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SAP Quality Management Master Data - Inspection Method

teacher avatar Vivek Malik

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. SAP QM Road Map

    • 3. Inspection Method

    • 4. Create Inspection method

    • 5. Create Inspection Method Version

    • 6. Change Inspection Method

    • 7. Display List of Inspection Method

    • 8. Assign Inspection Method to Inspection Plan

    • 9. Inspection Method Where Used List

    • 10. Configuration on Inspector Qulification

    • 11. Configuration of Inspection Method Number range

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About This Class

Class will cover  SAP QM (Quality Management) Master Data :- Inspection Method 

Class Content:-

1. SAP QM Road Map.

2. Inspection Method

3. Create Inspection Method

4. Create Inspection Method with Version

5. Change Inspection Method

6. Display List of Inspection Method

7. Assign Inspection Method in Inspection Plan

8. Inspection Method where Used List

9.Configuration of Inspector Qualification.

10. Configuration of Inspection Method Number Range

Meet Your Teacher

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Vivek Malik


Hello, I'm Vivek.


I am having more then 11 Years of experience  as a Functional Consultant in SAP PP/QM.

SAP PP/ QM certified Consultant.Successfully completed end to end implementations / Support/ Roll out / upgrade Project in SAP PP/ QM.Experience covers all aspects of the implementation process including business process analysis, requirements gathering, design, complete system configuration, testing, end-user training, and production support.

Strong Cross Functional Experience with integration of Quality Management (QM) with Production Planning (PP), Material Management (MM) , Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Sales & Distribution, Plant Maintenance.

