? Well, this course will provide you with wedding industry specific knowledge that you won't find in a general s E o course. I'm gonna teach you my exact method for boosting the Google ranking of a wedding business website. And as you'll see soon, I have to websites that have hit the front page of Google and they have been there for quite some time now and they stay pretty much up the top. There usually rank number one, not number one. Somewhere close. I'm gonna show you common scr mistakes to avoid the S e o fundamentals. We've got Google indexing keywords election creating back Ling's Google Maps Basic rules of Web design. How to write Amazing blog's that boost Dress CEO had optimized for mobile and loads more. None of my methods require any paid advertising. In fact, I don't actually pay for any advertising for my wedding businesses. All of my clients find me through organic Google searchers, word of mouth and a bit of social media. And of course you're gonna get loads more useful. Seo tips along the ways, and I'll show you some of my tools and just give you really, really specific and practical advice. Now you might be wondering, Why should you listen to Maine? Well, I've built to wedding websites to consistently feature on the front page of Google searches . You can check them out yourself. I did the CEO for my partner back. She's a marriage celebrant. Her business is called. Becky married me, and she's already reached the front page within a few short months. And as I will tell you over and over again, time is a big factor with S E. O. So the sooner you get into it, the sooner you start using some S E o strategies, the better. I've also helped countless of other wedding businesses improve their ranking. Okay. On the screen here, this is an example of the amount of people who are finding by two wedding businesses just from organic search is alive. Over 2000 people are coming across my wedding businesses per month. Just organic, totally organic Google searches does not cost me a cent. And I'm going to show you exactly how I do this. I want to make sure that we understand each other first and that's my dog there. That's Wesleyan, that peak he killed ages ago. I can't guarantee that your website is going to rank on the front page of Google. No one can guarantee that to you on. I want to be clear that the success that you have with S e O. It depends on a lot of variables. Weaken Talk about how many people you're competing with in your area. So if you're in a really dense city like Sydney or New York or somewhere like that, it's gonna be incredibly hard to get on the front page of Google. But what I can guarantee you is if you take on the principles and strategies that I'm teaching you, you will improve the chances of you increasing your Google ranking. It's much better to do this scented to absolutely nothing. If you do absolutely nothing, that nothing will happen. The fact that you were doing this course is going to separate you from the majority of your competition. The best way to succeed in US CEO is just to do something. Most people will do nothing or almost nothing. So you're already on the right track. Now I use weeks dot com, but these principles can be applied to any popular content management system like WordPress and Squarespace. And I might show you a few things in weeks. If you don't use weeks, don't you? Now, don't get discouraged. I just wanna provide some practical guidance and show exactly what I do. But I won't be spending a lot of time in weeks because I know not everybody is going to be using weeks. And another important note. Yes, a week's website can hit the front page of Google. I've done it multiple times. If you hop onto Internet forums. There's always someone who reckons that you can't get a week's website on the front page of Google or their terrible for a CEO. I don't know what they're talking about. I've never had any problem at all. But I also be really clear and tell you that Wickes is not paying me to say any of this. Well, that's the introduction out of the way. I really look forward to being your teacher, and I know you're going to get a lot of useful information out of this course 3. LECTURE 2 FIRST STEPS: Okay, the first steps on Do not skip this. In this lecture, I will show you how to make sure your website can actually be found on Google. There's no point in any other s CEO stuff if you don't cover these basics. And I've included some dog photos just to keep everyone chill and motivated. So all right, Does your CMS having s e o Toole? Or we said if so, user, this will walk you through the basic stuff everyone should do to optimize their Google ranking. And in weeks, they do have an issue. Is it? Another thing is, you must verify your site with Google If you have weeks, this is done for you. When you complete the S e o within tool verifying your website domain with Google Search console helps Google identify us the owner of the site making it trustworthy in the eyes of Google. When you're done, main is verified. Your site is crawled by Google faster and more likely to rank higher in Google search results. Submitting your site map provides Google with important information about your sights pages . Weeks of service automatically generate a site map for each and every week site constantly updating it with your sites. Information submitting your site. That makes it easier for Google to find all off the pages of your site. It can also improve this speed at which Google crawls and indexes. You saw it. Now I've included some links here that will help you achieve those tasks. If you haven't already, those will be in the practice paper included in this lecture some or really simple technical stuff. Have you ever noticed that websites start with hey Https and others with http? Well, the s stands for secure Your domain provider is responsible for ensuring that your website has an SSL certificate. This is the thing that ensures your website starts with Haiti TPS I only mention this because hey, https websites rank much better on Google. They are considered safer, so that makes sense. If you don't have hate, t t P s contact you domain provider and get it fixed. One more thing for the Ozzy's. I have websites with both dot com and dot com dot au So Janey's alibis dot com advantage DJs dot com don't you? I have never noticed any difference in Google ranking. It would only matter if you needed to rank internationally. But if you're a wedding business, chances are you only need to appeal to an audience in your local area. All right, let's get into the GC stuff. 