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SAP S/4 Hana Enterprise Structure

teacher avatar Vivek Malik

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Introduction of Enterprise Structure

    • 3. Define and Create Company in SAP S/4 Hana

    • 4. Define and Create Company Code

    • 5. Assign Company code to company

    • 6. Explanation of Plant

    • 7. Procedure to create Plant

    • 8. Procedure to Assign plant to company code

    • 9. Explanation of storage location

    • 10. Procedure to Create Storage location in Plant

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About This Class

An enterprise structure defines various levels in an organization. These levels are placed according to some hierarchy. Each level has some specific functionality associated with it, which in a combined way describes the working of an organization. 

Course will cover below topic in details related to Enterprise Structure in SAP S/4 Hana

1. Overview of SAP S/4 Hana Enterprise Structure

2. Detail explanation of Company in SAP S/4 Hana

3. Procedure to create Company in SAP S/4 Hana

4. Detail explanation of Company code SAP S/4 Hana

5.Procedure to create Company Code in SAP S/4 Hana

6. Procedure to assign Company  code to Company in SAP S/4 Hana

7. Detail explanation of Plant SAP S/4 Hana

8. Procedure to create Plant  in SAP S/4 Hana

9. Procedure to assign Plant to company code in SAP S/4 Hana

10. Detail explanation of Storage location in SAP S/4 Hana

11. Procedure to create storage location in Plant

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Vivek Malik


Hello, I'm Vivek.


I am having more then 11 Years of experience  as a Functional Consultant in SAP PP/QM.

SAP PP/ QM certified Consultant.Successfully completed end to end implementations / Support/ Roll out / upgrade Project in SAP PP/ QM.Experience covers all aspects of the implementation process including business process analysis, requirements gathering, design, complete system configuration, testing, end-user training, and production support.

Strong Cross Functional Experience with integration of Quality Management (QM) with Production Planning (PP), Material Management (MM) , Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Sales & Distribution, Plant Maintenance.