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1. Welcome: Welcome to course as peak quality measurement Master Data Inspection muttered, I'm awake, Molly, I'm having more than 11 years of experience as SEP PPP, QM consultant, um, ESI PPP given certified consultants successfully completed multiple end-to-end implementation support rollout upgrade projects. In this course, I will cover the topics SEP Kim roadmaps, inspection method overview, posterior to create kin and display inspection method procedure to assign inspection muttered to inspection characteristics and inspection plan and inspection method number inch configurations. This course is suitable for bigness. Sap function consultant, business process owner, key, business, key support users, quality inspector and quality engineers. After completing this course, you will be able to create change inspection mattered. You will have a good understanding of inspection method uses in SAP quality management. You will able to configure a spectrometer Hesper business requirement. 2. SAP QM Road Map : In this lecture, I will cover, covered over V on SMP QAM called meant to implement SEP QAM in your organization. First stay East, widen, fight a material for which you want to do an inspection. So first step is to identify the material in your organization for which you are going to do inspection. Suppose you gotta manufacture of laptop. So this is your finished product. To manufacture laptop, you needed hard disk, keyboard wire. So so what are the materials you want to inspect? You want to inspect his hardest keyboard, wire or final product is left. So what are the materials you want to do that? What are the metal for which you want to do a quantity expression? First step is to identify the material for which no end to the quality inspection. Second is, second step is to identify the parameter you want to inspect for the metric. Now, your manufacturing laptop and for you already identify that you wanted to inspection for the hardest. So for the hard disk, this is the material for which you want to do an inspection, but what are the parameters you want to do? It's, it's a 100 gb or not. Suppose you are manufacturing of 100 GeV harvest. So it, it is, of having a 100 trillion, it did damage or not. So either quantities as a parameter. What badminton you want to speak to other material. Suppose you have a wire. So it's thickness, thickness, or we call it sped up quickly. So what betterment or you want to spec for the material. And the third step is in WIC business process. He wanted to spec he wanted to inspect procurement. When cup occurring in the material. You want to do the inspection for the material. All when you're doing production for FOLDOC for rent at the time you want to do inspection, but doing production. Production. Or when you have done with the production and Titus after production. Or maybe when you are delivering the material to the customer. At the time you want to inspect a material that is PDA P predict delivery, inspection. Inspection. Or when there is a customer, when the customer returns to your material at the time you wanted to spectrum it. So you're defined in which business process you want to do the quality inspections. Now, now the next step is to identify how you're going to perform your inspection. So next step is to identify how you're going to perform a section you have already defined the material and what parameter you want to inspect and which business processing on. So how you're going to record it result after being quality inspections, you might be having some values. Suppose the perimeter is damaged or not, you identifier it's damaged. So how are you going to enter the result on those? So this is the processing of inspection. So how you'll intent-based wizard, it's defect. If there is a defect, how are we going to process with no defects? So what will its modification process? So the last step is after doing this, how are you going to be complete inspections? So you're going to accept acceptable quality inspection. You're going to resect under investigation. Investigation. So after completing, after entering this results, this values for the wind to complete and what will happen after and after completion of inspection for this symmetric. So you, once you accept you Oh, you want the stock to win unrestricted stock or quality, or you wanted to move into the block, what's your processor? So you would define it. What will happen after you complete the inspection for other material. So this is the overall of all real QM roadmap that we need to define before and we need to understand before implementing SCP KM into your organization. 3. Inspection Method: In this lecture, I will give you the overview of inspection matter is fiction, but it is a quality MSM Master Yoda. We have various Master Data in QM, like spectral method, spectrometer, monster inspection characteristics get low sampling procedure bank modification goal of sampling is schema, sampling, procedure inspection, unquote group of selected certain quality input. So what is inspection method? This makes him enter basically is two k how to carry out inspection for an inspection characteristics. Basically, it's suppose you are working in a pharma company. Pharma company annual manufacturing and radiation medicine. A. So a has some parameters, some characteristics like its pH value, like sodium, and it has some partition. So these are its characteristics. So how are you going to do inspection for the spot method? You will, what do you suppose for this I will use microscope. So this is called a spectrometer to inspect this characteristics methodically and you learn to use that's we called as inspection method. So basically is how to how to carry out and inspection for master inspection characteristics. Characteristics. So basically, as I have already explained in the documentation a, and hence different characteristics. Ph values, predation, sodium. So what mattered he learned to use to inspect this characteristics? Now, basically, inspection