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teacher avatar Subayal Khan, Sales Expert and Business Strategist.

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

80 Lessons (5h 41m)
    • 1. Introduction to "Forging the Elite Salesperson"


    • 3. Section 1 "Introduction": WHY THIS COURSE?

    • 4. Section 1: Lecture 1 "How will this course help you?"

    • 5. Section 1: Lecture 2 "Conviction and Problem Solving to Increase Sales Closing Rates"

    • 6. Section 1: Lecture 3 "Sale as a Transfer of Energy"

    • 7. Section 1: Lecture 4 "Connect and Serve Your Prospects"

    • 8. Section 1: Lecture 5 "Who is this course for?"

    • 9. Section 1: Lecture 6 "Sales Closing in the Era of the Internet"

    • 10. Section 2: Lecture 1 "Why Most Salespersons Get Average Results?"

    • 11. Section 2: Lecture 2 "The Proven 6 Step Process"

    • 12. Section 2: Lecture 3 "How Sales Closing has evolved?"

    • 13. Section 2: Lecture 4 "The Start of the Journey"


    • 15. Introduction to Unconventional Wisdom

    • 16. Lecture 1: Real Motivation Underpinning a Purchasing Decision

    • 17. Lecture 2: Whose Perception counts ?

    • 18. Lecture 3: Selling High-End Services and Products makes sense

    • 19. Lecture 4: The Advantages of Selling High-End Products and Services

    • 20. Lecture 5: Importance of Positive Perception and Experience

    • 21. Lecture 6: High-End Brands and Associated Customer Perception

    • 22. Section 3: Low-End Brands and Associated Customer Experience and Perception

    • 23. Lecture 8: Detachment

    • 24. Lecture 9: Diagnostic skills

    • 25. Lecture 10: Focus on their problems

    • 26. Lecture 11: How you make them feel.

    • 27. Lecture 12: Team up and clarify vision.

    • 28. Lecture 13: The power of experience, desire and association

    • 29. Lecture 14: Role of Status and exclusivity in branding.

    • 30. Lecture 15: Emotions vs logic

    • 31. Lecture 16: Comparing high-end and low-end brands in different market segments

    • 32. Lecture 17: Projecting your Values and The Myth of Affordability

    • 33. Lecture 18: Section Summary


    • 35. Introduction to Section 4

    • 36. Lecture 1: The power of tonality

    • 37. Lecture 2: Power of Body Language


    • 39. Introduction to Sectoin 5

    • 40. Lecture 1: A Recap of Related Concepts, Role of Trust and making them Feel Safe.

    • 41. Lecture 2: A Recap of Related Concepts and Power of Being a Contrarian

    • 42. Lecture 3: Three Levels of Pain and Pain Pyramid

    • 43. Lecture 4: Impact of pains at each level of Pain Pyramid

    • 44. Lecture 5: The conscious mind, Subconscious mind and importance of trust

    • 45. Lecture 6: Uncovering level 1 and level 2 pains

    • 46. Lecture 7: Three levels of gaps (vision and pain pyramid)

    • 47. Lecture 8: Section Summary


    • 49. Introduction to Sectoin 6

    • 50. Lecture 1 : Rapport and Trust

    • 51. Lecture 2 : Maintaining Control

    • 52. Lecture 3: Uncovering the pains

    • 53. Lecture 4: Costing the Problem and Consequence

    • 54. Lecture 5: Clarity, Conviction and Confidence

    • 55. Lecture 6: The Flow and Stages of a sales closing

    • 56. Lecture 7: Dissecting the Stages

    • 57. Lecture 8 - Stage 1: Trust And Making Them Feel Safe

    • 58. Lecture 9 - Stage 2: Agenda

    • 59. Lecture 10 - Stage 3: Exploration And Discovery

    • 60. Lecture 11 - Stage 4: Gap Clarification

    • 61. Lecture 12- Stage 5: Prospect Gap-Selling

    • 62. Lecture 13 - Stage 6: Close By Matching Features And Desires.


    • 64. Section 7 : Introduction

    • 65. Lecture 1: How we reached here? – Connecting the dots

    • 66. Lecture 2: Blueprint The Industry agnostic Script

    • 67. Lecture 2: "Screencast" The Industry Agnostic Script

    • 68. B2B examples using the blueprint script

    • 69. B2B Roleplay

    • 70. B2C examples using the blueprint script

    • 71. B2C Roleplay

    • 72. Section 7: " Assignment - Create Your Own Script


    • 74. Section 8: Introduction

    • 75. Lecture 1: Career Start: Blueprint for finding your dream job?

    • 76. Lecture 2: Mastery: Blueprint for Mastering the Art?

    • 77. Lecture 3: Growth: Blueprint for growth?

    • 78. Lecture 4: Leadership: Blueprint for building a team of skilled closers.

    • 79. Lecture 5: Leadership: Blueprint for Leading a Team Effectively


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About This Class


An Overview of "Forging The Elite Salesperson " Course:

This value packed course consists of "six focused steps which will transform you into “an elite salesperson”. This course is called "Forging the Elite Salesperson" and is a condensed, distilled and concise form of my expertise and knowledge in this area.

Each "section" of the course covers "a single step" of my copyright "Six Step Process" which will forge you in an “Elite Salesperson”. The same “six step process” has been used by many of my clients to dramatically increase their “sales closing rate” and create massive impact as entrepreneurs and sales professionals.

In short, this “Course” is a concise form of my expertise in sales. This “six step process” will help you in approaching sales from a “trust centric” and “problem solving perspective”.

Therefore, if you are having one of the following challenges:

Pain: are you struggling to improve your sales skills?

Pain: do you need to close more b2b sales?

Pain: are your sales closing skills letting you down?

This course will take your pain away!

Firstly, lets be blunt - it makes much more financial sense to focus on selling “high end” products and services than selling loads of low ticket items

Its easier, its quicker and its more profitable

Its also scarier which puts a lot of sales people off

This six steps presented in this course will remove that fear!

To sell successfully...

  • You need a strategy
  • You need a framework
  • You need to practice

Sales do not happen by accident - this “course” provides you with the answer to all three - and much more!

Firstly, I am going to show you how to connect with your prospect and really understand them

Why is this important? Because making a purchase is an emotional decision, later justified logically

We are going to show you how to become “unconventional” in your approach to sales

Out goes - product features and focus on commissions

In comes - focusing on the needs of your prospect

This requires you to fine tune your communication skills - making your non verbal signals consistent with your sales conversation

Remember we all hate to be sold to…we all want to be understood

This is the heart of “effective communication - the “core skill” of successful sales people.

This brings us to the importance of “sales psychology which is a central part of this course. This means understanding the “psychology of your prospect”.

We are going to show you how to uncover the “problems that your prospect desperately wants you to solve for them. How to move your prospect from being distant and suspicious of you to being “trusting and embracing what you have for him.  We also will show you the important connection between the “intangible benefits of your high end products and services and their “emotional desirability to your prospect - the “key to closing your sale.

We will open the sales psychology pandora’s box for you.  We will show you the “three levels of pains involved” and explain to you how you need to address them with your prospect.

What are these three levels?

  • Logical pain
  • Financial pain
  • Emotional pain

We will show you how you have to deal with all three of these to move your prospect to the point where they are ready to buy from you. You will discover how to communicate the benefits of each of these three pain levels and how to close the gap with your prospect.

At this point we are just warming up!

Armed with this knowledge we are going to share with you the complete framework of a sales conversation.  The step by step mechanics of a sales closing conversation in a very easy to follow process

Then we will show you: How to create your own “sales scripts" for both "B2B and B2C sales situations?

You will also see “sale closing role plays which will bring all these strategies and techniques into focus.

If that is not enough, we are also going to give you a “complete sales career blueprint in the last part “sixth part” of the course to help you to personally advance your career what ever stage you are at.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Subayal Khan

Sales Expert and Business Strategist.



Dr Subayal Khan is the author of the groundbreaking book "The Nonconformist Salesperson", and advises to businesses and influencers on how to dramatically increase their sales and remain competitive in the business environment.


The expertise of Dr Subayal Khan cover a broad spectrum and primarily comprise of high-ticket sales, forming business consortiums, leading global ICT projects, disrupting industries via disruptive platform-centric business ecosystems, multi-sided markets, distributed software systems and ICT technologies. ​During his career, he has disrupted industries by the aforementioned, radical innovations and strategic business development. During his career, he successfully closed consortiums of several multi-million EUR EU ... See full profile

