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SEO Trends in 2017: How to Be on the Top!

Mariusz Szczerbal, Founder at Video Courses Academy

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15 Videos (1h 8m)
    • Intro

    • Not only single words

    • 3 rules to achieve success

    • Schema Markup

    • Cross-Channel

    • Mobilegeddon

    • Voice Search

    • AMP

    • RankBrain

    • UEO & SEO

    • Location your users

    • Speed of websites

    • Link Building

    • Domain Authority

    • SSL Certificate


About This Class

Each of us know that the concept of SEO is changing every year. Our main goal is to be aware of the trends that determine our actions. 2017 will be an important year as Google gives us more and more improvements in the search engines that it is sometimes difficult to keep up with the current trends

Search engine Algorithms are constantly being improved, to provide users like high-quality search results. This implies that administrators need to constantly adjust positioning strategies in the current trends and principles. What to pay attention to SEO in 2017, what are the factors that will play a big role – I will advise you in this course.

Why you should listen to me?

My Name is Mariusz Szczerbal and I work as Internet Marketing in one of the largest football schools in Europe. Thanks to their experience I am ready to help You beat the competition on the way to the top of the Google search.

Each student will receive from me:

  • major trends in SEO in 2017
  • lots of useful tools
  • lot-specific information
  • help if you have any questions


If you are interested, feel free to TAKE THIS COURSE now!







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Mariusz Szczerbal

Founder at Video Courses Academy

Welcome. I'm Mariusz. About for 4 years I'm interested in the subject of e-commerce. I am a young entrepreneur, but for a long time I collect a very rich experience in sales, but also in the creation of video courses.

Currently I am working in one of the largest football schools in Europe as Online Marketing Specialist. This work incredibly develops me.

On Skillshare I want to teach people who have problems with the proper development of their online stores.

If you have ...

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