4. LECTURE 3 KEYWORDS: keywords who in this lecture I'll show you what keywords are, how to find them for free, what tools to use and how to use them effectively. What are keywords? Key words or ideas on topics that define what your content is about in terms of s CEO that the words and phrases that your potential clients enter into search engines As a website owner and content creator, you want the keywords on your website to be relevant to what people are searching for. This will help your audience find you. Now I'm gonna show you how I find Mike. He wears okay, So I will show you the process that I took Teoh improve the Google ranking off my wedding band Janey's alibied by firstly establishing keywords. So this is the way that I found the key words are hoping to Google suggest and I start typing away and with talked in wedding. And we're already getting some recommendations from Google based off real previous searches from actual PayPal. And I have no idea what wedding cake rockets. So let's keep moving on So wedding band and here we can see that it's not too sure I want live entertainment or wedding readings. So moving on and a good way to get more specific, it's to type in your location. Wedding band. Let's go Wedding bands. Hunter Valley. Yeah, OK, there we go. So these aerial searches for real PayPal that are popping up in Google suggests I'll go with the top one wedding band, Hunter Valley and Google's making recommendations. And you can see that the hard work paid off. Johnny's alibi is on the front page. I'll scroll down, and here we have searches related to wedding band Hunter Valley and all of these search queries here are these suggestions are based off real searches from real people in the past . And I am very interested in that because this is what our potential audience is searching into Google now. More importantly, what I'm looking at is the actual language. I'm interested in the words. So here we can see the highlight highlighted or folded words like entertainment musicians, New Council, New South Wales. All of these words a really interesting to me. So what I start doing is I started by isolating keywords. You can you can see that right there of isolated keywords and this was really crucial to the success of our Google ranking, because what I found is that a lot of people might not be sure if they want, like a rock band. I don't really know exactly how to define it, so they use words like musicians and entertainment and singer and all these other words to try and get closer to what they actually want. So I've incorporated those keywords in 12 website and now overall Google strategy, which I'll explain throughout this entire course. So the process is to isolate your keywords on. I would also recommend that you add just some of the popular search queries that have shown up in Google suggests, and you, Adam, into a short list. I like to just use text edit on a Mac and just keep records of everything because this is gonna be useful later, and you could be even more thorough. If you want. You can start exploring some of these search queries so you can go. How did our Hunter Valley wedding single, See what pops up? You can go, you castle wedding singers, and you just look in and see do anything. Search queries pop up any new words. Any new phrases that are really interesting, if not the don't bother. If they do, then add them up here isolates a more keywords. So if you find a new word that seems to be quite popular on relevant to your business, add them up here because this is gonna be useful to you as you start incorporating the keyword strategy. All right, I just want to make a note about keyword tools because you might have heard about them in the past, and someone might say to You are, Why would you bother using? Google suggests when you can use keyword tools that way more accurate? Well, there are loads of them out there, and most of them costs money at these tools will tell you exactly how many people are searching for specific terms each month. They also suggest terms, and they can tell you if a key, what is very competitive. If a lot of businesses are trying to rank for a given term, it's considered competitive and is harder to write for a little bit more info on the key word till so the Google keyword to can only be used if you're running an AdWords campaign. I tried this once that it became incredibly expensive very quickly. There's also maws. If you start saying the word Zou finds probably going to hear you and you're gonna see more ads popping up in your Facebook feed. So, yeah, have you enjoy that s o mas keyword to? It's quite popular, but it only provides nationwide search daughter, which might not be very applicable to you if you're running a locally run wedding business and it can cost up to $249 per year. So the take home point here is if you are running a locally based wedding business, you probably don't need keyword tools. You can use the live your life, but I've always just used Google suggest Now, let's put your amazing keywords toe work. Okay, so what I'm gonna do, So just explain some ways to apply keywords on. Then, later on in this video, I will then show you how I add them into my content management system, which is weeks dot com perhaps your title type in your site