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SEO Basics Tips for Ranking Better Basics of Search engine optimization

teacher avatar Laurence Svekis, Best Selling Course Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (1h 3m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. 1 Course introduction

    • 3. 2 SEO for Beginners Search engine optimization (SEO)

    • 4. 3 Search results breakdown

    • 5. 4 Black Hat vs White Hat SEO

    • 6. 5 Link Juice SEO

    • 7. 6 SEO loading time

    • 8. 7 SEO backlinks

    • 9. 8 Social Signals

    • 10. 9 SEO and domain history

    • 11. 10 SEO keyword research

    • 12. 12 Keyword research Bing and Google Adwords

    • 13. 13 How spiders see your website

    • 14. 14 LINKS and the WEB

    • 15. 15 Search Results

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About This Class

SEO Basics Tips for Ranking Better
Over 250 SEO tips to help improve your search engine ranking SEO guide to website content and online success
We all know that better ranking equals more traffic which equals more sales online.

SEO The practice of Search Engine Optimization has changed a lot and will continue to evolve. Develop a mindset, in order to evolve alongside. There are several constants when it comes to good ranking. Learn common sense practices for better understanding of what to consider when it comes to your SEO website planning.

From an instructor who’s been online since 1999 and has created hundreds of websites driving hundreds of millions of views. By regularly keeping pace with best SEO practices this course will outline what you can do to better optimize your websites.

This course will illustrate what can be done to improve your chances of ranking well within search results. There are over 250 tips discussed throughout the course, which help you think smarter about SEO and to better help you optimize your website. It’s not about learning a magic trick to get to the top, it’s about thinking and using common sense to create better performing websites. If you are looking for a secret magic formula, this is not the course for you. It takes hard work, and persistence but success online is in reach for anyone who wants it.

The course instructor has comprised a list of over 250 plus items which get discussed within the course, that you should consider when you want to improve your search engine ranking. This is a list of tips that have been kept and regularly updated when new guidelines and strategies are released. This course is not about memorizing all these techniques it about learning to think about what works in SEO. Our approach to SEO is more like a natural common sense approach, than a set of rules. Finding that fine line now when it comes to what is important for your individual website SEO.

Understanding the principles discussed in the course will help you better navigate the complex and sometimes opposing strategies for SEO.

Meet Your Teacher

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Laurence Svekis

Best Selling Course Instructor


Web Design and Web Development Course Author - Teaching over 1,000,000 students Globally both in person and online.    Google Developer Expert since 2020 GDE

I'm here to help you learn, achieve your dreams, come join me on this amazing adventure today
Google Developers Expert - GSuite

Providing Web development courses and digital marketing strategy courses since 2002.

Innovative technology expert with a wide range of real world experience. Providing Smart digital solutions online for both small and enterprise level businesses.

"I have a passion for anything digital technology related, enjoy programming and the challenge of developing successful digital experiences. As an experienced developer, I create... See full profile