characteristics are used to assign to that reuse, to a science-fiction characteristics, to my satisfaction characteristics and its Das list. So we can use the inspection maternity inspection. Maternal spectrometers are used in muster inspection characteristics. Characteristics, Orrin, costless. As I explained you earlier. Suppose we have an inspection character, pH. We have kept this sodium. We have a character says viscosity. So what inspection by 30 million to use suppose for a reuse the microscope. So inspection Mutter is used to assigning mustard inspection characters. And also inspection method can be assigned to a task list. Task list. We can see it also in inspection plot. So basically inspection plan and suppose v haven't material a, material a, and it sent a different characteristics. Ph, sodium. In this, he will assign what other characteristics you can for which you want to do quality inspection. And you can assign here the inspection method so we can't send directly to that spectrum. So basically inspection with harass hiring to do E, one is most inspection characters and argue to the task list. 4. Create Inspection method: In this lecture, we covered the procedure to care to inspection, attempt to clears inspection metallic follow the plot. Logistics, quality management, quality planning. Data. Inspection of turd. And decode is q is 31 peak here. This popup div screen readable print. So we have a bland inspection muttered relic from an array formula is meant to fruit. Why does inspection materials option? So we got a Soviet clear-cutting inspection by textual plant 1010 and inspection. Inspection. But it can be blank. Means if you'll not enter in the inspection method, since it tumble internally. But pulls the inspection mutt number. Suppose here you have not enter entering. So it's actually considered as a blank. And system we looked unlimited, propose its spectrum by Tech number based on your number. So it can be 1012 t, say, based on number h. If you have a requirement to create inspection matter like micro. So you need to enter them. My clock here, clearly as turn the inspection method. Inspection that till now we have a third quote, relic form, valid form is date, followed by inspection method is applicable. Now I will again go to STP. Here, I will enter the planters inspection. And with that, I want to clear the inspection method might cool. And valid form is 141014201. I will click on enter. So it you can see this data's is being created. The initial status when you're curating and specks on the terribly big character anion sub e, we have differentness. Curtis, like being created, released, can no longer be used. Deletion flag, an octet. Here you can see that difference chart as we have that's being created. There at least no longer can now no longer be used. Recent flag. Ok. So what does it mean catered means it's, it isn't created, it stays. The same is, it isn't clear distance. It is interior to it stays, but cannot be used. We can use this run the inspection method has a strict ideas have been converted. U contains a strictest form, Lincoln it for released. Once he would at least inspection might target stereocilia release. It can be used. When you change this fiction muttered foam can no longer be used. As a name says they infect. Inspection method can be used, but it does not impact on, on, on this spectrum that I've already assigned. Really shim flag. If you Mao inspection meant to for deletion, it will we consider fast deleted. Third one is of fifth one is octet. When you mop. Inspection muttered has a deletion flag. And the next archiving procedure it will be I will consider that being when it would become clear to SAARC tech savvy Munson as micro scope. I mean Winston. And their language in the click on the unknown language in it will ox x. We can see here. Now select Yes. So when you open a recipient in Spanish language, the microscope that but so long as it is acting and we have acquired inspection qualifications. So what qualification is required to use this inspection? Inspection is quote, inspection quantification. So I would guess certified qualification. Say click on save. And you can say that see this inspection maternal Dan, Dan is created from biology to practice. Now I wanted to get an inspection method again without reading any inspection method name. That is, I wanted to use intern Dequeue. Again, I will use micro soft x x n. Since if we're less than four. And close quote, I will keep them safe. You can see that it's fiction mentor disappeared, but here on the muddy range is different. It is not like right. Do based on your age. 5. Create Inspection Method Version: In this lecture, I will cover the procedure to cleared inspection method, which revisit a transaction to create inspection method which represent is QS 32. Click on QOS 32s. And the below screen where we opened, I have attained the screenshot. You can see the plant spectral method and valid for my mandatory, we are creating inspection method in plant 1010. And inspection methods can be created for is for the inspection method which already has been created using kilos tactic one. In our case, we have to take a spectrum of ten micro using q is d 31, and it has violated state S 14, valid form data's 14 Jan 2021. So when I'm pivoting inspection muttered with revision for my Crow, I cannot use the date valid form as 14012021. It has to be different than this one. It can be 1502021 or it can be seven India on any date. For wheat for which we have already not creating any inspection method. It can be it can be passed on in future, but my spectrum, a textured not habitus seemed it. Now I'm going to the SIP and so you the procedure, how we can cure it inspection method with revisit. So click on logistics, quality management, quality planning, Basic Data, Inspection muttered and T code is curious 30 to pick on here. I'm creating inspection method implant. And for which inspection method you're going to create worker revision. That is micro. If I've clicked