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1. Introduction to "Forging the Elite Salesperson": Let me make a bold statement. This course will revolutionize your approach to sales. In this introductory video, I am going to explain to you content of the CDS cold forging the Luces person, which I am sure is going to persuade you that you absolutely have to go through this course. Every lecture, every class, every quiz, every assignment, step-by-step. It is a very bold claim. I know that, but if you are doing anything in sales, if you are in business, you are involved in sales. You absolutely have to go through this course. And I'm going to show you right up front, why are this series is going to add great value to you and your business? Firstly, let me be absolutely blunt. It makes so much sense to focus on high ticket sales rather than selling lords of Lord ticket items. It's easier, quicker and it is more profitable. But it is also scarier because there is so much more at stake. And dad porcelain, lot of salesperson's of v are going to remove that fear so that you can sell successfully. You need to have strategy, you need to have a framework and you need to practice sales. Don't happen by accident. And this course provides all of these components. Firstly, I'm going to show you how to really connect with your prospect and really understand them. Why is this important in the first place? It is important because making a purchase is an emotional decision which is littered justified by logic. Not think about it for the moment. When you go into a shop and you see something you want, your connection with that is emotional. And even though you think it might be a bit extra begun, you will get to a point where you really wanted and want to Wired and when you have made your purchasing decision and when you have bought the product after that, when you are going home in the car and you tell yourself, I'm really glad I bought that because I needed it for this, or I needed help for that, or it was so much better value than buying it from dad shop, you logically justify the decision, and that is behind every says purchase. And if you understand this and you know how to harness it, then you are going to crack the whole sales team. And this is what we are going to show you in this series. We are going to show you how to become unconventional in your approach to sales. Out goes product features and focus on commissions, incomes, focus on needs and desires of your prospect and datas critically. This requires you to fine tune your communication skills. It means that you have to make your nonverbal signals consistent with your sales conversation. Remember v all here to be sold to. Just think of the experience you have had with the car salesman. Who is desperate to get you to buy that car, which has been standing there for years. But we all want to be understood and this is a fundamental human need and that is the heart of the effective communication. It is the core skill of successful salespeople. So this brings us to the importance of sales psychology. It means understanding the psychology of your prospect. It is not a clever NLP trick to get them to do something they don't want to do. It means getting under the skin and understanding the volumes, desires, needs, and pins of the person you are trying to sell to v are going to show you how to uncover the problems of your prospect. The problems that were prospect desperately wants you to solve for them. We are going to show you how to move your prospect from being distinct and suspicious of hue, to being trusting and embracing what you have for them. We are also going to show you the important connection between intangible benefits of your high-end products and services and the Vaughan's desires and needs of your prospect. Don't forget, we are selling higher ticket Products and Services here. We are asking them to put a lot of money on the table. So understanding the connection with their emotional desirability is important. So we need to understand that these high-end products and services are emotionally desirable for your prospect. And if you can get them to tune in on that, that is the key to closing your sale. I'm going to open the sale psychology Pandora box for you. I'm going to show you the three levels of pain involved in the sales and show you how you need to address them with your prospect. What are these three levels? I'm even going to tell you right now, but they are, they are logical, they are financial and emotional. We're going to show you how you have to deal with all three of these to move your prospect to the point where they are ready to buy from you, you will discover how to communicate each of these three pin levels and close the gap between the pin and the benefit with your prospect. At this point, we are only just warming up. Then you are armed with this knowledge. We will share with you the complete framework, offices closing conversation. In this course, we are going to go through six steps, one in each section of this course, from section to section, it, to show you exactly how to follow and to apply the concepts presented in this course. Then we are going to show you how to create your own B2B and B2C sales scripts to deal with every sales situation you could possibly come across. And we are going to even show you the sales closing roleplays, which brings the strategies, techniques, them scripts into focus. If that was not enough, we are going to give you a complete sales KD at blueprint to help you personally advance your career at whatever stage you are at. So why am I telling you this upfront? Well, I'm sure you have come across lots of other cells courses and you may be asking yourself vertices in it for me. What can I get out of this course? How can I benefit from this course? Val, if you go through all the classes in the CDS step-by-step without skipping any class and complete all the assignments, then you will benefit hugely from learning exactly the right framework, the right strategies, the whole approach to effective high ticket sales closing. The whole purpose of this introductory video of the course, forging the elite salesperson is to help you in understanding right up front the potential that this course has for you. So that is why this introductory video is so important. And I challenge you to go through all the sections and lectures included in this course and not see a complete transformation in your approach to sales. I firmly believe that the content of this course is simply amazing and you can apply it in any serious situation. And I also believe that you will come back to this course again and again during your sales journey as you apply the knowledge presented in this course and get amazing deserves. Thank you very much for your time and less proceed to the first section of this course. 2. VERY IMPORTANT: HOW TO GET MAXIMUM VALUE FRO THIS COURSE ?: Hello and welcome to this course, forging the elite sales person. This is the most important video in the whole course because if you follow this video, then you are going to get an amazing value out of this course. So first of all, let me just go through this document which is called resources and assignments, ok? And this vault file is available over here. If you go to the Class info and go down to the class project, you will find the same file over here. And you can just simply click here and download it. Okay? So this file is available over here. Now, this file has four sections. The first section is just sources and further reading. The second one is transcripts of each section. The third one is assignment for Section seven. The fourth one is assignment for Section eight, right? So whenever you reach Section seven and complete all the videos over there. After completing section seven, please come over here to the class inthe info and and just simply download this document and follow the instructions over here in the third section, right? Assignment for Section seven and complete this assignment. It is very, very simple and straight forward. Over here you have these two notes, okay? The first one is that we only have two assignments in this course. Yes, I already talked about 81 in section 71 in Section E x. So when you have completed these sections, please come back and complete the assignments. Remember that practice makes a man perfect. Then also note that you might find the same video description of assignment over there in the course, for example, in the video lectures. And there's good near, you might find that some beer over here if you've yeah, you have it here, right? But this simply neglect this and just come over here or else you can just watch it, no problems. It is the same thing. It will help you understand how you have to do your assignment, but you can just read the document and get the job done, right. So to Class info, come here. And you had the same video also available over here, right in the class project. Okay, so Guidelines for the assignment of sections haven't. Okay, so I think it is pretty clear now. Okay. And here is the document, as I mentioned, which I have opened over here. Okay. Then you have an assignment for section it also. And that is also registered forward. So you just simply come down over here, click on this link, download it, and start doing your assignment. It is very simple and straightforward. So in this assignment there are, let's open it up. So in this document, sorry. Yeah, so there are different assignments over here, 12345, but you don't need to do all five of them, ok? So if you are just starting off your sales Gettier, you just need to do the first three assignments, right? And then, okay, if you just want to hire some really good closer says Cool, closest cities, persons to your team. You need to do this assignment, okay, assignment number five. Surely you can do other assignments also if, if, if you think that will give you some value but not really required. So just do those assignments over here, which are aligned with the stage of career that you are in. So you might be just starting off your sales career, or you might be the manager of a small team or you might been promoted recently. And yes, so it just simply depends on which stage of sales carrier you are currently, right? So there are different assignments you don't need to do all of them, just do the ones that will give you value. Got it, very simple and share forward, right? And here are all the instructions. Just follow your intuition and get them done. There is no need to be stressed about it. Everything is straightforward, simple. Use your imagination. Okay, I'm not perfect, nobody is perfect. Life is a learning process. And just do them to the best of your ability. Okay. Now let's go to the first section of the document. Sorry for jumping around in the sections, but it was important. So I went through the assignments first, novae look at the sources and further reading, further learning section, which is the first one. And what I have mentioned, wanting the mindset. So life is a growth center expedience and let us keep on learning together. So for example, if you want to get in touch with me, if you want to ask me some questions directly every week, I have a live stream on YouTube so you can just simply come subscribe to my channel. And you can ask me as many questions as you want. You can also join my Facebook community where you can find other like-minded professionals and you can discuss things with them, you can ask them questions. And of course, you can also join my LinkedIn network Y naught unit would be amazing to have you as a part of my network. And this section is also very important, which is section two. And this section has all the transcripts, right? Very, very nice. And the reason of providing the transcripts of each and every section is like this. You know, I'm not and English, I was not born in England. I was not born in the USA or Canada or Australia. So English is not my mother tongue given Do I speak it fluently but I haven't acid. And that is why sometimes people have difficulty in understanding some words which I speak. It is not that often, but sometimes it does happen and it can, can be done a little bit difficult to understand some sentences. So please, please just download these crosscurrents, print them, or just open them on the screen, on your mobile phone, right? Or on your tablet. And as you are listening to the videos, if you don't understand anything, just good the transcripts and and read them. And if the transcripts are exactly not the same, if some sentences are little bit different still you will get the point, you know. So let's just click on section, this transcript just just to show you how it can work. So I have clicked on it and it has taken me to Dropbox. So you know, in order to download it, there are these two dots right here, very, very small dots, right? They can be very difficult to sport, but they are here on the right side, just click on them, breast or download button and they're downloaded. So that is all about it. Just do assignments. We have provided the transcripts also. And at the same time, you can definitely get in touch with me after the course once you have taken it, so that we can learn together. And thank you very much for your time and start learning by. 3. Section 1 "Introduction": WHY THIS COURSE?: Hello and welcome to the introduction of the first section of this course, which is why this course, the role of this course is to help you master the art of serious closing in order to become a top law says person in any industry, discourse approaches the art of sales closing from a trust centric and problem-solving perspective. The main aim of this course is to teach you the mindset skills, tools, and techniques that will help you to avoid approaching a sales conversation and meetings in a self-centered way. By doing so, you won't focus on product features or compare your services, competitors, and rather focus on solving the problem of your prospect. This approach will help you in identifying the gap between the current state, meaning the goals of the prospect, and dig deep into the emotional paints and desires of the prospects. To This is an all-inclusive courts, meaning we will teach you the exact methodologies which I have successfully used during my career to become an authority in the area of sales. Apart from sales, we also include the blueprints, which you can use at any stage of your career and create a great impact and Excel fostered in your care. These blueprints, which are provided in the last section of the course, consists of simple and straight forward action steps which you can take to go to the next level in your career. Foster these blueprints are a result of condensed Knowledge that resulted from many, many years of experience. And by coaching many clients for beginners, we provided a blueprint for lending their dream job. If you are already working as a salesperson, we have provided you with a blueprint which will help you in mastering the art so that you can increase your sales closing grid, help more clients and make more money. Likewise, if you are a salesperson in mid-career and von perform or lead a team of salesperson's effectively. We have provided you with a blueprint to hire bestsellers persons and lead the team effectively by nurturing their skills further. And also helping them grow and use the latest software technologies in order to help you in understanding the effectiveness of the sales techniques taught in this course. We have included two roleplays and to industry-specific scripts too, which were derived from the blueprint script, which is also provided in the last section of the course. But that is not all. At the end of the last section. We have a big surprise for you. We have interviewed some of the world's most respected and well-known sales experts so that you can learn from them. These interviews are exclusively available only and only as a part of this course. These experts include Mr. TG Thomas, who is one of the best since trainers in USA currently. And Mr. Mark Joseph Petrie, who is the best consultant for Mr. Bob Proctor and has trained many entrepreneurs and sales executives. And also Mr. Christian Moser, who is from Germany, ended authority in B2B sales. These experts have varied backgrounds and the interviews will help you look at the AD of sales from various perspectives. I am myself a lifelong learner of human psychology and it's applications in the area of sales. And there is always room for improvement. This course will give you an edge over your peers. And no course on this platform, to my knowledge, covers the area of sales in such depth and provide this level of clarity and value. If you compare the contents and value given in this course, you will find that it will cost you between 2000.5000 for such a course. Also, even though the course covers the full spectrum of skills required to master. Since closing in any situations such as B2B, B2C, closing fort influencers over phone, closing via online video meetings or specific industries such as real estate. However, it does not cover or go into the depth of specific topics such as objection handling. But this course will definitely help you in any situation and industry just like many of my coaching clients. Therefore, since persons will get very few objections after taking this course and can enhance their says closing rate in both B2B and B2C scenarios. I will cover these topics in separate courses, since including so many topics in one course will make the course very long and the students might lose focus. Section one consists of six lectures. At the end of each lecture, the lecture slides are provided as a downloadable PDF file. Also, at the end of section one, v will provide the transcript of all lectures as a single downloadable PDF file. Thank you very much for your time and see you in the next lecture, which is the first lecture of section one. 4. Section 1: Lecture 1 "How will this course help you?": Section one, lecture one. How will this course help you? This course will help you in eradicating the habits and telling this off conventional salespersons by doing the following. Number one, avoid closing sales. In a traditional boring features centric and self-centered way. Number two, avoid getting stuck in a loop of self-sabotage and stagnation, which is primarily because of the wrong mindset and identity which one has chosen for oneself. The third, exactly as it says, person in lucrative and fast-growing sectors such as personal development and real estate there the transaction sizes can range from thousands to millions of US dollars. In this way, you will be able to leverage the growth of these sectors and secures your financial future. The fourth, learn why the philosophy that customers are more concerned with, features, technical details is flawed to score. The fifth, get rid of the fundamental beliefs hardcoded in the minds of many cis people, det, a sales closing coal is competition centric or products features centric. The sixth, or the need to convince the prospect that your product or service is better than competitors or alternatives at higher price points, it is all about the desires and volumes of prospects and North needs. You must understand that customers mostly pay a premium for the experience and feelings associated with that, not for the functionality and utility. This will be life-changing for you and your family. On the other hand, you can go broke by selling cheap products or services. Thank you very much for your time and see you in the next lecture. 5. Section 1: Lecture 2 "Conviction and Problem Solving to Increase Sales Closing Rates": Conviction and problem-solving. In order to become a top Nazis person, you must remember that the prospects have a problem or problems and debt exists. And opposite effect, which is their vision or dream, which the van't desperately or grave. And that is why they are on sales closing call are in a meeting video. So you should never think that your product or service lacks value. Even if it is not valuable to you, prospects see value in it. You must keep that in mind. Prospects don't have time to be on call video, or be in a meeting with you, just to have a conversation with you or meet you without any reason. So they have a problem which is worth solving for them, and they value their time. If they don't value their time, it means that they don't deserve to be your clients in the first place. Thank you very much for your time and see you in the next lecture. 6. Section 1: Lecture 3 "Sale as a Transfer of Energy": Section one, lecture three, sale as a transfer of energy in order to close sales, like a top-notch salesperson, you must understand that a sale is a transfer of energy, and therefore, you must remember these points. 0.1. You must radiate belief, passion, conviction, and commitment in your voice. The second playlist is the precursor to any business transaction. The prospect buys you before purchasing your product or service. That is why rapport comes first, which is important to develop the trust. The third, at a subconscious level, they will know if you don't have the belief, don't have the conviction, don't have the commitment. In short, here is what I have learned after decades of experience in sales closing, you simply cannot escape your inner world. You will always radiate your inner energy in your tonality and voice. They simply won't purchase your product or service if your inner world is not in alignment with what you say and how you say it. This misalignment will be sensed by the prospect and the Von purchase your service or product as a reserve. Thank you for your time, ladies and gentlemen, and see you in the next lecture. 