SEO 2020: Comprehensive advanced Seo tutorial + Seo for wordpress sites | H Rafiei & Mariya Karim | Skillshare

SEO 2020: Comprehensive advanced Seo tutorial + Seo for wordpress sites

H Rafiei & Mariya Karim

SEO 2020: Comprehensive advanced Seo tutorial + Seo for wordpress sites

H Rafiei & Mariya Karim

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74 Lessons (9h 16m)
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About This Class

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is supposed to expand the number and quality of site traffic through search engine results. In other words, when your site design is finished and the site is placed on the internet, it has no rank in the search engines. Moreover, no one in the competitive environment of your business sees the site that you have designed, and there should be procedures and techniques to rank the site and drive it to the front page as well as the frontline in Google results and rank. These principles are called SEO.

The course "SEO 2019: From 0-100 Ranked, 1st in Google + SEO Wordpress + local SEO *", which includes over 100 articles, proposes all of the SEO factors. These factors include on-page SEO and off-page SEO topics.

You will not require any SEO knowledge to begin this course. From the very beginning of the course, you will be taught all the terms in search engine optimization in a simple and comprehensible language. Therefore, you only need a basic knowledge of the Internet and the ability to work with your site's admin panel.

We tried to practice all the topics from 0 to 100 first, as well as the latest Google updates. We are assured that this course, which is over 10 hours long, has all the practicalities and points, and not even a minute of unnecessary or even worthless discussion. We segmented all the topics and trained them in sequential order to make it easier for you to learn all the topics.

In this course, you will learn how to treat your site as a professional webmaster. We teach you the most fundamental and best techniques for ranking your site is simple and comprehensible language. For instance, we will teach you how to improve your site load significantly. This is an arrow with two badges. User satisfaction and therefore Google's satisfaction with you. You will be familiar with the methods of building a map site. You get familiar with mobile-friendly procedures and UX improves the same user experience. You can learn the instruments and tools for SEO such as google analytics and google search console and determine how to build an account in them as well as how to work with them. We teach you about the most influential and popular WordPress plugin, Yoast SEO, and teach you how to use it to increase your site's ranking.

Learn about local SEO and learn how to introduce your site to local searchers and customers. As a result, your sales and customers will increase dramatically. For example, if your restaurant site adheres to Local SEO tips and techniques, after the user searches for the word "restaurant" and is in your area and city, Google will have one or more restaurants up and down one Box with the phone number, location map, review gives the user, this is what we call the Local SEO (Local SEO).

We teach you how to quickly submit your site and content to Google and Bing and index them in these search engines. We explain how to get the best and most relevant backlinks in simple language. We introduce important meta-tags and learn how to treat them professionally to have a positive impact on your site's SEO. You'll find out how to find less competitive keywords and at the same time more search results for your pages. You are also getting familiar with another type of LSI Keywords and will use them to promote your site's SEO. This course teaches you how to create great content for your site. When you look at this course you will learn how to use videos to improve site rankings and increase visitors as well as increase their D-Well time. Upload your site. Rather, to improve your SEO, you need to treat those images professionally and take them seriously.

The course was a very simple, intimate and easy environment and will be useful and efficient for anyone from beginner to professional in a simple and understandable language.

If you can find this course from start to finish with enough motivation and all the tips, you can be sure that your site will soon be well placed on the front page of Google.

Getting a good position on Google's home page means getting your site and a brand name is known, selling more products, driving traffic and more visits to your site. Now the site contains content that you want to read by users or the site contains products for sale that you want to buy from users. Naturally, your goal is to turn users into customers. (Conversion rate increase), and this is exactly what we have been doing in this course. So it is best, not to waste time and get started with this training as soon as possible.

Who this course is for:

  • Webmasters or web owners - bloggers or blog owners
  • WordPress site owners
  • A-Z webmasters in search engine optimization
  • Business Owners and Businesses
  • Even if your business doesn't have a site so far, it's time to start a site for your business and fit in with the internet and cyberspace of your competitors. Stay tuned and get your customers' share among internet users.
  • Those who want to upgrade their site easily and at the lowest cost
  • If you have content, handwriting, or information that you want your audience to read. You may also own a lot of pictures that are intended for users to visit.
  • Those who want to grow their business and grow their customers.