description of crying out for some amazing keywords we can see on the screen right here This is generally the format you would see if you google something, you got your title tag and you got your meta description. So your site title, any a meta description will tell Google and your clients what your site is about. The more relevant your language is, the more likely your website will appear in search results, and the more likely someone will click on it. This veins, the more clicks to get, the better your ranking becomes. I recommend you use this former for your site title. You can see that on the screen that Google tends to read your content from left to right just like a person. Therefore, this format will enable Google spunky little robots to rank you fast up. They always crawling the Internet and checking these things. Also, I recommend that you keep your meta title between 55 to 60 characters, including spaces, so one way to reduce your titles length is to remove all stop words such as the two in etcetera. This tool will help count your characters. It's displayed on the screen. There always go for quality over quantity. Your site title should also include the location that you're targeting Google suggest, is a great tool for figuring which location words people are using the area. For example, In my area, the most popular location words at Newcastle and the Hunter Valley, even though there are surrounding regions like Lake Macquarie and Port Stephens, which heavily populated most people. If they're getting married in Lake Macquarie, a Port Stephens, they actually don't usually use that word. When they're typing into Google, they usually would use Newcastle. Also, are you in a heavily crowded market? You so try long tail keywords. For example. If you are a mile celebrant, why not try Mile marriage celebrant Melbourne Business name. Just like on the screen that it will be less competitive and help your audience connect with you. Remember, it's better to be a big fish in a small pond than a small fish in a large and undefined pond. Here are a few more tips right unique titles and descriptions not only for your home page but for each of your website sections and pages. Otherwise, Google might think that your website contains duplicate content. This is frowned upon because the robots won't know how to rank your pages. Make sure your titles unique and catchy. If people click on your website, you ranking improves also include keywords in your general text, like in the About me, the bio services blobs. I always think about how you can slot some keywords in Google rates this stuff, but make sure it's readable and catchy to humans. 5. LECTURE 4 KEYWORDS PART 2: now don't neglect your images. Did you know that you can add up text to images that this enables Google to read your images and rectum accordingly? Now search engines tend to perceive websites with seo friendly images as more optimized visitors with a visual impairment also use screen readers to understand what sort of Web page in this case, the all text will be read to them. So adding textual description to your images helps all tops of users browse the Web site and enjoy it freely. Basic tips. Erotic. Would all techs just describe the image? Include relevant keywords? Keep it short. Same as usual. Now I'm gonna show you how I create my page titled my Meta Description, My general text and my old text. Okay, so I've logged into weeks dot com. I'll go to side actions and I click on Edit Side and I'll load this up and I'll show you guys how I do this. As you've already noticed, I love text editor. I love my short list. All of the state organized, so we've got the keywords from Google suggested search queries, but they are selecting keywords now. We're gonna be looking at the following rock year. Okay, we'll start with the page title we got, Teoh said. We click on what did they call that? Menus and pages. We got home. The most important page USC I scroll down weeks is giving me a preview of what the website would look like on a search engine results page. So someone Googled for something and we showed up. That's what they would see. Okay, so all I do, he's I just follow the same format of recommended before, and it's recommended by weeks as well. So you can see here. We got keyword recommended, all paid today, but I go with key work and we have location, then saw at night. What I do is I've gone with Wedding Bed Newcastle in Hunt Valley and Janey's alibi, and I like to stay overnight, and it's just a matter of coffee and paste. I add that in there, and then what I do is for every other page. Remember how I said that Google doesn't like duplicate content, so I'm actually Other page titles are different, so I always put the page name at the front, and then I usually add location with a keyword and then the name off the site, which is Johnny's alibi. So in this instance, I like to stay open eyes on. I add the full Nike and then I copy and paste. So for this one, it's videos. And then this is pasted in here. Yeah, and then I just repeat that process nice and simple. Here we have gallery and then I paste that in there. It's obviously already done. And then we got testimonials and so on. That's it, Page titled Nice and straightforward. Okay, so the next thing we're gonna do is look at how we do the meta description of the side description, and this is really straightforward. I like Teoh be organized once again, and I've got my home page meta description listed here, and I have strategically created a meta description that's got keywords that actually great wealth. Janey's alibis of popular Bandel weddings and corporate events, entertainment in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. Great music and my lasting perfect five out of five point reviews. Can you see how that is absolutely jam packed with keywords, but doesn't look? Spare me. I add that into the home page and once again we don't like