7. Section 1: Lecture 4 "Connect and Serve Your Prospects": Connect to serve. You must make them feel that you will help them overcome challenges in their life by being confident and certain about your service. Always conduct or execute a closing call with full confidence. Whether they will purchase your service or not is not a problem. The reason is that everyone cannot be right, feared for your service, and everyone cannot have a desire to overcoming their obstacles. Here are the silent points which one must remember about sales closing? Number one, since closing does not imply shutting the door or closing of something, closing is in fact the beginning of a new transformation or change for the prospect. For example, introducing new business processes, forging new marketing strategies, or shipping a new personal development servers for their audience. Number two, your goal is to get the right emotion and information out of a prospect. Notice the joy, unhappiness, or lack of fulfilment from the facial expressions of the prospect to better understand their needs and find out if your service or product is a right fit for them. Number three, your job is to pick a prosper from a skeptical frame of mind. Buyers frame of mind. If you know that your service or product will serve them, you must do it for them and do it with an intent to serve them. You must have done in trust of the prospect at hand. Therefore, as a closer virtue you need to do is to master the art of helping the prospect. This means that you have to help them in making a shift from a skeptical mindset to a buyer's mindset. Therefore, that belief, conviction and their best interests at heart. You dig them from a mindset of nor trust. No need, no urgency, no hair and no support. Trust need to make a change and urgency and provide them with help and support. In this way, they can start the journey and start a process of transformation or change that will ultimately had them solved problems. As a closure, you have to be comfortable with the uncomfortable in this way, you will be able to connect to serve and influence people, saw that they can do what is right for them. Your intent should be helping the people get what they need so that they don't suffer anymore. In order to do that, they have to involve the right emotion and also feel the emotions of the prospects as they experienced them during a sales conversation. That requires the right observation skills and will help you to make the sales closing conversations in the right direction. During a sales conversation, you have to constantly evaluate and ask yourself, are you taking the prospects deepen to their feelings or helping them realize what actually lies in their subconscious mind. That is important because people buy with their heart emotions. What is lying in their subconscious mind. You also must understand that if you are able to penetrate the prosperous defenses, you can help them overcome their challenges. So during a sales conversation, you have to observe and make notes. In short, sales closing is an art of adapting their behavior to help her prospects make the right decisions. By doing so, they can get the results which will help them and impact their lives positively. If you are approaching, says closing with a purely logical or unemotional perspective, you will never get results that you really desire. If you are unable to close the sales, the prospects stay where they are and their lives don't change. Also, you won't be able to create any impact and you will stay where you are in your career and financially. In short, not closing prospects is a lose-lose situation, both for you and for them. And both you and your post-purchase stay value r. Therefore, this course follows a very different approach, which contrasts with the traditional sales courses and focuses first on the mindset, unconventional wisdom, and underlying mechanics of a sales growth in conversation. Once the right mindset and believes that in stored V applied the most effective and proven strategies, tools, and techniques for closing high ticket sales. This process will transform you into a top-notch closer and you will be able to operate that confidence, conviction, and absolute clarity. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, for your time. I hope that you found the information in this lecture interesting. See you in the next lecture. 8. Section 1: Lecture 5 "Who is this course for?": Who is this course for? This course is for both experienced since closers or salespersons and people from other backgrounds that no experience in sales whatsoever. If you already have a sales career, this course will give you a fresh perspective. Challenge your existing beliefs, improve your mindset. Installing new beliefs, and give you tools and techniques which will boost your sales career tremendously. Also, discourse can take complete newbies and help them start their since closing careers or chaos as soon as persons with a concrete foundation and unconventional knowledge. This course also provides the framework for continually increasing your confidence and competence so that anyone with any level of prior sense experience can transform into a top note salesperson. Thank you very much for your time, ladies and gentlemen, See you in the next lecture. 9. Section 1: Lecture 6 "Sales Closing in the Era of the Internet": B2b and B2C sales. In the era of internet, the B2B and B2C sales has emerged as the most critical skill because of the very technologies have evolved and their impact on the vv communicate. Also the VIV conduct businesses and socialize. Nowadays, communities are formed online on platforms such as Facebook. While applications such as Skype, Zoom, and verte SAP have changed the v v whole business meetings. As a reserved, most prospects are converted into clients or and online call or video cone. Here are some of the most important reasons due to which closing on the phone has emerged as a critical skill which is in high demand. Number one, the growth of e-commerce, meaning selling products or services. Online. Internet technologies have made it easy to sell products and services globally. You can be in one country and you can sell your products or services in any other country across the globe. That makes it essential for many business owners to setup a team of salesperson's will can clause the sales over the phone. Number two global clients. Furthermore, the influencers, experts, manufacturers and multinationals are not targeting clients globally, where their services and products to leverage the global demand and create global impact. Number three, social media and targeted advertising. The social media has made it easier to advertise products or services to the right audience around the globe with the click of a button number for global demand, nowadays, people can avail the services of best coaches, mentors, thickness, and domain experts in any country. Therefore, they are hungry to get in touch with the sales staff to avail the best possible services in the market for improving the lives, skills and businesses. Number five, limited time of influencers. Also, the experts don't have the time to meet hundreds or thousands of prospects in-person via a face-to-face meeting. Hence, closing B2B and B2C sales over the phone is becoming more and more common. Number six, need of clarity and knowing if it is a right fit for most of the high-tech or services that customers need clarity so that they know that the product or service will help them overcome their challenges. For that reason, they need to get on the phone for having a conversation with the sales person whose role is to close the sale. Number seven, desire to solve global problems instead of local ones. Nowadays, the businesses influencers and experts try to solve global problems instead of the local problems. The main motive behind that is to leave a legacy solving issues that transcend the borders of nations. Thank you very much for your time. I hope that you enjoyed the information presented in this section. 10. Section 2: Lecture 1 "Why Most Salespersons Get Average Results?": Lecture one, Weimar cis person's get amperage resumes. My success in this area stems from the fact that I mastered the art of sales closing by working on all aspects of this craft. Over the course of your career, you will see many business owners would want you to read out Award by w4 script to the prospects, but that never works. Most entrepreneurs, business development professionals, salespersons, and sales managers actually have bad or average sales closing skills. That wasn't the case. Most sids gurus would rather emphasize on the underlying foundations which helps salespersons in developing outstanding sales closing skims. Instead, they only focus on the scripts, techniques, and tools. The problem is that most sales persons don't have the conviction that the product or service which they are selling works, they don't have the conviction that closing is not something that you do to a prospect, but for the prospect, they don't have the conviction that people might have a different perception of value, which might corporate edict, their own perception of value. They don't liberate themselves from projecting devalue own poop prospects. They don't understand the power of tonality and body language. They don't understand that doing the opposite of what is typical salesperson does is actually better if they don't understand, they're selling high ticket services and products, is Bakker, they don't understand that the transaction size matters. Therefore, if you don't get rid of these problems, you will never be able to become a top note closer. The reason is that your outer world, all this is a reflection of your interval and the prison of mine is the hardest prison to escape. Your inner beliefs and mindset will project during the sales meeting and your prospects will sense it. In the next lecture, I will describe the exact tested and proven Six-Step Process which helped me, many of my friends, students, and colleagues in becoming top-notch sales closers. 11. Section 2: Lecture 2 "The Proven 6 Step Process": Section two, Lecture two, The proven six step process. If you don't mitigate the air problems mentioned in previous lecture, you still might achieve some success and get satisfactory results. But you won't become a top nor says person. Becoming an expert in this area requires a thorough understanding of these eight key elements play a fundamental role in mastering the craft. I know it because I had lifted and I have learned the hard way. I have seen many experiences person's getting frustrated and leaving their sales careers because they don't close the sales with confidence and conviction. On the other hand, I have seen newbies with no sales experience who mastered this graph by applying the techniques and methodologies mentioned in this course. First, one must develop a strong foundation by understanding the concepts described in the next three sections of this course. A strong foundation that gives you the conviction and clarity that would motivate you to remain committed and consistent as you learn and apply the tools, techniques, and strategies in the rest of the course. Bonobos learning the art of sales closing observed that my journey of mastering this R can be divided into six steps, as shown in the figure in the next six sections of the course. Vq over the exact six step process, which you need to transform yourself into a top notch salesperson. Each of the next sections covered the knowledge required to successfully complete one step in the six-step process. Hence, each section corresponds to one step of your journey. This is the exact process which many of my coaching clients, colleagues, and friends, used and achieved financial independence and confidence versus that work for you? Yes. If you apply, the system, remain committed and take action. I have seen many of my colleagues and friends who use this six step process and achieved tremendous reserves within a few weeks, even those who had no prior experience of sales and were newbies. Thus, the solid foundation is formed and the first c steps, you can start mastering the skills, techniques, and strategies described in the last three steps of this six step process. The first step focused on the mindset and psychology and define the first milestone. After achieving this milestone, you will have the mindset and beliefs that will enable you to operate like a top-notch closer. The last three steps focus on the strategies, tools, and techniques and define the second and the last milestone. After this milestone, you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need to confidently start a sales closing carrier or take your current sales career to the next level. Your skills and competence will grow with time as you practice and apply this knowledge. If you follow these steps, your growth as a salesperson will increase tremendously since you will be able to close more sales. To master the art of sales closing, you must maintain a laser sharp focus. I run hard conviction and unshakable core beliefs. As you go through the lectures of this course, in each of the six following sections, your beliefs will be challenged and your ideas about the sales and sales closing will be replaced by the new ones, which will serve you in the long run. This transformation, we'll put you on a path of continuous growth, which will take you to your ultimate destiny, which is to become a topmost salesperson with brilliant sales closing skills. Your industry. Those who are new to this game or who have never closed a single cell before, I congratulate than the most, since they are going to learn the art of rightly from the start. The experiences persons should be happy too. Since this course will help them and learn tons of strategies and shattered their current beliefs which don't serve them. This course will help them learn new effective strategies and enable them to replace all beliefs with new ones. These new beliefs, tested strategies and in-depth knowledge will take the Assyrians career to a new level in a much shorter timeframe. 12. Section 2: Lecture 3 "How Sales Closing has evolved?": Section two, lecture three, wholesales closing has evolved even though physical business meetings are becoming a thing of the past, while online meetings with prospects and clients are dominating the business world. But the techniques and methodologies start in this course can be applied to physical meetings as well as online meetings. But the prospects for closing sales during an online video meeting with clients, we make use of the body language and tonality. And verse four says closing conversations, the exact same principles and techniques can be applied to physical meetings also. Therefore, you can absolutely apply the same techniques starting this course if you are working in a sector such as real estate, where most of the times sales persons have physical meetings with prospects. 13. Section 2: Lecture 4 "The Start of the Journey": Section two, lecture for start of the journey. So congratulations, ladies and gentlemen. We are not done with the overview of the course. We've even lost art the exact six-step process, which took me from a newbie and introverted scientist, an elite salesperson, moved successfully closed industrial partners of industrial Consortium's of multi-million Euro projects and is currently working with the most renowned influencers in the personal development space. Each of the following sections go one step in your journey, which will transform you into a top notch closer. So are you excited? Are you fired up? Ready to go? If yes, let's start off and mastered the art of sales closing, which will help you tremendously throughout your career. 14. WELCOME TO FIRST STEP: Hello and welcome to section three, which is the first step of the six-step process, which will help you in becoming an elite says person. So welcome to the start of your journey and let's proceed to section three and start learning. 15. Introduction to Unconventional Wisdom: Section three, unconventional wisdom, apart from basic amenities of life, people don't buy what they need. The byword they crave. This is fundamentally important to understand for a salesperson. Also, there are various other beliefs which many sales persons have that makes selling so much stressful for them. The goal of this section is to uncover these beliefs so that you can increase your sales closing grid. I have observed that Moses person's approach sales in the same old fashioned features centric manner which does not serve them. In this section, we will discuss the various dimensions which can help you succeed in this profession. All these dimensions will change your beliefs and give you a fresh new perspective. By approaching sales. As a nonconformist, you contradict with the traits of the salesperson Avatar, which resides in the minds of people. Venue approach sales in this manner. You are perceived as someone who is genuinely interested in understanding and solving the problems of prospects. This has been the philosophy behind my success as a salesperson. Section three consists of 18 focused and concise lectures. Each lecture explores one of these dimensions. Knowledge will enhance your sales closing dread and give you an edge over the other says persons in your industry. At the end of each lecture, the lecture slides are provided as single downloadable PDF. Fine, also at the end of the section three, we will provide the transcript of all lectures as a single downloadable PDF file. So let's go ahead and learn. 16. Lecture 1: Real Motivation Underpinning a Purchasing Decision: Section three, lecture one, real motivation underpinning a purchasing decision. You must keep in mind that the extent to which prospect needs the product or service is not the main factor behind a purchasing decision. The ability to buy is not the factor which underpins a purchasing decision. If the vaunted badly enough, they will get resourceful and find money to afford it. That is why people go to a bank and mortgage the house since they want to be the owners of a home in future and don't want to pay rent each month, which will go to the landlord. In fact, devoted to cover a small portion of the price of house each month, which they will own one day. So they get resourceful and arrange firms via a mortgage. Remember that it is Avant. The actual need is to have a roof over one's head, which they will haven't bought the cases, meaning if they rent a house or mortgage it, no one can guarantee how long they are going to live, on, how long they are going to sustain their income levels, which will ensure monthly mortgage payments. But Avant are desired and a feeling of owning their own house is something which drives them to mortgage house. They know that the ownership of home will bring a sense of fulfillment in future. And monthly mortgage payments are contributing to that ultimate goal or vision of owning the house one day default, remember that the mortgage is a ticket for experiencing a life where they are homeowners and no longer paying rent or mortgage. Therefore, to get that feeling of ownership, which they crave, they pay mortgages tautness each month for 20 or 30 years. During these 20 or 30 years, many other investment vehicles would have given them a higher return on investment. But now they have a belief and a conviction that a mortgage is worth it because the associated feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment are worth taking data. If making money was the actual goal, they could have learned the V. One can find Motivated Sellers who are going through a tight financial situation by a property from such a seller near the city centre. For example, in UK where I live, you can buy properties for 20 to 30% cheaper and vented out after converting it into an HMO, which stands for house under multiple occupancy. After renting it out on a room by room basis, they will get high ROI over 15 to 20% per year. Actually, two of my friends are already doing it and it is not rocket science. But no, they go for the option which will provide them with more satisfaction today, because one day they will feel awesome by owning the room house. So human psychology is at play in the background. The humans always buy with feelings and justify with logic. Let's keep learning and see you in the next lecture, which is about our own perception versus the perception of the prospects during a sales conversation, it is going to be awesome. So let's go ahead. 