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1. Promo: we all know that better ranking equals more traffic equals more sales on line s seal. The practice of search engine optimization has changed a lot and will continue to evolve, develop a mindset in order to evolve alongside their several Constance, when it comes to good ranking, learn common sense practices for better understanding of what to consider when it comes to s CEO website planning from instructor who's been online since 1999 and has created hundreds of websites driving hundreds of millions of views by regularly keeping pace with best practices. This course will outline what to do better optimize your websites. This course will illustrate what can be done to improve your chances of ranking well within search results. There are over 250 tips discussed throughout this course which will help you think smarter about s seal and better help you optimize your website. It's not about learning a magic trick to get to the top. It's vote thinking and using common sense to create better performing websites. If you are looking for secret magic formula, this course is not for you. It takes hard work and persistence. But success online is in reach for anyone who wants to achieve it. We've comprised a list of the top s CEO tips and we're going to be discussing them. Wrote this course everything that you should consider when you want to improve your search engine rain. This is a list of tips that have been kept and regularly updated when new guidelines and strategies are released. This course is not about memorizing all these techniques. It's about learning to think about what works in s seal. Our approach to S E O is a natural common sense approach finding that fine line when it comes to what is important for your individual website, understand? The principle of discussed in this course will help you better navigate the complex and sometimes opposing strategies when it comes to seal. 2. 1 Course introduction: I started creating websites back in 1999 and I quickly realized that you need to get traffic to your websites to be successful online. So undoubtedly back in 1999 is quite a bit easier to get traffic to your websites. Google was in beta mode and ah yeah, who was leading the charge? And as you can see, Yahoo is quite a bit different back then, as it was as it is now, there's more of a directory type service and that's how search engines worked. Initially, eso that made s e o a lot more straightforward. All you would have to do is go over, submit your website to the search engines. They pick it up and they'd index U S. So you could do how you could suggest a site and so on. So in a way s seal was a whole lot more straightforward. There were applications to use and websites to submit to. You could please keywords in your meta tags and you could put on links and you are all set and ready to go as long as you started getting listed in some of these directories, and I'm just gonna fast forward here a little bit. So one thing today that's still true back then, and that's about content. So content is always gonna be king. It's always been the number one thing determining factor for how your website performs within search. So over time, the more content you have, the better your content is, the better you perform within search ranking. So this is one of those things that you do need to keep in mind When you are developing your websites. Make sure that you have a good content plan and that you're developing content for users of the website. Lot of my courses online deal with Web technology. I do a lot of application development and you're probably wondering, why am I doing an Aseel course? Well, I firmly believe to be successful online, you need to understand how to get people to view your content and understanding how to build websites that perform better in search is essential when you are building websites. So all of these skills do come together and has been a main focus of what I've been doing online for the past 17 years. When I first started creating websites, all the way to now, it's all been about creating good and well performing websites and Web content. So as we can see here as the technology is advanced, we've got Mawr, more websites available and more more content online. And Google has over taken Yahoo as the predominant force when it comes to search ranking. So whenever we're looking at ASIO, we're taking a lot of cues from what Google has to say, because it's the main provider of traffic and we do want to play along with what Google wants and perform well within Google's search rankings. Now when we come to today's S CEO, there's a whole lot more to consider. So everything from the way that you're linking two whose linking to you we've been introduced to getting penalties, we need tohave smart, smart strategy and better understand how to optimize our websites. So we don't want to over optimize that we can get penalized once again. For that, there's a number of things and plea with S E O. In the modern environment, search and their algorithms are getting smarter and more complex, and we need to adjust and work with the new parameters that are being set out in s seal. So silver lining to all of this is that having good content having a useful website is more important now than ever. If you're putting in the time and effort into your website, you will succeed at it. And if you don't focus on content and having a good website than you, probably won't do well on line. So it's all about that good content and having a useful website. We also don't need to focus too much on all the different tweaks and techniques that are out there. It's common sense, so everything that is common sense and makes sense when we're creating our websites and the end goal should always be content and websites for real people, and then your website will naturally evolve from there. So I've created this course, and I've listed out some of the top techniques and tips that are out there in order for you to be able to better understand how to apply a seal to your Web content, 3. 2 SEO for Beginners Search engine optimization (SEO): Once you have a website, you need to get traffic to that website. And the main way to get traffic to your website is through search engines and with search engines, you want to show up really high within search results to be able to get the most traffic. So throughout this course, we're gonna be going through various ways that you can work within your website to create better ranking within search results as well. We're gonna be going through different resources, tips, tweaks and a whole lot more everything to do with S E O, which is search engine optimization. In this lesson, I want to talk about getting indexed. Now. What that means is that your content, your website pages will be able to be found within search engine. Search engines are gonna do what's called crawling to be able to find your Web pages and what this is that they send out an algorithm. That index is your search results within their search engines, and that gives them the ability serve up that content to their users that enter in specific wording within their search engines. So search engine crawlers might look at a number of different factors when they're crawling the site. Not every page is going to get index by search engines. There are lots of surgeons and out there, but there's only a few that drive most of the traffic. So we're gonna be focusing the majority of the content within this course in regards to those the Big Three main search engines that we're going to focus on our Google, Yahoo and Bing and Google by far being the largest influencer for the amount of traffic that your website will be receiving. So ideally, you should focus on what Google suggests for better search engine ranking. 