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1. Promotion: Hello will come to us learning 2000 and 19 In this course we try to analyze SDO factors completely in order to put our website high under Google Socialist I mean why before we discuss about local SDO to reach a good position in local searches, we also discussed other factors. As the following you will be able to pick else I keyboards for your page. After this tutorial, it will teach you how to use Google. Keyboard planner is great tool from Google. You will also learn how to create account and how to put keepers on the best match place fell. We already know that s CEO and user experience are deeply involved After the introduction off Frank, bring algorithm Some indicators like you x bonds rate dual time and CTR arose and help the user to NJ. Good experience in our website. Side Net is a technical as CEO topic. We also tell you about the metals off, making a site map step by step and then you can pick one of Dave's metals. As fellow, you will get familiar Vidro bold stock txt file and then you can improve your websites s e o using its Commins in advance. We will introduce U. S omits attacks and how to optimize them and then you will see a better rank. As a result, in the future, there was some significant changing content production algorithm. So in content production chapter, you can also optimize your content. If you have already installed war press on your website, the best blogging for board purse S E O is use and I will tell you how to set up it in order to optimize your birth parents website for S E O. This Blufgan helps seo experts to produce better as a oriented content, so don't missed his comprehensive chapter in separate chapters will be a fair or video and images effect on U. S. Keogh off your website and you will learn how to use these items in order to improve S e o in page sp chapter in the learn very useful things, including how to speed up your website and ridges. Page the time the Hillis urgency to wash his chapter mawr accurate, down others Everybody know that how effective is linked building whether it is in terrible link building or it is exterior. The half this cough them boats. You'll learn new techniques for link building earning and high quality Back Ling's as vote eventually with introduce used some tools to check your competitors back. Ling situation. Another key factor in developing your website rank is the responsive design and mobile friendly and also a MP technology and its chapter. You have to figure out the importance off responsive design and optimize it for mobile devices in his chapter. Also, we will help you to have a responsive and mobile friendly websites and because of this, Gugu would be very, very happy of you. There were also provide how to use to popular bugle tills that are Google Search Council and Google Analytics. You will keep him for about the effects of domain name and dumbing suffix on CEO A local S C o chapter. You will understand all activities needed to attract does who search in Google. So just after the coals, you will be ready to increase your website visits, saves and conversion rates are your prospects. Don't waste time anymore and join us to continue to course. Good luck 2. Introduction: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the video tutorial on S E O S C O. As you see sense for search engine optimization. In other words, s CEO talks about the activities and the functions that you can do in order to make your website to be the superior results off search engines, especially Google. Okay, now what are the aims off? S e o. The 1st 1 as we mentioned, is that your website can get a better result and searching engines on websites so this can make the V use off the website together higher point. And of course, it can have ah better traffic weaken, boost our sales and service and we can make a brand. There are three most powerful search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing and the other engines are not as powerful as these three, and it's better for us not to invest on them. Or maybe they get their results from these three main ones. For sure, you have to know that s e O. Is not that simple. It's l later like a Dem Inc and complicated Dad needs two very important factors. First, it needs a good knowledge and knowing about it. And the 2nd 1 is patients. And you shouldn't expect your website to get the boosting and the better results. Superior results in the first few days. So you need to wait and be patient. Maybe it takes weeks or months for your website to get its own results by S. E O. Let's divide s CEO into two different parts on site and off site. Actually, on site s CEO are the functions and the activities we do inside our website. Like the contents, mega tax, internal length buildings, etcetera and off site S E O are talking about the activities we do outside of our websites . Um I which the most important one are the back links, which are the links that lead from the honor size to our websites. One of the important notes batted is that on site S E O is prior to offsite one. And you must work on on site before offsite s c o. Okay, let's go to the next ports. Wow! Blank out S e o versus white hat as CEO. Black hat s. Oh, actually, is the tactics in order to deceive or men appeal? Eight The algorithms off the search engines, and its goal is to have a better results in rating off the searching engines, which is completely immoral. But the consequences would be very bad over. It may have a sudden increase in your website rate. Maybe they're going to delete you forever from the searching engines or you need to pay to find, unlike of the black hat, as you, White Hat s CEO is completely following the rules and the concepts off all the things which are mentioned in the regulation of these searching engines. And also Whitehead s u is called moral actually S E O. Because it is falling to Jews and it has a long term benefit for the users. And if you are completely in a Harry to boost your websites for having the rate and the best results, instead of using the black hat Seo, we recommend Google AdWords. It is completely legal away in order to boost your page, and you need to pay Google in order to boost your page. That is so easy. Okay, let's put it and practice. Let's Google Hotel Reservation in. Assemble Yes, as you see the results. The 1st 2 websites are here and we have little scores off a D which stand for AdWords off Google, which means the websites paid to Google in order to have the good rate and the results. But the other websites of which you see here are actually the websites that followed White s CEO in order to be rated like this. Thank you for watching us. This is the end of the first episode, which was the introduction. See you in next episode's 3. Submit: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the video tutorial of s here. We're going to introduce our website to the search engines in order for their robots to observe us and index our website in their results. And as we mentioned before, Google, Yahoo and Bing guard the three main search engines and the other search engines usually copy their index from these three main search engines. Therefore, submitting our websites in these three search engines would be completely sufficient and enough usually the spiders of Google can observe your website automatically and they can index it. But if you submit, you can do it faster. Remember, it's not necessary for you to register and sub meets all the pages. The home page would be sufficient because Google, but can do the other things automatically and note that only and only once you can do that . Google and Bing introduced to free Bud Useful tills, which are called Google Web Mess or tools and being Web Messer tills. And of course, both of them recommend us to have the weapon iStar account, and this is a good way to have a connection with them. You can have a lot of information useful information from them. And of course, the other benefit is that when you have a problem, you can connect with them and they can solve it for you. Google Web master chills have ah lot of benefits. For example, you can observe in control the traffic. You can index whatever you have on your pages. And you can understand whether the website have enough ability to be presented on cell phones and tablets. In other words, are they mobile, friendly or not? And, of course, which science got links to your sites And of course, which wears in terms are connected to your links. And, of course, they inform you whether you're fined for any reasons or not. Okay, how can we understand that? Which pages are submitted on Google? Okay, uh, what we do is really easy. Okay, Come to Google. Search more and type site, then colon without any space. For example, Samsung dot com. You see the results, which are the submitted pages and the index show that these pages are submitted and you can do the same thing with the otter. Search engines exactly like what we did here on Google. Okay, Now, let's see how Can we work with Google Webmaster Tools. Okay. You only need to to type in the search bar. Google Web masters, too. The other name for that as Google search console. Click on this one. Then start now. Okay. Here. You need to type your email address for the account of your Google. Now here. It's actually welcome to Google Search Council. It wants us to type air site. You are l of the former. It is very important the way that it is. Type in a very faded away H T T P colon, double slash. And then the rest of it. Okay. Here. Right. Type mine and then click on add property. Yes, they check the verification. Okay. Here are Google gives me an HTML file. Then I should enter it in my website host. And if in any condition, it doesn't work, you can use one of these four alternative verification methods. The 1st 1 gives you an HTML tag that the unit to copy that on the head of your head section of your website. But as you see, the recommended verification method that is introduced by Google is this one. You download it and you put it in the host that we need to upload it in the host of our website. Okay, Here, you've got a folder named Public Underline HTML. Okay, after selecting that here, file uploads and you can either drop or select the file that you just stand out it after dragging and selecting the file that one is going to place here. Okay, let's try the other way. As you see here, we have a tagger met attack. We need to confident and come to the dashboard. Okay? Indeed. Dashboard. You've got appearance in the item. Select Editor. When you see the coats, go to the right part here and select the header Theme header. I am 17 head. It starts from here. Okay, now I pasty meta tag here. Exactly. Under head update file. Yes, now and he's edited successfully. Remember that. After this you need to verify the account in here like here. As you see here, you've got the message ownership. Very fine. Which means our Google verify our identity as the owner of this website. Okay, This is the way that we could submit. We could introduce and submit our websites to Google going to property can give you a lot of accessories and tools that we can do a lot of extraordinary things with its. That's we can talk about it later, but he er vi press don in order to finish this part. Okay, let's do the same thing. But not with Google with being remember that when you submit and introduce your our website to being whipped, Master, it is automatically registered and submitted in ah, Yahoo as well. So it's on this earth for you to do it with a yo Okay. By searching being wet Messer tools, we can go to this part the first item. Click on it. Okay. Off here, you need to signing. You can use any of them, but Microsoft is better. I actually typed my Microsoft account, and I entered here. Here, you see a bar with the title at a site we need to type the U R l off our website. Uh, and as you see, it is exactly like the one we did before with H T T P colon. Double slash. Okay, here unit to feel the form with your personal information. Zip code city names, etcetera, actually. Ah, all the items except for email And your l uh, with the optional, it means failing it's or not. Doesn't matter. But we recommend you to feel every bar here, although they were optional. Okay, after that, you have to save the information. Okay. Here in the verify ownership for ah, your website. You've got again four items here. Exactly like Google. You can download bang sites Authority X M l here so I can download and upload the fire. And the second option is exactly like that. Met attack. And as you see in the example, it did with more description, you have to copy and pasted under head so I can copy again this Let me do it for you on and , uh, again, again, I go to this page. I can, uh, pasted to your end, update the file. Which is it? It it successfully, there is 1/3 option, which is Ah, here it is. Ah, using D n s. I'm going to talk about it later. Maybe because it is a little more complicated. And it is better for you to do the first and second option. Okay, after verifying we can enter our dash ward here. Okay? here, we can see that our website is added up to the search engine off big here with the options that we have on the left bar. There are a lot of facilities for us to utilize our website in a very useful and benefit probate. Okay, After doing the things you need to wage for the bots to crowd, you're actually website for the first time. And it may take for at least some hours up to at most some days. Okay. Ah, here it is. The end of this episode and thank you for watching this video tutorial. See you later. 4. KW1: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the video tutorial. La vis o Here in this part, we're going to talk about a keyword research. Keyword research is one of the most important parts of S A. Oh, please be very careful and pay attention. One of the most crucial and essential parts for a digital marketing and s CEO is a keyword research that using the key words, the suitable one ah, for your website can rate your website as the first the results for searching in its engine and of course using it and a in in an incorrect they can reduce the rates of your page in a very bad way. But what are the key words? Actually, keywords are those words in terms phrases that can describe the content of your page, your websites or posts in a very good way. In other words, keywords are the ideas and the topics that defined what your content is about the content of your website. In other words, in a very simple way, we can say that users years the words and phrases like you hours in order to search, so they are so important for your website as an example you're supposed to buy a TV set on the brand you consider for yourself is the LG. So you want say okay, buying or per chasing LG TV set. Okay, The whole actually is called the key word. So it doesn't mean that it has only one word. Maybe it is a set of words or a term or, of course, a phrase. You know, the key words are actually the lengths Were the users for people actually to crawl into your website for sure. What you need is a traffic organic traffic by the surgeon genes into your website. So the keywords you mention would define what you're apostrophe would be on a suppose that your website is only introducing the con figs off the laptops. But you enter buying a laptop as a key word into your website. So it doesn't suit well because people are supposed to buy a laptop, but not in to know about the laptop. So it is wrong. So remember and notes that relativity of the terms you use that the keywords would be completely important. It should be directly related to what your content is about. Okay? So keep in your mind as a golden sentence. This is the most important sentence watch we needs from our key word as to attract the apostrophe. Those kinds of people who are following the production, the content and off course, the service of our website. Remember that. Okay, lets a category race Ah, cure times into two sub categories the 1st 1 user intends and the other one search volume. Of course, each of these two sub categories got their own stop categories as well. These stop categories in a user intense are measured and mentioned according to the definition and identity of what apostrophe users are, uh, mentioning. And of course, in the soft categories search volumes, the other items are according to the repetition of the search off keywords in age rep Sirte . Okay, let's go and talk about each of the items and NTC's off each sub categories. Okay, the 1st 1 informational in user intense. Actually, people use these wares in order to get information. Are growing a cactus as an example, or how to cook beef stroganoff. Not there from this category, Informational and okay. As you see, there was no financial target here, and the searching is done in order to boost in knowledge and get some information. The 2nd 1 is navigational, actually. Navigational que ERT searching is when a user wants to search for a website, but he doesn't know the name of that website. So he uses some keywords, some terms in order to have a lead to the main website. For example, when you time Facebook on the search bar. Ah, but clicking that you can see the website of the pier so you can go to the main website. So the next one is transactional. As the name tells you it is an online transactions, a trade for buying a physical good or even i n Internet service. Imagine that you want to buy a book online or you want to buy a cell phone or even you want to charge your intern or you want to buy an Internet service. They are from this category and there is another kind of this which is called commercial. It is like transactional about here. The user doesn't want to buy it. The user wants to bite, maybe later. So they are the key words that he searches in order to get some information about the conf , eq and the other things about this stuff. Okay, let's go to the second type, which was a search volume. The 1st 1 is ahead. This is the main keywords head or main keywords. They are the most important on, of course, short Where's which are used? Ah, in order to search something they usually show and mention a one. A type or category of a subject are, for example, cell phone in a parchment or event I website developing a computer. Etcetera are from this category and, of course, because they are, Ah, very general and broad subjects. Ah, having these kinds of keywords in order to be rated in the first and top index and the results would be a little too difficult on the problem with this kind of. Actually, he word is that when a person search searches the word like mobile or cell phone, we're not sure whether the person is looking for buying a cell phone or getting some information about the cell phone or even he or she is looking for an application for that cell phone. Eso we don't know the target of the user the search, but actually it is Ah, just mentioning that. What subject is being searched a lot? That is the help it is going to give us. Okay, let's go to that next one. A middle tail. Uh, this one actually is going to have a better distinguishing, Uh, in contrast to the 1st 1 head. It can give us a little more detail, although the it has the same problem that it is a little general and we do not have the complete meaning of it up in this procedure. Off searching at the users have a more mentions a target here, but they're looking for a better recommendation by the searching engines. It means they don't have themselves actually are clear ideas. The terms and phrases like Samsung cellphone, inexpensive hotel, or even buying a car. Where would go to this category? Okay, now let's go to long tail. They are the features off the website with a lot of traffic. This is the secret of their success. They can have and of course, cover 70% of the traffic of your website. And it's interesting to know that long tail a competition of the words would be much and much and much lower than the other ones on. Actually, they contain three or four combination of words, and the users are searching for something which is mentioned. They have a clear searching target. For example, I pair of red Nike men shoes or maybe downloading day app, uber for android. You know, they are from a line tail, and they have a better and mentioned results. And, as I mentioned, ah, for indexing and having a better rate and out of competition in long tail. Keywords in terms for sure have a better feedback, in contrast to Middle Taylor Head, because they mentioned everything in a very clear way, Although it doesn't have a great amount of, you know, in contrast to the other one, it has a better conversion rate, which means, Ah, the searcher. The user can be a customer very, very soon. Maybe there are hundreds of millions of key wears that's only be searched once a day, but they make the majority of the search. He was content on the Net. It may seem awesome to invest on the keywords of rating of 5002 even 500,000 repetition and a day, but you have to know that they are only 30% off the whole searching on and a website and on the Net, and you've got to know that 70%. I mean, the rests of it would be long tape. And I told you that it may be, ah, hundreds of millions of terms of keywords that maybe ah, search Veron's or for a few times. But it has the majority off searching content of the website because, as we mentioned, it has a better conversion rate, in contrast to head and meet a tail. They can I change the, you know, user to the customer on. And it is more probable for the users with these lying tail keywords to buy or trade with that. Um, for example, a person who searches the best cheap Web host tank ah can have a better results. Uh, then the person who only searched the term host. So that was the simple language for visit. Okay, the long tail turned best cheap Web hosting has a better conversion rate to the term host, which is a head. Okay, that is the end of this part. And I hope you enjoy the thank you for watching it and keep waiting for the next step is it's 5. KW2: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the new video tutorial about s E out. Okay, In this episode, we're going to focus on L s I, which stands for Layton Semantic indexing. We'd better not years. Our main key wears a lot and repeatedly in a radical way in our posts or the texts on our website. Because, as you know, may we're going to be fined and given penalty by Google for this reason, with better to use l as i key words. But what r l as I keywords other side cures are keywords semantically related to your main key word. In other words, Google and other search engines used them in order to find the relationship between the concepts and, of course, the key words there related with. Nowadays, search and jeans are smart enough. Teoh. Identify the relationship it than the concept and the meaning of your context and the text off your post to the keywords concept and the finish it. And it is really hard for these search engines to find this relationship without the L, as I keywords. So these search engines are going to rank the websites using L. A psyche words and are higher positions. Actually, keywords air simply the words that found together because they shared the same context. And remember that by using the Elysee keywords, you can easily make and promote some calico context. Using these keywords can result in making sense of what you wanted to put in your content and, of course, what the reality is. So with this way, you're not going to repeat a keyboard for a lot of times and your text. And of course, the content wouldn't be hard for the apostrophe to read or over you. And, as you know, by using the key words, you make it really easier for the users and apostrophe to find the context and the passage . And, of course, the content they're looking for much faster, which can increase the status sticks on the website to viewers and, of course, its ranks. You know, for finding Ellison words, you can easily find them if the context besides each other because, as we mentioned before there close to each other in terms off definition concept, so in a unique text or passage, it would be completely easy for you to find them. Okay, let's have an example. Okay, we're going to have the word apple as an example here. Okay. When you type the word apple how the search engine is going to guess you're going to talk about the fruits or the famous company. Bingo. The answer is that Google is getting help from L s. I words with this method. I mean, using Alice I Google can easily find this ample that you type in the search bar refers to the fruits or that expensive company. So if your page contains the phrases like baked apples, red apple green apples, Fuji apples or eating gap holes, etcetera, your page is probably talking about apples as the fruits meaning of it. But if your page contains the terms like iTunes, apple, Helou, Apple News, app store, apple store, apply phone, etcetera, your pages mostly likely likely talking about the company apple. Okay, now let's go to find how we confined the Ellis I keywords. Okay, One of the easiest ways as trying to find, uh, recommendations and suggestions by Google for this way. We need just to ride the target keyword and the search bar here we have windows is an example. And you see that our Google is suggesting Ah, we understand when this 10 mobile etcetera as suggestions for that, the only thing here you need is to just look for the thing you need. Okay. If you need either of them, you can select one and you know easily you can go for the target you've been searching. And of course, remember that all the suggestions are not suitable for you. Maybe one of them or 23 years from of them are proper for you and you have to distinguish yourself. Okay, let's go to the next one. The next way to find Allah. Zackie, where's again? We need Google for this. We do the same thing with dead and actually like typing the key word in the search bar. But here we scroll down to the bottom of the page. There is ah, title like searches related to Web design here. As you see, there are some blue terms. Phrases down their dads may have the thing you've been looking for. This is another. Where for finding the L s i Q words. Okay, Now let's put it into practice. As you see in the search bar we typed S e o here. And we have a list of suggestions by good Gil that, of course, all of them are not related to the thing we're looking for. We have to find the one and mind the list and off course. Which one is proper to the thing we've been looking for? Okay, so by pressing enter and we scroll down to the bottom of the page, you see searches related to S e O. They're the other kind of suggestions by Google. And, you know, as you see there blue, you can select among the things there. Okay, there aren't the other er are ways rather than Google search bar for finding the proper Ellis I keywords and you're going to analyze. Ls a keyword generated tills here? Ah, the 1st 1 we have in this list is ls I keywords. Okay, you can again easily search that on Google Search in Gene here. When you google DATs ls I keywords. You can find the proper link here. You know, the website is unless psyche, where's dot com and, uh, when you click on it, you know, it is really easy to work with that here in that's bar we Inter the Q word like maybe you're we're going to find something related to computer Onda here in the rights parts, we can find the country's always like all countries. And then, you know, generate ls I keywords when you click on it. There you go. You've got lists off. Uh, you know, suggestions by the keywords and they are suggestions. You can see that they are the words and of course, phrases which are related to the concept off computer, which was our main key. Wait, and I can select any of them and from this list of one which is proper for me can be selected. Okay, let's go to the list again. The next one. Unless I graph it is close to the 1st 1 You know, you can use that easily again. Exactly, like ls I cures. But the 3rd 1 Ah, which is Google keyword planner. This one is a really useful and fruitful chilled. And we're going to talk about it in another episode of this video tutorial on its. So we are going to talk about it in a very, very Broadway. Every detail is gonna be mentioned for you to work with it. much easier. And just remember that using Google keyword planner, you can, you know, find a very, very good list off keywords which are related to the main keywords of yours and by replacing them and the content of the website of yours the essays, your writing, you can optimize the content of your page and a very high situation. Search engines used to showed of results which only related to the word that the apostrophe or the user used to search it isn't like that anymore, because nowadays the algorithms are changed by the search engines. Okay, Like Google, the search engines nowadays are able to find exactly what the user is looking for. Ah, with the help of Ellis I words. So the results are gonna be shown to that user according to ah, what he or she has in his or her mind. One of the most important notes is that Alice a keywords can be the synonyms. And for saurus of the main key work, such as computer PC, which is like a personal computer again, it relates to the computer or they can be the words that come together most of the time. For example, we have. Ah, the terms. When we talk about the web site, sometimes we have ah, developer or of design. So here, when ah website designer comes, it is different from a website developer. They were the examples where l s I key ways, guys, Thank you for watching this video tutorial and wait for the other videos as well. And remember to practice and watch these videos all the time. Good luck. 6. KW3: Well, everybody, welcome to the video tutorial on S E out here. We're going to talk about the advantages off using L as I keywords. The 1st 1 is Ah Teoh. Prevent spamming. Your content over using and repetition of the same passages and texts in different websites has made search engines to have problems with distinguishing the unique passages and content. So they have to lay bell some passages spam and by spam labeling, the website can be given the penalty or can be given the fine. So you're going to get bet the benefit off l s I keywords With this way, these search engines can easily distinguish that how your passage in content as different from the other texts by knowing that how the keywords are related itude tax and content of yours. In fact, having the focusing keywords can give the text to be distinguished by the search engines as a very good one and that the credit is gonna be given to your content. So be sure that using Ellis I keywords in the content of your page can differentiate your webpage with the other Web pages. Okay, The second advantage is the reduction off bounce rate. Ella's like keywords can give you the benefits of preventing good websites rank from the false rates. In other words, the users who are sent to your website are clearly knowing and aware off the content of your website and the content of the pages there. Therefore, they're going to stay on your website for more time because it is what they have been searching for and it can reduce the band's rate of your website. Actually, bounce rate reduction is one of the most important elements. Dad can be good for the S e o and optimizing your website. The third advantage is the increase off the time on the site so it can increase the time on the side by the users. The more proper the keywords are, and the more aware the content would be for the users, the more time the users are going to spend on your website before the user's gonna stay in your website for a long time, and it can gave a more traffic to your website. Improving site ranking search engines would be the next advantage. Ls I. Keywords can announce to the search engines debts what your content is about. Therefore, uh, there can bring good results in terms off S e O and optimizing the website which can give ah higher rank and search engines. The other advantage Ellis I words using can bring you is enhancing the power and authority off your website. One of website have a proper traffic and of course, Ed has improved its rank in search engines. It can mean that it has a good credit and the lead ity. So the given links to that would increase as well, you know, to sum up, it can give a good authority to your website. So having all the things the stages re mentioned can give a good power to your website and last but not lays is increasing in sales. Using Ellis, I words can attract more users who need their goals and aims in our websites. It means that more users are gonna turn into the customers and clients in our website that the results in a better sales. As you know, there are the I temps dead together can give your website to have a proper sales. And of course, it can increase as well in feature. Okay, guys, thank you for watching this episode yet. And good luck 7. KW4: Hello, everybody. Welcome to this episode. Off s A. Out here. We're going to talk about the proper cured attributes. There are three features for a proper keyword, which comes in three different parts. The first part is their monthly searches. The high your searches of monthly searches they have the whether they are the second part is the number of your competitors for that keyword. If the numbers off your competitors would be fewer, you're going to have a more proper cue word. That's what not least would be the competitors who are not strong enough for that word. If your competitors are not strong about or on a cured, you're going to benefit. Your cured will be extraordinary. If it has all these features, normally does chills which are used for research keywords can show you these three features for the key words of yours. And they can even show you that how maney searches for the cures of yours were each single of them has been. And of course, it can show that how the competition off the keywords go According to these things, you can easily mention the key words of yours. Okay. And the future we're going to use, Ah, some very important tools in terms, off search keywords. And they can really help you with those things. Thank you for watching this part and good luck. 8. KW5: Hello, everybody. And welcome to S E o video tutorials. You were going to introduce you the most important on and the good ones, actually tools in order to choose your keywords. As you see here, we've got the Google suggestion when searching the next one is the Google suggestions on the search page. As you see the results on there, the search bar. Okay, let's review here in the search bar you type. Ah, windows very. Are those things that come on the Reds that you can use as L s I Q. It's OK here and now, actually, bottom off the surface when you scroll down to the bottom. Ah, you may find L s I. Q was related to your recent research. They actually are the searches related to Web design. You can use even these things as a less I cured. Okay, let's go back to the next one. This chill, which is the most important too for planning a good keyword is you know, actually, two for the Google is the Google keyword. Tana, this too is really important debts. You know, in the next part, we're going to show you how to create an account and how even to work and use with its, You know, in a complete wait, the mixed till which is really important as well is several rush That's now for 14 days. It is for free. But as you see, it is premium. And if you want to continue using that, you need to pay for the two as well. Okay, let's go to next page. Next one is a age refs, keywords explorer again. It is premium. You need to pay money for that. Uh, he worked Chill dots. Io is another free till, and it is one of the best one of the best ones after, Of course, Google keyword planner. You can use that as well. Through the uber suggests is another good ones. We suggest you it is free. And finally, the K double you finder for keyword finder is another good one. You can actually plan your, uh, yours. Okay, that's come back. Uh, Teoh the previous page. I suggest you the Google keyword planner because it belongs to Google itself. So it would be more cautious and you can pick more conservative using piss off course on the feature you're going to show you how to work with Google keyword planner in a completely for using any off the other chills you can search salmon Google and, for example, the ubers suggests you can go to its own page on. They have for show video to total that broads here. We're going to work on Google. He would planet. Thank you for watching this episode later. We're going to have more video tutorial on issue that Locke 9. KW6: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the video tutorial on S. CEO. In this opposite, we're going to talk about the keyword planner and the recent changes that has been one of the most important concerns to the digital Marquette's as well as the Web Mansour's for both those who years deaths before and those who wanted to start. In fact, the changes are not that much, but it is a little confusing. And besides, there used to be a key point for submitting in the keyword planner dead. In case you wouldn't do it in a very good way, you would go for a wrong turn up to the end of it. It is still existing there, but it is a little different. And there is not a way for concurring that we use the keyword planner, too. Analyze the Q words and how many times it is being surged in a month, since it is a little too hard to register and submit and our cured planner or in case you're new, it's a little confusing. Let's, uh, review and learn how to do it step by step. First of all, in the bar for searching a type Google keyword planner. And after the results come up, I click on this one. Keyword research and strategy with keywords. Planner Oh, my God. The language. I don't know that. Don't worry. Roll down here. You can change the language now. I can't read it. Okay. Start now. Here, click on it. Okay. Here you can type your email address the account to have and remember it has to be your Jim Eagle account. When you enter, you have this page in front of you. Now click on this line experienced with Google. Let's okay, there you have this page here. Pay attention that you need to click on this clause in a create an account without a campaign. Okay, there this page shows. Then I press on submit or I click on it. There you go. It is written. Congrats. You're all don. This is the last part for entering. Click on, explore your account. Remember that in this page you have a tools. I come here, get click on it after clicking As you see, you've got switched to experts mode which changes the page two experts mold on their this window shows up and stretch to export mold As you see, the mode of the page has changed now, okay? And this part if you click on the tills keywords planner by clicking on a keyword planner. Okay, There you go. You have entered the keyword planner. Did you have to sections here, find new keywords. Press on this arrow There you can enter the key words of yours as you see the words phrases or even the u R L which are related to your business. And they are the key words of your website page the words computer, for example, What I entered by typing that you see it is the cure. Do you have selected? So by entering it becomes I single key word of yours. I can add more phrases and of course I can delete them by pressing on this across and see if I write type the other words like laptop. It becomes another key. Wait. Okay. When you're done together started as the option you've got to click on after that, I I have to wait to see what are the key words by relevance, that good girl is going to suggest me. What do you see as a list which is suggests that's by Google to me According to the keywords I just typed. Okay, we're done for this episode. That is enough. And And the next up is that we're going to work on the keyword planner chills other than mawr. We're going to talk about them. Thank you. And good luck. 10. KW7: Hello, everybody. And welcome to another video tutorial on S e. We were talking about keywords and here we are having a new session. In the previous video tutorial, we taught you how to create an account and ah, Google keyword planner And this video tutorial, we want to show you how to use this powerful to in a very appropriate way. Okay, as we mentioned before, it is really necessary for our business to decide on at the keywords we're going to select for analyzing the keywords off our website. We can use this till I mean key keyword planner by Google. Remember that this too is designed mostly for those advertising departments on websites. And of course, it has a lot of benefits like it has the option off auction and investing on the keywords. Even so, it may not be that useful for the