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SEO - Keyword Research - Basics + Stratagies + Practical Demonstration

teacher avatar Ravi Varma, Digital Marketing Trainer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. SEO - Keyword research - Intro

    • 2. SEO - Keyword Research - Basics + Stratagies + Practical Demonstration

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About This Class

SEO - Keyword Research - Basics + Stratagies + Practical Demonstration

If you are planning to do SEO for your website, don't just jump into SEO rules optimisation right away.

SEO is a slow and long term process. There is a step by step process that should be followed for your success in SEO.

The first step in implementing SEO is KEYWORD RESEARCH.

Identifying the most profitable keyword with High Search Volume & Less competition is called Keyword Research.

In this video, I shall teach you How to master keyword research for SEO in 30 Mins

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ravi Varma

Digital Marketing Trainer


Hello, I'm Ravi Varma. a Serial Entrepreneur who enjoys exploring new ideas and business opportunities. I am a fan of technology, design, and entrepreneurship. I enjoy helping companies with strategy, planning and problem-solving. I also train individuals on digital Marketing Skills and help them make a career out of Digital Marketing. 

I'm a Digital Marketing Trainer at Digital Brolly. Digital Brolly is a Digital Marketing Training Institute in Hyderabad that trains people on Digital Marketing.

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1. SEO - Keyword research - Intro: welcome. My name is a viewer hammered the Sylmar Green trainer at Digital. Wholly digital broadly is a missile marketing training in shirt here in Hyderabad. Do you want to wrangle Upset of the top of the search results? You do know how to do it? Yes. Most of you know that there's something called s evil Search engine optimization to rank give upset of the top of the results. But if you are directly jumping into a sea wall, then you're doing wrong. If you're directly getting started with the Sioux on its rules are optimization without doing proper keyword research. Then you're doing a Brendan the major thing when you wonder to start a see what is first, you should do property, word exit, analyze a key words find their volumes. I didn't for the best keyword, which you can drink easily. So I didn't think that profitable keyword is Carla's keyword. Is it? So if you're not doing proper keyword visits on jumping into a sea, what then you're doing you mystic? Then how do you do keyword visits today in this session, I'm gonna teach you how to do keyword research in the next one. Are if you can listen. This one are I'm sure you can master how do keyword research for your business 2. SEO - Keyword Research - Basics + Stratagies + Practical Demonstration: No. Let me start with giver. Is it? What exactly is key word to use it? As I told you, keyword research is a process off identifying the most profitable keeper. But what exactly is a key would before getting into keyword research, lettuce and national? What is this keyboard and how does this work? So when someone is used when a particular user is searching for something on Google, that but lover scholars, your keyword so use researching for digital marketing for 90 shoes what are user? Wondered the search on Internet. That butler word is called a skiver. The why is a skiver very important for us. What is a key word and why is it important for us to understand the importance of the word ? Let us first. I don't talk about how Google works. There has first talk about how Google works, how Google works in the back and enough ringtone. You know how Google works. You search for something on Google, you click on search. You see a lot of reasons now in these results, how is Google deciding that this upset comes in the first place? This website comes in the second place, a particle website coast to the second page, third page 50 page. How does Who will decide that On how we lost that these websites are presenting their for that Google has something will crawl us. We also problemas bought our robots. So Google has this small algorithm small pieces of Bart's, our software programs, the plenty of them. So these software programs run through all the interest. So what do they do? The crawl over the Internet, the goto every page goto a particular page, read every one of the page, complete the bridge, right? So once they read every word, that process is called us crawling. So these are the crawlers of the small boards that read every word of every page and that process Collis crawling ones that crawling is done. It takes a complete copy off a page. Once it careers the page, it makes it copy off it and saves in a library called Index. So Google has elaborating. Call s index, in which all the copies off crawled pages of store on this process is called Les Indexing. Indexing is very important for you over page. If you have a page is not indexed it doesn't depend on Google for about top ring or bottom rank. If you're webpages, not Index and Google, it doesn't appear on Google, right? So first, what you should do is, once you have a page is ready, you must make sure it is indexed all their next bay just once they're in. Next over lettuce. A user Does a Google search digital marketing know when users just for a particular word on Google, Google doesn't search the whole indirectly just go to its index. It takes upward. What are you says for that keyword? It looks for the keyword presence in the index. So in the index, what our pages are there in these pages, it looks for this public keyword, and it plays toe. I didn't for the 11th of that cable in this pages, and then Google has an algorithm called US Page Rank algorithm, which decides that 11 to score based on many signals. So Google has more than two wondered signals very tight interface that 11 thescore gives and relevancy score for all of the pages that are listed