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SEO Course 2019: Perfect Course To Start As SEO Beginner

teacher avatar Anamitra Srivastava, Online Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer.

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (32m)
    • 1. Lesson 1 : What is SEO, Types of SERP Views & its Benefits?

    • 2. Lesson 2 : Step-by-Step process for Keyword Research

    • 3. Lesson 3 : 5 Vital image optimization techniques

    • 4. Lesson 4 : How to write SEO optimized content for Better Ranking

    • 5. Lesson 5 : How to create Dofollow backlinks and increase domain authority of website

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About This Class


This SEO Course 2019, covers all the important aspects of SEO Training. Learn effortless SEO implementation with most comprehensive SEO Training course provided by SquadNinja.

Let me introduce myself.

I am Rubel and I run Search Engine Optimization Agency since 8 years.

I have served 112 of clients as of now, majorly from USA and India.

At the same time, I got a request from students, SEO professionals for teaching and mentoring them. This motivated me to come up with, this SEO course is which will be helpful because it will build the foundation for your SEO.

So, if you are a beginner who has just started. Then this FREE Course is a must for you.

We will cover following Lessons ‚Äď

  • What is SEO, Types of SERP Views & its Benefits?

  • Step-by-Step process for Keyword Research

  • 5 Vital image optimization techniques

  • How to write SEO optimized content for Better Ranking

  • How to create Dofollow backlinks and increase domain authority of website

I have created this free course in an easy manner so you can learn fast.

So if you are a beginner and passionate towards SEO, Click here and see more details about this FREE SEO Course

Here are the top 9 Questions whose solution you will be getting in this SEO course ‚Äď

  1. How to find the best possible and profitable keywords?

  2. How to keyword research with keyword shitter?

  3. What is content optimization?

  4. How to combine optimized image and optimized content?

  5. What are Backlinks and how to use them?

  6. How dofollow backlinks related to link juice and DA?

  7. I understand that image optimization means a reduction in size. Does Caption, Description and ALT tag too impact SEO ranking?

  8. Will too much update on my site affect SEO? If yes, then tell me will it affect positively or negatively?

  9. Is it very difficult to learn advance SEO?

Who this course is for:

  • Small Business Owners

  • Online Marketers

  • Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts

  • Web Developers and Web Designers, who wants to design search engine optimized website.

  • Bloggers & Content Creators

  • Anyone looking to improve their website search ranking

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Anamitra Srivastava

Online Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer.


Hello, I'm Anamitra.

I have an experience of 8 years in an IT MNC.

I worked on many roles and responsibilities like Developer, Tester, Designer , Solution Architect , Team Lead, Project Manager.

I belong to India from a very humble family background. Few years before i find myself in unfit in corporate culture and wanted to do something my own. Then I have started my own startup as Apeiros Learning Network. I wanted to share my learnings in the form of course to all aspiring entrepreneurs who wants to achieve something in their life.