ones who are working on optimizing their websites or they're going to keep having s e o under websites. But remember, there are the other parts in this chill that really can be helpful for the ones who want to boost optimize the website and they want to have s C O and remember that the interface off this, too, is mostly often changed by Google in their updates. And, of course, the interface you're watching right now is the latest updates. When we're recording this video, that which is really much easier to work with it is more using friendly than before. Okay, there, uh, boxes here. The 1st 1 is fine. New keywords. It is, as you can raid it is for finding the new keywords. When you click on it are you have this bar that you can use a single cure tear or phrases that may relate to the business of yours. Like when, for example, you're selling coffee online. You can are type the keyword coffee here. So by typing that you can access the database related to the business of yours. And, of course, the key word you've just typed. Or you can type the phrase not only one word. The phrase can have some words together like combination off some words, for example, about the same example we used before. Like coffee. You can have the best grade coffee or, I don't know, organic coffee, Brazilian coffee. It said Right here you can type the words together as a phrase and even plus the words or phrases you can type, you can't even, you know, Copy that. You are l of your page Pierre. And according to the content of that web page, uh, Google is going to suggest you some key words here, so there would make it really easy for you. Okay, let's test it. Put it into practice. I'm going to try the word I'm in a single word. Ah, accounting is the word I want to use. I type it. There's something I forgot to tell you. That and the new update of this, uh, you can only have a three key words, but in the previous versions, there was no limitation. Okay. When you type the word accounting by pressing the enter as you see, like a bubble around it Ah, you can type another one. Another key word here. I talked accounting as the first ones of financial as a 2nd 1 or financial. Both are correct. Okay, They These two are another off. Okay, Now get started. Calais, Can it? They are the list of keywords idea. They're all the recommendations and suggestions by Google when you scroll down all times off the keyword which are related to what you I just typed as a long list, really long list. And if you look at this, yes, it has found, like 1000 100 25 cured ideas. So that is really long. And, uh, if you look at the bar above 33 other items like locations, language and search networks locations, it can be the contrary city province. Stay that several that you run your business in, you can select, or if if actually your businesses work while it is all locations. By the default the language, which is English as a default, you can even search. I mean, select the language, which is in some countries. It gives you this ability to search that cue word and the target language that wanted to select. And this search networks, As you see, the default is good girl. It wants to know that this actually search networks should be according to what search engines. Google is the search engine debts we have here and off course. We recommend a Google. Okay, And if you just come a little down in this part, when you select this parts related ideas there. Two options. Brother related ideas. As it is mentioned, When you select brother related ideas, it gives you all the searches. Reach has any kind of relevance or relationship and off course, you know, sending them so that. But if use click on close, early related ideas, it brings exactly the things which come to the words you wanted to, uh, choose as the key word. And here bees elect broadly related in the column that is shown to you is the key word. The other column is average monthly searches. It doesn't show me exactly, uh, the average monthly searches. It shows a range between one million to 10 million for finance and, of course, the same for account. And if you want to know about the exact average searches, ah, you need to activate the, you know, first campaign on advertising after a period, which is definite and also the price of AdWords with mentioned cost. After that, you know it is going to be activated, you know, And if you have the exact average monthly searches, you can have the exact a popularity of that keyword on, uh, searches. Sometimes this range can be really great. It would be a big number. But remember that in that case you can understand that it is used a lot by most of the users. Ah, Worldwide Or according to the location you selected in the upper bar. No, we can't count on it as a very good you know, trend for the traffic of our website. And also remember that for the beginning of your business, it is better not to use difficulty. Keyword. Okay. You want to see the difficulty of the Kiewit? Go to the next column competition. It shows you how competitive the word the keyword actually is. There are three ranges for that low, medium and high. So as you know, if the comm pet competition for the keyword is low, it is much better for me. We know that it is, ah, less competitive to the other Q words. I mean, that difficulty, the range of difficulty, the level of difficulty that keyword should be low and competition bar. Call him, actually. I mean, if it is low, I can give ah higher rank to my web page. So up to now, we know that the keywords we're going to select to have Ah ah, higher average monthly searches and the lowest competition. Okay, let's go to the column. Top of page bid, Low range. It refers to the Klay cold advertisements off Google. It is mentioning the lowest price for any adverse ties. Mons on that keyword and the currency you're watching right now is the currency of Ukraine . According to the country, you're doing the S E O. You can see different currencies dollar, euro, pound, etcetera, and the next column again is top of page bid. But this shows the high range again. It refers to the click Hall advertisements on Google off a certain keywords. It shows the high range of that, uh, price for advertisement here on the columns. You can modify the columns. You can personalize that According to the columns you need when you click on it, you've got the list of the columns by checking Gore on checking, you can have or you can stop having the columns you need or you don't. For example, you can uncheck one of them and check the other one. I preferred the default. Modifying and filter is another part. You can filter the results here by having some features on it. Maybe sometimes it happens that Google keyword planner, uh, doesn't show you the keywords that's are related. And I mean to your keywords. And of course, uh, they're not topper here. You can use this option. Ah, you know, by clicking here this is another way you can have the filter that you think is proper for you. For example, I click on keyword text, and here I mentioned that the keywords Google keyword planner is going to suggest, contains or does not contain what keywords or what words. Okay, and after that, apply it is applied on the search results. So, as I mentioned, when it contains a keyword, you can add another category or when you select, does not contain, you're going to remove the words which are not related to the keywords you have on your website. I mean, according to Dickie, would you select it? Let's choose another filter like competition. You can hear ask Google to show you the matches that's have low, medium or high competition. As I told you, low competition actually would be best here. I select low and now the list on Lee shows me the low competition. Onda, uh, the other Actually, filters are there in order to have a more advanced of filters. And when your professional, you can use them in order to have a better as e o. And of course, in case you want to have the keywords which are suggested by Google keyword planner, you can click on here, download keyword ideas, then you can have them as on Xel file. You can download them, you can have them and you can analyze them. Okay, as I mentioned before it, all the entities of this list would not be proper for me, and they're not necessarily related to what I was looking for. Therefore, I need to find the ones Ooh, each are best matched weather. What? My idea is according to the business of mine also, I mentioned that I've got to pay attention to ah har your average monthly searches and of course, ah, lower competition. Okay, According to these two factors, you can have a better outcome off. What do you have done so far on? If you are fresh? I mean, you just started your business on actually Internet. Or maybe you're not that powerful to compete with the other competitors with the rivals online. We then suggest you to work on longer keywords. I'm in the key words, which contain more words. We call them long tail keywords by creating pages for the keywords as well as producing very useful and, of course, important content with considering the updates in a bird, each of them and, of course, using the best keywords and the text essays. And, of course, in those pages, while putting the leading links for the keywords to lead you to the target page. Considering all these factors you can get, ah, high rank And, of course, even the highest rank according to the key word for your page. And don't forget, don't you know, put a lot of links in one content for a lot of times. Okay, so egging, uh, remember that having good two words having pages for the keywords having good links, that's ah, lead you to the proper page as say, and content for that using the best I told you keyword according to the fact that you mentioned can give you a higher rank and, uh, actually Google search engines or the other search. INGE's okay, uh, next video tutorials. We're going to talk about how to link You're our content and, of course, had to create a very nice and the useful as a or content. Thank you for watching this video and good luck. 11. KW8: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the video tutorial on S E O. After finding the best keywords and l s I I ke wears, we've got to know the best place to use them and where and how the first place that we can use our main keyword is in the u r l of our website. We can use the main keyword in the u r l of our website. Um, before or after that, we can use the other words. For example, s e o. If it is our the main keyword of my website, Uh, new s e o dot com can be a good one. A good example of that can tell you the site title or the post title can be another good place for using the key words trying Teoh use the key where the most important key word that you want to use at least ones and side Trento and if possible, use it at the beginning of it. It means that, uh, if you've got a phrase, it is better for the beginning. Where to be the main cue word not the middle or they end words. You know the titles off the website would be really important for both users and of course , thesis search engines. Here, look at this example. Photo F you search Ah, and the good girl. The results would be given to you like this and they have three parts. The first part is the title. This one is the website. You are l. And of course, the description under the u. R. L is really related to the meta description, as you see here is shown to the users. And of course, it is important for the search engines. It has a great importance because it can outcome to the users for having the encourage enough. Of course, cars enter your website and this is called the website meta description or Web page description. So try to use the proper and, of course, encouraging terms. Arman, keywords and Ellis I keywords for this part. Okay, Number three was meta description dad's I talked about Okay, one of the most important places. For the key words of yours, I would be the content and the post. I mean, whatever your website has, using the keywords and the passage doesn't mean to bow margarine atmosphere with the keywords I'm in, I'm You shouldn't actually repeats that every other line, as we mentioned before. But using the keywords and the relative keywords and, of course, paying attention to the Ellis I keywords. You can have a better ranks and good good search and jeans. And, of course, at the same time you can respect your apostrophe and the readers. As I told you before, Google have this ability to distinguish they. Where's the key words which are related to each other? The center names, the keywords when you use on the rates is going to get high. Your website is going to be given the penalty or fine, because off word a keyword stuffing, you know. And this season and next, actually, episodes we're going to talk about keyboards. Something in details. Okay, Number five is H one and H two texts. They are very good places for your keywords to be using your cures in H one and H D attacks can have a very good outcome in the S e o and optimizing off your website. When you're writing something and typing a content for your website page, you can have the tags off H one and H 283 etcetera easily. And of course, you know that H one has more importance than H two and H two is more important than H three . And so on Anchor text the link that is lead by one, uh, text or line like this is called anchor text. You write something, but by clicking on that, you can lead to another page. You know every page off your website. Ah should be let and should be accessible by less fewer than four clicks. This is the drill that every programmer should know. So it is better for you to have enough external and internal laying spy important anchor takes in different parts. But remember that, uh, you know, you have to have relativity with the anchor tanks and of course, Ah, the webpage dead it refers to, You know, using this technic can give a very good s e all effect on your website. You know, that concept should be relative as I told you before, For example, the you know, back link oh dot com, which is for S e o website. Cannot be a good anchor text for I don't knows car sales, you know because there is no relativity between the content and of course, the keywords. Remember that the image, name And of course, the image alternative text can be an outer. Actually, options for you to use your cures image am actually is the name you can put for the meju using your posts. Eso if the image you are using has a different name, try to rename it to actually a name that consists your keywords. What is image, alternative text or image? All tech stack. Actually, it is, ah, text that is used instant off the picture or the image. That's for any reason doesn't appear on the website. So, as you know, as the it is defined like that. That text that is shown instead of doubt aim age is called a major all text or image all takes tank. So why don't we use the keywords for this point as well, And imagine the image is gonna be length to another page or another content of solving. So using the Cuba hours can give a very, very, very good outcome to the content off the page and, you know it's can be a good and benefit for both parts. You know, when a person is trying to buy a cell phone, that person doesn't write buying a cell phone or buying mobile for sure that person is going to use online. Ah, buying off Samsung Note 10 or notes 83 Whatever. Remember that you know the terms they use as more Kalu Keogh than actually they cliche keywords. This this collection all method is exactly what we said about l s I on. So you've got to try to use more words off keywords and longer keywords, phrases and even synonyms and off course. Even you can use colic yal terms for your keywords. You're gonna be given better ranks from search engines and you're going to have less competition. Teoh the cliche and common keywords like cell phone or okay. Thank you for watching this EP, is it? And good luck. 12. KW9: Hello, everybody, and welcome Teoh, the video tutorial on an e O. Here we're going to talk about keyword stuffing. Actually, as you see it is the practice of inserting a large number of keywords into Web content and met attacks in the attempt to artificially increase a pages ranking in search results and drive more traffic to the site. In other words, it is a technique for Seo and optimizing your website to aim increasing and the pages ranking for a definite keyword, which was used by Web masters a long time ago. What was years in this method, with usage of a key word for a lot of times in an unnatural way in the contents of a page. With this way, unnaturally thes search engine robots involved those keywords. Therefore, the website and the key word would be given a good rank. This technique was effective between the years 27 2011 in S E. O. But by turning up off a pendulum algorithm, this way wasn't useful anymore. And it became in nightmare for the Web masters and in panda algorithm, all the contents with repetitive keywords that would be seen easily and repetition of the keywords in a short passage wouldn't be boring for the apostrophe. Biggest Google and the other search engines wouldn't pay attention to that technique and the words which are used there. So all the passengers should be written naturally, and we shouldn't pay attention to that technique. And of course, the keywords shouldn't be repeated and used a lot in a text. And we've got to pay attention to the quality of the tanks and, of course, its effects on the readers. What is important to a user as a text which is written for that person and not for the surgeon Jin's? There are some disadvantages of keyword stuffing. For example, you can have a loss off rank of a website as well as losing a lot of users off that website . It's obvious with this they think you're going to be an opposite side of Google. And of course, you've got to have the right for the Google to feed your being enemy and stand in front of you. What has always been important to the Google as the most important challenge as the satisfaction of its users? And what didn't you think that using this way I'm in using a lot of keywords and repetition of the keywords would be boring for the audience and the users. There we have the key word density. Here. Your density refers to the number of times a keyword appears in a given webpage or within a piece of content as a ratio or percentage of the overall word count. In terms of S E O and optimizing a Web site, cure density can be used as a factor off for distinguishing the relativity of the content of the page and main keywords. It's obvious that with keyword stuffing that keyword density with grow, and of course, the website would be given a penalty or being fined by the cocoa a lot off S E O. Experts believe that the keyword density should be between 1 to 3 persons off the whole content of a page. And, of course, if this percentage would be higher than that Google with define your page as one of these Pam's. Here is the key word density formula. Key word density equals number of times. You repeat your keywords devise into total words. Count of the article times to 100 With this formula you can understand and get the cure density off your page for sure. Using this for me allow for all the articles and the push of your page with be impossible. But don't worry. There are some chills for this job. For example Ah, the Plugging Yost S E o. Which gives you the cure density. After typing the whole content of your page and the bottom of your page, we're going to have a one episode in the future. About years as CEO, we're going to teach in a video tutorial how to work with it. The plug ins, like yes s CEO can at the same time accounts that word the keyword density off your page. And in case you use a keyword for more done enough, they can warn you as we mentioned, you can use your keywords between 1 to 3 person. It means that if the text you have has ah, 100 words, you can use your key word for one, 23 times. Or if the text your writing has ah 1000 words, the keywords can be bit Finton to 30 and not more. Thank you for watching this episode. See you later 13. KW10: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the video tutorial on SCF. In this video tutorial, we're going to have the last episode on keywords. As you have watched the previous video tutorials on keywords. We had a lot of things to tell you. And you learned a lot of things in this part. And in this video, we're going to put them into practice. Let's see, it's practically actually, we want to teach you how to optimize your a page for the keywords you have in your mind. Okay, First of all, you need to signing your countin girls keyword planner. Okay, here, the real Let's go to the tools and select keyword planner. Okay, find keywords. Click on it. As we told you before, you need to time that keywords you have in your mind. Okay? Suppose that's your business is about interior designing. Andi. Ah, let's have, for example, new kitchen cabinet models. Let's type. It's okay. As I told you before, uh, you know you if you're actually starting your started at this business, it is better for you not to use the main que words. And it is better for you to use long tail keywords because if you select those main keywords they have hi competition and your new, so you're not going to have a good result. And this is why I used no kitchen cabinets. Models answered off having interior Designer kitchen, for example, because it is a long tail. And of course, it doesn't contain Ah, the main keywords with high competition. Okay, silicon gets star Dad. You see that? Okay, it has Ah! Ah, the ideas. Good girl. Have fan for us is 834 keyword ideas. Okay, Look at the list. They are actually the results. And as I mentioned before the average month E searchers are put in rangers. They actually doesn't show me the exact number because my account is not activated yet. And if you have the activated one, the exact number of average monthly searchers would be shown to you. Well, okay, That is enough, I guess for me for the beginning, it is sufficient because I can have my information. The information I need according to the range is here. But remember, if you want to work in the feature in a professional manner, it is better for you to activate what I told you about this part. Okay, In this list, I have toe select two or three are keywords which are closer related to the new kitchen cabinet models. The long tail keywords that I, ah had in my mind with two features high average monthly searches and the low competition even in our medium, competition is not that bad. According to what we have long before we go to the filter competition low and media we apply. It means that only the key words are going to be shown with the composition off low and medium and not high. You know, when you check those two there it is. Now there are 451 keywords. Okay, Now it is time for me to select the keywords which are closer related to the cured idea that I selected at the beginning of typed at the beginning. And I haven't for gotten that day. Must have a better average monthly searches. I told you, the higher the better. Okay, now it is time for me to find it. I am searching the ones which I need. For example, model kitchen design can be one of them, and the other one can be that. See? You know, you can drag it here to have a complete one. Modern kitchen cabinets idea. This is my second choice. Okay, uh, you know, it is better for you to have more time for it to find a better and the best ones, actually, for the key words here, because I'm going to teach you. Just selected throughout that these two are enough for me. I want to start what I started on. It is better for you to find Mawr keywords like four or five as the target cures for yourself. Okay, Now I copy them the keywords I found. And uh huh I come to work press where I want to work on my new text and content. Okay, I paste here, and I do the same thing for the other key. Worked copy and paste here. Okay, The first thing I should do is that I have to select the title for these post and I'm in the content of mine. Okay, there is the part you you can type your title. You know, it is better for me to a selected title that contains the words I have in my key words, one of the ways is that to copy all of them and put them without any change in there. Title? No. Think that you have some key words here and put them in a row. And the time felt bar It is a very bad day. Yes, Don't do it because we repeated a lot of times, some things, and it is considered as over optimizing. It is probable that Google doesn't accept it. And considerate as s pan in addition dishes and not a title to attract a user, you know, And, uh, there is no possibility for user to select on a title like this, so that city are well for short decrease for it. Okay, What I have to do here is to be creative in order to select smartly the words I'm in the title to have most of the words. But at the same time, it should be attractive to the user. And of course, it shouldn't be a repetition off exact keywords with selected before. For example, let's have a modern kitchen cabinets, design ideas. It can be attractive to the user. May be, of course, it depends on your creativity, because I'm just teaching you. I'm not trying to find a very creative mode. It is a little amateurish, but it's the model. I have modern kitchen cabinets, design ideas. I guess it is a good title that can consider all the things I wanted to have in my mind. And in my business, according to the key words of mine I selected actually, in this way I optimized by keywords. OK, uh, let's scroll down if you're using the plug in a year's S e o. You know when you scroll down Ah, you've got an option at its net pit. There you have three parts as your title is lock and meta description on meta description bar. You can type actually, what description that you I need to mention, uh, I forgot to tell you that, you know, in previous videos, I told you that one of the race to find the keywords is using Google Search Bar. It solved, you know, like this new kitchen cabinets. Ah, the list you see is the suggestion list by Google, and it shows that they have been the key words that's were searched by the users. You can select among them the one which is close to your idea. OK? I just wanted to mention can see that this is another way. You know, we were working on Google keyword planner. This is another way. Okay, let's go back to what we started. I'm going to write the description here. Modern kitchen cap in ads design on a new kitchen cabin and pictures. Okay, now it is time for going to the post itself. Now, at the cures that we selected, we need to give the tag. You know, the H two tack. Uh, there isn't think that we can use is to mention the keywords as the heading and under the's headings or titles. They I can write about the keywords. In other words, we have a heading first title. They're considered the second heading or heading to, and for each of them, we can have sob heading. Uh, you know, when we have a text, a passage for these subheadings and s e. Or it is considered optimizing. We are going to give them life optimization and a very good way. So here, in our heading two or h two, we used our keywords because, as I mentioned before, Google pays Ah, lot of attention to heading one heading to on, uh, there is another technique that you can't even have a little bit change. And A You know, these headings in order for the headings not to have, uh, the exact copy of the cures, I can add or remove something. For example, uh, by adding I for 2019 I can give it a time adverb to change it a bit. That is a technique. It is not a trick, Of course. A good girl. We're not going to deceive you. I can add modern kitchen cabins, ideas, maybe in beautiful colors. Daddy's bingo. I discovered something. Now, uh, I'm trying to give it more colors by giving in beautiful colors. This is a creativity. You can use the things some aunt verb, some adjectives to change the bids in order to have a better outcome. Don't forget it. Now it is time for each of them to be given a text or passage under them. In the video tutorials related to content making the mentioned that Google pays more attention to the text, passages and contents which are longer. In other words, if they have ah, 1005 100 or 2000 words, they are considered more important. I mean, Google pays more attention to these things, So the more you write the bidder of results you're going to get. And another important point is that right and produced the post and content of your page yourself. Do not try to copy and get it from the other parts. Because, according to S E O, it is considered a negative point that Google would give you. And because you have copy, then paste. Ah, you're not going to be ranked higher. So do it yourself. But here because I'm teaching you, I do not have. I don't want to waste your time by typing something. I copied some texts here from Google in order to just show you and I to tell you again, Do not copy them. Try to write and type them yourself again. I mentioned that the text you see here is something that they copied. But you shouldn't do that for the headings and subheadings. The text should be unique and, uh, replaceable. It is something that should be made by yourself and produced by yourself and another important point that I have to mention is that and the text you're going to write under the headings, it is better to use the keywords and the texts. I do not mean that used them a lot. Because if you use that a lot, uh, you know, it is considered over optimizing, and it is going to give you a negative point. Try to satisfy the user and the Google at the same time. This is the technique, and the next thing is illustration pictures, images that you have for the posts Google pays. And actually, high attention to at this part is well, And, uh, we told you before that tried Teoh rename the the name of the image and, of course, the ALDS name of it by some keywords in order to have a better results. So it means that after I wrote right the description under each of them, I had better reused the images related to that as well. And, of course, the name and Taegu vault of that image. I mean, I can use the keywords, suffers that that description is a description for that's heading for this. Ron suffers that, uh, this text shows that the scripture for that at the end of each parts of it, whether used the images, So it means that you've got the heading the description. Then, of course, you put the image rename the image as I mean used the keywords in that and, of course, use the tag off the altar of that image by having the cures in that as well. Okay, Thank you for watching these episodes as well. Thank you for watching us. And good luck. 14. Sitemap1: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the video tutorial on S E. O. In this video, we're going to talk about another important part of Evzio site member, actually site map as a text file that contains all the addresses of your Web page. As soon as every page is created on your website, the address is going to be included in this. So by introducing the link off up your what page Here you can have them uncertain jeans and of course, indexing off your website pages could get really faster. Analyzing of your page by Google is done firstly by viewing the site map and go getters go to study and analyze all links here. So we can say that if on your website there is no link for the page which is published, Google can find it easily where? Science map to index it. And remember that if you do not have science map, there is no reduction on your S e o. But by having it, you can boost the S e o of your website. Okay, There are of three ways for creating sites map. The 1st 1 is a making the site map file manually and the second way is, you know, having some online websites that get the u R l of your pages and they can actually put them in sites map online. And here we introduce you one of the examples of these websites www dot x m al dash site map stock and the 3rd 1 If your website is using the C m s like a word press or Jim Row, you can use this one. You can use the plug ins which are free, like Google X M l site map. This one is the best one among all of them or, uh, the other plug in Yost S E O are all in one Pakis CEO J sites map etcetera. But remember that the last one J site map is only you used for Jim Law. Thank you for watching this video in the next videos. We're going to give you more description on these things. 15. Sitemap2: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E O. In previous video, we talked and introduced about site map here. We wants to talk about one of the most useful as sites map plug in, which is Google X M l site map. First we go to the plug. It's There are two options here at new is the one with select. And on the right upper corner. There is a search bar for the plug ins Research for XML site map. We, uh, type. It's There are some plug ins appearing. The one with selectees. Google XML site map. Okay, click on install, and then we have to activate that. Then it is the activated Plug in on our sites map. We go to the sitting and there is bingo XML site map just at it. Okay, We select that in order to manage our sights. Man, Plaque in here. You can see that there are some options and configurations year, and what we recommend you is to actually keep it like the defaults mode. But in order to have a better as oh, you can at, uh, categories and tags to it, so I hear can check include categories and include tag pages here. And after that, there are two options. Update options. There you go. Okay, so and Ah, this is Ah, my u r l to the sites map. This is the link you can see at a Z domain and slash a site map dot x m l. You can click on it and you can see your site map index. There you go. That said thank you for watching this part. I hope you enjoyed its on good luck. 16. Sitemap3: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the new video tutorial on S E O. After making the site map on work press, it is the time to actually introduce our sites. Vamp address to Google Search console for doing this. You've got to signing your Google. What master account? Okay, we have told you how to create your account on our Google Council or were mess or till for and how to introduce your website to that Google. Okay, I just signed in my good girl search console, and I want to introduce my site map to Google Tear click on site map there. You need to, uh, writes your as sides map. You are. I had actually the first part, which was my domain. And after slash I needed to write. Ah, site map dot xml Actually, this is what I had. I submits here. Side map submitted successfully tear Google actually accepted it. So then you can press. Got it. It is submitted. Now, if you're using the old versions, click on this part. Ah, you select this. And here come Teoh crawl site map is one of the entities. You do the same thing we did before and then here add tests. Sites map the U R L you need and sides map dot xml is exactly what I did in the previous parts, and then I submit It's OK from now on. Whenever good Girl wants to refer to your website address, they first on the lies and study robots start txt and after that site map dot x m l. And according to the addresses, exists that on days to and of course, they're updated every day it can in the lives and then index it in a better way. Another advantage E using site map is to observe the indexed and on indexed u R L by Google . The other one is to have different site maps for different categories, like for the audios for the texts, images at said Raw and last but not least is to how good go to identify and now our website better and faster. Thank you for watching this video and good luck 17. Sitemap4: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E O. After creating the science math and introducing that too good girl by submitting it and as now, time to introduce and submits our site map to another strong surgeon. Gin, which is being okay being what? Mass, sir. Tools. Then click on its here. Then you enter dashboard. Ah, select. Configure my sites. There is site map. The first option. Click on it. There again, you have submits a site map. You should type the domain than the slash. And for us, it was site map Thought X m l and easily we can submit it. So then after that, the u R l. And the last submitted is appearing here, here on your l's submitted. We see pending because we should let the pink and ah, searching engine robots Our visit, our website and then depending is over. Thank you for watching this video and good luck 18. Sitemap5: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E O. This is the less opposite. We're going to talk about site map. As we mentioned at the beginning of this chapter talking about the sites map, there were three ways for making it. And we taught You have to use Google X m al for WordPress making and creating your site map . But what about having some Web likes we that CMS You know how we can have the site Maps for them are HTML or C S s a boat to is plug ins for site maps for short. Not so we need to use the website XML dash site maps dot come for this. Okay, First of all, going into Google bats, then we could take on the site and and we enter. It is really interesting to know that first you need to write your Ah, you're l here. And after that it is going to generate your sites map online and gives it to you Here. I need to click on more options. You know, in the third part, there is page the pages change of frequency. It's repeated. You need to provide the websites Where the time off calling data, you know? Are we going to use them like always, hourly, daily, weekly, yearly or even never. For example, if your website is updating it its content weekly it is better to choose weekly or if it is not static. And your website is dynamic And also try t choose always because every moment it may update itself. I choose quickly. I have your el here. Start it is scaring my ah websites. They are crawling our websites now. Okay, scan is don Now the site map is made. You know, if your website has a lot of pages, you need to wait for more time to actually create your site map here now. Okay. I have the options of the used site maps, detail. I click on it. They're here down there, and, uh, here we can see all the pages of our website. So here we click on this part, there are the pages, like, you know, your l tax. Okay, so we've got our, uh you know, XML sites map five here. We can download it here, so it is downloaded. Okay. After that, I need to upload it to the domain root folder off my website. And after that, I should open Google search console and add my sight, man, if you are. L okay for uploading gate into my domain root folder of my website. I should go to my host panel. So I go to my host panel, then filed manager. You know the main route. Our website is in the folder public underlying HTML. Actually, here is the place we need to upload are a site map file. Okay, it is being open. Okay. Ah, Here, file upload. Be selective file, or we can drag the five from the download's, you know, I got it. I drag it here and at to the Q again. You see, it is uploaded now. Okay, easily it is, don. Okay, on after that, you can see science map dot xml in the folder public underline html. Okay. Now, according to the last video tutorial, we must signing our accounts on Google up Messer tools and bigwig Messer chills. In order to introduce our science map to, uh, those search and jeans as well. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. And good luck 19. ux1: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. And this season we are supposed to talk about Yale X or user experience, which means that the users can explore in your website more easily and more satisfied. In fact, your website is going to give them good feeling. User experience is one of those elements that can influence on the S e o of your website. The reason is that good Gill is reacting to the treatment of the users to different websites. In other words, a Google can distinguish that How fruitful is your website to the users and how satisfied the users are after being in your website, simply saying the more satisfaction from the users, the better rates from S CEO is your side's gonna be given by the Google You X has a direct relationship with the the elements Stats View X has play important role for the S e O. Is your website safe, fast and more viol, User friendly or not? Do that contents encourage the users stay and website or not? Does your website load easily in fast is it's easy to use or work with your website in other words, do they have a simple navigation or not? They are the factors that Google and other search and jeans are considering before giving the rate and drank to the websites, and now have to have a good you X. The 1st 1 is to have a responsive websites in the year 2010 your website must be a designed for every platform. It is predicted that by the year 2020 about 2.87 billion people have smartphones. Therefore, if your website is not designed for the mobile platform, you know totally are going to lose a lot of users, but also the rank and rate of your website decrease. If someone enters your website with cell phone and the speed of loading readability of the content and the format of your website, I got some problems for sure they're going to leave your website ASAP. So Google is not going to give a good drank to your website. The next one is to boost this speed of your website. Have you were waiting it for a website to get loaded? Where have you ever refreshed the page for a few times, Most likely now one of the expectations that the user wants from the website as to have a good speed for loading in order to reach his or her the as soon as possible. The other item is focusing on quality. It is much better than the content will be original and of course, your website is exclusive website to have it. Actually, the content of yours must have more than 600 words. In this way, you can be sure that you are giving a full and complete answer to the users. The other item is the simplification off site navigation, which is to simplify the navigation of your website. Actually, navigation is one of the key items which is important for the U X analyzing for the surgeon James. To give the rate and rank your home page must have simple and easy navigation. The users must use the website of yours directly. The users shouldn't think about next step one of the easiest way in order to make Google understand the bads navigation of your website is to create a science map and as you know, we talked about site map in the season. We were having the idea off site map. Creating navigation and the menus are the ways for the users to excess the pages of your website. The menu must be a simple try not to have a maze menu on the question. Shouldn't be for the user like this. How, and by clicking on what I TEM, I can go to the next step. The other item is using all tack for images when the image is not loaded. All tag is the little description that give information about that image by creating all tank for images you can get sure that's by having Theo image or not having the image. When it is loaded or not loaded, the user can get similar information. The other item is internal. Linking by having a proper and appropriate internal linking, the user can get a very good experience by coming and visiting your website. In other words, the users can easily go to different parts that he or she wants and explore your website so easily. Thank you for watching this video, and I hope you like that. Good luck 20. ux2: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on as e one of the most important algorithm for Google that shows that how user experience is important to the cookie. Oh, is rank brain algorithm. This algorithm was introduced and 2015. It is like the third the most significant item and distinguishing the S E O off the website only by considering the contents and the links and that's it. Rank brain pays more attention to the treating measurements. There are three examples for that, like bounce rate, dill, thyme and CTR. They are the measurements that tell the surgeon genes whether the user had a good experience on the website or not. The term bands rate was used years before invention of technology, computer, Internet, etcetera. And you know, bands is used sometimes for the tennis when the ball hates the net and comes back. So suppose that there was a supermarket, a customer. Com's looks at the windows and different stags shelves. But he doesn't buy anything without any talking of into the shopkeeper, and he or she goes out. Actually, here we have a bam's. Of course, it is not something likeable for the shopkeeper but in terms off technology and S CEO banned Straight is analyzing by visiting of a page and of course, living there for your website. Bounce takes place when a user comes to your website, but without clicking, we're going to the other page lives It it means that the user doesn't have any interest and didn't like any item of the page. So this is why, without reading something, we're going to the other page he leaves there. This measurement is only used for the new users. Therefore, in case the user has visited your website before, the bench straight is not counted because maybe he or she has visited the other pages of your website. Imagine that there are ah 100 visitors for your website and suppose that only 40 people for the users are going to click and check the other contents or pages of your website. In the situation, you've got 60% off bounce rate, which is really bad. Bounce rate depends on different items like the content of your articles and posts, or maybe the type of your website. Is it like a shopping website? Or they're only texting contents or maybe checking their the quantity of the length of your websites, different ways and where are the other lengths? And can the users check the links? Easy. Generally the number between 40 to 50% of bands trade is something normal and you shouldn't worry about it. But if it is more than 50% unit to get worried about it and in case it is on their 40% it shows that you've got a very good and valuable website. The other good item for the bounce rates decreasing is ah, having more time on the website of yours were, in the other words, a time on site. You can measure this time with the chills. Good girl, analitico. The more a user's pans on your website that more satisfied he is about your website and he doesn't check the other websites. And sometimes the content of your website is interesting and attractive for the users. This is why they spend more time on your website. So for checking the advance rate situation of your website, you can use the tools of Al Exa were good girl ANALITICO on the videos about Google analytics. You can get a better understanding of how to get more information about the status ticks, off pounds rates and different stuff about it. In Google, ANALITICO issue can go to the content and then you can choose top landing pages. There you can see the number of interims existing and of course, bands rate of your website lets go to the other part, which is click through Rates or city are. As you see it is ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of totalled users who view a page, a male or advertisements of your website. Imagine to a press website or a website. Bad news. You have got an advertisement banner and imagine that it is shown 10,000 times a day. We are going to check how many clicks have been on it for counting at you should have the number off Click Inc. Isha divided into times it has been showed and then you multiply it to ah 100. The amount of city are for every keyword and page is different. For example, maybe the amount of city are for the term training s CEO is 10% but for the other term, like teaching as e o academically or professionally. It's maybe 18%. And imagine that's both. Keywords direct in a one page, and even there is a city or for different pages off yours, and there is an average for its of age. The average city are of all the words with searching a, which you can see the results on the search engine results. But how we can improve in booze. The CTR. When the user sees your website link on the search engine results, the user is trying to find out which one is the best option for him to go for having a positive impression and the mind of the users. In that little time, you've got some nice places. The 1st 1 is the title. The average off. Putting the characters for it is like 70 characters that you must use the perfect, the best items in keywords as well. Askey freezes for it in order to attract the users and remember that there are some common terms which are really tempting. The users such as Sepp vice up simple to do easy, cheap etcetera. The other one of which is important for you is the description meth attack that meta description is shown exactly under the title. It has a bigger space where the smaller phones, which is up Teoh, about the 170 characters that is there in order for you to show the description that can be best for the users to get into your website for the description. It is much better for you to use the terms and the phrases care that can encourage the users click on it. And, for example, if in the description you can add with a special gift or with the video tutorial, you're going to get more chance to be selected by the users. The other item is this schema. You can see that here for sure, you have the experience of seeing the other items up. Besides the title and the description, Tech, one of the most important and the famous ones, is the Stars four rating of the Websites that you can see here. You can see them with those in our range of stars that shows the better rates. Using that can be another prescription way. Teoh. Convince your users select your website. In other words, a using the title. The description schema etcetera can be good Ray in order to attract more users and concede quickly, the city are is gonna be optimized. The other item we're going to talk about is the dual time. Dual time, actually is the time the duration of the time that a Google search Her or the user spends on a page from the search results before going back to the searches pages as well. I suppose that's on Google. You're searching the term like coffee shop and then after seeing the results, you click on the 1st 1 and entered the website. But after entering is Oh my God, This is not the website that was looking for. Or maybe it is not too user friendly. I mean, so in this case, after five seconds, you click on return and come back to the search results as well. So the dual time of yours for their website is five seconds. So this is going to tell Good Go that Okay. The website doesn't have a good dual time. Therefore, there is no good user experience for the website because it couldn't persuade in convenes and of course, attract users. Now imagine that you select the 2nd 1 you click on ads you enter to cite Answer. Oh my God! The content is amazing and it is really easy to navigate. And this is what I was looking for. In this case, it is really more probable. Dad, use band at least four minutes on this website. You go and click different pages. You read the contents, check them. And after that long time you may press return button and come back to the search results. So this is a great dual time. This is considered a very good guilt in for the website. Actually, it is going to tell good girl that this website has perfect and proper content and his website can satisfy the users and in case the other users are going to spend the same time as you for sure, Ghoul girl is going to understand and distinguished that this site has a good user experience. So it is gonna be rated and ranked highly whether good advantages position There are some tricks and ways. In order to boost the dual time for the users, the 1st 1 is creating proper content. In other words, when a user enters your website and sees the content, he or she will say Oh my God, that's what I was looking for. In this case, the dual time increases. The other item is to boost this peed off your website. As I told you, the users are not going to wait a long time for your pages to be loaded and the users are going to return to the search engines result and check the other websites. The next item that can help you is to create internal links and the parts internal links we told you that does. Links can increase the do of time of the users because it is going to give the chance to the users to check the other pages of your website as well for creating internal links. It is better for you to pay attention to select the good anchor texts that would persuade convince. And of course, they are attractive to the users and the other item that can influence on the increasing of the dual time of your website is to update their content off your website all the time. If a user enters a web side and sees a content and understand that the content is like for last year. For sure he or she is going to close the page of your websites as soon as possible and returns back in order to find the other website. Thank you for watching this episode said. I hope you enjoyed the video. Good luck. 21. Robots1: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new episode of video tutorial on S. E. O. In this video tutorial over going to talk about robots start txt as the name shows robots that T XY is a text file for these search engines robots. And of course, it has a definite structure. The term robot exclusion protocal is another term that is used instead of the name of the file. Note that in this find there is no official content that is mentioned by any official organization, and only it follows the syntax that was agreed among all the search engines from long time ago. Search engines index the websites by crawling and the pages of that website, and they go from one website to another by finding their links when a crawler crawls into a domain of a website that hasn't encountered before. First of all, it calls for the robots t x t file in order to know which places is allowed for that crawler to investigate in order to index them the finds A robots txt are usually discovered by search engines and in case you change some parts off the contents of this files your noon structures are also followed by the search engines due to the fact that the search engines are always paying attention to the changes that are always by refreshing happening to the robust. TXT files notes that putting in appropriate instructions as well as preventing the robots checking the most necessary parts of the Web site can harm the SEC off your website in a very meaningful way. So editing and adding new instructions must be done in a very careful manner. Therefore, do not use any changes until you're aware of all the consequences. The fire roberts dot txt must always be placed in the root of your websites. As you see here, we've got the website domains. Nash robots start txt. And don't forget that when a crawler from a search engine is going to up deserve a sub a folder from a website domain. The fine roberts dot txt is called for it from the root of the website, for instance, of ah, search engine is trying to observe this up folder again. The file Roberts that T XY is called for it. A very important note is that whether the domain of your website contained the address with W W W. Or with doubts or even https orbit without your robots dot txt from the root of side should have on a quote and same I mean fixed address. Otherwise, thes search engines are going to make some with finding it. And there is an interesting point that in a surgeon, Jane's like Google have a definite time for crawling in the front rep sites and in any of their visits and crawling. They're going to have a definite number off pages for crawling. The period of crawling at the number of pages would be different from different websites, depending on the factors like page rank, etcetera. And this amount of crawling is called a crawl budget. So remember that the more content and places for crawling your website has, the less chance is there for the contents of your page to be seen. So what is the solution? If you remove unnecessary contents from being indexed, you're going to give more chance for being crawled, uh, for your more important contents. Therefore, they're gonna be sin and searched more than the other ones. One of the disadvantages of this file is that although with using this file. You can inform the search engines not to go and visit a content or a place from your website. You can't ask the search engines not to show the link and the address of that place for the search engines. So in case you don't want those addresses to be seen in the search results, you've got to use no index mitt attack instead of the fine robots dot txt because for the no in text mint attacks if the crawler wants to publish the address and has to be a well to see the content, so you must not unauthorized the access to a page that has no index meta tag. Otherwise, this no index mitt attacks has gotta be useless. And the other disadvantage of using this file is that when you do not let the crawler of a search engine to crawl into one content, therefore the links and that content would it be crawled and observed, therefore not even being searched to index lines. Thank you for watching us and wait for the next episode. Good luck. 22. Robots2: Hello, everybody. Welcome to the new video tutorial on S E Up for making the file. Robots start Txt First you must enter the host. Then you've got to enter the fire manager in ah five Manager, click on the folder Public underlying HTML Here, you can reach where, Press folder. If what press has been installed on the main domain of yours, this is the path for it. But if it is installed and the other path you've got to rage to that path in order to reach the Worth press. There we go. We haven't here. Now it is necessary for you to create our file. Where the software work pad or any kind of editing text Softwares and name and, of course, form it'd robots start T ext. Eight. Then we go to file upload here, select file, then which is the file robots dot txt And we added two key U Now it is a plowed ahead. Then I go to find X troller Here I have the file robots that txt and I have to move it to the folder public underline html Be very careful off the name you're going to label for this file. It exactly must be like this R o b o t s dot txt All in small letters. And there is no capital letters. I just had cleaned it before showing you in order to teach you how to make it again. So then if again, I refresh. Ah, you see that there is no information in it since there is nothing should be shown here in the next episode. Said we're going to talk about the regulations and instructions off this file to get ever off. What instructions would be proper in order to have a better s you off our website. Thank you for watching us. And good luck. 23. Robots3: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new EP. Is it off S E? You can access the five robots that txt from the dashboard of your Google search console. If you have verified your website on Google Search Council for doing this, I go to the dashboard and crawl. Then I select roberts dot txt test, sir, By clicking on that, you see a window here and there is click here to edit, which you can entered the instructions necessary for this Fine and of course can observe that as you have seen before, there is no instructions in a robot start t exceed. Therefore, it is empty. And in case you're robert droberts dot txt has some problems in their instructions. We've got the errors and warning shown on their debts and we can find them easily and correct and at its them. And of course, sometimes to remove them as we mentioned before then, if you remember, we said that roberts dot txt must be in the root of the host of our website. Suppose that's at the Robert start. Txt is placing this. You are else off course. It is useless for becoming sure. Ah, you have to click on See Libra bits that ticks the in order to get sure that the robots that text is place and the right situation, and it isn't the root of the host. Remember that before editing the robots that txt you must verify your websites on Google Search Consul. As we mentioned before here, we can give instructions in order to prevent the robots off certain genes in order to see the contents off some pages in order not to publish their u R L In other words, the U R L off those webpages wouldn't be indexed when you edit and change some instructions from the menu. Crawled then roberts dot txt Tester your physical Find Roberta txt from the host of your website within the updated ASAP for the immediate it's updates of this file you must down the the updated code from the Editori that you've just done and do these instructions by 12 and three check uploaded version and then submits to so, as you see, performed the changes. It is much easier to update robots that txt from the host of our website. So for editing, that's just right. Click on Robot that txt Stan still at it. There are two very important instructions which are number one user dash agents and the 2nd 1 number to disallow with instruction. Ah, user agent. We can identify which kind of robots can have the excess to the directory of your website. When we say kind of robots, we're talking about the robots of which website or search engines and the instruction this allow is actually the instruction debt. Which path isn't allowed to the robots to be crawled And okay, let me give you an example for the user agent. Suppose that I'm going to block all the search engines robots to exist my website. For this purpose, I only need to put and type one start here. It means that all the search engines are blocked to crawl them a website and then the second line I need to type or put on the one slash and this slash means all the pages off my website. So with this to instructions, I say that all the search engines are not allowed to all my web pages so they don't have the permission to crawl in my website. But by removing the slash I can say that they can exist all my webpages. But what if I'm going to limit on the one folder? The instruction is slash and the name of that folder. It means ABS, the websites or the surgeon genes are not allowed to check and crawl in this folder. And in case I want to mention one a definite search engines in order not to have the excess in the user agents. I write, for example, Google. But that is the Google search engines. When a type it it means that only Google but doesn't have the permission to check this folder if you don't want to have a Google, but here you can type being bought. It is It means that the cake the surgeon James being doesn't have the access them. Uh, what if we want to actually this allow one of the soft folders of one page for that, you need to type like this slash example dash sub folders slash and the name of that page that you don't want hear bang bots to crawl and to check. So as you see here, bang bought cannot reach this page. One of the most important things we have to do here and it is necessary for your ASIO Is that when it to limit the access to the directory off work press plug ins? In order to do this, you need to time that you are l off your what? Press plug ins here in order to gather ensured that your the security of your website it goes off okay slash WP dash content slash Clarkin's slash So and of course, the user agent I put star in order to limits the content of my WordPress from all the websites and all search engines. The other thing we need to do is to put the sites map here. When you put your sites map here, you're going to let the search engines to know the map of your website and where to excess easier and better and much faster. So the robots are going to check the site map directions before going to any other pages. This is going to boost the rates off indexing of our Web pages For doing that. I have the instructions, site map, then the u R l off the sites map dot xml Their list you're watching right now is a list of different search engines. Robots, which you can use them and user agent. Okay. And for example, these of five robots are for the search engines. Baidu. Okay, let me show you an example. Suppose that I'm going to limit a Google bought to have the excess to my folder off images . Okay, I type user Agent Colon here, then here you see, the robot that relates to the images is Google Bods image. So I typed the robot's name. Google bought dash. Imagine, then this allow here, I type it colon. Then after space, we have a slash uh, here. I need to type that you are l off my image folder, for example, e egg stashed up folder slash images slash Or in case only one of the images in that folder is important to you to be limited. You can type the name like e x dot jp e g. It is much better to have the instruction off site map at the beginning off Roberts. So I cottoned replace it. There you go. In case you use work press and ah, you have in solved site map dot XML on your unit to active age the option. Add site map. You are l to the virtual robots. Start txt file Your site map address is added to the file robots dot txt and the search in jeans can easily and the lies and observe your sides map. Okay, with these instructions that we told you, you can optimize your website for the search engine robots. And of course you can. Let's which robots To observe and crawl. Which pages and contents of yours and vice servers you can prevent. Uh, some robots in order. Nuts too crawls and observe the contents. You don't want the robots to check here if you let them. You're now, actually, pages can be indexed. And if you prevents them or these allow them, those are not gonna be indexed. Thank you for watching us. And good luck. 24. Robots4: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. Previously we personalized out robots dot txt And here we need to do a very important task , which is to test at robots dot txt. Because if there is a little on the minor problem or mistake here, it can cause to a permanent ignoring off your website. So do not take it for granted. As we mentioned before for testing this file, we can use Google Search console. In order to do that, you only need to type the name of your robot start takes to here and then test as theon shin. Here you click on it. As you see, I did it before. Uh, this file, I mean robots dot ticks. Theis year is an example for you. Okay, now I need to click on submit again here submits as you see these written success. As you see, all the instructions are added here and down there there is no either errors or warnings here for us. And in case you have a question, why we didn't do number one and two because we have uploaded are five before. We do not need to do number one and two. So we go to the level three. We only submit it. But in case you haven't uploaded your file in the host Ah, you need to do the stages. One end to hear. Thank you for watching gods. And don't forget to watch the next episode's good talk. 25. Robots5: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on s Previously you got acquainted with making and creating the file robots dot txt. Now we're going to introduce some ways in order to optimize this file in order to make s e better. One of the wrong beliefs among Web master is that they this allow the surgeon jeans and the surgeon jeans, robots to excess some of their poor qualified pages like categorizing an archive. Rich, as I told you, is one of the wrong beliefs. But we've got to tell you that not only for WordPress, but also for any of the CMS. This is not a correct belief because the path to category archive tags at sad raw are not like you are. L or folders and work press to be limited from excess ing of by this actually process, you've got to know they are defined by database. And of course, you can't find a folder like category. Alright, kiw to use this way in order to limit their exes. And if you want to limit the excess to some of the special pages from the search engines robots, you can use some plug ins like S e O WordPress to do it because they have the ability. And, of course, the capacity off. No indexing the pages to enter and Le Guin. And, of course, the dashboard. Our work press, which are in WP Daschle again, and w dash admin are considered as no index my default. So we don't need to use defiant robots dot txt in order to limits them. Another important note is that get it tiu limit. Read me dot HTM l file by robert dot txt because they're some people were going to misuse the director read. And of course, the information in your fires, like at the version of your WordPress at sad raw that they're usually discovered by the search engines robots and concede quickly by using them. Day can do some malfunction. All things on your website. Of course, there are some other ways in order to know the version off your wordpress, but you can actually have, uh, lock on old those things with this way, which you're going to disallow in order not to have danger on your website, and you can make it completely safe. So here you only need to ride the instruction this allow for this file and of course, limited from all the robots. There was another point. If you do not like some of the pages to be indexed by the search engines, it is better to use the tack. No index, because, uh, actually limiting these pages from search engines robots wouldn't be a good solution because these special pages can be indexed by getting links from the other pages by the search engine robots. This is my with a better use no index tag for these pages. Andi, you've got to pay attention that there is a notes that the search and Jane's save this file as cash and a day or updated and saved his cash, uh, daily by the search engines. But if you're updating its like daily, you've got to introduce dance file to Google Search, console and submit it. And I'm going to remind you again that this file is sensitive to small and capital letters . Therefore, pay attention that the name of the file should be written in the correct way and just small letters robots start txt. Remember that every stop. Dahmane has its own file and robots, for example, sobbed at example dot com and example dot com have their own files and robots separately. If your website has different site maps, it is recommended that you defined them all in your file robots dot txt. And if you have same and repetitive webpages, you can use the fire robots in order to prevent them from publishing on the search results by search engines. Thank you for watching guys. And don't forget to watch the next episode. Good luck. 26. MetaTags1: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new season Off the video tutorials on S E. O. In this season, we're going to talk about meta tax metal tanks, actually, our dozy hidden elements that are supposed to inform the search in jeans and the users about your website. In other words, med attacks are there in order to let the surgeon jeans. No, a bad the content and the title off the posts off your websites Wild search engines are aware off the content and the title off the contents of your website your S E o. Boost up mental tags are mentioned in head tank and the file HTM l before at teaching you the necessary mitt attacks, let's talk about why they are important Minute X actually are a part of how your page of the website are gonna be listed on the search engine results, so optimizing them can a lead to have a better rank for your website in the search in jeans as well as increase of the C t. R, which is the click through rate of your website. Remember that search engines are going to pay more attention to the user experience special when this you x as a positive, actually boosting the ex amines that you're able to satisfy the users who search for something and according to the search engines, they could solvent. Be satisfied by the content of your website. Minute X are there in order to tell search engines that for what keywords? The users are supposed to come to your website. Some of the meta tags are dependent on the structure off the website. Actually, they're going to assure that the transferring off the users to your website our don properly the otter met attacks are there to tell the surgeon genes that which parts off your websites are important to do users and which parts are there in order to be taken for granted. There are too many off met attacks, but not all of them a play important roles for S e o of your website. So and the next video you're going to see what met attacks are important for S e o and optimizing your website. Thank you for watching this video. Good luck 27. MetaTags2: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E title tag as the first thing that the users can see on search results. So the title of the page on your website can tell the users what the content of this page is about. As the title tag is appearing on the search results, it is obvious that it is so important. And remember that by even sharing the link to your page on Social Media's, this is the title tank that appear firstly, here we have a post as an example. All we want to see that a where we can use the title tag and our where to show them. The bar you see here is for a title tank um, going to put the title tag here. And in case you have installed the plugging Yost S e O. When you scrolled down and used S e o, it can show you that how your title and your website is gonna be shown in the index list off search engines. The first line actually in the first section is the tighter. The next section here is the U. R L of your website and The third part is the description for the post of your website and actually, we haven't put it yet. As you have watched they training for used S e o by clicking gone edit snippet In this part , you can mention the formats off the title. The former D. C. Is the most common one. First you've got the site title Dennis A praetor. Most of the time it is a dash. And then it comes the title. If you have mentioned the amount off this part to the Yost S E O on the search results off searching jeans Exactly what you have mentioned is gonna appear as you can see ass up Accounting as the scientific Tell Onda I used a dash as the separator on the title is how costs accounting is improving Healthcare in vidroll high tea As we scroll up, you can see it. This is exactly the title I mentioned for this post of mine. The title you mentioned for the post of yours is gonna be shown somewhere else to the user to There it is on the tab of the browser of yours. It is written how cause accounting blah, blah, blah blah. It is the title. This is where that a user's kids see the tryingto off the post of that page. Okay, users can see the title there. This is my post here. That again you can see the Tyto. And actually, because of this title on the browser tab Ah, you can see the post title to if you right click on the page of yours and go to the page source. Actually, this is a page in which you can see the source of your page. And, you know, here I surged of the word title, and after that, I could see d a Schimmel code off my title tag here. As you see it, this is the title off the post that I have written before and here, actually, on my work press, I put in the bar of the title tank. We talked about this part in a very broad way and the part of optimizing the features of this in order to have a positive effect on the S e o off your website and, uh, I can put them in a nutshell. Here I can mention again. Ah, The 1st 1 was that the length off title shouldn't be more than 60 characters on, and the other one was. You must use keywords so there should contain keywords. And, more importantly, the keywords must appear in the beginning of it. And you know that the keywords you choose must be relevant to the content of your post sins . The good girl is using cementing search, and it can easily can understand what the user means by searching some keywords on the four of the SRS and sin names that the users are searching can be list that they're in assertion jeans, and they are kept. Always there of this is why you need to use Ellis I keywords as well. We talked about Ellis a words before, which means that use a category of the words related to the key words. You can use the characters like Brad kids or parents. This is in order to make what you have written, a more readable and also using some numbers or some superlative adjectives as best first newest, the most mother can be really effective on the title attack. You can also use some tools for the keywords such as Google keyword planner at said raw in order to produce more keywords. And Ellis i words which are did that. Thank you for watching this part. I hope you enjoyed its good mark. 28. MetaTags3: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. The next minute attack is heading Mitt attack the priority of them as from H one to H six. So the H one or heading Guan is the most important one and age six or heading six is the least important one. The hitter tags are little parts of the page which are responsible too Give structured to the page. These tanks are going to optimize and improve the experience off users as well. Actually, these tax are going to help surgeon genes to have a better understanding out of the content of the articles of our page. As I told you, the priority off there headings are from 1 to 6. The 1st 1 h one or heading one is the most important one and H six is the least important one. We is heading one for the main title off the content so we can only use it once for the page of ours. For internal titles off the content we can use heading to. We can only use this between 2 to 5 times for the internal subtitles can use age three or heading three and the maximum times we can use. Heading three is six over. Usually do not to use heading four, heading five and heading six or the contents of the article or the essays or posts etcetera . Mostly, we used heading for for the many in titles or the titles related to the commence. And, of course, H five is used for the titles related to the menu or menu titles and normally age six or heading six as used for the food her titles. Unlike the 1st 3 headings for H 45 in six, we are not limited to use an amount or the number of usage, so we're free to use as many as we want. For example, in this content of mine, this is the main title of mine Dad's. I use heading 12 distinguish at I can select it like this So there are different options. Haiti One years. Okay, now I scrolled down to have the next title. As I told you, you can only use heading one tag once. So for this title, I have to choose H two or heading to. This is why I used it. And of course, the next title is H two as well as you remember I told you that you can use heading to between 2 to 5 times, so I used it. But imagine that. And this title of mine, I could have to shop categories of headings. I mean, I could have to subheadings for this title of mine, for example, for the title. Lazy prices. I could have. You know, there are two paragraphs I can have two subheadings the other time tells under reds like the 1st 1 Number one, for example. I name it Number one for the next paragraph. I choose number two as Thea other title here. Okay, Now, because they're subheadings off the heading to I have to choose heading three. And these two are actually sub categories of this. A lazy prices which was are heading to so they are heading three or age three. So, as I showed you, this is the way to sort. Ah, your content essay or whatever You're going to type using the heading with attacks. So by using this, you're going to make the search and jeans, understand the content and of course, the subject of the contents off your page and a more clear way. The other important point is if you have used heading commit attacks in a correct way, the users are going to connect with the website of yours and of course, the page and its contents Easier and better way. And also they can realize the contents are much better. According to S E O. It is better to text you're going to use for H one. Tank should be similar to the title tech and they should be identical. This is what S E. O says is much better. Otherwise, uh, it should be. Some words are related closely to that's one. You have to use the key words or phrases for heading one in order to have a great influence on the S E o off your website. Thank you for watching this episode as well. I hope you enjoyed the video. Good luck 29. MetaTags4: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. O. The next minute attack we are going to talk about as the description met attack the first thing that appears on surgeon jeans while searching something is the title and the other one that you can see there as the description met Attack. Let's look at it on an example. For example, here I searched S e o. The last two lines with the grail of actually phone is description Mitt attack or this one for last lines are description met attacks the description Met attack should describe about the contents off the page where the contents off, the post or article. Clearly, the reason off creating this mitt attack is that the title meta tag has a restriction of using words. So there's limitation off a using the characters may not show the clear meaning over what the post or article is going to have. So and the description that the tag you can have some complimentary description about the content off the article. One of the reasons of clicking on ah one article as the information which is, in description Mets attack. So they are really important for the users as well. The characters you