4. 3 Search results breakdown: So when we go to our search engine, we have ability to type in some key words here and then do a search for that search engine in regards to those words that we've just typed in. So it's really straightforward. I'm in Canada, So I'm using Google Canada, and I notice that even if I tried to go to google dot com, it's gonna default to Google Canada. So I'm just gonna type in s seal here, and we see that we get a whole bunch of results that come up within that term for S seal. So we've got some here at the top. We also have in the news as well. People also ask what a search engine optimization on. Then we've got some paid at odds down here. We've got some related searches and we've got a whole bunch of information that shows up within the search results. So the reason that we do focus on search engine results pages also short for CERP is that the number of traffic that thes 1st 10 pieces of content get 10 pieces of returned search results, I should say, and we see that there are numbers of different types of search results as well. Here s o. The reason that we do focus on getting high within search results is that the number of traffic, the percentage of traffic that goes for this S e o term to the top 10 here is going to be over 93%. So 93% of the people that are searching s CEO and we see that we've got 323 million results . So that's 323 possible results being returned back for this search term s CEO and 93% of the traffic. So this means that there's probably quite a lot of people searching for this particular term and 93% of traffic will go to the first top 10. And the breakdown is that for the 1st 1 up here for this first result that gets returned, we're going to see 33% of the traffic approximately go to there. So about 1/3 of the people that entering a search term will automatically click the first result. So one in five will click the second result, and then the third result is already cut down to only 13%. So these top three over here are going to get 65% of the clicks, so way more than half are going to click through. About 2/3 of the people are only going to click through on these top three results. And then when we moved down to 4th 5th and six places, the numbers shrink down dramatically. So you only get about 8% of people clicking on the fourth item here. So probably this one over here. Ah, If about 6% of people click the fifth item, about 4% click. The 6th 7th is about 3% and then it just goes down from there s o. Then we've got about 3% 2% 2% And it continues to go down. So the rest of all of those pages that we have here and we can see that we've got quite a lot of additional pages that we can go through down here, they're only gonna get 77% of those search results. So I've got the breakdown here by the numbers. 93% traffic goes to the first page results, and then eso we've got the breakdown here. So this is why we're focused on ranking higher and their higher you rank, the more traffic you're going to get. And this is what search engine optimization is all about because we want to rank well, ultimately, we want to rank on that first page of results, and then we want try to move ourselves up as high up as we can within the rankings for that particular term that the person has searched for, So we're going to get more into that in upcoming lessons. 5. 4 Black Hat vs White Hat SEO: there are different types of S E O techniques, so one is considered white hot. And this is what confirms with what the search engines guidelines are. Eso no deception and straightforward techniques and practices. So all of this is vetted through search engine like Google and Google will make suggestions on what the best practices and white hot simply follows those best practices. And if you're thinking well, you know, why do we have to listen to Google and what they have to say? Eso If you want to go against that, then you'd be considered Black Hat s Seal and these air people that attempt to improve their rankings in ways that aren't approved by search engines. So a lot of times, that involves some deception. And it's not as straightforward as simply following what the guidelines are in order to rank better for your content. So it comes to black hat. We're actually gonna talk, Maura bait just different black hat techniques as we go through the course. And generally the black hat is going to be stuff that we're gonna be telling you through this course to avoid. So usually black hat should be left to very experienced f CEOs. And really, there's a quite a lot of risks involved with going black hat s Oh, black hat is doing anything from duplicating content to stealing content off of other sites to cloaking, redirecting, stuffing, keywords, uh, links. And there's a whole bunch of really techniques that people have come up with, and sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. Sometimes Google will catch them and penalize them. And that's the risk that are taken and understood when you're doing deceptive practices that don't fall along with the guidelines that the search engines have laid out. So white hat strategies these are gonna be relevant. Eso they're gonna be referencing good content standards, compliant HTML pages, unique content and in general content that's made for that particular website and not always focused on S CEO purposes. It might just be more focused on providing good content and information for the website. Another important thing to note is that when you're working white hat seo, then you tend to produce results that will last a long time because you're in it for the long run. You're putting your time in and you're getting results over the long run so black hat techniques. It should be anticipated that your site might get band. It might get to see temporarily pulled out of the search engines. Ah, and there's a whole bunch of bad things that can happen. But another hand. You're expecting to see results right away, so you're not in it for the long term. You want to see results quick, and you're doing anything that you can in order to boost up your results and disregarding what the search engine guidelines that have been leader for you. So that's the difference between white hat and black hat. And then there's also actually in between. So this is what's known as Grey hot, and this is maybe a combination of different techniques eso, white hot techniques and then some more controversial techniques. 6. 