according to that relevance to score the pages are bang. So 11 to score one of the main factors off relevancy score is six key word there medical. Other factors, But keyword plays a crucial role. So no, this is a key, but there's nothing but a word that is researching for now how to locate where it sits before doing Keyword resets. We should understand this key, which what exactly is a key were how many types of keywords are there now for your seo purpose, we will divert keywords into three types, right? Okay. What's that? They were into three types. One scoreless short tail keyword one s Carla's short tell keyword. Second type of scoreless long medium turkey with the 3rd 1 is called us longer keyword. So we have three years of keywords. Short tail, medium tail long. So what do you mean? We're short Pilkey with a short keyword as a key type of fewer where they're hardly one tour maximum three, which the user's doing searching for a particular word on a group of words two or three maximum, and by looking at the word if you don't understand the user intention, there are most presentations given his randomly searching for some general like online business. What all in business he wants what kind of business he wants. You have no idea. But I simply searches for digital marketing. So what, exactly? He wants a digital murdering your own every area. So these kind of small words are group of words which doesn't like you. The user intention which don't tell you the user endanger the school s short. Elke, Which next medium tell you it's in medium Elke, where we have one or two more extra one or two words extra that will tell you some suspicion about the keyword. It may not tell you the whole intention off it again, but you understand this prescription to some extent. So there are three types of key which one scoreless short. Tell you what the 2nd 1 is called is medium. Tell me what the 3rd 1 is called. His long tail keywords short a medium day and long turkey. What? What exactly is a short Tilke with in the short turkey where there are not more than two or three? What's up? Maybe one word. Sometimes the user searches for a single word or two or three, which maximum where you don't understand the intention of the user by looking at the world . You cannot tell what exactly he needs his deciding for a line numbered or a gen required like that, said Digital marketing. Nike issues. Okay, digital camera. So you don't understand his intention. What does he want to do with it? When your own election user intention of the most persuasions mention we call these type of keywords as short lt which men medium tell key, which now the length of the key word is a little more. Maybe Attar after Fort Worth afterward, What have the number of words it is number of what? It doesn't matter. But by looking at the key word, you understand the user intention. To some extent, it's not very clear it, but there are some specifications, and there is some intention behind it that the sayings of simply generally setting for digital marketing know a setting for digital marketing course are in. So simply sing digital camera. He's saying Panasonic digital camera or something like that. So when the user is searching for a little more, celebrated they when there is one or towards extrovert, you understand user intention to some extra, not completely clear it. But there are some Swiss cases to it. Then we call the step off the words as medium tail kibbutz. Then the final one is long. Pinky would long guilty. What are the key words? Where the user intentions very clear to us. The user is actually searching for what exactly he wants. There's a full length letter. Five word. Six. What's without the number word contest, usually certain clearly in a specific manner of what exactly once digital marketing course in Hyderabad. Digital Margaret Training in Hyderabad based digital marketing insured in Hyderabad. By Panasonic Bissell Camera Online. So things like that when he is searching for a detailed, specific keyword, we call it as long Pelkey. But the best had wanted with the long tail keywords. As you understand the user intention very clearly when you understand the user invention, there's a good chance that you can say what he wants, right? So this is These are the three key what short, medium and long for these keywords all this year we're together. There's a term that I want you to remember. Let's call lesser to are you? So what exactly is search volume? Search volume is nothing but the number off times a particle Cheever as being sexist on Internet on Google? Or what's a 10 year? This number of times a cable is being says, on average in a month, so it's not exact number. It's an average number, and it's not for a day or a week. It's counter for one month in a month on an average of the last elements. So in a month, how many times Okay, what has been says what? That score less search while you so looking at the search volume, you'll understand whether the people are wanting it more, wounding it, less opportunities. So again, because we have to take the average of the search, will you? Because even they say search while you there is no guarantee that same number of times the search will happen. For example, let us talk about. I appear when I build create matches are going on research to repeal a lot on Internet research, a lot of things about it. But once the season is over, let's up. 10 days off for the season is over. People don't really search much about it. The search volume in the lances in his low search volume during its season is very high. So that will tell you the search volume is not constant. It can go up, it can go high. But so we will take the average of the search for you know how to find the search volume off a Cuban. How do you? I didn't fare such volume off apart keyword, so we have plenty of tools for it. There are Friedel's PayPal's available. Only some of the three does that I can show you right now for keyword. Researchers uber suggest, So you will suggest is no longer us. I just There's a