SEO Crash Course 6 - Keyword Research

Daniel Ene, Mr.

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3 Videos (17m)
    • Welcome To The Class!

    • Keyword Research Basics

    • Keyword Research Ideas


About This Class

In this sixth class from the SEO Crash Course Series on Skillshare Understand the search engines basics, what search tools to use and how people search.

More exactly we will go through the SEO Keyword Research.

This is another very important first step that will make you to understand how everything works from the beginning.






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My name is Daniel Ene, I am an SEO expert and passionate entrepeneur for over 5 years. After working in the field for two different companies I've decided to start my own SEO agency and work for myself and for my own clients.

Till this point I have helped hundreds of clients achieve remarkable results, to get thousands and hundreds of thousands of new visitors each month to their websites and increase their revenue and profits.

Now I am excited to be here with yo...

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