17. Lecture 2: Whose Perception counts ?: Section three, lecture two. It is not your perception when a prospect has an online or physical meeting with you, you should not be convincing yourself, but at the service or product you're selling is vote the price. It is for the price with the high probability to the prospect because they are on the phone with you for a reason. The same reason as explained in the previous lecture. Meaning they have an emotional craving or Avant that will make them feel a certain way when they own it. In other force, the service of product will act as a vehicle and facilitate them in reaching and emotional state which they sold badly crave right now. Therefore, a gap exists which is filled by your product or service, and that is why they are on the phone with you. So get any doubt autofill mine, that makes you believe that your service or product is not voters price. It might not be voters price for you. And that is perfectly fine since you career for many things which other people don't. So a product or service is worth the price to some people and you might more be among them. The business which says that product or service is still in business because there is a demand for it and some people crave it, even if you think that a product or service is not voters price. So what your opinion does not matter since you are not buying it yourself. Your job as a sales closer is n2 by each and every product or service that you sell. But to help people realize their dreams or allowed them to make their dreams a reality by helping them owning the product or service the cribbed. So it might not be the product or service, your desire, but it is not about you, it is about them. Therefore, we conclude that in reality, your job as a sales closer is not two by each and every broader or service reduce cell, of course, nor in fact, your job is to help people realize their dreams and allowed them to make their dreams a reality by helping them on in the product or services they crave. Therefore, you are not selling a product or service to yourself. You are selling it to the person who wants it. And this is what matters. The disk conviction, you will remove the need to validate your false idea that if something is more vortex spaceship price to you, that the person must have the same opinion as you. Therefore, your perception of value might contradict with that of the prospect and datas perfectly fine. Hence, you must remove this mental block before you start closing the sales of high-end power. So services. Let us keep learning and the next lecture is even more interesting, and you will learn why selling high-end products and services makes sense. So let's go ahead. 18. Lecture 3: Selling High-End Services and Products makes sense: Section three, lecture three, selling high-end services and products makes sense. As you always hear on media in most professions, the rise in salaries is really low, then it cannot keep up with the rising prices of different amenities of life. It is becoming more and more difficult to send kids to good schools, retire with enough money to live without worry later on, and have the mortgage bed in time before retirement. Therefore, wage-earners are feeling stressed since they are not able to maintain the good living centers. The vance enjoyed a few decades back. Hence, most of the middle classes living paycheck to paycheck and barely makes sense meat. Therefore, you have the option to either move to high-income level by equipping yourself with the right knowledge, strategies and mindset or ends choose the other option where most likely you won't have a prosperous future. Globalization due to which most manufacturing jobs are moving abroad. Inflation, which is devaluation of currency due to printing of money by central banks and influx of technologies such as Internet of Things and robotics into various industries are working against middle-class wage earners across many interest-free. These realities will wipe out many jobs or replaced them with machines which will do them in a more efficient, reliable, and consistent Vic selling low emperors requires many units to be sold to make good profits and good overall commissions. Therefore, the transaction size matters. You only have 24 hours in a day. And if you close a lower-end product or service over the phone, which cost a few $100, even a 30% commission and a 50% closing grid will not be enough. Can you pay your bills with that? Do you want to live in poverty? Is that the future but you've wanted to give your kids? Of course not. Do you understand what I mean? Therefore, it means that for the salesperson, selling low end products or services is a license to financial nightmare. In the next lecture, we are going to discuss the advantages of selling high-end purse or services. And it is going to be really interesting. So let's keep learning. 19. Lecture 4: The Advantages of Selling High-End Products and Services: Section three, lecture four, advantages of selling high-end products and services. One big advantage of selling high-end products or services is that by selling them, you can leverage your time better as a closer and make much more money at the same time. This will help you leave the middle-class income group Foster and enable you to make diversified investments, which will keep on paying you each month in the form of dividends or ranks. These multiple streams of income will not only increase in number as you find different opportunities to invest, but each of them that also widen and pay you more with time. This exponential growth will not only help you to type in a much better financial situation, but also much earlier if you want. Most of the firms selling their services to the middle-class income groups have gone bankrupt already. Do you want to be in a board which is destined to sink? Obviously not. So leave their board as soon as possible. The second fundamental argument for selling high-end printers or services is that such products and services mostly bring a lot of value to their target market. In the form of an innovation, a unique user expedience or technological breakthrough, or a brilliant personal transformation. Therefore, the product or service which you are selling will have a profound impact on the lives of people, meaning these high end services out of immense value. And as a result, they act as a magnet for the people who are willing to pay a premium for them. Why on earth would you nor sell a product or service at a higher price point which the market is willing to pay for. Let the market justified the value of the product or service which you are selling, and let the perception of market work in your favor. If these points make sense, then via Do you think that no one is going to pay for your product or service? Isn't the business owner still in business? Who is offering that product or service? Other people's Tim buying it. In short, you should never think that the high-end product or service that you are selling is not vortices price. Hence, you must keep in mind they're sending valuable products and services at a price which the market justifies by perceiving them as valuable is a good thing, a free market if sir dictates the price attached to the product or service. So you should let the market think about it and you should focus on your job of sales closing. Also, since the value was created via blood, sweat, and tears of risks or years of trial and error, or countless sleepless nights on lots of frustration or by experts will persevered for decades or tremendous cost in terms of time, resources, and money. Therefore, it is perfectly fine to ask for a price which will justify that differ. Just perfectly fine to ask for a price which we've justified that and which the market base with their own free will let us keep on learning. And we are going to discuss something really amazing in the next lecture, which is importance of positive perception and experience. So let's keep on learning. 20. Lecture 5: Importance of Positive Perception and Experience: Section three, lecture five, importance of positive perception and experience. Have you ever noticed that you and people around you always perceive higher priced items as better. And that is why, before they purchase them, they expected them to be good. Have you noticed that this is the same reason why so many people believe that Ferrari is a fantastic car. Since variety costs a fortune. And the media advertises it as a good car, has a fantastic God. How can it not be there, even though people know that it breaks quite often? And you cannot enjoy the speed trills on UK motorways at least. And it is not practical for many purposes, including taking a family of three or four somewhere. And it also loses its value at supersonic speed and so on and so forth. But it has to be good. As another example, leave it on. Bags are perceived as awesome because few people can afford it and media projects them in this way. Hence, How can the leave with our backs be ever cheap? It has been like this for their entire existence. Therefore, the point is that whatever it is expensive is perceived as valuable by the masses. And you must have noticed that when people see something as valuable, they think it is worth taking care of. It is worth keeping it safe, in a safe place. It is worth showing off, and it is worth bragging about its good features and not flaws. Because, how can it be bad? Because it costs too much? And the common opinion of people is that it is so good. That is all psychological and this is the way people behave. The aforementioned points were confirmed when I came to know about a fantastic coach who offered her grid coaching programs for a few 100 us dollars. As a result, very few people showed up. And these were life coaching sessions. Even fewer people got assignments done and over 70% would leave the course mid-way. As a result, their lives won't change, their well-being will not improve. And also they will focus only on the shortcomings of the program. D will go the extra mile to find all the minute shortcomings and oh, and amplified them because the program was a few $100 in their mind. This is what was going on. How could that program be any good hole? Could that program be something worth committing to this program, bring any value to their lives. Since the program which synthase worth a few $100, it has to be sub-standard bad and cannot be worth their time. It cannot be something which does should take seriously and commit to is something that's worth a cheap holiday. How can it have a profound impact on the rest of their lives? The court was barely making ends meet. So just before going broke, she realized she could increase the price, rebrand it made a website a bit better and market it to a higher segment of the market as a desert. In the first bag, she got several students will give fantastic feedback due to their commitment to the program. This created good social proof for her landing pages that created the snowball effect. And since then, she has increased the price dries, and people want her services and are willing to pay for it. But the value proposition of the course was almost the same over 80% of the course and website content has remained the same. But the price increased more than tenfold due to high demand and the love which it got from the students. Did you understand the hidden message in the example? The hidden message is the positive customer experience is mostly a realization of the positive expectations. Thank you very much, and let's go ahead and learn even more in the next lecture, which is about high-end services and customer experience. 21. Lecture 6: High-End Brands and Associated Customer Perception: Section three, lecture six, high-end brands and associated customer experience and perception. Before purchasing the product or service the customer develop positive expectations due to the opinions of people about the higher price parts and services. And this shifts the focus of customers tours, the better features, and posts her experiences as the desert when they actually purchase the product or service. More emotionally energy is directed towards the positive features and less towards the negative features. As a result, positive features get attention and are remembered more by the people. Therefore, the positive expectations developed before the purchase act as a filter for positive experience. And also the baton features in the post purchase phase when the product is actually bought. Whenever a positive feature or experiences than encountered once the product or services is purchased, it leads to an interesting phenomenon called confirmation bias, which stems from the fact that we humans always try to validate what we believe. Once we have validated the positive features, the further trigger and other psychological response which is called hindsight bias. Due to this, the customers think that they knew it beforehand that this positive experience or feature would occur, they are convinced that the current outcome was exactly congruent with what they predicted before the purchase of the product or service. That develops a conviction which increased the focus on positive features as they use or experience the product or service instead of any negative ones in the service or product. Now, hindsight bias is defined as hindsight bias is a psychological phenomenon in which individuals tend to overestimate their own ability to have predicted an outcome that they would have been unable to predict before an event actually took place. Due to this, the positive features of the product or service are amplified as ve used the product during its lifetime and the negative features are suppressed. That is why the VA, they perceived the experience keeps on getting better. It has to be better because they're emotionally energy votes consumed during their experience, it gets more and more difficult for them to shift date, emotional energy and validate the negative features because this is not what they are aiming at or motivated to validate. The hindsight bias keeps consolidating the focus on the positive outcomes and away from negative outcomes during the lifetime of the product or service. Furthermore, wants the customers have purchased the product they experienced reflects the conversations they have about the product or service with their friends and families online and in person also, they are more likely to talk about the positive outcomes and experiences which they had while using the product or service. This implicitly enhances brand perception. When we hear about a particular product or service from people we trust, we are more likely to believe them. And based on purchasing decision, on their opinion or time, it can snowball into a general perception of masses about the brand as more and more people share their positive experiences about the product or service. Thank you very much for your time, ladies and gentlemen, let's keep on learning. And the next lecture is going to be even more brilliant. Wishes about the other side of the coin, which is low end brands and associated customer experience and perception. So let's go ahead and learn. 22. Section 3: Low-End Brands and Associated Customer Experience and Perception: Section three, lecture seven, low-end brands and associated customer experience and perception. The opposite is also true. Hence, inexpensive things are perceived as having less value and inferior quality. Therefore, they are loved less by people, which leads to negative or average perceptions before the purchase of product or service. These negative perceptions shift the focus of climes towards the inferior features or shortcomings of the product or service. Hence, after purchase, whenever defect or inferior features are encountered, our only amplified since more emotional energy is directed to them. On the contrary, when the speedier features of the service or product are encountered, they are suppressed since less emotional energy goes to them. This phenomena increases the probability of an average or bad and user experience. Therefore, it is clear from this discussion that higher price products or services are not only more viable in terms of cash flow, but also in terms of increased probability of better end-user experience. In case of high-end brands, they increased cashflow further enables the service provider or product manufacturer to enhance the quality over time. And it therefore clears long-term sustainability. On the other hand, in case of low end products or services, lower prices cause price wars and suppress quality over time, which erodes the market share and act as a ticket to bankruptcy. I hope that you have found Lecture six and lecture seven, very entertaining and informative. And now in the next lecture, which is lecture number eight, we are going to discuss something even more interesting, which is detachment. 23. Lecture 8: Detachment: Section three, lecture eight, detachment. The more detached you are from the features and benefits of the product or service. During a closing conversation, the mode energy of yours will be directed towards diagnosing the problems of the prospect as the reserved, the prospect will feel more understood your ability to ask the right questions at the right time, just like a medical doctor, is, what will take you to the core of the problem which your prospect is having the power of Putin prospects first, not thinking about the commission and not focusing on their problems. We'll help you gain their trust and create an environment where the prospect feels safe. When that happens, you will get the prosperous emotionally involved. And this is what grows as the sale. Therefore, you must understand the folding essential points. Number one, if you are attached to product features and benefits, it will project. The prosperous does not get emotionally involved and you won't be able to close the sale. Number two, the more you understand their problems and the impact of the problem on their business, finances, health, and emotions, the more they will get emotionally involved. Number three, your detachment from the product or service features and benefits get them emotionally involved. Since they feel emotionally connected, your emotional energy will be more focused on serving them. And this will project when prosperous, feels safe, trusted, and see that your motivation is to investigate and understand the challenges. They will believe you more and they will get more and more emotionally involved in this scenario. You are just trying to help them and not trying to show the features down their throat, which pushes them away. Since most people try to avoid stereotypical salespeople, you will act like one divert tried to avoid you too, and won't listen to you. The more you try to understand them, the more eager David would be to tell you more about their problems. This creates an environment which will motivate them to do business with you, and it also creates an accident first impression. Thank you very much for your time and keep on learning. Let's proceed. Collected nine, which is about the diagnostic skills and it is going to be amazing. See you then. 24. Lecture 9: Diagnostic skills: Section three, lecture nine, diagnostic skills. Diagnostic skills encompass the ability of a closer to understand the problems and desired future state of the prospects. As you get better at closing, you will start or guessed the challenges and desires of the prosperous during a sales closing conversation. And since closing, the first step is to help prospects realized their current challenges as well as the impact which these challenges are having on them or business. Once you help them understand this, you will also get a good understanding of their challenges during this process. This is the very reason why they are on the online meeting or physical meeting with you. So the discovery of problems which a prospect has and the impact which these problems are having on their lives is the most crucial aim of a sales closing conversation. During this conversation, you must identify the pins of customers, meaning the pins which these problems have caused. The different levels of paints are discussed later in section five, your job is to bring these pins to the forefront. Many of these pins might be lying in the subconscious mind of the prospect uncovering these pins as an art. And this is what the pin discovery and diagnosis is all about. So by asking questions, you will know what the current state of the prospect is and customers will also get a better understanding of the impact of their problems. Furthermore, your second goal is to hand the prospects in describing their desired future state by asking open-ended questions as described in section five, the more you practice and get better at it, the more successful you will be. As it says, closer asking questions gives you the ability to steer the conversation in a direction which will potentially reveal more pins of the prospects or reveal different aspects of their future state. In this way, you will be gathering more clues about the way their problems are impacting their lives. For example, their health, well-being, and emotions. Also, you will be getting important insights about different aspects of their desired future state as they talk more about their issues and desired future state, it gets them emotionally involved. Remember that the sale is always emotional and never logical. People make purchasing decisions based on emotions. Justify them with logic. Your main aim is to first understand the current state, which is comprised of their business, financial and emotional pins or challenges. Once you have done that, it is your job as a closer to hand them, paint a picture of the future state div won't reach once their problems are solved and pins are gone. After doing that, both you and the prospect will understand the difference between their current state and the state where they want to be in the future. This difference is called the Gap, which they must overcome. Only after identifying the gap should you describe va, your product or service will help them in bridging that gap. Therefore has a closer, you help them see and understand how your product or service will help them in reaching the state which they desire and crave so badly, the more you practice, the better you are diagnostic skills will be. This is explained in more detail in section five. I hope that you learned a lot during this lecture and you found it interesting. Thank you very much for your time. Let's proceed to the next lecture, which is about the importance of focusing on the problems of the prospects. So let's keep on learning and see you in the next lecture. 