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SEO Competitor Analysis - Spy Like a Pro

Baraq Adnan, Student and Entrepreneur

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15 Videos (1h 23m)
    • SEO Competitor Analysis Introduction

    • 73 SEO Spying Introduction

    • SEO | Audit Resources

    • SEO | Spying Competitors Statistics

    • SEO Competitors OffPage Analysis

    • SEO | Identify Competitors

    • SEO | Competitors OnPage SEO

    • SEO | Competitors keywords Analysis

    • SEO | Keywords Ideas

    • SEO | Performance Measures

    • SEO | Backlink strategies analysis

    • SEO | Competitor Social Media Audit

    • SEO | Analysis Free Tools

    • SEO | Summing up with Ranking Strategy

    • SEO | Final Tool and End Note


About This Class

SEO Competitor Analysis is integral part of any SEO strategy as this helps to lay down the foundation or initial plan to check the market competition and possible opportunities to rank high with precise method. 

Why you should take this course ?

  • To find out the market competition you are operating in
  • To check the competitors position and strategies they are using to drive Traffic
  • To create a formal plan of action that will lead you more traffic, ultimately sales.
  • To Analyse organic and PPC keywords  for potential ideas
  • To observe what is working for others and how you can simulate the same or improved model. 

We will take a practical approach and will conduct competitor analysis of particular niche. Also, we will explore some Industry Leading Tools that helps to conduct the analysis. Finally, we will devise a strategy that how we can improve our website based on the data we had gathered throughout the course. 

Excited to share this skills with you - Hope to see you in the course.

Learn, Grow and Succeed Together. 





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Baraq Adnan

Student and Entrepreneur

A Student, Professional Trader and Entrepreneur.

Expertise in recognizing market structure and identification of price patterns for potential reversal point. An active trader and live forecaster at various recognize trading forums.

Carrying a mission to make it easier for people to have financial freedom by sharing passive income strategies that generate residual income with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Learn Together - Grow Together - Succeed Together

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