careful F0 and I will maintain as inspection of the micro. Click on Start Search. You can see we have already created for inspection muttered for the micro. So we have different revisions. Mike micro revisit with Revision one and it has a valid form rate is 14 second 1 and having 15 third 1 is 16, fourth 1 is getting. So I cannot create flip to represent using distinct. It can be any did other than this folder. So I'll show you an SAP. So I will maintain as 618021. I'm click on Enter and it's Gibbs Gibson, the Arab masses inspection in plant 1010 micro on date that is valid form. 1800 one already been created. So I cannot use assembly. So if I enter the pasture, turning 102021 and click on Enter, it's giving us valid from deed isn't is in the past, but it's a warning list. It's not an array. I can create inspection method, but sustainably only show you the warning us of not data missing. So I want to create in 1919012021, click Enter. And you can get into the this transaction here, B, status. I can use any status now, I want to make it to release and its copies all the datas from the reveal, the inspection method with the revisions. So here you go to other languages. We already have maintained the other languages as Spanish and sort takes v4, the microscope we haven't seen as hola. Okay, and click on save. You can see the inspection method might grow in plant 1010 with valid form 190192021 was correctly. If I go to here, I've clicked on FO. I mean, centrism inspection method has a microbe. Start trying to search. And you can see that micro, it wasn't five and valid from 19012021 has already been created. And I will try to create in the past did so today is 151510 to 2021. So I will try to create on turning theta-1, 2021, click and to give the warning and say it's not an error, MSF hit enter and you get into the projections, make it release. We can say I need to enter the require for it because it doesn't copy from the previous inspection matter because it isn't bastard. So if its elements and test and search field also as a microbes called SERP. Click Enter. And you can see that inspection maternal micro and plant 1010 with valid form 13012021 was curated. No, I click here. I will check all the inspection method which arisen semi group star such you can see five wasn't has been created and have changed it's sort x name and all having out different valid form data. 6. Change Inspection Method: In this lecture, how you've covered a procedure to Jane transfection muttered to chain the inspection method. We have a transaction that is Q S 3333 is used to change the inspection method. Once a peak in long chain inspection method. This screen will open. So here you can see we have two fields are mandatory, that is plant and a spectrometer. Here you will enter the plant for which you want to know, for which you want to kinda spectral method. So we are using the plant 1010. And I want to change the inspection method. For micro. I will enter into micro. Once our once and this two filters Enter, click on Enter, and blow screen will open. Listen, blows can will open. And you need to enter. You can teens, anything from here. Here is turtles. You can tell the students you can gender sort takes very this language alteration group, specter qualification. So based on your requirement, you can change the inspection method. So initially when we have created inspection might tell using QS 31. So we are initially initial state will we created. So you can Kansas students using this QS 33. Here, you can change this status. And you can also change the sort takes substrate, so it's completely debatable your current, what you wanted to change using this transactions q is 33. Recipe Hall. We can change the inspection method. Click on logistics, quality measurement, basic data. And we have a spectrometer. And the transaction is curious. 33. Click on care strategy. We have planted inspection method. So VT_2 chain spectrometer full-time and inspection method for which you really want to do changes. You can. So you can see it's heads given this popup because we already having this 55 wasn't. So he wanted to assure for which and you want to do that changes. Suppose I want to do things for last fit, wasn't that is this one. And I want to change the status to no longer being used and sort texts. I want correct spellings. And search field. Suppose I want to change it to test. And here, inspector qualification, I went to changes to space list. And even I can chose medicine automation group. So it completely based on your climate, how you want to change the inspection method. And you can see that mattered is micro plant 1010 for this plank on 190. That is valid. Validly Dick was changed without history. Know if knowing just remove this and suggest some other Inspection 1 third, for other infection mattered for which we don't have a version. So you can see this desktop to two doesn't have any worse. Next one, click enter. So now it doesn't give them a popup because it has only one was. And now from here you can change its treatise. It contains changes description based on your requirement, you can do that changes. Click on save. 7. Display List of Inspection Method: In this lecture, I will show you how the kidney or how we can display the list of inspection method to display the list nist on inspection, whatever we have a transaction that is Q is 38. Once you enter the Gibbs Turn 30 here and excluded from blue screen when you open, as I have shown here. And these, we have basically three options. Inspection, method selection. So squid and students, based on this, we can filter the list non-fiction section with a debt we want to display. Suppose, if we maintain here, we wanted to split a list. So spectrometer Theater in plant Tintin. So once I will maintain the plant as a tendon is good, it will display the list of inspection material that is created in planting. And suppose I want to display the spectrum with a microbe that is created and plant 1010. So it will display the inspection method created in