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SEO 2016: Get 95 Google PageSpeed score and 1 Second Page Load Time WordPress SEO

teacher avatar Arun Nagarathanam ⭐, SEO | Video Editor | Designer

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. 5 Feature-rich PageSpeed Testing Tools: SEO WordPress

    • 2. How to be Fail Safe in WordPress

    • 3. Introduction to WordPress Caching Plugins

    • 4. How to Install & Configure Caching Plugin - W3 Totacl Cache

    • 5. How to Implement Free CDN On Your Website

    • 6. Official Page Speed Insights From Google

    • 7. How to Optimize Your Website As Per PageSpeed Insights Suggestions

    • 8. How to Improve your Page Speed Insights Score

    • 9. How to Eliminate Render Blocking Of CSS & Js

    • 10. How to Improve Your Website's (Server) Response Time

    • 11. How to Optimize Images without Stressing your Server

    • 12. A Plugin That Can Compress Images On Your Website

    • 13. Customizable Image Compression Plugin

    • 14. A Simple Workaround – To Optimize Images

    • 15. How to resolve 'Specify Image Dimensions' suggestion from Google

    • 16. How I got 0.5sec Page Load time and 95 Score in Page Speed Insights

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About This Class

SEO WordPress: Improve your website's PAGESPEED by 4X and increase sales or conversions by 2X

Get GOOGLE pagespeed insights score above 95 for desktop and above 90 for mobile

Who is this for?

  • This class is specially designed for Webmasters, Bloggers, Business owners, Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts and Website owners, who want to rank #1 in Google.
  • If you're a Content Creator, looking to increase your subscribe base and struggling to get new visitors from organic search
  • Anyone who wants to improve his / her / other (e.g. your friend/client) website's ranking in search results
  • Website owners, who want to get to rank #1 in Google with SEO for WordPress
  • Webmasters
  • Bloggers
  • Business owners
  • Online Marketers
  • Search Engine Optimization Beginners / Experts

Am I going to be Bored?

This is a no fluff SEO class. Each and every lecture is prepared and polished with loads of rare information, SEO tutorial that produces results and examples or research data to justify those SEO factors.

Make your website load in less than a second. The interesting part of this section is, your page speed insights score will go above 95 for desktop and above 90 for mobile

What are the requirements?

  • You should have a live website and you should have the dream to get to #1 position in Google and other search engines
  • If you have a live website on WordPress, then it's better

In this course, you will get answers for the following:

5 Feature-rich Speed Testing Tools

  • It says advantages and highlights of 5 speed test tool with a clear example. `
  • Which tool to be used in which situations?
  • How to measure Page load time effectively? – A small trick for more accuracy
  • How to identify the exact culprit, that increases your page load time?
  • How to measure page load time for a visitor coming from various countries?
  • How much faster is your website compared to all other website?

How to be Fail Safe

  • How to install, activate and configure plugin for creating database backup?
  • How to take a backup of your WordPress database to your computer?
  • How to restore a WordPress database from your computer to website?

Introduction to caching plugins

  • Why we should install a caching plugin in WordPress? – A clear description
  • What are the plugins available for Caching and which will be the best plugin for you?
  • What is the need for configuring CloudFlare CDN server wide? Lecture 4
  • How to install, activate and configure W3 total cache plugin? – A step by step explanation with a clear example.
  • What is Edge mode? Will it cause any problem if I activate edge mode? – I answered you in this lecture
  • Why to run a performance compatibility test? – The importance of running performance compatibility test before optimisation.

Install & Configure caching plugin

Sometimes, total cache may inform you that auto option give some errors. In such case you need to click manual and you need to configure them minify settings separately here.

  • This lecture will guide you in a right path on How to configure your plugin manually?
  • Which one of click, database cache or object cache or both? – A secret revealed
  • How to check your score before and after optimisation? – A wow factor inside.

Implement Free CDN on your website

  • Some interesting points on Why to use CloudFlare? – Definitely it will create a Wow factor once you get to know the advantage of CloudFlare.
  • How to register before adding CloudFlare?
  • Step by Step guide on How to add your website to CloudFlare?
  • How to configure your sub domains to CloudFlare? -A complete guidance

Page Speed Insights from Google

  • Is Page Speed Insights better than all other Page speed tools? Why?
  • What are the recommendations to be followed before optimising the page speed?
  • Should we analyse the page speed differently for desktop and mobile platform? How?

Optimise your website as per page speed Insight suggestions

  • Are you worried about the errors or optimisations shown by Page Speed Insight? Learn How to optimise your website with 2 powerful plugins in this lecture.
  • What are those 2 powerful plugins and How to install and activate the plugin?
  • What is the difference between 2 plugins where to use which plugin?
  • How to configure both the plugin to optimise your website in a better way? – A step by step Demo.
  • What are the recommendations that should be followed compulsorily to reach high success rate in optimisation?
  • Is CSS not working in your website? Does the images in your website is tempered or Damaged? Relax!! Don’t get tensed. I have shown you recommendations or ideas in a step by step manner on How to solve the problem yourself?
  • JS minification or CSS minification or inline minification, which has more success rate in reducing the server response time? – A Live Result

Improve your Page Speed Insight score

  • How to install and configure speed Booster plugin in our WordPress website?
  • How the page load time has got reduced and page speed score has got improved? – A Live demo with an explanation and easy step by step guidance
  • What is remove query strings and lazy load images to improve speed options? – Is it that essential to configure this options for improving page speed?
  • How to increase server response time? – A better solution.
  • What is prioritise visible content? Why should you enable this option compulsorily?

