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SEO Keyword Research to Rank On Google For Beginners to Advance

Alvin Phang, Servant of God Since 2011

SEO Keyword Research to Rank On Google For Beginners to Advance

Alvin Phang, Servant of God Since 2011

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7 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Intro To Google Keyword Research

    • 3. Advance Keyword Ideas For Keyword Research

    • 4. Hands On Tutorial On Keyword Planner

    • 5. Alternative Keyword Research Tool

    • 6. Leverage Google Trends

    • 7. Advance SEO Add On To Look At Competition

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About This Class

Are You Struggling To Get Rank On Google?
Or Are You Having Trouble Getting People To Your Website?

At the of this course you will be

- Able to find long tail keywords that experts do not want you to know
- Be one step above the rest by able to identify hot niches that is untapped
- Optimised your website ore com store with better keywords for better rankings on Google

Design For Newbies To Experts Levels

Unlike many other courses, this will be the most comprehensive easy to follow course that cover all aspects to equip with knowledge on research the following

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alvin Phang

Servant of God Since 2011


My name is Alvin Phang and I live in Singapore, I got baptized on the 31st Aug 2011 and since than I had a desire to serve God and have completed my studies at ACTS College Bible School holding a BTH degree in Theology :)

Since 2011, I have been preaching and evanglize in various countries and I am glad God is using me in various ways to reach out to people. God had placed in my heart to start up an online community on Facebook call GatherFaith that currently has over 37,000 likes and activity running to share Jesus online using this video here .

With your support, I be able to purse my passion of serving God and every cent you support will go towards serving God's people. I thank you so much for believing in this movement and thank you again for Loving Jesus. M... See full profile