guy Neil Patel dot com Neil Patel Westport Is it so No. When its search for digital marketing this word and tell you may country location to India and clicked on search. This is a search warrant, so that means on average, one like 35,000 people or one like that if it 1000 times this giver has been says for on average every month, so we can look at a little more details. In the last November, it was around one like 10,000 December, it increased to one like 35 Then it went upto one like 65,000. In January and February, there's a slave property came into 1 35 monitor. Doesn't water less stable at 1 61 65,000 So one neck, 65,000. So this is a search volume for this portal. Keyword digital Managing The best part of this stool is along with the still marketing. You'll also get somewhat keyword ideas for your business. You can also look at the search willing for the world digital marketing course. So if he observed this word digital marketing course sort of digital marketing, the volume is one elected 5000. It is a shock. Turkey were because you don't understand what the user wants it. But if you look at this digital modeling course, this is a medium. Tell keyword where you understand that user is looking for a course in digital marketing. Still, Indians is not very clear because, whereas he wanted, the whole doesn't want, it is for clear, but and that there is any we call it as medium, not a long tail keywords saying medium. Tell you what. If you observe the wall Humans 49,500. It is less when compared to short tell keyword right in the same way for longer turkey, which let us if you want her to search a keyword digital marketing course in Hyderabad. This is a long tail keywords. Here. The invention of the user is very clear. He wants it to your digital marketing course that from Hyderabad. So he does. Volume of this particular has 5400 so fighters and 400 times this keyword is being says for in the last woman, not an average, if you look at the numbers again. 5400 number 4400 December and it increased to 6600 in January and there were a pronounced in the last few months. It's almost constant at 6006 ended, but the outages on 5400. So these are number, number of times that this cable is being says. Have you observed digital marketing has one like 35,000 digital marketing course has 1 140,000 water and no digital marketing course in Hyderabad has 5400 volume. So this peerless is the short lt What has high search will you Medium day keywords has lawyer when compared to shorty and other search volume off Long pinky, which is very low, right? No, it's very clear that Chart Ill has very high search volume, and long tail has no such will you. But still, what is a better one toe, but better one to take, which is a better one to consider? Should we go for a short tell keyword medium? Del Given our long will cure for your for your practical for your article for your post, which is the best type of keyword many people think. Short Taylor Medium Taylor The preferred once, but I would say issue to go for a long turkey were always because the major at one day that you have it longer key Order one. You understand the user intention very clearly. In short, medium tell the user intentions are very clear, so you are not very sure whether you can sell him or not. But if you consider a long silky where you know what is that exactly? Once so you can actually sell yourself is better because you know they intentionally uses. The second biggest had wanted is the competition for long Pelkey, which is very low because in the case of digital marketing course all over the country, all of the world everyone is trying took our target. All the inserts were or for course, in digital marketing are trying to run for this keyword digital marking course. But if you look at the keyboard is a marine course in Hyderabad, only Hyderabad based in shorts are competing you so in a specific E would only the exact competitors who are is offering that service will be competing new, not everyone else. So the competition for long turkey what well below that is an advantage. Cut it so. But you might be saying the search volume is a little low when compared. Toe surgery Miss Lohan compared to medium keyword. But still why stretches longer key would not let us think there's 95,000 search volume or one likes. Toiling for a short Taylor are medium Melki, where the competition is also super high, especially if you're a new website. If you have observed is coming new lunging and for the first time you have very less chances off ranking in the top. Let's imagine you're tryingto rang for a very competitive keyword. You might end up in third place four pages, even the one like people asserting for it. If you're in the fourth page, who is going to come to you and click on your upset? Do you expect people come to the fourth place with religion? Click on your result. That's not gonna happen. So you and those are two elements poor. Let us say for a long Peggy were the search Solomon's around 12,100 days, even though it is low. If you manage to rank in the top three since that bomb business less the chances off ranking off how you for a long Pelkey would have more for you. So if your rank in the top three out off 3000 people, two dozen people setting where there are more chances that users will click on your result and come to you so you can expect some good traffic if you can drank properly for long. Bulky what? That's a second advantage. And if you observe keenly, I mean, if you look at the long Pelkey were short and medium Taylor and you were part of it So the ideal Saturday is always to go for a long, bulky but no in long bulky, which there could be 56 variations off fever that the users are citing for. For example, we are digital broadly offers to sell American training physical marking course. That's what we sell. So what does US user wants to search for water, the user said when he wants to learn digital marketing? No, When you're starting keyword research, you should always think from the consumer. It let's take my