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SEO Competitor Analysis - Spy Like a Pro

teacher avatar Baraq Adnan, Student and Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 23m)
    • 1. SEO Competitor Analysis Introduction

    • 2. SEO Spying Introduction

    • 3. SEO | Audit Resources

    • 4. SEO | Spying Competitors Statistics

    • 5. SEO Competitors OffPage Analysis

    • 6. SEO | Identify Competitors

    • 7. SEO | Competitors OnPage SEO

    • 8. SEO | Competitors keywords Analysis

    • 9. SEO | Keywords Ideas

    • 10. SEO | Performance Measures

    • 11. SEO | Backlink strategies analysis

    • 12. SEO | Competitor Social Media Audit

    • 13. SEO | Analysis Free Tools

    • 14. SEO | Summing up with Ranking Strategy

    • 15. SEO | Final Tool and End Note

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About This Class

SEO Competitor Analysis is integral part of any SEO strategy as this helps to lay down the foundation or initial plan to check the market competition and possible opportunities to rank high with precise method. 

Why you should take this course ?

  • To find out the market competition you are operating in
  • To check the competitors position and strategies they are using to drive Traffic
  • To create a formal plan of action that will lead you more traffic, ultimately sales.
  • To Analyse organic and PPC keywords  for potential ideas
  • To observe what is working for others and how you can simulate the same or improved model. 

We will take a practical approach and will conduct competitor analysis of particular niche. Also, we will explore some Industry Leading Tools that helps to conduct the analysis. Finally, we will devise a strategy that how we can improve our website based on the data we had gathered throughout the course. 

Excited to share this skills with you - Hope to see you in the course.

Learn, Grow and Succeed Together. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Baraq Adnan

Student and Entrepreneur


A Student, Professional Trader and Entrepreneur.

Expertise in recognizing market structure and identification of price patterns for potential reversal point. An active trader and live forecaster at various recognize trading forums.

Carrying a mission to make it easier for people to have financial freedom by sharing passive income strategies that generate residual income with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Learn Together - Grow Together - Succeed Together