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1. Introduction: are you actually struggling to get rank on Google? Or maybe you're unable to find good quality He was then. This class is for you. Hi, My name is Ellen punk. And welcome to the S your keyword research cross, which is designed for beginners to advanced level in this class. This is what you going to learn? Number one. You know how to use Google Keyword planner for Numis toe expert level and on tone that you learned the top six key with ideas that you might not even have thought off even TV on X. But all right. And also show you how toe on alternative keyword tools Because there are many people when they don't have access to Cuba planner and having problems so far. And he was. So you need this alternative keyword twos, right? Number four, You learn how to live it on Google trends, which is very important. And seldom people foundation off it. That's where you would learn how to use it. And you also discover browser s YouTube is very useful for competition and analysis, which you will learn in this class as well and so much more. I love to share with you. All right. Where am I, by the way? My name's Elvin Peng and actually live in Singapore. And this is how I can help you or I have been doing this for more than 13 years. Since two old six, I have cost more than 25,000 students in 155 countries online and actually on a bloke called Gathers assets, which is a lawful was there as well. I actually specialize in social media marketing s you lead generation, Facebook advertising and TV media s. Well, so from my experiences, I will shave everything I know about s you research and the end of this class. You will have a better understanding off Cuba research you so we'll learn how to have the ability to identify Key were ideas that others might not have thought off. Yucel, learn how do plan better s your strategies for your wet project s well, a simple project will be done in this class, which is very simple using the tools in juice in this class and the things that I teach in his class. You just between to learn how to find Hynie. Monkey was and use them for your next wet project. All right, so I hope to see you in the next video. So, sire, for this class to get an H in planning your next s year strategy now convalescence you in next for you. 2. Intro To Google Keyword Research: So the purpose off Google Cure Research and S U In case you're not aware, our is to help you to living on google dot com audience with over two trillion people per year. Yes, you hear right. They have a lot of people on Google and there's a reason why everybody seems to want to rank on Google because they want attempt on so called free traffic on Google by ranking their website number one on Google. All right, and bring on Google helps in many different areas. All right, so on average allergy 2.3 million such as per second are on Google. And that's a lot off people using Google today. So the purpose are doing proper research is going to rank higher on Google. Such results we should give you basically more are free traffic to your work flat meaning more sales later on. So in case you are very new, I actually decided Addis in something do so. But in case you're very new, artists are some key factors to rank on Google. They're actually a lot more about this other call Basic. First, you need to have to know your don't mean h how is don't mean that you're trying to rank for All right, So Google does Look at the age of the domain. They also at the authority off the domain, sometimes quite Google picturing. But now it's don't seem to have that in defector. The also factor in the number back links. All right, that's going to the peace And who actually links to a pitched us? Ah, fact. All right, your picturing on Google s Well, basically s You made attacks. All right, You can I can do Cuba stuffing, All right? You cannot put too many keep all the same. He was many times. All right, so there's some dangers are doing that. And that's basically but in the right, he was the right position to go. Go, go. Right. What? You're trying to rank fall. This is also so sickness from social media. They do look at That s well, so you definitely want to get your whatever They are trying to rein. Try to get social shares as well. All right, so there's some coal important basic you need to know. All right, for Google as hell today. So basically, it's on a bandages is obviously once you rang Wear well on Google. You get free traffic to your site, you get increase in sales. When you do it correctly, you have few beauty authority for their many people who uses actually say like, Oh, that's in the Stars were ranked number one for starting leather shoes on Google and actually tell something to the consumer. All right, that is somehow a Tora es fell. That's somewhat how people use it. All right? I have to be more awareness, obviously, for your business. That's what everybody wants to do as he Oh, but there's no this advantage as well. You may not be aware. Right? First is there is a lot unpredictable up This and the obvious are not, uh, small. All right, they can be very big. Swell. All right, so they have many ridiculous up this, But any other day this obvious to help customers to have a very good experience using Go, go. So in a way is good. All right, so it's all the time consuming to generate content and back links. And that's why many companies, I mean the charge Very expensive fees, right to help you do s you and Jared content, but it always cost money right to create. All right. And you constantly monitor for changes right that Google makes. The funny thing is that you can create great content that links you, do everything this perfect. What Google ones by the scent thing is as known guarantee are no one can t guarantee that you will be ranked all right. There's no such thing. Anybody tells you that they are lying to you. So even though I share you all these techniques, right, there's no guarantee you be ranked. But I can say you will increase. Your chances are being rang on Google are you need have you to increase your chances. All right, there's no exception and scary and guarantee issue during who is lying to you. There's no such thing. Okay, even if they can is actually very long till he was we should. She were easily done in one or two days. Okay, so the one being the initiator muscular dot com So I always tell my students right now will depend on one social traffic for your business. Are the reason why I show you this Because I really case scenarios off friends who depend just on s you toe make a living. All right, so it's on them. They are very good. It already do it. We want to shave. You are in the general Lof visitors to the website and sonic injury as much as 10 $10,000 to $15 net profit every month. But just because of one That was many years ago. We watched the penned up there remember and affected a lot of people. And all the battling farms was closed down. And all their periods Waas are Google cannot be such. And from $10 dollars he became $100 thank God he told me that because last time I used to be crazy Tosu by realizing the only depend on an issue for your social traffic. You are putting us in danger. All right, so you always want to have that is one or two sauce, all traffic right to your website. So maybe came one s. You may be one Facebook or whatever they all share you in this video research you can think about. That s well So you currently only half s you as your main source. Please consider to try other things toe at on because it's very unpredictable. What will happen to your website if Google decide to do something else? All right. So I hope those who experience will hear my advice. All right. Please do that. That's when you don't be afraid. All right? You still have chances to do as well. Even the three other cons, All right, but people are still doing it because all right, there are still a lot. He was out there. They are not rank. And that's where you're gonna learn in this module how to find the right here with the rank . So right now, you know what's the pros and cons off the grill? Recession issue wouldn't go through a recommendation. What? You should do a new plan, your strategy on doing Seo for your website. So basically, the first thing you do obviously, is to select keywords that you are thinking on targeting. All right, so it's very important to list now what other meaning he was talking in. What are the succubus you're targeting So normally, does one mean key? But that normally goes