5 Link Juice SEO: the Internet is made up of links one page linking to another linking to another and linking to another. And when the search engine spider comes along to all of these Web pages, it takes a look at how many links air coming in takes. A look at how many links are coming out. And then it has to make a judgment call on the value of the links coming in, as opposed to the value of links coming out to determine the value of that particular Web page and the content on the Web. So if a Web page has a lot of links than you would think that, well, this is an important page, and this should be brought up and, as opposed to, if you have a webpage such linking out to a whole bunch of different pages than generally, you have to think of it that this isn't as important as all of these pages that it's linking so link juice is like it gets spread out. More vulture casting each link on your website eyes counted as a vote more, you spread it out less power house, so linking is important and how you're linking is important as well as who's who you're linking two and who's linking to you. So this is why a good linking strategy is important. Starting point when you're looking at linking within your website, determine how you want a link out, who you want a link to and who you want to have to link to. You and your Web pages have also good share about content because this could be really good for bringing out links and encouraging others to link to your website. Also, be mindful of a drink you don't want to be linking out websites and losing your link juice to sites that aren't Oz relevant as your own sites, linking out to authority sites as well, as well as having authority sites Lincoln into you. So always think about the sites that you're linking into and the sites that are linking to you, the better. And the more relevant the sites, the better you're linking process 7. 6 SEO loading time: load time is important. So the better here and quicker your website loads, the better off you will be within search results. So spiders can actually estimate how long and how quickly your Web page content will load, depending on the codes, file size and the Web page code. So I'm gonna We're just looking at developers dot google dot com and they actually have a tool here where we can estimate and we can see what our load time is for a particular website. So this is a tool that is free to use. And you can get some insights to find out how quickly your Web pages loading. So I'm gonna just take Wikipedia, that Wikipedia you, Earl, that we were looking at earlier. And I'm going to do an analysis of it, and we see that it does a couple tests here. So it's got a mobile and desktop Teske, and it tells us some information on what we should fix. Eso basically, with the user experience, we didn't see anything. Ah, and, um, it's got some information about what we can fix to improve our Web page insights. Eso here It's got some options on what we can fix eso some of the options that generally you need to look at when you want to increase and improve your load. Time is optimizing images, so make sure your images are optimized eso. Here's some more information about optimizing images as well. So along with doing a quick test and checking all the different rules and of course, Wikipedia past all of these ones down here s so it wouldn't necessarily toe worry about it . But if your site doesn't pass it, then it can actually click through, and you can find it more about it about how to reduce your file size eso. That's one of the factors that is for your loading time. Eso There's also compression compression of the files. There's the men, if i ng of CSS and men, if i ng of html and what men, if I ng means as well as men, if I ng of Javascript s. So there's a lot of these editors online that allow you to men if I content, and what this basically means is that it reduces the file size by removing at white space and optimizing the way the code is written. There's quite a few men if IRS, especially for JavaScript and CSS. And if you are using pre defined libraries, you you usually see it indicated by on M i n and then the file name. So if we had a men ified CSS, we'd have CSS dot m i n dot CSS And if we had a man, if I'd JavaScript on, Of course, we have unified JavaScript. So there is a difference about how it gets presented and as an example to demonstrate the difference between a men ified file and a non unified file. Eso men ified over here on boot straps. So this is the bootstrap cdn, and we can see the men ified. ITT's very hard to read. It's very hard to look through, but this fire will actually load quicker than this file, which is meant for reading and updating and editing. So normally, when you are creating CSS JavaScript html, you would work on one file, And once you've completed the work that you're doing, then you would men if I it and then uploaded to your server, and that would give you the ability to load your Web pages quicker. There's also a few other things with reducing cookie size and as well you see CD ends whenever possible. Eso These are libraries common libraries on and that are free to use, and it's for available for most of the common libraries. If you go to bootstrap, they have the bootstrap Cdn and Scott, the code that you can copy placed on your website, and this will give you the bootstrap CSS file and access to all of the content that's within the CSS file. But it will be. It'll be on your page, and it will be loaded through the bootstrap cdn so it won't affect your actual loading time . Eso. Besides that, we've also got prioritizing visible content, so make sure that your visible content is above the fold on and reduce your server response . Eso this Is there some more options here on how to reduce your server load time? And when I go to a website like Alexa, so this is a website where we can get some information about other Web sites and domains. So again, I've put in Wikipedia and right down here at the bottom, we do have a load time, so it's a very fast load time. 84% of the sites are slower. So there's a few different places here, and I'm gonna be providing links for these within the resource section of this course, so that you, too, can check out loading time and see what you can do in order to update and improve your loading time. 8. 7 SEO backlinks: back links are important factor for search engine ranking. So what back links are Sometimes they're also known as incoming links. Inbound links in length inward links incoming links to a website or Web page. So basically it's any links that are pointing to your website and they are important factor for search engine ranking. Eso. There's a number of things that when you are doing back linking to take into consideration . So I've got a whole list of different tips. Eso just over here There's back link watch dot com So if you want to find out who is linking to you, what websites air linking to websites, eso you can even entering your competitor websites and see who's linking back to them. Those air some tools that you can use me as we can see. There's quite a lot of advertisements on here s so just enter your your I'll just over here and it will done. It will do a back link check and listed all the back links pointing to this particular domain. There's also another really good one at majestic dot com eso just over here I can see back links for the website as Well, so I'm gonna do Wikipedia, and obviously we're going to get a whole lot of back links going over to Wikipedia. Eso some things to consider when you are getting back links, make sure that you're not getting back links from websites that are blacklisted and ways to get back links usually doing guest posts and that sort of thing. They're really good for getting back links. Links from your competitors are gonna be really, really valuable. And as we can see, we've just got so