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1. SEO Competitor Analysis Introduction: Oh, hi there. Thanks for stopping by. This course is all about S e o competitors analysis. I understand your time is very important, So let's quickly observe if this course is for you. If you are facing these common problems, for example, your starting a website and do not know the market competition or you do not know which keepers to use drank high in particular nation or you do not have a formal plan affection to target keywords for ranking. Or you want to learn more about your competitors on the strategies they are using, or you want to know which keywords your competitors are paying for ranking and to use those paid keywords to build your own strategy. If any off this question sounds familiar, then you aren't right place. I'm going to resolve all of them, so let's quickly have a look what we're going to cover in this course so holistically you will be covering competitor analysis as a whole. In this course, we will find out the market competition you are operating in how to check the competitors position and strategies they are using to drive traffic to create a former plan affection that will lead you mawr traffic ultimately the sales to analyze organic and PPC keywords or pay per click keyword for potential ideas on to observe what is working for others and how you can simulate the same model. Or you can improve it and I will teach you how to improve it. Excited. In this course, you will receive 15 lectures on the course. Contents are 1.5 hours law. So without further to do, join the scores and I will see you in the first lesson. Thank you. 2. SEO Spying Introduction: Okay, Welcome. Now we are going to do as CEO competitor analysis or spying your competitors like a pro. Now let's start this. And this course we will cover the combat injures of that presence tracking, And this will help us to understand the footprint on by following similar shallows will help us to improve our Web presence. We will learn how to identify the most valuable or strategic competitors off your industry . We will explore how to find out their rep traffic and the sources off the Web traffic. We'll also learn the professional tools. Some off them are free, and some of them are paid to understand that as your score off your competitors and how to use the inside off your competitors online strategy and to use it to your own advantage. I'm super excited. So let's stop this course. 3. SEO | Audit Resources: Okay. Welcome back. Before I talk more about how we are going to conduct this analysis, I would like to share a couple of your sources that's gonna help you in either conducting the audit or competitor analysis off your competitors. Okay. These two resources, all the documents I'm going to provide in the results section. So let's quickly go through with them to make a sense. Okay, The first document. This is a word document. It's a checklist. When you will be conducting site analysis or competitive analysis that's going to help you a kind of framework. Okay. The kind of things we I would like to cover when we will be conducting the analysis. Okay. First and foremost, you would like to check your website first. If you already have a website, you will start from your website and you'll check their own Beija seal thoroughly. And if you don't have a website, you've been approached by a client who is looking to open a website and want you to look into the industry and do research that you know, the competition or the keywords and etcetera, etcetera. Then you can escape the own site issue. Okay, lets assume you already have a website and you're gonna start from the section one. Okay, you will conduct audit off your website. You will check all the keywords against which you are trying to get ranking okay. And you will check the ranking off those keywords and you will check the title description . Contents, image on attributes off your webpage HTML to word ratio should be less or you know, what is the situation? Contents? Words shouldn't be less than 300. Make sure the contents per page on the website more than 300 words. Internal and external links are not broken. Each one attributes are not missing. Inter side anchor tax links are used or not. Givers are bold on each page or not. Check the back lings and also check the spam score off those websites. Okay, so this is what you're gonna do for your own pay? Yes, You pretty much own pusto Now when you will be conducting your competitor analysis now some off the things that you will keep in mind are below Or do they have belong? How often do the post do the right on any other Web sites? Okay, what's their competitors own side as CEO score. What keywords They're trying to target. Okay. How many pages do they have on their website? A list of back links on the anchor text Was their ratio as well. Okay, what social networks do your competitors use and which one? They're most dominating. And how do they brand their social black from or profiles? Okay, how often do the post on each social platform frequency kind of contents. And what about the local citation off the rep site? Okay. Their status on local directors, like yellow Yellow pages. True local hot for gear. The plenty off we have already discussed about the local doctors and a lot more depth in our other sections. And any paid marketing on what kind off key word they are targeting. Okay, So are they using any paid marketing? If yes, like Google or Facebook or other. Then you know what he was there trying to target. We can actually find out those keywords as well. You know, any paid video marketing potential publishers laced or influencers? So kind of a holistic view that you're trying to scan your competitors and then you will have a better understanding that if they have established themselves so much, we have to do a little bit more than them in order to rank high. Okay, there's a first talk. One which is ordered. Questioner, I'll make sure it's there. Okay. On the second dog woman I would like to share is this competitor analysis sheet. Okay, We will be using the shape in this course. So basically, if you already have your website, you gotta fill this with your organization name, website, your global ranking. Local ranking. How to find these figures? I will tell you. Okay. Keepers on each page, the page address on the number of back links on the same practice you will do for your competitors. Okay, this will be your competitive run. We can copy the entire section, and it will pay state for over second competitor here. Okay. On third combated her hair. So there you go. So we will keep at least top 10 or top five. Combat enters to see what they're doing against each keyboard. How they're performing against the keywords on the number of back legs. Okay, this will give us all the stick real, and then we'll take it forward from there. Okay, so these two sheets will be available in your resource. Now, let's start the fun stuff. Okay, I'll see you next radio. 4. SEO | Spying Competitors Statistics: Okay. Welcome back. Now, I hope you have completed your list. You know, you have competitors against each keyword in your list. Now we are approaching to the next phase where we are going to look into the traffic. Okay, so for this, I'm going to pick one off the website. Okay? I'm going to focus on SUS services in Newcastle Keeper. Here. I have five toll competitors. Okay, I'm going to choose the second Web address because it has more data, and I'm going to copy the web address or the website, and I'm going to pay state and similar web dot com. Okay, Now we're interested in, um, or facts about this website. Okay, We're going to note the global ranking. The Countrywide ranking again. It's showing the United States may be the servers are hosted in the United States. Okay? Or they haven't changed. The reader actual to upside to the target audience in the UK on the category B are operating in its internet and telecom. Okay, so I'm heading towards my excel sheet, the first page hair. I have a template about my combat jitter. I'm going to type the organization name. This is a Seo Dr. The website is I still have it on my clipboard paste. The global ranking is 5375196 Okay, the countrywide ranking is 5330 43 26 to double seven on the traffic volume for traffic volume. I was cool down and expect this big. Okay, here I can see the total visit is about 1.7000. Okay, Averagely from July 2016 till December. The averagely traffic is in between 1000 and 3000. OK, the roughly I would say 1800 visitors per month. That's the traffic. Okay, so I'm gonna put here 1800. That's the traffic off this website. Okay, so now we have particularly information about this organization that you know where they rank and how much traffic they are receiving. Since one day I was established the website and against the keyword, they are ranking in a Serb At what level? Okay, so this was positioned second on the search result. If we gather this data, we are starting to see now, at least we need 2000 monthly traffic to come to the first page off the Google We're not talking about the first ranking. The first page. Okay, so we have started understanding this information to shape its strategy for our website. Okay, let's move forward. 