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1. Welcome : Welcome to cause SAP as 400 enterprise structure. I am Vivek and I'm having 11 years experience in SAP, P P and Q. I am SEB is P P35 consultant and have exposure in multiple end-to-end implementation projects, support rollout, get projecting. Sip experienced covers all spectral implementation process, including business process analysis, requirement gathering, gap analysis, design, and complete system configuration. I am having a strong cross-functional experience with integration of quality management with production planning, metal management, extended warehouse management, sales and distribution, and plant maintenance. The course, SAP S4, enterprises structure is targeted for audience who are bigness, who doesn't have any exposure in SCP or has a little bit experienced in SAP. Second is target audience is the business process owner, the person who is having a good business process knowledge, but lacking into the SAP sides tardiness for that key and super-users. After completing this course, you will have a good understanding or enterprises texture in NSABB as 400 nano. Second is you will able to clear, configure enterprise structure as per your business requirement. 2. Introduction of Enterprise Structure : In this lecture, I will discuss about overview of enterprise structure in SAP S4. Every organization or every company has their own structure. If I will take the example of data. The data is a group of company. So this is data. So data has a group company. Data into data still. Data Consultancy, that's an IT sector, Tata Motors. So I will take the example of Data hands. It's a Tata has into Tata Steel to IT, that is TCS. Tata into Tata Motors in telecom, data telecom. Similarly, now this data still has a different plants. It's has a different manufacturing plant. So if, if I will take an example of India, so it might be having a one plant in Delhi, Tata steel manufacturing plant in Delhi. And data is till MSG plant. In just a example. I am just taking an example. So this data manufacturing plant in Delhi must having a different steroid location where they stored them material. Storage location. They store data. It can be raw material, or they might have a one most total patient. It can be financed. Similarly, this is applicable for, might be applicable for Tata motors. Or they have one manufacturing or three manufacturing plant in India, may be in goes in Maharashtra. And and in your sales, whatever. So the plant, them infection content ion goes up might having a different storage location where this store now Material location. And this also has storage location, so on. So basically this structure is called Enterprise SAP terms. So in SAP VI call list as an Company. It's on the highest 100 hierarchy. This guy's chill, TCS, Tata motors, we call US company code. And this plant that we can see is we call this plan the manufacturing plant. We call this plot plotting and Cp, and then we have a storage location. So if I explain you in terms of SCP, that means strikeout this. So in terms of S, What does enterprise structure? We have a company. In our case, I have taken example of data. Then we have a, recall its company. The company has n number of company courts. Company courts. In our case, we have taken the example of Tata Motors, Tata Steel, and Data Consultancy, TCS. So this company called can have, can have as many is manufacturing plant or we get then plant. So next is planned. The next lies in the enterprise plan. So we can help plant in Delhi. We can have plant in Mumbai. We're going to plant in Chennai. So this plant can have a storage location. Storage location one storage location to store location three. So this we call as enterprise structure. In this video, I will, in this entire course, I will show you how we can create a company, how we can create a company code, and how we can assign this company portent this company, and how we can create a plant, and how we can assign plant, do this, assign this plan to this company code, and how we can create and store location in plankton. So I will cover this entire enterprise structure in this course. 3. Define and Create Company in SAP S/4 Hana: In this lecture, I will cover about company and the processor to create company in SAP. Company is the highest hierarchy level in SAP ERP system. And data you make an anterior at this level applied to all company courts. As you can see in the diagram. As you can see in the diagram, the company is on the highest hierarchy level. Then we have a company Court. Suppose I consider an organization. We have a company, BMW. So this is our company. If I will take an example. And BMW has different operation and in different countries with the name of suppose BMW India and BMW hero. So this is our company, and these are our company codes. Now and I will discuss how we can create Company in SAP. I will go to SPR as KPMG. Enterprise structure definition, finance shall accounting defined completely here. Ok. And now you need to click on new. Now company, for which company called You want to mention? Suppose I want to maintain a 2099 and the name of the company. Suppose I am taking an example of BMW. And it's BMW. Now Street. What district? Suppose I mentioned as Germany, Turkey. Berlin. Country, Germany in G, D, sorry. And the currency is usual. And say, does this prompt reliquary is pop-up. So click here for you. Create your request and sort description. You need to mention company. And click on say. Like, you know, the data has him saved and your company called company has been created. Save and come back. Click on define, exit. Define equations. We have to triple 999 enter. You can see that you have created with company, with that company in M BMW. 4. Define and Create Company Code : In this lecture, I will discuss about company chord and the procedure to create company courting SAP. Company chord is the smallest organization unit of external accounting for which a completely self-contained and bookkeeping system can be duplicated. You can set up several competing code in one