content in if I went to more filter, the inspection filter transfection method that you want to display. I can also mean Tinder. Whereas now if, if I don't maintain any plant here, if I don't maintain any plant, it will display all the list of inspection metatag created. All the plants. If I mention as a micro, it will display all the inspection method for my in all the plants. So from here we can figure out how we can learn to select next. Next option is to a next option we have that is status. Now we, we, we can filter based on doc students. So if you remember when we have created, especially in winter, b have the status that is being released cannot be used marked for deletion object. So based on the selection criteria, we can also display the list transfection method. Suppose I have selected are being created. So it will display only by inspection material which has a statistically being catered. If I selected this one, this one, then it will display the inspection muttered, which has a status as being catered released. So in this way, this selection criteria. Now we have one more selection that is such free. If you remember when we have created inspection method, we have the all we have entered the search field as microscope. So it really display the list of inspection method which has assessed. But as of now, if I will maintain that 1010, so it will display inspection that third implant 1010, which has assessed filled as a microscope. And we should have his status as being curated list because these, these Absolutely. If you're selected more than G2, it was displayed based on the NUS students. Now we have one more integrated, more into control. So once you activate this motor control, we can see how the inspection methodically with spirit. So this failure will be displayed once you click on this. So this, this had a traffic lights and phenotypes. We have basically three lights. Are there. One is orange. You can see here. Second one is thread and turned on is green. Green is for the inspection metallography which Stratasys released, and readiness for the inspection metallic which cannot be used as a student's cannot be used, cannot be used. Map for deletions. Deletion. And if you see that this orange light, it means the inspection method has a status and being used. So I will sewing and said how we can use for transition gives 38 to display the list of inspection muttered. I will go to EC50. Quantity management. While they're declining. Missing data is fiction with it. And this is the transition because Turkey want to display the list of inspection mentored, geared IT implant Denton, and having all this status updated disciplines, I removed this monitoring xy thickness. You can see it will it has displayed all the inspection your data in land 1010. Now I will go back. I remove Diane inspection on maternal and excrete as well. So you can see that it has also displayed the inspection method clear didn't plant 1710. So you need to split all of this. But I want to do some, I wonder display only micro inspection muttered my co-created in all the pumps execute. You can see these are the inspection material which has a search says pre-lesson Michael has been displayed. This other inspection method, which has Spectrometer, might go greater than all the plants. So it has a display list. How? I wanted to display only words in one. Execute this. So it has displayed only one because only one person has been displayed. If I will maintain Harvey has often Bloomington different. So I wanted to split three wasn't also. And click you exit. You can see it has a split to inspection with it with words and one entry. Now I want to use this subscript normal, as you remember when we have Peter and inspection muttered microscopes, microvilli haven't been seen as a substrate as micro scope, so I've added my dentist as successful as microscope and execute. It, redisplay a low-life spectrometer which has stood as a microscope. So why EPA has not been dealing? Here? We have the words and one. Let me try again. Let me see what such freely have maintained satisfy this microbe not microscope. So if I would maintain and such period as my core asked or microscope. So it will display all selection method which has AS such because of my code. You can see it has a display. Older inspection muttered, which has a search for 11 might go. Now if I remove this status, this treatise and I executed, it will display the inspection metallic which has status, inspection matter, which has a status as being tutored executed. So we can see only one inspection, winter, which has ester Douglass gave. If wanted to crosscheck select DS1, the Kinda Split inspection method, and you'll see that it has a status being created. Now, i will pick on release and executed. Just knowing spectrum would have reached tells us journalists release some soil here. It already got updated and remove this one. And I will try. Now you can see this all die inspection mankind has is treated as release and take care of cross-checked. It is released. Okay, so in this way we use this status. Now I'm select this one and take on more under control. You can see now this has been solved. Once you select this one, then it will solve this exception. So it says red, red light. Green. Screen means okay, everything is okay. That means it is released noisier than this one. And green design. So I will select this one. Discipline's picture maternal and his See no longer be used. It cannot, can no longer be used. So that's why it is saying you read, and if I click on this next one that is doing when it will solve that because the release and there is no issue, you can use this on. So in this way, how we can display the list of inspection material. 