5. SEO Competitors OffPage Analysis: Okay. Now, let's understand why those competitors pages are ranked high in a surprise result. Okay, so we are going to look into our existing sheet here. We are looking into the website, which is s your doctor. Okay. I hope you are doing the same activity with your particular nation. Andi noting or listing down the relevant website. Okay, Now here is a sheet off our online competitors. Okay? Now we are continuing with our example as your doctor dot co dot UK and we will explore further. I'm going to copy this link. Remember, this was on the second position against this keyword in a Google search results. Okay, so I'm coping Web address. Now I'm going to introduce you another tool, which is most dot com. Okay, it's free to an extent, but we will also look into its professional dashboard. You know, just in case, if you buy this product, OK, let's take a look into the free version first. So here you click on the free issue tools. Click there and then you click on open site explorer. It will ask your your l and now paste the Ural hair click search. Now it is going to find out the domain authority on the page authority. And also check this out the links that are pointing towards this particular page. Okay. So we can see how many other websites are linking for this particular page. Useful information. OK, so we will not down the demand authority, which is 32 pages already 31. So let's fill our sheet. The Here we have a big authority 31 on the demand authority 32. Okay, we got this information now. Also, the inbound links are total Seven for this particular page. Okay? So we can add another. Call them here. Inbound links. The links that are coming towards this particular page are seven. Okay, we found that I'm going back to the website hair. You can see the different websites that are pointing towards this particular address, and you can also check their score. Okay. Interesting information. The same tool you can use for your own website. Imagine you have a website with a lot of back legs and you're not sure which legs are toxic or they're not producing valuable linked use for your website. Okay, I'm not sure whether you're familiar or not. But there is something called negative issue as well, where people purposefully create dodgy back leg for the competitors in order to push their websites down. Okay, so with this tool, you can see the back links off your website or any of the rep side, and you can check. Okay. Which link is useful for your website and which one you want to disallow? Okay. And how to disallow the link? I've already explaining above section Google Search Control section. Okay, particularly about this tool. You can use it to find the back link. Okay? How maney back wings are from where you are receiving the back links. If they are receiving the back lines from the seven sides, can we approach them and create similar content and say no? Would you like toe link to us as well? Okay, I hope now you are starting to get this idea that how conducting research on other competitors can give you an advantage. So another thing I would like to point out on the left hand side. If you click on top pages, it will show you the list off pages that are popular on this particular website s your doctor dot co dot UK. So you can also check that other pages that are performing really well how you know, this organization is producing the contents. Now you're noticing quite a lot of information is hidden, like, you know, the F B share or Google plus share. Facebook shares these air only available. Well, if you have a paid subscription again, this too will come with a 30 day free trial. You can register in the tool and can counsel the subscription before the 30 day. So in that perspective, it will be free. So let me, Logan and I will show you this particular information from the full professional dashboard . Now, I'm logged in as my account. And you can see I can see now the F B shares and a Google Plus as well. Okay, I'm going to check inbound link the B A d a these air a game, the links that were pointing towards my page. Okay, we're good here. We have found domain authority and pages tortillas. Well, we have checked the back links there Spam score, and also a journal understanding, you know, from where they are receiving the back Ling's on the kind of anchor text they are using. Okay, so these are the anchor links they are using toe connect to this particular page. Okay, so here we can click on the anchor text and you can see these are the anchor text word that external websites are using toe point towards this particular website. Okay. And protects. Very important. Okay, Now let's have a look quickly onto the own page. As here off this particular domain, this page is on the second position off the Google on. We know that average traffic that is coming to this website. Now let's understand why this page is so important. OK, so we're going to explore the own pay. Desio, I'll see you next radio. 6. SEO | Identify Competitors: Okay. Now let's quickly talk about how your online competitors can be different than the competitors. You have an offline word, OK? It's not necessary that the competitors that you see in the same city are going to be same when it comes through online present. Let me give you a quick example. Online. Wikipedia pretty much compete with old keyboard because that's a very big information. Represent Cherie Okay, and it could names lot off information about pretty much anything. So that's a very basic example. For example, you are running a hotel in a certain city. You will see a lot off blog's or online crypt. Advisory services will compete for certain key birds. Trippett brother dot com is one of them. OK, Similarly, if you're running a bar or maybe a gym, okay, and you will say a lot of bloggers will write articles around best bars in the town or, you know, the best Jim service around the town stuff like that. So those bloggers are your competitors because they are competing against pretty much the same keywords that you're trying to rank for. Okay, so that's how the online competitors can be different than from your offline competitors. Okay, so in this course, I'm going to pick a scenario that there is a company, a CEO company, and they want to start a brunt service in Newcastle, which is in UK at the north side. And they want to conduct a research that what is the online competition, like in Newcastle? This is my scenario, obviously. For your son, are you? You look into your nature and try to research according to your keywords, which you believe perfectly fit within your niche. Okay. I'm picking a company that is trying to open a branch in Newcastle. Okay. The kind of services they are going to provide our Seo services as he or creating on PPC services like pay per click paid Edward Osbon term. Okay, So I will be conducting research according to this scenario, and you will use the same approach for your particular nature. Okay, Now what we are going to do, we will check the competitors against each keyword on. We will less them down. Okay. We need to find out our competitors first. Now let's stick down into the browser. No. There are several ways we can find out how to find a seven or domains or similar businesses that relate in the same industry as you are. OK, I'm going to use Google for this. So let's search as CEO services in Newcastle. Okay? So services is our keyword and see what results we're going to see. We had interested in adult 10 organic results. We're gonna lex next, understand this page first. The 1st 2 results are the paid rate. Osborn's Okay, because there is 80 written extra. So these companies are paying Google to appear on the first against this term again. Of course they are. Our competitors will list them down. If we score down in this box, we can see more competitors that are operating under the same industry in the same city. Okay, assess your Newcastle Newcastle s you consultant, Get media wise. Okay? And after further down, either the organic results. Okay, these are the results that appearing based on CEO off their website. Okay, So the the number one result against this particular term or Seo services is s u Newcastle dot com will list them down our combat ITER. Okay, second combat ITER third combat inter. Okay, so we will list down at least 10 competitors or the top 10 result on you will see all these companies are based in Newcastle or they're operating in Newcastle to provide the services around as CEO. Now let's check the other domains. For example, you are running a hotel or trying to open and hotel in Newcastle and you want to see an online competition there. You'll search total in Newcastle and you will see here booking dot com. Okay, the 1st 3 years old are paid results, but you can see the first website. It's not actually a hotel. It's a booking service that allows you to book for multiple hotels, okay or search for water in particular city on going down. These are the hotels are operating in Newcastle. Okay, that competitors look at this. Trip it by the door Quarter UK Remember the side name I talk about? Look at the assist with the traveling information like quartile booking or you know, the city or, you know, best services around etcetera. So it's not a hotel itself, but this is your direct competitors for this particular keyword hotel in Newcastle. They're competing against it and they're appearing a number one in organic results. Okay, again booking dot com. We have travel. Go dot co dot UK Last minute. Okay, premium. And that's a hotel and so on. So far. Okay, Now you can see that you're only in competition. Can be different than compared toa your offline competition. Okay, maybe you are running a hotel in a city where there are about 10 or 20 orders. But when it comes to online, you will consider these competitors as well, because they will be drinking high or competing high for those keywords. Okay, so what you need to do laced down at least 10 5 to 10 competitors against each search term . Okay, We're going back to over such scenario, so I'm going to see ASIO services in Newcastle. Okay. I will find out the top 10 results. I've list them down. Same thing you can go for as you training the Newcastle. These are my competitors for this particular term as CEO training. Okay. As your training courses talk or go to UK, I d creating solutions dot co dot UK. These are my combat jitters. Okay. I would write down 10 competitors 5 to 10 competitors for this particular keeper Okay, the last one is over. Pay per click services. Indian Castle or your counsel. Okay. On here the companies that are over in PVC pay per click services. Okay, right. So we are listening down at least 10 competitors against each particular keyboard. If your keywords are maybe more than 5 10 20 You know, no matter how many keywords you have related to your niche, they send down for hotel, maybe say it's a luxury hotel bed and breakfast services. You know the spot, Jame, Etcetera, etcetera. So you can add as many keywords related to your niche. And particularly you are providing services to Yeah, in this research. Okay. Now, another way you can find the similar website