Eliminate Render Blocking of CSS and JS

  • What is eliminate render blocking of CSS and JavaScript? How to configure it? – A complete secret revealed.
  • Have you got an error or the compulsory correction in page speed insights by Google? Don’t worry in this lecture I will show you How to overcome your problem.
  • How to configure settings to improve your page speed score to the maximum level?
  • How to reduce the response time of your site as well as make your disc enhancement compatible?
  • How to reduce the server response time to 0.34 seconds or even more? – A simple trick Inside

Improve your website’s response time

  • How to optimise your database tables of your WordPress website?
  • Which plugin you can use for taking backup of all your database for safety purpose?
  • How to clean database table, post revisions, auto draft posts and posts in draft easily?

Optimise Images without stressing your sever

  • What is File optimiser and Why it is better than other image compressor plugins?
  • Where to download this File optimiser software? – Link Provided
  • How to configure or work on this File optimiser software? – An Easy Guide

A Plugin that can compress Images on your Website

  • How to compress or optimise images in your WordPress website? – A complete setup
  • Why should you compress or optimise images? -Is it that necessary?
  • Is it possible to compress all the images in my website in a single click or should I optimise the images one by one? - I have given you an answer in this lecture.

Customisable Image Compression Plugin

  • What is EWWW plugin and How to install and activate the plugin? – A brief introduction.
  • How to configure EWWW plugin in a better way to optimise images?
  • Is it possible to pause between images while optimising? – I have an answer for you
  • What are the levels available in EWWW plugin and Which level you should use?
  • What is deferred optimisation and scheduled optimisation? – Which one to use where?
  • Which plugin is more easy and simple to use? EWWW or Smush it?

Workaround – To optimise Images

  • How to Optimise images indirectly using workaround technique? – A complete guide
  • Can I balance both page speed as well as Google page speed insight score? – Yes, you can I will show you How to do it in this lecture.
  • Are you worried in getting a green tick mark for mobile as well as desktop? – I have shown you a simple technique to help you in a better way.

Specify Image Dimension

  • Are you worried How to specify image dimensions automatically instead of manually adjusting each time? This lecture has a solution for you.
  • How to configure the image size to satisfy the requirement of Google page speed insights?
  • What to do when image dimensions are not specified by the WordPress? - A simple step

How to get 0.5 sec Page Load Time and 95 score in Page Speed Insights

  • How to move JavaScript files to footer? – A clear step by step process Inside
  • How to improve page load speed to an unexpected grade? – Maximum Page load speed can be achieved easily

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Arun Nagarathanam ⭐

SEO | Video Editor | Designer


Arun Nagarathanam is a top online instructor, who has got expertise in various fields and software such as search engine optimization, WordPress web development, digital graphic design & animation. He teaches online courses to over 200,000 students across 190 countries around the world. His SEO, web development courses have received high admiration for the comprehensive tutorials and practical approach with lots of hands on examples.

He is an Electrical & Electronics Engineer, Computer expert, Blogger, Skillshare, Udemy Instructor and a budding Chartered Accountant from India. His teaching style is, breaking-down complex concepts through simple examples and animations.

That's why, his students call him a VERSATILE teacher!