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1. Lesson 1 : What is SEO, Types of SERP Views & its Benefits?: Hello, France. My name miserable and I am any sister resistant. I will come in to you in my five days free issue. Of course, I will send five. Listen to you. And in East Legend, I will cover the most important concepts about like in less and one I will cover. What is this? Your types off the serve use and the benefits of the cell feels in the listen. Toe tissue about esta pasted process for key. What reserves? And in less than three I will show you the five Tellis taper off image optimization techniques and is therefore I will show you how to write. It's the optimized content for Better bank and in 50. Listen, I will tell about how to create to follow bad limbs and increase domain authority off the Web site. Okay, let's start with the first list. First off, let's that have been that What is this? You and what is is Theo means starts engine optimization. There's a means a metal door. Lucy off the statuses techniques and tactics used to increase the amount of visitors to your website by obtaining high ranking placement in services. Little. The substance is a business off a subset means star sitting Giselle business view, and that includes Gogel being yo that go and other sausages and another point of in order there that the paid matter or get the serve. Use our North Sea because they for that you are paying to go go toe, get the views so you can hold that issue and issue. Is that organic methods in Who is you're getting those views? Lives have been moved that what type of use are there certain? There are many views that, like knowledge graph cycling Richard Snee paid local bag olestra Laura. But among them, the most important thing search Cycling is your silly bed and local What is citing site like this that when someone starts with the Exacto Me, I know not program. If that is the facebook dot Come, then. If so, uh, if someone starts with just physical, then that's arsons intros the other listing off that like blogging free and other Many say it is an example that how Facebook is dogs on global. When we started just that domain name, I mean with Facebook and this type of you is all sightly. There is another very interesting for you. Serve you. That is futures. What is future sin effects? Freezers? Any first the search results that General global stop organic prisms below the heirs off bots who certainly is there like the order. Maybe we can define Peterson, but three categories. One is spared, but I have seen it. One is Devilishly bed and another one is lists. Let's seven move how they're on the way. If you search with that issues that resistant consultant, you're showing that I hear it's the barracks Trophy is showing and is defending the role offices resistant consulting and this type of view is all that I bought you. And another thing, If you come here and starts 100 miles, one voter who will then we will show you this type of you useful that David you I mean Davidson. And another, for interesting thing, is, sometimes if we started talking about some other things, we're going to show you a leaves, sometimes a little least or sometimes number this type of use our old there least of you horribly sleep it off you. These are the main view under the Another interesting thing is that local back what is little local Pakis, Globalstar Selva Rhythm then shows you that when you start with a specific term for a specific area or some broader area, then Google chosen the results nearby. You off that say it starts with the Internet marketing service in some cases location. Then he will see suspect off you in previous there waas the shoulder total seven results in the local thank you, but no bullets displaying only three days. So you, I think, if you can, on those treats But the ships off here, sir, then think what will be that and the others have been proved that the words that benefits off the current serve you main benefit is that day you were getting more city. I mean thes type of you can increase your city. That means clean through. I would give some more if you were there on sleeping for you or local beg of you, then there might be a chance to increase your plate through our issue. I mean, someone will play on your place if you are the first. And then another important thing is that this table view and just the visitors and another thing is that a visitor can get Reeve about website from this type of fields and off course , this type of you is the government's on mobile devices. So let's stop dispositions. And with this a CEO, you can define this type of surface and people in starting. That is your money, I A says. It's that first decide what type of you are looking for. Then, instead of design, ended the benefit of this service. The main benefit is that if the's point soup and travel, then there's a great chance to imprison. And in a marketing experiment on the boy, it shows that it can. This type of use can increase your stars up to 77 person reading. So the stable view is very ready. And so what we covered? We covered that work. Is he exactly is What is called is the that the foreign types off surface and its benefits and for the SAR views are important for the issue stretches in the next Listen, I will deep dive into the keyboard researchers and I will show you is that by a step that how you get there except a word for your website and therefore decision, I have one give for you. That is a table at a book is a based on trophy Ofri. Best is your boots with that book will be able to get those, uh, listing off those tools that are probably free and very useful. You'll receive money. 2. Lesson 2 : Step-by-Step process for Keyword Research: hello years. Welcome to our second free See over your course from Sport jacket. Today we're going to cover that you were deserves techniques and its importance. So it's do it us. Till that India for Braun idea about your dress ups today, we're going to discuss that. What is key word? What is the importance off keyword research? How do you want research using Google keyword planner and using Google using keywords? Shady. So let's glad. First of all, we need to know that What is the key word in issue? In a word, we can say that whatever we starts on the Web, that's called a key word that can be a particular word or can be a combination off two or three words. But Way said that your key words are the words and presence in your Web that make it possible for the people to find your side. Why a substance it's and the importance off the wording issue is very, very pointing, that keywords help your side toe get listed in starts in jeans and you're targeted. Keywords help drive massive traffic to your website, and another point is that keyword helps to boost ranking in your niche and keyword targeting in that domain authority very, very fast. And here we will show you that how to do ur research using