client. You can see that in previous lecture we have created company BMW. So this is our company. And it has different operations running indifferent organisational, fit, different registrations. So in India it is running as BMW India. Whereas in Europe it is running as BMW hero. So this two ordination has are independent. This accounting of this organization does not impact our grounding of dissemination. So in SAP, we can create and number of several, number of company code under one company. And the company quotes are basically four digit alphanumeric. Alphanumeric. And this core are unique within the within the client. So if I have 01 to one, then it has to be unique in SAP. If I am, It's any b in India Company Cortes 10 to one, then I cannot mention 10 to one for BMW hero, it has to be vulnerable total. It means in a blind it has to be unique. Now I will show you in a zippy how we can create a company Court as PRO CPM D. Enterprise structure, definition, finance, controlling, edit, copy, delete, check company code. Here. Copy deleted, check company. Good. You need to click on Copy organization object. It's always as Git to Copy Company quote from other company Gordon and that's SUB already provide. So picture I will compete from 1000. And I will be mentioning my company code for S and BBM Doodle as to-to. Tuple nine. Continue. Yes. Currency. It will be enough for India. Continue, continue, continue. Continue. Do you really want to transport number NGS? Great. Onrequest, company Court and continue. So you can see that this has been copied to your company chord. So here yet numberings will transport it. Continue, continue, continue, continue, continue. That August system. Do they want to transport iron intervals? Yes. Continue. The company called 11000 copy to to 99. I will come back. I will exit from here. Company a and company code here. Now, which one I have created 299 to nine ending. Continue. And you seek, and you can see that communicate to 99 has been character. But still it, it is having a different name. So whatever we will do will attain its name. Now it is our freedom, BM, India, BMW, india, city elements and as Nellie country, Iran. And the currency is correct language, even when we copy the communicant from one company to another. So all the details of previous company code is copied it bad. And after that, we need to change its company name and city, country, currency, and language. This we need to change later on. See that again, the request will be generated. Continue. Okay. Come back. I will click here again one and equation two, tripling. Continue. And click here. You can see the communicable disease to 999 and a company name is BMW. Now we have changed the company named Also. And this way we can create our company code. And several company code can be created under one client. And, but it has to be unique. 5. Assign Company code to company: In this lecture, I will discuss about the processor to assign company CO2 company. In previous lecture, we have created company. And we have also created a company called. So we have created a company has to 9999 and company chord to 999. But you can see currently there is no link between this company and this company core. So in this lecture, I will show you how we can establish a link between company called PU 9992. This company, this and this, we will establish a link between company code to 9N and their company to 999. So I will go in and go to the recipient. And so you the procedure, how we can establish or how we can assign company, CO2 company. Here, enter as PRO as a Peja, friends IMG, and deposit structure. Assignment. Financial accounting, assign equal to company. Click here, and click on positions and enter your company code. In our case, the company Cortez to 99 enter. So you can see that in previous lecture we have created a company called BMW India. And here it's companies blank. So what was our company is to 99. Enter and click on Enter and save. And the request pump we will open because it's a customization, so we need to transport it to different landscape. So click here, create your request. And sordid description you meant, you can mention it. Assign company code to 99, to company AAA. Okay, click on Save and Continue. Save data has been saved gig on display. Now click on pollution. And your company code is to do triple line. And, and you can see that the company go to triple line, BM company name is BMW. India is assigned to company to triple foo for timelines. So this is a procedure to assign company CO2, company. 6. Explanation of Plant: In this lecture, I will discuss about another organization element that is plant. Your company must Having, must have many locations where this store and manufacture product and this requires plant. So suppose we have a company core, and this is our company core. And we manufacture in a store. And the location where we manufacture a store is called Plant. So a company chord has as many as plant. So initially we have created our company as BMW. And the company code here is BMW India. So IT company code BMW, India can have one plant as in Delhi, which manufacture BMW and General Assembly. And it can has another plant that is in Mumbai. So company a company code has, can have as many as plant. And the plant is a location where the historian manufacture product, if I will, I will discuss in details about the plant. So a plant is a place where the goods and services are produced, where your manufacturing, producing is a, is a place where you manufacture a particular product or you store it, or you consume all to please form you distribute your goods and services. If k can be considered as a plant, if are there, what are the examples of the plan? Now, the factories can be considered as a plant. Factories are plant warehouse where we store our material is is a plant. And sales office can be also applied. So this, this is a definition of plant and, and next deep in all nations structure or the enterprise structure is, is after Company code is plant, we will have a company, then we will have a canonical. And the next one is tuplet. 