many links here in Wikipedia. And this is probably the reason why every time we type determine for within search, we get a whole bunch of Wikipedia results at the top. Eso also avoid too much diversity with your back links. Make sure that your back links are all along the same lines, the same type of categories, the same type of content that's linking into you also avoid using terms like sponsored links and that sort of thing that can actually hurt your back linking. And one of the really good things about majestic dot com is they've got this back link history so you can actually see how you're doing with back links over a 90 day period. You can see if they've been increasing or decreasing. And if you see your back links are going down. Then you could look into it to try to figure out what's happened here and why the number of back links are going down here. Why? Why, why I did. Why was their sudden drop here? So this is a non cumulative U S. Oh, this is just showing those individual results. Eso This was an actual cumulative. You That would mean that would be going up. But if we were decreasing and links, then a downturn would be very bad as a cumulative link. Eso contextual links are of higher value. So those air links with actual keywords in them eso and we see over here within back link watch, it actually tells us the anchor text that's within the link. Eso having some really good anchor text here within the link this will. This will count really well towards you're linking your back linking There's also flagging here of no follow. So we're gonna talk about that in the coming lessons as well what that means. But essentially that just says that This particular site has added a no follow within the hyperlink eso that they don't want. They're linked juice to flow out to this website. Eso links from top level domains are ideal. So we see over here there's a top level domain top level domain as we've got a bunch of sub domains here. So these air not as ideal. Also, we could take a look at and we could see where the link appears on the page. So if the link is appearing high within the page, then that's that's good. If it's appearing lower in the page, then that's not as not as relevant and not as high ranking and deemed not as important as links that are within higher parts of the page when it comes to linking sites that are considered higher of authorities. So BBC here s so this is a really good authority site to get a link from also the domain relevancy eso wiki date us. This is a relevant domain text around the link. Of course, this is this is important as well content around link number words on the page All of this is important when it comes to linking I also i p's. So the more I P addresses more different types of domains that are linking to us the different types of servers that are linking to us, uh, referring sub nets. So them or all of these the better. And we also have this trust flow as well. So you ideally, you wanna have really good trusted websites linking to you also avoid websites that have a lot of links going out. Eso these air generally not as dot as hi within ranking and won't give you as much link juice essentially as the other sites do. So they always keep that in mind. Um, and always take a look at who is linking to you and how that relates to your website and your Web content. And we're gonna be talking about linking in more depth in the upcoming lessons 9. 8 Social Signals: social signals are signals. When your content gets shared within social websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, even shut sites like Digg stumble upon and read it. So these are social signals and they help search engine spiders to determine what and how important and relevant your website is compared to social. So if your website and your Web pages being shared a lot within social media, then this is generally a good indication that this is important content and this is content that should rank within search results. So even the number of links from social sites pointing back to your website is important factor. So when you have a company, you should set up a company Web page on Lincoln and link it back to your own Web page. Even you're creating YouTube accounts. A lot of these social sites ability to link back to your main website and all of these links coming back here main website is what's gonna be able to boost your website ranking through social so site wide social signals may increase the overall authority value of your website on your website content, and then this, in turn can help you increase within ranking. So look for the number of tweets tweets on Twitter, more tweets you get the better off you are authority of the social account user. So the Twitter user has a lot of followers. So if you have someone like Justin Bieber, were someone really major within social media sharing your content, this is gonna be looked out as being highly relevant and highly important content on also the number of Facebook likes. So if you've got a whole bunch of Facebook likes, this is also very good. Facebook shares how much your content is being shared on Facebook. Pinterest pins How much how many times people are pinning your content and linking back to your website. Shares on sites like Digg stumble upon and read it and also provide some value with links, pointing back to your website and regards to links pointing back. There's also traffic potential to get users clicking through those links, coming back to your website and spending time here in your sight interacting with your content and this, in turn, can help build your websites credibility authority within search engine rankings, also with RSS feeds. We've got a lot of RSS subscribers this as well is really good for search ranking, so social signals make sure that you are incorporates the ability to share your content on social as well as creating social properties linking back to your mean website. 10. 9 SEO and domain history: so there's quite a lot of information that we can see just from our domain names. And just like other factors that influence search engine ranking domain names can also play a part in how well your website ranks. So right now we're just got Wikipedia open here. We've got a list of top level domains, so top level domains are dot com dot org's dot net. So these are all top level domains, and these were some of them were common ones that you've probably heard off. And when you go down, you see that there's literally hundreds and hundreds of possible top level domains. So each country has its own set of top level domains, so anything at the end of the domain. So this is the top level domain for Wikipedia. It's just dot warg and all of the domains that are dot lord are underneath that top level domain of Dr Orig so we can see that every single country has its own domain extension top level domain extension. We can see also international country code top level domains, so there's a whole bunch more here as well, and then we've also have these additional top level domains such as academy accountant. We've got just a bunch of informations have got some really odd ones here, like beer and bar and more industry specific ones. Bingol. And there's literally so many different types of domain names. Eso. This is one thing that you do need to consider because whenever you type in into a search engine for not