that are operating related to your domain is where the Google advance key researchers. Okay, let's take an example here. Okay? I'm picking this website. I'm going to find out any website that is related to this particular website domain because this website is appearing under PPC, as you can see her PPC, which is paper click services. Okay, I'm going to Google, and I'm going to say related, I'm going to paste the website so the curie would be related. Kahlan Triple w daughter the website name dot com and press enter disk. Yuri will find out all the website related to this particular rap side. Okay, operating in the same. So you can see is a media worked or quarter to UK. They are offering pay per click. Okay, So inspired. Agency dot co dot UK Another one gorilla dot co dot UK. Okay, So this is how you confined related competitors off your industry as well. Okay, so I've taught you to mantle so far. First is simple Curie and find out the 2nd 1 is you can use Advanced Curie find related website. Okay. On the 3rd 1 we're going to use the website called similar web dot com. Okay. Similar web dot com here we are going to type one off our combat it. Er you know the list we have compiled so far Take a similar example. Silver be on a search and months will surge. It s a free by the way, this tool is free to a certain searches. But you can always buy the paid version if you want. Ok, so this is basically in the UK last its ranking number globally drank there. Okay, well, at the moment, we're not interested in this information. No interested in traffic, You know where the operating, etcetera? There traffic is coming through. I want you to scroll down all the way to the similar side section. There you go. Seven or site secular. There, you can see. We can find a lot of website that are related to the same industry. So you can not down similar websites as well or related website as well that are operating in the same agency again. We're trying to have related website information. How they're operating to get ideas and to see you know what the market competition is like . So first awful list on your competitors. At least 10 off them against each keyword. Okay, let me quickly show you how we are going to put it in the excel sheet. Okay, here I have XLT. It's the same chief that I shared previously, but have slightly changed it to get mawr information and okay to get it. Mawr Toral's report on the second sheet here. If I click on second sheet here, I can see the competitor analysis against each keyword. What I need to do is the right hair organization Name the web address that appear, for example, the keywords I searched for. I'm gonna copy this three times, because in my scenario, I have three key birds. The first key word Waas. As you services in no castle. Okay? And I will not down the 10 websites that appear. There you go. I've just split the screen to make it easier. I'm going to say as your services Newcastle. So the 1st 1 Waas Let's check the organic first. Okay, the first result. Waas I see you're Newcastle, the Web address. There's click open this in a new tab. So basically it's pointing to the main domain. This is the web address we need to find out the website established eight. We can do this. It's not necessary at the moment. But we can do this with a two way. We can find this information and ah, in a similar web or as addition, I would like you installed to Google chrome extensions. That's gonna help you to find this information quickly. OK, so you had over to a Google chrome extension and installed this s yo crack extension. Okay, I want You will install it. It will appear here. Okay, Just click. Add to crawl medical install automatically. The 2nd 1 I want you to install his most bar. Okay, Something click Hair on. Once it will install, it will appear here in shape off this M OK, very important. So once you will install these two tool bars, I will give you more insight about these extensions. I particularly want to talk about s you crack. So once it will be installed, it will appear on the left hand side. Here, you can switch it on, and here it will give you additional information next to each result. Okay, so this can tell. Knew the age off the website started from 1999. Okay. So you can find out how old these companies are interpreting in the same domain. Same discipline. Okay, so this is how you confined the age of the website. You're going to type of hair, which is my 1999. Get just to give you an idea. They're operating for a mile in the industry, okay? Or established brand get paige. Authority domain authority will get back into this and the second result if a CEO dr dot co dot UK type in as your doctor Officer, create Mark November dress. Is this right click open in a new town? Um, this is the dress Onda. We are going to find out again. Established in 2009 March 2009. Okay, I'll be good. So that's how you gonna fill the 10 results against each particular keyword. And you will search. For example, 10 are completed. Now you're going to search for S E O services as your training Indian castle, and same thing you are going to know down the 1st 10 years old under page link with their site established A Okay, So you're going to do this for your particular nation, and I will see you next radio. 7. SEO | Competitors OnPage SEO: Okay, now let's open the page. You know the previous example? We were looking into a cam going to copy the lay. I'm going to based A and the Browns. Okay, so this page is ranking on number two position against the keyword ASIO So says in Newcastle. Okay, So the key words in this phrase is CEO. So this is a Newcastle. Okay, so let's examine very straightforward page. Okay, A lot of text. What we can see here. Okay, we have a tidal in the title. He has used Sugo Newcastle. Okay. In the euro as you Newcastle. Okay, now here is a Chuan s e o Newcastle for all important keywords. He has bowled them. Okay, Newcastle Bold as he Oh, bold. Okay. As your Newcastle, this is bold. Okay? As your company. So he has a taxed. I'm assuming roughly 506 100 works. Okay on. He has used the keywords on the strategic positions. You know, all the stuff that we have learned in our own page optimization. Just try to computer with what we are observing. Hit. Okay. No images on nothing. Anything. Particular fantasy. Okay, All text based information. What? He's ranking on the second position with sus services. Keyword. Okay, the one thing I'm going to do quickly, I'm going to copy then dark text copy. Okay. And I'm going to paste it into a website. That is director count online dot com. Okay, so this is a website we're going to use. I'm going to paste it here. Okay. Interesting stuff. Now, here. And we just expand this. This will quickly count the words the total works he has used 566. Okay, Far more than you know, the minimum base, which is 300. So it is excellent. Ok, Anything above 500. 607 100 is excellent domain to be in. So he has used 566 words. Okay, cool. And if we scroll down, we can see the density off each word. Okay? The S U word is the second most dense. The word in this entire article. Okay, so the second most repeated word in this article is s U Okay, where is Newcastle on? We have Newcastle, which is pointed person, and as you do born 3%. Okay, so this can also give you a kind of idea that which word has mawr density in this article are Okay. Don't worry. We will go in a key word in a lot more detail. But I just want to give you a quick glimpse off how we are going to search on on page and where exactly we are going. Toe observed. Okay. Now hear anything you're observing, You can drive it in the first sheet here. Okay? And the last column is remarks. Okay. You can add it here. Anything in a separate page. Dedicated page for this keyword with a keyword appearing in this This this exposition with that much amount off contents may with images as well. Or maybe video as well. Okay, we can easily out crank this page, and we already know the back links. Okay, I will talk about the quality off the back links as well, because not all the links are, you know, important. We will be only looking into the higher door dealings. Okay, so this is how quickly you can check the own page. Now, let's look into the key word in a lot more detail. 8. SEO | Competitors keywords Analysis: Okay. Welcome back. Now we are going to talk about the key words at this stage. I would like to introduce another tool to you. Okay. It is a free tool toe a certain extent. A person like it. Consider this. We are not really interested in the keywords that our competitors are trying to rank for the organic keepers I'm talking about. We are also interested in impaired keywords. For example, if our competitors are running any paid advertisements, the organic keyword is basically any keyword that the website is rank for or in the brackets, we can say as CEO, okay. And the paid keywords are basically Google AdWords program where you pay Google for such an keyboards and they will push your website for those keywords on the top off the page or either at the bottom off the page. Okay, Now let's talk about the tool that I'm going to share with you. The name off the tool is spy full. Okay, now this is a Frito, and they said to a certain extent now we're going to use one of our competitors Web address to see the list off organic keywords their ranking for and then also to see whether they are paying Google for certain keyboards or not. So I'm going to type their Web address. Press enter now. You know quite a lot of information here, but since the website is small or declined is small, there's not much data about the client. Clearly, they're not paying Google for any keywords. Okay, so that's why this section is zero. All we're interested in if we scroll down the top keywords, they are ranking for on the paid keywords, which are not displaying at the moment because they are not paying Google for this. Okay, In contrast, we can check another website fortified dot com. This was another website that was appearing in the page social results, you know, when I was searching for Seo Services, So that's where it clicked in my mind. So I thought, you know, I will use that if in case any of the competitors that I will want to split