7. Procedure to create Plant: In this lecture, I will discuss the procedure to create a plant. So in previous lectures, we have curated company. We have created a company to 9999. And after that we have created a company called with called 2-tuple nine. So we have named this as a BMW, and we have named this as a beam. The blue India. So BMW, India has two plants in India. Suppose it's just some hypothetical case. Suppose it has to playing in India. Plant one that isn't deadly. And plan to plan too that isn't. So when we are implementing that, so when we are implementing SIP, first, we will configure company, then reconfigure company code, and then we need to care the plant. In SAP. We can clear Blount fit 40 alphanumeric. So when you're creating accompanying court, when we're hurting plant in Delhi, Delhi manufacturing plant. So it can have four digit alphanumeric, alpha numeric. And as I explained you, the company chord has as many number of plant can be assigned to one company war. But in our case, we are constrained only to plants and one in Delhi. So I will show you how we can create the plant P1, and that's with 4000 for alphanumeric. So we're going to use for these alpha-numeric as 1025 or 1-0, it's better to use alphanumeric. So this will be our Delhi plot. And fund 0 to b will be our whom we plot. So we'll create that in SAP. And I will show you how we can correct. Click on SPR. We just entered nice PRM on the command prompt and NCBI Reference IMB, enterprise structure and the definition and logistic journals. And you can see that define, copy, delete and check plant, pick here, defined plant, and click on New. So what code we're going to use? 1024 Delhi plant. Okay, and B, M, w deli. Ok. And next, first we need to enter, as I click on Address. This can, you can also enter the company courts or T and the factory cleaner. But I've outgoing Douglas, I'm going to show you what else we required under title. Here. You then maintenance company because it's so company and its p m Tableu india. And such. It's such that if you use BMW, Janet will saw only the BMW. It means, suppose I have an answer and data as India. So when you are searching the list accompany with associated Indian, then, then the all the listed company will rezone, which has a social as India. So then as a BMW, then you need to enter the street address. What is the address in Delhi? So and was x, y can be any postal code. Country, country I will mention as India. And it's a mandatory. And the reason as it will, so all the states. So I will choose the latest 30. And you can also immense and your email address XYZ, z and r, a BMW dark in the, in this way you can mention all their utils address, address. This is basically the address details of beer, W, India and Delhi. And for the block Delhi, enter a postal code. And the postal code for Nellie is 112 plus 049. Must have us six. Okay. So again, so this is the add here. I have mentioned the plant court 101028 and and name. And here I have mentioned address on dotplot, gig on sale. And this sprung for customers request will be open. Click on create new request and elements in as create plant, BMW Delhi. And save and continue. And data was saved. And then I will exit from here. And I will click here again defined plant and click on display. So what was our pound? Cordova's Europan n, a 10 to a content. You can see this BMW India has been curated. If I select here. You can see this has been displayed. So it has a country keys, India, and it's picked it has been picked from address in a desk that contained Yeah. And the reason for that is Delhi. And that time Jen also it has been picked from from this address. So already dealt hasn't picked from a form diode as we have mentioned. And this, if this is the name that we can also give me, we're already given the BMW India. If I want to describe more further, cancer center, the plant position. And to a, and I will mention as deadly plot or Delhi. We have W Delhi plant. Just any names you can give based on your requirement and just word explanation. I'm showing you what we can mention here and save their WC and new customer requests we're looking at it follows any changes you will do in the customization requests will be created to a. Again, I will go here. And details click on details and you can see that our plant code is and 2y, and then aim is BMW Delhi. And the second name we have given the blanch language is in and the street and holes is XYZ, postal code is 110049 and the country keys IN and the reason is 30. And we have also mentioned address here, and it can be seen here. And if we go down, we also have the email address. You can also mention the telephone number, one number fake. If you want to add further communication. You can also maintain their details over here. So this is the way we can clear the plant. In NCBI. 8. Procedure to Assign plant to company code: In this lecture, I will cover the procedure to assign planned to competent court. In previous videos, we have created company to 999 with the name of BMW. And we have curated company, company CO2 999. And the name of this company was BMW and MB. And jump to India. So we have created company called BMW India and we have assigned this company core to this company. After that, we have created two plants. One that isn't deadly plot and the plot to plot. And we have created Delhi plant with a, with a chord 10 to a. So you can see that we have created a company called, so we hook it upon 1010 to a, but we have not assigned this plan to this company code. So in this lecture, I will show you the procedure, how we can assign this plant to this company called so that we can establish a link between plant ten 2e to company called two AAA. I will go to a CPA. Enter SPL, click on SAP reference mg, enterprise structure, assignment, lowest each journal. And you can see this assign plan to company called click here. Ok. Now click on position and I will come up land court is ten. To exit. You can see nothing has been different. And the output was there is no output related road ten to a plant. It's blank. So what we'll