to your mean website. So that's your website site, abc dot com. There will be a museum site, and after that the sub Q. As will be oil some pages, okay, and all your subjects normally will use the sub keywords. So you normally have your money. What's which is only one or two he woods or I can choose to many key let's and Minke, what should be the one that help you generate the most number of sales and it secures, basically are helping to boost up the mink us. Well, so this bill painting All right, when before you actually start doing issue, you have the print while keeping you on the target. And what the sub Q issue on the target's Well, okay. And you you may be surprised that you know that before you start even doing that links and we on the issue of things that everybody talks about, there's nothing new, alright and no cure stuffing all those things. All right, so before you start used good ah, habit to actually start doing PPC campaigns just a trial. You mean key would and your circular close. You might understand, um, you have to invest our money and time to edgy wrangles. Key was any many who rang them. And it'll generally use cells or the things the results that you want on your objectives. Right Then it defeats the purpose on bringing those key was right. So in order to not waste your money on time, it's always more professional to ask you tastic us first before you actually plan toe, bring them. All right, That's what I recommend ball, Cause if you're on a tight budget, then you're the one to spend the money. The PBC it's fine as well. But as I say, there's no guarantee that once you bring the key word, you will get the sense that you want. Okay. Normally, for BBC, I recommend about $400 on each key with the test for 5 to 6 keywords for seven days. Okay, that's what I recommend. All right, so basically, what you see is basically that offer. You spend the money desert campaign in some cases, right? Some of my kinds are the end of the world to even the the S e o. D. And I'm just doing PPC Hardaway because sometimes she was really very unpredictable in terms off ranking. All right, so after that, they say after you seventies, and you saw that something results that your client or your website gets. All right, so then you start planning what goes you on the right while you're battling strategies? How many PR Ling's you need way Talk about that later on in the other views off this. All right. Obviously, most of the people that create bad things they normally create Argos or the create page product pages, All right, to actually try and bring them. So it is basically not show off. How is your plane? Right for your r s US refugees before it stopped. All right, so basically, and next we're going talk more about keywords. So it is not the next video because you may learn something new, the immediate all here before. I'm sure. All right. And I'm gonna benefit. So I see you in the next for you. 3. Advance Keyword Ideas For Keyword Research: they will come back to in our video in this video, we're going to talk more about using the key Google keyword planner. We sent me around for many years since school started, and it's the number 12 that most s U strategies use our sofrito do research, So basically, type. Look, you were planning on Google. All right? You just press on this. It was account. All right, So you come to here. I think you need to have active Evers account to actually use Google Q A plan. And now, So if you don't have access, it's because your account is not active, so you need to have some s. So that's creating a $1 or treat all at all. Right? And after won't you will see this button is available to you. Okay. Uh, no, I have something telling me that my google que offended looks different from some people. Maybe mine is Thea Oh, version and not sure. All right, bye. Generally issue of the Samos this. Okay, So what happened here? Is that safe for them? We're not going back to the iPhone X example. Okay, So it is time iPhone ex general keywords to give you some ideas. What to look for? You know, you can't. You should change your so your target country. You just select here. So let's say five Zambo. You don't want to target the United States. We wanted target that. Say where I live. It's just Singapore. Okay, so type here or click safe, so make sure you save that language is not miss all Sunday. Let's leave it there. All right, so they need get ideas. I want you get crazy ideas. All right, you will show you arrange. Okay, some of you guys don't see this are some your maybe you will see one number. That's not the end of the world. Okay? So, normally, even if I see this range, I locks. Do not. So which are specially I see this one. She's normally I will see the smaller number. Okay, which is 10,000. All right. Think not. The number that you see here is the average number. Such as for Cuba, close to the target, setting off the reach. Right. So this tells you roughly last time this used to show anyone numbers and I show two numbers . So goes always changing. Okay. And, uh, my guess is this is a Zach Mitch exact number, such as a steward estimation. They don't really know the actual number off such a sound. They can't really like reading exactly. Right. But it's interesting to note, all right, that there are low People want thinking off buying iPhone X because it's, like, 10,000 just in Singapore every month. All right, so I can see that there's a demand for it. So I understand why, uh, researching is so important. All right, Because you can know what is in the month and no is no indeed. Month in my audio video, I showed this thing about Suggest that beat. Okay, so this isn't single this guy put there. Waas Ah, video of $10. All right, so the higher this number, it tells us one thing is that is more expensive to advertise this one. The material is that it may have higher commercial intent. It may have only save me, right. It's not a comfortable right. So it may have high commercial intent. Means more people. Ah, buying, beating on his key. But so imagine I say you see, here's $20 means that I just I wouldn't pay more money to advertise that Cuba. He tells us that they are making money. That's why they are advertising aggressive. You on a key. What? All right, So now what? $12 is pretty cheap. OK, ok. This competition, I always always get this question from students. This is competition. The competition off this Cuba know. Okay, this competition is referring. Toa advertisers. All right, if you click here, the customer you can re here. All right? Number advertises that show for each week that he was. So if there is a lot of people everything in this Cuba you show there. Ah, high. All right, I have a high low or medium. Okay, So when you say low muse, there's not many people are in Cuba. You say hi. Means there's a lot people have any excuse for while reasons I don't know. OK, so how do you know? Ok, so what? You see the number? I think a small number. You think? Hey, so I need this to be above 500. That's why I say it. All right. So what do you find? A company here? So what you do is copies he But you know this. Go. It's such and then you see Ah, some result here, so you can see this. Ah, 205 1,000,000 gate results. Can we show you this example off the future? Que eso? That's true. I have one now What? We have iPhone it, right? So yeah, I found it. Okay, so I think it also has a lot off such this to force already out. There's no iPhone night. Let's try for night. Okay. Interestingly, is even a lot worse. 