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SEO 101 - Keyword Research

Brian Dale, Internet Marketing Coach

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10 Lessons (1h 29m)
    • 1. Keyword Research Overview

    • 2. Keyword Planner - Part 1

    • 3. Keyword Planner - Part 2

    • 4. Grouping Keywords

    • 5. Assigning Keywords

    • 6. Keyword Rich Domains

    • 7. Page Titles

    • 8. Image Alt -Tags

    • 9. Social Media SEO

    • 10. Wordtracker Software


About This Class

Keyword Phrase Research affects almost every area of online, Internet based marketing efforts. Whether paid search advertising, social media, website or search engine marketing, keyword research impacts every business' bottom line. Effective SEO (search engine optimization) begins with laser focused key phrase mining and aggregation.

It is as simple as this - your products and services can be 'world changing' and hold the ability to make millions but if never found, what good will ever come? In this course, we give keyword research best practices in an easy-to-understand video tutorial course.





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Brian Dale

Internet Marketing Coach

Brian Dale specializes in teaching numerous areas and disciplines in online
marketing for entrepreneurs and small businesses. He believes an effective
online marketing plan must be centered around industry specific
geo-targeted keyword strategies as well as executed through use of Internet
marketing best practices.

With each new product and service launch, entrepreneurs must have an
effective strategy which must extend well beyond their website. Key to

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