do, we'll create on pecan new entries. And what was our company quote? It's 299910. And the plant was then to a printer. You can see this company quote to triple nine has been assigned to plan, tend to click on save. Customization prompt will be open. Click on create requests and that sort description. You can write, assign, assign plant. To complete. Click on save, continue. And you can see this company and planting the sign. And we'll also have created that request. Exactly going to get. Now, we will see that our assignment has been, has been done correctly or not. Click on assigned, planned to company called recomposition and until your plant code pen. And now you can see this, this has been shown that tend to a and the company quarter to triple nine in previously when it was not at assigned, it was nothing was only related to company code to triple nine and upon ten 2y. But now we have assigned, we can see this. So this is a procedure, procedure through which we can assign company CO2 plot. 9. Explanation of storage location: In this lecture, I will cover our next Organization element that is chose location. In previous lecture, we have created, we have created a company with an aim of BMW. And we have given as the company Cortez to complete name Cortes 2424 dominates. And we have created a company called bm W India. And we have name given as a court has to triple line. After that we have created our plant that is BM, W and beam. Yellow-blue deli. And we have given this as a coordinating ten to a. So next one is to create a storage location. What is store's location? Storage location is a place where you store your material. So here, BMW in Delhi you are suppose b1 bm New Delhi or manufacturing BM BMW cars. So you need a place to store its raw material. You need a place to store semi-finished product. You need a place to store a finished cars. You need a place to store a consumable items. So basically a storage location is a place where you store them material. It can be raw material, same funniest finished consumer, Tim's, whatever. Suppose. So we need to create a story that vision implant. Implant we can create as many as store location and we can assign to it to the plant. Suppose we have created a storage location, this one with alphanumeric or as, as 0 S one. And here we stored only for materials. Again, we have created one most relocation as 0-2. Here we store a finish product. So in this way we can create and store location and we can assign to the plant. So in the next lecture, I will show you how we can create and store location in SAP. 10. Procedure to Create Storage location in Plant: In previous lecture we have discussed about the storage location. And in this lecture I will show you how we can create a storage location. So we will create a stroll depletion in plant n 0 to a. And we will create a store location with the name S l one. And we'll, we'll mention it as a description as a raw material. So we will stall going to store a raw material in the storage location SL 0-1. And we will also create is one more so location 0 to four finished product. And it Twitter. We created our enter plant. N two. I will go to a CPA and I will show you how we can create both to SPL, rough vestibular friends mg, enterprise structure, definition, and its falls into Metadata Management. Maintain a store location. Click here. Enter the plant in which you want to create a solution. So in our case, it is end to a printer and to a, and so this will open, this current you see it says blank and we have a blunt end to click on new entries until your steroid location. Alphanumeric code, that is, in our case, it is one. And we will make a description as raw material. Now, click Enter. No, we want to create one more store location. What are the fundamental Cortes as two and description as finished product. Finished product hopefulness, mature Reagan to store finish between this sort location. Next, what we need to do, select the store location, take address of storage location. So what we're going to do in this step, we're going to send the address, office store location, address of this location. I have clicked here and some blank because no addressing Menton. Click on New and please film where one title. It's a company. Sell 01 or BM, the blue row material stories. Okay. Whatever you can enter based on yo your requirement, business requirement, you can mention as the name and the search for yield. I would mention as a BMW. And you can mention as a country as ion. Isn't that I info India, reason 30. It's quite similar to the plant we have created on the description address we have maintained in similar way, we can clear this and you can also enter here enumerator does XYZ. Whatever. I can click on continue. Xyz is invariant because we need to enter data rate. Suppose it's and you knew and save request pump, pump will be open. Grid quest. Enter the description, create TO rich location, and click on save and continue. So I will exit from here. And I will again quote and going maintain store location to verify what we have created as correct or not, click on maintenance or location and turn the plant ten to a continuum. So you can see that we have created a two-story occasion as L 01 for raw material, as cell G2 for finished product. Click here and I'll click on that address for offshore location. Pop. This one will be open and I will select this one and click on display. So I click on Address. So you can see that. You can see that our decile store location to this. Now I will close this one and I will go back and maintain store location ten to a. I will select the second one now as CO2, sorry, this one, glyphicon or decile the solar radiation. And you can see this is blank because we have not maintain any address for this sort of vocation that while it is blank. So if you want to maintain anything you can pick here on new into inland this, this will editable like this and you can mention in this details over here. So in this way we can create a storage location in a plot. And you can create n number of storage location in a particular plot. So thanks.