used to use for meta description was between 152 165. But nowadays the number of characters increased and Google can index more of it, which boosted up to 170 between 150 to 170 characters. So Google showed this amount of characters to the users. If you have installed the plugging yes, S E. O on the websites of the WordPress of yours and the editor stupid part and the meta description, you can insert and type the text about the description you have about the content off the post. And as you see and the description here which is shown to you, you can see the exact appearance of indexing off searching genes. It means that your page is gonna be listed and indexed in the search engines like this with the description that you can see right now in the gray color. It is much better for you to use the keywords and the description because it can make the user to click on you're website page when he or she can see the keywords there. Because the users can realize the relativity between what he or she has surged and the content off your page. And as you can see in the source off the page, this meta tag as shown and can be seen like this having ah long description can make this too, caught a part of it. And all of them cannot be shown here. Thank you for watching this episode. I hope you enjoyed it. And good luck. 30. MetaTags5: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E O. The next meta tag we're going to talk about as the tag can. Ah, nickel. After representing the algorithm off Google Panda one of the reasons off decreasing of the rate off the website and the search engine results are was the repetition off the content because it with confused Google to index the contents. And in fact, Google couldn't find the main address where the content, therefore that content would be considered as one of the repetitive articles by Google and Google cannot decide which one has a better rate to be indexed. Actually, every have to same content on two different pages on the Internet. Like ah, you publish the content of one other website. You have to considered the economical tag off that you are. L off the original website off the article you're trying to publish again. In this way, the rate and the signals for rating an increase of the rate goes back to the original websites off the content which was originally written somewhere which is not for sure, your website and the u. R l is there. This is the way that Google can send the rates to, you know words. It can tell the search in jeans, Dad. Okay, This topic and content are gotten from the other website. Therefore, the main page should appear and the surgeon Jane results one of the most common mistakes that the website administrators make as not being able to use the economic call tag in a correct weight because they make Google make mistake for indexing and searching these contents and on purposely, some pages off your website are going to be considered as publishers off repetitive contents. The main usage off economical Met attack is to mention the main ur al off the website that is going to be listed in the search engines. But in case of misusing this and using it in a wrong way, you make Google sure, though raids or boosting rate among the pages off the same content. Therefore, the rate and off course good balance of the rate doesn't belong to the main in original publisher. Off the content. Canonical tag is placed in the head tag in the HTML al find like fits. We have to place this code and the page with the repetitive content. And in this part we have to type the main u R l off the original website of the content. And in fact, we're going to give a reference to the content of here from the page with same content actually were saying that. Okay, this is the main page, and here all signals for rating is going to be given to the main U R L, which is the main page. And I have told you before that having the repetitive off the content by you mentioned them again can be penalized by the Google. Maybe there is a question in your mind that why au Web Messer should have some repetitive pages read. Ah, the same contents. Do you may I think that with a little cur, you can prevent doing that. But indeed, the copied and repetitive the contents are one of the most important problems. That is the challenge for most off the administrators. Having the incorrect understanding off a repetitive content is due to the point of view of ours to the pages of our website as visual concepts. However, for the search engines, it has not the concept, but is that you are L, which is known to them. Suppose that certain genes with this number off a u. R l can reach to the main page of your website. All of these your l's are mentioning the main U R L and the main page of your website. Therefore, they can be considered as repetitive pages bythe search INGE's for you as a human being. All the your l's of one page are gonna be considered as a same content and the concept But for the search in jeans crawlers, each of these your els is a unique page, therefore, and this very simple example of ours we have five. You are Els from the main up page of the website But in fact this is only a little part of the problems we may encounter in future. In case the amount off carpeted content or page of one website is more than enough, There for sure will be some problems on S e O. Although nowadays there are some systems for managing content that can automatically add the economical tag to the pages with the same content in order to have thousands off same and repetitive content on your pages. when a search engine can see the pages read the same contents, There are two reasons why it wouldn't be good for our website and its S e O. The 1st 1 is that when the robots crawlers are crawling through the pages and the contents of our website, they may miss some of the most important and special content of your website. And the 2nd 1 is that using a lot of repetitive content where the same content on your website can reduce the rate of your website. So in case decision, genes are supposed to choose one u R L to show the content, there would be the probability of showing the wrong one here in this list. We have some reasons why to have the repetitive and same content with different you are else. The 1st 1 is Dad, because off using the technology, a MP and having the mobile version of the site and address or your ill like this, which is the mobile version of this off the website could have same content where the main you're the second reason is while running the site on either http or https at the same time , or simultaneously. The next reason is because off the generation and generating different your l addresses by the website C. M s and the other one as having dynamic your l A dresses like this one says, You see, there are a lot of reasons why to use a economical meta tag on your website, according to S E O it as much better to have a cannot recall tag on the main page of the website and use the main your l of the page on that can ah, nickel tank. In other words, we can referred the main page to itself Remember to use the economical Met attack for the contents which are quite like each other, not exactly like each other. Or maybe they are relatively close to each other where the canonical um, meant attack. We can't even link to external pages. But you have to be sure that the link you just put is existing in order not to get the 404 error. And, of course, check the links you just put in the mid attack are not limited by robots. In other words, they are not limited to be accessed by thes search engines talking about external linking. Maybe you're managing some websites and you're using the same or relatively the same content on different pages. So with the MIT attack, you can organize and manage all the websites. Or you can't even focus the power of giving rate to one of the website of yours once more. I'm going to show you the structure off this tag to see how it is. Suppose that a page a has this your l I've got another page named B that has the content of the page A. This code is gonna be placed on the page and the html file off B and I write and time that your l off Page A here. This is the code that says I am not the main page. I am the carpet page and this is how you're giving a reference to the main page with the main and original actually content in this way. The website off hours within to be penalized, and there wouldn't be any s e o problems in countering it. Now I want to show you if you have wordpress, a website with a plug an years s e o. How to use this. For example, Here I have a return one post and content is exactly the content of the other page of mine . So this page has a repetitive content. I need to come, Teoh the Yost s e o box. I click on Advanced, and you've got economical your l With the bar under it. I should try the main. You're so I am going to type the main page. Your l here and automatically This plug in is going to create the code for a gym of file to place on your page. And on this page, you can see an example off. Economical tack here. Yes, As you see here, that refers to this. Your l and it says that this is the main page and I am a copy. Thank you for watching us. And good luck. 31. MetaTags6: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S e. The other meta tag we are supposed to talk about as robots met attacks the crawlers off. All search engines are always trying to explore all the pages of your website in order to access ah, the content on the pages of your website to index them. Actually, Web Masters are always getting happy to see that the search engines are exploring the pages and index their favorite pages. But there are always some pages that the Web masters do not want to get indexed. For example, if you're trying to run a new website, it is better to prevent the search engines and of course, the robots to index the pages of your website because for sure you don't want your on ready pages to be indexed. If you are from the category a word press, you can come t sitting select reading. You can scroll down by checking the discourage search engines from indexing with site Here . You can do that, but remember that after you're done, where designing, editing and finishing the website, you have to uncheck that work press actually make all the search in jeans not have access to your website. It's kind of blocking them. But sometimes you wonder how to prevent the search in jeans to have exists from a few pages of your website and not all the pages. We're going to let you know about it as well. You know that it is sometimes necessary to prevent the session genes to have access to some of the pages of your website, for example, and weblogs and as possible to remove the page, which is related to downloading from indexing, although it is not done by most of the Web blacks. So if you do not do that, it means that the users can have access to all the files like audio burgs like pdf Elektronik, Berks, etcetera with an easy online searching without even visiting your website. As you remember in the chapter that we talked to bed roberts dot txt, we said that there is a file we can give the file some instructions in order to limit some or all the surgeon genes to have access to the pages or some pages off our website, but it is not recommended to use rebuts that txt in order to prevent some pages from being indexed. Instead, we can use the robots meant attacks. In this way. Those general things are gonna be given to the fire. Robert started 60. Even Google suggests the Web masters to use of the Robert Smith attacks to walk some of the surgeon genes to have access to those pages that the what Messers are not interested in publishing. Here you can see three examples of using the Robert Smith attacks. The first line actually asks Google not to index this page. In other words, this pages gun is not going to be shown on the search and jeans results. Suppose that I, as a rap master, have designed a page only for the users of mine. And I don't want the page to be indexed in the search results, and I don't want it to have anything to do with the rating of my website. This is what I can do with no indexing it. The other Met attack did you see here and remember that the work robots is exactly that. Google bothers the difference here. You're asking the Google rebuts not to follow the links from this page. The third minute attack is theme it attack for no archive. It is preventing from showing the Arkoff pages and the archive articles and of course, the posts. Let me give you an example. Suppose that do you have a business page in which you're selling some products and the prices are not stable. On day by day, it gets update it. So with this myth attack, you're asking the Google. But do not load that this page from the previous history and show the after date version in this way. The old prices are not gonna be shown. And only the updated one are there. And search engines results. Now, this is time for us to show you how to use this. Okay? For doing this, win it to install a new plug in here In the plugging we add new and the search born your rides. Ah, we're going to type meta tag manager. This is the plug in we're looking for. This is the man's attack manager. I now install and activate it. CEPA's that we're going to add a new post. You're Let's assume that the content of this page is a repetitive one. Therefore I don't want the search engines index it when used crawled down. You see a new option which is added here. Uh, it is because of installing this plug in, but the name is add meta tag here according to what I need, I can add the minutes attack an attack type. I tried to choose a name, and here I tried to choose. Could go. But here, I want to attribute and no index. Actually, it is a way to tell a good girl not to index this page. As you see above, the instruction is written. This is actually the h m o coat. I want to have another instruction. Want to add a new Mettetal here? I want to have no archive again. I choose Google Baht, and here I rides a new archive. Remember that there shouldn't be any space between no an archive and no an index. Let's have another myth. Attack your name again. And Google, but And here? No follow. This is the way that I can make meth attacks were not following no indexing and no archive there The instructions that I just mentioned for, um the Google Bods in order to obey. So they're gonna be at a source of my pitch now. Here. If I publish this in case I open it, you can right click on it. I tried to open the page source. There you go. You can see the instructions that I have just made. So as you see everything, every instruction and every man to tag with this Clark and is made easily and they are put into the source of my pages well, you can use of these instructions and meta tags and appropriate time for the pages of your website in order to, let's say, optimize the rate of your website. Thank you for watching us. And good luck. 32. MetaTags7: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on CEO. And now it is time to talk about the open graph. Met a tank. Actually, every Web master is interested to see that every article, content etcetera, of his or her own website is seen more and more in order to improve the S E O off his or her own website. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to share the contents through the friend Social Media's. Because of a lot of users who are and the platforms, Facebook and Tater, these two platforms are the best ones for sharing the contents and articles off a website academy. Klay Talking The political open graph is a collection off meta tags that led the Web masters to give a better information from your own page to the most off social network media for the first time and 2010 it was Facebook that at a open graph or the ability of Ogi and its own platform, there's Coworking was done by Facebook in order to have a better relationship. It Finn Thea, other websites and Facebook, which made it easier to show the links on Facebook as exactly as the original ah link, which was on different websites. These para meters are like the meth attacks which are placed and the header parts off the page. Nowadays, the other social media such as Tudor lengthen and even tell the Graham have this ability. Teoh identify these met attacks and they're using the benefits of it. Actually, Teeter personally has introduced his own meta tags under the name of Twitter cards. But in case there is no to the cards, it is using the open graph as well. Social networks are the one of the most gotten traffic and the websites, so actually dealing with the open graph Met attacks would be a necessary I term which is required by those websites. These tags play a very important role on the conversion rate and CTR Have you ever had the problem? That's after sharing Guan posed on Facebook. You see another thumbnail inst of the original one. By knowing how to work with open graph, you can understand in order to deal with the problems like this. Adding open graph meant attacks do not influenced directly on the inside s CEO of your website. But it is going to increase the usage off the links you're sharing on social media. Thank you for watching this episode as well. And I hope you enjoy this video of good luck. 33. MetaTags8: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on as E. Today. In this video, we're going to talk about the very yes and different kinds. Off open graph Met attacks. The first mitt. A tag is Ogi title, where this meta tag you can define the title. That usage of this meant attack is exactly like the title tag. And in case that Facebook cannot identify Ogi title, this is the one and is gonna use for the title tag. Note that this tag is gonna be shown bowled by Facebook, so they're gonna appear catchy. Therefore, the time tells you're going to select. Must be catch Israel on. Try to use a good content for the words you're going to use for the title. The Risner limits for using the characters off for the title, but it is better to have the characters between 60 to 90 and in case the character's go over ah 100 ones, Facebook is going to change it to 88 characters automatically. Here you're watching a kind of that's which is the example for the Ogi title. The next meta tag is Ogi or open graph you are out with using this meta tag, you can inform the users of the can on a called your L. In fact, it is the link that by clicking on it, the users can have the excess to the page of your website. This meta tag is really useful in case I content has different links in the dresses. Remember that only domain off this is gonna be shown and Facebook and its feet like this that you can only see the domain. And in this part you can see an example of this meta take and you can place It's on the head of your page. The next Met attack. It is Ogi type where this mets attack. You can describe the type off your content. Every content can be a video, a weblog website article, etcetera. In most cases, you use the website because you're sharing a link from a website. So in case you haven't defined anything for it automatically when the fault Facebook is going to consider it as ah website and here you can see an example off this the next minute attack. I'm gonna talk about these Ogi description. It is really close to the meta description in HTM l Using this meta tag, you can describe more about the content of yours, but the difference is that instead of seeing the description under the title, while the search engine is indexing the search results, they appear under the title on Facebook and the other social networks. Unlike meta description, this myth attack doesn't have anything to do with the CEO off the website. So there is no need in order to waste your time for typing about it a lot. And the only thing which is important about it is that by having an attractive and prissy sea of description, you can boost the city, are and make the users wants to know more about it. Here you can see an example of these meta tank and now the most attractive open graft met attack, which is Ogi image. Any illustration can help giving attraction to a content highly. With using this meta tag, you can mention an image for a content that you're sharing on social media and remember that using this myth attack can have a great influence on the conversion rate. Be sure that you have used this metal tank. Otherwise, Facebook and the other social networks try to select on image, which is irrelevant from your page, and they will use it as the image for the content. And there are some times that these social media do not choose any image. And for sure this is not something we are expecting. Remember that if your pages of the websites are from the kind static and they're not using any C. M s, it is necessary. Toe identified Dimmitt a tag Ogi image manually. If you're using a CMS like WordPress and for doing this, you have installed the plug in the O G image Mitt attack are gonna appear there automatically. The recommended size for these images are 1200 times 627 pixels. Using this size can make your picture he visible completely because it is big enough. Remember that it shouldn't be more than five mega fights if the size off the image as smaller than 400 times 292 pixels, there appear smaller size picture on Facebook and probably it is not going to be attracted by the users. This is an example of this meta tank and now how to check open graph myth attacks for simply flying the test for the meta tags, Facebook has introduced open graph object D bugger chilled this to have two very fruitful functions. The 1st 1 is that by typing the link that you want to mention, every problem is reported. And of course, there are some solutions in order to remove the problems related to that. And even you can have a preview before publishing the meta Tex. The 2nd 1 is that it is going to clear the cache of Facebook for the link. For example, imagine that you have shared the link on Facebook, and then you see an error in its performance and Prevue so and the situation you're going to go back and correct review your Ogi meta tags and probably there hasn't been done any error, and Facebook is showing the previous preview. And this is because of existing off Facebook cash this to actually is going to remove and the lead the cache of that link after visiting. And this is Don after testing it. So pay attention that after correcting every Ogi meant attack, you've got to clear the face with cash as well. But how to put the open graph Meta tags in breakfast. Basically, these tax are placed in the head tag off the page. Therefore, if you do not have any information on and cattle Mikel on ledger bath programming informed the developers of this very important fact If you're using WordPress, you can easily use the Plugging Years S E o Teoh, Ron the Ogi actually, myth attacks and even Facebook has introduced its own plug in for the source of WordPress by the name off Facebook. You can also use death as well. But if you're using Jim la Magenta Drew Paul O s commercial Zen cart, you can use the other plug ins in order to Ron the Ogi Meta tags. Thank you. For what change this episode. That was the last episode talking about Mitt attacks. Okay, guys, Good block. 34. Yoast1: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on an E out And this part, we're going to talk about one of the most important plug ins off where press that is going to help pause, optimize our website. One of the best solutions in order to have a better S e o for our website is using the plugging Yost S e o Yost s e o as the original Plug an off where press. Therefore, as work press updates itself, the plug in Joo's S E O is simultaneously updated, and it is one of the most interesting advantages of it. The plug in yes, S e O is a very useful and appropriate way for optimizing S e o of interior elements off our website. But it doesn't mean that after installing its everything is done, the plug in is going to analyze the most important and valuable credits and elements by the search engines and gives us recommendations in order to boost and optimize them. One of the most useful advantages off this plug in is that by creating a content that is going to analyze it and at the end of the content or s a. It is going to give us apart for analyzing it to boost and optimize it better. And also it is going to give us the reactions to the editing and changes off the file, and it is always dynamic. This plug in contains two different versions off simple and premium. The version simple is free, but the premium one needs paying. What are the differences within these two versions? One of the most important differences is that in the premium version, you can use more than one key word, which means, and the simple version. You cannot use more than one key word for every content. And the other feature by premium version is the video tutorials for working with it and how to function. Have you part? Has a manual have to do? And of course, it has the ability to redirect the link of the site for installing this plug in. Go to search bar in the ATF Loggins type the term Yost S E. O. Then you have to click on install now, and it is being installed. One of the most important notes I have to tell you right now is that if you simultaneously download and install Yost s CEO at the same time with Google XML site map, you're going to have some problematic problems. Both of them can create X m l site man. Consequently, if you're installing and activating Yost s CEO, there is no need for it. Install of Google XML site map. Okay, As you see here, and the dashboard, I can go to S e o. And I can see this up categories of it. And next step is it's I'm going to talk about the soft categories of S E O here. Okay. Thank you for watching guys. And don't forget to follow us and continue watching the video tutorials. Good luck. 35. Yoast2: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S e. Okay. In the dashboard part, we see the item is CEO with sex SOB menu categories. The first item is General that contains dashboard features and Web mess or tools From the first item dashboard. You can see all the informations about the plug and here and features. You can enable and disable the features and parts and this parts you can enable or disable s analysis, readability, analysis and even sites. Ma'am, etcetera. That's according to your need and your favorite parts. You can enable or disable. The features belong. All of them are activated and in a bald according to the default set of it and Web master Tills F has four subheadings here in these four fields you can put their verification code by Baidoa, bang Google and Yandex. Forgetting the verification code, you can our click on the Links Year in order to create a connective iti to have and to interact the tills there. As you remembered, we taught you how to introduce and submit your website to being in Google before the code related to these two search engines are available in Google search console and being away master tills. I'm gonna tell you how to bring them here and, of course, put them in these fields, adding these cowards and a Yost S e o plug in can let us know about the errors, and Mom functions off some parts a year. And, of course, in Google Search console Israel as being Westminster tills. Although I have added those verification codes, I'm gonna show you how to do it. Click on this link and then we go to verify ownership. And in this part you see the verification code here you can copy and an A Yost s CEO plot. Ganz, you can paste that and also for Google, click on the link, go to HTML tag. And there you can see in front of content the verification code for Google. Copy only the characters within the quotation marks. And be careful about that copy and paste in that field as I did it here. Then save the changes. Okay? And you can do the same things for the other to search engines. Thank you for watching this episode said. And good luck 36. Yoast3: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E O. Previously we talked about the subcategory general and today we want to talk about search appearances. There are a seven items he years, seven sub headings to be talked about. The 1st 1 is general. Actually, this I them is for the configuration off the whole things here. And they are shown to the users an apostrophe after the surge that is done from the search engines. And this part, actually, you're going to choose the best character in order to separate the website name from the post title, as you for sure have experienced by searching something in a search engine, the website name and the post title appears where the actually character between these two most of the time the character is dash or prime. The next part actually is home page that contains, as CEO title and of course, the meta description For the S E o title, you can use sums variable snippet that can be inserted from this item on the right part in the top. The same story appears in meta description as well, which you can use easily and knowledge grav. You can mention that the owner off this website is a person or the company. If it is a person, you can choose the person item here and the name of Actually that person is written on the ridge. But if it is a company by selecting the company, you have to write the company name and do you've got to upload the image off the company logo. And remember, that's the logo is appearing, and Serge and Jeans results after the name of the company's being searched. After all these things click on Save the changes, the next heading is, ah, content types here a day escc a question show post in search results I press on. Yes, because I want my posts to appear and search engines results. In this way, they are indexed the next item, which is the date in the stem it preview. I, uh, can drag a to show, uh, here in SL title. That is better to have Onley title here. I recommend that let's go down to another part, pages or page here as you can. Is it understand? This is for the setting off the pages of our website again I enable actually show pages in search results. Yes, but here I don't want the date of the snippet preview to be shown because most of the time the pages do not have the dates and they're not updated so high. It is the best choice. The next item. Yost as CEO Meta box? Yes. Show on for SQL Tyto. I do not end eight or change it. Let's go to the next heading Media is the name here in this part Actually, all the media and attachment your al's. As you see it is recommended to sit it as yes, the next heading it is named taxonomy. Serve. It is better to put yes for sure Categories in search results on for the SL title. It is better to use the defaults modes do not change it and and the meta description You must describe it. It is better to be neither shorts newer long. The next part is tax The same mystery Exactly like what I did above. I mean uh, exactly like the item category. Let's go to the next part format year. We've got format based archives. I disable that because away did or kind before once. So if you enable this part, you're going to have repetition in the contents. And according to the Google, it is going to be consider something which is repetitive, something that is used before, and according to S E O it as not proper. The next part is about category You RL's. It is optional. You can keep them. You can remove them on. It doesn't have anything to do with the There's no effect on it. Archives here we've got ah, the item author or crime setting most of the time and, as usually, Poot as disabled according to what repetition is said by Google. So I'm going to disable the date of archives as well. Let's go toe the next heading a browed crimes or K in the setting. Try to enable the broad crimes and after that, save the changes in order for your website to be shown beautifully on Good girl and of course, my opening Any page you will have the path and Sadaf Day you are out. After enabling the broad crimes, you have to add this code to your website header dot PHP For doing this, it is better for you to contact a good programmer. Okay. Finally are s s RSS a sense for really simple syndication, which is like reading news for your website. Ah, leave this part without any changes. This part helps you to put the link of your website into the feet. Okay, let's go to the odder sub menu, which is search console. In case you want to let Yost s e o. To get the Google Search Council information, we need to get the authorization coat. Okay. And if you click on this by pressing on that, you've got a new window. You sign in with your Gmail in order to have the connectivity, and then our code is sent to you and there would be sinking and connectivity between the plug in and your Gmail. According to the picture, you can see there is a code here. You need to copy that and paste here. After that, you need to click on authenticate, and it is done. Thank you for watching this EP is it? And good luck 37. Yoast4: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the video tutorial on an e l. And we're going to have the soft manu social here. This part relates to all social networks which can be connected to your website. So from here you can use the Facebook Twitter Instagram at said rod the your L and connect them to your website. This part has a very important part and it plays a very important role to get a better S e a rank type the u R l of your social profiles here in order to add their met attacks to the coating of your website. So as for the goog ult, identify your website Social Network pages as well. After doing all of this save changes, click on it. The other sub menu is tools. It has three parts. As you see, the first part is import and export. You can import setting from other s CEO plug ins like all in one S e o Head of space. To that, said raw. And of course, the other thing you can do is to export these setting in order to perform it on the other sides. The next item as file editor by clicking on it. You can go and edit or observed the file roberts dot txt. And also, if you move down, you can have the excess to add eights in observe H T excess. Okay, let's go back. The next part is Balk Editor. By clicking on it, you can see a list off the pages of yours and the posts. They're when you see the columns, there is existing ghost as your title that we haven't mentioned before. If you have the title, you can see them. And in the next column new Yost s CEO title, you can edit them or give them new names. And under the column action, you can save them all. And there is another tab, which is description. Again, it has the same thing. You have existing used meta description that we haven't described before, but in case you have the description, you can check them and on the again right column you can, and it's them. You can define new meta description for that, and the final call them is for saving them. Okay, that configurations setting should be done on Lee once, and then the next steps after creating any kind of content. You can go to the end of the content and the box off S E o to actually optimize them. And the final sob many item is premium. You can actually buy purchased the premium one. If you have the simple version here, you actually, with the premium versions, you can use the advantages we introduced and the premium version. Thank you. For what? Change this video and good luck. 38. Yoast5: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E out. After installing the plugging Yost as Theo probably you're going to see and notice to new columns on the contents pages on your WordPress website. One of them is S E O score and the other one is read Abilities Court. The cultural parts on their two column as a rose court is actually the rank that he used a C O is giving to your contents and under irritability. Call them those parts show how your content is red and off course the raid off the users who read your contents a lot or not. There are five colors and age has a special meaning. The green spot shows that the content has the acceptability by S e o the color orange or yellow shows. Dad, your content is not bad, but it can be boost that. But if it is red, it means that there are a lot of problems on the content or article. And of course, the gray spots. As you see mine has a lot of them means that there is no information about as he off the posts and the art cults. I didn't put any information. And the Yost off my articles Except for these two. And the last one is the blue spot. That means that it is the kind of content or page which is no index. OK, uh, let's have an example. I go on one of the posts of mine, I click on it and here I want to show you how to optimize You're posed by using Yo, Stasio. Okay, As you see it, this is my post and Dan there you see the box off Yost as e. O. Here on the left, you see three options which I'm going to talk about. The 1st 1 is content optimization and U Z sample preview here. This part actually is a a little demo of your content and Google search engine and it has a threatening parts. The 1st 1 is title. The other one is the address and a description. They play a very important girls in the S. U of your website for editing these three parts, we can click on this bottom Edit stepper. We've got a bar here slog. That is a text that is written at the end off the address of your post in the Explorers. And here is the meta description box off for editing. You can click on it and of course, you can compare to this lock. After that, you can press this bottom to close it. And here, let me give you some description about the S e o type tall and, of course, demand. I description. Remember that the surgeon jeans and of course, the users do not like long you are else. So if the characters of your your l is, uh, fewer than 50 or 60 I get don't worry at all. But in case you've got that, you are where the more than 100 characters you've got to be worried. So this is the time to edit. And you need to think about having a new one instant. Another important note is that you are Al. And of course, the page title should be matched or there should be a harmony between these two. The other point is that each page must have a unique title. This is really important. The characters in the title should be between 50 to 60. Try to remove the propositions from your your elder propositions like on and body etcetera . Okay, do not use locate meant attacks. Never, ever tried to use them. Remember that you shouldn't write more than 160 characters for the meant attacked description. Okay, Now it is time to fill out these parts. According to the description that I told you, this is going to make a very appropriate content. Reach part of it. And finally, by clicking on this close button, you can save them all. And here we've got irritability, analysis. I click on it, the plugging eso according to considering some precept para meters, is I going to analyze the rid ability of the content? According to the user's? As an example, we can say that one of the most effective perimeters is that the sentences must be short, readable and influential. It is better not to have sentences more than 10 2 words and 25% off the sentences and used the paragraphs with seven or eight sentences. It is whether or not to have the paragraph more than 150 words and the other fact ISS heading pay attention to them. There should be neither too short nor too long And of course, in the analysis results, you can see the problems here and the good things you have done would be shown on their good results. And in the middle of these two, you see the improvements that unit to analyze and boost them as you see in the problems. One of them mentioned that in the actually sentence length it told me that of 44.4% of the sentences contain more than 22 words. So, as I told you, the maximum amounts off the sentences with more than turn two words mustn't be more than 25%. So it is written that the recommended maximum as 25 person it means that I have to shorten my sentences so by, uh, improving these things and correcting the problems I did. I'm going to help the S e o off my website. The other parties of focus key phrase here I can at some key phrase here and there to other options that I can activate them by, you know, buying the premium version of it here. The key phrase is like the key where that we have talked about before, as in other keywords are actually the kind of words that can help the user find the content t or she is searching for easily on your website. Choosing the best keywords can let the process We know what the content with writing is about and for which keyword or key phrase. We want our website, too, and to be indexed in the property. Eight. Surgeon Gin results. When you choose the keyword or key phrase for the content of yours, there should be proper density for the word according to the content you're using. These are to be done in order to be