You may follow me at instagram to get ... See full profile

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1. 5 Feature-rich PageSpeed Testing Tools: SEO WordPress: in this lecture, we are going to see five different but feature rich speed testing tools for Web sites while all the fight do the same thing that is there going to paste the page, loading speed off flip sides. But the differ in features the 1st 1 that we are going to see these the page est not orgy, I How Said the best website called you Jimmy a civil for this course to demonstrate you how the website both forms before automating it. Four speed on How can we optimise it on how it performs off the the speed optimization? The special feature off this tool that is webpage test is it segregates each and every part off optimization and it effectively tells you what is support that you need toe concentrate toe optimize your website for speed. The other special feature off the pitch Thursdays And this the speed off the website twice . That is when the webpages tested for the first time. Nothing off the page Ease cadged So everything lords first. But when you referenced a webpage or when you visit the same page the second time, the images on some other elements will be catched by the bro. So by default. So the time taken for the repeated loading is considerably less so compared toa first time off loading. You can see that the first few load time is 4.3 seconds, whereas the repeated views just 1.8 seconds for this test website. Let's Moto the next tool that is G D metrics. You can have noticed that this page loading time or paid size a number off recalls before from one tool toe on Idol. This is because off different operating system different grows a different connection. Speed s central, but it's a responsibility off the website administrator the best his or her website. With these different type off tools on, he should analyze the maximum loading time that is given by these tools. So let's moon fidgety metrics. The important feature off this tool is in this you Google paid speed score on Yahoo. Why slow score? Also, it sold you the waterfall model off your page loading in the upcoming lectures. We will see how to interpret these data on how we can optimize our website. But in this lecture, you're going to learn just an introduction about these paid speed based tools. Another important feature off GT metrics is it also captures the individual culprit, which increases the page load time off your website. GT metrics also tells you how you can minimize or avoid such things from your website. So let's come toe the next tool which is monetise paid speed tool by this time off, completing overpaid speed pissed from the page test and GT metrics. We can have identified all the issues that are present in our website, but this monitor stole else you. How much is the time taken when a visitor use your website from United States, euro and also yes, your Pacific regions. This helps you to decide whether you want to. Moto Cloud hosting are used by a CD in etcetera. That is the one we benefit off This monitors Page Lord Tool. Let's Moto Kingdom speed. This signem also gives you the performance grade, which is similar toe Google paid speed score. Also, it gives you the page analysis, which means order any redirects or server or connection error in your website and also it tells you the history off your website performance. I distant the performance off this website today. If you check the performance after a week or after a month, then I can compare how the performance has improved off the automation on before. Optimization. It also tells you how much force store is your website compared to all other websites like monitor stole. You can also choose manually the server from which you want toe test your website. Let's come to the lost and final tour, which is a website pulse. Even though all other tools provide you this waterfall model, they are a bit confusing and that's why I use website Paul's toe. Analyze the waterfall flow off page loading off my website. So in the upcoming lectures, let's see how we can use on interpret the results off these tools on how we can optimize our website toe, increase the paid speed on reduce the page loading time 2. How to be Fail Safe in WordPress: in this lecture, you're going to learn how to be a fail safe before doing the optimization off paid speed in your website. So what is fail safe? There is a minimum, probably that while optimizing your website or while installing the bunch off plug ins that I'm going to demonstrate in this section, you may break your website. In such case, you should be able to restore your website to a walking state. That's why I advise you to take the database backup to create the date of this back up off your worker swept side. Come toe. Add plug ins page on search for database backup among the list off plug ins that are displayed to you. Choose WP database Backup on Click Install the speed of the process I have already installed on activated this plugging to create a WordPress net of his backup. After installing and activating this plug in goto tools on click on WP db Back up. This will open a page like this Once you have opened the speech, click Create new dead of this backup, which will create a database off your website. Of course, the WordPress swept side and storied in your soul. Once the process is completed, you can download the backup file from hell to keep a backup in your computer rather than in silver. To restore this backup, you can either click this restored date of this back a button are. If you even can't enter into the WordPress dashboard, then you can use this backup in PHP. My admin page on restore into the appropriate dead of a stable off your Chris website. In the next lecture, let's see an introduction to different types off catching plug ins. 3. Introduction to WordPress Caching Plugins: in this lecture, we're going to see an introduction toe various catching plug ins that are available for WordPress. But before going into the you need to know why we should install a catching plugging in. Watrous coming to the page test that I saw you an earlier lectures. The most important recommendation by the page test is the F grade for ach static content. When I click on that, the recommendation given by repurchased optimization is leverage Broza catching off static assets. So I have got to score off only 59 out off 100. So these are the assets that are it to be catched by using a WordPress catching plug in. But he should know that I have configured Cloudflare City in sight wide the days might silver white water was site that they install in my solar. All off these websites will be so by Cloudflare So more difference, does it make clothes? Flor automatically catches my html CSS is Jace all these files And that's why, even without installing a catching plug in my school rent upto 59 out of 100 you can come from the same n g d metrics just to here My recommendation is to leverage, bro. So catching for all these efforts also mentions to space via catch validator for these items. If you have got a recommendation like this, then you need to install a catching plugging in your WordPress website. Really search for catch in at plug ins? WordPress page. There are multiple plug ins that oppose most of these. Does the function off catching? But which one you should choose. Normally, people go by the number off installations or the number off reviews or ratings. In such case, what is a plug in? That he will go? Obviously, it's W three total catch, isn't it? WP Super Catch is a plug in, officially by purpose dot com's another brand called Automatic on Another Family's Catch. Blufgan is WP force. Just catch on WP Super Catch. But the main difference between these plug ins on doublet three total catch is that W three total catch. Not only so says a page catch plug in. It also magnifies HTML JavaScript. CSS can also be used to catch database or object on. It can automatically configure your website toe Cloudflare, which is a free CD in, isn't it? So I recommend you to install W three total catch. If you want toe speed up the process. If that's the case, then why all these other plug ins are so famous? It's because configuring W three total catch is somewhat difficult. But don't worry. I'm here to take you step by step in the process off. Lovely three Total Catch Blufgan Conflagration. The next lecture. Let's install W three total Catch on Let's