duplicate content. So for every other page, it's generally a good idea to make the site description a little beauty different here. We've got the videos. Would you like to hear what we sound like? Explore our videos? And then I add these, which is the sign I just tied that after that little intro. So Google Nose. Okay, it's a little bit different gallery. Check it out photos That's called action. And then you add that there testimonials. You see, it's very straightforward. Just be consistent. I love the short list. I love Stay organized like this. Copy Paste is fantastic. You don't be talking things in all the time. You're gonna make mistakes. There'll be typos. Google hates typos, so its tail When I have you short this this is a really easy, free, inefficient way to do it and you'll be done in night time. So let's talk about the general text throughout your website. I am always a fan of not having much text. I think if you got a right, you're riding a block. So that's a great way. Great place to put your keywords. We don't have a block. If you're a photographer. You definitely need to have a bloke and what I would look at. Let's just quickly look at the home page on and got some key words here waiting there from Newcastle in the Hunter Valley. You guys know how to do this in your own content management system, just with general texts rightly website work wherever it is relevant, add some keywords. Make sure it rates well tested on your friends and family and also all texted you're using weeks. This is how we are all text quick, white out a whole bunch. All text into a website is to have a gallery. You got a gallery, you click China images so you can say that I have clicked on the gallery. Here we go change images, and this is where you can change your whole text. See where the cursor is, right there. All text and wicks always gives a little bit of an explanation about major things like that . So there's an explanation. There is the what out text. He's awesome, and I like to just putting k words. You could be more diligent. May I just added a whole bunch of keywords. It's not really even a sentence, so I would recommend Bay more diligent at in a description of what the image is about. This is a photo off Johnny's alibi, performing at whatever the venues call. Whatever the location is just adding a a few key word to be more descriptive. And there you go. That's your all text, so nice and straightforward. 6. LECTURE 5 GOOGLE MAPS: Okay, let's talk about Google maps. So in this lesson, we will cover up how to optimize your Google maps listing. So are you in the local pack? Local Pack takes the highest ranked businesses from Google Maps and places them at the top off Google Search results. This is prime real estate, and you want on it. Surprisingly, only 10% of businesses are registered on Google maps, which means less competition for you so firstly, create a Google Maps listing. If you haven't already, there's a link to follow. Now you will have to verify your listing. Google will send you a letter with a code and instructions to verify your listing. If you already have one visit this link to edit it, make sure you have the right type of business listed. For example, my partner Beck, was listed as a wedding service and wasn't showing up for searches for marriage celebrants . So this is really important. So check the local pack and see what category they are listed under. In other words, performer relevant Google Search and see who's in the local packs of the top three, And what category is there listing under? This is a lot of different types of business categories. A viable that you can select now Add keywords to you taught so you can see here we have an hour pointing to advantage TJ. How about T would? So it says our business night and then it says Newcastle, Hana Valley City Wedding Day J hi. No one else is doing that were at the top. Also add photos and get client reviews. You can even ask friends and family to leave the general Review about character. This will all assist in improving your ranking on Google maps and getting you in the local pack. 7. LECTURE 6 BACKLINKS: Okay, let's talk about back leagues. So remember how I mentioned on Page and off Page Seo? So adding keywords and making your website amazing is super important, and that's on Page S CEO. But every website needs a little extra help to get noticed. That's why we create back leaks. And that's what off Page Seo mostly refers to so back links are weeks from external sites to your own being the most powerful ranking signal. This one is the hardest to a change. Remember, search engines used links to determine the credibility and importance of your website, so it's important to create a network with as many sites as possible linking back to you. So let's look at a few ways to get back wings. The basic rule of thumb is at a profile, listing to as many vaguely relevant websites as possible. Why is this important? Well, most of these websites are owned by massive companies. They invested loads of money into their Google ranking, so they usually rank really well. And that's why you should create a profile on their website if it's free. If you want to create premium or paid listings, go for it However, I've never bothered So Australian Online directories can include, like local search yellow pages True local gum tree one flare Also a specialty for you for the Aussies. One fled tried to charge me a $99 sign up. I said no thanks. And after a week, they gave me a free listing Anyway, So moving on you could also consider LinkedIn Yelp video on for social media. Of course. Don't forget Twitter, Facebook instagram Pinterest YouTube. Now for the wedding industry, Facebook and Instagram are the most popular options. But all those other main social media platforms ranking really well on Google. So don't forget about those. And also don't forget that wedding directories once again only if they have a frame