66 millions of was Yeah, I see. One more night has more. So everybody thought That's a night. All right, There's no night. Okay, so are 11 also stew, you know, there's a lot. So I hope 11 is not out yet. OK, but really got so many results. There's tried trough. Oh, it's you. A warm surprise case. Even much more. Okay, so this this obviously are not there, so you can see the computers to wear normally is lesser. Let's try the dean. Okay. Still a lot. Okay, that is not normal. Okay, But maybe because is iPhone okay, so basically, normally it will go lower The results, but I'm surprised to see more, but yeah. So that's this for Apple, anyway. Ah, food judging. He was normally have less results. Normal. There's try even a longer key with. Okay, so that's trying this. All right. So you can see I never friend this, But all this all this article obviously not rank for this cuba yet, but I'm very sure after when this one is out your article. I mean, there will be a lot 13 review articles and the such a remote. Okay, so basically here, you can see now, many kind of key was All right, So the question when that source Elvis So what key was I choose? Uh, that I think I should rank for. Okay. So I don't even see if I target this. Who you need us yourself. Who will type this? We will who are looking for released. It means they may have intention. Is any intention for people to buy this product? I believe so. Because they want to know when the date off the release of the phone. That's what realized to be his higher as well. Okay, uh, new I for me. This is not very good. Because why? There's no more than number there. Okay, so it is just a virgin Mary. He would gets to Ergin Eri Alright via screwed. So normally Release release the wood is quite good. Okay, Um I know many tried to stick to the one that has years all What's that? Has what release Get his training speech. Okay, so you can see this are actually in long Till he was I've won 82017 Not very high such alright, But see competition It's still very high. I should address iPhone. It's since I hurting is high here. Okay, so normally those that have lesser money such you see like 10 I think No, this is actually just Singapore. If I changes to United States, you can see that would be You can see there will be a big difference because seeing a bus very small. Ok, so you can see the difference is increased by so much. All right, one million Such a iPhone x okay, 100,000. Okay, so that c So even you can see that even long. What's like when the new iPhone is up? Even has some. Such is all right that zits for fun. You know this This check up How many results? So this is easier. The right, obviously, are less than the median, or this is a very good Cuba to ring. Okay, you know this when I talk this out, that's a year there. Okay, so that's even better. I will obviously rang for this, this phrase, all right, cause when you ran for this face, useful rank for this face as well. Interesting to know is that this this year has more results, and this one has less results. So, yeah, there's something interesting. All right, so that's a 20 on it. All right? These are Cuba's you can consider during. Of course, it's not really high, but I say it's not about of warning. All right, it's about Is it very targeted? Okay, so let's go some more. So prices is not a good key, but you can consider to target like I wouldn't target. Why? Because you are basically telling us that he has not come out yet. So what's like prize reviews? Things count those. Those are the cues. I will go for four. Especially equal. Most Bruna, Uh, what else? We have here, Price. Okay, This was a very long one. What would I fund it? Look, that's not okay. Our prize again. You can see specifications possible to target as well. Because people look for specs are so meeting. Are buying the phone as well. All right, It's obviously not Gokey. What's all right? So he comes for experience, or and every nature product is ah, different. Let's try something else. Just for illustration, cause no, you're very product base. Let's try something else is Tri service base. Let's say doc training so you can see the training itself is already a search term. We're gonna see that many kinds of training. Okay, there are $10 even the US looking for dog training. Okay? And you know this There are also being sly poppy training. All right? There's also obedience training. Does he want to ever be training? All right, so training all kind of training. What kind of training you on to target? This is well, training dogs to pull properly. All right? There's even a specific brief training, right? Which is quite a high warning, miss. Well, okay. And so I came here, doc. Training causes name. You saw these people actually looking for doc training near the area by the problems that we don't really know Where. Okay, we didn't that we'll see a way. Okay, so these people have no idea. Like which location? Okay, about Google will show, you know. Okay, this way you use, uh, your met Google men. Okay. And that will have you to get business as well. There's another smart way to rank. Okay. Using location. Right. So you just plop your stall on the metro, all right? And you can get business there as well. Okay, be training you So I definitely wanted index your store right into the Google met. All right. So yeah, so you can see different different natures has different way. Now you notice is not probably service basis. A different range off key. What's OK in many, many ways off looking. It's on us. Maybe a country Look five this year you can always go back here, alright, causing this geometry struggling to tell you what can't you is There are so this will give you like a break. Now all the different kinds off target audience you can go for not many people create here , actually, but there's this. Call them over here so I can take a class A school. Training centres are being training Poppy. All right, so you should only choose one if you're new, Kate was one area data new. So you're citing causes, obviously. Good for the courses. If you're doing obedience training, they go for their. So these are all examples for you to get. So I hope this give you, Ah, a broader view and idea off how to find your keywords. So remember to find future train keywords with the year behind. Put that to zero. Ah, 17 or 18 And try that this one way or target specific models off the product that you're selling. All right, there's another way. So right now, there's no such for this. Okay, so let's try. Oh, there's no social. Both. Okay. So no point doing this queue, but you get the idea, right? So sounder years, right? You get some such shit there, I can see that There's some over here. Okay. So, someone they have to make sure the check before you rang them. Okay? Some key was Has some cuba don't have Okay, so those are my tips on that. And that's a when I talk about model being can me to show you what I mean, in case you do understand airy product, right. Nominee has a serial number, so basically, you want to find what's a serial number? Okay, so let me see you stare. Go see your numbers. Something, uh, that you can also target for sus Well, okay, so I fennel. Is it this one? I'm not sure. Okay, Maybe, Maybe is That's one. That still one I can't close. I don't know. It's this one, but anyway, imagine this is the one, Okay? I don't know. Why did you need to find the modern Almousaly? Maybe. Oh, okay. Different country has a different model number. All right, so you can see this. Ah, different speaking. And she target the model number. All right, so you know, this different country or different, whatever has different things, OK, so that they are targeting iPhone ANC's. I target. The modern number is dead. Right? Because this is our personal right, because you can't see this very high number off competition. Normally, this number here, I try to keep it be a lot. And the 20 median? All right, this is my own personal beach. Okay, So, uh, yeah, you can target your number, and you can bring them as well. All right, listen. That's what I mean by product. It's very key. Was all right. So, you know, we just give you more tools and ideas. Where to find he was. If you're struggling to find Key was that's what this whole must the class is all about is to help you to find the right. He was the target. So I see you in the next video. 