own case is an example. I wanted to run for this keyword. Retour says the user wants to buy our digital marketing course of training program. So letter 45 Aliens. That user might settle the fighting from the user user. My search for based digital marketing insert in Hyderabad. Digital marketing in student hydra but still modern training in student Hyderabad Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad. The cell marketing praying in Hyderabad. This telemarketing classes in height about the slimmer been quoting in Hyderabad. These are some of the words that the user might be setting for correct. So now, out of all these possible keywords out of the possible keywords, which is the best one that I should choose, which is the key word that will be easy for would rank. So let us do that. Keyword is this now? So when doing a keyword research, I suggest you do open an excel shit or a Google dry shit. Whatever it is, I let me open my drive. I'll open Google, right? Open a new fresh associate. Legal New. I want to open a new exemption and lord down the list of keywords that you think the user will search for your business. So let me name this Google shit as keyword research. No, Let me read a number seven seed A nim was. These are the key words that he was in my church. Let me write the William here. Let me assist. And then what? Dickie were diesel motoring injury in Hyderabad. This is one possible keyword at a stage for this. This new motoring incident with hope brakes. I created an exception like this to understand What is that the weather is researching for now thing from the user's perspective thing from the user's perspective, imagine you are the user and search for the words that you will set for Let's Say you want to go find a good they still marking force are insured in Hyderabad. So what? Is that what you want? Digital marketing course in Hyderabad. So what is the volume for this word? Digital marketing, going, training and hiding about for the user might search for digital marketing in Stoute in Hyderabad, but the user might be searching for digital marketing training in Student for User. Might be searching for a digital marketing course in Hyderabad for the user might be searching for digital marketing coaching in Hyderabad. All the user might be searching for digital marketing classes in No for eat of this Cheever . Let us find the search volume Let's go to you but suggest again. Another key word percent of Paris Fine keyword. Search William for this keyword digital marketing training In Hyderabad, 2400 people are starting with a ski, but they said modern training in Hyderabad Letters no down at 2400 Here, right? And then what? Dickie were diesel motoring injury in Hyderabad. This is one possible keyword that a search for this this morning incident having but how many people's lives with us 880 times The skipper has been says the volume for this is 80 then for disseminating training in certain high drama. No for this keyword Little morning in Stream. Hyderabad. What is about you? 1300 people have said a word. Digital marketing course in Hyderabad. So what is the value for this word? Digital marketing coordinator. But there are 5400 times is being searched for 5400. Next. Digital marketing coaching in Hyderabad. What's a 1,000,000,000 for digital marketing? Courts have 30. 30 names is being searched. The volume is 30 digital monitoring classes in Hyderabad. Well, you over digital morning classes in Hyderabad is 70. So these were some of the words that I could think only stood them down. No, you can also get more radiant sensations from this. If you can scroll down, we can scroll down the simmering classes, training, training and spin Hyderabad this morning in student. Basically digital incident either. But we didn't know down this solar This copy this best digital murdering insured in Hyderabad in the world. Imus 7 20 But the same way you'll keep searching work, you would drop top diesel motoring injured in Hyderabad. Best estimate and praying. In Hagerman, you'll find all the such Williams so you can also see a big list of keywords to listen to you. You know, to see a big list of keywords here, you can copy some of them. You can click here core politically. Board. You can copy all of them at once and pays them here. Or alternatively, what he can do. You can click on exporters CSE, and you can see an Excellency that can download on your laptop. So don't notice so you can use the shoot Liggett the values take them and copy with them Here In this way, you'll find So tell you for all the possible keywords that the user might search where when he wants short on digital multiple training. Now, how do you assess the competition? Has it really would know the bed? The main strategy? No. The main status is out off multiple long tail keywords available. Make sure you pick the long Bilkey where it has a high guest. A possible search volume on the Lewis possible competition. The competition should be as low as possible, and the volume should be as high as possible. So let us. I do. I didn't feel side signed off Gibbard where the volume is so high and the competition is so low and no for each of the Cheever No, for each of the keyboard that you inferred the search war You. I want you to take down the competition also. So they were two years off analyzing competition for keyword one as a manual process where you take a particular keyword letters on regicide. Dude, on a manual process, let us copy this Keeper. Take this keyword, do a Google search. Okay, let's do a Google search scroll a little down. These are This is where my results are starting. No, in these results Look, at result one by one. Look at the first look at the second Doesn't look at the third result in my searching and I have used a browser extension called a CEO. Quick, There's a browser extension that I installed. Coalesced s quick. So how do I install this? Those are extension issue quick. Let me show you that I already have. This extension is your quick. So let me quickly remove it from my group. I