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SEO Audits: Create a Search Engine Optimization Audit For Your Website

teacher avatar John Shea, Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. Introduction - What To Expect In This Course

    • 2. Why is an SEO audit important?

    • 3. Introduction To SEO Powersuite's Website Auditor

    • 4. Running Your Audit Scan

    • 5. My Website Auditor

    • 6. Running Advanced Audits With Screaming Frog

    • 7. SEMRush Website Auditor

    • 8. Yoast SEO For Wordpress

    • 9. Bulk Editing Title & Meta Tags

    • 10. Fixing Alt Tags - Media Library Extended

    • 11. SEO Enforcer Plugin

    • 12. Conclusion

    • 13. Free Bonus Content

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About This Class

In this course I am going to walk you through exactly how I go about creating very simple audits for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Some of the general benefits of this course will be to teach you how to improve your own website's SEO.

If you running your own marketing agency, you can also use this course to fix your clients websites issues and provide them a very clean SEO audit report. 

I'm going to show you how I use a few different tools to check the health of a website.

Why is all of this important?

Google and other search engines crawl the pages of your site to determine what content is displayed in their index. If data is missing, broken or needs improvement these audits will help you make the improvements needed to see better results in the search engines for your content. 

This course will help you learn about the following metrics on a website:

  • Meta tags that are too long, duplicated or empty
  • Title tags that are too long, duplicated or empty
  • Find broken links and 404 pages that need to be fixed
  • Determine if a site is mobile friendly
  • Check if your website contains an XML sitemap
  • Excessive links on pages
  • Link redirects
  • Determine if your website is mobile friendly

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

John Shea

Entrepreneur, Gamer, Metal Music Fanatic


I am an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic and blogger. I'm always trying to stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the constant growing world of SEO & Digital Marketing.

I blog at sharing what's working for me today in the world of online marketing. 

I originally started learning about online marketing as a way to generate additional income, I enjoy connecting with others and helping people achieve their goals.