4. Hands On Tutorial On Keyword Planner: Hey, welcome back to another video, and I'm so excited to have you here again. And you're going to enjoy on this variable content because it's the content that not many trainers share about because it comes from my experience and on a share of you, something very important that before you start doing, it s your journey is very bottom there. You actually understand your customers so unsure of you two mind sets that most customers halfway hasty as basic mindset and the implicit mindset. And I want to talk more about that in this video. As I thought about the top six different types of keywords that you had target that you may not, you have topped off so they can stay once that hit off your Combinator. So you ready? Let's jump in right now. So basically, we have the cosmos. Such mindsets rainbow spc mindset me scream means they're actually thinking of something to search for online. But they have no idea how to find what they want to find on Google. So, for example, if I say I have this mindset, say I want to know, right, what is the price off the new iPhone eggs. So the question is, how would the user search on Google if they want to know this knowledge? All right, so maybe they attack something like iPhone eggs because you got no crew, you know, like what to search for to get the information that they want. So we have cases in, I mean, for some of your own case when you use google dot com tonight, in some cases you realize I want information, but I don't know what the such for right. So that's quite explicit mindset A. Basically, you still gets what they want, but not the full picture. Okay, so no money. This are the kind of customer that we don't really want to target those keywords because it's not very specific to worse what the customer wants because he wants to know the price . So obviously, that's not the right key, but that we want to target. All right, a tous point. So I understand why it's important. Understand this point so often as we'll see. My thing does not directly leased them to what the person is really looking for. Eso. Therefore, this kind of key was not really very ideal for us to target, and it's funny that a lot of people today actually targeting this that he was today. But actually, it's not the right type of Q. Is that you should be targeting. And I'm sure you're watching you do it. You before you are definitely beauty or this because I was video this also when I waas uh, doing this many years ago, 11 years ago started doing this and I made the same mistake as well, are embarrassingly said. Basically, it's the user knows what they wants and ended the right kind of such term on Google. So basically they already know what they want, and they also know what they need to search for to enter the such. So the same thing That's that you want to know the price off the new iPhone X. How would the user now such for that time? Well, obviously you're key more information. So, for example, the person made me thinking on my iPhone X three to get model and the price they want to find out in the unit. So it's very, very specific. All right causes that such TEM may not have very high volume on Google, but The good thing is that you know this the valley off, how specific is it? Supposes that you actually know what this person really looking for is looking for iPhone X obviously is looking for that. He took the day to get model and he wants to know the price. And he wants to buy in the U. S. Eight so I can see that this user is really, really knowing what he really wants. If I am right, and all we need now is to just deliver this information to him. And high chance is the price is good enough. He will buy from the website that we recommend him to go so I can see the big difference between this too. All right. So understanding English, the mindset of the customer gets you the traffic and customers that you want most of the time. So that makes us Mr. I see a lof s your courses and curious such They didn't talk more Anything about this myself issue. All right, so it's a lot about how getting blindly on shock us, which actually eaten the right kind. He was hb targeting. It should be easy targeting this kind of keywords. All right, but the point is that how how do you get ideas for all this mindset? Alright, it's simple, or I just be the customer on yourself, all right? Imagine if you want to buy I for what will you type? Writer? So this question All right, on a creative way. If you're not sure you can. She conducts a vase. All right. We've specialized questions to know your audience can post them on Facebook. All right, on social media, spend some money. Firearm, or I can go on groups and forms of finance. Well, okay. As you create lucky drawer prices on social media posting question to gain by comments, Another good place. I didn't put it on my PowerPoint, but you can go to Yahoo answers yo, as it's a very good place to look for questions that people ask about certain things so he can something there. And maybe I'll just play guitar in there just for the sake of giving I use. All right, So your ideas yahoo answers. Sorry. You can actually find things there as well. So for example, you know, wish iPhone X, will you buy right company and below wander tree off. All right. One can be treated, Get black to 64 rate. So in. See, people commending in the social media and they do you have a rough idea that what people are really just in buying. Okay, so not going to talk more about the different kinds off key was they are that you can talk it right? This was the most commonly use cues that most begin iss UES. Okay, normally is the 1st 1 They come to your mind when you start any s you campaign life example , You get back to the iPhone X okay, everything. IPhone. It's the number one key with their oh, things are not getting is iPhone X. I will next year for iPhone X block, right? Those are the common keyword terms that everybody wants to rank for. But as I just explained to you, it doesn't really feet through the right kind. Customers that were you want because you device we don't really know why the bosom next. Is he looking for the price is looking for the review. Is he looking for the accessory? We have no idea what iPhone X, right? So it's not really clear what the button really really wants. Okay? And the funny thing is that we are selling products e commerce Russ most all the time. So you want to target equals relate. The key was the people searching for information. So what's market use? These are basically was market used to describe your item that you're selling. So there's a very clear example this our marketing defying he was another kind. He was. Is the customer defying? He was, are. These are tic us focus around the target audience. For example, advance iPhone X gear. So it is very, very defined by the customer days looking for iPhone gear on the best gear they are off on iPhone or maybe iPhone X accessories. So you know this Comparing to the first he was, This is more Pacific Teoh every known ruffian idea what the customer is looking for on the iPhone X ray pencil. You imagine if you're running for iPhone X ray pass, everyone who needs repairs will come to you even remember one. Our Ivan accessory. Anyone who need accessories will come to you. It's not assesses, so you can get iPhone X, your butts. IPhone X black year, but that your phone, whatever color in the mold of everything, maybe something they're looking for club iphone X club. Maybe they want to. This mingle around people who have iPhone owners. All right, so the different group of people altogether. So that's why they're important. Understand your audience. I understand the mindset of the people who socially stubs so that when you rang them, right, it makes sense to spend effort money to do it. Now, you know why. Actually spend another much you just share but its knowledge. And it's so important to know this knowledge, All right? And I know one. So this is the one that I use a lot myself. All right, so probably find Hewes all right, there. Basically, key was ready. Find the needs of the audience. So I give some example they don't Normally I d for strong targeting and has Mary very much less. Competition is very ideal for newbies. All right, So, for example, it is key with the iPhone X sale in New York, so you can see who are type iPhone excel in union. Obviously, this person stays in New York. He's thinking on my iPhone X you know why we type seal? Right. So there I was like Sil Groupon coupon do right. Those are strong commas words. Are there people time when they're thinking about buying a phone, so emailing us out? If you're thinking of buying a foreign, what will you type? All right, so it's a iPhone. New iPhone, this count. All right. Those are the typical cue is that you're such for or maybe iPhone x, your phone repairs of his. So obviously this person eyes looking for not to repair the phone, but it's repairing the yippies. Okay, so you can see is a big difference in understanding Ah, this time Keeler's Or maybe iPhone x case shockproof. So it's not looking for this. A normal case is looking for a shockproof case, and now people will social start us, by the way. Okay, a good such that they are because it's not as many as five Onex itself, but it is very defined is not about harmonies, people or traffic that goes to the key. With this important is what converse to a sale, which is my brother for the bottom line. All right, so this might want to do have. Ah, big bottom line. We have less traffic than more travel, you know, Bottom line. Right? So, obviously, any other day, you won't have more sales and more results. Website. So you wanna think about right? What kind of product define he was that you may have for your products. No