listing option. Otherwise, I personally wouldn't bother. I wouldn't bother otherwise I personally wouldn't bother. What I do is OK. We've got some search results that I've entered in previously throughout this course. So what I'll do is off Google popular search phrases. So I'm gonna go with you wedding DJs in Newcastle and I want to say what websites pop up now. I'm not looking for actual DJs. I'm looking for directories places where our could get back links. So we've got one flare. We have gum tree. We have easy weddings, which is a wedding directory. I would add a lot of those to my short list, and then I would be creating a back link. I'll be creating a free listing with any of these websites that offer a free listing. Simple. Now I tip that I have for you is I would recommend that you add details to your short list , such as your phone number. Your website. You are Oh, your bio. Anything that you are going to be adding to create profiles because this is going to become a repetitive process. The goal is to create as many back links as you can. You might want to do this over a few days and just do it in batches of maybe 20 minutes at a time because it's quite repetitive that it pays off in the end. That's the process, very straightforward. I'd also recommend that you add your favorite photos to your desktop because you're gonna be adding nice to you free listings and um, besides that, a few tips A lot of these directories will call you and I will try to sell a paid listing. So it's up to you what you do there. I've always preferred just the free listing for the back league. I also suggest that you Google you competition and see what websites Dia listed on, because if they're on the front package, chances are I somewhat understand back links and I have created back wings, and you might as well just say, What are they doing and copy it because they're probably done the same to you. That's it. That's the process of making back leaks. It's quite repetitive. It's not a lot of fun, but it's worth it in the end. And I would stress to you that it can take time for these back wings to actually take effect so you will notice once you've created your listings. If you google yourself, you might not see the back legs. Okay, but they will show up. I'll show you what I mean. Like you've always to Google advantaged a Chinese. There's a back link. There's a back link. There's a back link. There's another one. So the entire front page it's all just filled up with back links. This is so crucial. But this didn't happen overnight. This took a while for this. They all go through Google and and go through the system and for it to be accepted. So give it time. Be patient. This is gonna pay off for you in the end. Okay, Now let's take your back. Linking game to the next level, he is a tip. Create a press release and send it to local newspapers. Most of them publish their stories online. Now on. They usually rank really well on Google. And don't forget relevant blog's in any other publications that Mont publish fuel story. And if they publish it, this is gonna create back links. Yes, it's also a great way to reach a new audience. And if they publish your story, it will make for a great social media posts for you to share around like, honestly, how many other wedding Vandals are doing this? He's another two Michael list of recommended vendors on your website. Don't publish just yet. Just contact them and ask if it's OK to add them. They will most likely say yes in return, and hopefully they will add you to. And that's another back link. Excellent. So don't forget also to include a link to their website on your recommended Bendel's list. 8. LECTURE 7 OPTIMISE FOR MOBILE: Okay, let's talk about optimizing your website for mobile devices. More than 50% of searches are now on mobile devices, and that right is growing, So you've got to make sure that your mobile site rocks. So before you do anything test you cite using the link below. That's the Google mobile friendly test, and it's completely free to use. So you two primary considerations for optimizing your website for mobile devices include firstly, so that visitors are usually accessing your site on the gun and also they using a small screen so they can enjoy the convenient features of a large screen. So this means you, my ball content should provide immediate and precise answers to possible questions. Let's talk about content hierarchy, so that means the most important stuff comes first. What do you want people to see when they visit your website? Make sure they confined it quickly and easily. Let's make sure visitors can also easily get in touch with you. Sow my wild Internet users. Expect quick and simple access to the most important information that you site has to offer and that includes you contact information. Visitors need to get in touch and are able to easily find what they need. They might lose patients and decide to move on, so a tip is to use a mobile action bar like the one displayed on the screen. Don't forget about simple and clear navigation, so it should be easy for people to find their way around your mobile site. Test your site on your friends and family. Watch them, see what they do. Do they get lost? If so, fix up the areas that are confusing people. Also, you could even add a search bar to your website that could also be really helpful on your block. He's another to you. Does your blood have a setting called Google? Am saying that it stands for accelerated mobile pages. If so, turn it on. It will make your blawg load faster on robot devices, and Google lobs it. Make sure you move. All version looks great. Make sure it loads easily and shows people that information that they are looking for. So ask yourself, How do you images look? What about the text? Is everything clean and consistent? How does that compare to your best competition? The test you mogul sought on your friends and family, as I've said