8. Assign Inspection Method to Inspection Plan: In this lecture, I will discuss the procedure to clear to a science fiction method to the inspection plan. So inspection material can be assigned to the inspection plan. White created inspection while creating inspection plan using QP zone. Or you can assign using transaction QP is changed. So I have used translation QX pieces would do to assign inspection muttered to inspection plan. So I have entered the font and prove, once I have entered this screen has been open. I have selected the operation and which inspection by 32-bit sign. Then I selected inspection characteristics overview, and I click on Continue. Click on execute. Because kindling open here I have assigned must send specs and characteristics and system ultimately big discipline. And here I will assign that I'm IC, that is inspection. So by following this procedure, we can assign inspection muttered to inspection plan. Here you can see we have only one option assign inspection method. You can see this is done muster inspection. Six MHz gives only one option. So in inspection plan, we can assign only one machine. Method lattice line we we are assigning. It gives motions. That means more than more than one can be assigned. And tell you how we can assign. So go to joysticks. Quality management, quality planning, inspection plan. Inspection plan. I will go to p is equal to 1010. Cancun group. Continue. Select operation. Motile inspection, inspection characteristics over you. So what's your inspection monster inspection characteristics. Mic believe have MIC has at best. And so am I sit desk we have assigned to inspection characteristics. If we select one, I eat has picked, the surface, might go width wasn't one. If I want to assign. So phase that out and make me this 110. And it has been assigned. Continue. Not ever equal to less than 2pi. Feared. Display, punk, little continuum. Let's operation. I'll say inspection characteristics. You can see that my seat desk, unless inspection mountain surfaces are same. 9. Inspection Method Where Used List: In this lecture I will cover that a procedure to use very, very useless inspection maternal, very least conjecturally used to display the list of spectrum material that is assigned to which mustard inspection characteristics, which inspection plan means. Basically, we use values. Use list to find where inspection mattered is assigned. Materials are saying means. Suppose we have an inspection method into this micro. So it is assigned to which monster inspection characteristics and which spectrum plan. Or you can select tasks list. So with the help of this transaction will be we can find out where renders our sexual maturity is assigned. So we have a transaction that is q as 36 that is used to display the list of inspection plan or tasks list where the inspection but 30 is assigned. Once you click on the blue screen will be often. So here you can see that we have an option that is inspection matter and it is a metric. You will maintain your inspection method hill over here. So we have a microbe and for which blunt you undo the splint. Suppose it's tending the ones you maintain this click Enter. And this screen will often. So here you can see this. This is a task list. I'll slip step is cubed Q4 inspection plan. And so this spectrum attack micro is assigned to task list, IES, task list with group this, and go quantities. So it is assigned to inspection plan. So this is the inspection upon which this inspection muttered micro is assigned and the plan is 1010. And if I click on this inspection, Eric mustered inspection characteristics. So after that I king display. What are the inspection material that is assigned to the monster inspection characteristics? So these two outermost satisfaction characteristics in which then spectrometer micro use an assignment. So I will show you that same SIP how we can use where you use list article. I'll go to exhibit the pocket quality, political planning, Basic Data, Inspection mattered, and the transaction is good. Qs 36. And you maintain your inspection method so our infection materials might go and the plant is okay. I will click on continue or click on Enter. You can see this is Das list. That is our inspection plan, cuz ten for D here. You can see that is q. Q stands for inspection plan. So it is assigning this inspection plan. And that is decimal written could counter group this anchor congressman. And once I click on Master inspection characteristics, I can see these are the two mike I might see in which this inspection method might go is assigned. I'll go back and I will try to find some other inspection method execute. So I will pick the surface and continue. So you can see the muttered inspection metallic surface in plan 1010 with wasn't one is assigned to. These are the different tasks list step, and these are the group in which group and which companies has been assigned. So n is 104. You can see this Anniston for all t. So this task list. So this inspection whether surface is assigned to this group and disco counter and this is of type, that is of routing. Rest, rest on our tasks type R Q, and that is basically for inspection plan. So you can see this race Q stands for inspection plan and it is assigned to this inspection plan. I will select a first-line atom and try to display what other MIC has been assigned. You can see in this micro inspection characteristics, this one, we have an inspection metallic surface. So by using this transition, we can display where our inspection muttered has been assigned. 