configure it. 4. How to Install & Configure Caching Plugin - W3 Totacl Cache: in this lecture, We are going toe install Activate on conficker W three Total catch Plugging in our WordPress website In the art plug in speech Search for Catch Our Total catch on this derby . Three Total cash plugging will appear. Click Install no button. Once installed flick. Activate Blufgan by default. Total catch asks you toe enable edge more edge Mori's something like a beater in the software that we use in this crop. This edge more consist off pre release features. There will be some bucks, but from my experience EJ Morris almost table so you can enable it. Click your toe, enable edge more. Once you have enabled it, you will be directly taken to the dashboard off total catch plug in. You can configure several other things in total catch, but it will be appropriate toe. Explain you the conflagration off those ports under appropriate sections in this course so far. Now, let's use this total cash plug in and configure it to speed up our website. Before going into that, you may want to run our perform a compatibility check. This is because there are so many options to catch your page once you run this compatibility test, you can easily no water or the X Knicks that you can use in this W three total catch plugging. For example, his Gmail duty extra insulin is installed in my solar so I can use today to compress or two men. If I system like this, it's easy. Tow us is more hyper function you can use, so let's close it for now. On, let's go toe gentle sittings. The first sitting ladies struggle all catching types. Owner off on the privy mode. This ease the preview how this total catch functions, but that's not needed. Let's configure this torture catch plug in in real time. First ofall enable the page catch on juice Lisk in hunched If you're in a sharp sword, if you use a dedicated server, our multiple service, for example, some hosting Prado's provide meme cashed server separately for their uses, and they specifically mentioned while you're buying the hosting in such case, this meme cash will be enable for you on. You can choose meme cashed. If you're using virtual private hosting or ritual private silver, then you can choose any one off these op codes. If you have an option you can't figure your which will private sewer. Then I recommend you toe install e accelerator in your virtual private server and then choose what chord E accelerator. Since I am an Assad posting, let me choose this. Can hunched now come to mean if I and Click enable leave it toe auto. Sometimes daughter catch may inform you that auto option gives some errors. In such case, you need to click manual on. We need to configure the men if a sittings separately. Hell, let's do that step by step. For now, let me click Auto and proceed to the below options NATO base Catch on object catch. Don't use both off them. Choose anyone off them. For example, this database catch is best used one. Lee If object catching is not possible. So if this check box is available for you to enable, then choose object catch on. Leave the database catch unchecked. Coming the grocer catch by default. Grocer cash will be enabled on installation off this quarter. Catch plug in itself If you have got any off the CD in that are available here, for example, Max et in hora Mies unclothed front. You can choose one off them on click enable, but I use glow. Flor Cloudflare is not listed here and it works somewhat different Compact with the Syrians . So in case if you're using cloth, flor don't enable here Now come down on click. Save all settings I SE said earlier this plug in could not solve the men if eight auto issue automatically. So I'm clicking. OK also displays a message that Menefee Auto does not work properly. So it asked me toe use The man will more in men if I catch Metin. So let Mitic non ticked options and Dick Manual. Then click several sittings again. Now let's enter into the men. If I catch, don't choose men. If I hear this will bring you to them. Unifying the general settings Jews, men If I in the left side panel, this is some unifying options that are available to us for no just choose hedged Gmail Manifest sittings on enable javascript unification CSS modification on, then click Save all settings. We have got to score off 87 82 before optimizing our before installing this total catch plug in. Let's check now. Our school has improved from 82 to 85% age. Andi. How reduced 0.1 2nd page load time so you can see the leverage, bro. So catching or for the items that loads outside off my domain, it is. These are the items that are loaded. Hopes laid off. Inspire our own dot com domain. We can do some tricks, or we can install another plug ins, so deal with these items. But let me take you step by step so that you will understand how this speed optimization works in an organized manner. I say. How said you already that my domain or my silver has already been configured with Cloudflare? So in the next lecture, I will tell you how you can configure your website or your door mine with clothes flat dot com, which will act as a free CD in for CSS J's Hench Trammell on Also images 5. How to Implement Free CDN On Your Website: in this lecture, we're going to see what is close flor on how we can implement Loeffler for our website. Normally, cloud for doesn't need to be installed as a plug in inside your WordPress. You just need to point your name servers, the names that were given by Cloudflare Andi clothes Flor will do the rest automatically closed for east north. Just a CD in a CD in Just Takes Your Upside on provides your website from a Nero so over to you obviously, don't yes, go for just that. But it's not just that. It also optimizes your content. That is, it catches your website. It magnifies your JavaScript. Html CSS also follows some automatic optimization called Rocket Lola on much more, which speeds up the lording off your website. Since it's free, there is no loss for you in configuring Cloudflare for your website. Not only that, Cloudflare also acts as a security barrier between your website. On hackles, you can also sit the security level from essentially off the low medium high on. Even you can mention that your under DDOS attack Loeffler also gives you many analytics reports, monitors, threats. It gives you traffic control search engine crawls, real time traffic. Geographical. I'd be on much more, so let's see how we can add a website Tokelau for before clicking this ad side button, you need to sign up for Cloudflare. Once you have signed up on logged in, just enter your domain here and click Begin scan. Since I have already added my domain inspirer and dot com, I cannot add it again. But let me show you at them off one of the famous websites called olympic dot com. I'm not the one hour off olympic dot com Andi I cannot add it to, but I can. So you the process off how toe add it. Once glow, Flor finishes the scanning off this website. It will give me the con figuration off all intake dot com domain on. If I am the owner off this low mine, then my job is very simple. I just need toe point. My name service toe the names over given by Cloudflare in my Domain Registrars dashboard. The conflagration is so simple, right? Once the scanning is or click continue set up. So these all the Deena's items that are configured for all intake dot com so it's added here. This will not work until the name service, off warranted dot com are pointed to Cloudflare. Also, you can choose quarter or the subject lines. You want to pass it through Cloudflare, for example. If you want to post mail through Cloudflare, click it on. This icon will turn into orange with sauce that the mail server will post through clothes. Flair on will be sold by Kofler Vanek. Click advanced. You have the option toe. Upload your Deena's files on. You can also export this list for your further use. Now click continue. You will be presented with a free plan pro plan on a business website plan. Just click free on click. Continue. If I am the owner off monitored dot com, then I will remove all these four name servers on insert these two names of us once they have done this within 10 to 12 hours, all off the content off my website will be sold by Cloudflare. Also, don't worry. In the meantime, your website will be accessible, but it would be so from your server directly. Once the dizziness has called changed toe clothes, flare name servers, then it will be sold by Cloudflare. Now I am clicking. Continue on. I can even delete all these records or the entire domain name from my account. In the next lecture, let's see the official age speed insights from Google. 