Google keyword planner. And then we will show you that uses off your sugar. So let's have a look on this. Pastor Worley, you go through the Google your general side. Now click on your panel. It will open like this. Just please don't find new keywords. And here put your friends any friends or any knees you can place here and then just, uh, gonna get started and see that Google your power is giving you a large soft ideas that regarding digital marketing what other people are so SARS in Internet with is related to this time. And from here you can choose your desired keywords and I would suggest toe give that volley Women minimums. Martin Lee starts volume. We then 1000 at the beginning because if you chose a high service volunteer work with the high CBC and high competition, then it will be very hard for you to drink and over. But if you just saw secured with such folly with within 1000 CPC is low competition is law . Then there is a probability off high ranking within that short back. So please keep in mind while choosing the right words. And isn't that your sugar? You can also get this thing here. You would your knees. Now please gunship yours. It will give you a Lord off. You are ideas. Now, if you playing on the stuff job, it will stop under here. You will see that How many years it has even do you if you want, except except by Laura Text file. Just click on download. And as a dates document, you can they save these warps using future dreams. And always one thing that always keep in mind that low starts volume with low CBC and the law competition will give you their higher chance to rank on global within a short off time . So what we learned today, we learned that what is key word? What is the importance off the work research and how do you do keyword reserves using Google keyword planner, Your city and what is next that we're going to cover in our next list in our next lesson will cover the five vital points for optimizing images it's because it optimizing this gives the probability off. Higher ranking for your content on the South, it's And on that listen we will try toe cover that is based on guidelines for optimizing muses. So see the next video And don't forget to give me the feedback in the form given below. It will help me to improve more and serve you better so guys by for how ever wouldn't die. 3. Lesson 3 : 5 Vital image optimization techniques : hell of Europe's welcome to our free issue video course Lesson three. This is a three course from Scott Ninja Factory Tunis. Listen, is the five vital image optimization techniques and let's see what we're going to discuss on this sensation. We will learn how to reduce the size of emails out premium and tagging every mother's importance off your optimized tag ranking and other sub fields and the other on cooperate information in bargains. How to do all this? Let's a faster selected emails use the windows of paying toe precise that and, uh, food that being cell horizontal 7600 lived the vertical s cities and click on OK, that will reduce the beings of size. And they say, What is until 7 60 pixel is the best for my toe being indexed on way in the respect off. And then for reducing the school team is often Theis address and choose your file. Then submit and then you really view their videos emits and that what you lives have been a live demo. I'm choosing this distance. See, this is 11 18 So fast off while I'm opening with it. Pained, I'm rece icing it speaks at 7 60 looking okay? No, I'm just using this fight. Just fight now have been moved and see that difference off your video. Citing this. C is now on living to find. And now our see the other feels that you need book miles. First of all, you have to rename your in its under the living technique. Is that your room domain? Then I bend in your primary keywords and separate the east word off your key word with a hyper. And then if you have more than money, Mr 010 as the number tried, click on your emir sport. Oprah parties then select details and hold every field off their that its title subject reading and he five Eastern Reading off your next reading. Five. Yesterday and index. You can hold up 76 11 your primary keywords and your niche. But dawn pulled more than seven eggs in it, emits then put the at her other is important because if you want to get your own brother or you want to publish yourself as a image optimizer, then put your name on a field and the popular will always for the because putting the domain. If someone uses your name is on their side without your permission that you can claim or even complain about him and the claim has been so don't forget to put your room for me in that operate, feel and very lives that look off the benefits off off my singing's, they optimize Mrs Very lighter. Then that is a gives. You're upset. A lighter performance that means low loading time means the use of when the user clicks on your side. It lords very fun. They have big Good is our experience experience, and there is another benefit that, optimized in miss have a better chance to be industrial that starts in this very quickly. They're stable. Look how it loves the indexing. If you start a wave with this term, see that here he was saying that it's from escorting your social in that it also spotted. So after this lesson, what we'll learn from we learned that. How does he use the mist size renaming tech names tagging Medford's? How many deaths we can put in a few minutes and the other feels are important in the aspect off. And in the next video, we'll cover about how right the issue off the most content for better rankings and moving the on the deck in your muses. So it's doing us. I'm seeing the next video. So guys, bye for now and see you in the next video. 4. Lesson 4 : How to write SEO optimized content for Better Ranking: Hello viewers. Welcome to our for years. Your course lesson for and do they were going to show you how to write it. Issue friend the content for better. And for this we will cover that. What this content optimization, how to combine your optimized muses on off the mice content and the beneath your supposed devised content with optimized in vases. And the most important thing off the best images that's putting and our tech description in your optimized emits. So, guys, let's start faster, for you have to concentrate on the key word in city and placement in here. Inside your and my solution is use your keyboard in the first line off your better ground and the food the density. Doing one person, it means the Google Palpable accepts 2.5% density off your your part. The best practice is putting your key work once in east, he's 100 warps, and another important is that you have I have your word H on that is today one times not more than one times, but at least three times used the history dead in your keywords. If you're on that is 800 horse article and use your give orders bold or italic form in the article so that Google