accepted by Google, and this is called key word density. Now the beginning you must keyword density manually, which is a little too difficult. But if you use this plug in, that is not going to be that hard. By using this plug in, you're gonna be given some advice. Is in order to obey and thereby opening them. You can bring up your page and index off the search engines. Remember to use the amount of keywords in a proper way. It should be between wrong to three persons. According to that, words amount in that content for example, if the content of yours have 700 words, the keywords should be between seven Teoh Maximum Tony. Want keywords? Used the keywords repeatedly on the first and last paragraph. Use the keywords and the page title. Mental description and also the Post address used the Q er than the option off Althoff. The images used the keywords and the subheadings off h one h two, h three. And remember, you must not link your keywords to the other pages remembered to use the keyword only once and your website. And do not repeat one keyword and several posts. So by using the premium one, you can use these options, which are analyzing the keywords. And, of course, they can boost and improve your he host as the Okay, let's go to the other entity, which is social. It seems that your post has been optimized according T O by search engines. By adjusting this part, you're going to make Google get sure that this is your post. So if the sharing rate would be proper on social media, that with consider a very good point for you if you leave this place MT. The social Media by default is gonna use title or met a description and a picture on their sharing. But you can use these bars, your Facebook timeto Facebook description and, of course, Facebook. Imagine in order to publish this post and sharing of this post on Facebook, we recommend you to do it yourself because they're really easy. It just need, uh, title, little description. And of course, you can upload the image from here to have them on the Facebook according to what you want it. And that's it. Let's go to the last entity, which is advanced. Sometimes it is possible that you don't want the search engines to show an index one of the pages or content of your website. Here in this parts, you can just setting on no index. So if you do this, the plugging Yost sdo is going to clarify the color of the spot of that post on blue that we have told you. So here, if I do not allow the search engines to show this post if I click on no, the post related to this as going to be shown with a blue circle of on spot. Okay, I put it on Yes, now and here on. Ask me should search engines follow links on this post? So here I can let the search engines followed the length of this post. As you know, Google by crawling on the Web pages, can I gather a lot of information? Bad thumb. So if you press yes, it means that you let Google to have another destination according to the legs on posts and Google with crawled their Israel. So in case you have used of some not valid lengths and your post, it is better for you to press on. No, in order to limit good girl, go through them. And remember, by pressing knew all the links are going to be worthless. Event the links off your own. What page? In case you have submitted your website on God, who and GMOs or other directories, it's gonna prevent the title and description off. We're preventing this to happen. You can I use these settings here, too, Just for example, by choosing no image index, you're going to prevent images to be indexed on search engines. Buoyed by pressing no archive. You here are not going to let the surgeon genes to use the archive off your Web pages. If Google encounter to where pages with the same thing which are completely in completely identical Google cannot define them, cannot distinguish them. And both of them are gonna be indexed. And this is not going to have a good result for your S e O. But the solution is to use economical u R l Here, here in this bar, you can direct whatever you have and the same pages to the pages in order not to have the repetition. Everything with same content would be direct to one main one in order not to have the repetition and the Connecticut your l help you do that. In other words, do you tell good girl that this is our main content and only index This one? This is the end off Yost S E. Let's have the last word. See year with you by using Yost s e o Plug in. We can be sure about the S e o off the content of our page. This plugging and ELISA as the keywords, the meta tags, illustrations and of course, road ability of the content of your page. And remember, if you only want to have one plugging and you can only use a one plug in. Do not make any mystics because Yost ASIO is the only one you can use. If you use this plug in there, you're not going to use the other plug ins in order to fix in a just site map the R S s on . Even with direct. This blogging has designed in a way that it can be used for both amateurs and professionals in order to optimize, improve and boost the S U off their website which are based on WordPress. But don't forget that the setting an adjustment is really important on this plot again. And of course, you've got to be careful and, of course, exact on the configuration an adjustment of the setting of this. I hope by using this plugging you can improve your website s CEO significantly. Thank you for watching this. EPAs it And good luck 39. Image1: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on as E. In this video, we are supposed to talk about one of the most important items on s seal off our website which eased the image SC According to the status sticks 78% of the S e O off the website depends on the S E O off the images since the most important go off the search engines as to satisfy the users in case we said it's why our users in terms off images optimization. Undoubtedly we can have the satisfaction of the search engines as well. Actually, it is the image that can make the takes feel alive. And of course, they can help to have more entering rates for your website. They also can help the users by illustrating the image to understand what they read better . You know what they say? A picture is worth 1000 words. Consequently, it is really good to have at least one image be added to your text because firstly, you can prevent from writing, talking, describing more and secondly, you can reach to the stand. The ones most entity off. The website page is often taken by the images according to the status six if loading website page takes more than three seconds. Ah, users off around 40% are going to leave and lose the date of that websites without taking a look at it. So the most important factor for optimizing your website as to optimize the image by reducing its size and order to having a faster loading speed, and simultaneously we're going to take less space off our host. I'm going to let you know about one of my experience says in order for you to understand the importance of optimizing the images better. Once I posted an article on my website without using any illustration and images, what I wanted to reach was to understand this important factor completely and practically after some weeks, I understood that although I did a lot of things and I put a lot of effort for EDS. My article wasn't there to be preceded on the fourth page of a Google. But as soon as I added some images which were related and relevant to the article of mine, I couldn't believe my eyes. The same article was the second rank in Google Search engine with the same key word. There are the friend features for the S e o of the images such as all tanks, title tags, file name etcetera that we're going to talk about and next video's Thank you for watching this video, and I hope you enjoyed it and good luck. 40. Image2: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the video tutorial on as E and this part, we're going to get acquainted to a plug in in what press, which is especially for images. Actually, it re sizes the images according to the website. And this process is done without reducing the quality which is for the re sizing. According to the status six in 2017 this plug in was known as the best Blufgan for the website images. Okay, First we entered Wordpress panel, then we select plug in and the search bar on the right. We type WP smush. Actually, this is the plug in We were talking about the name here is smushed image compression so installed Yes, it is being installed. As it told you, this is the fastest simples and of course, the best plug in for air compressing and optimizing images for the website. And as you know, when you compress on image file, you're going to have a lower capacity. Therefore the loading and speed of the website we'll increase and thus we will have a better s e o off our website. After installing activate, we need to activate it. Okay. As you see in the menu. Smarr sh is added. This plug in is really user friendly and here in this part it is telling me that how Maney attachments like images are there and my website to be smushed. Then you can press Ah bulks marsh now which is a smashing all of them at the same time, it starts to smush them right away in order to optimized them. OK, while the process is being done, let me talk about the setting part. This part of should to be active all the time, which is automatically smart, my images on upload. So when you see this one is activated automatically these processes done without even paying attention to that. Even we've got a list of different sorts Informants of images. Let them be checked. All which is asking us which images with which format and size should this marched. You need them all. Okay, let's go back. Yes. Here. You see, all attachments have been smartest, awesome. So it means that all the images have been smashed. Ah, Therefore they are optimizing my website as well. Okay, This part is for the photographers. Dads need to have the information about their photos. As you see it is written that this data adds to size off the images. While this information might be important to for talk refers, it's necessary for most users and save to remove this information include date and time of photography. Geographical it to be used on the location, of course. And of course, the camera sitting about I s o the shutter different things, etcetera. And this part is for recognizing the full size images of my website, the big ones, and automatically it is going to resize them without actually decreasing the quality. And here we've got detecting, showing correctly sized images. Sometimes the container is one size, but the image inside it is too big or too small for that. So here, with the clicking on it and activating gets, the visitors will be able to see the correct size for the image according to the container that it has. Okay, let's see the other features, which is for this plug in one of them, is a super smash Alesci compression, which means you can smash repeatedly one image. This process is done without even having the decrease in the quality and the other feature , which is very nice. This number three actually is a make a copy of my full size images. Sometimes you need the original image, the full size image. So with this, actually you can have the original one as well. It doesn't mean that the cave photo which is resized, is gonna be used and the original one is deleted. And the other nice ability is the automatic conversion for the pain G's, I mean, the pain, your files which have actually a little reduction on the size. So this is the other off some feature. There is another thing we are recommending you. If you're trying to use the maximum speed and you want to experience the highest spared experience, you need to use the otter plug in. This plug in is hummingbird. You can use that flock and peril Lee with the smush pluck and as well, using the very effective way hummingbird can compressed the fines like HTML CSS s javascript. In addition to even the phones can make your website load of faster than before. That leads you to have a more stupid for your website by using coming bird as well as a smart at the same time. Fours actually in the search bar. The type hummingbird hummingbird page speed optimization. As it mentioned, it is going to give your site. Ah, faster loading, compressing, etcetera. Here you can install and activate it to use it where the smarts plug him. Thank you for watching this video. I hope in Jodi it's and good luck. 41. Image3: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. One of the most important factors in order to optimize the website is using the fact there's all 10 title for the images. The advantages are a lot, and one of them is that they help the search engines to find an explorer. The images and they can improve excess ing to your website and they can show the images of your website for the ones who have searched for what they need. It all tag, which is a shortened form for alternative, is the tag which is added to the image or the place of image you're using. Sometimes the image is not shown on the website. It can be because the user has blocked loading the images from his or her explorer. Or maybe this speed of Internet is not that much. When you use all tag, you're actually showing some texts instead of the image. For example, this one is the all tank for the image Dad, because of a reason is not shown here. This feature can help the search and jeans to understand that the images about what title is another feature that can be added to the HTM of files, and you can use it as the other tank. This factor will provide a title for the image of yours. It is like when the user bringing the pointer of the mouse on the image the title appears on a little box like this. It's like, uh, the other image here. And when the mass pointer is on the picture, this box well appear, which is the title tag. Now let's see how we can use these two features and WordPress here We have preferred a post , which is an article read. The image and image is browsed from media, and ah, here you can upload it if I click on the image. And here I pressed the edits button. We have a new window on the upside way. See the caption that doesn't have directly effect on the S. E. O and the van King of the website. But actually it can absorb and it's frank users, and also it can improved, uh, girl time of the users. And, as you know, that the dual time of its user as one of the most important factors for the search engines to rate and drank your website caption are shown under its image and a gray box, and they can provide the users with a good description about age, picture or image. And I have the words financial of the caption, for example, for this photo and this alternative text is actually debts. All tag A was talking about. You can type your all tag here. As you know, all tag is a replacing text instead of the image, which gives a brave, uh, description about the picture and what the picture is. A bad it can help the search and jeans. No end gets better understanding of the content of the image. Therefore, you have to use the keywords and the alternative text or de alta tax. Okay, it is better not to use more than 140 characters for the alternative texts. Actually, the article adjust posts I want to put sexually as about accounting. And as you can see the picture on the rides, A is about accounting as well, so I prefer to have the alternative ticks as accounting. Let me type it accounting here, that's it. And when you come to advanced options, you can see image title attribute. This is the bar that you can put the title for your image. The title that the title tag that I just talked about as you remember when we talked about the time it tells it is better for the titles, to be sure, to an detective. At the same time, they can contain the keywords or key phrases trying not to use the preset and default names for the titles That's not suitable. Adult. So again, I mentioned that you must use the keywords or key phrases and for separating the words you can use. Dash. Okay, let me show. You practically suppose that the image title I want to have in my mind is accounting financial, so I type accounting, dash and financial. That's it. After all, you can click on update here, okay? And you're Don. This was the way you could mention the all tag and title tag off course, suitable waas as a mentioned for the image of your post on. And, uh, I was going to forget we mentioned caption as well here. You can see that said it's under the picture when you ah move your mouse pointer on the image. You can see accounting, financial as the title and, of course, in case for any reason. If the image cannot be loaded on the website for the users, the all tech features can show itself to the user's. Let me tell you a very important note if you go to sexual media and you can see your media library and the uploaded for those here. Now, let me show you as an example. For example, this one I click on this one in this part. There appears some feel Zaki your L title caption. All Tex, etcetera. The title you see here is afford the WordPress to manage the media files in the library's. And of course, it is different from the title tag that we were talking about. So it is completely different from the title tag. Do not make a mistake. Uh, what about those situation, Dad? So we forget to mention title tag or the all tag for the images, or sometimes, because there are plenty of them, we do not have time for mentioning each of them for the title taken the altar tank. I need to tell you that in this case, we need to use a plugging, which is S e o friendly images. Let me show you go to apply again and then you can in the search bar type this ah s e o friendly images. Okay, There are plenty off the plaque is like that. Let me show you the icon. Let me scroll down. There it is. That's it s ear friendly images. After installing and activating that, you can see on the dashboard issue from the images as one off the options here, you can click on it. It is really easy to use this plug in on the above bar, which is also value here. I can define that. What can be my ault? Which one of them can it be? So you can mention that? Okay, The all tag can be the file aim or the push title or the categories that my post is in or the tax by defaults. Finally, man post I tell are there for the Alltech. And if I want to change it, I came click and whatever I term that that lock it can be added, says well or even I can deal each one of them like this and the second option says that sometimes when you manually, you have said the all tags or the title text. Previously, we have told you how to mention all tag and title for the images manually and without using Pleitgen. It says, if you want, if you mention something for it, I know that and forget about the things here and otherwise, you can use the S U friendly images sitting and, uh, the other field is title value. And, as you see by default tags are, you can change it like the 1st 1 I told you I can dilate it and I can replace that tag by post hotels. I guess that one can work and again overwrite existing Taita. It has the same thing like that. It says that if you manually have said and mentioned the title for that image, forget about the option here, the post title. So and only this is gonna be given to the photos or images for which you haven't set. In case you have set or mentioned the title manually for the image of the the article. This doesn't work. At the end of this, you can click on update options to set the setting and options off. There's plug in. And in case you forgot the tax categories, pull. Stay till I'm fine names. I need to tell you that here in this post, for example, the text here is actually the post title. We can add the tax year, which were those keywords and key phrase says. And for the category I have to tell you, you can add them here. Thank you for watching this video. I hope injured it and good luck. 42. Image4: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S. E. In this video, we're supposed to talk about choosing the right image. The relativity off the image and the content can improve the rates of that and the search engines. So choosing the right photo can be the first step for getting close to optimizing your website. Actually, the right image is the image that can reflects the content and the time to love your posts in a very proper weight. In other words, it can be a complimentary for your content. It can be something to complete what you have written, but how to find the best and right image for the essay or article of ours. It is better for you to have original image. It means that the image should be taken by the photographers of your websites team. But in case you're not able to take the photograph or there's some situations for which you cannot take the photos, there are some websites you can use, like a free images dot com, flicker dot com and free pick dot com for sure. By using these websites, you can find the best images that can match the content off your article or post, and for sure it can be relevant to what you have written. Let's talk about the other important factor, which is choosing the right image name. Maybe you think that choosing good for those nice photos and uploading them can attract a lot of users. Yes, you're right. But finding and naming the images can be another way to attract the users because users are searching the keywords and not images. And by those keywords, day can get the images. One of the most important factors to optimize your website is working on the names off images, uploading a lot of images on the Web sites by their default name. Like what you see. You know, the names that are gotten by the camera. I would be really a simple, but there is no wise person to search images by the findings. Like the SC for 536 It's completely insane. So avoid uploading the images red. The file names like default fire lanes or wrong file names renamed those images with a proper name for age image. Remember that for naming the image name. You have to use that keyword and don't forget to put the key were the beginning of the name of the image for this spacing and is the desh that can be used between the words. The name of the image should be in the way to describe the image and therefore the descriptive adjectives for the images could be really important. Let me give you an example. Suppose that you've got image like this, which is a beautiful sunrise on not Saddam. Calf it wrong. This is the word, not rot down. Perry Song Rice. This name is given to the image at the beginning of the name. I use Notre Tom, which is my keyword again, I need to mention As you can see, we used a dash between the words for spacing, so this is a right knee. But take a look at the upper name, which is the SC for 53 There dub usual names, which are given by default from the cameras to the photos. For sure, Notredame Paris on rise would be the best ones, and the upper name, which is given by the camera automatically by default, is not the proper one. And the art important fact I need to talk about as that. And the names you're going to choose for the images of your website. Do not use the connectors like with and from and the propositions like that You have to use dash within the words. Thank you for watching this video. And I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck. 43. Image5: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S. E. And this video. We're going to talk about how to choose the right format for the image you want to upload for your website. Images normally are uploaded Ah, with three known formats as J. P, G, P and G and G I F Oregon. Each of these formats have different effects on the image. You need to choose the format according to the content and the other configuration and off course details of your photo, because maybe a format as very suitable for one place and very bad for the other part. The first format we want to talk about. These jpg this format as one of the oldest formats off the photos. In other words, it is called one of the stand guard. One of the most, of course, is standard formats for the images you upload on the Net. This format have the ability to be compressed ah lot without reducing the colors and its quality, and also it is so suitable for the images with a lot of colors. It is also so proper for the images which were taken by the camera but it is better not to use this format for the images with sharp margins. This format is very used by the websites which are trading or doing some business, and also the websites which are picture based and they are playing around Ah, the images and the photos. Okay, let's go to that next format, which is being G. This format supports ah, lot of colors. And unlike J P G, it doesn't lose quality of the colors because of compressing. Although nowadays vest format is used a lot by the websites, we have to consider that the PNG format has ah lot of capacity if we have to. Same photos, one with PNG format and the other one with J p e. G with the same quality. We've got to know that the P and you file as really larger than J. P. G. So there is no availability off compressing this format. I'm in p and G with ah significant size reducing. Consequently, the loading of the page would be really slow, and the dual time of the users would go really low and therefore the S U of your website can come down. You have to know that P and G 24 is three times larger than PNG eight. So in case you're supposed to use this form for your website in order not to lose the quality, it is better to choose. PNG ate the compression off. PNG is done where the method of lossless compression, which means that no information is gonna be lost by saving and uploading the photo. This format as proper for images with sharp margins and, of course, no background logos. And also it is suitable for the images containing detailed brightness like this photo and the next four meant is G I. F or GIF. This format only supports a 256 colors maximum and of course it is appropriate for the images red low colors vest form. It is also used for the animated images and icons. And you have to consider that although the quality off this format as low because of its proper size in terms off optimizing the website plays a very important role in S E. Never is. There's four Mets for large or complex photos and images because, as I told you, it doesn't support a lot of colors, okay? And this slide are you are a looking at three different formats off the photos. The 1st 1 under right, as you see, is the animated photo and the format is G i F. And the middle one, which is like a logo with the sharp margins and the last one as the format of J P G, which is a really major, which was taken by a camera to put in inertial pay attention to this flow chart. In case you're supposed to choose the right formats for the images or the photos. It is better for you to ask yourselves these questions first, do you need animations or animated photos? If yes, JF is the best choice. Otherwise, you need to choose either J, P, G or PNG. But here the question comes, Do you need to show the image our the high resolution to have the fine details? If yes, you need to go for PNG. Otherwise, if it is not important, you can go to J. P. G. And it can have the experiment with various qualities setting off your device. But if yes, again, there are questions like this. Does your photo need to show more than 256 collars. Do you need MAWR resolution and detail graph E. If yes, you need to go for the large PNG 24 otherwise PNG eight. With be sufficient and how to change a deformity, it's and photo shop at the same time, you need to press old control shift and as to open a page on which you can select the format you needs for your website where you can change them from J p g T PNG DF etcetera. Thank you for watching this video and I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck. 44. Image6: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E out. In this video, we're going to talk about how to reduce the file size specialty. The files reach our images or photos as we mentioned before. Photos and images have a very important role and attracting the users to the website. Therefore, they have direct effect on S E O and optimizing the website and also using the image where small size in one article can a lead to a better understanding and comprehending by the users who are reading that articular post. The S e o of the images are so important that Google has set up some robots in order to analyze them for a ranking and rating. Now we have to optimized uh, images. Ah size in order to make the loading of our website fester to satisfy the users and also to improve the S e o off the website the first step for optimizing the images as to choose the right application or software and order to optimize the images. Certainly photo shop as the best application or software for reducing the size of our images. When you come to the file uh, you can choose export and then save for the Web. In this way, you can reduce the size of the image with the lowest reduction off the quality. If, for any reason you're not able to use a foot a shop, there are some online tools in order to compress and reduce the size of your fire. These are some of the U. R L off the websites that can reduce your image with lowest reduction off the quality, and they can help you. The website P I X l r or picks LR dot com has already developed an and road application for the smartphones, by which you can use the chills on your cell phones as well. In addition there as a kind of way to reduce the size of your image, that is, to remove XF data. Every photo, which was taken by a camera or even cell phone, has a lot of data and information, which are for the image, and they are saved along with the photo, such as the data photo, the time of it and the setting of the camera. Israel as that geographical location or the GPS data for doing this I mean to remove except data. You can use the kills image up Tim or J P E g. Meaning. And also there is another way which as to click on the image, of course, the right click on the image. Then go to the properties and then the details. Then you can choose any ex if data and deletes that. Let me show you that, like this image, right Click on it, then go to the properties. But the tail tab, all the lines you can see here are the XF data and for example, for this further, these fields have been fold and here you can click on a remove properties and personal information. You can delete and remove these data Here, there two options. One of them is to create a copy with all possible properties removed. It means that this one is going to keep a copy of the file where all the eggs, if details and information on it and after that, it is going to remove the main file and the option removed The following properties from this file here with this on the original photo, you can choose from this list which property you want to remove, you can select our or you can choose any of them. So with this action, the size of my image can be reduced. So my up, loading it on the website, loading speed of the websites and concede quickly, the S e O would improve. Thank you for watching this video. And I hope you like that. Good luck. 45. Image7: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S. E. M. And that's video We're supposed to talk about how to create the sides map for the image. Actually site map as a simple way in order to organize the images of a website to I, then to find the u. R. L's simpler and to recognize that information for the search in jeans easier for giving the information about your website to the search and jeans in your websites unit To add images of specific tags. Teoh Site map. You can also use a separate sites map for the images of yours or you can add the information about your images to one site map for him doing this. Besides, all benefits it has for the S il of your website can result in your having At simple is from all the pages of yours Using this Web site, you can enter an ad, you are out of your website and you can get the images sites map and like the other site maps, you can add it to the website of yours Then then you can sign it up and the Google Web master in case you want to know more about site map and how to make it. You can go and watch the videos we made about site MIPS. Thank you for watching this video, and I hope you enjoyed it. And good luck. 46. Image8: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S e using the brand name as the water Markoff, SDO has both insights and offside s CEO usage. When you use water mark off the business name or the trade name, it is going to lead to knowing of more users of bed, the brand name of your business or trade and it can attract more users to your website. In addition, if a website tries to use the image of your website on their own websites for sure it is going to be a kind of advertisement for your business or trade and the other users from the other websites are gonna be drawn into your website as well. This is one of the samples are watermark. If you're using WordPress, you can use the plug in the end. New. You can have the plug in off imaginable weather mark in the search bar. If you type it, you can search for its and F they're searching. This is the plug in image watermark you can install and after installing any to activate it . After doing these two parts, you can come to the dashboard setting. You can see the option. Weather Marquis appears on the list. Okay, let's go and see what it has here in the general setting. I can adjust some configuration about setting off my watermark. The first parts I'm going to talk about is automatic watermark by enabling watermark for uploaded images. If I check this part automatically, all images and photos you upload on your website are gonna be given the watermark. But the next one, which is manual water more can hear. If you check that, you're going to enable the watermark option for the media library of the WordPress and selected images. So by checking this, you're going to activate therefore a new title as gonna be added to the items whether to put or not to put the watermark on the images in this part, you're going to enable the watermark for different sizes and types of images from the WordPress. So it was that you're not going to have the watermark on the farm nail images here by checking that you you can remove that from the list of the French sizes of images from the library images of yours in the WordPress. Let me talk about the activation item here by deactivating as it says, you can deactivate this plug in and it is gonna be deleted. And also is the plug in be delayed ID. But also all the database setting off this plug in that you have said before are gonna be removed and you're not going to see any signs from different tables off work. Press on the other part says, Well, okay. The other interesting part is watermark alignment here by selecting on any scorer with a circle. But you check that you can choose the part that you want your watermark to be shown on the picture here. By selecting the middle, I'm mentioning that the watermark of my trade or business or logo should be given to the middle of the image or for them. But if you don't want theologian meant to be done automatically according to the scores I mentioned, you can choose the watermark offset here. The width and length can be given according to the pixels or percentages with which you can select the proper part of the image or the photo to be given the watermark year. You see watermark offsets for the X and Y you select the width and length the next port watermark image. This is the party can browse and select image you want for the watermark. But sometimes you need to choose the size of the watermark. Here you've got three options original, custom and escaped. You can select any of them according to the taste of yours. And of course, the what might you have defined before? And if you choose cost, um and ah, watermark custom size. You can give the pixels to the width and the length in order to mention the dimensions off the watermark of yours. But in case you want to select scale and you want to add to be all over the image of photo ah, you can give the range within zero to, ah, hundreds to give the scale size to the image it is going to be apply for. Sometimes you want your weather might be faded Or to be bold whether Mike transparency and a passage he mentions debts you can choose between zero to ah Hondros Teoh, give athe pest the or you can actually change how transparent it can be on the image and image quality is the output image quality image formats are can be selected from here and image protection. You can do some protection activities on it. One of them is to disable the right click on the image. By enabling it's the users cannot right click on the image in order to do the activities that by right click you can see and the list of it the other part as to prevent dragging and drop in by checking it. Ah, the users cannot drag at the image to the other windows or other places. In the case you selected these two above items, I mean right click and dragon drop ones. If you do not check locked in users, it means that you give the permission to the users who has who have locked and the website to do the right click and dragon drop by checking this one. Even like then, users cannot have the excess to have right click and dragging and dropping on the images. And here and the section image Backup. We've got two options. Backup, full size image, but chicken gets. You can have a complete back up off the full size image. Sometimes that is possible not to have the access to the PLA again. In this case, you have an access to the backup to chair Can see. What for? Those have bean uploaded on your website. This part finally is the backup image quality A canvas pins 0 to 100. You can add just the percentage of the quality. Ah which you are going to back up. It is really better to use this plug in to optimize at the images of yours. Therefore to improve the s CEO of your website. Thank you for watching this video as well. And I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck. 47. PageSpeed1: Hello, everybody, And welcome to the video tutorial on as E. In this video, we're supposed to talk about how important the speed of the pages and how we can boost the speed of website or the page, a website where a sufficient speed can provide the users with a very good you X. There are actually the user experience, but in case the speed of the page or the load time as not that sufficient and it is so slow , that is for sure possible that Ah, lot of users are going to leave your page before it is being loaded. And this raid bands trade increases. According to the studies, 47% of the users expect a website to be a loaded in less than two seconds. The four if loading time takes like three seconds for sure. 40% of the users are going to leave that page. If the load time and the speed of your page, as in a very good condition for sure the rates off your website and search and jeans with increase. This is because Google pays more attention. Teoh the websites with higher speed and forgiving the rates and drank Google pre first does websites along with speed You X is the other important reasons of rating and ranking by the Google, for which Google pays more attention as well, concede Quinley. If you increase the speed of your website as well as actually improving the U X of your websites, you can get a very good s ear. The first step in order to boost the speed off your website is using the site speed test tills. These tools are there in order to analyze the speed of your website. And of course, they can give you a list off the problems and the parts in which you need to look for more in order to reform some parts to get a better speed. Besides, it has a list of advices and suggestions. In order to remove the problems here, you can see some of the samples off these tools, which are like getting started with G T Metrics Ping Dum Web page test and test my site and finally, page speed insights. You can google them and with the page of the websites there, you can enter the u R L of your website and then analyze and test your websites in terms off speed, the tool, a page speed and sites as free to. In order to test this paid of your website, which is presented by Gu Go. Of course, it is so user friendly that you need only to enter the u R l of your website and then this tool is going to analyze the content of that website and after that gave you some suggestions in order to boost this peed off your website. The other, very fruitful to is paying dumb. That's a czar not only analyzing the speed of your website, but also it is analyzing the function of it and of course gives the great and also it is following the inside of the history