6. Official Page Speed Insights From Google : in this lecture, we're going to see a judge. Speed insides by Google doll oppose to access this paid speed inside stool, just search for page speed insides and Google on like the first search result. I am suggesting this method because this Europe is a bit lengthy and you cannot remember it . That's why this seems to be the foster method. Toe access. Google paid speed insides apart from all the other tools that he used to check our speed off the website, for example, the page distort orgy or GT metrics are told. Start kingdom dot com. Google's official paid speeding sites gives you albeit a different set off instructions and suggestions. Combat toe all of this. Let's test over based website that is a civil lord in spare on dot com. I'm clicking unless button. Once the finalization is completed, Google will tell you two sets off results. One is for mobile on another. One is for disco. If the excrement remark is sold in red color, then that means your pace speed is terribly slow on. You need to concentrate much toe, optimize it to a higher level. If the exclamatory markets sold in orange color that this orange background, then it's somewhat OK, but you need to improve some things. For example, eliminate render blocking off JavaScript and CSS is is mentioned as consider fixing, but the same thing is mentioned. US. Compulsory fix. In Mobile, though the recommendations all seem some more mentioned as optional in this globe, the same thing is mentioned as compulsory or sued fix. In Mobile, for example, the silver response time is 0.3 Fasig ends, which Google recommends it to be under 200 millisecond, or 2000.2 seconds. The same thing is mentioned as compulsory fix in Mobile. This is because the server responded only after one point force against when access riel the mobile. In the next lecture, let's see how we can optimize our website for both. The stop on mobile suggestions given by Google paid speed, insides 7. How to Optimize Your Website As Per PageSpeed Insights Suggestions: in this lecture, we are going toe optimize our website for the errors or optimization ations that are sewn by paid speed insights. In the previous lecture. Here comes the recommendations by its insides regarding the optimist images. Let's deal with this later. In this lecture you're going to read, use this leverage browser catching on, eliminate render blocking JavaScript and CSS in the ABO full 100. Also, we are going to men if I the CS I'm going to. So you two different types off techniques to do this white tea technics. Can there be a one solution which saw all these? This is because even with the same server configuration, different corporate switched sides, that's differently for different types off plug in setups. That's why, in this lecture we are going toe confident this total catch Blufgan completely for dealing with the optimization sewn by its been insides. If it doesn't solve these issue, then we will moto the second technique where we're going to install some other plug ins on they will act together instead off this total catch on. Do they even solve these issues? I have two other websites hosted on the same silver, but for one drip site when a configured total catch Blufgan completely. It sold all the issue sold by Pittsburgh Insights, whereas for another website it didnt solve the issue sewn by Facebook insights. So let's try configured in total catch. First, let me enable disc enhanced for page catch on flicks able sittings. See the disc enhanced is not walking in this website. So let me try this basic. It should work. If this enhanced works for your website set up, then go for this enhanced. If it doesn't then more to this basic, as we have seen in the previous lectures, enable men If I unclip manual, then click. Several sittings also double check that the tick mark is changed. If it's unchecked, then we need to change some off the settings to make it enable. Also double check that the object catch on grocer, catch or enable No moved. Oh Rosa, Catch time here you need to click. Sit, lost, modified header said Expose head Oh said Catch control header said. And did you die? Set W three total catch header. If Hester t become person is enabled for your server side wide, then unpick this because compressing the same content twice doesn't give you a higher compression, but just unnecessarily takes the resources off your soul. If your server doesn't complicit your content, then you should take this check box. Also choose don't sit cookies for static fights. This are the common sittings that are applied for all these sections. For example, seasons. Jace, his Jamelle Example. Media and other files. No public, same old sittings. Once you have saved these sittings, click empty the page cash button. Now come to page Gadge settings. Chick Gadge feeds and then catch for not for not from pages. If you're using this enhanced method, then uncheck this check box and then click. Save all settings. Now comes the lost on most important part, which is men. If I settings here, makes you the rewrite, your structure is enabled. Now play this help button. You can see that this jacqui gorgeous jaggery migrate dot minge or days. All these files are also sewn in. Remove render blocking JavaScript by Google paid speeds. Also, you can see that the stale file, which is mentioned here A's mentioned by bids, insights hell, so all these files should appear when you click help preserve. Now check all, then click our play on close. Come to Js Manifest sittings unplayed. No blocking using Jace for both before head off the body on before body. Also select Chris Old Comment Removal on line break removal Now come to see if this don't like. Combine one Lee on flicked Result. Comment. Removal on line. Break them all now click. Save all settings. You should get this message Many five year this case currently enable. If it's disabled, then this method doesn't work for you on. You need to try the second mother that I am going to tell in the upcoming lectures. Now empty the men if a catch empty the page guides on a visit your website once so there to verify that the CSS is functioning. Charity. If your website lords like this, that is, the CSS is sampled or damaged. In such case, you need to play with these sittings a little bit. Let's to line break removal in hedge Dema and come to see us here on Big Chris Old comment . Removal on antic line. Break them all. Now click several fittings instead of emptying the page. Catch on men. If a catch one by one. Go to performance on Blake. Empty all catches. Now let's refresh your website. Still, this see first doesn't book well, so let's try. Combine only on click. Save all settings. Sometimes unification grades. Problems like this, Andi. In such cases, you need to use only combine. Only if your site doesn't display will even off toe choose incumbent only then you need toe . Inject them. Unification off seizes. So let's disable CSS modification on flick several sittings. No, let's check your website. See now if Lords Well, isn't it? So let's enable it back on a Let's delete this style sees a salon. Now click several fittings on price professing your website. So the one Lee CSS files which creates a problem for me, is the style Dorsey's this file. Other than that, I have unified all of the Caesars file on my website. On the site, speed is considerably good compared to the previous side speed. Let's do another chick and bids bid insights. See our render blocking for JavaScript files which appeared before how gone And now only these three CSS files are blocking. Also the solar staunch time has got improved from 1.2 seconds toe 0.82 seconds. So, um, unifying Jess is a success. But benefiting CS is is comparatively a failure using w three daughter catch. So let's try one more thing that is in line. CSS modification conflict. Several sittings when you're trying in your website, do exactly in the order I house on you because inland CSS medication will remove the errors that are sewn by baseball insides. But in some cases they may slow down the page. Loading time off your website. I helped empty the beach catch burden. Now let's refuse it. It will take some time to clear the catch on Catch the pitch again so we cannot read on the test for the disease again. So once 32nd has posed began unless again. Still, our Caesar Orman's and asked blocking resources. So you think this total catch Blufgan is a partial success. Warmly, that is, We have optimized our JavaScript files from blocking tone on blocking, but we are not successful in many fraying or unblocking these CSS files. So disabled Csusman. If I settings and click, save all settings now click empty old catches on. Check your website physically once Now let's see G metric speed toe. So for the configuration of this website W three total catch does it improve the page load time on the paid size or even the requests? So I'm going to try some other plug ins, for example, speed booster on other plug ins that are going toe, remove these errors or opt initiations that are sewn by pasted insights. In the next lecture, let's see how to install and configure speed booster plugging. 