up already tested on different mobile devices, so different smart phones tablets and ask people for honest feedback. Remember, Google keeps records of how effective your website is. If people are staying on it for ages and using your pages and finding their way around easily, then you ranking improves. However, if people are leaving quickly, you're ranking will drop. 9. LECTURE 8 STRUCTURE AND DESIGN: All right, let's talk more about structure and design. We've already touched on this, but it's time to expand on the importance of creating a functional and professional looking website. The number of pages visited plus time spent on your website equals better Google ranking, so test to site on different people constantly, he's into you. Most popular pages on a wedding website typically include the gallery recommended Ven dors about US services and testimonials. This is what most people want to see. So do you have all of these pages on your website? Another tip is create locations pages. So this is something that I do. I don't see a lot of other people do it, but it works really well. So it's a great way to improve U S CEO by throwing in some location t words. It's a great way toe recommend venues, and it's also a great way to show which locations usually work out. It's also a great excuse to create a location based. You are so what I do is on my Web sites. I have, as you can see, the hours appointing. There is a area for locations, and I've got Hunter Valley wedding DJs, Newcastle wedding DJs and Sydney Wedding DJs. You can see that I've customized that you are Oh, for every one of them, and I have one of them pointed out there for wedding. D J Hunter Valley. So 100 Valley wedding DJs when someone clicks on that the girl is actually wedding D. J. Hunter Valley. And that was just another way off improving my Google ranking. So when people actually Google for a wedding day J in the Hunter Valley, sometimes that paid actually pops up in addition to my home page. So that's just a little, too that you can use yourself and throughout the pages as upset. Make sure you include location keywords. You mentioned the location that you're speaking about. You recommend venues and you include a link to that venue because this is another way of showing that your page is connected to other similar pages. Other pages that probably have a better Google rankings you, especially if it's a wedding venue. So there you go. That's that. That's the locations, pages two, and that's pretty unique, and I don't see many people doing it, but works really well. Here's another to add internal links so internal links help users navigate between the different pages or new site and the great for ASIO. Just like a human visitor, Search engines will click on links to visit different pages on your side. So on my front page I have multiple links, one of the means to videos because people want to watch the videos. He's another two. Add social media share buttons to you block. So if you content is popular on social networks, Google will take notice. The best way to help make this happen is to include share buttons on your website. It should be super easy for anyone reading your website one of your block parts to share it on their own Social media profiles. He's not a tube. Include your contact information throughout your website. I understand if you don't want to do this for privacy reasons, that's OK, but this will improve your Google ranking so you should use your address and location based words throughout your website. This will prompt Google to show your site to potential clients any geographical area. Even if your business isn't location specific, it's important to clearly display your contact information on every page of your site. It helps build your credibility for Google, and it makes it easier for your customers to reach you. And he we can see an example of Becky married me. We have multiple location keywords. We have a map. We've got contact. We've also got right down the bottom in the the italics. Fun. We've got Newcastle Hunter Valley Import statements, Marriage celebrant. So there's a lot going on here. It's very simple, but it's all very strategic now. I'll just touch briefly on design, cause this is crucial for the overall quality off your website and the experience that you're giving your audience. So I'm just going to say that if you're not an experienced designer, keep it simple and most experienced designers will keep it simple anyway. Don't do any more than two different fonts. Have you made heading front and you paragraph phoned. A lot of content management systems will come with a variety of amazing templates or themes that include front parents, and he's another tip. If you want an amazing fun parent tool, just use the link that I provided. That's from Canada dot com, and that will give you advice on a great front that will go with a front that you select. So you select your start up front and then it's going to suggest combinations. So just remember less is more You can get away with just using one fun throughout. Just experiment with different sauces. Boat. Let us spicing, for example, on the Advantage Weddings website. I only use two different fonts throughout to that's it. Also, don't forget high resolution images and always credit the photographer. So once again see what your friends and family say about that is on of your website. Be open to criticism if they don't like it that other people won't either, and your Google ranking will suffer. I see a lot of people guard too fancy with their fonts, using a lot of very interject, complicated looking funds that are actually quite hard to raid. Okay, let's talk briefly about social media. Increasingly, it appears that search engines look at social media to help determine the popularity and reputation of a website. So by maintaining active profiles on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and any other