of your website. With this, you can see and observed changes through the history of your website and how effective each of them waas or was not the other tools like webpage test and test My site are very user friendly and of course, they can provide you with good information as well as Ping DMB and page speed and sites. They have the same results like them and finally a bad GT metrics. We're going to talk about it and details in the next video. Thank you for watching this video, and I hope you enjoyed it. And good luck. 48. PageSpeed2: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. In this video, we're going toe talk about G t metrics as one of the tills. In order to analyze and of course, boost the speed of your website, the website G T metrics, as using that rules off Google page speed insides to grade and give the rate and rank Teoh the website of yours the rank it is going to give you his bitch ran 0 to 100 or it is from A to F GT metrics is one of the best tills in order to analyze the speed of your website and of course it is going to give the analysis. According to that grade, it is mentioning for your website. It also can list a list of suggestions off the things and the reasons off. What necessities are there in order to boost them and improve? Actually, your ah websites speed. In order for you to reform correct and boost your website easier, GED metrics is also gives you a correct and of course, re wise find love your website so that you can buy putting in the right place boost your speed of the website. Significantly. Okay, how to start? First of all, in this part in the bar, we need to type the address of our website. Then we let the g t metrics to analyze the speed off are your l or website. Okay, GT metrics has done the analysis in this parts, we can observe the name of the U. R l or the address off the website and of course, the dates off analysis and off course you can see the place and vocation off the server as well as even explorer with reach. Your website has been analyzed as well as the rank off the website. And in this part we're seeing the analysis of what important factors for which Google pays more attention in order to have a better performance. As you see the page speed score off our website is 84% and the greatest given as B and if it is more than 90% the great is eight. But between 60 to 80% B is and remember that the average wars speed of pages as 70% and why slow score GT metrics analyzes defectors which are important for Yahoo to optimize your website. Why is slow actually as the tools and the standards, according to Yahoo has mentioned and remember that the average Weisler score for the websites are 68% the rate that has been given to our websites by Yahoo Search engine is 89% . Maybe the time you're watching this video. This part has bean omitted from the website or if not, maybe in the future, it is going to be deleted from GT metrics because the policy of your who has changed as well. The next part is page detail. It's the 1st 1 is fully loaded time Ah, which is measured by second here for us is 2.8. The average and GT makes tricks for the websites as 8.3 seconds, the part to talk page size as analyzing actually the size off age page, whose average for the websites is 2.56 megabytes. The term request refers to the requests you sent to the server in order to offload difference parts of a website such as the pictures, CSS files or Java scripts, and the number for average request is 86 for the websites. Remember that of the number of interactions befriend Explorer and the server would be fewer . This pressure is opposed by the server and also the speed of the website increases. Let's scroll down here. We have page speed there. We have the information which are God and according to the analysis off the website and the algorithm off Google with more details. As long as the alarms and warnings and the UAE slow, we've got those information according to the standards off Yeah and waterfall. We have a graph showing the load time off age part of the page from which we can collect very fruitful, unsuitable information about loading off the pages of our website. The part waterfall exists in the utter chills, like the CEO which is set up, and the crow that can help you optimize your website greatly. Let's go to the other part. Timing this part shows the unload time. Remember that unload is the term we use for the primary load off the page and term fully load is the load for the whole and total website. It also shows you'd TTF be which is the time for the first request Don that needs a logging in for using this part in videos section, you can prepare a video from the process off analysis of your website while doing all the Vivus it lecture and GT metrics for which you need to check that part before starting it this part Maids lighting in like timing the section history. You can see the history of a nemesis Dawn on the typed You are l together where of its ups and downs Doing different short and lying terms. Okay, uh, and the pages speed we mentioned that you can see the errors and of course, the warnings. Richard don by good girl as a kind of recommendation suggestions to us, for example, men, if I c e s s men, if I javascript as well as men if I html And actually these three items are gonna be analyzed by me right now and then I will explain the solutions for those parts men. If I actually is the term in S e o means designing the website in the files where the very small sizes the other targets dad, men, if I ng can progress is to remove those gaps which are empty between the coats. It is also trying to delete unnecessary characters which are extra in the codings of yours in order to optimize and speeding up off the website of ours. Usually this is used for the files which are sent to the users defines like html, CSS and JavaScript. Remember that You can mean if I, uh, the files. PHP is rough, But don't forget that PHP as a programming language from side of server and therefore, by magnifying them, we cannot have any effect on the speed which are don on Explorer by the users. If you click on men, if I HTM l you can see that here down the line and this part optimized version, the revised file of your HTML is gonna be given to you and you can easily download it from here and replace it in your website on also for men. If I e. C s s here, we've got the optimized version here on and the monument. If I generous craft the last line, you can see there optimized version as well. Here you can download them and replace them on your website. Of course, there is another solution for these three problems. If you're using WordPress, you can go to the panel of your WordPress. And there you can use the plugging auto optimize. Let's go and see here. This is my WORDPRESS panel in the search bar. I try auto upto Mayes. So here I type heads. This is the block. And I was talking about here I can install and then activated. And after installation of this plug in on WordPress, the problems refer to men. If I html many find javascript, am unifying CS s along with a This problem, which is differ. Parsing of JavaScript are solved. We've got another word earning, which is a poot C s s in the document had occurs, or when the CSS file would be given out of its own tank, which is the head tank, for example. If you put it in the body tank in order to remove this problem, it is only necessary for you to put it and that had tank. After that, you can see that this warning changes to the green color, which means no warnings or error. Let's talk about the utter error which is enabled. Gz up compression first, let's talk about Jesus. What is Jesus Jizz Ip is there in order to decrease the size off the website and therefore it can increase the speed of the websites. In other words, this function can reduce the size off the files to 70% which is very important for the S e o jizz. It reduces two important factors In the website of GT Metrics. The 1st 1 is page load time, and the next one is to tell page size. So by removing this warning, we can optimize these two parts as well. Okay, how to remove this problem? If you use WordPress, you can go and download and install the plug ins, the WP rocket or W three total cash. Okay, let's go to the panel of our word prayers and and the search bar. I can tie w three so tall a cash like this. As you can see, this is the plug in down there. You can see it has more than one million active installations. This plug in automatically pooed some codes and dot HD excess file and remember to enable coating to dot HD excess to this plug ins as well and where to enable it, you can go to the sitting and the plug in and then you can do it the other way off. Activating Jeezy Ip is to go to the host of your website and mentally you can put the code and the file diet H day access. Now I'm going to show you where you can browse your dot HD excess file the host panel of mine and public underline html. He can find the file dot HD access here. You can right click on it, then at it. You can't add the codes that just showed you here in this part. You should do it manually. Then you are a bill to activate Jeezy Pin added to your website. The risks of these warnings can be done by yourself because we do not have sufficient time to talk about each of those problems. And in case if I want to talk about all the errors and problems in PE despaired, Rich belongs to good Guillen y Slow, which belongs to Yahoo. There wouldn't be any time to talk about the ardor sections off sp. I hope you like this video. Good luck 49. PageSpeed3: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. In this video, we're going to talk about the other elements that can boost the speed of your website. The first thing we're going to mention here and worth press as to ends toll a plug in, which is for managing the cash. The WordPress pages are shattered and dynamic way, which means in every view they are gonna be analyzed and processed. This process need more analysis when a lot of users are entering the website. So it's may cause to slow down the Web site or the page of yours because of all these things we suggest you to install and activate a plug in for managing the cash. You know that cash and the users Explorer can speed up from 2 to 5 times the website opening with this. Actually, instead of loading the page, the cache files gonna be shown. Therefore, the speed is gonna be shown very, very obvious for the users, and therefore, this cash is gonna be shown to the other users as well. Like the saved Paige word saved content from different cash from different users. Explorer, the plugging with suggest you to install is W P Super Cash. You can search it in the bar like this WP Super cash here this and then install. After insulting, you can activate it. Okay, now that's good to see the other ways to increase side speed. One of the ways of speeding up your website is to optimize images to speed up. If you ago end, watch the videos in the images part to be talked about optimizing images of your website and you know you can get the fully description and explanation about it. Now let's go to the third way, which is to create lazy load ability for images or B j lazy load, which is the plug in for it. This ability is for loading the images at the bottom of the page only when the user is scrolling down to where page at men's that at the beginning, when the user surfed in and and open your website, all the images are not gonna be loaded and Onley if the user scroll the mouse down for saying the water part of the content. In case there is the image, the image is going to be loaded so that can speed up your website and, as I mentioned, are one of the most important and useful plug ins for it in WordPress is BJ Lazy load. The last, but not the least is too. Keep your WordPress site always updated. It means that you need to update your WordPress. As you know that the work press, because of its being open sores, always get the op two dates, files, and every updated file is going to improve and removed a Boggs from it. Those improvement can be giving some more options or giving some segments in order to be updated all the time. Of course, the same story is always there for the plug ins and the skins sayings. You are the owner of the website. Do you have to be the responsible for updating WordPress and it's plug ins? In case you're not updating your WordPress, you may encounter some bogs, and, of course, you may encounter some problems related to safety and the other stuff like optimization, etcetera. For updating. You need to go to the panel of your WordPress updates here. When you open it, you can see the latest version of the WordPress as well as the latest versions off the plug ins, all the plug ins that you have installed and activated so far. Let's go Teoh the underway in order to increase your side spit the other way is using the abstracts on the Hope, Age and archives We're pressed by default. Show all the archived messages and contents of a website. Okay, this one can cause to slow down, loading the pages and hope age categories, tags and other pages over kites. Therefore, the users are not interests at and, ah, visiting the website anymore. That can effect on the number of visited pages as well as the duel time of Very. In order to avoid this, it is better for you to use the abstracts on the home page and the archives. And for doing this, you need to go to the panel of your WordPress and the sitting. Ah, you can select reading here in this part for each aren't killing a feed show. Instead of the full text, you can choose summary. That's it. The other item for increasing the side speed as just plant commands into multiple pages. When you see a lot of commands on a page at means that there are a lot of users sure dealing who has who have visited the website and it is a positive point. On the other hand, it has a negative effect as well, because off adding more contents, the loading may encounter to be down in the speed. But work press for dealing with this problem has an interior setting configuration. For doing this, you go to the sitting than the discussion is what you select here. As you see this one as unchecked, you need to check that which is break commence in two pages. Ah, by defaulted these on 50 commence. But it is better for you to reduce that. After doing this, you need to save the changes. Okay, Now let's go to Thea other way. Here we have a very good point, which is using the content distribution networks, that is, Is he for you together? Where? But what I'm going to talk about is not uploading your videos directly to work, press in work press. You're able to upload the video directly on the host and then to play it with HTM l five on Explorer. But please don't do that as you are aware hosting the videos need with the vast bandwidth. And of course, it can cause you to have an invest more money in it. And even if the price is not important to you or you may used the unlimited hosting probably by consuming a lot of bandwidth, your websites may be penalized and your hosts would be going to be suspended. But remember that embedding as one off the options that WordPress has and when you share your videos on the video sharing websites, you can embed their related code on your WordPress. Okay, let's go to the other way to increase the side spit, which is using optimized skins. Whenever you're going to select asking for your website, try to pay attention to the loading Speak. Most of the beautiful scans got a low optimization programming. Therefore they need more time to be loaded. So actually, your website is gonna be very slow. So we recommend you instead of using those complicated at skins with a lot of animation, use a simple skin. We're very free tool and useful plug ins. Okay, The next one for increasing your website is to use the slide fast plug ins Sliders are part of your website stat. Normally slow down the speed of your website. And even if those sliding have been optimized because off low quality off the programming and coating it, it can cause a lot of waste of time from the user. What we suggest you is to use solid McCoy as the plug in and the WordPress. Okay, let's go to see what other ways are there in order to boost decides? Yes, Here it is using the fast gallery pliant. What is it If you own our website, which is only photos men are. Your website is based on the photos or images. For sure, you need to use a plug in for a gallery in order to show your images and photos in your website. Using an optimized gallery, pluck in plays a very important role in your website, especially on its S e O. What we recommend you is the Envy Iraq Gallery, which is one of the most successful Garel e plug ins and our WordPress. Actually, this plug in can you let you show your photo gallery in a very optimized way and and the highest speed? Okay, what is the next step in order to increase our site speed. One of the other ways is to transfer scripts to food or stay. Scripts can add the more abilities to your website, but using them can cost a lot, one of which is snowing down your website. Were pressed by default. Download the scraps at the beginning off a loading. However, this is not necessary at all by postponing their loading and by transferring that to the food her off the website, you can give your users a better you X or user experience. The good news is that we've got the good plug in for Ed, which is crept two footer. Okay, let's see what the other slide off hours have for increasing the size. Speak. Yes, Here it is. Splitting lying posts and multiple pages. Most of day users often are interested and long and broad coasts. And remember that the longer posts get a bit of rank and rate and ah results off searching engines. But posting go long post with images can have a negative effect in influence on loading them. Therefore, the speed can completely come down. Okay, Now you can split long posts in multiple parts. WordPress has the ability to split that pages into different parts. This is the post that I have just put here. I want to transfer the content after this page to another page or another part for doing this. I need to go to the takes version of my WordPress. Here. You can see the content off your page. You can find the code off the mentioned image. This is actually that code. Ah, here. I need to put a cooked pay attention. You need to press enter after the last code of that part, after which you want to splits your page, but you can send it to the next page. So the Cody's next page. This is the coat. Yes. And this is the coat unit to have the sign exclamation point on after that two dashes and you can write next page without space. And again a double dash and you can close it with that little bracket. This is the CO that can put for actually the part of my page in which I nand the rest of the post to be transferred to the other page. Uh huh. Okay, so after that, you need to update that you can see the content after the images have been transferred to the second page. Okay. The other item is to reduce external http requests What is it? I'm going to let you know about it. Most of the formance our wordpress are loading. Ah, lot of files from the other websites. These can be some scripts or style sheet images from, like Google Facebook. Yahoo, it said rot word. The other websites using a limited prescriptive part of it. Do not make any trouble. Most of these files are optimized in a way that to be loaded faster and easier. But if the plug ins can send a lot of requests for it, you're a website. Speed can be affected directly. You can a deactivate these scripts and the style sheets in order to have a better S e o on your website. Let's go to see the other way, which is to optimize your word, praise database or database after a passage of time. After using formats are work press for your website. Your database may have ah lot of content and information which are not gonna be used anymore to get a more efficient outcome at as better for you to optimize your database. And the good news is that for this sale there is a plug in and work press, which is WP dash seep Pleitgen. With this plug it on Lee, you need ah one click action in order to remove the unnecessary or deleted posts and the on used or useless tags. Etcetera. OK, they're the one as to prevent band with store. If you're making a very high quality content on your website, there are some people who are going to steal those parts or those contents. Maybe it is soon or it is later that at is going to happen. Actually, one of those ways is instead of uploading your images and content on their website, they will put their u R l of the content and images off your website on their own website. Therefore, they will use your band with in order to load the images. With this way, your brother, the band actually is gonna be stolen even with outs, having a little tiny part of adding the traffic of your website for preventing that you can add this code to the file dots HD excess, which can be a kind of prevention from the other websites to steal your broadband or in terms off the images. As you're looking at this coat, remember that on the fourth line instead of example dot com unit to ride the domain off your own website. Some of those websites that are always copying the content can a years the feed off the website to steal the content of the other websites that needs your attention. Here, you need to deactivate the website feed on here. You can show doors new posts of yours to be given the Vida websites other though after they're being uploaded on your website. If you remember the file dot HD excess is in host of your website in a public HTM l section . Okay, let's go to see what other ways are there in order to increase the side sweet, enabling your GZ compression. It can allow the Web servers to compress us some of the sources off websites and then to expose them for are the users this CompTch oppression as really important, an effective that can reduce the primary size of your website. But fan 30 to 40% after ins tall ng w two reto cash. It can also enable GZ on your WordPress For doing this. You can come to dashboard and the performance parts you can see here the browser cache you can find this year and these lists we have enabling. Http orgy Zip compression. I just did it before. You can check or uncheck that to reduce the down look. Time for tech space fires. Okay, let's go to see what the last item is, Senior, if it is upgrading P H P version, maybe it is too boring to upgrade. The latest PHP version for the website bought at is worthwhile because scripts can run with 30% of Moore's peed in the upgraded versions. This can play a very important role and big websites, I hope, by doing the items I told you in this video to increase your websites. Thank you for watching this video and I hope you enjoyed Davidow and good luck 50. InternalLink1: Hello, everybody on. Welcome to the new video tutorial off S E O. And this isn't We're going to talk about internal linking for S e O. Actually, internal links is a link that goes from one page of website to the other page of the same website. So they have a similar address. Teoh the main u R l off the website that the rest of the path is gonna be added to the main u r l of the website. This is why Google can understand that this link is an internal link, maybe internal linking considered one of the simplest way for S E O off a website. And because of this ah, lot of people take ads for granted. But don't forget that doing this can have a great you know, effect on the issue of your website. Most of people consider of the structure off the website to the nets off a spider because those nets off the spider are linked to each other and the spiders can go anywhere by using those nets and those strings though in case one of those the strings of the Nats as tourney or it is destroyed for sure the spiders are going to choose another path. Google works exactly like this. And crawlers of Google with help off the links can use the same strategy for crawling through the pages on the website. So in case if I page doesn't have external were internal link means, that is, ah, stalemate. Ah, Page. They exactly work like deadened alleys. Not only are they dangerous for the website, but also they are going to make the users get out of the website, and that is like the exits door for the users. So if you do not consider, have to make the website in a good way. And if you haven't paid attention so far to the structure of the Web pages, for sure Google is not going to respect the page off Mart on a four story would be very disadvantage just for the S e o of your website. The fear exit pages your website has it would be considered positive points by Google. You know those exit pages are going to work the same for the users as well. On what is the exit page? The exit page is exactly the last page that a user is going to observe before leaving your website, so f your website and the pages are not, you know, having proper link making for sure your exit pages increase. Sir, In case if you have amore exit pages, you will face more exit rate. And if you have more exit rates for short of the band, straight would increase as well. So if you have a good structure strategy for making internal links, you're going to decrease the bounce rate off your a website. Let's talk about that. The friends, the exit great and the band's rate and the quantity of the times that our webpage is going to be. The beginning off decision for the users to visit the bounce rate is going to be considered . It is the percentage that shows users haven't to moved to another page, and they have exited from that page. In other words, the band's trade talks about the page of you start, and after visiting that you're going to leave it. But exit great for one page means that for every single time that a page has been visited, percentage off the times that's page has been placed at the end of the session. I guess it is a little hard. Okay, let's let's have an example to let you know what I exactly mean for telling you the difference between exit rate and the band straight. Okay, look at this image as suppose that in one website every day only one session takes place. When a user enters your website, one session is gonna be defined for him or her. And in case after visiting the page, the user exits or after 30 minutes, there wouldn't be any kind of activity. Decision has timed out. Where? Decision as ended. So let's imagine from Monday to Friday only one session every day happens or can Now we're going to count the bounce rate for page A page BMP, etc. As I told you, if you start the session with the page and you're going to leave after that, bounce straight is gonna be counted. Look at this example. They've got three. You know, ABC three pages. Let's see. Ah, when we start with Page A, what happens? I mean, are the users going to leave the website or No, they're going to go to another part. So only one day we start with Page A, which is Wednesday. But we didn't we don't see actually that the users have left the website. They went to the other page, therefore, page A. It doesn't have any bounce straight. It and the band straight the 0%. But let's consider the page Beef, where the band straight, actually in terms off bounce rate, as we see on Monday on Tuesday and on Friday, we started the session with Paige B. On Monday. We after page be the other page off the same website has been visited. Therefore, up to here it is 0%. But look at Tuesday we started the session with a page of B and after that exiting happened , this is a bounce straight Okay, up to now, from Monday and Tuesday after now we have 50% off our band straight. But on Friday again, decision started. We'd page B, but the user hasn't left the website and he went on visiting PHC and page A off the same websites. So one out of three page be has the bounce rate, so it is 1/3 or 33%. But let's look at Pacey. We have only Thursday that Ah, the session started with Paige See, and that one has led to exiting off that, actually users. It means that whenever decision started with Pate see at for the user was the the last part of decision. Beginning and ending of decision happens, they haven't clicked on another link. So when we say that out of five, we have only one page see started and after that exiting happens, so it has 100%. This is bounce rate. But let's see what is exit rate is okay, exit rate as the percentage of the times, death and decision we have the page and that page was the last page which has been visited by the users. Let's count the exit rates for Page eight. Let's see, we have five days, but on Monday we have Page A on Wednesday and on Friday. So there are three days on which we have Page eight and let's see in on which day. Actually, we end the visiting The users ended the visiting by Page A on Friday. It waas the last page that has been visited. It means that one out of 3 1/3 off the time page a was the last page and exiting campus. So it is 33%. Let's consider Page Beat. You know, we have it on Monday, on Tuesday, on Wednesday and on Friday. So there are four days on which we have had the visiting of page be. Now let's consider on which days Page B was the last page to be visited. And after that exit thing happened on Tuesday, the first and last actually was page be so and again on Wednesday, we can see that Page B is the last foreign. So it means that on the four days that we had ah, page be on Li two of them page we was The exiting page was the last place she visited, so two out of four means half of it 50%. The exit rate for Page B is 50%. Leads counts. The exit rate off page see so first recedes on Monday, on Wednesday, on Thursday and on Friday. So and let's see how many terms it was the last one to be visited on Monday. Yes, it was first Page B A and Pate CNN exit, So it is considered one on Wednesday, No, on Thursday. Yes, it was like a baby first and last one. And on Friday? Nope. Because Page A was the last one. So again, two out of four, which is half, and it is our 50%. There are a lot of reasons for having bance rate. One of them can be the low quality off the Web page. In other words, maybe there is nothing interesting for the users on that page. And sometimes it is not attractive for the users because the content of the page dozen suit and match the need of the apostrophe or the users. And the other reason can be maybe the user has found what he or she has been searching for somewhere else, and then they would exit the page. Okay, now here we're going to see a good girl. ANALITICO Here. We want to check the exit rates as realized, bent straight after logging and they go together. Nahla ticks go to the dashboard on the menu, on the left, A select behavior. Then you can choose site. Contend here, you can see the table read heading here. You can see the exit rate on exactly beside that. You can see bounce, right? Of course. You know, my table doesn't have anything right now. And if you have some pages, you can see different numbers on different parts of this table. This column consists off the pages of your website. So And as I told you, when you see the exit, the rate shows you that how many times your page was the last place for the users to visit ? But a page Ruby, you tells you that the mention page I mean, how many times that the mentioned pages have been visited? So for the relativity between this one and exits as up, yes, they counted by this column okay, and a four accounting bounce rate. The bounce rate would be calculated with the column and trends. And you've got to know in France means how many sessions of the users have the started with this page and OK, on this page, I mean, Google analogue takes. You can analyze the band's ray the exit rates in order to have a strong, very good as hell. You can use this sport, although you may think that what is the relationship between exceed and bounce rates? Teoh internal links. I just wanted to say that the internal links are important in order to have a better you know, bounce and exit. Great to have a better ratio. That is very important. That was the beginning of it. I wanted to talk about the importance of internal wings in order to have the better S E o. So it was very important for me to talk about. The bounce rate is realize exit rate. Don't worry. In the next video, we're going to talk about Internal Ling's. More and more. I'm going to give you a lot of description and explanation as well as the dictates. Thank you, guys. I hope you enjoyed it on good luck. 51. InternalLink2: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. Now in this video, we need to talk about the types off internal length And how many times are there to categorize internal wings? There are four categories I'm going to mention here. Heather links footer links, navigation links and content things. Some of the internal lengths are considering mawr importance, and they can be considered important ones in order to have a better credit for the website . So we can say that internal ings, which are about the contents, are considered that most important ones. So it means that if I poots an internal link and the content, I mean, if I use a link that leasing to another page of my own Web site and the content Google is going to pay more credit validity to that link and contrast to putting bad interim a link on the header or the food er oh, are even navigation. So try to be careful in order to put the internal links to the other page of pages of your website through the content. Nowadays, Internet links under footer or foot, the lengths are not going to be considered important at all. They have lost their importance nowadays. It means that, uh if I haven't put an internal link and the content, I mean, if I didn't use a link to another page of my own website in the content instead, I used that the lank and the footer Google is not going to consider that very important wrong. I mean, it is not going to put any credit for that. The only positive thing is that for indexing, it is going to help nothing more than that. So remember that if you are using the Internet links in the footer, there wouldn't be any importance. Credit that it sometimes rid ability off the Lenk is not clear. What is that? That means that sometimes you use very small phones in order to, you know, make kids to be hidden. Sometimes you used same cholera is the background for the internal laying. Get Sederot. Google is not going to consider that it is. It is like cheating the user because you have tried in order to hide that internal link, and Google is not going to consider those in Internet lanes important and a with credit at all. So remember that internal links must be readable. Must be understandable. Must be clear to the users. The other important thing that you need to consider as to link to a specific page with different anchor texts anchor texts are those words with can link to the other page like this one. It can be other words as well. It was an example. Do not use anchor text like anchor text Suppose sets You're going to have an internal link on the header and the word you used for the anchor text is the Inca word, a laptop and then in the content, you're going to use an internal, an internal linked to the same page. But this time the anchor text you're going to use is the word notebook. Remember that That second anchor text is not gonna be accounted and considered by Google. Maybe you have sinned this kind of trick by some website that you some internal links with different anchor text using different words in order to link from the content header, footer, etcetera to one a single page. And they may have thought that would be a good strategy in order to increase the valid ity or credit off that page, but they should know that it doesn't have any importance. It doesn't have any thing to give it a good s e. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. And Gorbach? 