SEO 2016: Get 95 Google PageSpeed score and 1 Second Page Load Time WordPress SEO | Arun Nagarathanam ✪ | Skillshare

SEO 2016: Get 95 Google PageSpeed score and 1 Second Page Load Time WordPress SEO

Arun Nagarathanam ✪, SEO | Web Developer | Designer

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16 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. 5 Feature-rich PageSpeed Testing Tools: SEO WordPress

    • 2. How to be Fail Safe in WordPress

    • 3. Introduction to WordPress Caching Plugins

    • 4. How to Install & Configure Caching Plugin - W3 Totacl Cache

    • 5. How to Implement Free CDN On Your Website

    • 6. Official Page Speed Insights From Google

    • 7. How to Optimize Your Website As Per PageSpeed Insights Suggestions

    • 8. How to Improve your Page Speed Insights Score

    • 9. How to Eliminate Render Blocking Of CSS & Js

    • 10. How to Improve Your Website's (Server) Response Time

    • 11. How to Optimize Images without Stressing your Server

    • 12. A Plugin That Can Compress Images On Your Website

    • 13. Customizable Image Compression Plugin

    • 14. A Simple Workaround – To Optimize Images

    • 15. How to resolve 'Specify Image Dimensions' suggestion from Google

    • 16. How I got 0.5sec Page Load time and 95 Score in Page Speed Insights


About This Class

SEO WordPress: Improve your website's PAGESPEED by 4X and increase sales or conversions by 2X

Get GOOGLE pagespeed insights score above 95 for desktop and above 90 for mobile

Who is this for?

  • This class is specially designed for Webmasters, Bloggers, Business owners, Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts and Website owners, who want to rank #1 in Google.
  • If you're a Content Creator, looking to increase your subscribe base and struggling to get new visitors from organic search
  • Anyone who wants to improve his / her / other (e.g. your friend/client) website's ranking in search results
  • Website owners, who want to get to rank #1 in Google with SEO for WordPress
  • Webmasters
  • Bloggers
  • Business owners
  • Online Marketers
  • Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts

Am I going to be Bored?

This is a no fluff SEO class. Each and every lecture is prepared and polished with loads of rare information, SEO tutorial that produces results and examples or research data to justify those SEO factors.

Make your website load in less than a second. The interesting part of this section is, your page speed insights score will go above 95 for desktop and above 90 for mobile

What are the requirements?

  • You should have a live website and you should have the dream to get to #1 position in Google and other search engines
  • If you have a live website on WordPress, then it's better

In this course, you will get answers for the following:

5 Feature-rich Speed Testing Tools

  • It says advantages and highlights of 5 speed test tool with a clear example. `
  • Which tool to be used in which situations?
  • How to measure Page load time effectively? – A small trick for more accuracy
  • How to identify the exact culprit, that increases your page load time?
  • How to measure page load time for a visitor coming from various countries?
  • How much faster is your website compared to all other website?

How to be Fail Safe

  • How to install, activate and configure plugin for creating database backup?
  • How to take a backup of your WordPress database to your computer?
  • How to restore a WordPress database from your computer to website?

Introduction to caching plugins

  • Why we should install a caching plugin in WordPress? – A clear description
  • What are the plugins available for Caching and which will be the best plugin for you?
  • What is the need for configuring CloudFlare CDN server wide? Lecture 4
  • How to install, activate and configure W3 total cache plugin? – A step by step explanation with a clear example.
  • What is Edge mode? Will it cause any problem if I activate edge mode? – I answered you in this lecture
  • Why to run a performance compatibility test? – The importance of running performance compatibility test before optimisation.

Install & Configure caching plugin

Sometimes, total cache may inform you that auto option give some errors. In such case you need to click manual and you need to configure them minify settings separately here.

  • This lecture will guide you in a right path on How to configure your plugin manually?
  • Which one of click, database cache or object cache or both? – A secret revealed
  • How to check your score before and after optimisation? – A wow factor inside.