8. How to Improve your Page Speed Insights Score: in this lecture, we are going toe install and configure speed booster plugging in our wordpress website. Come toe are plug ins page and search for speed boost. Oh, the plug in with 60 reviews on 20,000 active installs by the order you one is the plug in that we need to install, click, install no button once installed, activated and then go to settings on speed Booster pack. We have already optimized the JavaScript using our W three total catch plug in so don't enable these three options. Enable remote query strengths. Lacey Lord images to improve speed on all these six items on the right side, these are just junk head attacks. Now click save changes after choosing these options on clicking save changes Button Click. Empty the page. Catch burden. Now let's face it, our website once before checking for the speed or wait speed insights. Now let's read ist in Judy metrics. Our page load time has got reduced from 3.4 seconds to just one second. Also, our paid speed score has not improved from B toe. A great The same case is for Wieslaw School. They know how this happened. All these are because remove quietly strings on Lacey load images to improve speed. What these two things do is lazy Lord images is a future which lords images one leave in the user forces on the specific area in the website. So when the website initially lords the images on appeal. But if the user scrolls the page, or if the user pauses on this area within a fraction off second, the image will start loading so those images will not affect your paid speed or paid speed score. So optimizing those images is not a necessary thing. This is how you can skip the entail optimization off images in your website because if you start optimizing your images, then it will generate Lourdes off image files which will pile up your storage space in your server. Also, it will consume a lot off CP resource no compass your image. So let's check our paid speed Insides. See, our desktop has gotta take more in green color Google search just us two men, if I see s is But it gives just a 569 bite reduction, which is even less than one kilobyte, so we don't need to worry about these things regarding optimists. Images in Google paid speed engine The image has got lorded that only two off the images has got loaded on the road. Saxony's air on one find. Six Gaby so we can ignore it on regarding leverage. Broza. Catching this Lauren pixel is image, which I have taken from Lauren Pixel while creating the dummy content. So if you host all your images from your wound website, then you might not get these issues in leverage, bro's or catching. But they're just optional even in the ice off Google play spin insights. So let's come to reduce sober response time. Our solar response has got reduced from 0.8 seconds in this crop, 2.39 seconds. If you want to reduce it further, then you need toe upgrade your solar, for example. If you are using sad hosting, then motive business hosting or re Pius, that is the only solution to increase your sewer response time now coming toe. Prioritize visible content on eliminate. Render blocking. These are optional Indus Cope that is eliminate. Render blocking on three or dismissible content or compulsory in mobile. Do you know why I'm saying this as compulsory When I am optimizing my previous Web site, that is, inspire our own dot com this waas one off the compass a requirement for me in this website set up though priorities website content is sewn in optional for many off you. This may come in suit. Fix requirement. What is priority? Swiss bill content. Let's see the screen sort. This is how first the website has got Lord on Within a fraction off. Second, all the remaining content has got lower. So Google says that optimize your website. In such way, at least, the visible content gets loaded first. Not like this. So let's see how we can fix these issues in the next lecture. 9. How to Eliminate Render Blocking Of CSS & Js: in this lecture, we are going toe eliminate the render blocking off ceases and JavaScript which was so nice an error or the compulsory correction that we should make by paid speed insides by Google To eliminate the render blocking off JavaScript and C asses, we need to install two more plug ins, but before installing, you need to change some sittings in total catch Come toe object catch in general sittings on unticketed on. Then they database catch. By doing this, you will reduce your response time off your side. That's where less ive that disk enhanced. It's not compatible earlier. Now you can choose this after choosing disc enhanced in page catch on enabling database catch, click save all settings Then come toe men. If I in the left side panel Andi makes your that you have picked relied your structure Other than this you should uncheck all the items in this page to make sure Let me tell you in words to that is, I have unchecked history. Immelman If a sittings Js many free sittings on CSS men If I sittings by how unchecked three off these checked boxes on then I have saved all sittings by clicking this button. So the one Lee checkbooks that would be checked in this page is rewrite your structure. That is why I have kept the Menefee option enabled in general options. Now open the speed booster back in our sittings side panel on this is the configuration that we have made in the previous lectures. No check more scripts to photo. Therefore forcing off JavaScript files on Ramo Extra phoned Awesome styles make these three check boxes checked on, then click save changes. After that, come toe our new plug in and search for auto optimize Know that the lost letter off auto that is all on first letter off optimized our common there are no two old letter only one older is present. So while searching, keep a note on that on then install this plug in, then search for about the full optimization on Install this plug in to once you have installed or to optimise plug in, open the settings off that plug in. Then you will land on this page. Now check optimized html code on chick. Keep html comments. Don't check optimized javascript court, but check optimize sees a school now click so advanced sittings on then chick Also aggregate Inland sea asses No click Save changes on empty catch. Now come back to men If I sittings in our WP daughter, catch on gun down to see us a sittings. Just check enable for a moment, but don't like sale sittings here you could find the previous Google phone CSS If you are using Google phones now, select the Ural off. Google phoned on Go be it on then disabled the CSS manifest sittings now based that you're in your address bar on pressed enter. You will get a CSS code like this. Select all vipers in control E on, then flick copy. Once you have installed about the fold optimization plug in, you can find it under performance about the fold. Click this toe open about the full settings. You will get this default page. Make sure that optimize CSS delivery is checked. Enhanced Lord CSS is also checked and click the position from photo toe header. If automates Google phones is checked, make sure it's unchecked. No, based on this Google form, see Assis into inland sea Assis and then click save Now come back toe auto optimize settings and then come down to see us. His options on Chek Remo Google forms now click Save changes on empty catch. Once I How made these changes? I ran the JT metric stressed on my result. Waas 0.4 seconds Page load time on the paid sizes. 