predominantly, you're going to see dot com domains coming up, especially if you're in the US And if you're in Canada, you'll probably see some dot coms and you'll see some dot C A's. Because this is the Canadian top level, domain is not see a so a lot of times websites will register both dot com dot c a and as well try to reserve additional top level domains as well. So I think what the top level domain is for your country, and this is where, also, where your target market is located on. Then that's where you get an idea of what top level domain you should be registering. And when you go to register top level domains, you've got a bunch of options here, so I'm just up domaine dot com, and I'm gonna do a search for Google, which is obviously already taken, and we'll just so show you all the different top level domains that we can register. So we see that obviously google dot com All of these Google's are taken on. All of these ones have already been reserved so that they're not available. But domaine dot com is a really good resource if you want to find some additional top level domains or if you want to purchase on existing domain. So there are some advantages to even purchasing existing domains. Eso depending on the websites, how long it's been registered domain history, the length of the registration. All of this comes into play when your website is being judged by the search engines in terms of how it should rank and how legitimate, essentially, your website is. So all of this information comes into play, so things like if you go too, who is. So I'm Costa, who is dot i can dot org's and I'm gonna look up Google again. So we've got all of this information on every single domain, and of course, this would be available to the search engine search engines as well in order to feed into their algorithm. Eso looking at If you've got a domain, if it's a private registration, depending on that, who the owner is if the owner has a bunch of different domains, I so they've got thousands of domains. Or if there someone that's known to Google as creating less than desirable domains doing spam. So all of this comes into play, and all of this can be brought together. Eso if they can identify the owner or if there's private or public who is. Sometimes this comes into play as well, because there's a question about why is it private if it's a private registration and who is so there's quite a bit to consider, and we can see that Google doesn't have private. They've got all of their information and as well. All of this information helps play into just overall perception of how legitimate the Dominus. So always keep that in mind. Keep in mind us while the wording that you're using in your domain. So if you're using something like Make look doc dot or Gore, my hunt dot org's are Google gold dot org's All of the wording, and the domain is important the length of the registration. How long that domain, when it was created, when it was last updated? How long the person's owned the domain? Eso all of that domain history when it's changed names the Who is on public, who is private, who is the owner and the owner's reputation as well as what top level domain extension you're using. 11. 10 SEO keyword research: in this lesson. I want to go over key words. So what are keywords? So essentially, when someone comes into a search engine, they'll type a set of words freeze or something that's relevant to the content that they're looking to find and eso. They'll type that in within search, and all of this information will show up when we type in best keywords. We've got a whole bunch of listings here that show up, and the reason that these listing show up is because they've been identified by the search engine as having to be relevant to my particular search here. So my key words that have entered in here and this is what's coming up relevant for my search term. So essentially the key words are what connects Search to your website content, and it makes it possible for people to find your site via search engines by the wording that they're entering in. So obviously, the wording and keywords are an essential part of S e O and optimizing your site so that the search engines can better understand and better be able to plan for key words that are going to be entered in and have your site and it's relevant content show up. So in order to get keywords, it's always a good idea to start with some keyword research. Also some brainstorming of relevant words. Do the research first before you start adding in content and come up with a bunch of keywords that are gonna be relevant to your website. So think about what your website is about, what type of content you're going to be delivering and even look at websites that are similar to your site. There's a number of different tools in order to do keyword research. So Google has a few as well as there's a bunch of different ones online that you can also look at in order to do keyword research. So I'm gonna have some listed within the resource section of this course, so that you, too, can take a look at all these wonderful tools and do some keyword research on those tools. So when you are thinking about your website, always make sure to do your keyword strategy. So when you're thinking about keywords, think of keywords focused on trying to rank words that people will actually search for to get to your content so don't always think of words that get good search results. And with Google's tool, you can find it the amount of people that are searching for particular words. There's a number of different tools that we can look out for that as well. So I'm gonna be showing you that in the upcoming lessons. So when you're thinking keywords as well, think of keyword density within your website. That's not as important as it once was for ranking. So don't try to stuff your wording in your content. Make sure that it looks and sounds natural when you're reading it. You can also think about the semantic core keywords and what this is. This is the actual meaning of the keywords and focusing around the meaning of the keywords . So, taking into consideration the context that those key words are being used within, there's a number of different places to find key words as well as finding semantic keywords . Eso one of them is using the Google AdWords keyword planner tool. So this is free. You just need to sign into your AdWords account or sign up for an AdWords account, and from there you could use the keyword planner and build out some keywords. You get to see some search results in some search information as well. When you're doing your planning, you can also look to Google trends. So this is a great place. So if I had a WordPress site and I want to find out how many times people are searching WordPress, I can see that globally and worldwide the 70 times it's being searched. I can see that it's peaked roughly around July 2014 and now it's kind of on a curved down. So when I'm picking a topic for a site, if I want to do a WordPress site, I might want to reconsider at, because looking at that curve, if you want to pick something that's on the way up and that has potential in the future. So we've also got some related searches here as well. So saw system software, WordPress website, WordPress themes. So these give you some more indication of different popular keyword phrases, eso as well when you