okay, as soon as I entered the Web address, I can clearly see Now they're about 122 organic keywords, their ranking for and roughly 2191 key words they are paying for okay on their monthly average budget is about $7000. See how powerful this is? In case if this is one off our competitors, this much money, they are pouring in in order to rank for those paid keywords, then we need to think about to match the strategy. So we need to think about how we can altering them, other through the issue or any of the strategy that we can use in case if we cannot afford the small project. Because I know quite a lot of websites where the average budget is in 1,000,000. OK, so there's nothing shocking about, but this is a very powerful website again. Now you have started to see your competitors in a really, a lot more depth that what exactly they're doing, the strategy they're using and no crazy enough. Let's cool down. The section I want to share with you is again top givers. These are the key words talk keywords their ranking for and these are the period keywords. They are paying money to go, go to get the ranking. Okay, so we have organic keepers and we have paid keywords. This is again from the Edward point if you it it recommends as well. You know the best keywords they can use for the Google AdWords, but not part of this program. I will cover this in the Edward course, but, you know, these are the two parts or two sections that can help us to build the keywords they are ranking for. Okay. And quite a lot of other significant information about the competitors, the shared keywords they are, you know, having between them and their other competitors and further their competitors to here. OK, the paid competitors. So we can see, actually, what other competitors off this website are doing The paid advertisement. Okay, So very powerful toe. I'll let you explore this tool. Okay? And I will see you next video, and we will explore the key words in a little bit more detail, OK? 9. SEO | Keywords Ideas: Okay, guys, welcome back. Now, let's have a look into the keywords from a strategic point of view. Okay? I'm going to type the same compactor Web address a few hype in dr dot co dot UK and press enter. Okay, we are scrolling down and going back to our dope keywords section. OK, now, here we have a top keywords. So this website against this keyword is appearing on position nine, which is on number one page. How many results do we have on the one single page? Roughly 10. Okay, so anything less than or equal to 10 will appear on the first page. Okay, So as your doctor is on number nine, it could be because the website name is as your doctor. So maybe that's why the website is getting a lot off authority. Consider this whenever the keyword which we want rank for is appearing in the domain name that gives it a lot of value again. So maybe that is why it is on number one page. Lex. Click on this keyword will receive information about how many monthly searches and, you know, the click cost or the monthly cost. You know, that's that's not information we're interested in. If it's called down all the way to the organic search ranking analysis here we will see against that particular keyword ASIO Doctor, These are the number of results we can see and we can see as your doctor is obeying on number nine position. OK, we can click hair on the small icon and we can check there ranking history. Or we can check the view cash to serve. Okay, If I click on this, it will open in a new tab and it will show us the website in there. And it's snapshot as a Google search results. Okay, so where is our? There you go. Okay. So 123456 789 Okay, so this is a very on number nine position. Okay? That's how we can actually view or analyze the result off particular keyword and its ranking. And also we can analyze the page two. Okay, let's check. So the number ninth position off as your doctor is against ASIO, Doctor keyword. Let's let's speak another key word. Okay, because that's very obviously because it is appearing in the domain. Let's go back, Andi, I'm going to look into another key work. Okay, so the freelance s your consultant. Okay, ranked number 11. Next, click on this. Okay, we scroll down, we're getting Searcher's old So number 11 it's only showing talk. 10 results. Let's click on the hair. Beautiful. Top 50. And here we can see number 11. Position is for as your doctor. Okay, No. Examined this. The freelance Seo consultant. Keyword Okay against that keyword. This website is a building on number 11th position, and you can see the link is basically the domain name neg. The link is actually home. Do mean link. It's a homepage. So this person has use the freelance as your consultant keyword in the title. Andi, the main page is optimized for this keyword. Let's open this, Okay? I'm clicking on this arrow and it will open the page. Let's examine this. Now we are on the main page of this website, so there is no separate page designed for the freelance ASIO consultant Keyword. Okay, so this person has optimize the main page for this keyword Lexi area freelance s you consultant as a tidal. Okay, not in the euro on the page. We have freelance services. Now I'm pressing control F and I'm going to search for freelance. Okay, let's see how many times this word has a beard on this page. Okay, so number one this okay number Do freelance issue, Consultant. Okay. Can you see the keyword is getting repeated? Freelancers. Okay, Polluter free lands as CEO freelances four times. Okay, freelances your services. Lifetime anywhere else. No girl down, down now. We're good. So the five times this keyword has repeated on the website. So if we want to optimize it for a freelance issue Consultant keeper, we need to use this keyword in the title good to use in a euro, should it be it on the page. And you did all the on page optimization factors that we discuss in terms off the keyword optimization. Follow those patrons and we can easy outrank this website for freelance as here Consultant , keyboard. Also, if you noticed there's no any video, there's no any any powerful stuff, you know, very less text. Okay. So we can easily outrank. Can you see how we get analyzed? Cured and we can examine the page and we can look into the possibility how we can outrank it. OK, now let's check the paid keyword as well. I'm going back. Okay for scroll down. Actually, this particular competitors is not using any paid advertisement. Let's see if we can find. Okay, let's use this cake, combat ITER and see if we can find any appeared keywords here. Ah, actually, we found a few key words here. Digital agents in your castle. Digital agents seize Newcastle and Digital Marketing Agency in Castle. Okay, The way we can use the paid keywords strawberry granted are basically we can assess how powerful these keywords are. We will look into their generic volume off traffic through the Google keyword planner, and then we'll decide, rather than paying Google to appear for these keywords. Can we optimize our website for these keepers? So, in that way, we can compete with our competitors without paying this to Coco. Okay, so that's another strategy we can use where the paid keywords can be 100. Well, in case these are over competitors and doing well, we can mimic their keywords and can compete in the Edwards. OK, that's another smart strategy. Because if these keyboards are working for them and they're receiving traffic, obviously we will receive a part of it as well. So that's where the paid keepers are 100. Now, we have both seen organic keywords on paid keywords and how we analyze them. Lex quickly analyze, Paid for other factors as well. And I will share with you a couple of free tools. Okay, I will see you next Radio. 10. SEO | Performance Measures: Okay, welcome. By now we have fully examined the organic and the paid keywords. Now we're going to examine how to find out the keyword density on the page. Okay, Because that will help us to see which particular keywords they're trying to rank for. For this, I'm going to use the tool which is s your book. It's stools dot as your book dot com four slash journal, four slash keyword hyphen density. OK, now here. I'm going to type my competitors Web address as he a doctor not called out UK. I'm going to click summit right now. Here we have a dedo. We have a page title. This person is not using a matter keywords, not a matter description. The total word count is 290 including to stop works. Okay, now, here you will see the keyword density. Single key works. Okay. The most repeated keywords, which is a 14 combed, which is a 4.83% is as you okay. And it's a single key work. Two words phrase. It's a link building and it appears six time freelance. ASIO, remember, this is a key word. This website is ranking for it counted five times. Okay. On one single page, which is 3.45% as your doctor. Another one as your consultant. So these are the key work, Basically the two words keywords he's trying to rank for. And these are the three words key work again or three word phrases, which is freelance as your consultant. Link building red. Which is that's not keywords. The doctor, Freelance as you. It only appears to born 7% And s your doctor freedom. So we need to check which keywords are related toe our domain. Okay. For example, as you consultancy, maybe freelance services. Okay, Social media or Seo services. Okay, so these sort of keyboards which are related to our domain, obviously you will look into compared to the nature are in OK, so we will write them down, and we'll also note down their density when we will be emphasizing on creating contents. We will say we must include these keywords into our pages. Okay, So this is how you check the keyword density on a particular website? Okay, Another two week and use. And that is a A traffic dot com. Okay, let me share this with you e it's refs dot com. It's a paid website. What? You can register and get two week free trial. Peter. What? You have to cancel your subscription before the second week ending. Okay, I will use this tool to show you how we can analyze the anchor text cloud. OK, so I'm going to log in as I'm already a member of this website. Okay, Once I'm logged in, I can click on Side Explorer on here. I