removed Extinction is your quick so that I can show you. So you see all the extracted eyes one and no to install a brother Extinction Opening your happened Goto Chrome Web store. Soto Arab Rosa Extinction. You should open Google Chrome Web store and go to the minister. Remember, this works only and grow. There is a different matter to in Seoul extinctions for other roses For Google chrome. I want to install an extinction for see what quick search with extinction is your quick. You see an extension like pierces your quick click here at the crow. Click on add extinction and the extinction is added. So if you look at this sq, you see an extension being added. Go back there will just think if for a particular keyword in the top 10 results that you see if there are more than 10 people if or it is is there more than let's Let's not talk about that. Let's go a little. Don't let us focus on the search innocents. Seven. It's called on. You see a special box here from a so quick that it has some DST is and all such values here reviewing all the proper details you must configure this extinction. So you need to click on disconnect. Click on the current here and you'll see an option here. Cannot free some Russia could weaken Canada to free Sembler shakedown, and it lasted. Order is click on a pro. I'm holding a gun holder. So it just asked me to approve. Second, symbolically can approve. If you're using this for the first time, it might ask you toe sign up. So make sure you sign up using your browser to using your property. Militant for number No. One sickly conduct connect and configure may so quickly you can see the country, the STS and other numbers. Okay, so know what this is? The STS numbers means what other details of this here the DS means for domain score. And the PS means what fresco? How much this domain has over this airline here stands for Alexa rank. That means words. The ranking of your website and on the global level is still see when this city has got indexed renders is rips, it starts. So these are some of the details snow in a manual process when you want. So I didn't feel particularly competent. It whether he's a strong competitor, be contracted. What they should do is take this keyword. We get a look at the key What is presented in ST E if their title has a keyword? Okay, Digital marketing course. Hyderabad is risking your digital marketing training in Hyderabad. The keyword is present in the tighty digital marketing training in Hyderabad. Keyword is present in the urine Digital marketing training in Hyderabad. This Steidel is present in the description. So if the title you Orland description if all three off them has a skiver, if all the three tighten your description are presented the key word Sorry, All that tighty ur description. All this tree, they are containing the key word. So that means his competing for that kid. But his plan to rank with that keyboard. And if it's the STS numbers are high. If his DST s name was a high and if as good Alexa rank and has good AIDS, then you can consider him to be our difficult or a high contrast strong computer. So simple If the title urine description off the opening website and if it is Alexa rankings word if his domain ages, But if he has a good number of back links. If the computer has all of this is the key, Word is inciting key. What is his? In his description, the keyword is president In his country, main headings are conveying the G word. And if he's Alexa, rank is much better than us. If he's domain ages, previous or only two years, if he has a lot of back wings, then you then he becomes a strong computer for you. So this is how you analyze a strong computer and every contractor if a particular website does not have too many bad things, what if it but love upset doesn't have its in its title of the T. What is not present then? He is not a very strong computer for you, but that clicky were so far apart tricky where you'll analyze all the computers, whether here rate him a strong computer, Are we comfort? Keep analyzing them. Just think if for a particular keyword in the top 10 results that you see if there are more than 10 people. If order, it is. If there are more than five people like we go for that keyword, it is a very good or easy keeper for your bank, or if the number of competitions that are stronger high, you can keep that Cheever for later purpose do more results find even easier than comfortable Cheever. First, this is how you find the competition, right? So let me repeat again. It is very simple. Take a particular giver that has highest possible search volume. Look further. Top results on Google before left. Top 10 results of strong uber just ducky word and go for a better keyword for easier, our other top 10. If the computers are weak, if more than five comrades are we, then go for that keyword. Now, how do you unless whether the competences computer is a strong company, are we computer? If the commentator, if a particular website has a lot of dominates, he has a lot of backings. Okay, his cities there from so long his domain scored the winner markers very high that I love the particular result if it is condemned. The keyword the your A lot of the description also condemned the giblets, and the content also has main headings, which has a key word. In that case, it becomes really tough for you to altering that day. That especially you being a new website. So you can skip computers like this. If there are more than more identify such strong computers, you can choose a better keyword. What is a complete of his age is politically knew. He doesn't have too many bad things. He is not focusing on that part. Licky. What that means is title description, not main headings. Doesn't contain this gear. Then he's a computer. You can focus on these kind of words. No, once you are in for the surgery for all these keywords. 12 I didn't for the competition. Worried he would not. Picky. Where? Because highest possible church. While you and Lois possible competition. This is how you find Listen, Okay. What?