10. Configuration on Inspector Qulification: In this lecture, we covered the procedure to configure this spectral classifications. So when we have o and creating inspection return. So we can also configure and maintain that spectral qualifications. What isn't spectral qualification? Spectral qualification is basically to use this inspection material. Suppose we have inspection material might go to induce this inspection. Muttered, What quantification we need? Inspector and does the person who is doing the quality check, what configuration? So we can also maintain that inspector. It's qualifications when we're creating inspection material. So to inspect, inspection, muttering, micro flux qualification and we so SAP comes comes up with the standard skews tendered inspection, spectral qualifications. Here you can see this few hours less gendered while SIP has come already maintained and spectral quantification. But you can also configure or maintain spectrum qualification based on your requirements will add saline SAP. How we can maintain the inspector quantifications. Now I equal to three. I will see this is a plant, this isn't my cookie. Dissatisfaction PQ. So ever using fit. And so if I click the here, current placements that mentioned as a specialist, gear is a tree. Here. You can see we currently we are having this and this are the list of inspector quantification, but I wanted to add one more. Suppose four to his due to inspection for to use inspection matter micro spectrum. Let us work. So how we can add this and this inspection qualification in SLP. So basically it's a, it's a bottled configuration. So i equal to S PRO less and click on sep or take them both diction. So much for quality commandments. We require demanded quality planning and missing data. No inspection characteristics, inspection material. Here you can see in that define inspection, inspected quantification, picking and take on new entries and respective quantification would qualification you need, please. I need a lab. Startx. Suppose I need a lab. Lab. Next, I need to 06 sigma. Work. When you save here, this request prompted synergy and you know, you can create your own checklist. Now, I've included two plus n. I will go to inspection method. Let us see the changes and the entries we have mentoring to reflect on this tertiary clapped and inspection method, which is fifth. Select here inspector qualifications. You can see this tool and desired f. And now we can choose any one notice based on your requirement. So I have our debt is one numeric one thens this lamp. So do you know any one of you, you can choose how we choose lab. And it would say here. So by this way, you can configure inspected qualifications. You can assign to the inspection method. 11. Configuration of Inspection Method Number range: In this lecture, we've covered a procedure to configure number range for the inspection method. So when we are creating a spectral method. So you can see that indiscreet Sean, I'm trying to cure it. Inspection method and plot 1010. And I hang medicine as inspection method name as a blank. And so system will automatically pick number based on the internal numbering. So we call it internal number. If you men, men, men, Santa inspection Multinom as bank system and automatically assign an inspection method name based on their internal number range debt. I meant it. As you can see in the screenshot. Plus teacher, I am incentives and blank. And system has automatically says Dan inspection method, especially with an M, This has been curated. So this has come from the number range we have maintaining the configuration for plant 1010. So you can see that 105 form this range. This range. We have an internal numbering number range. So if it create any inspection muttered without any name on when you did not meant cements and any inspection method name system will pick an NB is to own this numbering. Now I will go to a next time. So here you can see that I'm trying to clear it as fiction method in plan 1010 with the inspection method 9999. So I already meant sender inspection method name, that is 99999. So we call this external number. It has picked from external numbering. So this number has to make Winder external number h. So this is the range we have for the external membrane. So if, if you try to create any inspection method with pure numeric numeric and it does not fall within this range. The system will give that and says, So you can have okay, inspection method. Now, you can see that we have an inspection method name as q, b, c. So this is alphanumeric. Alphanumeric or poor, completely alphabetical, especially maternal number does not consider any number range. You can create directly. Inspection method. Also you an SAP, How we can assign inspection method and number range to the inspection method. First Avenue. So trying to sell you panoramas. Now we will do. So. This is a planned use of phi one. I will maintain as a blank, I will take here. And system gives an alchemist and numbering and tells you what do you snot maintained? You can create it. How we maintain as we're trying to gear it, inspection whatever extra minimum range. And yet again give the number range and W2 doesn't maintain. Now I will try to gear date with alphanumeric UBC one. And it's allowing me to all its already been curated seven omega three. And you allow it to get it under transmission and you can create, I will click on test and test and on sale. And you can see you that you can successfully clear day inspection maternal metabolism mean ABC phi_1. To create the inspection method, we doubled name, that is internal numbering. And extra for that I need to do your configuration. So for that I will go to slash tennis PRO, quality measurement. What are you playing? Because think data, spectrum. And if I number each range one section, but for which plant you want to do it. And I will see nothing was meant and that's why we aren't getting data analysis. So the best I need to go back to original Marines. So simple way to assign the number range to a plant is copy. Some of them feed him, from which God intend and I have already maintained them numbering Denton and cope to plant sale, gift union. And here you get P phone Enter. You can see this and this number range was copied from plan to plan Jeju file. And I will go to cleared without inspection method. Ticket. System has autonomy. So now system is allowed to get into that inspection. Now I want to maintain as a test and test and Save. You'll get to see them inspection material, this name has been cured. It will maintain the external, external name to this fiction, but I know I can get under SAP, Gideon, foundation. And click on save. Let's say. Now I can do inspection method. So this is the processor to assign or to configure inspection method number range.