will type the web address off my competitors and see a doctor. Okay. And here, I'm going to choose exactly where l and hit search. Now, this is a very powerful toe. Okay? I will not go into a lot depth. And what discovers But, you know, I let you explore once you will get the subscription off. This too. So the information I'm interested. And if you scroll down, you know the referring domains pages distribution off the link. We're interested in anchors cloud. Okay, so this will gives us an idea which keyword this website is trying to rank for. So as your doctor dork ordered, you gave this link appear 63% as your doctor dot co dot UK Which a 13 person and website. Actually, it seems like he's focusing too much on the website branding. Okay, I see your doctor. That's the brand is trying to establish and no other keywords appearing significantly. And the anchor crowd. Okay, okay, let's understand. What is the anchor? Were you sickened before we proceed? Anchor is basically the text people use to connect to a link. Ok, for example here Jobs job is an anchor text. If I hope of my mouth and you can see at the bottom off the screen, there is a lake there. Okay, so this is anchor text. So we are interested in to anchor text that word anchor text are coming because that's how the link shoes is getting past. Okay? And that's how most of the time keywords are targeted. Okay, this is not a good example. I'm gonna show you another one. Okay, let's pick this website Kam. When just dream dot co dot UK the next. If you scroll down anchor cloud here, we can see after the website name 10 essential free and paid magenta extensions for 2040. That's a 4%. OK, rent your stream That's what they're trying toe target again, you know, emphasis on the brand. Lex, pick another website. Let's go for this. The web dot com school down here, we can see. Ah, they're trying to target for Web design. Newcastle keyword or get out of years. It eight person took it. This is what they're trying to rank for, or even if that's not their intention. But these words are appearing significant time in the website. Okay, so the anchor text phrases are the web domain. Okay, Web design, Newcastle Modern drugs, Web design. Okay. Website design. So basically they are focusing on Web design services. Okay, let's take another example. This is Peter Borland s your doctor? Coleman. Let's check this website. See what we see as human jester. Oh, right. Okay. So 21% off this. So they are trying to target mention society price your services. Can you see that? How this anchors cloud information can give you a quick snippet that what exactly this brand is trying to achieve? Okay, further down here, as you Manchester freelance as CEO. Okay. Website again. The brand on Misha CIA website directory issue such board. Okay, lets you search board. Bob Directory. Eccentric sector. So particularly, they are in a freelance ASIO sus services in Manchester. Okay, these are the two terms or keywords they're trying to rank for. So this is how quickly you can analyze through the anchor cloud what particular keywords the website is interested to rank for. We have looked into the keyboard density. If we have checked the anchor cloud that how we can analyze it, Another thing we are interested in and that is to see the matter description off the Web site or the title or description for this, we're going to use another toe, which is x idiom dot com. Okay, so the address is exceeding dot com forward slash tools forward slash matter data. No. Here you will find this matter, daughter textbooks. And here you will copy all your competitors. Okay. The duty of the stool is you can check multiple clients at the same time. So you will copy and based your combated list. Here, select title description and analyze metadata. Now, here we are going to see that these old competitors you know, the list we have generated. These all competitors were appearing against the S e o services in new council t were OK, copy paste. And I'm going to see SUS services in Newcastle. How these competitors are appearing against this keyword. I'm interested to see whether they are using this key word in their title in the description. Okay. And this is how quickly you can see we have the 1st 1 Okay. As union castle dot com, they're using as Union Castle search engine optimization seo. Okay, in the title, which is great on their using as unique castle in the description off the page. Okay. Why? They're using email. That's that's beyond. But yet so they're using the keyword in the title in the description. Same thing in the title as your services for Newcastle in the description. So from this, we're getting idea if we will create a page and we are trying to target as CEO, so it's a Newcastle keyword. We must put this keyword in the title on the description off our page. Okay, so this is x idiom dot com. Another good tool I'm going to share on this is bingum dot com. Okay, ping dom dot com. So the addresses tools dot Pinkham dot com And here you can check the website performance or the speed off loading A very important factor. It how quickly your website lorded what you can do. You can copy based your website here as CEO dr dot co dot UK and start testing. Okay, what's this? Will do. It will analyze your website performance and give you performance or boat here. Right. The lord time is 4.33 This is not good. The website should Lord and less than two seconds. Okay. And also these are the recommendations. Remove curious strings from the static resource is combining. So javascript Leverage, brother cashing so on and so forth. Okay, so this is how you can test the Lord time? If it is. If your website and more than two seconds, you need to optimize it. I could maybe check with your your developer or speak to your seo consultant or even if you are trying to do it. You can do it as I have taught you in the search console section. That how we can my ear and check the performance. Okay, Now, what you need to do is to check all your competitors loading time and noted down. Okay, This is also helpful when you can cross, compare your website with your competitors and to see you must beat them. Or if not Europe, such a load under two seconds. Okay, so these were some of the tools that I thought These are free and will definitely help you . So we have pretty much covered the own page stuff off the web sites. Now we're going to examine back links and finding the quality links to improve the authority of the website. I will see you next video. 11. SEO | Backlink strategies analysis: Oh, you guys, welcome back. Now, since we have covered on Page A, let's talk about off page. We're going to explore the back links off our competitors. The whole idea behind exploring the back length is to understand how our clients are receiving authority or the links from other websites. Okay. Or what strategies they are using to get the links. Okay, So for this purpose we can use, we can use most dot com openside explorer. Or we can use E A draft the same tool side explorer there. Okay, we'll try to cover bought. Okay. Now, let's have a look into more dot com here. I'm going to tie my competitors. Er website addresses your doctor dot co dot UK and hit search. Okay, now here. I'm going to look into the links. Inbound links. Okay. Here. I can see there are 83 domains unique to means connecting toe this website and 423 links. Interesting. Okay, so these are 400 grand. Three links are linking to this website or inbound links. Okay, So the very first it is coming from viper chill dot com. Another thing I want you to do is tow on, Lee, under the link type. Select option only. Follow. Okay, We want to see only do for the length. Which passes the link juice. Okay, that's where we're interested in these orange main sites that are connecting to this site, which is as you hyphen, Doctor, have spam score. OK, so the high spam score mean those websites are not powerful. Okay, let's have a look here. The very 1st 1 is travel busy dot com. Okay, If I right click open in Newtown, I can see the website is basically free travel stock images from here. This person is receiving back link. Let's search for press control F and Dive s CEO. Dr. Can you see anything? No. Okay, let's call back. So he's using this anchor text to connect to main home page. Okay, let's see if we can find his name. There you go. Okay. If Howard my mouth on the name on the left bottom corner, I can see the web address. Okay, So this is how he is creating a web link. My country rooting the images. OK, interesting. Let's go back. Let's check another thing. Let's check this one. Okay? The anchor text is as your doctor. Let's see. Right click open off this one. So this is social media son dot com on here. Best Pinterest tool Readers roundup Let's find S e o, Dr. Huh? There you go. I think it's a block posed and here is contributing into a block post and getting a length . Interesting. Okay, so the block posed contribution and what else? Let's scroll down. Let's check this one, Okay? Yes. You consult. Right click open authority directory list by the same person. Okay, let's search ASIO Doctor in dressing the key. What is there? Let's go back. So the key What is there? And I want to know Were the link if Ok, so this is just text not link text not Ling. This is text and text. Okay, right click. Let's go to the view source. Petr paragraph. Can I do see you high doctor? Ah, their ego. So here's a link that this link is used. Never underestimate the power off. If I copy this, let's go back. Fine. Controlled me. There is a link. Can you see how we can find the link? So this is another post. We can go through this post. And maybe it's a contribution. Or maybe that's is another website. And he's trying to create a Beckley. Okay, All possible. All possible. Let's check another thing. Okay, let's check this one. Okay? This is an interesting I think it's a guest boasting as you designed solution. Start, call. Okay, let's search s CEO. Dr. We can't find It was a key word. It is S e o. Doctor. Uh, should I just use hyphen? Okay. There you go. The link hair as your doctor for hover my mouse hair. You can see at the left bottom corner the web address. So basically, it's a posed where he is commenting