go into the search engine and if I do something like WordPress, I get a listing of results in regards to WordPress and then down here at the bottom I've got thes related searches, so I've got WordPress log in WordPress download tutorial. So these again are very popular related search terms. Eso You could make a note of those and incorporate those into your keywords strategy and as well. Whenever I click here, I see that I've got this instant option here so I can see more information here as I'm typing. There's more options here for drop downs. And then again, these air really good keyword phrases cause these air suggested keyword phrases. That means that there apparently popular and Google's ah, anticipating that you might actually be filling it out and typing in WordPress theme framework or WordPress themes free or something like that. So it's anticipating that you might be selecting one of these keywords keyword phrases, and so with ease again, you could build out your keyword list, and there's quite a lot of resources online to do keyword research and build it keyword lists. Eso I'm gonna be listing those in the resource section as well, and the same thing with AdWords planner being as well has a planner, so you could use beings planner to do some keyword research as well. Ah, And for those of you that are familiar with being eso, being is combined with Yahoo results. And they're the second largest search engine eso next to next to Google s over here. It says 2009 Microsoft and Yahoo announced a deal with being ah would be the Yahoo search provider. So some more information here about being if you want to read up on them. 12. 12 Keyword research Bing and Google Adwords: So when you're doing your keyword research and you're picking your actual keywords that what you want to use always think about being natural. So think about what search engines and what results Search engines would want to return for their visitors. So when you pick a keyword, make sure that that keyword is relevant to your website, so you don't want to return irrelevant results, and it's going to make it very difficult to rank for content that actually isn't relevant to those words. So make sure that you're thinking naturally, and the content that you're providing in your website is gonna be actually relevant to the keywords that you selecting. So just over here I've logged into my AdWords account and eso this is under tools here. They've got a keyword planner. They've got some options here so we can search for new keywords using a phrase website or category s. So this is a really good option here. We can also list keywords and we can get new keywords. So we've got a bunch of keywords already. We can list them in here, so I'm just gonna go ahead and I'm gonna type in WordPress as I've done before and I could also do a landing page. I could pick a product or category so I can really find to the keywords that I'm getting. And there's quite a bit to doing keyword research. Eso you're gonna be presented with a lot of key words here. You've got keyword ideas you've got add group ideas as well. And over here we've got our average monthly searches. We've got the competition on those keywords. So this gives you a good idea of how much they're being searched and how much in demand they are. How many people are trying to target those keywords? Eso the higher the suggested bid. That means that more people are targeting those words as well as competition. Eso You want to find a really healthy ratio here of the number of searches and the competition. That's lo eso, something like this WordPress theme and even going into these longer tail keywords. Eso This is all going to be relevant content and doing your keyword research. You can list out a whole bunch of keywords from here. There's also the being tool eso here. We've got the same type of thing where we can do a search for WordPress, and we can get Bing's results for search. So when we enter in WordPress here, in being Web master tools, we see that we've got the number of times it's appeared within search results, and we've got a listing of key words here. So this gives us a better idea as well of the words how many times it's appearing. And we've even got a trend here so we can get a better idea if the word that we're looking at is trending so something like WordPress that men looks like it's trending WordPress log in is really trending, so a lot of people are looking for that. But then, of course, our search volume is really low as well. So we see that a lot of people are typing and blawg within their search results. So these are really good indicators, and they can really help you in better understanding what keywords you should be using within your website when you're doing your keyword research. So I can provide links to these resources in the resource section of this course as well 13. 13 How spiders see your website: in this lesson, I watched talk boat what the search engines Spider actually sees when it comes to your Web page. So it actually sees something different than what you see. It looks for the Web site, but it's not going to see all of these images. It's not gonna understand what's contained within this image. It's gonna be able to read out links. So if you have things like JavaScript, that's not gonna be accessible within the Web page and making sure that your website has links so it can continue navigating and indexing your website. If you're using videos, try to get a transcript of the video because the video, of course, it can't be read. Eso having a transcript Having a text content off the video is gonna help the search engine bought, read more and better understand what's contained within your Web site. So over here I'm just looking at the source code of this WordPress site. So just a local WordPress site and we can see here that there's a whole bunch of different content and a whole bunch of syntax here and what the search engine is actually going to be able to read through its it's going to read through all of this meta information here at the top, it's gonna look for any robots, text files, eso that it understands what it's supposed to include and what it's not supposed to include . It's going to read through. So when it gets to this JavaScript, it's not gonna be able to actually render out and run the JavaScript. So all of this is gets ignored. So if you have any links within your JavaScript or any content that you want, I would put within search. You got to be very mindful of the fact that JavaScript isn't being read by the search engine, so it will take a look at all of this information here. Eso it understands what? Where you're highlighting so the CSS. It'll understand what parts of your HTML if you want to highlight, and then when it gets to the actual content so we'll see all these attributes here within the elements, and then when it will come to an image. So we had an image down here, and once it hits that image, it's not gonna be will actually tell what's contained within that image. But it's gonna look for this image, it's gonna look for what's called all tags so we can see over here. This particular image doesn't actually have any all tax. So this is definitely something that should be fixed up and updated within the source code of the content of the page. But when we go down further, we can see that this image does have all tags. Eso