52. InternalLink3: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. We have been talking about internal Lang's, and now we are going to talk about the types of linking inside your content. Actually, there are different ways in order to have internal wings and your content. The first and the simplest way is Teoh Link one of your posts or articles to the other poster article off your website from the other page of yours. That's can be a very good internal link creating because you're going to choose something which is relevant to the article. And the user, for sure, is interested in breeding thing the article, and in case there would be something relevant to that article on the other page of yours, you can have the internal laying the user is going to for sure visit that because the user who is interested in the lank is going to be interested in that the topic which is relevant to this article, he or she is going to check and visit the other page of yours and from the other article can have the link to the order. Maybe article death is going to increased the quantity off visiting off your website and it is going to increase that dual time off the users in your website as well before the S e o will increase. And the other thing you can do is to poohed the links off the older articles or posts of yours. Under creating a new article, I mean, the new articles can be ended and under that there could be some internal legs to the other pages or posts in this way. Actually, those pages of yours which are your favorite or older, can be visited again and again. That can boost the older articles. If you do not choose something which is related to the article, for sure, the user is not going to be interest said in reading those articles as well. And remember, there is another strategy for you to update the old content of yours and in the content of new posts, you can have the internal links to those old content which, happy now updated. This is like giving another chance to the old content of yours. You can boost them. You can increase the visiting great to does contents. Israel. Remember that when you update an old article post or content for sure that Google crawlers are going to analyze them again. And they're gonna be index and lists off search engine results. And that would be a good point for you. You're going to give them another chance. Again. I do recommend you to update the old content of yours and a regular frequency of time. I mean frequently can dear them. You can have the schedule for you to check the old contend. Maybe they need to be updated in order to have a better S e o. Remember that when you update, you can add a new paragraph at the beginning of the old content. In the paragraph, you can mention why you have updated and you can talk about the reasons why you wanted to a date the three old content right now. And of course, you can add more paragraphs. You can't add more details, more description or something that, according to the date, can make them aware of the new changes off the content about the topic you have chosen in your old content. And the other thing you can do to those old posts and contents you can add now the links to the new post of yours on their those old contents. The other strategy that you shouldn't forget for doing is encouraging the users and the apostrophe of your page in order to click on one. Ah, link someone into my link. Of course, you can, uh, give some details in order to make that person frustrate that person. Click on it. Remember that those old fashioned anchor texts, like Read More or click here, are not going to be attractive anymore. So try to be creative in order to find new ways. Remember that Read war or click here. Now those old fashioned anchor texts, for sure, would reduce that click through rate or C T. R. Instead, I use a suitable and creative anchor texts. But don't fool. Forget. As I told you before, the internal links should be chosen from those articles, which are related to the content in which you are using that. Okay, that was the whole thing that I wanted to let you know about linking an article to the other article. Let's go to the next one. The other type of linking cider content is to link building through anchor text. Remember that one of the most of frequent ways of having internal link is those built links through the anchor texts. And this way you are not going to poot those internal links directly in the Post answered of mentioning Dad straight away, I mean directly, you're going to use creative anchor texts in order to make your user. I want to check the other content or page because our Google pays more attention to the anchor takes Okay, Last but not least, it would be the internal lengths by images which mean those images that link these internal links. These kinds of link building is no. It is like kind of introducing those images to the search INGE's, as we mentioned before in the other, uh, videos, bad tanks. If used the old tack there would be so fruitful for the SL of your own website, as we mentioned before and the other season in any kind of situation that the user cannot see the photo you have uploaded on your page. If the image is not uploaded, says what the picture was about, that the user missed the other benefit of all taggers. You can categorize it for the search engines, like if you haven't image off in nature. And if in the all Tagi used tourism, Google can find out, that image is going to be categorized for the tourism and not for the nature. And remember that making links by the images wouldn't be as important as those off previous ones. The other point I'm going to mention is that if on the website of yours there are some pages that make the users have a kind of contact with, you try to use a lot of internal links to that page or to those pages. For sure, there would be some popular pages on your website by which you have received a lot of Coles M A. As any kind of contact from the users of yours. Remember that these things can increase the conversion rates of your website and what is Ah , conversion rate conversion rate actually is a term that we use to talk about the users who can convert into the customers. So in case if you can change a lot of users to the customers, the conversion rates will go up and more benefits would be given to you and your website. Okay, guys, I hope you enjoy the content of this video. Oh, and I hope you liked it. Remember to watch the other videos as well. And good luck. 53. InternalLink4: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E O. And this isn't We've been talking about internal links and this widow we're going to mention the benefits off Internet links. The 1st 1 as you can see on the picture, is to increase the dual time. You know, when you have internal links and they are a created in a very good way in a logical way with the things we talked about before. You can make them see that for sure. They are going to spend a lot of time reading different articles, visiting different parts of your website, different pages and the dual time will increase. And this is a good fact because it is going to increase the S e o of your website. They, uh, not only well serve on the nats being BZ visiting different pages of your website, and therefore the dual time of your website will increase, but also the bounce rate will reduce. You know that they have opposite relevance in case the dual time increased damn straight comes down or reduce. Actually, when you're providing the uses with different information and you're convincing of the users that Okay, You have a lot of things to mention. You've got ah lot of him for me. Mation about the things they have searched for. They can find your page very informative and interesting. That means that the bounce rate of your website really reduce. And don't forget with these items, the A user can remember your brand, your website, it would sick and their mind. And it would have a promising feature for you, your business, your brand and your website. That next item about the benefits of internal legs is to improve the U E or user experience . If our internal linking has been done in a good way and a very up in a strategical way for sure, the users are going to get what they have been looking for. What they have searched at men's death. You're going to respond to what they have searched for. Your website would be the side that can satisfy them. They're Smith is the user experience would be positive. It is going to improve. The user experience of the last item here we're going to talk about is that the users can visit your old content. Your old articles, your old posts off your website. How that would be a an interaction between the old posts and the articles on, Of course, the new ones. One of the nice benefits of internal links is there. They can make Google fetch and index your content fester. You know that a Googled robots are looking for some lengths in order to index of the pages , and they're always looking forward than new and most modern links. So if you update your website and off course updates the linking especially internal link ings for sure, I'm going to let you know that you're successful and that so that Google robots well, find your pages in your website as soon as possible and they can index them. And also according to the lengths you have put in the content of the pages, the other pages of your website can be indexed and it can be shown and the search engine results. So if you do it frequently and most often, you're going to have that grade effect on the S e o of your own website. Don't forget that Goodell as using two kinds of crawlers robots. The 1st 1 is a fresh but that you now check your website frequently in a routine and regular period of time, and the second robot is called a deep crawl that checks completely. Your websites, a monthly using good way and proper way off making some internal links can help these two robots to fetch and have excess and index the content faster and is here. The other advantage off terminal links is to cause, you know, transferring of the credit from back links. What is it? I'm going to let you know and it takes right now. Imagine that one content from a page of your website has been given a back link from one page of the other website. Consequently, this our content from your own website page has been given one credit from one page of the friend website. But remember that the credit is not only being given to the content of your page, but also to the other paternal links that you have used that content and on that page and in the content of yours until it means that that ah website, I mean that strange website automatic they gave a your page and the content as well as the other pages from which he had the internal links than the content their credit. So the credits is given to every part. It is going to be given to every internal links and the content. The last item in terms of benefits of Internet link is the increase off traffic of your website. If you've got a good strategy and a good method with the regulation we have analysed so far , for sure your website traffic will increase. This can be a good development for your business, for your brand, for your website, for whatever you're trying to do with your own website. Remember that as I told you before, if the robots of Google are going to check a page of yours, it is not the content only it is also the internal links. That means the robots are going to check and visit the other pages of your website as well . Dads can lead to more traffic, more visiting of your website as well as the duel time. Thank you for watching this video and I hope he enjoyed it. Good luck 54. InternalLink5: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. In this video, we're going to talk about the principles, regulations, drills and some strategies relating to making and creating some internal links. The 1st 1 is something that I have told you a lot of times linked to related content. Remember that these kinds of lengths can have good back Ling's You can have different items or articles related to one. I term to one a topic you can categorize them and you can use those are internal links in the contents off each of them to each other. But remember, we do not want to articles that are completely similar to each other. They shouldn't be identical Israel. What you need to do is to focus on the key words. It doesn't mean that those two pages should talk about one item. Now the keywords give me related that there should be relevance between the pages. You cannot relate a content which is about S E 02 content, which is about painting. These two are completely different. Maybe you use ah, one key word which is used in both of them. But they're not related I told you the focus on the key words, but the content should be related. The content should be related the next ites some about the principles and the do's and dont's of ah, making internal links is to manage the number off out foot lengths in age a page. If you are trying to use too many internal ings in one page, remember that the S e O off your website is going to come down too much in order to have ah , high quality off internal linking. Try to use between 1 to 5 internal links in age page in order not to reduce the quality off this process off. Internet linking try to be normal in giving internal links. If you have used the one internal link of one word, it doesn't mean that you need to use the same internal linked to the same word that is in that context or article. Down there, you have used it. So that is enough. Doing this can't make your Web page look more interesting to the users. Okay, let's go to the next item, which is using a variety of anchor texts. Anchor texts has a great effect on internal links as realized es e o, especially after Google has started using the algorithm of Penguin because they are analyzing those of anchor texts more seriously than before. There used to be some cliche. Where's the serial time? Words? Likely here we had more etcetera. But nowadays it is better to use keywords and, uh, Ella's I words that can really help you to have ah, um or interesting Internet links And the remember try to be creative for the anchor texts at Try to have something that can really attract your users and of a very important notes that I wanted to mention here. And they have told a lot of and students of mine as not to change your anchor texts when they have been fetched by Google. You know, you've got some anchor text and they have been fetched by the Google, and you're going to change it. Come on, don't do it. Don't be silly, because that is really destructive. Since you know, Google has given credit to that anchor text, and that is doing well. So why are you changing it in order to remove it? The next item I wanted to mention is to disseminate the lengths and the content in the text . It is better to have different parts of the text to carry the Intermountain lengths. In this way, you're going to have a better results. Remember that different parts got different positions. For example, those internal links, which appear above, would have more credit, more importance. And of those internal links away, anchor text containing more than two words are more likely to be given the click and, of course, tried to use the tax off H three and H for because they can have great effect and internal linking the other thing guys, which is really important for you to obey is to avoid broken links on your website. This is going to reduce the credit validity off your own page, and Google would consider that a negative a point for your Web page of your website. Ah, for a knowing good bat. What broke killings are You can go to your Google search come sold and the dashboard you can find crawl, and then the categories. You can choose crawl errors, then you can see the not found tap. And here the pages that includes the broken link or bad links or whatever that leads into the error for four will appear here. They're gonna be less its year on and you can see them by clicking. Gone, each of thm you can have more details about them. You know the error 404 happens when the server is not able to find the source. It doesn't mean that it is not connected to the server. Of course it is connected to the server, but that content cannot be found. Remember that it is the crawlers off the Google that can understand what broken links are in your page because they know that this internal link or back link would go for the error for oh Ford before those laying zehr going to be considered broken or bad links. I have told you a lot of times that tried to sign up a Google Search Council account and try Teoh, take the advantages, try to use the benefits of it in order to have a better s zero of your website. Then, in case you are not using good girl search console And if you're using wordpress, you can use the plucking broken link checker and here, you can find out about the broken links of your website. The next item is one of the most important principles is not to use their no father attribute on your internal links because there is no use for it. There is no effect here, although there is no disadvantages. Well, if you have the authority to choose, it is whether or not to use them. So almost pay attention when you're giving internal links. Tried to check that it is not to know follow because if it is not like that, you can make this dream. You can connect and relates different contents from different pages of your website, and all of them can simultaneously boost and increase and the credit. The next item that you have to pay attention to while making internal links is to know about the different face of your internal ings. It can be bold. It can use different style and different colors in order to be distinguishable. There is a right belief that if you use different colors, the CEO would boost. No, it's not so it's not true. Remember that the crawlers off Google Onley considered the CSS files as well as JavaScript fights the last item, we're going to talk about it as one of the principles of ills you should obey for making the internal link is be completely opposite off those of websites that have a lot of better , you know, internal links to the first or the main page. I have to tell you that has a negative effect on the S year of your website, and it is not considered something good. So you have to be completely razor verse. I mean, you should do completely in the opposite way. In other words, Thean internal links to the internal pages should be more than actually the the internal links that refer to the first or the main page. I hope you enjoyed the video and remember to watch the rest of the videos in the next epithets. Okay, guys, good luck. 55. InternalLink6: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E out and this Ah, video. We're supposed to show you and introduce a very good plug in in order to make good links. If you have installed the plug in Yost S E O and you're trying to work on the issue of the content as well as your website, if you haven't put any links, it will let you know on it also alarms on and warns you to use at least the one internal link. In case you haven't used any, this action by years will confirm what we have talked about internal links. In other words, it will tell you that how important internal links are for the S e o of your website. Maybe you will ask why we don't do it manually and a one by one. Put them and the content. And why do we have to use a plug in to do it automatically for us? Because every website contains a lot off content and pages for sure having internal links among those of pages, Those contents would be something difficult and time consuming. Just imagine you are trying to write a new content and you have a lot of contents. A lot of pages on your website. It is for sure, heart think. And it is going to take a lot of time for you to analyze the Pia's and old contents old articles of yours in order to know which one or which ones are related to this. So we've got to need the plug in to do it automatically. Fest, sir, and simpler for us. You can use the plug in S e o auto linker. If your website is done by WordPress and you can come to the dashboard, apply again and the search bar you can a surge auto linker as your toe link her here. Then you can see the results. The plug in S E linker appears with the logo you can see. Okay, As you know, we need to install and activate it. So when you do it, if you come to the menu, you can see s your auto linker on the dashboard menu the function as that you're going to define some keywords of to this. So for those keywords you can choose, uh, link. And whenever you're using that keyword automatically The internal link is made in other words, of using s e Houghtaling care can't let you use a some of the defined words keywords and any kind of posts Article off any page of your own website Be like a link internal link and they are related to each other's. Okay, how to do it I click on options This comes up come to site wide A blacklist in this part Here you can write the you are else of your website that you don't want to be linked. Remember that each line should contain only one single address in the word band res You can check use alternative word Ban Drees If you do that if unique codes characters are used in the content actually they're gonna be distinguished And you know the links can be made automatically after doing all the stuff and saving it come to add a new link here in this parts you should enter the title here You do it in order to categorise the different titles for the lynx of yours. There is nothing it is going to do And in this part you can select what the post is about the type of them in the key words. You put the keywords related to that. If you want to choose some key words, you use a comma in order to separate that. And in that, your apart, you're actually typing that you are out, which you want to link from the keywords you just mentioned before and the link for page. You are trying to mention the number off times on each page or post that you want. The you are above the keywords to link. That's a present and one content. The keyword is repeated for 10 times. For sure, you're not going to use all of them as the laying. You can type your three, and only three of them can be given the Internal Inc and Target part. You can choose the way the user is going to lead to the link. If you just blanket means a new tap is gonna be shown for that link, Top man's A Your l is gonna be open in a new page, and self means the link is gonna be open in the same window. Remember that choosing itself can increase the dual time of the user. If you just blank foreign, Tom. So in this way it means that that session is like turned out and a new session is going to start for the user again. I will recommend you to choose blank by activating allowed self link. You can define whether it is the internal link or not. And the no full of this link item can make that link no follow. And if you do not choose that it would be do follow. It is better not to check it. And here again, we have black least the Samos option here you choose to your l's on which you don't want to have the Lenk. Okay, let's scroll up to see the allowed post types here. Here, uh, you can choose the type of the posts for the links. I mean the words that can be the links for that. As you can see, there are posts, pages and media. After doing all this stuff, you click and save the Arte linking and the WordPress is being done. This means that from now on, everything Avik you word that you chose with link to the your l you mention the number per page is everything is done automatically without you trying to do it manually. This is a very good plug in to be given the links or to give the links to different posts, article pages, media of yours, anywhere, any, any time with any cures you mentioned. So in case you're using a WORDPRESS website, I do recommend you highly to download, install and activate this plug and thinking you guys for watching this video. That was the lesser visit on internal links. I hope you enjoyed it. And good luck. 56. Backlink1: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on this isn't is going to belong to back legs. Actually, the term back link is a link from your website which is in the other website. In other words, back ling, start the links in the other websites which are leading the users to your website. For example, if and your websites on a paid you use a link for another website, this a link that you used in your content is a back link to that website. Back Lings are really important for as because they show that thus the website has credits in the other websites as well. Actually. In other words, we can say that the back lings for the search engines that would be consider the signal of satisfaction from the users of the website. If ah, plenty of the websites have some back things to run website, the surgeon genes can consider that target websites, a very useful and valid website with a lot of good information and reliable, are content. In this case, that website can have the qualification of being indexed as the first page of the results. Gaining back link is a part of off site s. The process of gaining back links is called link building. Some of the back legs have more importance than the other ones. Having back links or follow back wings from valid websites with hi domain authority would be the most ideal back wings. On the other hand, having some follow back things from low dumbing authority websites or probably spam websites would be considered least important. One that is right. That's the follow back. Things can transfer the credit of the departure page, Teoh the target, a website. But it doesn't reduce the quality and reliability as well as the importance off. No follow back wings, having no follow back links can cause to have a normal and usual consideration off follow back wings. And it can play a very important role and branding of the website and meant attack season. We talked too bad followings, which are the actually links, which are followed by a surge in jeans and they have effect on the S. O S. E off the website and of course, the no follow back. Things are not going to be followed by the search engines just there. Therefore, users who can click on. Those two entered the Web site or webpage, so they have indirect effect on the S e O by rigging and traffic. Teoh website Consequently again I'm going to mention that having Nova lebec Ling's can make your website Teoh look and perform more normal and the point of view off the surgeon jeans , especially Google. In this case, the search engines like Google is not going to consider your webpage as Pam. Thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it and good luck. 57. Backlink2: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E Air. As you know, we just started talking about back wings and this is the second video you're watching that we are talking about back links in past buying and sailing. Back links used to be a normal activity, and almost all wet masters try to buy back links from Psalm valid websites with the rank off four or five in order to advertise their own websites and over good Gill had announced that buying and selling back wings is forbidden at that time. That's who was normal activity and everybody tried actually doing that a lot of times. But the reality was that this activity, I mean buying back Ling's from valid websites could held for the other sites and could advance and boost them in a developing way. But in the year 2011 a good goal introduced the panda algorithm and most of websites were given some images from Web master tools or Google Search Console, in which it was mentioned to them to remove those interactive back legs. And after that, the websites using the back ling's were penalized and a lot of websites God fall in the ranks and great. Nowadays, most of the Web masters are aware of the danger of buying and selling back clings, and the professional ones don't do that anymore. But why nowadays, buying the back ling are not sold and but and it is not suggested to use it in order to improve and boost that website. As we mentioned before, the surgeon jeans got different ways in order to analyze the websites and they can easily use some algorithms which is a specialized for them. And it is really, as a mentioned simple and easy for them to find out whether a website has done seven and buying the back wings or not. In addition to that, some of the techniques related to artificial intelligence off Google and the order search engines are encouraging the users in order to introduce those websites who are buying and selling the back Ling's legally. That consequently can make Google penalize the websites which either sale or by the back lings and this photo you can see an example photo, which is the weren ing from Google to one of the websites who just has bought or so the back links. Google can easily find out a bad the background of each website by knowing the back Ling's , which leads the users inside the website or even the new categories in which the website has been working about, in the latest changes off the algorithms of related to Google using Ah, a lot of anchor texts in different pages would be considered one of the wrong and illegal things and the websites using more than enough. I mean too many anchor takes for sure will be penalized. One of the worst mistakes that the users can do is to use Ah, the black hats S e o are using some cheating ways and the website to develop it. But know that the only results this way I'm in using the black s CEO can have a would be the fall about the ranks and rates of the website and search and jeans as well as making the competitors happy. For instance, buying a very cheap back link would be one of them for sure. Any cheap, you know, service or material will get ah, lot of customers therefore unit to notice that when something is cheap for sure, a lot of people are using it like a back link. When the bank link is really cheap, there would be thousands or even sometimes millions of users. We're using that back, Ling, so I mean to buy it, so you must not trust them. So you, as a person who has bought the back links from down websites, can be penalized by Google. And I mean this process is really easy and simple for a search engine like Google, the under this seat or I'm in cheating you. As you knows, website told ER can do and Google confined about is to buy mass number off back links. For sure, the interaction bits van each website with the other websites. According to the history, off functions and activities of a website is John is allies by Google. Imagine that you've got a website at in one year had on Lee 20 back Ling's, but next year you have bought Masback Ling's from one website and you're going to have 2000 back links in the next year. How do you expect Google not to understand this, although in the past, this technique or let's say trick was used and a lot of websites could benefit. Nowadays, your website will get penalized and it is something bad for you. And sometimes you face some free back Ling's. Try not to use that because your website is going to be given the back things you know from the websites which are not related to your website. I'm in the content off those websites on related to the contents of your website and it is not something good for the S Celia of your website because with doing this, you're going to ruin the credits and the validity of your website. Next episode of this season I'm going to let you know about how to use a useful back links by using white hat Seo. Thank you for watching this episode than they hope you enjoyed this. Good luck. 58. Backlink3: Hello, everybody. And while come to the new video tutorial on S E O. In this video, we're going to talk about some of the freezers terms and some words which are related to back links. The 1st 1 is a link juice link juice. Actually, the term we used for the back link, which is given from a website to any page of your website, can increase the rank and rate of your website as well as boosting the domain authority off your website. The next term we need to talk about right now is anchor text anchor text actually is the text by which, by clicking on it, the link actually is given and you can river and lead to the website. Anchor text has a very important effect on optimization, off key, weird ranks and search engines. The next one is no follow and do follow links, as we mentioned in meant Attack Seasons with Dios Moyle using a back linking the other website with no no follow tank. This link is not going to be considered a link. Juice, although no follow links, doesn't have a direct influence on optimizing the rank of your website because they're not followed by the search engines and they are there in order to refer actually the users to your website. You can use them for linking to the websites in which you do not trust as an example in the commence, when there would be some you are Els. Those are considered as no follow links. We need to mention that by default, all links are considered to do follow, so they are considered as link juice. So you need to go for it sitting to make some of them no fun. Let's go to the next term which is lo stand. Our links the back ling's from the websites containing spam or having too many links to the other. Websites are considered a low standard links because the quality they have is not that high . These back links are more disadvantages than being advantages, and the negative points are more than the positive points. So try to avoid these websites. Okay, let's go to the next phrase here we have, which is a linking grew two domains. The number of back link from one website, one single website to your website is called a linking grew two domains suppose that one website has 10 links to your website. All those 10 are considered a one bed back link. So the number of back Ling's from a single website are not going to effect on the S U off your website. Okay. Last but not least, here we have the final term, which is internal links. Internal links are those back links? Debts are not bitching to different websites. It is inside one website from one web page goes to the other page of the same website That actually leads the users from one page of your website to the other page of your website. We have talked about them in a separate season about internal lex. Okay, guys, uh, I hope you enjoy this widow. Thank you for watching this episode as well. Good luck. 59. Backlink4: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on ECM today. In this video, you're going to get a wear off, how to get back legs. The 1st 1 which is easy I'm in the first way is to get friends to the honors. I mean, when you are friends with the others, you can have a link exchange with them. You can start from yourself and the content of the articles off your pages. You can link to the other websites. You can mention the other links from your own or website. This is going to make you be friend with the others because most of the time, most of Web masters, by seeing this back link are going to compensate. They're going to provide you with some back lings and a link to your website. So doings for a while and be sure that if you are in touch with some valley and right websites, you're going to have good results. But remember, it is better for you to find the websites in which the contents are related to the contents of your own website. Okay, let's go to the next way, which is a linking inside your blog's and other websites which are on their supervision of yours. You can use the back wings in your Web logs on, and by clicking on that, the users can lead to the main website of yours. It is necessary for you to use the back Ling's in the relevant place. The next way is to create guest posts in the year 2014 minute caught one off those principal managers of Google announced in one article under the title ofall off guest posts that guest posts are not as strong as past and you're not going to have the ability they used to have because of the spams and misuses by some off. You know, users end websites, but this is still one of the trunk guest tools for advertising and of course and network marketing and still guest posts are one of the most powerful tills to create. Bank clings against the posts that's are done by professional bloggers and the marketing experts in order to boost the traffic of a website. This is a pushed which is written by the owner of the Websites. But instead of uploading that article on his or her own website, they will put it on the articles or the news off the other websites. But in return, he or she wants thou website to give his or her own websites delink guests. Posts can be created in two different ways. You post on the others websites and you create a contents on the other websites. Or maybe the others are going to post their own contents on the part which is related to your website. It is like a two way avenue. This I mean, creating a guest posts can be benefit fool for both the guest and the host. But you need to consider the S e C regulation and the principles we have mentioned about S E O. Okay the next way, which is very important. Why, as social network social network plays very strong role and giving the back links to your own website, that's one has more points and more positive things and contrast Idi unr items. Be sure that in the profile of your social, that's where you've got a laying. Quidditch is a back link to your website and remember to updates your content. Often social networks cannot only be good for the s U of your website, but also they can help you make your business a brand or your production of brand on social networks, and they can easily introduce your brand to the other users. The next way to get back links is to commence on blog's, which are related to the content in your website. This one is too, with the studying and reading the posts which are related to your business. Try to answer in a very academy make and fundamental way and therefore you can add the link of your website in order for them to take a visit. But remember, as we mentioned, actually, no follow Commence, you know cannot have any effect on the back linking, but the do follow comments can improve the S U of your websites. The back lines can help for your S e O to improve. But remember that even if that commence are no follow, there would be an advantage for you that can lead the other users who your website. The other one is taking part in different forums participating in forums. But remember that the forum and the topic of the four M should be related directly to the content of your website mostly in the forums. Questions are asked and answer in case you are helpful to some of them. For sure, you are going to be a considered a an important person there. And by helping the others, you are going to be considered a professional one. And that's area. So, by being professional, more credit, as is gonna be given to you spending some hours during the week and analyzing the questions and the four EMS in order to answer proper way to those questions can be really helpful. Because at the same time you are presenting in the field you are professional to the others . And also you can make them lead and visits your website. Thank you for watching this video. And I hope you enjoy this video. Okay, guys, good luck and thank you. 60. Backlink5: Hello, everybody. And welcome to the new video tutorial on S E. One of the most important ways of getting in gaining back links is to create and generate actually very strong and reliable content. By generating strong and reliable content, you can have a lot of users and they give back link to your website. But ah, what are the features of strong and reliable content? The 1st 1 is to generate content regularly. For example, if you have a website and daily your posting 10 articles or 10 posts, you need to continue this way like that. And even if you are posting a content only once a week, you should continue that as well. And if you want to get full benefit, you should even arrange the times. For example, if you post the content every day, for example, at four o'clock you should do it and the same time in the same way. In fact, your website must contain the dynamic way of producing and generating content. But in some trades and business, generating content is a very difficulty process where maybe there is no possibility to generate or create content. The good news is that Google has thought about these situations as well. If there wouldn't be enough contents around, the key words of yours or there would be few of those articles. Google will not expect you a lot. The expectations from Good Gil or search and jeans would be in a a low capacity. But this situation can be a good opportunity for you to proceed your competitors. The next item out for generating strong and reliable content is to generate pro prior tree content. The content you're trying to publish pause Teoh should be actually Executive Lee. For you, it means that that content is exclusive content, which is published in your website. Actually, it should. I mean, the idea of the content should come from your own mind. Sometimes it happens that you can translate a content from some other websites from the other languages, and in case it happens for the first time, I mean you are the 1st 1 to translate that from the other languages into your mother time. That can be considered the unique and exclusive content as well, but never, never try to copy or select a content from the other websites because Google can easily find out about it, and the content you're posting, which is which has been comp it from the other website, is considered without any validity or credit. And remember that and the latest updates from Google algorithm, even when you change some words to their synonyms, Google can is really realize that, and that is considered a copy as well. Okay, let's go to the next item, which is to generate reliable content. This is a very important thing to pay attention that you are trying to generate content for the users of yours and not for Google. In other words, that users can rely on the content of yours. This is going to build off trusts from the users, and they for sure are going to give your website some back links since you're not lying them. The other factor that you have to consider for generating the content in the era off technology it is very necessary for you to create new and opted eight content. If you're trying to generate the content that is old fashioned or expired, the city are click rates, and also return rates are going to be considered encountered as well. In case the results of analysis would and be satisfying for the Google and Google search engine results, you're gonna be given very low and improper rank. The next I tone we need to consider for gyrating strong and reliable content is to observe visual issues in the content. Using proper images can be a good ambition Teoh for the users to read and to be more interested in following your content and articles. This can a make your article to be given back links from the users, and even this fact can effect on ah, sharing your content in social media. The images were The visual issues can attract more users because it is going to reduce the fatigue or tiredness while someone is reading the article of yours one of the nicest way of for, you know, producing a content to be given back link is to using. For graph e, put l link to your website an embedded code of the infographic in order to get sure that by sending that infographic e, you're gonna be given back lings. When you're generating some complicated or complex information, you can use charts because charts can make them easier for the readers to understand and realize. Remember that even videos with good quality and in a smart way can be shourd on social media by the users because they have good quality, good content. And that would be interesting for the users to watch that. And, of course, to share that with the their followers or the other friends off there's the other points Daddy's clear nowadays is that Ah, users are more likely to watch the video instead off a reading a content. Even some videos can be watched more than once for some more times than once, which leads to having in the mind of your brand by the users and remember to set a copyright regulation for the images videos in photography. It said RAV yours, that if a user is going to republish that again, he or she would have the back link for the website of yours notes that setting the copyright is free, and only by writing a simple code you can access that and the other fact that you have to pay attention as to have good status, ticks and information about the content. In other words, the content you're trying to generate should be based on the status sticks and detailed information to make the users of feel more reliable to that smart analysis for sure present unique, exclusive and true status sticks and information. In the circumstance, if a person tries to use your article or scientific contents on their own website by giving the reference he or she needs to use the back clings to your website essays, articles and content with high quality and convince a bubble outcome should present very chic and detailed information and status sticks. In order to answer all the vital questions, dads could be in the mind off the users or the readers. So try to put Craddock for your apostrophe. A researched content can be done in a long process, and it will take more time. But it will have for sure a lot of back Ling's. That's It's OK, guys. Thank you for watching this video, and I hope you enjoyed it. Good luck and wait for the other widows off ours 61. Backlink6: Hello, everybody. And welcome to