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1. Introduction - What To Expect In This Course: everyone. My name is John Shea. I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the course and tell you a little bit about what to expect in this course. Now, what I've done is I've decided to create this course based on the idea of running an S E O audit or a search engine optimization audit. Now, an audit is basically going through and looking for errors and problems on the website and being able to show you some of the issues and things like that. I'll walk you through in the next video. Really the reasoning as to why you would want to do this and how it's gonna be beneficial for you in this video. I just wanted to explain really what we're gonna be talking about. And that is there's gonna be three different tools now if you're just someone that runs a website on your own and you're looking to figure out what you need to fix on your own website, this is gonna be really beneficial for you because you can either go out there, get a couple of free trials for some of these tools or run the free versions of the tool and basically get get the information you'll need in order to make the changes and improvements. Now, you could also potentially be someone that's like a freelance consultant. Or maybe you're an owner of a marketing agency that does s CEO for clients. You can also use what I'm gonna teach you to go out there and run these audits for your client's websites. And then you can, in turn, you know, use the information toe, fix the client sites and deliver them a nice, clean report showing them that all the work was completed. So I look forward to having you in the class. If you have any questions for me, feel free to start a discussion or just send me a message. I'd be glad to help you out. However, however I can, but hopefully I'll explain everything with as much detail as possible. 2. Why is an SEO audit important? : Okay, so let's talk about why an S e o audit is important now. Obviously, if you have a website out there even building for some time, I'd say it's pretty likely that they're going to be some pages and things that need to be corrected. The biggest issues that generally I find with a lot of websites are the titles and the meta descriptions. Now, when you do a search on Google, you're gonna find that you basically have three things that are shown in organic search results. You have the title of the page you have the u R. L displayed, and then you've also got a short sentence description of what that page is about. And that's the meta description. So what's often, what often you'll find with a lot of Web Web pages is that the title is either gonna be too long. So ghouls cutting it off and they're not showing the entire result of what somebody put into that title. It caps out about around 55 characters or so, and then the meta description you'll usually find it's either blank and Google's just by default, picking up the very first sentence of the page. Whatever content is on that page, which generally some people might not want that. And you may also find that you have a sentence in there. But it's just simply too long on the meta description is about capped out at around 100 and 55 characters. Or so that's about where the S E o. Power suite tool cuts it off. That I'm gonna be showing you as well as the screaming frog SDO software that I'm also going to show you. But generally, those air, the biggest issues, I'd say beyond that, you're gonna be looking for things like broken links. Really? Things like you know, anything that might just throw a red flag like your site may not be mobile, ready or mobile optimized. You might not have an XML site map installed, which is essentially a kind of a map built out that Google can read and determine what pages air on your sites. So those are all really important things that a lot of these tools they're going to show you. They're also, in some cases, gonna talk about some of the tools report back on what's called the all tag attribute, which is essentially like a keyword you could place into an image on your website. I actually read a case study from one of the bigger search engine marketing tools, a company called Raven Tools. And they had an article where they talked about one of the biggest on Page Seo factors. That was an issue on a lot of websites. On average was the all tag attributes. So that's another piece that you could be looking out with some of these tools. Now, in the coming videos, I'm gonna show you how you can use all of them, whether or not you decided. Just use a free version or, if you decide you want to upgrade and you pay money for each of these tools, they all have their advantages and disadvantages of upgrading, but basically gonna walk you through them, show you how to use them live and then you'll, of course, be able to use this information to make improvements to your website and hopefully in return, you're going to get better results from Google being in all these other search engines because you can make the changes needed in order to get more traffic. You know, simply get more people targeting your business and finding you for what you're trying to do . Now, I could give you one example I thought I'd throw out there. I currently work with a lot of local small businesses, and I can tell you just for simply changing small things on, you know, on a particular site just just simply changing that meta description, for example, I can actually see now that some companies were actually able to rank higher for specific terms, I could give you an example of I worked with the company that does generator installation. So I simply went in and changed the meta description to say, you know, hey, we offer generator installation in these cities, and before it had some sort of blurred. That was a generic thing about the company. It wasn't very targeted to generator installation. So once I made those changes, they immediately started seeing visibility based on you know what, people are gonna be looking for us a service, and now, in return, that company is going to get a visitor, and then hopefully a phone call and someone actually looking toe have the work done. You know, if someone were to be looking for that in their area, so their visibility just goes up quite substantially by making these simple tweaks to even just how Google looks at the at the page. So that's really the gist of what we're trying to go after with the audit. I hope you know, if you have any questions on this, feel free to start a discussion or just send me a message and I'll be happy to help. 3. Introduction To SEO Powersuite's Website Auditor: Okay, So in this video, I wanted to introduce you to my favorite tool and actually what I would consider my number one s CEO auditing tool at the very moment in terms of actually being able to deliver a very clean report to a client as well as being able to find most of the basic information you're going to need to actually, you know, be able to fix a website and improve the S e o pieces of it. Now, this is a piece of software called website Auditor. It's actually part of a S e o sweet called S e o. Power Sweet. It actually comes with several other pieces of software. Here you can see Rank Tracker, website Auditor, which is what we're looking at today S e O Spyglass and Link assistant. Um, so if you actually decide to buy this tool, you could choose to either get a license for any one of these pieces of the software, or you could buy them all together as a package. So that's something to consider. I will leave a link so you can actually go and take a look at that. And this is also just So you know, it's part of link assistant dot com. That's the company that actually creates the software and the software. Name is S E o power Sweet. So there's no confusion there now. I just wanted to walk you through their sales page and kind of show you they do have a free edition, but it is very limited in what it can do. The biggest advantage to actually having a paid version of this software is that you're gonna be able to save the report and potentially give this to a client or, you know, have a pdf copy so you can open it back up at a later time if you don't have, um, you know, if you decide to not purchase the software, basically, you're gonna be limited. You'll have to make a lot of the changes and just work with the free version. You won't be able to save things, so that's just something to keep in mind. But, you know, it's not gonna hinder you from be able to get the information you need to actually go ahead and fix the problems on your site. So I just wanted to get that out there um Now, this kind of gives you some idea of what's going on. They're going to go through and, you know, give you any issues with indexing and crawl ability, which is basically, you know, whether or not a bought essentially can get through the site If there's any issues with things like your site map XML, you know, this is essentially what Google uses to determine the pages on your site. Things like that. Any redirects, anything of this nature. Like if there were links being redirected to other places, any errors, like four or four pages that are coming up badly? Um, which essentially is a broken link? You know, something that isn't linking properly pages with frames. You know, you'll find two with a lot of these auditors. I'm gonna show you like some of the other auditors. They won't actually report on things like frames. They will report on issues with your URLs. That might be too long. Pages that have too many links, any broken links to follow external links thing. You know, they're really just going through the entire site. They also one of the biggest things that they tackle is, um, title in meta descriptions whether or not they're empty, they don't have anything at all. They're duplicates, uh, there too long. And they also allow you to look at, you know, basically thin content pages, stuff that might be a little bit low. So you