Implement Free CDN on your website

  • Some interesting points on Why to use CloudFlare? – Definitely it will create a Wow factor once you get to know the advantage of CloudFlare.
  • How to register before adding CloudFlare?
  • Step by Step guide on How to add your website to CloudFlare?
  • How to configure your sub domains to CloudFlare? -A complete guidance

Page Speed Insights from Google

  • Is Page Speed Insights better than all other Page speed tools? Why?
  • What are the recommendations to be followed before optimising the page speed?
  • Should we analyse the page speed differently for desktop and mobile platform? How?

Optimise your website as per page speed Insight suggestions

  • Are you worried about the errors or optimisations shown by Page Speed Insight? Learn How to optimise your website with 2 powerful plugins in this lecture.
  • What are those 2 powerful plugins and How to install and activate the plugin?
  • What is the difference between 2 plugins where to use which plugin?
  • How to configure both the plugin to optimise your website in a better way? – A step by step Demo.
  • What are the recommendations that should be followed compulsorily to reach high success rate in optimisation?
  • Is CSS not working in your website? Does the images in your website is tempered or Damaged? Relax!! Don’t get tensed. I have shown you recommendations or ideas in a step by step manner on How to solve the problem yourself?
  • JS minification or CSS minification or inline minification, which has more success rate in reducing the server response time? – A Live Result

Improve your Page Speed Insight score

  • How to install and configure speed Booster plugin in our WordPress website?
  • How the page load time has got reduced and page speed score has got improved? – A Live demo with an explanation and easy step by step guidance
  • What is remove query strings and lazy load images to improve speed options? – Is it that essential to configure this options for improving page speed?
  • How to increase server response time? – A better solution.
  • What is prioritise visible content? Why should you enable this option compulsorily?

Eliminate Render Blocking of CSS and JS

  • What is eliminate render blocking of CSS and JavaScript? How to configure it? – A complete secret revealed.
  • Have you got an error or the compulsory correction in page speed insights by Google? Don’t worry in this lecture I will show you How to overcome your problem.
  • How to configure settings to improve your page speed score to the maximum level?
  • How to reduce the response time of your site as well as make your disc enhancement compatible?
  • How to reduce the server response time to 0.34 seconds or even more? – A simple trick Inside

Improve your website’s response time

  • How to optimise your database tables of your WordPress website?
  • Which plugin you can use for taking backup of all your database for safety purpose?
  • How to clean database table, post revisions, auto draft posts and posts in draft easily?

Optimise Images without stressing your sever

  • What is File optimiser and Why it is better than other image compressor plugins?
  • Where to download this File optimiser software? – Link Provided
  • How to configure or work on this File optimiser software? – An Easy Guide

A Plugin that can compress Images on your Website

  • How to compress or optimise images in your WordPress website? – A complete setup
  • Why should you compress or optimise images? -Is it that necessary?
  • Is it possible to compress all the images in my website in a single click or should I optimise the images one by one? - I have given you an answer in this lecture.

Customisable Image Compression Plugin

  • What is EWWW plugin and How to install and activate the plugin? – A brief introduction.
  • How to configure EWWW plugin in a better way to optimise images?
  • Is it possible to pause between images while optimising? – I have an answer for you
  • What are the levels available in EWWW plugin and Which level you should use?
  • What is deferred optimisation and scheduled optimisation? – Which one to use where?
  • Which plugin is more easy and simple to use? EWWW or Smush it?

Workaround – To optimise Images

  • How to Optimise images indirectly using workaround technique? – A complete guide
  • Can I balance both page speed as well as Google page speed insight score? – Yes, you can I will show you How to do it in this lecture.
  • Are you worried in getting a green tick mark for mobile as well as desktop? – I have shown you a simple technique to help you in a better way.

Specify Image Dimension

  • Are you worried How to specify image dimensions automatically instead of manually adjusting each time? This lecture has a solution for you.
  • How to configure the image size to satisfy the requirement of Google page speed insights?
  • What to do when image dimensions are not specified by the WordPress? - A simple step

How to get 0.5 sec Page Load Time and 95 score in Page Speed Insights

  • How to move JavaScript files to footer? – A clear step by step process Inside
  • How to improve page load speed to an unexpected grade? – Maximum Page load speed can be achieved easily