25. Lecture 10: Focus on their problems: Section three, lecture ten, focus on their problems. Imagine a person who knocks at your door quite a few times before you open the door. As soon as you open the door, the person starts talking fast and quite loud. The person is enthusiastic and desperate to tell you all the features of his product or service that he wants to send you. You are irritated by the overly optimistic description of his offering, the way he talks, and the way he behaves, that person does not stop and drains himself out of energy, even though he tells you tons of reasons why you should buy, you say no to him in the end. That is the reason why parents don't want their kids to become a salesperson. Due to this, selling becomes such a non favorite word for us as we grew up. That is why whenever we think of a salesperson naughty, even a single positive tin comes to mind. All of that is because a salesperson only focuses on his service, sales pitch, his opinions, and never bothers to ask you about the problems which you are having. He never asks you how he can help you to overcome a business, personal, financial, or any other problem that you are having. The focus is on himself and not you. He is self-centered and that radiates from his words and body language. You pick that up and right after he leaves, you shut the door and feel very happy that he's gone. He did not listen to your problem and challenges. And you feel so glad because you got rid of that irritating, typical sales conversation. Most of us have dat image of a salesperson in our minds and it just never feared survey, therefore, Have you ever thought about an image of a typical salesperson? I can bet that one thing which must have been in your imagination is a person who is chatty, pushy, and very self-centered. His self-centered mindset persuades him to talk about the product or service that he is selling and he cannot stop talking, since a typical salesperson does not focus on the problems of prospects or gives very little energy to them. This forms an image of a person who is more focused on the business transaction and has little to no interests in what his or her prospect is going through when it comes to sales closing, many salespersons are still dancing to the tunes of a typical salesperson who knocks at the door. They are not focused on the problems which motivated the prospect to get in touch via a phone call or to attend physical meeting. Also, they never focus on the impact with these problems have on their businesses, lives, or finances as mentioned above, due to this, I have never seen any parent wants their kids to be a salesman because it reminds them of a person who knocks at the door of their house where the moment the door opens, our ben Roger features are shown down their throat. I am confident to state that acting like a traditional salesperson has ruined countless sales carriers. Thank you very much for your time and I hope that you enjoyed the information presented in this lecture. See you in the next lecture, which describes the importance of the way across but feels during a sales closing conversation. 26. Lecture 11: How you make them feel.: Section three, lecture 11, how you make them feel. In a sales conversation, you should talk as little as possible, while at the same time you should ask questions to control the conversation. The less you talk, the more sales you will clause. Also, it would help if you ask questions that make them tell you why they should buy your product or service. The person who asked questions controls the conversation. Because when you ask a specific question, you steer the conversation in the direction of that topic about which you have asked the question. That is what the discovery process is all about. And in this way, you will be able to understand the problem of the prospect from various angles at the same time, the prospect will also be pleasantly surprised to see that assist person is so caring and wants to help them. Instead of being pushy and acting like a radio station broadcasting the features of a product or service. As I always say, don't act like a traditional salesperson. Wu cell where the same annoying page of features, benefits and so on. Instead focused on the problems of prospects and on serving them. In this way, you will also be able to build a rapport with the prospect quickly. If you act like a typical sales person, most likely you will not be able to make a report and you will project the energy and wipe off an ordinary says person who has told the same features in the same manner to so many prospects. Instead, you should listen to each prospect, build rapport and see what their needs are. Then you make them feel loved and cared. Div will feel comfortable, safe, and shared their problems with you. In this way, you will be able to win their trust. And once you earn their trust, you will also get the sale closed. Remember that people buy people before they buy from them. Your intent should be to help the prospect and you should have the opposite trends of stdio, typical salesperson because it will position you as an expert. This is called patron interrupt in the neuro linguistic programming and it's very powerful. I hope that you enjoyed the information presented in this lecture. The next lecture is very interesting. And it is about how you team up with a prospect during assist conversation and clarified their vision. So let's keep on learning. So see you in the next lecture. 27. Lecture 12: Team up and clarify vision.: Section three, lecture 12, team up and clarify vision. It is imperative during the sales conversation to team up with the prospers and involve them in solving their own problem. Once you have identified the gap, know where they want to be in future and how their ideal life would look like. In order to find that, you can ask questions like, if our product helped you to solve your problem, hovered that make you feel what type of solution you have tried before. And did they work? What did you like and did not like about the previous products or services that you tried. Remember that you are skating or frozen lake here and you should not ask them homeward an ideal solution to their problem look like or how can we help you to mitigate the problem? The reason is that if you do that, they will be confused. They are on the phone with you because they don't know the solution to their problem. If they had known the solution, why would they be on the phone with you? So team up with the prospects to get clarification on the problems and the impact which they are having on their lives. And remember that you are not on the phone to give them the solution or try to download the solution from the prospect's mind. Therefore, focusing on where did vote is the way to success in any situation, any industry and any market. Thank you very much for your time. And I hope that you found the information in this lecture interesting. See you in the next lecture, which is about the power of expedience, desire, and association. 28. Lecture 13: The power of experience, desire and association: Section three, lecture 13, The Power of experienced desire and association. While walking around in the village in Oxfordshire, UK, I find many people buying luxury goods of top designer brands. As the Voc across the designer outlets, their eyes cannot get enough of display products like bags, jackets, suits, and other luxury items. The whole experience of shopping in bestow village, for example, the Clean time treats well-dressed salesman, fragrant flowers planted everywhere and nice seating converges to one sentence, in my opinion, availability of premium products from different high-end brands in one beautiful place called visceral village, which creates a perception of unmatched luxurious shopping experience. And the main objective of bistability is to fulfill the desires of people, such as feelings of significance and status by providing them with an opportunity to buy the progress which were delivered these feelings to them. Let's look at Rolex watches, the power of perception, careers and experience of luxury. And as a result, the Rolex watches are perceived as the dream voyage a man can own. Therefore, it is more like a status symbol for the rich. We can see in the picture that many celebrities are building this brand. And the marketing message aimed at creating a perception that the most successful, the most talented, and most influential people veal Rolex and look at the marketing messages if self on the David Beckham photo, living for greatness, on the roger further photo, a Chrome for every achievement. And the third ad from the right has an even more interesting message. A Rolex will never change the world. We leave that to the people who we're them and so on. This means that the Rolex brand is positioned as a luxury brand, which is associated with people who have brightness will have achieved a lot and created high impact. In other words, someone who pays premium for buying Rolex is in fact, purchasing a permission slip into a world where they will achieve their highest potential and will feel great, impactful by owning gate. They are not interested in watches with comparable or even better specifications. Bad brands like Yogananda could and Omega, since they don't give them the feelings and experienced they crave, they don't get these looks of envy from other people, and they don't get the feelings of higher status. Honestly speaking, even if you ask any Rolex owner to compare the movement materials and craftmanship of his royal x, two other brands. In most cases, they will have 0 interest or almost no knowledge of it. This is not something which motivated them to on a Rolex. They owned it. To get a certain feeling and perceived quality, as well as craftmanship based on personality of the brand, and not necessarily based on actual technical specifications or functionalities which are watchmaker or someone Wu services the movements of high-end watches knows and is interested in. Also, you can see that role expenses, some of the best orders of sports like golf, Formula One, racing, tennis, and so on. This is for the reason. This is about association which elevates the status of the brand and positions it firmly edges strong high-end brand. In the table, we have compared the features and functionalities of Rolex to other votes brands in order to investigate the actual reason behind its brand perception and qualities, which makes it so much loved and vaunted. Now, let's have a look at the table and compare the features of Rolex to other voice brands. The first one is reliability. Is Rolex the most reliable voyage on the planet? The answer is now, brightening, is more reliable and so is omega, according to experts, is Rolex devote with the most high-end features? No case you has way more high-end features. Is it the most comfortable voice to veer docid is no. It is cumbersome for many people. Is it the most high-tech voyage on the planet? Darpa is now K CO along with Apple, iWatch, and many other voyage brands are more high-tech than Rolex, then is it the most innovative brand on the planet? Does that is no. Once again, Apple and many other brands are more innovative. Is it the most robust watch on the planet? Dasa is no, bridling is more robust and reliable, according to experts. In the end, is it the voyage, which is made out of most expensive materials, dances, no, many brands similar materials but cost less. Therefore, we conclude that the precise reasons behind the brand perception of Rolex watches, its association, status, legacy, and exclusivity, and not its functionalities and features. Therefore, it is important to know that people pay premium for feelings and experiences and nor for functionality. You must have this condition as a salesperson and stop justifying the price of products which you are selling based on your preferences and your viewpoint. It is not you who is buying these products? Let the people buy them. People don't pay premium for features and pay for feelings. So stop comparing your product or service to other low end violence just because of a comparison based on fetus, lack of belief that your product is not worth the price will project and will be the biggest hurdle in your sales career. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for your time and I hope that you found the information in this lecture very interesting. In the next lecture, we will further investigate the role of status and exclusivity in branding. See you in the next lecture. It is going to be awesome. 29. Lecture 14: Role of Status and exclusivity in branding.: Lecture 14, role of treatise and exclusivity in branding. Let us see how Status, exclusivity, association and legacy contribute to the creation of a billion high-end burn. As a CEO closer, you must understand these concepts so that you know, I'd have to ask yourself the question, why should people pay a premium venue yourself, won't. I know you heard that question before in previous lectures, but trust me, the information presented in this lecture is important. Also, things might get a little repetitive, but trust me, there are some valuable lessons in this lecture from the previous lecture, it is evident that many other brands with much lower prices far exceed Rolex in terms of functionalities, technologies, and features. Then why people give it so much, love and want to own it, as mentioned in previous lecture, here are the precise reasons behind the brand perception of Rolex watches. Number one association, as mentioned before, great golfers, great tennis players and jockeys on it who are famous and Wendy. So it creates the perception of association with the famous and rich number two status always being then blend and sponsors and other famous tournaments. So it means that it shares the prestige and status which these documents have. Third, legacy, the ads showing the history of Linton and other famous port proud moments in conjunction with Rolex. Hence, it creates a perception of association with the legacy of these tournaments. Disassociation transcends many generations of the sportsman, which gives the brand is fond place in history, current world, and in future exclusivity, One of the best postman on it and you have to earn it. No, you tell me via phone, someone like to be in those shoes and desire voyage, which will help them live these moments without being a famous celebrity themselves. Therefore, it is abort emotional craving of the same feelings as famous Foresman celebrities, half, which gives them an uplift of mood. Therefore, people buy Rolex and other expensive products and services of different high-end brands because they make them feel more important or because they think that other people will perceive them as richer class year of higher status or more professional. Therefore, people by experiences, feelings, and perceptions and not products. Many times, you must have heard the phrase people by people before they buy something from them. And the reason is the brand status, contribution to a field or image due to their reputation or status. So if a high-end brand has created a reputation like the personal brand of Tony Robbins. People will happily pay a premium for US products and services. Since Tony robots is a pioneer of the personal development industry, his reputation has created a perception due to which people love him. There might be many more knowledgable people, many professors, many renowned psychologists, and even better coaches. But he has a better reputation and therefore, more people crave for his services. So when you ask yourself, via view by the services of Tony Robbins, even though the costs so much justify the price by telling yourself that it is worth the money. That is why the tickets for his events cell effortlessly. No doubt his services are excellent. But you got the point. It is a simple and straightforward reality which is underpinned by one fact. It is not attained, but the thing which people crave for. And what is the thing which people prefer? Of course, emotions and feelings. I hope that you found this lecture interesting. Thank you very much for your time. And the next lecture is going to be even more interesting. And we will learn about the role of emotions and logic in a sale. 30. Lecture 15: Emotions vs logic: Section three, lecture 15, emotions versus logic. Remember that bank decisions of high-end products and services are always based on emotions, but they are always defined with logic. And it is also not so much about the value. Also, here it is mortar bar, the brand. So for example, people care for expressive things not because valuable items will help them achieve something faster or performer functionality differently or more optimally. The fact is that people love costly stuff because they give them different perspective, which invokes and provides them with the emotions for each day crib. So let's pretend that a person buys us variety and then another person buys the Lexus daughter. When it comes to comfort entry liability, Lexus Roadster is better or as good as driving. But the experience that you get by owning of ruddy is terrific because of the looks that you get from other people. The attention which grabs and the VA, engine songs. However, if you look at the blue cards from a logical perspective, you will find that in the UK, you cannot drive through R over the speed limit on Broadway. There's just more reliable and within the speed limits, it provides more comfort, more space, and more reliability. Whoever throttling makes people feel more important since it is a status symbol. Therefore, once again, you must keep one thing in mind. People pay premium for experience and feelings and not for functionality when it comes to purchasing a car, the main logical reason behind the car purchase is to go from one place to another conveniently. And that is why the cars were invented in the first place. Whoever expedience is a combination of feelings such as the feeling of significance, the sense of prestige, the feeling of status, and the feeling invoked when people look at you, when you are driving it, or when you go from one place to another in a variety, you feel amazing. No, if we ask ourselves a question, what does a card do? Not also will be a car takes us from one place to another. So the point is that both lenses and Friday our cars, and they will help you achieve the same objective. Now, what separates a car from Ferrari for which people pay such a high price? The answer is that Ferrari is declared. It is a type of card which helps you feel more significant of higher status and wealthier. And these are emotions which people clear for. That is why people loved to have variety. They lowered because it is a deka, which gives them an extraordinary experience for Los de emotions which day grid. Therefore, as already mentioned, it is not about service and it is about these errors. It is not about a quote, it is a war to de coat. So that is why it is always important to keep in mind that people pay thousands of dollars for certain services, borders coaches and core surgeons, because they have strong brands, which could yield a particular perception about them in the minds of people. It leads to a straight forward conclusion. Riches, people don't buy the products or services. But the emotional state which the volt reach as a result of owning or experiencing damp. Thank you very much for your time. I hope that you found this lecture interesting. See you in the next lecture, which is about comparing a high-end brand and low-end brand in different sectors. And that is going to be very interesting. So see you in the next lecture. 