and getting a bag ling. Interesting. So another strategy. We found that this person is commenting on other people's website and while commending, he's leaving his link off his website and that is creating back link. Interesting. So can you see now how we can analyze the back links and can see the strategy? Okay, so he's doing guest posting is using commenting on the blog's to generate back link. Okay, there is a possibility will be doing the directory submissions as well. Let's check. Okay. Let's objectors out or reject this out. Ok, D. Most order? Yes. Registries website on the D Moore's. It's a directory submission as well. Okay, right. Click open closed. Rest of the pages north and restaurant. Okay, Deimos. Next search as your doctor. There you go. As your doctor, and we can see the link on. This is freelance as your consultant. Profile services and articles with blocks and dressing. Okay, so we have found that the hatred submission as well. So this is how you can analyze the back links and can get the strategies How your competitors are building the back links. You can always contact them or use these techniques. Methods to create backlogs for yourself too. No. Let's explore the site. Explorer option in a chef's. Okay, now, here. Okay. Interesting. Here at the section, we can see the do follow links. If I click here, I can see the list off websites that are connecting to this website also, you know, some off the links that has been removed. Maybe we can use these opportunities to contact them and say, you know, we have a similar sort of domain nation and we can produce content or we have produced contents. Would you like to Lincoln? To us. Okay, another started it. Now here. We can see. This is a website. We have checked already. Okay, more. Start calm. We have checked this one design solution. OK, travel busy. We have checked that. Okay. So we can go through these links, especially with the Heidi are. And you are okay. And we can protect them. For example, this one wordpress dot call. Okay, tag generator for gold there. Can we see anywhere as he Oh, Doctor, no. Let's go back. The link is removed. That's why we're going to see. Okay. So, you know, this is this is how we can check or find out the strategies our competitors are using. What about this best interest tools readers round up? I think we have checked this already, so we don't need to look into this one de moles checked. Ah, what about this? The directory submission. Right. Click open. And here this is a mirror dot co dot UK directory submission. And this person has register the business address. Okay, on linking to the website. And here this person is targeting the domain four slash Newcastle dot html page. Not home to me, OK? Can you see now how we can analyze the back links and can extract some off the strategies which are gonna help us? These opportunities are widely available to anybody you know. We can do the directory submissions. We can do the most active submission we can do. Guest posting. We can do commenting. You know, the rest of the strategies that I discussed in them off page analysis and back linking section of this course, you know, all of them we can implement, and that will be a greater So can you see how back link analysis can be beneficial for your business? Ok, so we have seen Moors, and we have also explored the draft. Okay, Now let's find out how to check the social media platforms off your competitors. Okay, I will see you next Video. 12. SEO | Competitor Social Media Audit: Okay. Welcome back. Now let's have a look into our competitors. Social media traffic. Okay. I will also explore the Social Media Channel to see what kind of strategies they are using or how they are driving the traffic. Okay for this, I'm going to use similar web dot com. We have already used this website before. Okay, so I'm going to type ASIO dr dot Corridor to came to 60% off. The traffic is basically coming through. The search is okay on social media is driving the 22% off the traffic again. Interesting. OK, so let's scroll down. We don't have enough data off the social. Were gonna change our combat eter. I'm going to use jellyfish dot co dot UK. It's a digital media marketing agency in the U K. Ok, similar domain. But let's search At least this will gives us a little bit more data so we can explore what we're trying to do. We are trying to look into our combat jitters. Social media traffic. Okay. Scrolling down averagely 35,000 per month. The traffic okay to this website and 48% is coming through the search 31% directly because it's one of the biggest digital marketing company in the UK and only six person coming from the social. Okay, let's have a look at the social distribution it again. You can also check the toe preferring websites that are pointing towards this jellyfish website. So inbound links. Okay, You know the concept we discussed before. You can have a look here as well, but these are outgoing links. So here, under the social section, we can see six person off. The traffic is coming through the social channels. There will be more. We can click here. The top one is driving from Lincoln. Okay, The 51% off that is coming from the Lincoln. The second best is a Facebook 41% Twitter class store A YouTube. Okay, they're not doing much on a YouTube, but Facebook. Arlington is pretty much what they are doing. So this information helps us to see how actively they are performing on social networks on which particular social platform is doing good for them. Okay, so let's have a look at the Facebook first jellyfish dot co dot UK. That's the reps. Like I really like the rep side sleek, So scroll down, scroll down And at the bottom we can see their social media icons. So let's open their Facebook. So here's our Facebook page. Nice Bennett. Customize. Okay, first thing they have 1175 people have, like this page. Okay, Onda, we have few videos on images. Here is the first board. Okay. No link to their website. Onley posed or image. Second post, this is Huffington dot co dot UK post they have shared it here. Okay, if we click hair, it will lead to a victim boss rather than to jellyfish started with Guzman images. And here we have a link to their website. But one thing is consistent. They are using custom images. Okay, there is again their Christmas image, but there is no link to the website. Maybe they have to add more links about their website so it can generate traffic. Okay, so here's another image. No link. Another image, no link. Ok is a simply message. Send your CV to this particular email address. I think they can easily double traffic to their career page elect people feel in rather than you know people are sending emails and then they have to scrutinize everything. But yeah, it's just a strategy way. We shouldn't tell them here or competitors. But can you see that we have to read through what exactly they are doing, What best practices they are following and how we can adopt them too. Get the traffic. Okay, So another image to another image. And last year, their team. Now that's the Facebook side. Next, have a look and toe there. Greater account. Okay. Again. Custom image. And they have 3800 agent of followers, Which is good. Okay, custom image. Okay. Link jellyfish link. Short leg link. Ok, that's a good one. So they're using mostly images if they increase it. If they replace it with a more medios, obviously their engagement willing agrees. Okay, so let's go back to the I mean website. So this is how we actually view the social media platforms, which one is performing better. And then, by looking into the social media webpages, we can analyze that what exactly we need to do toe outperform them. Okay, now let's move forward, and I will share with you a couple of free tools. That's really gonna help you when you will be conducting on the page A CEO for your competitors. Okay. On projects you for your comm batters. We have to check old in SS three factors, including the site map and create Robert daughter txt file and stuff like that. Okay, I will see you next radio. 13. SEO | Analysis Free Tools: Oh, hi there. Welcome back. I hope you are applying the knowledge you have learned so far and filling the sheet for your competitors. Okay. And now I'm going to share with you the free tool that will allow you to quickly check the own page. ASIO off your competitors. Okay. Now, the good news is it's a Frito. Okay, so you don't have to pay for it, okay? Is that one off the project? I'm working on its agra wide dot com. Okay, maybe the time underscores will be released. This website will be like, OK, anyway, now let's head back to the tool that I want to share with you. Okay, So the website name is small as seo tools dot com, it offers required a lot off free tools that you can use to check your competitors, even to check the score off your own website. Okay, you can check the plagiarism. Okay, you're worse. Image search article re Writer Keyword. Positioning search again. Back link checks. This is what we will be exploring website as your score checker. Okay, I'll let you explore the rest of the tools, but at the moment, let's focus on website as he'll score checker. Okay, if I click on this one, it is asking me. Entered the domain name. I'm going to copy the link. The Web address off my combat ITER copy. I'm going to paste it here also. Have to check this. I'm not in trouble. Click check as you. Once I will click here, it will start analyzing the entire upside. Okay? And it gives us a list of things that it will check and possible recommendations as well. A very powerful toe. And it'll This can also help you when you have to conduct a quick test off your client that , you know, at what state? The webpage. If and what recommendation you can provide in terms off winning the bed. Okay, right. We got the results now, so let's analyze. So it is saying the page title is found? Yes. The page started. Lent off. Your page is 40 character. Most search engines will truncate page titled to 65 characters. Which is good. Okay to lend. Important on this is the page. Title matter description is missing. Gaidar sites crossed. We have a matter key. Works the matter. Keyword not found. Google does not accept Medicaid words anymore. So it's