conduce quite a bit. With this, you can build an XML site map. If you're on WordPress, you probably don't really need that. There's plug ins and things like that. You can learn to optimize your pages. It will tell you what's useful, you know, to be doing for a specific page. You can get some basic social media stats, like if the page has been shared on Facebook or Twitter, things like that. And, you know, they just talk about saving time and, um, you know, talking about here. Most SDO companies charged up to $3000 for one of these audit reports, so that's another idea for you as well. I didn't mention in the first video is you can always sell these reports to I've actually made a little bit of money selling these reports because people are just simply looking for information about what's going on with website What's broken. You could turn around and sell this for a profit. So I just wanted to show you guys this figure really quick. If we were to decide to order this, I just thought I'd break down. If you go with the professional version, it's about 100 and $25. And if you decide to go for the enterprise, which is really for, you know, full blown cos you're looking at about 300 that's just for this piece of software alone, if you do too, you know, decide that you're interested in maybe some of these other tools for other reasons, you know, like tracking rankings, looking at competitors or back links than probably getting the entire suite would be beneficial for you, especially if you're in S E o agency. Um, so they kind of break down what you're getting with license. But I thought I just show you guys that I think there's actually here's a comparison here. Um, so with pro, you can't really do any white labeling. So obviously, if you have the full blown enterprise version, you could put in like a specialized logo specialized. You are l. So nothing would appear that it's actually coming from the Link Assistant Company. You can also do some other exporting and stuff. Automatic scheduled report delivery saving as a pdf, things like that. So I started show you guys this comparison and in the next video actually gonna bring you into the tool and we'll run a live on it. 4. Running Your Audit Scan: Okay, so in this video, I'm actually inside of the website auditor. Now, generally, what you want to do is once you've gotten this tool installed, it's a program you install on the computer. I just did want to mention one thing to keep in mind is that it's not cloud based. It's not like you're going on to the website and then running a scan and getting information back, at least not with this particular auditing tool. What you're gonna have to do is, if you decide you want to be able to access this from other places, let's say you're a you know, maybe you're in an airport or something and you're on your laptop and you just for some reason, need to go run a website audit. Um, God forbid, I would hope that wouldn't be the case, But you know, generally what I've done is I set up what's called a VPs or virtual private server. That way, I was able to install the software, and I can access it from any computer that has an Internet connection. That way, I have it installed on a machine that's running 24 7 out there on the Internet. So that's what I have done with the software. And I just wanted to throw that out there. You know, if someone news considering possibly purchasing this or installing and using it on a regular basis now, beyond that, once you've gotten the software installed, you're basically just gonna go to file new project and you're gonna put in the You are all that you want to optimize, and this is going to come back with some basic results. You may have to do this update factors piece here, and this will pick up on even more data. After it's initial run, you can see here you can kind of customize what you want the audit to find. There's internal factors external social, media, different structure for the website. And then you've got some domain factors. Whether or not certain things were set up in a lot of this is really hitting code stuff. This is what's gonna pick up on the titles and met descriptions, which, honestly, is probably one of the most important pieces of all of this. But I'm gonna hit cancel on here cause I've already run this. This is a example site that I thought I'd give you guys with just a few errors that need some work. Now you can see most of the basic stuff that's set up. They give you a little bit of description of what everything is, why it's important, why it needs to be set up correctly and, you know, just in general, brief idea of each of these S e o factors. So it's a really nice tool because it's not only, you know, giving you an idea of what's going on, it's telling you exactly why you need it or why It's important now. Some of them will also come back with this blue info, and it's more of kind of informational to say like, Hey, this is what's going on. Um, these air welcomed can nautical links, so you should be aware of them. The next thing that you're going to see is this is something a lot of sites, or rather other auditors will potentially have is you'll see pages either with frames or you'll find these pages with W three C errors and warnings. Generally, these air like code errors in actual code of the website. I see this all the time on WordPress sites. And generally I exclude them from the actual audit reports. And I'm gonna show you how that works. Because, really, this isn't, You know, this would involve changing, like physical code, potentially on the website theme. And you know, it's just not something that's gonna be very feasible. And I don't think it's gonna play enough of a role in ranking toe. You know, it's not gonna cause a website not to rink. If there's an issue with this, it also reports on pages that are too big in terms of actual code size. It will show you if there's any pages with an excessive number of links. And again, that's another info piece. They'll show you broken links you URLs that are too long. So really, they're just given you quite a bit of information. One of the only things this tool does not give you is you're not gonna be able to find out if there are missing Ault tags on images, which are basically he words you could have on the images. And that is one you know, One factor that Google does look at on this tool does not show you that some of the other tools I'm gonna show you. They do. But if I walk through, um, really the most important, in my opinion, is this on page factors now on page being title tags, meta tags and you know whether or not they're duplicated or if they're too long or empty. So for this site, we actually have some empty ones as well as some duplicated ones. And a lot of cases, some of these pages were simply, um, you know, essentially duplicated with different city names. You know, since this is a plumber in a specific area, we basically pulled out different pages for, you know, plumber in city, and you can see it's repeating the same meta description. So actually use this is an example of showing you how I'd go about optimizing for a plumber in this city. I'm gonna open up the page. It is actually a little hidden. Let me just show you really quickly. There's a little aerial arrow that it will appear here. If you click on the link here, nothing will happen. You have to click on this little arrow, so that's something to keep in mind. Now, here I am on this site with, you know, the page. If I've already logged into the WordPress back in given it's a wordpress website. I just hit edit page and wait for this to load. And I'm using a plug in called Yost s CEO, which I'm gonna talk about later in the course if you're not familiar with it. But basically, that's the plug. And I use for WordPress on the very latest version that is fairly recent. So I'm probably just gonna I'm gonna keep this really simple is an example. Um, I'll just copy this and say something like looking for a plumber in usually if I copy and paste that text that will be blue there, and I might end up adding the state code off hand. I don't know what state they're in, but I might usually add and let's just say they were in Massachusetts. I would add in like m a. So for now, I'm gonna leave it out and then, um, contact, and I'll just leave. This simple is that it doesn't have to get super complicated. Obviously, you can read more information on, you know, doing basic on Page s CEO. I'm not gonna get too crazy and do it. But that's kind of a general idea if you're looking to do this quickly and have it be more efficient than what it is now. But obviously this page was set up to be kind of targeting that area does look like they're in Pennsylvania, by the way, so that's kind of a basic idea of what I would do and now let me go back. And if I hit on update factors, I can actually take out all the other pieces of what's going to come back in this audit. If I hit next, this will take a lot less time to rerun. And if I make a bunch of changes, let's just say I fixed 30 pages. I could do update factors and then refresh the information and figure out if some of the issues I fixed are now resolved. Another thing I will tell you is when you're fixing broken links with this software. Well, you may have to do is either go back and completely restart the project from scratch or updating Factors won't necessarily make it go away from the tool. You might have to do a rebuild project and that's one way to do it. I've also seen in some cases, if you're using in bulk, you may have to go back and actually, um, you know, close the tool and reopen it. Now you can see here the number went down from 54 to 53 so that pages now fixed. So I would basically have to manually go through and do this for all my pages. I'm gonna show you a trick where you can actually kind of cut out some of this work. Ah, lot faster using a plug in later in the course. But I just kind of wanted to give you an idea of this tool really? To start out in this video. The last thing I wanted to show