31. Lecture 16: Comparing high-end and low-end brands in different market segments: Section three, lecture 16, comparing high-end brands and low and brands in different market segments. In this lecture, we are looking at two different markets and examining the very different brands are positioned in these markers. As far as the price points are concerned, we evolved to investigate the reasons due to which people pay more for high-end and low for low end products in these two market segments, revolt to identify or shortlist similar patrons in these very different market segments. To draw meaningful conclusions, we have chosen the ladies bag market segment in the accessories market and SUVs market segment in the automobile market. We first look at the ladies bag market segment in the accessories market and seek an answer to the question, what do the customers pay for? In other words, what are the deciding factors for the vast price differences between alternative products in this market segment. In this market segment, we have compared three brands that Becker, Karl Lagerfeld, and Louis Vuitton. In this table, we have mentioned the reasons of price bid the products at different price range, and then the price paid in the third column. And here are the tea bags that we are pairing that Becker God lithography and leave it on. So here in this region, which is highlighted light gray VR mentioning the utility centric price, which is the price paid for functionalities, reliability, and utility. So all these three banks, if you look at them, they have the same functionality, meaning they are all handbags of similar size and can hold similar items. Then as far as reliability is concerned, all of them are made of cough leather and are very reliable. They can last for years. Then material, all of them are made of cough letter or cow leather. And for all these different features mentioned over here, the price which a customer pays is a 100 to a 150 British pounds. Because with this price, do you can go to a shop, you can buy a TED backer bag and it has all these things, the functionality, the reliability, and the materials which we just mentioned. And all these three are common across all these three different bag brands, isn't it? That is very interesting. But for all of these functionality, reliability and the materials, you can just pay a 100 or a 150 pounds and get a third backer bag which will last you for a few years, which will be reliable, which will have the same functionality and the material will also be the same as the other two bags which are mentioned over here. Now we come to the emotion centered price. Now we see that this is the price which is paid for uniqueness, perception, perceived craftsmanship, status, brand perception, scarcity, prestige, and other associated emotions and feelings. And if we look at the total price over here for the backer bag. It is a 130 to 200 pounds. That is the total price. And it has lower perceived value in terms of craftsmanship, status, brand perception, and other emotions centric traits. But at the other end of the spectrum, we have lived with ONE bag which has a very high price, $1500 or more. So it has one of the highest perceived value in terms of craftsmanship, status, brand perception, and other emotion centric Trier's. Hence, we conclude that the price which is paid for the emotion centric traits is 0 to 1200 pounds. It is 0 pounds for the TED Becker bag because it just cost a 130 to 200 pounds and it provides you with the same functionality, reliability, and is made of the same materials as any other bag. But it's emotion Cedric Price is 0. And for the Louis Vuitton bag, the utility centered prices a 100 to a 150 pounds, and the motion centric price is 1200 pounds. Sorry, this is a typo, it should be pounds. Thank you very much for your time, ladies and gentleman, over here, we have found that when it comes to high-end products, most of the price, which are customer base, is four motion centric tricks. No, let's have a look at the SUV market segment in the automobile market. Once again, the main question which we are asking is the same. What are the different deciding factors for the wass price differences between two alternative automobiles in the SUV market segment, we have compared fertile land cruiser, invincible and Rolls-Royce collision in this market segment. Over here, we can see once again that the utility centered price is just 55 $1000. Because for both these SUVs, the functionality, the reliability and efficiency are more or less the same. Actually, proton Land Cruiser invincible is more reliable and it is more fuel efficient. But when it comes to the emotional centric price, VC that it is actually the deciding factor for the huge price difference between Rolls-Royce Colin and fertile land cruiser invincible. And once again, we see that the motion centered prices, the price which is spared for uniqueness, perception, perceived craftsmanship, status, brand perceptions, Castro T prestige and other associated emotions or feelings. Because as far as the functionality is concerned, both of them have more or less the same functionality. Therefore, we conclude once again that utility, reliability and functionality never motivates a buyer to pay a premium for a product or service. In other words, what truly motivates a buyer to pay a premium for a product or service is there's two uniqueness, perceived craftsmanship, status, scarcity, prestige, and other associated emotions. Therefore, if we validated the information presented in previous lectures and conclude that emotions execute the sale of a high-end product or service, while the logic justifies it. For low end products and services, emotions have little to no involvement in the execution of a said. Thank you very much for your time and I hope that you found the information in this section very interesting. See you all in the next lecture, which is about projecting your value and the myth of affordability added is going to be awesome. So see you in the next lecture. 32. Lecture 17: Projecting your Values and The Myth of Affordability: Section three, lecture 17, projecting your value and the myth of affordability. You must have seen several sales people talking about the product or service in a way that is very irritating. They said things like, Woo is going to buy this thing outta hell on earth is going to pay this much for it. I won't pay this much for that crap in my wildest dreams. And it is merely ridiculous. How can a person pay 11000 US dollars for a box of Cuban cigars when you can buy, Model borrow for 20 times less the price. I wonder what goes through the minds of people. This attitude is like taking an axe and chopping once sales career with dat, I remember never project to a value on the client. If the Louis Vuitton bag is not something which you like, it means you don't value it, but it does not mean that your prospect will not appreciate it and take it in the same way as you do if other people believe in the same way as us, we won't be having any augment with our wives, girlfriends, barriers, siblings, or friends. So did you ever have a discussion with your family members or friends about something where you are justifying that it is better, your friend and family member disagree with you and have the opposite opinion. Of course, you must have had such discussions unless you are living in the basement of your parents house or suffering from social anxiety, which I don't believe is the case. Such arguments drain us out of energy since you and the other person board prior to justify your own perception of value. That is why to some people paying for expensive cigars is excellent, says they evaluate for some people achieve cigarette is what they like or what they can afford. So just that you don't appreciate a product or service enough and you won't pay a to K, 20 K or even 200 k US dollars for it. It does not mean that someone else won't pay that much for it. The reason is that we attach value to certain aspects of a service or product, and it defines our perception of value. Others might attach value to other aspects of the product or service, and this is their perception of value. Hence, never look at things from your perspective. If you don't value something, it does not necessarily means that someone else is also not going to appreciate it either did for during the sales closing conversation. Always have this belief and conviction because it will project if you are insecure about the price of the service or product because you are biased to your judgment of value, you will projected your tonality will radiate it and you are probably not going to make the sale because the prospect will get it. That is the reason why I always emphasize on eradicating false belief that if you don't value something, the prospect on the phone also won't appreciate it either. In short, it is not your perception of value that matters, but it is their perception of value which matters. Furthermore, people have forward the Vaughn to afford and North verdict can afford. If that were not the case, many people would not borrow a loan from a bank to mortgage the houses or flats there they lived. In other words, if people vote mortgaged their homes, they would be living on drained. Likewise, no one would be buying cars for which they pay monthly installments that they cannot buy on cash. See, the point is that if people want something bad enough, they will get resourceful and find the money. If your product or service can give the people emotions and experiences that they crave, it will become an object of desire for them. It might not be an object of desire for you, but for them it might be. And that is very important. It is not about the logic, but experience and emotions. If your product or service is something which the prospect loves and wants, devil find the money to buy it in short, people afford, but the VT_2 afford. If the vaunted bad enough, they will find the money to buy it. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen for your time. I hope that you found the contents in this lecture interesting. In the next lecture, we will provide a summary of section three. And it is going to be very interesting because we will list all the key points which we discussed in section three. See you in lecture 18. Bye-bye and keep on learning. 33. Lecture 18: Section Summary: Section three, lecture 18, summary of section three. This is the last lecture of this section. Here are the main points which occurred in this section. People by high-end products and services to experience certain emotions which they crave, people pay higher prices for the power. Some services because they are offered by the world's famous luxury brands, leading industry experts, best coaches in the world due to the brand perception, your job as a seal closer is to help the people in possessing the high-end products or assessing the high-end services which they love and crave, you should never project your perception of value on the prospect. The more you contradict with the VA as stereotypical salesperson acts, the more successful you will be as a salesperson. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. And let's proceed to section four versus VD. The importance of non-verbal communications. 34. WELCOME TO SECOND STEP: Welcome to the second step of the six-step process, which will help you in becoming an elite salesperson. So let's proceed and keep on learning. 35. Introduction to Section 4: Introduction to section four, importance of non-verbal communication. You must remember that only about 7% effectiveness of our communication is a deserved avert VC. Moreover, fifty-five percent effectiveness of our communication is the desert of body language, and 35% is a desert of the tone of our voice. As mentioned before, nowadays most of the business is done over the internet. Therefore, most of the serious closing is done over the phone and does not require a physical one-on-one meeting. Hence, you don't need to work on your body language since closing on the phone only includes your voice. Therefore, tonality is the most critical factor in your B2B sales career nowadays, however, despite this fact, we will cover the body language in depth also because in some industries like real estate and investment banking, you will meet lines physically on regular basis. Also, sometimes a video meeting is preferred, and in that case, it is very important that you make use of body language appropriately WIC. As I mentioned before, the counts for 55% of effectiveness in this case. You must understand how the clients feelings are evolving and you must observe his or her body language. That will give you important clues about the Veda prosperous perceive your service or product and the level of trust. This will help you steer the conversation in the dry direction by asking the right questions so that you can get them emotionally involved. And in this way, enhance the chances of closing the sale. Also, this will give you an edge and you will be able to excel in many areas of your life, which will add to your professional success as a salesperson. Section four consists of two lectures at the end of each lecture, the lecture slides are provided as a downloadable PDF phi. Also at the end of section four, we will provide the transcript of all lectures as a single downloadable file. Thank you very much for your time and see you in the first lecture of section four. 36. Lecture 1: The power of tonality: Section four, lecture one. The power of tonality. Tonality is an integral part of communication since it radiates somewhat scattered via a non visual medium. If you can use tonality in the right way, you can appear more valuable, build rapport, foster, appear intelligent, and appear as an expert in your area. And in this way, you will be able to influence others. The foundation of impactful communication is rooted in developing our poor. According to a renowned researcher in this area, the doubt rapport is no one interested in the message you want to communicate or the service you want to provide. Without rapport, there is little chance to influence or to persuade others. Tonality acts as an emotional signal, but friends, the logical side of conversation and transcends the actual words that are spoken. This is very important since emotions make the purchasing decisions and not logic. Also, the emotional cues register faster than the logical ones. The impact of tonality can be huge, as stated by another famous researcher in this area. They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Therefore, tonality is the most critical part of a sales conversation, which must be mastered to get great results. Via is tonality so important over the years, the most frustrating thing that I observed that most of these people is how many sales they are losing. Just because of the VA, the sound, or because of their tonality. I have talked to hundreds of closers and they repeatedly complaint died during their series grows and cause the search something. But the prospect interpreted it in a very different way. Or they heard something different or understood something different. That makes them feel very bad and editors them. For most salespersons, the main problem is that divorce, which they say are alright, but the Vedas said these words, or the Vedas sound when they see them. Here's where things go wrong. Hence, our tonality has the power to command attention as well as inspire our audience. Also, it has the potential to make our audience fall asleep and bore it. With practice. You will be able to alter the way you pronounce and articulate phrases, which will help you enclose a more sins. Different aspects of tonality. Tonality comprises of distinct parts, each of which can be adjusted as per the situation to enhance. The desired response. Remember that there is no such thing as a perfect personality for a particular situation. Here are the main aspects of tonality. Pitch. The pitch of voice shows how low or high is your voice. Lower pitches are perceived as more masculine, while higher pitches are perceived as more feminine. A flat pitch, which is called a monotone, is the best and fastest way to lose rapport with someone. Which means that they will disengage from the communication. Therefore, if you will not vary your pitch during a conversation, you will be perceived as boring. Volume. The volume means how your voice ranges on the scale of shy that is quite grew aggressive, which is loud. Just like bit. If the volume of your voice is consistent, it won't be effective and will impact the report negatively. Also, people who are loud can appear as confrontational, arrogant, or may even be perceived as crazy or water tile. Therefore, a variation of volume during conversation can be useful for conveying enthusiasm in children, calmness or commanding attention. As you speak different phrases and words. Pace. Pace means the speed at which you talk. And paste impacts how val, people understand you and enhances persuasiveness. It has been found in multiple studies that fosters speech is positively associated with competence and extroversion. However, the listeners visited the competence of social attractiveness of those people. Hire W2s speaking, speed, voice, like dinner ONE. If you talk very fast, you will be heard in such a way that the people will perceive you to be stressful to listen to. And you may also be perceived as educated and nervous. As a desert people will not be able to process the verse correctly and it will be hard to build rapport and influence them. On the other hand, speaking slowly means that your words will be readily understood but will irritate the audiences. They will vote more than formation, foster dust like the low pitch, speaking slowly evil Borda listeners and they might disengage with you. Therefore, adjusting the pace during conversation will make it much easier to build rapport and trust, which is essential for the success of any sales closing call. Articulation. It is the web's on physically move the lips, tongue, jaw, and td to create the sounds. Then contribute to sentences and words. The higher articulate makes it easier to communicate the different views in complex conversations, as well as conveying basic desires and needs, which makes it easy to build rapport. Unclear speech can impact the closing discussions negatively since prosper struggled to understand what you are saying, which can lead to misinterpretation. If you marshal this aspect of tonality, there will be almost no ambiguity among you and the prospect. Furthermore, the use of filler for such as like, and you know, we'll weaken your credibility. If you use these words frequently, the audience might perceive you as lacking knowledge, passion, and not well-prepared. In short, it reduces your credibility in influencing others than establishing rapport. Hard to improve your tonality. Improving your personality is not challenging and I will tell you exactly how I upgraded it to a level that it is today. On the phone, you cannot use your visual cues are body language to reinforce the impact of your message. The only weapon in your arsenal as your voice, hence, the professionalism, confidence, authority, expertise, and friendliness must be radiated by your voice. As you participate in the art of closing via role plays and life goals, you must listen to the recording and ask yourself, does my voice radiate confidence? Doesn't my voice radiate clarity? Does my voice radiates certainty? Does my voice. You had conviction, doesn't my voice radiate assurance? Does my voice radius trend? Does my voice radiate maturity? The detailed transcripts of this lecture and the audio version that is in the grid voice of John are provided as your sources in this lecture. In the next lecture, John will explain the power of body language and its role in the sales closing conversations. We will see you in the next lecture. Thank you very much for your time and I hope you found the information in this lecture interesting. 37. Lecture 2: Power of Body Language: The power of body language. Why is body language important? Body language consists of the non-verbal signs with which we communicate. Things we don't say can convey volumes of information. Body language also includes facial expressions, as well as our body movements and posture. Making a confident first impression on a prospect. The tips for adjusting your body language so you make a great first impression are one, you should have an open posture to use a firm handshake. Three, maintain good eye contact and for avoid touching your face. How to recognize when prospects are disengaged, disinterested in bold or unhappy. One, arms folded in front of the body, to minimal or tense facial expressions. Three, body turned away from you. For eyes down costs maintaining little contact. Five, sitting, slumped with heads down cost. Six, gazing at something else, or interspace. Seven, fidgeting, picking it close, or fiddling with pens and phones. Eight, writing o doodling. Here are some concluding remarks to give you advice about how to make the most of your body language during a goal. In video consultation calls or meetings with prospects. One, use mirroring to relax your body. And three, look interested. Avoid negative body language at all costs. This includes folded arms, tense, facial expressions, body turned away from you and poor eye contact. Always maintain a positive body language. This includes an open body position, arms unfolded, an upright posture, a relaxed and open facial expression. Arms hanging relaxed biocides, and regular eye contact. 38. WELCOME TO THIRD STEP: First of all, I congratulate you for completing the first two steps of the six-step process. And now I welcome you to the first step of the six-step process, which will help you in becoming an elite salesperson. So let's proceed and keep on learning. 39. Introduction to Sectoin 5: Introduction to section five, the psychology of sales closing conversations. The aim of this section is to understand the importance of the role of human psychology in sales calls and conversations. This section consists of air concise and focused lectures, just like before, at the end of each lecture, the lecture slides are provided as a downloadable PDF file. Also, at the end of section five, we will provide the transcript of all lectures at a single downloadable PDF file. So let's go ahead and learn. 40. Lecture 1: A Recap of Related Concepts, Role of Trust and making them Feel Safe.: Section five, lecture one, I recap of related concepts, role of trust and making them feel safe. In the first part of the lecture, we are going to describe some of the concepts which we already explained in section number three. And afterwards we will see why it is so important to create an environment. Doing assess wasn't conversation. Saw that. Number one, the prosperous feels safe. Number two, they trust you. So let's go ahead. And countless times in my career I have seen CS persons who lost the sale because they were not able to overcome the most prominent mental obstacle, which says persons have meaning, shifting the focus from themselves to the prospect. They don't realize that it is not them who are to be served. It is not them who are looking for the solution. It is not them who have an unsolved problem. It is not them who are ultimately going to decide whether the solution is a good fit or not. Due to this reason, the majority of sales persons, even nowadays, mainly talk about product features and competitors. They remain attached to their service or product and dreamed themselves out of all emotional energy to justify that they have the ideal product or service which will help the prospect. The crazy part is that they assumed that they have the best solution without even knowing and understanding the problem which the prospect is having. That is very counter-intuitive, yet very common. That is precisely the reason due to which the salespersons are not liked. Just think about it for a second. Would you ever trust a Dr. Wu will recommend you medicine without even talking to you about your health problem. I believe that you will feel very unsafe and we'd like to run out of his clinic as soon as possible. Though our doctor and sales person are different tags assigned by the society to two different professions. But remember that we humans analyze both the scenarios through the lens of emotions in the same way as you want pressed her doctor, who behaves like a typical sales person. You will definitely trust and feel safe in the presence of a salesperson who acts like a doctor with excellent diagnostic skills. Thank you very much for your time, ladies and gentlemen. And I hope that you found the information in this lecture interesting. Let's proceed to the next lecture, which is about power of being a non-conformist. 