This is properly structured because again, the search engine will know that there's an image there and we'll know the size of the image, and it will understand the technical information about that image. But it will look to the old tags to be able to better understand what that image is about. And it's always a good idea to make sure that you're including these all tags. We're gonna talk about that in the coming lessons as well. So it's always a good idea to help guide the search engine to be able to read content that you mean it to read and understand. Put your Web page so Flash and JavaScript definitely try to avoid keeping contextual information in there that you want indexed within search and also in turn if you don't want certain pages indexed. You can set up a robot dot text file and this will help the search engine Understand what pages you don't want indexed. And if you want help creating a robot dot text file eso We've got a tool over here at eso book dot com That helps you create rules, allow robots disallow robots. So this will completely disallow that page eso the robots. Once they hit this, they know that this page shouldn't be indexed eso You've got some additional rules there. You've got a site map, you Earl Andan. This is what's actually contained within robots file and it's very straightforward and simple. It's just a simple file that helps the spider understand what you want indexed and what you don't want. Index within search results 14. 14 LINKS and the WEB: any good website needs. Links and links are what make up the Internet. So linking between different Web pages helps build the actual spider webbing of the Internet itself. In making all of those wonderful connections between the pages and what the bots do when they travel through Web pages, they take a look at links to find additional pathways to more pages. Making your website crawl. A ble is important. So when you're r creating your website, think about navigation and also think about breadcrumbs. So if you have a really big website, it's always a good idea to include some bread crumbs so the users can get back to where they originally originated from. And then when it comes to search boxes, this is something to consider when you are creating website. So a lot of websites, just like this one here that I'm looking at. So the WordPress it'll have a search box, and then I can type in something. And maybe this is how I want my users to find a particular website. So it's just gonna be this test page eso If I did actually have a test page, and if I don't have a linked anywhere else. The spiders are actually gonna have a hard time getting to that page. Eso keep in mind that these search boxes, even though as a human coming in, I can use the search box to find the content. The spiders aren't gonna be able to rend road content. They're not going to know what you want typed in within the search. So if you do want a link, Teoh this Web page that make sure that you supply a link within your website. So you do have all of that proper proper navigation through your site in that site structure. So I just flipped over to Wikipedia just to give you a better example of what breadcrumbs are. So if you're starting at your home page, whatever the section is subsection, you always have a way to get back to where you came from. So getting back to the home page s over here. We've got longer set of breadcrumbs, and essentially, it's the path that you're using to get to the page and always try to make sure that we can get back to that original source page. So there's some other visual examples there of bread comes and then, besides navigation bar, besides having links within the page, besides having the breadcrumbs also links within the page, so any text links within the page will link to other parts of the Web site. So over here we're linking over to these categories here, the category pages. So those are additional ways that bought, scan, index and navigate through your website. And here on Bootstrap, perhaps we have a better sample of what breadcrumbs are. So it just again these links back and then for navigation. So there's some options here for navigation bars, and we also have items like drop downs. So keep in mind that you want to keep you're drop downs as actual links. Yes, you want to try to avoid having too much JavaScript. You can have JavaScript controlling the way that the drop down functions, but try to avoid having it all as JavaScript generated links. Ah, lot of times when we create these drop downs, we just generate them within JavaScript, and we do want to try to avoid that, and then this. Of course, this is a good example of a navigation bar with all the different options, so you gotta drop down. We've got our search. We've got another drop down and we've got some simple links again. And then always going back to the home page. The initial page where we started off. So we was have that link back to the main page. 15. 15 Search Results: So when we go over to our search engines and we type in a search, we see that when the items are returned. So over here, I've got test and we see that we've got these bold ID tests here, and this is another thing to consider when you're picking your keywords. So I'm just going to do that here, type in test, and we can see that we're going to get those same types of results. So any time test is within those search results. We see it here within that domain name. So speed test. We've got test over there. We've got test again, test again. So see that it does get bolted when it gets returned, and and this is gonna be as well. Why? Having descriptions here with the keywords having titles with the keywords? This makes a lot of sense because ah, and also, when you're naming your pages, make sure that you've got those keywords in there because you do want them to bowled out, and you do want them to stand out when the search results are being returned. So maybe a better one that I'm gonna type in is s seal and We'll also get a better idea of some additional stuff that shows up when we're doing search. So when we do search for something So I've got learn online over here, and there is a difference between these search results eso these air, the ones that are paid ads we've got add within the yellow box there, and these are all paid ads and anything that's below that. So these air just organically coming up search results. And when you're working on S CEO, you're concentrating on those organic results. So they will take longer to achieve higher rankings because with paid results, you can pay, and you can immediately be at the top of the search engine. But keeping in mind that people are actually skipping the ads and a lot of times they're just going to the organic Ah, and just show you a live example here. So we've got some paid ads and you'll find that when we refresh that, sometimes these paid ads will change, so that serve up different paid ads for the same term, and sometimes they'll actually completely disappear. So because I didn't click on them, they've probably moved them. Yeah, they've moved them to the bottom. So there's different ways that Google will try to serve up those paid ads in an effort to try to get people to click through, because that obviously makes the money. But another hand, they still want to deliver really good relevant content to the search engine search user.