angle. One is Ivan X fast charger, USB three points. You you notice. So do you find it's not looking. Just one normal charger is looking for a fast one. That is three points. You know, other things you can next report had been put in the Palm Point. All right, you put more numbers. I realized a lot more than numbers are very easy to rank for. Okay. Especially when this Ah, you know, every iPhone has a specific morning on both wrestle. You rank for those modern numbers that nobody wants to rank for. Okay, so you'd be surprised You get lower traffic from there as well, so I can try it out. Try it myself. So I know you definitely works a swell and know you will like it once you try it. I don't want Joe targeting defying. He was OK. Sometime the General que alive a nexus so hard to talk it. But you even target location Base. All right, this Katya kilos focus on the needs of the target audience. So the locations busy place, important role, especially for this V's. Okay, so if you're doing a service Sinus on your service, I repair Servi. So long service design, Web design. Wherever service location key was are very important for you. Okay, So for example, if someone tie flexing upon, obviously he's looking for one iPhone using a ball. Alright, it Ivan actually paying you get obviously is looking for repair or iPhone in the u know u K . All right. So you can see how you screwed it is if many someone is typing in hair cut in Singapore. So basically is looking for doing a heck hut are using a lot of people such that Yes, there are. All right, But this is not a lot. Okay, I imagine if you are random on one for that Q and maybe gets, like 2030 shows just every day you get 30 potential customers every day, right? So it's still wolf ranking. Those county were so target, he was that people do not think off, all right. And you realize those Q is no money. Much easier the ring for then the bigger ones. Okay, but a goodie find. Who was that? All right there. Keep whether she related to the nature product off your target audience. So, for example, apple are apple phone iPhone X. Okay, Maybe they were such apple retailers. Or maybe I found this kind office, right? So they actually key was are somehow related vertically to the minke. What they're doing normally I don't suggest to go this route are unless you want to do it for sub pages, that is fine. But for the first few US nominal recommend is said, he was all right. So me, the minke, but they are not getting HIV. Rex will not be in the state of Q. It's normally, but I think he was. That's related to your mean he would. The last one, which I like a lot and also very, very easy to write for is what I call the future trend defying. He was right. So they're executes related. Initial productive is related in the future off your target audience And this one you have the use Google trends. Morgan In other videos, eso, for example, currently right now is iPhone X into their 2017 All right, this video, Maybe when you see maybe not that you 20 it Okay, that's imagine it's true. 07 I feel like it was even. Okay, So, Carrie, right now into their own seven. There's no iPhone 11. All right, but you can start ranking for iPhone and have a review, all right? And you don't believe the eagles type iPhone 11 or and foreign travel? There are already people trying to wring forms. They have not started even appearing. Okay, All you want, Carlos, that have no appear year. Why do they do that? Because by the time the brought out launch, all right, you ready? Already rang your patient care and so much easier to rank them because there are less people thinking of ranking those kind of he was as well. So, for example, also, we can rang. What's like 201 iPhone us as it reviews. All right, so most of you all right with you on seven. By your eating in 18 and one night already. All right, so you can tell the future trends if you the future dates. Another cool idea is that something not made about my very easy the rank for, let's say, five number. You know it's a new transformer movie next year, and you know the title of the show you can start are getting the show. I though, all right, before you in the movie come out. Or maybe you know, this particular actor that somehow you're in the niche again that's going to end something in a big movie. Then you start ranking his, uh, his name's everywhere or, you know, that is a new product. All right? It's going a lot. You really know the name? Okay. I made a lot next year, so I start raking Those key was those product areas launch. You're right there. You will able to sell a lot of product very fast and only realize new broad outs are normally easier to rank for before they are launch. Right when their largest harder toe rang them, right. You so can rank colors you can surround by years. Well, so these are very, very are interesting and useful ideas that you can implement into your seo strategy. And this is some of the recommendation that our half, if you are very new and don't know what found here, is the truth. From so far there are recommends start small and also start with long tail keywords, which is any keyboard as tree or more. He was. I don't rank those one word toe because it's very, very difficult. Whoever tells you is possible, right? Cuando cuba is behind. Do you hear me? Right there for a while. But it's not going to be easy because a lot of people with targeting those one or two brothers, and I just I just explained to you earlier, All right, they are not very targeted customers or you want more increasing customers. So it can also considered targeting the target future track he was, and also the product defying he was, which is what I always do in my s u strategies, Mother all the time. And I realize he looks very wealth. I I remember I did one YouTube video and the whole empire YouTube. That's only two person doing it, right for the whole video. I mean, whole YouTube. Okay. And because I know there's only two of us. And doing that key would then idea like three videos we didn't tree or one or two days It was random one on YouTube but also rang on us. Well, and that video alone are got me over 12,000 visitors. I mean, views through the video, no matter on one money. Okay, so I know this refugee works. Okay, so you need to try it yourself. Okay. So competition. All right. Tom Tan, We've last and 20 $100 about that later on. What is thes? Okay, if an editorial because I have a two to show you that okay. And a demon. Oh, sure that also in another video should have more than 500 or more pre foot. Okay. Uh, no. All the time. You get 500 just say pre foot. All right, so this option is not a mass thing. It's just a good to have thing. OK, so they got a of it says not true Are you can be 50 sometimes 100. We always prefer the more. But some cases we don't have more, depending which country? A target even going Singapore, for example. The searches so much lesson and us. So a such in us can be maybe 10,000 such in for the same work in singable. Maybe 3 50 some people because the country is smaller. All right, so this 5500 Steve base on us audience. All right, Can't soldiers that got raised white busting like I All right, Ali is totally optional. Alright, But this one is basically where you see that this addition beat. All right for us is around $10 in the book A What is that? I will show you in another video after this. All right, on the google que Opana and show you how to use this recommendations that I show you here in case you're not for me. No, I'm talking about Okay, so the worry so much. All right. The next video, you'll have heads on on the tools right now. You understand the teary and I found the issue and you already start. So I'm so excited right now to show you right now, and it's John means in the next video to see how to do all these things to you. 5. Alternative Keyword Research Tool: it is. I mean, in welcoming video. And I'm so excited the show another interesting to to help you define long till he was full is at this link or key. What the i o slash Google issues a free to take note. You don't have to buy the pro. I'm going to show you how to get it free in the way. Okay, so we learn, actually earlier video about using this keyword planner and every desk type iPhone X. Okay. And normally, the problem when you on and you do this right, they give you very limited suggestions. Okay, So what happened is that we want to find more long Cuba's essence, Hugh blander than tell us all the order was that we want and how these two worlds is very simple. So whenever we type