9 21 K B. With just 16 recourse, you can see my page Speed School has got upto 98% on vice. Low score is 98% regarding paid speed insights. Let's reel in the analysis. Now eliminate. Render Blocking has come down to consider fixing because all the Jays or Java script files on CSS files has been removed. Instead, there is only one file, which is combined by our auto automates. Plugging is acting us. A blocking ceases results our soul. Facebook asks us to optimize our images on reduce our server response time. Once our catch files has got accumulated, this response time will decrease 2.3 seconds. Then the only thing that we need to optimize is our images. So let's empty all over catches on. Let's read on our paid speed analysis. As they said, the server response time has gone down from 2.32 point 34 seconds. The same is in the case off list Opto. So the one leading that we need to do is optimized images. They will see how to optimize our images in the upcoming lectures. In the next lecture, let's see how toe optimize our database. 10. How to Improve Your Website's (Server) Response Time: in this lecture, you're going to learn how toe optimize your database tables off your WORDPRESS website. Come toe are plug ins Page and search for lovely be optimize. The first plug in with 400,000 plus active installs is a plug in that we need to install. Click install no button on, then activate the plug in this plug in will clean up your database table off your WORDPRESS website. Go to WP optimize on the left side panel by default. The first fortune boxes are checked on the lost three check boxes. Reminds unchecked. The 1st 1 these clean, all post revisions we know you publish opposed on. Then whenever you updated again and again, there are multiple number of provisions that are created for each post. Those revisions are often unnecessary, so it's better to clean them all. Sometimes when you start posting on, you may discord it. Due to various reasons, those polls are saved. US auto drafts You made how deleted some posts on those polls will remain in your trash. All these post will be deleted if you check this check box next dumps this bomb Commons on the comments in trash under lost. If you wish to remote your unapproved comments to, then you can take this check box. I recommend to leave these three check boxes, which are written in regular, to keep them un check. I think this optimised database table on, then click process. If you want to be fail, save you can just take a back up off your WordPress database using the WP back a plug in installed earlier Now click Process. Since this is a new installation, I don't have any post traditions or course on comments in trash. But if you have installed your WordPress some 6 to 8 months earlier, then you might be having a lot off post revisions. Andi governments in crush in that case, this Blufgan bilking a blocked off miss from your tress website. Once you have done this autumn initiation, it's better to disable this plug in, but don't delete it. Just keep it disabled after a one month or so, activated again, then run it on. Process your database tables, so let me disable it on, then empty the page catch in the next lecture, let's see how toe optimize the images in your WordPress website 11. How to Optimize Images without Stressing your Server: in this lecture, we are going to learn about the software file optimizer. This software will come pris images off several types, such as jpg PNG on even jail. But the only drawback? Case you need to run this software in your computer, but that is the advantage to if you're using sad hosting, then using image compressor plugging in your server will put too much Lord upon it, which may make your hosting provider toe temporarily throttle the speeds off your website or suspend your website for a certain limited amount of time. That's why I recommend file optimizer For those who How about cheap costing on? Who doesn't want to stress their server to the peak? Also, if you have got thousands off in majors in your website, for example, 30,000 images, then compressing the whole bunch off all images will take more than 24 hours off time for your server. So it's better to download those pictures, store it on your PC on compress using file optimizer on. Then we'll write them back using any FTP program. This is the file optimizer software. You can choose the organization level Andi. It automatically replaces all the files in a particular folder, which means you need to open the software on, then drag a folder into it. It recognizes all the pictures on files inside that folder and even the sub folders. So once you have dragged and dropped a folder, which contains all the pictures, just click optimize all files. This will compress the images, toe the optimized level possible. Once the process has got completed, you can upload all your pictures back. This is a download link for this file out to Mesa software. I will provide this Donald Link in this lecture as a resource in the top right side. In the next lecture, let's see a plug in which can compress the images directly in your server. 12. A Plugin That Can Compress Images On Your Website: in this lecture you're going to learn how to optimize the images in your website. Using a plug in in your WordPress website, goto our plug ins page on search for Smush S M. U S hedge and then the first search result that this lovely piece must is the plug in that we need to install click install no button on, then activate this plug in the speed of the process. I have already installed on activity the plug in to access the settings off this plug in goto media on then select WP smush that is, this must propel again a bread available but for normal usage, that is to compress on optimize images. The normal light portion that is the British mus is enough. It's must can optimize immediate while you upload them into the server our while you add them in a new post. Also the optimist, the images that you have already uploaded in the previous post. You can use this must in bulk feature but the limitation is that in this free plug in you, Kant's must only upto 50 images at the time. After that, you need to again click This bulks must know button. So if you have 1000 images on your wordpress website, then you need to click this bulks must know button 20 times. That's why I suggested file optimizer software in the previous lecture for the websites the shout lot off images in their WordPress websites in this district side. How just added 20 images on their not optimized or compressed. So let me barracks Must them now whiles mussing each images the images are uploaded toe a server on. Then they're compressed. They're on their return back to your server in this WPS Masset plug in If you this for your image is not to leave your server. Then in the next lecture, we will see another plug in called e trouble w image optimizer plug in which will come Paris or optimized all the images in your website within your solar itself. But it may consume some off your CPU resource. Now, all off, my 20 images are compressed or optimized. You can even optimize your images individually in your media library. The next lecture. Let's see e trouble The blue image optimizer plug in 13. Customizable Image Compression Plugin: in this lecture, we are going to see e total w image optimizer plug in as youthful goto Add new plug ins page on search for e Trouble W The first plug in that is displayed here. It's a plug in we need to install once you have installed on activated the plug in Goto settings and then a troubled blue image optimizer. By default, you will be taken toe basic settings tab. The cloud sittings is Vincent for the premium porches. So in the basic settings, you have a few options, such as to remove meta data such as exit and comments from your images to compress them. Also, you can choose a bulk Billy to mention how long the post between images while optimizing the unit. The dimension hell is in seconds. If you mentioned zero, or if you don't mention anything, that means this option is disabled. Let's motile advanced settings the specialty off this a trouble w Image optimizer is there . You can choose the optimization level for PNG files. Level one will be the foster technique On level. Fight will be the slower technique. Also, Level one produces the minimum compression, whereas Level five gives you the maximum compressing so you can choose according to your level. Or you can leave the default settings. Another feature in this plug in is you can shed your your