you, There are some other features who you can look at like looking at content analysis of certain pages. Or you can look at the overall domain strength of the website. Um, some of the metrics shared here like Google pr not really is relevant these days. And then you can also look a tsum generate back link information and social media. So if you wanted to do a report on this, you could. But really, the biggest thing is this report feature and it's honestly the best reporting feature of any SDO auditor I've used. And the reason for that is you can customize it so you can take pieces out of the audit. A lot of audits will always have problems, and, you know, people that will go out there and say, Hey, look how bad your site is, they'll send this on it. And you know, generally, a lot of people might not necessarily easily be able to fix every single thing seen in some of these audits. But with this tool, you can actually do that. So let me show you here by default. This site actually shows 673 issues because it picks up the info messages as issues. So this looks really bad to a client. You can't send them this and say, Well, oh, yeah, well, the other 565. So it's not really issues. They're just informational. But what you can do is you can actually make your own custom report. So I made one that's called S E O Audit. And here you can see with the company. I'm working with service inbound. We've white label this. This is the enterprise version. So you know, this comes back, it gives me the ability to save this file. And I have our custom logo as well as at the very bottom of the report. Me browse all the way down. There's a by service inbound link with linked to the service inbound website. But generally this report is going to break down all the pieces, as you see here and explain them. And the best part is if you come over here, there's a little at it box and I can come in and actually add in little widgets into the report like different metrics. Maybe I want to add in, like some back link information or social media popularity, But this is kind of a blank template. I can come into each of these pieces, so maybe I want to change the name of it or changed logo. That's where I do it. Um, here. If I want to show different pieces, I can actually exclude them from what's gonna show in that issues box. And then I can also exclude them from down here in the summary and even beyond that in the site details where it shows, you know, a little bit more information. So I usually I guess I'll just break down. What I generally show. Sometimes I have issues with the report, not figuring out that I've made changes with broken links, so I might take out the 4404 types status code errors. Um, some of the sites we do. We're redirecting four or four errors to like the home page with a plug in. So I'll take this out because in some cases are 44 pages are not correct on some of our clients sites and just walking through here. I'll usually take out a lot of this stuff, like the duplicate role economical and the W three C errors, too. Big pages, stuff like that. That's just really it's gonna be a lot more work to fix. And generally, you know, the biggest things I try to keep in the report would be the on page factors. So all these factors, you know, we're gonna come into play and I can save this, and I basically got a very legitimate report, and this is a very reasonable expectation that I can fix these things. And this is these are the things they're going to make. The biggest difference in what is going to perform in terms of the website and how Google's going to see it. So I've been able to actually go through, use this tool and get over 60 websites to come back and say zero using this customized report. And now I have something to bring to my clients, and they're gonna look Oh, wow. This is great. You know? You know, previously, maybe they had a company say to them they'd fix all this stuff and it never happened. And now I have that ability to do it with this tool. So I just wanted to show you guys the website auditor, I hope obviously I've covered a lot here, but the tool is pretty straightforward to use. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message and I'll be glad to help you 5. My Website Auditor: Okay, So in this video, I just wanted to mention another tool that is definitely worth checking out. They do have a 10 day trial available, and it's a tool called my site auditor. They kind of put themselves out. There is really something that could be used as a white label Seo Audit Tool. Now, if you're a digital marketing agency s CEO agency consultant, you could basically use this tool and put it embedded link or page on your website where someone could go in and put their website. You are l the phone number email. And then they will basically be able to run a scan. And now you've got a lead that's coming into your web page. So, you know, they have, like, kind of a counter here of all the 107,000 leads that have been generated through their tool . Um, you know, that kind of walk you through this is their sales page. How they you could white label their their reports with your logo and, you know, they talk about the advantages of being a professional member, paying for the tool in getting instant email notifications and testimonials. Here's all the good stuff. You know, that kind of just break down what you get. You could do it. A couple different form methods. So it's a fairly straightforward tool. I thought I would show you guys, Here's a sample. Pdf, this is basically what someone would get back that they give you, um, landing page audit for base camp dot com. I don't know if this is legitimate, legitimate for base camp. Maybe it is. But they kind of show you basic stuff like here some good signals here. The issues and one of the things I guess I could say I don't really like about the tool is that they really want you to put in a keyword. They're basically trying to get you to optimize for a keyword. They're not really giving you data and saying like, Hey, here is um, here's an overall view of your website and here the pages that need to be fixed, they're kind of breaking things down and saying this specific page needs issues for, you know, this specific heward. So generally, if you were trying to audit a Nen tire site, I'd say this tool it's only going to give you bits and pieces off, you know? Kind of what? What? What really you're looking for in the S e o power. Sweet. This isn't really gonna be something that's gonna break down an entire site in the same way . Now, obviously, here they go through and they talk about you know, this page is acceptable for this. The u R l is good. And they really are looking for very specific metrics for that specific page for a specific you word. So as you go down, you know, um, pretty much the same deal they're just telling you, are all tags there, you know, is the description under 100 55 characters? Um, you know, do we have the proper heading tags? They go into some code stuff. So they talk about, um you know, maybe you could add schema markup a steal power. Sweet does not have that. And they give you some Social Media Metrix a little bit of a mobile analysis, and then they give you some basic stats, like from MAZ Trust and deMars. Uh, back links, things like that. Some index pages and Google. It's pretty straightforward again. You know, this is a really cool tool. It's definitely not bad, but it's not really. As you can see, it's not going through and finding like all the nitty gritty stuff, like throughout the entire website. It's just picking one specific Ural and however that, you know, pays optimized for that keyword, which isn't a bad thing. You know, of course, this is useful, but it's not really going to give you the whole broad spectrum of what you really need to fix an entire website. So I just wanted to throw that out there. This is another tool definitely worth at least checking. 6. Running Advanced Audits With Screaming Frog: All right. So in this video, I want to show you guys another software application. It's called Screaming Frog s CEO Spider. You can actually get this for free if you just go over to Google and type and screaming frog. It's a free application. If you do decide to actually purchase the software, they do have an upgrade. Um, where essentially a bill to save out pieces of the of the actual audit and be able to run reports things like that. Generally, this is a little bit more of a technical tool, but I kind of like to use it in addition to sdo power Sweet because it's a little bit faster to be able to go through an edit small pieces quickly. You can look at a lot more just overall pieces of a website and kind of get ideas of what's going on. So I actually have not running audit yet in one of the advantages to this tool is it is very quick, and it gives you data live as it searches the website. So here I am, using the same plumbing site I had earlier in S e o Power Sweet. And if I hit start. This is gonna run and you'll see a percentage meter. It's just immediately gonna start going through the site and finding pieces. If you look over here on the right, you basically have an overview tab, and then I've got different, you know, essentially pieces of different S E O elements. So these air, like internal elements like images, pdf flash, anything that it's finding code related and then same with external, that I've got some protocol stuff. Whether or not the pages are, you know, http, or https and then I've got some response code stuff, like maybe pages that were blocked by the robots file anything that's having an issue like maybe a 301 Redirect a 404 error. Any types of error codes or just codes in general, it would come back from different links. And then if you get down, you get some more data here with page titles, meta descriptions, medic e words. Whether or not you've got each one or each two tags on your pages, you can look at image data whether or not there's missing all text on images, and then you can look at