fine. So the Google search result or the syrup result. This is how it will appear in the Google search results. Okay, we can check. Here. We have a title. We have Earl. And here we have a description. Okay. We need to write it down for our reference when we will be producing our page or the content. This is something we have to Corleto. Okay, that we need a title. We need your l and we need a description off the pitch. Okay. Can you see that they are three dots, which means his description is longer than the expected description Length. Okay, which is fine, but this doesn't look good. So we have a keeper test to these other keywords links found 10 times. Freeland seven times. Remember the freelance keyword? He's ranking for the freelance s you Newcastle That searcher. So that was freelance s You in new council. That was a key word. Can you see that as he a doctor or co dot UK is appearing there? So we have found The'keeper's the top keywords he's trying to rank for on We have a keeper test the keepers are not included in the matter. Tags or matter, description, something we have to look into. It has found each one pack, which is good. H two tax. Great. Okay, it has found the robot store TXT file. Excellent site map was also found, which is great. Okay, So these old things we must have on our website this allowed directive checker. So basically, these are the directives that are disallowed in robots. Txt file, which is great. Obviously we don't want Google to check our Edmund panel. We are interested in the contents rather than the back. And so here the broken link test. No broken link found. Okay. Another good stuff. It has checked at 21. Distinct you, Earl. So here said no underscores Found, which is great. The Urals, off internal and on the website are friendly. Great. Okay. No image found. This is something we can add. Another pages. Look at images held to engage and user. So in line test for the CSS. Found the fabric All the small Icahn found out. Okay, this is good. So something we need to add as well it is. All little bits have their person days off ranking. Okay, The more you comply with them, the more authority your webpage will have or score. Your webpage will have. The mandatory is low paid authorities. No longer the website is operating and their arm or stuff or the traffic, the demand authority and baby authority improves. Okay, so this is basically a long term game starts. Something gonna happen over the night. Okay, so we have re directions from the triple W website or from the non triple W and domain link . OK, so whether the user type triple W door website name or without triple triple, you both are pointing to the same directory. Okay, so html page size test. The pages are small, which is great. You know, the page size is less than 33 K b, which is recommended. Absolutely find so passed the test. So this is something we need to look into as well. What's the size of our pages that we are producing compression Jesus tests. He has passed the compression test as well. Compression is enabled. Something we have to enable on our websites as well. This will be from the servers Were not familiar with the Jesup. You could always ask your hosting company or your Web developer, and they will guide you through at the total score is 72. Can you see that? It's not a bad, you know. It's good. So this tool will help you to check the own Vegas. You in a lot more depth. Okay. And this is free to There are other tools available. Okay. Google PR checker, spell checker, Back link checker. Okay, Domain age checker on. You can explore this website further. So this conclude how we're going to check or quickly. We're going to check the competitors own great analysis. Okay, Now let's sum up everything. 14. SEO | Summing up with Ranking Strategy: Okay. In our next recap, the rial benefits behind this entire exercise to establish great in the standing off the market and existing competition helps to create benchmark. And we can compare our organization status within the market, provide strategic guidance to plan the goals targets to improve our presence on. We understand the product innovation on customer support are the major elements off any business objectives. But this approach helps to monitor and simulate the same practices for the Internet audience. Okay to the competitors. Target audience. Why, they're coming. Well, they are converting from where they are coming. We have analysed pretty much everything. Okay, Now we are going to sum up on will devise a strategy that how we can improve over ranking for a particular keyword. Okay, Okay. So the step by step approach first, we will analyze on Page Seo checks. Okay. Check the keyboards. Density might attacks description, contents, keyword, relevance, honors, warnings, missing. Elemental. And we have just learned that how we can do it with the help of two. Okay, then we're going to understand the back links their diversity off the back links from where they are coming and then to separate the relevance and then also such a jack, the authority links or Web domains only because we will be targeting them to create a back links. Okay. And on top of that, we will be using the strategy we have learned in back linking strategies. How to create more back lengths, OK, further than we will analyze keyword ranking, check the ranking off existing keywords and match with a client required or expected keywords list. Also, find what other pages with a similar domain declined is ranking for Analyze it with the above methods. You know, the the tools we have used so far. Okay, now let's talk about the strategy. First, let's down all the key words you want to rank for. Okay. Second, check top five competitors against each keyword and analyze them. We know how to do it. Third, create contents and used the keywords as analyzed above, with a more strategic perspective on implement the knowledge you have learned so far. Okay, so the whole view that own pages CEO and how to target particular keepers into different strategic positions. Okay. And then number four used the back linking strategy to improve the authority off the page and let Google does its magic. Okay. And the fifth review performance after 2 to 3 months to observe the stable results. Your job is to study your competitors and make the website better than them. This will improve your ranking in search engine guys. I've conducted one combated to research throughout this exercise. Just to give you an idea what stages approaches, tools that we have to use to conduct analysis. Okay, Please implement this knowledge on. Explore your competitors, and I'm sure you will see significant results. Okay, so in this north, the competitor analysis is pretty much covered. I'm going to share with you my final lords in the next lecture, and then we'll be good to go. 15. SEO | Final Tool and End Note: okay? Just before I close this course there is another tool I'm using. So I thought I'd better shave with you on this to a limb. Is Sam Rush like I have professionally countered this, like other tools, it has a free version, and it has paid Working as well. I have a paid version, and I'm going to share with you some of the things which are incredible about this package . So here in front of you, it's a semi rush dot com. I'm already logged in. Okay, on what we are going to search. Is one website okay for this demonstration? I'm going to use a Toyota dot com because we can receive quite a lot of information. And I could display you the power of that too. Okay, I'm going to copy this butter basted here. Okay, I'm going to search. What? What happened? This tool will display information like other tools, but there is a further amazing part which I will explain in a minute. We have our getting search. We have paid search. Okay, We have back legs display advertisement. Interesting. So now we can see that where this competitors is displaying the ads and what kind of ads this company is running. Okay, whether text whether video and who is publishing gold videos and who are the influences? Except or accept? Er okay, so here we have the length distribution top organic keywords we can get in our list. Toe paid keywords. These are the key words they are paying to display the website. Back legs back ling distribution follow and no follow links. Okay, The anchor tax. You know, referring demeans. These are the domains that referring to this website back legs. Okay, latest publishers. These are the latest publishers publishing about this website. Interesting information. OK, I checked this A copy off add These are the ads. You know, when we set something in a Google and it displayed the ads. The 1st 2 results are typical ads. So these are the ads they're running so we can see key words they're using and where the ads are leading us to weaken checked their landing pages as well. Okay. Powerful too. We can see Old adds that running also, we can check the simple media ads. The videos or the banners as well will conduct a complete list. The stool is amazing. okay, I use it and I'm better. So I thought, I'll share with you guys as well. In case if you are interested and you get explored for the left hand side, you can see a lot of back links. You know, you can go in a lot more depth. Video advertisements display advertisements, traffic and other says except or accept right guys on this north, we're pretty much done with this course, okay? And have created a Facebook group for you guys. Here. You can join and share the strategies you have with me or with your course holders. You work together, learn together and succeed together. You can join this group. It's a close group. It's not open group and I will only allows people those who ever tended to scores on, you know, the likely mind people so they can explore and share their experience with each other. I will provide this link into the course resource section, probably the end page off this course on. Thank you very much for giving me time. So far. I know it's a bad Atlantic or but the subject itself is a Mangus, and it needs time to explain. I hope you enjoy the scores and learn something new from here. Thank you very much for your valuable time on. And I will see you in my next course. Thank you.