SEO (search engine optimization): beginner to advanced SEO strategies

Alex Genadinik, Entrepreneur, marketer, mobile app developer, busi

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48 Videos (4h 13m)
    • Warm welcome, course introduction how you can get the most out of the course

    • All my business and marketing courses

    • SEO basics and fundamentals

    • Beginner SEO topic setting the title and description meta tags

    • History of SEO

    • Blogging and guest blogging for SEO

    • SEO for new websites

    • Is SEO spam? Why SEO sometimes has a bad name

    • Common SEO mistakes: dont make these

    • Black hat vs white hat SEO

    • What is pagerank

    • SEO keyword research part 1

    • SEO keyword research part 2

    • On site and on page SEO

    • Targeting long tail vs short tail keywords for SEO

    • Keyword density and using keywords intelligently

    • Anatomy of a good page for SEO

    • Cornerstone SEO pages

    • Gray hat SEO, when keyword stuffing is ok and when not to do it

    • Interlink your own pages for an SEO boost

    • What to look for in links how to know if you are getting a good one

    • Off site and off page SEO

    • Do follow vs no follow links for SEO

    • How to get links from getting press coverage and publicity

    • Social media links

    • How to get more retweets and boost your Twitter AND SEO

    • One of the oldest white hat link building techniques that still works

    • Forum posting for SEO discussion

    • Directory submission for SEO

    • Blog commenting for SEO - thoughts

    • Revive Old Posts Wordpress plugin to boost pages by sharing and SEO

    • Smart non Google SEO

    • Dominate Googles top 10 results and rank almost any page in Google top 10

    • The secret white hat strategy to blow away competition

    • SEO thumbnail and logo secret with case study

    • Latest top SEO ranking factors based on research from 150 experts

    • How to write good headlines that increase clickthrough

    • SEO via established sites

    • Example of how to use authoritative and established sites to rank in Google

    • Paid search and marketing with Google Adwords

    • Powerful SEO strategy that almost no one talks about

    • Growth hack to use Quora for SEO, YouTube SEO and to get traffic

    • How to cheaply get a lot of Facebook engagement and boost SEO

    • Google Plus posts to boost SEO

    • How to rank almost any SEO page

    • ALL online algorithm DOMINATION with advanced optimization

    • SEO penalty Panda

    • SEO penalty Penguin


About This Class

Learn the SEO strategies I used to reach over a million people by combining SEO with social media, publicity, and using savvy techniques to side-step competition and get lots of traffic to my products!

This course is meant to make you very strong at SEO marketing. In the course I share knowledge from my 10+ years of doing SEO for various websites, and helping many entrepreneurs learn SEO.

Since I have been working with many entrepreneurs, I have a deep understanding of the kinds of mistakes they typically make, and the misunderstandings and questions they usually have. In this course I address precisely those issues. Plus, I give many insightful and effective "white hat" SEO strategies in order to make you a great SEO marketer.

The course is made up of over 30 video lectures, and should take three hours to complete.

In addition to the course lectures, you get my help and advice! Students are able to start discussions and message me with private questions. I answer 99% of questions within 24 hours. I love helping students who take my courses and I look forward to helping you.

The course is structured into three parts. The first part of the course is meant to give you solid SEO fundamentals. The topics that are covered are the history of SEO, keyword research, blogging, and related issues.

The second part of this SEO course covers further SEO topics like how to dominate the top-10 search results of Google with more than one listing, how to do search engine optimization and search marketing on other platforms to reach great scale, long tail vs. short tail keywords, Google penalties, and much more.

The third part of this search engine optimization course focuses on how to do keyword research. I explain what kinds of links are good to get, and what kinds of links you should stay away from. I also explain how to get links by getting press coverage for your business because that is the best of both worlds. Typically links from press mentions also bring you website traffic, and those links come from very strong websites in terms of SEO.

I hope you enjoy this search engine optimization course and find it helpful. I made it with the intention of giving you practical and actionable knowledge to empower you to be a very good SEO marketer.


What are the requirements?

  • You need to promote a website
  • You are interested in starting a business or a website

What am I going to get from this course?

  • You will gain tremendous insight into best SEO practices
  • You will be able to do search engine marketing on your own for your website
  • Learn to get SEO traffic even if you don't rank in Google
  • Learn to dominate Google search as well as other search platforms
  • Learn how search engines work and vital parts of almost all search algorithms
  • Personal help from the instructor if you have specific questions on issues not covered in the course
  • Smart SEO strategies used only by very savvy marketers
  • You will learn the strategies to rank almost any page in Google
  • You will be able to create a very good SEO strategy and plan for your business
  • You will gain insight into how all search engines work: Google, YouTube, Amazon, mobile app stores and many more
  • You will be able to use the different search engines mentioned right above to your advantage to dominate everywhere on the web
  • You will learn a few SEO and search engine marketing secrets that no one talks about
  • You will go from a relative beginner to being very intelligent about your SEO
  • You will save thousands of dollars on hiring SEO consultants or agencies
  • You will be able to do the SEO for your business on your own, without needing outside help
  • You will save time by learning effective strategies for how to rank pages in Google
  • You will make much more money by having your pages rank higher in Google which will bring you more clients

What is the target audience?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Bloggers and website owners

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this is mandatory for all the creative persons, entrepreneurs
Very useful information!
Well put together course





Alex Genadinik

Entrepreneur, marketer, mobile app developer, busi

Entrepreneur, marketer, mobile app developer, business coach

3-time best selling Amazon author, creator of top entrepreneur mobile apps, and host of a popular business and marketing channel on YouTube.

I am the creator of the Problemio business apps which are some of the top mobile apps for planning and starting a business with 1,000,000+ downloads across iOS, Android and Kindle.

I am also an author of three business books (marketing to reach 1,000,000 people, on starting a business, and on the mobile app business).

I am also a business coach. On my apps and in my private coaching practice I have helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs. That means I can probably help you quite a bit as well.

My areas of expertise are mobile apps, software engineering, marketing (SEO and social), and entrepreneurship.