even more advanced stuff like if images over a certain size. And then you get some other directive information here. So it's really just diving very, very deeply doing a very technical audit of the site. Now I'm generally using this for a lot of the same stuff I use S e o Power Sweet for I'll usually look at the pixel count that they have here. You'll see that page titles over 65 characters, and then they also have this over 482 pixels. And I guess the pixel is actually something that's considered a length. Google reads so usually to coincide with what power Sweet comes back with. I'll usually go for the over 42 pixels. You can see here there were only 12 that came back over 65 but there were 18 that came back over 42 pixels. So usually use this is a benchmark and then same deal. I can see here exactly what the u R L is. I can see what the title is that's coming back, and clearly this is just way too long. And, you know, in this case it's obviously gonna be pretty easy to fix I can take out a key word at the end or maybe just take out in this case, you hear it had the company name at the very end, and I could probably just remove that. And then I would be within my character limit for the title. Same thing with meta descriptions here. I can see there's about 59 of them that are missing. Sometimes this will also pull a little bit more data. This particular site does actually have a couple landing pages that air sub sites like this air dot fi han or info dot fi an. And a lot of times I won't go back necessarily and fix some of that stuff if SDO Power Sweet isn't really coming back with it, mostly due to the fact that I'm mostly using this tool for myself. I'm not using it to run a report, any of the reports and the things that you can export out of this tool, or mostly in Excel format or just very blanket Pdf. It's not like you're going to get this really professional, nice looking like report of all the different metrics. It's more of a you know, if I wanted to send somebody an Excel file Of all the meta description issues, I could do that with this tool, I'd say the biggest advantages of CEOs power or I'm sorry, screaming frog CEO Spider are that you know, really, this is a very technical tool. You can find everything that would be wrong. There's some other pieces. You can look at it. If you look up here at the top, you can actually go in and dig into, you know, different data pieces, images. Actually, this is just browsing through the same thing. Um, this is what I was going to show you. I think there is a filter. Here's what I was looking for. The very bottom. You can look at this certain snippet, which is kind of cool. You can actually see how it's showing up on Google. So this is basically like a brief preview. This is essentially how those air showing up on Google right now if I look at some of the ones that are over a character length so I could actually come in here and, you know, start editing this out and immediately make the change in, you know, go back and basically use this as a way to determine if if the information is going to be valid for Google, and then I could take this and actually go edit it, live on the site. So this is really the basics of what I'd be using this tool for. There are quite quite a few advanced things you can do with it. I haven't dived into some of the really advanced stuff. As you can see up here under configuration, there's all different kinds of things you can do with it. You can even tie into Google Analytics in the Google search console. They have proxy settings. There's custom stuff you can do. Um, you can change how you know what types of results coming back with. There's different modes. I would say, Really, this is a tool that you know. If you wanna dive into it very deeply, you can go and there's actually a user guide here. I'll pull it up. You can see that there's quite a bit here. They've got just, you know, it's a huge page with tons of information off of their F A Q site. In terms of pricing, you can see here to buy a license for one year. It's basically about Ah, looks like here the prices here. So it's actually in pounds. So it's not US us dollars. But, you know, generally these are the cost you're looking for. If you wanted to get one license and then they give you there is a crawl limit that I guess it's set on the free version. They give you more access to some of the configuration you can save, re upload. Um, any of the crawls you've done. So if I close this tool right now, I'm not gonna be able to save what I've looked at her changed, and then you could look at source code of the website. And then if you have issues with software, obviously you get support. So there's definitely an advantage. And it does mention here, I guess you have to use one license per one computers. You're not supposed to be using it on multiple machines, So yeah, it's a really great software. I use it all the time, and I find it to be really helpful. In addition to the SDO power Sweet. I'd say the biggest advantage is that you can quickly go right click on pieces and just hit open and browser and go quickly. Fix them on the site is really fast. That's generally how I work it. So I just wanted to show you guys the screaming frog ASIO Spider Software, and I hope this helps. 7. SEMRush Website Auditor: Okay, So in this video, I wanted to show you a tool called ECM Rush. Now, this tool can be used for many, many things. It does back link audits and has all kinds of other things that you can do with it. But specifically, I just wanted to talk about the actual site auditing tool built into ECM rush and just kind of walk you guys through what you kind of get with this piece of ECM rush. Now, this is a paid tool. Um, I believe they do have somewhat of a free version, but it is very limiting. I'm currently logged in with a paid account right now, so I actually do not remember off the top of my head what the limitations are now generally here. I've got a website that I actually spent already quite a bit of time going through and trying to fix most of the errors, and you can see here they score about a 90% out of 100 even after going through and trying to fix pretty much as much of it as I could. And one of the reasons I really don't like this tool is that I actually decided to email the ECM Rush team and they came back and said, Well, the Tulis so literal that you'll never get any website to 100%. And as you saw in my SDO Power sweet video, I was able to show you that I can customize a report and get it to zero issues. And that's something I feel very confident being able to give a client. Um, you know, really? Just be able to actually show it to someone and feel feel like, Hey, we really did the best that we could and we were able to get this 200% in terms of what we're really trying to fix now with ECM Rush, You can't customise this and get the report to say 100% despite some of the filtering options that they do have. But if you're just looking to do this for yourself, you're not looking to show clients. I would say this is gonna be a great tool because it is going to give you quite a bit of data now when we go in and actually show you what's going on with the audit itself. So this is pretty much the dashboard. This is the overview page. You can see this is for a pool company that kind of give you, you know, breakdown. Like When's the last time was updated, how many pages they crawled. They also do, by default, hit up to about 1000 pages. So if you have a very large sites, you may have to increase that. And I'm not even sure if you can increase it, to be honest with you, So that's somewhat of another Downfall is I have run into some sites that are bigger than that. Obviously working on the site that that's large isn't gonna be very fun. But you'll see here that a lot of pages they come back with, like low text HTML ratios. So it's kind of like a generic flag of saying, Well, maybe there's not a lot of content, and this could even be like picking up a page that might just have an image on it or something that's picked up from WordPress. So it's not even a page you might necessarily want fix that, just something that's out there on the site, and it's kind of just designed to be that way, and this is going to get get flagged in the audit, so that's a little bit of a bummer. But overall, you do get to see quite a bit of different data. Um, coming back from this audit So you can see here you can look at broken links, pages that don't have title tags, duplicates duplicate content issues. This is something a lot of the other tools do not have. Really? It's a lot of the same basic stuff. Like things like the robots text, the site map, XML, you can look at things like h one headings. Ah, lot of this stuff pretty similar. I mean, really, you're gonna get all of this out of S e o rather CEO, the screaming Frog Seo software. And, um, you know, generally here, they also have ECM. Rush uses their own crawler. It's kind of like their own equivalent of a Google bought. They have a SCM rush bought that will go through sites, so they actually give data back on that. And I believe I've actually tried Teoh with this particular report. I've done some filtering. I think you can go in here. Here's an excluded check. So right now, I was excluding a couple things like images with all attributes, because despite actually going back and updating all tags on some of these sites, they would still flag. That is a problem. So if I remove that exclusion, I think I can rerun it and then kind of get an idea of what's going on. But you can filter by, like warning. So here I filtered by warnings, notices of just generic things, and you can kind of get a page report. You could look at specific pages and see whether or not they're healthy. So this is actually a really useful piece. You know, these air, the pages that it crawled. And it's kind of finding, you know, if maybe there's problems on a specific page so I could go in and figure out like, Okay, you know, maybe I need to fix you know, whatever