automation so that a WP Cron job will be added so your images will be compressed or optimized in the background. But know that when you use this Sittard optimization, the compression may take a long time to complete the four optimization. When you pick this check box, the images won't be compressed immediately while upload instead, it will be optimized later. We are WP Cron job, similar to settled optimization by default, A triple lovely image optimizer Plug in off the mace is the image whenever you upload it. If you want to disable that feature, then you can click disable automatic optimization disabled resources. This is one off the important feature. If you want toe, save your storage space. For example. Whenever you upload an image, there will be 3 to 4 images or copies off that image that will be created in your uploads folder. Those four images are the resize off your original image that is Tom Knight, medium large on post thumbnail. You can individually disable the optimization off these different sizes, or you can even disable the creation off the sizes. But this disable size is entirely the opposite off image optimization. Because these individual sizes are created toe, compress your image. If you disable these creations, you can save storage space, but it will highly affect your page speed or page loading. Time to save your CPU resource. Or, if you're just not to stress your server, then you can skip small images or large PND. Major's Hill. It's Moto commotion sittings. Here you can opt for deleting the original files off those successful conversion. Also, you can opt to convert jpg, PNG or B and defiles the Jeopardy G A of files topi Angie So smush it on a tribute. Lovely optimizer. Both do the same job, but they different phages. It's It's mustard is a simple and easy to use Blufgan, whereas e trouble w is complex, but feature rich plug in. It's up to you to decide which plug in you want to use. In the next lecture, I will tell you a work around the optimize images without using any off this optimizing, plugging 14. A Simple Workaround – To Optimize Images: in this lecture, you're going to learn a work around picnic to optimize images. But little Barrack Lee optimizing the images in the previous lectures itself. I have told you that we can Lacey load the images to escape from optimizing the same but all the course off speed optimization we saw in eliminate render blocking Lecture that though be attained 0.4 2nd eight speed in GT metrics paid speed Insides doesn't dio a green pick mark in mobile endoscope. But in this lecture, after doing this simple work around, I got 88 out off 100 in Mobile as well s an all some 96 out of 100 for district. Also, we got grain take for both mobile as well as this talk Look in GT metrics, the speed has got considerably reduced from 0.4 2nd page alert Time toe one point once again on first time bloating with the repetitively loading the page. Load time has caught reduced 2.9 seconds. But still, it's higher than point force again which we got in eliminate Render blocking JavaScript and CSS lecture, but you need to balance both eight speed. As for less, Google paid speed inside school. So if you want just the raw paid speed, then follow the technique that we have done until the lecture before this. But if you want a perfect balance between eight speed inside score as well as your page load time, then this lecture will tell you how to do it. This is about the Ford Optimization plug in which we have configured in eliminate render blocking lecture. I haven't touched any sittings in this lugging just to confirm you. I'm sewing this page. This is the CSS off over Google phones, which we have already copied in the eliminate. Render blocking lecture. Now let's come toe w three total catch dashboard or the gender sittings Here I have disabled the men if I entirely but in eliminate, render blocking lecture we just enabled the rewrite your structure inside men If I which somehow creates some problem in paid speed insides on it reduces the score. But still it helps in decreasing the page Load time. Bristol. To get the balance, we need to disable the men if I entirely. Instead, we can do them unification using speed booster and Opto optimists plug ins. So disabled, um, unify on click save all settings. Then come toe speed booster options that you can see in settings. Speed booster pack. Already we have configured to speed booster plug in in the same manner you see now. But there is a minor change in the exclude scripts from being moto food. Er expand is on GOP paste. This spb Lacey Lord, images in script handle on the euro Off that JavaScript in this box. You can find this in this region. Then I'll be basted here on. Then. Goto, change the default image, come person level and reduce it from 90 to 75. Then click Save changes. We have come to the final optimization that is auto. After my settings here come to CSS options and then check inland all CS is then click save changes on empty catch. This will take you to the green tick mark for both mobile as well s this trope. And also it will increase your score beyond 90 in desktop on beyond 85 in mobile. Also, you can attain a paid speed off less than one second in G d metrics in the next lecture, let's see how to specify image diamond sense in your wordpress pose. 15. How to resolve 'Specify Image Dimensions' suggestion from Google: in this lecture, you're going to learn how to specify image diamond sense in your WordPress post. Normally, when you copy images from another, sides are from Google images the image diamond sense or not specified by the WordPress baby fold. Let's see it in the hedge Trimmer for Mitt after this Laos war is the image that is phone fuel when you copy the image from Google images or another side, this wit on height or not specified by default. So after copying are adding the image, Click on edit on, then Elaine it to left, center or right and then click update. Once you have done that, WordPress will automatically add the wit on height off the picture, too. Also, in case off pictures that the upload from your media are in your WordPress site like this picture, let's find it in history. More Section two. So this is the picture on when you add it in full size. Are if you don't mention a size like this when you just don't select anything in this size on, if you just click update. Sometimes the image diamond sense or not specified by the WordPress in such case makes you to double check on, click the drop down box and choose any of these presets sizes on click Update. This will add the image dimensions off the image like this that is a bit on height. This is a must have requirement by Google Page bid insights. In the next lecture, let's see another method off moving Java script files toe the food or instead off using speed boosters. More script for the photo For some sides, this most groups to photo walks well, but for some sides, this may not give the best possible speed. So just try both the methods on then use it. Which one is effective for you? So let's see the matter to in the next lecture. 16. How I got 0.5sec Page Load time and 95 Score in Page Speed Insights: in this lecture, we are going to see the method to for moving JavaScript files to the photo. In what Carone toe automates images lecture. We saw this conflagration for speed booster options, but with the matatu, we are going to disable move scripts to photo and speed booster options So unchecked most groups to photo and then click save changes. Then open orto optimize under your settings panel then enable optimists JavaScript code As for less enable aggregate inland JavaScript on, then enable had try catch wrapping, then click Save changes on empty catch, then empty all catches off your WordPress Total catch by going to performance empty all catches. After this I have performed the speed test in GT Metrics which gave me 0.5 seconds. Page your time on 99% in eight speed on Wieslaw score. This is the highest score as well s the almost lowest page your time you can see here everything is 100 except for 99 in many for history. Majo strip on optimists images which is 97%. This is absolutely normal. Not only this in paid speed insides, I got open 89 out of 100 for Mobile on 90 Fired off 100 in desktop This is the comparison off the previous sittings, which gave us one point once again. But this matter too give us point fights against page load time. In the next lecture, let's wrap up the section.