iPhone, something X you noticed as this suggestion he was. So what is to does become a suggestion cures for you. Okay, in the whole lease off it. Okay. And normally the keep a day is closer to the main. Cuba has higher. Such for a normally. Okay, so let's see how this works. So let's say we want to target us English market. So it has type two. Seeing what? IPhone X. Sorry. IPhone X. Okay, So you came up with 588. Cuba's All right. That's not going to stop do here. But, you know, there's no I have much, much more key what's shown here. And you know these. I don't show you this part. We should just what we need, All right. You don't have to argue the proto get this info. Let me show you how to get it for free. Okay, So that's creating this bottom export all to excel, gait, and an opening it up in excel. All right. And then you have this wonderful sheet. Get what you need to do here. We have a lot of rules here. Divided by 100. Uh, this basic office. All right. So called be about 100 words at one time. Then you come to keep up Bana and just pace it over here. Okay? And click. Get volume. All right. Sometimes you will see an error because you see some funny was. So that's some funny was here, Which you can see that some What's That's funny here, So I'm gonna delete that away. All right, That's why to some air a day. All right, So you you have basically night at 97 Woods. Okay, so I'll delete this tree causes now in use. All right, this on Israel. So you catchy Donald, this again? Make a dollar. All right, open. I make cell in round. You have all that in four here. That actually here you have to pay. This is fire CCB in competition. But now you have it for free. Over here. Okay? Can you can fill me in and I show you yet, right? So very cool. So you notice now there are some more interesting Cuba's they can find using this to, like, collars versus All. Right. You had never see this in queue up. Lana, I was like this. All right? The maybe a movie, and, you know, that seems to be okay, So it is a drop tests. Okay. So you can see many, many more long T. It is a very good, longer Cuba. Such warning. Quite good. It's a very long que up there. Okay, uh, you may need anymore. So you get idea so this can during this, you know, like, 56 times. All right. From this least year, this copy basically pace and compound more better. Long Cuba's for you to get ideas. So the purpose of this too. So have you look fine? Ah, long till he was All right. So remember, go to this link tryout itself. I'm sure you enjoy it and help you to find more long queues. There's watching video and I'll see you in the next one, right? 6. Leverage Google Trends: Hey, welcome back to in our video. And now, in this video, we're going talk about to this. Ah, very, very useful. As focal Google trends can go the trans local with a constant trends, which is the thing below here, this group over here and you will come up to this site. So I uses to very much to look at transfers before I do any business or anything. A swell. But it doesn't show you how to use the constant people, the wrong you use it. So what's important? You come here? He has thought so. Information, but not everything. East useful. Tow us depending on what you're trying to do. All right, they know this the country could select. We'll hear one thing on a point. Not to use that. Yes, you can see all the trending news and all the states, but sometimes the thing is, the audience news most all time has nothing to do with what you are currently doing. Unless you're doing like politics and all the style things. Yes, this are important. But what you want to do is go to the calm color car corner. Okay? And then go. Teoh trending such on the left side. OK, so this one will tell you basically trending ships for the country. You notice a change your country here as well. So there's the training sessions for the month. What is curry Hot topic right now. So report prize. And all these names are pretty popular right now. All right, so those are things you may want to consider to bring former I can do a shot video of this . It's useful for news site so they can You can use this. Okay. And then another one would be top charts. Get up. Just basically, what I would do is I will always remember goto the current country targeting so a Singapore . So in the United States column, you can actually go to ah column that is related to what you're doing. So, doing any moments a good any moles? Actors at the leaks. Okay, so you choose the correct It is a little bit more useful. Okay, So far, if I'm doing the training, they are Luit put moved up. Oh, God. Husky. This other, like trending dots that I mean considered to rank for instead off any the symbol doc training article Okay, So, me by the door, adult training Attica. Bulldog causes This is trending right now and you can find more in your Google keyword planner, is it really So? Okay, so this are also useful information. If you're doing a movie site website, this is definitely very bottom for you. That fueled what? The latest fumes that its trending your foot block are something in it. Okay, then. This is very so for you in Spots Channel. All right, so there's slightly more useful information for us to use. OK, but what I can do is the sole. You can actually explore certain topic, and it's where the powerful comes in. So I put iPhone x again. Okay. So iPhone X. All right, you what? They remember putting undue is the changes to whatever country that you are targeting to get the most accurate information. It's only started somewhere around Ah, here. I guess that's where the launch off iPhone is. Okay, so that's why this big peak over there. Okay, so holding this refresh this one more time. Okay? So when you scroll down, this is a very important data. All right? He tells me where reached populist in us is the most keen about iPhone in the past 12 months. Okay, so the battering months California has been the number one state around that it's interested in this. So you may want to do California, you know, iPhone X, get get, like, this kind of things and then check credit that any such for that particular state three location based. Okay, then we related Curries also help you to find heat and gems. It sees all writing Qs as writing up to have more such me one. Check out all these keywords, you know, check whether they have such volume or not, and this may be honoring them as well. This is another area, so you can shoot. Also correct. Here, do click on top. So this top trending keywords okay, that you can considering Forrest felt like people are now running the note. The difference between iPhone X and eight. So if you are thinking of doing article content, you can look at this s well, you may not find his curve very useful, but let me show you something. Um, is thing meting out the spelling office. Get with the clothing. Okay. Where this is useful is when you type seasonal things. So now you can see this. A cough here. All right. If I changed is Teoh past five years, Okay? And you see, when I mention is OK, so you're not this All right? It's a curve, all right? It's a big, obvious cuff. Okay, this what we do? Including so obviously, more and more people want neat with the clothing around somewhere, August. So I'm guessing from this past August August 2 much is the best time to Selwyn clothing because it's the time with I guess it's very cool in the US and that's why, All right, that's a pick there. So this one is the trend, all right? It's a very useful trying to find out. So even a rang your keyword. You always wonder Rang. I'll do every any of this mean stop somewhere around August. Right is the best time, because this way start to pick up. But you start down here, you'd be raised safe. Okay, so there's something useful. It's how I use this shot. So seasonal things like winter clothing, things that season. No accounting. I neonicotinoid with the clothing. Okay. Uh, then you will you do that? I'm not sure That's try trying hair. Cut this for fun. Sobis! This rifle fund. All right, So, nonseasonal things normally. Okay, let's try something short. Okay? So for haircut doesn't very prominent. Okay, US chats inside. Normal this tribal one year. Okay, so it's very constant. Stunned for haircut. There's no people, like, very obvious a peak. Like declawing We see there. So yeah, services. Why? Sometimes certain people would do certain things. Certain seasons. So that's one thing, toe. I think not. Okay, so I just wanted to show you this very useful cuff. All right, When do you when you especially