it is on this page that has an issue I have found to that. This, interestingly enough, says there's 10 issues, and when I go into it now, it's telling me there's none, so I'm not sure what's up with that. Overall, just haven't really been to too satisfied with this tool. Overall, I mean, they have some cool features to it. Like I kind of like how you can see comparison like, you know, Hey, I went and fixed a bunch of stuff and now it's showing me it's improved over time, but generally because of the fact that I emailed their support and they actually came back and said, Hey, the tool is just very literal. It's a bought, um, you know, it's a computer can only give you so much and you're never going to get a site to 100%. We tried very, very hard to get this particular client site 200% and still were not able to do it. So just wanted to show you guys at least ECM rush in terms of If you're going to use this for yourself, it is definitely worth at least looking at because it is going to give you a lot of good information. And generally you could probably get all this out of either the other tools. I just wanted to give you some options, really, Hopefully also a comparison of all these different tools because if you do decide to make an investment, obviously now you've got some decisions to make. So hopefully this is helped 8. Yoast SEO For Wordpress: Okay, So in this video, I wanted to introduce you to the Yost s CEO. Plug in for WordPress. Now, granted, I imagine not every single one of you out there could be on a WordPress platform. It's possible you have a shop, a five store, maybe you're on a magenta store. Maybe that you're still using a free version of software like you've got squarespace. Generally the same types of settings that you confined inside of this plug in you could find inside of any of these other pieces of software. Really? Every single site nowadays, that's kind of ah, build gooey type interface. You're gonna find that there is some some form of s CEO options to be able to change the titles, the meta descriptions and just set up general s CEO options. So I just wanted to walk you through very briefly. What the Yost s CEO plugging is this is my favorite SDO plug in for WordPress. There are some other ones that are pretty popular, but I'd say this is probably one of the most popular, most commonly used from what I've found. Generally, once you've installed a plug in, there really isn't a whole lot that you necessarily need to change. If you do decide to go in, you can actually look. There's a couple of guides out there for free. Yost also has some information about setting up the plug in, but there's many Blawg posts out there. I've seen people right where they go through a lot of the different things that you can set up for yourself. I would say more often than not, make sure that you're using the XML site map option. I believe you. Here. It's just the check check box that's gonna have this enabled. And this will basically create a map of your site that Google can pick up on and understand what pages they need. Index. Really? The next thing I wanted to show you was how I would go about actually editing a specific page. So I'm just gonna go in a post on this site here, and I'll give you kind of an example of how I might do this. So here's an article on four reasons to call for bathroom remodeling in Westchester, so I'd probably be targeting something like bathroom remodeling in Westchester. No, here is kind of an idea of what's going on with this particular post. Here's the Yost s CEO plug in being added added, Here, and you kind of get like a snippet editor of what's going on. This is what's gonna show on Google so you can see this is pretty targeted. I may actually even edit this. It wouldn't be a bad idea to add in like a state code. This is something obviously I just generally do for business based sites. And then here you can see the euro also has the key word again. And then at the bottom you have your meta description. I'm gonna take out that extra period that was there. And this is just gets a general thing bathroom remodeling and Westchester's I must have if you want to give your bathroom or brand new vibe. So the keyword is right there at the very beginning, and I could actually put in a focus keyword, and this is going to give me quite a bit more data. So I could say, you know, we might need to add this into the page title. It's not picking that up. I wonder if that's I dont know why thats not it might not be picking it up because I might have to hit save or something to update it. But it kind of gives you some ideas like, Hey, the meta description. We could add a little bit more here. We got a little bit more room to add some stuff. They throw it like a reading score down here, and they kind of throw out some other things, like, Hey, the contents foreign. 15 words And it needs to meet 300. The keyword densities. 1.2% page titles. This they're just kind of breaking down. Like, based on this keyword. If you're trying to rank for it, your page is going to do well or it's not gonna do well. So this was something else. They suggested the image on the page, and I have the old tag. So this is all stuff that we can go through, and obviously it's kind of being picked up in those audits. So I just wanted to, you know, show you what you really should be looking at. If you decide to use WordPress and you're trying to edit a site, I would say more often than not most sites out there nowadays they're using WordPress is it's one of the most common platforms for, you know, actually doing websites these days. In the next video, we'll show you how you can actually edit descriptions and stuff in bulk. 9. Bulk Editing Title & Meta Tags: Okay, So in this video, I'm gonna actually walk you through a very quick way that you can go through an entire site on get kind of just adjust of every single piece of all the titles and the meta tags, and how you're gonna be able to edit them in bulk without actually going into each page one at a time. Now, what I will tell you is that if you're using a tool like SDO power sweet or screaming frog , you may find that obviously it's gonna tell you it's gonna be very literal. It's gonna say these pages have problems, but you may find that there are actually pages that need to be better optimized. Despite what the tools are telling you on a meta tag may maybe filled out. It may be within the character length, but it may not be optimized for the key word that you're trying to optimize it for the tools generally aren't gonna, you know, dive that deeply into it. Unless you're looking at a tool like the my sight, my website auditor, where it actually does, you know, look at a specific girl in a specific keyword, so you could technically use that tool, but you would have to do it on every single page that you're trying to optimize now. I didn't cover it in the S e o Power Sweet module, but you can also do a very specific content piece audit where you can actually look at a specific page and get some ideas of the metrics that are broken. But generally, I just use the Yost greater here that you see with content analysis. This will give you a pretty good idea of what really needs to be improved based on the content you're writing on the page and you kind of get a live view right in WordPress. You don't have to use it in some external tool. So really, the, uh, the best thing that you can do is if you're trying to look in bulk, what's going on with the titles and medals you can head over to the yos Tesio plug in here in the left on WordPress. If you head over the tools, you're basically gonna have an option to look at a book editor here. So I'm gonna go to a book editor, wait for this load, and now the first thing I usually want to do is just make sure you're looking at anything that's published. This site doesn't have any, but sometimes you'll see they'll be stuff in draft. Anything you've gotten drafted like the trash. You don't want to worry about that, so I would switch it to published. I'll just do that to give you an example here, even though everything's all the same. So now switched to published, and right now I'm on the title tab, so this is going to show me all of the titles I've got 100 got about 39 pages and 386 total pages on this site, so you can already see the very bottom here. I've got one that's missing. So if I were to open this, it would actually be just using the default. It probably would have picked this up as the title. Whatever the post the actual post title was, it would just buy the fault use as the title for CEO. But I can go through this very quickly and either one of the negative things is I kind of have toe I this to determine whether or not it's over the character length. Eso has one negative to doing it like this. But at the same time, you know, I could really look at all these and figure out like, you know, here's the you know, here's the actual title of the article, so I could probably go in and make some changes to the title here and not necessarily need to open the article in some cases, depending on the content you may find, you know, if you're working on a client site, for example, might be hard to tell. And you may have to go in view the piece of content to kind of make sure things air coinciding. You don't want to be, you know, kind of using a title here. That's not anything to do with the same title you're using for the S E o title. It just really won't make sense. So generally you just go page by page, make the edits and one of the things you can do. So if you were to update this to test of the this the test, I'm not going to do it. But if I hit, save all, it will immediately make all my changes right then and there. You don't have to like it, you know, making edit it save making that it hit, save you could just do save all and that will quickly update everything on this page. And then you just go to the next page and just keep cranking away until you're completely done. And pretty much goes the same for the description. So