SEO: How I recovered 50+ Sites FAST using this SEO Strategy!

Harald Tschuggnall, SEO GURU and Founder of

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41 Videos (3h 6m)
    • 001 What is the Google Penguin update

    • 002 How can I find out if Google Penguin hit me

    • 003 Why did Google Penguin hit me

    • 005 Gather as many backlinks as possible!

    • 007 Download backlinks from Majestic

    • 008 Download backlinks from Ahrefs

    • 009 Download your existing disavow file

    • 010 How to prepare your links for uploading in Google

    • 011 How to prepare your disavow file for uploading in Google

    • 0012 Why I use LinkResearchTools

    • 013 Upload and aggregate all your backlink data

    • 014 How to use Microsoft Excel to do the recovery work

    • 015 What is an unnatural link

    • 016 INTRO How do unnatural links look like

    • 017 Unnatural Links I Web Directories

    • 018 Unnatural Links II Article Directories

    • 019 Unnatural Links III Social Bookmarking Websites

    • 020 Unnatural Links IV Blog Spam

    • 021 Unnatural Links V Forum Links

    • 022 Unnatural Links VI Paid Links

    • 023 Unnatural Links VII Press Release Links

    • 024 Unnatural Links VIII Forum Signature Links

    • 025 Unnatural Links IX Link List Links

    • 026 Unnatural Links X Footer Links

    • 027 Unnatural Links XI Template Links

    • 028 Unnatural Links XII Widget Links

    • 029 Additional Information

    • 030 The link rating process

    • 031 Watch me rating links and learn

    • 032 Export your disavow file and check it

    • 033 upload your disavow file to Google

    • 034 Congratulations this are your REWARDS

    • 035 Do I have to remove links if I got hit by Penguin

    • 036 Do I have to send a Reconside ation Request if I got hit by Penguin

    • 037 How long does it take to get my rankings back

    • 038 Do I also have to check nofollow links

    • 039 Can I remove links from my disavow file

    • 040 Should I disavow links on page or domain level

    • 041 Whats the difference between a Penguin Penalty and a manual Penalty

    • 042 What kind of websites are at risk to get hit by Penguin

    • 043 How can I find out if my disavow file has been crawle already


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2SEO: How I recovered 50+ Sites FAST using this SEO Strategy!Harald TschuggnallPublished curriculum items47/47(550 maximum)Your course is live.Preview Back to Course Dashboard

Course SummaryHighlight what the course covers, how it is taught, benefits of course and why students should enroll. Learn best practices.Course Summary

♚ Over 12000 satisfied students enrolled in my courses

♚ Featured as the Nr #1 of Udemy's Top Trending Courses in Marketing

♚ Over 120 5 Stars Reviews from very happy students



Course updated on the 15th of March 2016.

Did you recently lost your ranking, conversions, customers and money on Google ?

You might suffer from a Google Penguin Penalty !

Gain instant access to over 4+ hours of training videos that will teach you exactly STEP BY STEP how to recover your Ranking from a Google Penguin Penalty.

Don't lose time and energy trying to do that yourself ! I'll show you exactly how to identify if you are hit by the Google Penguin Penalty and how to recover your ranking.



In this course you'll learn many new skills including how to:

♚ Learn exactly what the Penguin update actually is

♚ Find out if you got a Google Penguin Penalty (most people don't even know)

♚ Find out why the Penguin update hit you

♚ Get a STEP BY STEP RECOVERY plan & get your ranking again !

♚ Learn exactly what unhealthy/bad links look like

♚ Get to know the best SEO tools that save time and money

♚ Learn all the Penguin Recovery tricks

♚ Show you how Google's disavow tool and the whole disavow process


________________________________________________________________________ What my students are saying:

« Super Easy Course To Remove Google Penalty ! Harald explains the course in a very professional manner and walk through every single step make and demonstration makes it easy for us to do the work in same way as he did. The content was very informational and quite engaging. The quality of the course is very impressive. Must recommended course ! » Anil Iqbal

« Great and comprehensive course! This course was what I was looking for after the Google Penguin update. It is well structured and it suited for advanced SEO link builders as well as for beginners. I would recommend it to anyone who is willing to be serious to make a real SEO. » Johnathan

« very helpful this course was very helpful for me. everything is evolving so quickly and for me not all of it was clear but now I got a better understanding about the procedures! » Susanne Frei

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Try this course and if you can honestly say that you learnt nothing, just email Udemy and they will give you a 100% refund within 30 days. ________________________________________________________________________

If you don't act, you will never know if the Penguin Update is hurting your business and making you lose customers and money. This course has not only the best Google Penguin Recovery Strategies you can find on Udemy, but this course has only safe and proven strategies which won't hurt your business, but only improve it which will make you save a lot of money and time.






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Harald Tschuggnall

SEO GURU and Founder of

SEOacademy CEO and Founder

Harald Tschuggnall is specialized in Linkbuilding, Penalty Recovery, Link Risk Management and Link Audits.He is running the first LRT certified agency and holds a LRT expert certificate himself.

Within the last years, he published several case studies about websites that became victims of Google updates.
He also works as a SEO trainer for an online training company.

Harald worked with clients from all over the world. Hence, he knows about SEO problems of small businesses as well as of big brands from different countries. He knows how to boost a website's ranking by means of onpage as well as offpage actions. Further, Harald is able to analyzes websites’ link profiles in order to discover the reasons why a website became a victim of a Google update or manual penalty. The trainer also knows the steps that need to be taken to recover from Google updates or manual penalties. Because of his experience, he knows a lot of SEO tricks as well as do's and don'ts regarding the SEO business. official website:

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