maybe Pinterest in any other that might be applicable to you, you can attract the attention of new customers. And let's search engines know that your legitimate most seo experts agree that a website will rank high up eve. It's associated with active account on a social network toe. Open up a profile link to it on your website. Connect with the customers and posters, often as possible when your social media account profiles include keywords. Your website. You are Oh agin meta description in your buyer. Also show you block post to social media. Let people know when you're gonna need blood post available. Create links to your social media channels by a website, preferably in the foot up, the email signature and even you your client questionnaire. So this is a great opportunity to get your client engaged on social media because when they filling up the question there, they're completely focused on you and what you're providing them. So it's a really good excuse or really good opportunity to get them in guys with you on social media as well, and you said it off included Cem images there that point out and illustrate the points it at night 10. LECTURE 9 BLOGGING: All right, you're on the home stretch. This is the final chapter. If I could offer you only wanted for the future of your website content would be it. Content is known to be one of the most important ranking signals when it comes to your website, and not just any content will work. It needs to abide by three conditions. In order to achieve greatness. It has to be unique, fresh and valuable. What's the best way to achieve this? Start a blawg he is. Seven. Tips for Amore Google Friendly block. Google gets preference to fresh content and sites that are updated regularly so you wanna post is often as you can. What if advice. Try to set reasonable girls you can stick to. If you know that posting once a week will never happen, then start with once a month. When it comes still, length posts under 300 words may be overlooked by search engines. Try to write between 300 or 700 words in each block or more past break up text chunks with headaches. Since many visitors will only skim your site that headings will give them a booed idea of what you gotta say. As for search engines, they scan your posts and take note of larger text to understand what your website and articles air about. This information helps them place your blogging relevant searches. Every search on Google begins with the keyword phrase known as a query. Their secret to ranking well is to associate your block with the keyword to customers are looking for. As you already know, think about what the potential clients might be typing into Google. Create a list of key phrases and make sure you use them in a natural sounding way in your text headings and titles and as all text behind images. And you are already an expert on this concept. Blocks are a great way to bring brand new visitors to your website, and your goal is to turn these Raiders into clients. Internal links are great where to do just that. Use them to move Raiders from your block post to the heart of the website include links in each of you post that send readers in a logical way. Two other pages on your side writing about an upcoming promotion will include a link that directs people to where they can get more information. Don't be afraid to include a clear, cold action in your blog's. In fact, it's something are highly recommend. Consider ending each parts with contact us. We'd love to hear from you or place on up to our newsletter, then link these requests to the relevant place on your side. Best of all, links a great the CEO as well. Google will take notice after completing HD parts. Take the time to label it with relevant keyword tides, then place it in the corresponding categories within you. Blow, as you can see on the screen categories. Awful large groupings of parts. Each category on your block should be filled with at least 10 or 20 parts. Tags are meant to describe a post Morse specifically, and you can use anywhere from 5 to 15 or more tires on H. Post tags and categories help readers understand what your block and specific articles are about so they can search for the post. They find the most interesting or relevant. Submit your block to directories. There are several directories of foods that are designed specifically for blocks. Submit your block to these sites to help boost dressy owed and to increase the chances that new Raiders will find a block. Popular block directories oh, fades include now out of comments widget like tags and categories. Comment. Widgets are also beneficial for engaging your uses. When you allow users to share, fade back and ask questions right on your blog's, you can initiate conversations with the customers, get to know their needs and respond to their enquiries. If you are able to generate active conversations on your block for on social media, search engines will take note of the activity and give your block a boost. 11. OUTRO: Congratulations. You have finished the course as promised. Accident over. Promised it. But who cares? There's a photo of my dog right there. That's Wesley plying in the Rybar on then that's specially there. Ganda. It's May. That's big. Or Becky. Mary B. She's kind of famous now, isn't she? And there we have Georgie on. And that's a bex parent house on. There's Wesley again. Isn't he gorgeous? Now check this out. Wedding business as CEO, I proven step by step systems optimized Google ranking of a wedding business website completed. How clever is that? Thank you again for taking part of this, cause I've really enjoyed having you here. I really hurt that. You get a lot out of this cause Go out there and put these strategies into practice and get heaps of clients and just kick us and have a good old time. And if you've enjoyed this course than please lever of you and tell everyone how much fun you had. Okay. See you later.