here I've got the descriptions, and I can see you know, immediately. Here is a huge issue. Um, for whatever reason, it's picking up. Or maybe somebody put it in this literally. Looks like it's the entire blawg article or something. So here, I've got, um, third generation broom ball. Plumbers offer emergency service, so I might change this. I'm actually going to do it right now. Just say, looking for unfortunately, my EMS do not work when I'm recording, but essentially, what I would change it to is looking for emergency service in, you know, broom all in fact, maybe I could just copy it. Looking for emergency service in in the cough. Copy this. You can also use these extenders to, so that'll help a lot. And I'll just grab the plumbers looking for emergency. I'm gonna change it. So it makes sense. Plumbing service and broom all and usually I'd add the state code. Um, I think it sounds like I believe that I believe these guys, Aaron Pennsylvania. So I'd add something like looking for emergency homing service in Broome. All p a call. He and the copy plumbing because I know my M key does not record it actually triggers something on my recording Coffee hand plumbing today. Very simple. So that's a really good example of how I'd go about updating that. So now it's updated, and I don't have to go to specifically go into the page to edit it. I'm now all set and everything's good to go, so I just go through the entire site and fix everything. Um, I will say this is very tedious work, but, you know, you can do it pretty quickly. I did this on about 60 sites with the help of a few people, and, you know, it took us some time. But now that it's done, you know, it feels very relieving to know that things air set up the way they need to be in all the sights are gonna get more traction 10. Fixing Alt Tags - Media Library Extended: Okay, So in this video, I wanted to show you how you can go about actually installing a very easy use plug in. That's going to allow you to update the Ault tags on your website for your images. Now granted, you could go into each image one by one through the media library and just simply update the field within each image. If you don't have a lot of images, I would say, You know, you could just do that. It's not gonna take you that much time. But if let's just say you're working on a site that has over 100 images, it's gonna take you a lot of time to go through each image, specifically updated that way and then save it and go back and do the next image. So there's actually a plug in that makes this very, very easy to to to do. It's called Media Library Oldfields. Surprisingly, it is over three years old, but it works really, really well. There's this other plugging as well called media Library assistant, and this actually enhances the media library and gives you a similar functionality. But it's not quite as fast and efficient as the one media library Oldfields. One of the issues I ran into using this plug in was that some of the pages wouldn't update or you'd see like things. It just wasn't really working out quite as efficiently as I would have liked, although it is updated more frequently. So who knows if it's something that could get fixed in the future? Granted, this one, it just seems to continue to work and works out great. So I want to show you how this works. If we go over to the media library now, you're gonna want to make sure you're actually in the list view. If you're in the grid view like this, you're not gonna see what I'm looking for. If you're in grid view, this is actually kind of a default. You kind of just get a grid of all your images. We want to change over to the list view using this button here, and then we actually want Teoh. Here's where are plugging is added This you will see it's kind of slightly bugged where the save button is kind of cut off. The E is cut off there, but this will actually still work so I could, you know, I could do something like, um, just say the this is gonna be our all tax. Since articles about broom, all plumbers, we could just make broom all plumbers, you know, near van, since the articles about, you know, some guys at a van. So then I just hit Save and bam. It's already done. Now, if I were to do this manually but just say I was doing this the manual way, I'm going to go back to the sort of picture viewer. This is probably a lot of people to do it. I have to click into the picture. Then I have to update this field. And then I have Teoh basically hit X and then go back and keep redoing this. I mean, I guess, granted, it's not gonna take to too much time, but, you know, overall using this list view and just going straight down the list and typing it in really fast for each one. If you know what, you're obviously some of these that's gonna be pretty basic stuff Reuters use similar to what's in the article. What's in the actual imaged title name and just use that for the actual tag and just go through this and you also see if any of them already have it so that we're not wasting time trying to open images that might already have been done. So this is a great way to quickly fix all tags. I thought I'd show you guys this in the next video. I'm gonna show you another trick if you're looking to quickly make a change to a lot of title tags, meta tags and some other fields. 11. SEO Enforcer Plugin: this video. I wanted to show you one more plug in that you could actually add onto Yost s CEO. That's going to help you do a little bit of kind of a trick that's basically gonna be able to allow you to quickly cut off any descriptions of meta descriptions or titles that are too long. And I'm gonna show you what this plug in does. If you look here, it's actually called S e O Enforcer. So if you just go into the plug in directory and search for S u enforcer, you're going to see it's the 1st 1 to show up. Doesn't have a whole lot of installed. So I imagine is fairly new. You can see it was last updated only a month ago. Only a couple 100 installs. But I happen to come across this and it's worked out really well for me. You can see that if you go over to settings once it's installed, I'm gonna go. Tosto enforcer. And pretty much all you really have here is a couple options under the title tag. I can say yes. I want you to check and make sure if the length is over 55 characters. I want you to terminate the remainder of the title tag and just add some dots. So, in a sense, this isn't really you know, if I were to go in and manually take off the end of a title tag, of course, that's going to show, you know, in a tool like SDO power sweet or screaming frog that the audits gonna come back clean. But that doesn't necessarily mean that you may not need to go back and actually edit the page itself. Edit the title and make it better improve improved, based on the idea of trying to rank a specific keyword. So I would just want to keep this in mind. It's kind of like what I mentioned before. If you only fix the pieces that are coming up, you're really just looking at, you know, these tools can only be so literal. So a lot of this stuff you have to really look at yourself as well. This would be something where maybe you have a site with just an extremely high amount of content. You're just trying to get an audit report, maybe for a client, something along those lines. This would be a really great tool to help you do it. And you can also do it with the meta description. So same idea. You can do some exceptions stuff so you could hit. Um, certain page page is based on, ah, metric. Here they have page ideas that you can get from specific pages inside of WordPress. You can you can actually put in an exception, and then you can enforce no h one tags and the content, since it should be done by the theme, some themes will include the H one in the content. Some will not. But generally I do find that is fairly common. So you can actually enforce that through this. I have not used this piece of the plug in. Generally, I just was. I was more worried about metas and tails. And then another cool thing that you can do is actually this will check if the site has all tags and title attributes and if they're not being used, if they're not in there at all, it's just going to use the image name for the all tag, which generally isn't really gonna be necessarily what you want. You know, if your image was actually called I am G 0 to 3, and that became the all tag. It's not very keyword focused, so this is again just another shortcut. But it may kind of save you some time if you're not looking to go through every single old tag. So I just wanted to show you this. This actually cut off a significant amount of time for me when doing site audits for clients that I work with and generally a lot of times I would go back and manually edit a lot of the meta descriptions. Because, as you can see, I gave you an example earlier. If I had done this trick where I just cut down the length, really, I still have this very poorly written meta description that really just needed to be re written entirely. So hopefully this helps you and I just wanted to throw this out. There is another option for you 12. Conclusion: Hey, I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to go through my course. If you have any questions about running SDO audits, I'd be glad to help you out the best that I can. I will mention that I'm not some like, supreme professional that knows everything in the world about S e O. But really, When you look at some of the general things that I'm that I've shown you throughout this course, you can get a pretty good idea that I would say the most. You know, the biggest thing that you can really go after on any website in terms of fixing a problem would probably be the title tags in the meta tags. Those air really some of the biggest aspects that Google looks at in addition to the actual content on your page. So if you're really looking to make improvements, I would say, making sure the actual content in a specific pages targeted properly in terms of the keywords you're