did take that this is the cure it it has some borders and it's a very important thing. And while making the content at least create one following, try to make at least one and context as your work. At least three internal Ling Tau externally and at least one nor full of Bakley. My name is this with convent I took put one immense for its 300 box. It means, if you are legal, is 800 words. Then you have to put at least three ministers. One for the fidgeting is off your whole story of pace and another to you place for 300 words tryingto best one in its for these 300 workers. And if we'll see about that, use infographic because in for craftiness and stuff, highest probability to bring on a pastor is Google and he was on the optimized in medicine . Don't use any other images because on the optimized images get index and the most important thing is how to put or bag measures. When in the WordPress you upload, one emits, then in the right hand side You see this table free? What? You will be a big toe Change the title caption or take this picture But the title and caption will it will be taken from your off the my muses I think you have a case that what you have coded in Europe Imagine site. I definitely came from there and then in your order test always pulled your primary You are . And if you have more than one uses regarding toe letter that he work then he was somebody very much he work plus the number and this keeps terms will be leveled Tohira emits And I remember one that boot your description always within nine works No, the names Because if you put more than nine words then it becomes difficult for the toe gets a And after doing all the modification your content Just goto the hostess of planning he has just plugging will say how many problems you have, how to improve that passes out one beings generally means phrase keepers, Minister, He work focused keyword images all that after everything you will see there. So guys used this technique stow optimize your contacts and the benefits off the optimists content stopped emitting misses that he has the higher possibility to hang on a global basis. And he missed. Since you have been John's toe drank your images on your investors option. Nothing in this are the best for shedding on social blood from other bookmarked sites and that remember that mrs Up the queen of the where, but only optimizing his us. He loves that her condition, so use on optimizing, insists that rather than using Roy ISMs. So, guys, what have we learned today do that we have covered that the process off, optimizing your content are currently and how bored or bag and placement off the mazes in the next video, we're going to show you how to get do follow back wings and increased that deal off your website in the next session, we'll show you why be into follow back wings and increased year off your website. So guys have been good time. I'm saving the next video 5. Lesson 5 : How to create Dofollow backlinks and increase domain authority of website: Hello viewers. When come toe the are free message is Theo Video course part fine on putting. We're going toe. Discuss. Why do create to follow back legs? We'll cover water back Ling's difference between to follow and follow back lanes. Importance off. Do follow back Lings. They're going to Jews for this, dear and do follow back legs later. Toe living Joseph Battling is basically that Istana with site is called a badly. I mean, they're leading placed on another side off your side is basically called the battling for your website, and every when we get back wings or thinking every link is have the truthful activity. But sometimes we mentioned that really know their activity toe the link so that the wings of student passed through that thing and that tape off link. It's called as no follow back legs and other noble of bad loans or links. And no follow ups only Do follow links. Increase the site off reliving do follow back link increase the surgeons is trust. It wins If you're me, you are pleading Europe back clings religion to your beach. Then the probability is very high toe increase the trust level off your scent without Sassen jets and what is dangerous. We all know that, Inacio. There is a transport angels, and it's refers that the valuer equity passed from one place to another, or one side to another. These various passed through hyperlinks eight minutes. If you are creating any legs that can be internal or external, but if you were being, there will no follow activity. Toe that thing still or does the substance is true when starts engines board crawls your website and finds that real no real Nofal attribute. Then that goal is just there. Doesn't crawl through Dent Ling Tau that differing website. So the linguist remains it toe that, but in few create do follow battling. So, other than being, they'll know, follow then one southwest, Porc or inside, then sport. Also Paul's that referred linked through Europe and the link just being in the past. Throw in between. And most important, thing is dear, that is domain authority and insists are Sinjin Ellsbury, made by maps and this doing authority calibrated by evaluating multi Bulfinch tips, including banking group moments and number off total legs and manufactures. But you give give that in a single day school. That means 1 200 And if you have bad deeper, look here. Then you will find that's how they're being Jews is related. So that d evenings. If you're ways that has so many back links from other or sides are reporting baked, then how they're things was making toe passed through in between this links. Next time, Alex everything and it makes it gives that do you get now, guys have been Look how opiate that do follow back Ling's. I'm just showing wanting that Just goto they're gonna clean on this step. See, Like this blogger I could go there and after going there on new block Still both men here Oops, just the and distribute unique. He said Just become See me You will not get that been selected Deserved team anything that this would never lie to you create floor What for? You? Why? When you're bored your block No leave a new post. They made that deal No letting them drive something and then try to go with the Keep the paragraph in between 100 workers under here. You want to get any linking used? This was on their here. You have to pull that. We've said address. No, See here you're firing that open linking them, you know. But don't leave this. I mean, don't add they'll novel. Interview? No. Click on. OK, no click on Publish and see. This link has become in the oval battling because you didn't pull the old no follow attribute there. And another thing you can use some muses there. And also make that missus depending. So I hope this technical help you increase your domain off better. So what We learn today? Today we learned that. What? Why? That full of better things important for her in prison and how to appear. They do follow back legs.