sell seasonal products, like the clothing or hot clothing jackets? Those kind of things. So you know, when to as she saw it at the right time. And you know, this Southern country that don't get cold? Like maybe she's uncomfortable until the weather have not Just curious. Let's try. So she was very inconsistent. All right. But somehow, uh, somewhere around this period of time off. So siemens us. There's more people looking for window clothing. Can you? Really? God. So I guess it. Because people going on holiday. Okay, so that's the reason why. So I hope you enjoy this video and check out Google trains. Okay. And smaller countries, Hunty states, obviously. All right. And this is where rebels go to here and killed. Explore, right to search for your key with him. So this how you use Google trends and is how useful trains a swell? Uh, if I try iPhone this trying for 11 see what train United States. Okay, so, yeah, that's fun. Long does also, uh, try for yes. So, yeah, it is another way. Do its money. Just season about product launches. So I phoned Normie launch somewhere around August. So you're not is always around this period. That's more people looking at iPhone. All right, You see, you can see this every year to see okay, because they love their phone. Always around the same time. Okay, so this is nothing. You wanna think No forward. Productive, Just as well. So you can position they say I for 11 or trough s your Cuba's. You want to make it before, uh, August be somebody's taxis s o. So I hope this before. Very insightful for you. Toe you. Can you school the transducer advantage and that's watching else you in an extremely 7. Advance SEO Add On To Look At Competition: Hey, welcome back to another video. And, uh, this video going to share view a very powerful free to write that will help you in your best qualifying out your competition and the bat wings off and how hard it is to rang a keyword for free again. So I have used this for many, many years, and it's two less evolved Me in many, many ways is called SC old quick, all right dot com. All right. Can go to s e o. Quick look calm, which is here. All right, So he wants on chrome or Firefox or problem, right? Knowing it, Explorer. Okay, unfortunately, all right, But anyway, I use Firefox myself. So s so what? You go, you click here, you know, and then create at okay. And then you will have I can't on the top, right, as you see here. And once you install, you'll see something interesting up here. Okay, You see some extra things on. Go. Go. Breaking on and off it over here as well. Okay, So now you started. Not this. The more information they can read about the link so I can see that. How many back links there are how many linking to the domain and all this other good stuff . Okay, so now they have this new feature which has titled The Figure T. So she's good. All right, by anymore, especially of tools to file. Oh, you want to bring a No. Okay. So you can also, if I'm not wrong change your para meters went on the show. You can show. So, uh, let's see nobody or the half year is good. All right, so now, in the end. So whether in for Yahoo being in orders, other such engine s well, But what we really need to know is Google Index. See, what else do we need? Battling schoolgirl wings? Okay, that's good to know. All right, So that you could play the many settings here Like it. Carla Cliven. See? Okay, so this refresh it. I didn't say I see. Oh, this is this the s u Bond top. Okay, so I didn't Costa Pop can only so anyway here. Ah, this is the here. So you could go to the website, go to the website. You can see that's a stats. Alright. Short on tortoiseshell. How many feasible shares and all the good stuff. Okay, so go Index. How many back links they are. So this one has a law back. Please get See here. All right. That's a drinking during and tells you the number off this is Does Esteem eat? It's the whole told officials, like all right. And more date I can see over here as well. Okay. You want to know how difficult it is to rang a particle key? We can actually see the full report off the keywords, so it runs under this thing here. All right? It's not free. Okay, so you tell me. Me officially, and I mean use it yet, and so easy, I recently, but anyway, uh, how accurate this is is very subjective. Okay, so we don't really know, but from my experience, is that you must look at the number bet links that this Sykes normally have. Okay, it would give you a judge when harm better is easier. And if you see science like this, for example. All right, this on. You obviously has, like, 29,000 back names, okay? And it's only got full. All right. You're someone who s full can rank number two, and he's there they want to do is find out what this guy is doing to rank. This key would. All right, She's dog training techniques. Okay? The interesting is that No, nobody's using this word on either off the bike bills here. All right, so it's not really rang everywhere, And that's a good sign, all right? And that you can ring the key work because not many people are optimizing this particular would. Okay, cut against you. Can't you find it would inside any of this, such as? All right. And that's another, uh, thing that you want to think Not. All right. When you see not many people are searching for, then all right, you can actually get Bring the city, all right. And it is this also other website. There's not much back links as well. It's also ring here. So that's a sign that he gives you that you guys would be easier to you. Even I'll be those who got one meaning ah, links to it as well. So there's something you on the big notice. Well, all right. So that's why I look out for they can't whether people have ah rang. They are not OK, so Nixon and see what else we have. All right, if you want to export it out. Also possible. So you don't have to see in this way. All right? It's also possible as well. So it's not so hard to read. I can't say. Okay. How come you got too fast? Great. Now doing exactly on this one. The report. Okay, so the one all right, Any gold to report. All right. So it back to the sea Impeach. So you can see over easier. Overview off order data as I say this, but Klapisch Tanner a lot because there's only for back links. All right, but is right, number two. All right. When you see things like this, you must take note and find out. What this person is doing on it is to pick it what this person is doing. I mean, how can a person before bad things upbeat? All these people were so many bad things. Okay, so these were tell you a rough idea. How much better things you need to Butte to get your pitch rank. OK, so it's a lot off back links. Okay, So this is something that you need to know. OK, so that's why some times I mean, you know that you have to build so many beginnings is not about a number that links, but it's the quality of the battling. So you must see Ah, what? They're battling, singing, creating it. All right. And then you reference back, What the or the back wings for this? But the glow up site. So you can see this is since back links, okay? And you go find something very interesting. Better things that you can get on to get running for. So that's how you do your back thinking strategy. You must look at what people are kind of rinky don't just randomly, you know, create article and rang rang calling, follow wherever there's one way. But, uh, not about smarter ways to see what we will do and then tried to be a duplicate What, uh, the curry doing? It's like a rough idea how they got there rang day. Okay, so, uh, let's try something more ball unique. Okay, So some that's you see ero ero era, right? Gotta kill. Refreshing. I mean, is that Frito More must Can we ask form from this? So, in the report. All right, so that it doesn't work. All right. Shows your era. Okay, so we need to this file. Oddest battling. So this need looking on. Refreshing, I guess. All right, So this is the bad thing about this, too. I mean, it's free, but it doesn't all the time, but anyway, uh, yeah, it's free. So I'm not complaining. Okay, So check out this to all right. Uh, this Donnelly s you're quick dot com so you can get artists useful information. All right, To find out more about the particle Domi, which I always refer to every time when I'm doing Google research or back linking research Thinking click on this. Disable it. I think it is irritating. Okay, in case you want to see it. So that's all for this video. So remember, install s your quick dot com, which is free to have you devaluate websites. Thank you.