going after in terms of, you know, the meta description, you set up the title and the actual other aspects of on Page S CEO, which really include things like having an image may be embedded video, including that all tagging an image, actually having heading tags and maybe doing some things with, like, bold and italics and some other elements that are gonna help you rank a little bit better on the search engines. But more so than anything making sure that you're creating unique, high quality content that Google is going to really love and be willing to show people that are looking for what you have to write about. So if you have again, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out. I'd be happy to help you, however I can. And another thing I thought I would mention is I know a lot of these tools are paid tools. So if you have any trouble running s CEO audits, I might be willing to actually help you out and run you a free audit. If you're someone that's taken this course, I would be willing toe run you one free audit on S e o Power sweet and give you a copy of that inside of a pdf format. I have the enterprise version, which normally runs for the entire SDO Power Suite package. It's about $700. So I don't expect all of you to go out there and actually buy that. But, um, yeah, if you want one free audit, just send me a message or depending on where you're at. You know, if you're watching this and skill share, just start a project and let me know that you'd like Teoh, you know, have an audit done in your website. And then you can share your progress about what you've actually done to fix the problems that I've discovered for you using the tool. Be happy to help you out. And again, thank you very much for taking this class. And I I wish you all the best of luck improving your site with CEO. 13. Free Bonus Content: Hey, what's going on, guys? John here. I just wanted to throw together a quick little bonus. And this is something special that I put together. For those of you who are watching my skill share course right now again, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to actually go through my course. And if you love my content, you love what I'm doing on skill share. I wanted to give you an opportunity to check out another free mini course that I put together. I call it the Earn your 1st $1000 offering S E O services on upward course. It's basically a four part mini course on how I went out there and I utilized a freelance system called up work toe land my 1st $1000 worth of jobs. So this is a free four part course again. You can head over toe one K s CEO consulting dot com. And once you're there, you're basically going to see I've got a few videos here that's gonna explain what exactly is inside the course. But essentially what you're gonna get is an overview of up work on the first day that's going to kind of let you understand what the platform is and why it's beneficial for you. You're gonna understand how to go out there and start optimizing your upward profile and really getting that fully optimized the best you can. And then I'm gonna show you an eye catching proposal method for S e o work that you can use to stand out from the competitors that are also bidding on jobs and then in video, for we really just wrap things up. I show you how to really take action and step things up from there. So again, myself and my partner, Paul James, put this together. I'm really happy about the way it turned out. And I think you guys are absolutely gonna love it. Um, if this point, if you're interested in this, feel free to go and sign up for one k s CEO consulting dot com Just head over that website and you'll have the sign up form here. But I quickly also wanted to tell you a little short story for those of you who wanted to stick around for a few more minutes. So in my case, this was about three years ago I've been teaching online courses for pretty much the entire span of time. I was also starting to do Web design on the side. I figured, why not make some money building WordPress websites? Because that was a skill that I had taken up in my past time. So what I decided to do is start cold calling local businesses like painters, roofers, plumbers, you know, pretty much any kind of local business in my area. And I was able to actually start landing some web design gigs. I would charge anywhere from, like, 300 or $500. And what I quickly found was that it was some nice extra, you know, income every month. But I wasn't able to go quit my day job over it. You know, I was just kind of struggling. So what ended up happening was I actually was looking around one day on indeed dot com a time. I was working a full time position, and I decided to actually go submit my resume to this company that was looking for a part time s CEO, consultant or expert. So I went in for an actual job. Interview is very intimidating. I had five people, you know, interview me. And they said that I was a really good candidate. A lot of the people that it applied had other experience, like working at fast food chains and things like that. So they knew that I was a really good fit. And I really didn't know all that much about S CEO. I mean, I honestly didn't beyond just blogging. I had some basic basic knowledge. So what I decided to do is throw something at them in terms of actually just doing a consulting deal where I would just make $1000 a month and I wouldn't have to go into their office so they would be paying me a little bit less than if I was maybe a part time employee. But at the same time, I wouldn't need to go into the office. So what I did is actually found this white label vendor and I ended up paying them around $250 a month to do all the work on my behalf. And this was amazing. I would actually visit this particular client once a month. They were about 10 minutes from my house. I would visit them once a month, and I walk in to their office with a report that actually had my branding my logo on it. I actually built a brand entity in the middle of doing all this, and I would basically walk in and they would pay me with $1000 check each month. And I was making over $700 without doing any work at all. It was just simply mind blowing that I was able to pull this off. And here I had been struggling with all these Web design deals and just trying to get Web design work done. So what ended up happening was within the next couple months, I actually landed another insurance client for another 700 plus dollars, and this was just really exciting for me. You know, I was getting all these clients things were starting to pick up. I was doing some more Web design deals, and then everything just really came crashing down for me. All in that same month, I ended up basically losing my job. I was laid off and then I just so happened both these clients, they decided to forego services. One of them. I have gotten such good results. I think they may be felt like in some ways I had gotten them is good or results as I could and a lot of ways I didn't really know at the time how to how to do more for them. So I decided to just start cold. Coming in for two months, I was unemployed. I was taking unemployment checks and things weren't really working out so well, you know, I decided I would go looking for work. And I ended up finding a job in another marketing agency. You know, kind of what I was doing on my own. And I figured I would take the job because I would have the opportunity to learn from, you know, a company that was actually doing this and having success doing it. So little Did I know. A soon as I started working there, I found out that I knew more about local s CEO than anyone else that worked there. I basically taught them a lot of what they know now, and ultimately, what ended up happening was after about eight or nine months, I was managing over $20,000 a month in their clients and I was doing all of the SDO work, you know, it was almost not fair. Didn't make a lot of sense. I was building somebody else's business and running it for them and getting paid only marginally, considering, you know, what? He was making off all these clients. So I decided that, you know, why don't I just go out of my own? And I learned how to start utilizing this platform called up work. I realized that I was able to actually start landing some work. In fact, I had closed down the client for over $2500 a month, and I brought it into that very agency and given I brought in that client, you know, I got the first month as a commission, but then the next month, all I got was basically a race, and it was a small raise. It was like, really only maybe adding up to a couple $100 a month after everything was all said and done . So I really just wasn't that excited about working there. And I decided to basically leave my job. I ended up leaving the job and what happened was I I went on up work, and every day I would send 10 proposals, and each day I would send these proposals. I would start getting client calls where I could bring them into a sales call and closed them down. In fact, at this very moment, I have one scheduled for tomorrow at 10 a.m. I got it with ease, and it was someone that found me on up work. I wasn't chasing them down with cold calls. So I basically have inviting you to come check out this course because it's something that worked for me when I spent so many years and so much time, really, Just having a very difficult time trying to do cold calling and cold emailing and looking at all these other strategies that really we're just very, very difficult to have any luck with. So again, I wanted to invite you cut head over to one k sdo consulting dot com. This was something I started having a lot of success with, and you can see the up work sent me this email for that 1st $1000 I earned. And I've even earned another $5000 milestone for doing work on up work. So again, if you guys are interested in this, if this is something that interests you, head over to one castillo consulting dot com, and I'll see you on the other side.