41. Lecture 2: A Recap of Related Concepts and Power of Being a Contrarian: Section five lecture to recap affiliated concepts and power of being a contrarian. People, as mentioned before, don't like the typical pushy, self-centered, slimy and talkative salespersons. Remember that you must shattered that image of a stereotypical salesman in the minds of people, then you initiate the sales closing conversation. Once you do that, the prospects become comfortable. They feel safe, they feel loved and cared. You start acting like a doctor who is there to diagnose a problem and recommend the right medicine. So as a sales person, you must enhance your diagnostic skills to identify the pins which the prospect is having to make them feel understood and getting them emotionally involved. I identified after countless sales calls that there are three levels of pins which the prospects have. These are the surface level or ego level pins, the financial pins, and the emotional or little pins in it. My sales kit here identified these three levels of pins myself, after a lot of frustration, trial and error, brainstorming and learning about human psychology. This was a very short lecture. But in the next lecture, we are going to discuss the three levels of pins which are mentioned over here in debt. So let's continue learning. See you in the next lecture. 42. Lecture 3: Three Levels of Pain and Pain Pyramid: Section five, lecture 33, levels of thing. When a prospect gets on a phone call, the first mentioned the different problems which are diluted to the current state of their business or lives fish devoted to overcome, I call them the surface level pins. These problems in the business can include suboptimal business processes, design of new product features, the increasing competition, the lack of talented workforce in a particular area. Finding a supplier to take care of the rising cost of raw materials, inefficiencies in supply chain, they're decreasing demand of their services. Are there to raise a cheap loan from a bank, finding, right? It consultants for digitalization of business processes, streamlining the business processes, ASP or changing regulations and finding renovation experts for their rental apartments portfolio. These surface level problems can also be confined to a person himself, such as lack of leadership skills, disturbed sleep patterns, or problems in their relationships with a spouse. Now you can see a pattern here. All these problems are business problems or surface problems. It'll literally to the prosperous life once or they will make the business more strategically agile while the business processes more efficient or helped their business survive and type also runs the surface level problems of one's life are sold. It will make the sleep patterns better, improve leadership skills or improve the relationships with the spouse. The surface level problems form the top most level of the pain pyramid and are called surface level pins. To uncover the surface level pins, you ask open ended questions which will get them talking about the problem that they are having. No, let us dissect the concept of financial pins, which are the level two panes. Vaunting, which you can observe is that the surface level payments have a financial cost attached to it. For example, each of the aforementioned problems or surface level pins are financial consequences, can reserve the financial pins formed the second level of the pin pyramid, the pins residing at this devil, our core financial pins. In order to encode the financial pins, you first of all ask questions which will disclose the underlying reasons as to why do they think these problems are worth solving? Thus, they have answered them. You will get essential clues. Sometimes they will even mentioned the financial impact straight away, and you don't need to ask the second set of questions to uncover the financial pins. Once you uncovered the financial pins, you also caused a problem which will give you valuable hints for the final set of questions for discovering the emotional pins at each stage, you must nor down the key pieces of information on a piece of paper. As you listen with the sincere intent to help them solve their problem. Remember that it is about them and not about you as mentioned before, after I'm covering the financial pins, you know, have the fuel to transition into the impact on their emotional state, where personal pins reside there, discomfort or emotional pins cost as a result, are called personal pins. These pins desired at the bottom level of the pin pyramid, as shown in the figure. In this step, your tonality and rapport, virtue established so far will play a vital role. The first two levels of thin will give you essential hints and therefore facilitate the process of uncovering the personal pins. They're typically personal pins contains emotions like fear, anxiety, insecurity, lack of self-belief, lack of self-confidence. These emotional pins can be uncovered by asking questions like, how has it impacted you emotionally? Hard, does that make you feel? How has it impacted your life as an entrepreneur or professional? How has it impacted your well-being? How has it impacted your relationship with your family members and friends at this stage, the most critical point is to understand the current emotional state of the prospect. Since their emotional state is the most important motivating factor for them to be on call redu, even though they never tell you about the emotional impact of the problem straight away in the beginning of the conversation, it is your job to uncovered emotional pins, all personal pains. After getting answer to these questions, you can ask the follow-up questions to reveal more details and pins, for example, that must be painful. Can you tell me a bit more about your problem? How long have you been feeling this way? Have you consulted someone else? How do your family members and relatives feel about it? And hard, does that make you feel hazard also impacted your role as a husband or father? How important it is for you to remove that pain? How much can it cost you if you don't solve this problem in the coming five years. Thank you very much for your time, ladies and gentlemen. I hope that you found the information in this chapter very interesting. Let us proceed to the next lecture, that is lecture four, where we will discuss about the impact of pins. Thank you, bye-bye. 43. Lecture 4: Impact of pains at each level of Pain Pyramid: Section five lecture for impact of pins at each level of pin pyramid. As mentioned before, the aforementioned pins can be illustrated in the form of a pin pyramid, which represents an iceberg. The most significant impact on the outcome of the sales conversation is DAC off the emotional panes which reside at the base of the iceberg, here shown as spin pyramid. The surface level pins from the tip of the iceberg, which have the least impact on the outcome of sales conversation. The real truth is that in most cases, the prospects will also not tell you the surface level pins in the beginning, you have to first ask questions for uncovering the level one and level two pins, and afterwards ask questions which will reveal the emotional pins. During this process, your aim is to get the prospect emotionally involved via increased trust. In this way, they will tell you the impact of emotional pins on the lives and the effect which their problems can have on them in future. It must be noted that in order to uncover the personal or level three pins, you must know and understand the emotional desires of the prospect by asking open ended questions. But good Penelope, If you are thinking about the commission or if you are needy, you will project that. They will feel it and know it. Even if you've wanted to conciliate with words, your job better sales closer is to use emotional intelligence and diagnostic skews within intend to help answer the prospects. When you do regular roleplays. And when you talked to more and more prospects, you will get better detect when your intent is right. It will project, the prosperous will feel it, and trust you more and more as the sales conversation proceeds. When you do regular roleplays and venue talked to more and more prospers, you will get better at it. When your intent is right. It will project, the prospects will feel it, and trust you more and more as the sales conversation proceeds, div will start shading, limiting beliefs, their fears, their anxieties, their insecurities, and the childhood traumas. These are emotional or level three pins and underpin the level one or level two pins. These findings are shown in the figure on the left. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen. I hope that you found this lecture interesting. See you in the next lecture, which is about the role of the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the importance of trust. 44. Lecture 5: The conscious mind, Subconscious mind and importance of trust: Section five, lecture five, the conscious mind, subconscious mind, and the importance of trust. The prosperous will easily tell you the level of an end load two pins, but will only share the level three pins redu, once you direct your mental and emotional energy towards them and focus on the problems, the prospects will sense that radiated energy, which will motivate them to trust you, it will make them feel safe without dad. David north shared their personal pains, redu you see, every logical and financial pin has an impact on our emotions and deserves in level three pins. That was not the case. The prospect won't call you. Remember that they are on the call with you because they feel a certain way, even though at the beginning of the closing call, they will tell you the logical pins and in very few cases, the financial pins. You must remember that the Level one and Level two pins are mostly confined to the conscious mind, while the level three pins are mostly confined to the subconscious mind. That is the reason due to which uncovering the level three pins requires a high level of trust, emotional intelligence. And these spins are not shared by the prospect at the beginning of a conversation, at the beginning of a sales conversation, the aforementioned facts are summarized in the figure on the left. 45. Lecture 6: Uncovering level 1 and level 2 pains: Section five, lecture six, uncovering pins, examples and resources normally present. For examples of surface-level pins, they associated financial pins and the resulting personal pins Audi motion pains in the same order. It is evident from the figure that for each surface level pain there are associated financial and personal pins. So in the first example, the Lebanon pin is, this is the third time I am repairing these windows. The associated financial pennies window reappears have costs me over 300 pounds already. And what is the associated emotional pain? The windows get broken quite often and the cold air enters the room due to this, I cannot sleep and it has affected my well-being. In the second example, the Level one pin is I am fed up off the internet connection. It just gets disconnected all the time. And what is the associated financial pin? I am losing money since I am an internet marketer. And the internet connection problems have caused me over 3 thousand pounds due to the clients which switched to competitors. And the associated emotional pain is, since I have lost loyal customers, I cannot focus on creative work that has resulted in self-doubt, lack of confidence, and I feel as if I am lagging behind the competitors. In the third example, the level of unpin is I could not get a Paris though I deserved it. They associated financial pain is the pay raise would have enabled me to generate an extra 20 thousand pounds per year. And the associated in more sleepiness, I cannot send my son to a good private school due to the same salary. I've worked hard for the promotion and I cannot sleep because of it. In the fourth example, the Level one pin is the garbage collectors are never on time and the garbage filled in the bins lying outside our homes smells bad. Debt associated financial cost is we were forced to pay and other garbage collector twice and discourse MY fortune, they associated emotional pain is I have a home office and the clients who visit me have pointed it out, do have never returned and it has deserted in augments between me and my wife and it is emotionally draining. I hope you liked all these examples and you saw that for each and every level of unpin did is an associated level to pain and there are associated level three pins also in the Resources you can download the PDF document which shows the questions one can ask for uncovering surface level pins and financial level pins. And also the potential answers to these questions. I mentioned to each row represents a potential sales conversation where the answers to the questions are mentioned. Therefore, each row represents the vapor pins were uncovered, meaning the potential answers by the prospects to the set of questions asked by the sales closers, which I mentioned on the top. Here we have shown only the format of the document. The questions asked to uncover the emotional pins have already been mentioned and you can find them again in the Section six as well as in section seven, very provide an industry agnostic script which you can apply in any industry. The industry agnostic script is also provided as a downloadable resource in section seven. So in the resources, you will find one PDF file which shows the different levels of pins in different situations and the questions that were asked to uncover these bins in the situations that over here, we can see the format of the actual document that will be provided as a downloadable resource. So on the top, you can see the different questions that can be asked to cover the surface level pins and also the questions which can be asked to uncover the financial level pins. And the questions are over here, over here, and over here, and here on each row of this document, you will find a certain specific sales scenario, right? The consumer goods, the red ocean intense competition is another scenario, software service or problem with Dad, then finding a supplier supply chain issue software design and development, business known digitalization for efficiency deal steroids. So these are the surface level problems, right? Which were uncovered by asking the questions which I mentioned over here and the potential answers to these questions over here and over here, which we're asked to uncover, the financial pins are mentioned in the document provided in the downloadable the sources? No. Let me provide an overview of the document which you can find in the downloadable sources. So here are the questions to uncover the surface level pins. Here are the questions I used to uncover the financial pins. And each and every row over here represents a certain sale situation in a certain industry. So once you have gone through this document, you can prepare your own document like this. Make additions to this document. You can write further questions over here, over here, over here which come to your mind. And you can also even come up with other sales scenarios in your specific industry. And then you can write the potential answers which that you can get from the prospect. And this is how you will master the art of uncovering the different levels of pins. As you do more and more roleplays, more and more questions will come to your mind and you can keep on adding them over here, right over here, or over here. And list of questions will keep on increasing. And at the same time, different sale scenarios will been conquered during the roleplays with closes. As you refine your skill and marshal the art. And you just simply keep on writing the potential answers to these questions. And for example, during a role-play, if you ask the same questions to your prospects and your sales situation is the same as over here. You might get a different answer, so you can just simply write the second answer over here. And if you get a different answer over here by asking these questions or other questions that come to your mind, just update the answers here. So as you have more and more roleplays, as you mastered the art of sales. Closing this sheet over here, which I have provided you in the resources, it will keep on growing and it will be amazing. You will see how easy it becomes to uncover the paint at different level and get the prospers emotionally involved. And as you can see that the same technique or the same methodology has been used to uncover the pins at different levels in various situations, in various industries, in various scenarios. So it simply means that this technique can be used in any industry and in any situation. So it is industry agnostic. I used the same techniques to clause the partners for the Consortium's of many projects, and many of those were multi-million Euro projects. I have learned these techniques through a lot of trial and error, and I firmly believe that it is going to serve you really val in your sales closing carrier. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, and see you in the next lecture. 46. Lecture 7: Three levels of gaps (vision and pain pyramid): Section five lecture cell and the three levels of cabs vision, NPN parliament. In this lecture, we are going to explore the gaps which prospects have between their desired future state, which is division pyramid, and the current state of the pin pyramid at three different levels. Current state or the pin pediment. The current state is defined in terms of three levels of pins described already which must be overcome to reach a desired future state. And the desired future state is called division pyramid. The future state also consists of three levels. The top level, the second level, and third level. The topmost level consists of the improvement in business or their lives. Then a solution to a level one problem is obtained. Second level, the second level of the future state consists of the improvement in financial situation after the level two problem is solved told level the third level of the future state consists of the desired emotional state of the prospect when the level three problems are mitigated or solved, I call the three levels of future state the vision pyramid. Your job better closer is to reveal and close the sale after revealing the gap by getting the prospects emotionally involved, defining pin envision pandemics revealing the gap, the pain pyramid is therefore a representation of the prospect currently are defining pin envision pyramids and revealing gap. The pain pediment is therefore a representation of their, the prosperous currently are due to their problems seen through the lens of intellect, finances, and emotions. On the other hand, the vision pyramid describes the vision which prospects pink during a closing conversation. It is a dream land where the prospects want to be in future. After painting this picture of the prospect realizes the gap and becomes aware of the gap. The prospects paint a picture on their own and a closer merely facilities them in painting gate by asking the right questions as described in Section five and section six of this course. Hence, division pediment shows they're devoted to be after their problems are solved at all levels, that is intellectual, financial, and emotional levels. Even though the emotional gap is most important, thinking about the gap at different levels will help you in visualizing the way your solution will transform their lives at the emotional level. So they're business problem at the topmost level and improve the financial dimension in the middle level, your job as a closer is to uncover the gap at each level by asking the right questions. Div will help you in painting this vision called Division pyramid during conversation. In this way, they will close themselves instead of closing them once the gap is clearly revealed at each level by the prospects, you can then tell them how your service or product will help them in reaching the desired future state. Or how will their problem be solved or subsided significantly via your product or service. These concepts are summarized in the figure, which is a visual representation of the three levels of gaps that Khrushchev is discarded by the pin pyramid and the desired future state is described by the vision paramedic as v already mentioned. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, for your time. I hope that you found the information in this lecture interesting. See you in the next lecture, which is the last lecture of the section. And it provides a concise description of the key points mentioned in this section. See you. 47. Lecture 8: Section Summary: Section five, lecture it somebody off section five. Based on my experience as a closer, here are the key points of Section eight, which I believe are very important to remember. These key concepts will act as an unfair advantage in your favor and help you grow sales with confidence. Remember that the prospects stay in their current state since they are not able to solve the problem on their own. The first is that you must remember that the prospect stays in the current state since they are not able to solve the problem on their own. The second is your product or service acts as the vehicle which will take the prospects to their destination, which is their desired future state or vision pyramid. The third is, if the prospect was able to fill the gap by himself, he won't be on an online meeting or a physical meeting with you. Number four, therefore, for you, it is crucial to remember that your product or service has no vote whatsoever if it cannot fill that gap which the customer currently has. This means that they are actually not buying your product or service, but buying their way out of something. That something is the gap. Hence, instead of talking about to a product features and benefits, you should focus on the gap and totally understand it at all levels. During the last ditch, you describe the value or product or service will bridge the gap. Once you know this critical point, the sales conversations will become effortless. You don't have to sell your product or service anymore. Yuval rather sell the VA, your product or service. The extra prosper or vase out the prospect from the current state to the desired future state. Sometimes the prospects are not ready, which means that the emotional pain are not so severe. I'm not hungry enough to change their current state and it is not that important to them. That is perfectly fine. As I say, prospects take action to reach their desired state, then the cost of staying in the current state is more than the cost of filling the gap at the end of the cell conversation, if you find that the prospers our North ready, you just find, Since the impact of their problems might not be big enough to motivate them to take action. Thank you very much, ladies and gentleman, for your time. That is the end of section number five. See you in the next section. 48. WELCOME TO FOURTH STEP: Hello and welcome to the fourth step of the six-step process for becoming an elite salesperson. And I congratulate you at the same time for covering half off your journey. So let's proceed to section six and start learning. 49. Introduction to Sectoin 6: Introduction to section six, underlying mechanics of sensors and conversation. Remember that trust, which bills as a desert of rapport, is whiten. If the client doesn't trust you, he or she won't buy from you, you know, people always by people before they purchase the products and services from them. So building trust is crucial and that is why rapport is so important in sales conversation. Apart from rapport, there are many other important elements of a says closing conversation, such as maintaining control, uncovering the pains, and causing the problem. Therefore, the goal of this section is to clearly illustrate and explain these and other related concepts in depth. Section says conscious of 13 lectures. At the end of each lecture, the lecture slides are provided as a downloadable PDF file. Also at the end of Section six, we will provide the transcript of all lectures as a single downloadable PDF file. So let's go ahead and learn. 50. Lecture 1 : Rapport and Trust: Section six, Lecture one, rapport and trust. Remember that trust, which burns as a desert of rapport, is vital. If the client doesn't trust you, they won't buy from you. You know, as I mentioned before, people always by people before they purchase the products and services from them. So building the trust is crucial. To build trust, you must listen and acknowledge the things that the prospect is saying, which will help you see things from their perspective. The prospects have found their way to you via webinar, funnel, YouTube video, Facebook ad, devi air, press release or some other form of advertising. They are on the call with you because the vault, your solution, your main objective is to make them feel understood, gathered them emotionally involved, build trust, and uncovered their pins. With this approach, you will know the severity of their problems and held them in unlocking their vision. You achieved the aforementioned objectives by asking the right questions at the right time during a conversation. Then you ask questions, you must listen carefully and focus. It will help you understand their pins better. After detecting some bins, you can ask further questions which will reveal even more pins. In this way, you will understand the impact of discovered problems on their business and life. When you listen with the intent and ask the right questions, they will explain the impact of their problems and paints from various angles and perspectives. So the discussion so far can be summarized in one sentence when you hear them, but don't listen to them. You cannot reveal the impact of their pains. Once you have totally understood their problem, you can tell the prospect how your solution will mitigate the problem. In this way, they will see why your solution is the right one for them, and in which case it will help them solve their problems. Remember that assail close and coil is about them and not about you. Also remember that div will only share the limiting beliefs, anxieties, fears, emotions, and feelings with you only if you have a sincere intent. You care about them. You direct your emotion, energy to understand their problems. You listened to them like a doctor, you ask questions within intend to help them overcome their challenges. You have understood the personality val, and registered your tonality accordingly. You radiate empathy and have our desire to help them. You are not self-centred and you don't sound like a typical sales person whom everyone dislikes, as I have mentioned many times before in this course, the points mentioned above will mitigate friction, objections and develops trust. Div will also help you dig deeper and see the Vader problems are impacting them emotionally, which is why they are all in the closing call with you in the first place, and which is very important for closing sale. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, for your time. Let's keep on learning and see you in the next lecture, which is about maintaining control indices, closing conversation. 51. Lecture 2 : Maintaining Control: Section six, lecture to maintaining control. Whosoever asks the questions during the serious conversation, maintains control of the conversation. So if you ask questions, you will have the control of conversation. But if the prospect starts asking questions, the bomb goes to the core of the prospect and the prospect gets control of the conversation, as I always say, then you have lost control of the conversation. You have lost the sale. From my experience, I have seen that for your sales conversation starts, the first goal should be to build a rapport with the prospect. Report can be built by asking prospects general questions about their situation, where they live, their family, the weather, and so on and so forth. Also at this stage, you can tell them a little bit about yourself. Building rapport is described in detail in this section, and it's really important to build trust and making your prospered feels safe. Once the initial trusted established and they feel safe. Mentioned with finesse that understand their current state and challenges, you would like to ask them some questions so that you can see whether you can help them overcome their challenges. This is imperative because until you have understood their problem, you are never going to make a sale. Also, clients always von To be understood during a sales call when they ask you a question, you should always ask a question in response to maintain control of the coal. Also after building or poor, you must prefer him the conversation in such a way that they agree at permit you to ask them questions. It will help you maintain the control of the conversation. Let us pretend that you are closing a personal transformation program for an influencer, you can prevent the call by asking something like, you know, that our programs are related to personal transformation. Therefore, to see whether it would be a right fit for you, we would like to ask you some questions to understand how your inner world looks like. In this way, we will know whether we can help you transform your inner world. We know that we cannot help everyone. So if it is the right fit for you, we will tell you and if it is not the right fit, we've been also inform you. So is it okay if I ask you some questions, they will always say yes in response and permit you to ask questions. So far in 12 years. I gotta know just four times in all these cases, I said then I cannot help you right after that, they allowed me to ask them questions even in those four cases, once you have preformed the call, you can ask questions with senesce and steer the conversation from time to time to uncover their pins, allowed them to paint a picture of the life which devote after going through the personal transformation program, once you have understood the problems and future state where they want to reach, you can ask questions so that they close themselves on the gap. Also Baskin questions, you can mitigate the resistance from the prospect and stay focused on diagnosing the current state of the prospect to anchor the pins. This they have. Remember that closing is an art of stealing the conversation in the right direction at the right time with the right intent and right tonality by asking the right questions for whoever asks the questions controls the conversation. If the prospect is asking the questions, Devin, look like this. What is the price? What are the features of your products and services and so on. Therefore, if the prospect asks questions and controls the conversation, the main objective of the conversation, which is to understand their problems, goes into the background. To mitigate the situation. We ask questions in response to their questions, and this technique is called redirection. So for example, when the client asks you about the product features or benefits, tell them we even go into the product features and benefits later, but we have a lot of different products and services. And right now, we don't know which product or service will be a right fit for you. So to go into the product features, we first have to understand your needs and warms. We first have to understand the challenges that you are facing. Remember, they're closing call is all about them, not about your products or services. It would help if you never start discussing product features or services until you believe that they will contribute to closing the sale and benefit the prospect. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you found this lecture interesting. The next lecture is about uncovering the pins. So see you in the next lecture. 52. Lecture 3: Uncovering the pains: Lecture three, uncoating the pins. I remember walking into Christmas market when my CPU and a half year old son started to dance to music played by an immature band. He was having the time of his life and couldn't stop smiling when he certainly saw an ice cream truck. And the cute little man, my son, shorten his true colors. He smiles, turned into anger, and the dance moves turn into protests, jumps. I saw a lady and asked her, can you kindly tell me where I can find a store to buy some ice cream? She showed me the way I bet my son to stop crying, but he wouldn't listen. In the end. He agreed to sit in the stroller and we soon ended up in a store where we bought the ice cream, but he won't stop crying. Now, that was tough and I didn't understand how I can help him. When I asked him, what does he want, he said ice-cream, but it was in his hair's already. I asked him, You have the IST mortality. What do you want? He said ice-cream truck. No, I understood that he wanted ice cream for sure, but he wanted the one sold by the ice cream truck. He did not like the same chocolate bar from a boring shop. Even though he loves chocolate, ask limbs. For over 40 minutes, this nightmare continued and I appear to guard Ice Cream Truck, please. After walking for 20 more minutes in sub-zero temperatures, I was hopeless until I saw another asked him truck parked a 100 meters away on the side of the road. My heroines were frozen, but I was relieved. My son was so happy and delighted that as soon as he came out of the stroller, he rushed through the ice cream truck. He started dancing to the music of the truck and bought the ice cream, the same ice cream which we purchased from the shop. He was so happy and delighted that he dust for five minutes straight and under truck owner enjoyed his dance moves. To the conclusion of the story is that I uncovered the emotional pain of my stan, which resulted due to the deprivation of experience which he craved. The ice cream was the same, but the experience that he wanted was different. Now, if you pay close attention, I uncovered the pain of my sent by asking two questions, isn't it? Then we grew up via more different. And that is why we crave for luxury and experience, which will help us get the emotions that we desire in the same way. When you ask questions within intent to throw light on the different aspects of professional and personal lives of prospects. You will uncover the pins. If you master this craft, you will achieve incredible reserves and help us in solving their problems. In short, the pains related to different aspects of their lives ultimately effect the emotional state they want to change if the prospects are not able to realize the severity of their pains and impact which they are having on their lives. The sale will not happen. You must help them by revealing the Vedas bins are affecting their lives, then these pins are revealed. Prospects get emotionally involved, which is really important for closing the sale. As I always say, a sale is only closed when the prospects are emotionally involved. Another critical point here is that you should focus on open-ended questions so that they can lend to you their situation in their own verse while replying to your questions. When you ask open-ended questions, they open up and they will tell you more details. As we said, the devil is in the details. And likewise, the pains of prospers are also in the details about the current situations which they tell you when you ask open-ended questions, you should talk less and listen more so that you can note down their pins as the conversation unfolds. Also, you can ask further questions to uncover more pins until you have painted a picture of their current state. If you have successfully painted a picture of their current state, it means you have already developed enough trust with the prospect and they are emotionally involved. Afterwards, you can ask them further questions so that they can paint a picture of the state devolve to reach. The next step is to help them identify the different levels of gaps and the different levels of pins which are described in section four. Thank you for your time and see you in the next lecture. 53. Lecture 4: Costing the Problem and Consequence: Section six lecture for causing the problem and consequence. During the sales conversation, you will get price objections if the prospects have known, reveal the financial costs which the problem is having. The prosperous must tell you themselves How much will it cost them if they won't take action and solve the problem which they are having. The reason is that when they see it, they own it, they must know that remaining in the current state is costing them more than the cost of solving the problem. If they know it, they will purchase the product or service, which will help them solve their problem. This will help you eliminate price objections. I helped the prospects in causing the problem in two ways. Step-1, broadcasting, which is realization of importance. Before costing the problem, you have to do some work, meaning you should help them realize that the problem is worth solving. Then you ask the prospect, why was he not able to solve the problem on his own? What are they going to tell you? They are going to tell you the reasons why they were not able to solve the problem on their own. Now, you can also ask them, what are their programs, services, providers, or training, which they used, utilised or attended to solve the problem on their own. And also, did they work or not? In this video, we'll tell you themselves the reasons vide they were unsuccessful before due to which day Come On the phone call video. It means that they are Thompson's answering the question, why do they need this solution so urgently? And why is it so important to them to take action now? You can also ask them what would happen if you don't take any action to solve the problem? And how unlikely it is that they will be able to solve the problem on their own. And once again, div will tell you about the services and products which they've tried. Also, you can ask them, why were they not able to solve the problem after using the products or services which they mentioned. This helps you understand the shortcomings of competitors which you can leverage in the last step of the closing calm. I remember that you should not try to explicitly compare, but rather mentioned with finesse division, you will help the prospect in solving these problems. Maintain the focus on the prosperous problem and not competition. Otherwise, they will start thinking about you as a traditional salesperson. Also, two other questions which I usually ask are, how long has this problem lasted and how it has impacted them until now? And in which ways always remember that it's a closer. You want the prospects to convince themselves that they need your solution and they must take action. Now, also remember that the more they themselves emphasize on the importance and urgency of a solution, the more likely the sale will be. Step two, costing. After doing background work in step one, the stage is set for causing the problem, which will help the prospects realize that taking action is the right way to go. Since there is a financial cost attached to the current state, the cost is more than the cost of the solution which you are offering. Here. You have to ask the prospect what would happen if they did not take action. You can also ask questions like what would happen if you are not able to solve your problem? Homeless Bluetooth thing, it is going to cost your business, are how much do you think it is going to impact your finances? What's there? Tell you that it is going to cost them, for example, n, $1000 a month or $1000 a month. It means that they subconsciously agreed that the solution is worth paying for or worth purchasing. The solution is worth paying for, since it costs less than what it costs for them to remain in the same state. At the end of the sales conversation venue, bring up the price. You will most likely have no price. Objection. If you do, you can refer to the additional cost which they have to pay if this stay where they are, because it cost them more to stay in the current situation. Therefore, costing the problem is one of the most critical techniques to eliminate price objections. Then they themselves have said how much the problem is costing them. The price objections evaporate. Thank you for your time. I hope that you like the information presented in this lecture. See you in the next lecture, which is about clarity, conviction, and confidence. 54. Lecture 5: Clarity, Conviction and Confidence: Section six, lecture five, clarity, conviction, and confidence. During a series closing conversation or salesperson must ask the right questions at the right time to uncover the pain pyramid, division pyramid, and the three levels of gaps so that the prospects feel understood and take an informed purchasing decision. To accomplish and ensure that a sales conversation process is developed, which consists of six stages. If followed correctly, the prospects get conviction, clarity, and confidence during a sales closing session, since they get a clear picture of the goals, challenges, priorities, and desires. In short, your role as a serious closer is true, come from a position to serve. And you're sincere intent should be to help them. Then you radiate this positive energy. The prospects connect to you at an emotional level and feel that you are trustworthy. Moreover, the level of urgency can be gauged by asking them the right questions to uncover their past efforts to make this change. That will in turn help you engaging their level of commitment to making the change in their business or lives. As you build a rapport and show interest in understanding their problem, it enhances their trust on you and your solution. At the end of sales conversation, they can therefore gauge themselves how aligned your value proposition is vid their objectives, wants, and desires. In short, by answering your questions at different stages of a sales conversation, you help them in taking the best decision for themselves so that they can overcome their challenges and realize their vision of a problem-free future. This indicates that closing is not something that you do to a prospered, but it is something which you do for the prospect. You facilitated the prospect in making the well-informed decision themselves. Then you come from a position of problem solver and your intent is to serve the prospect you will clause more sales than traditional sense persons. This is exactly the goal of different stages of the sales conversation process mentioned in the next lecture. This process makes sure that the prosperous get clarity, conviction, and confidence about various important points mentioned in the table on the next slide. So the three Cs of a sales closing conversation and important points underpinned by each C are shown here. Three sees. A prospect must have each of them at the end of a sales conversation. The first one is clarity on their goals, on their challenges, on their priorities, on devotes and pins. The second one, conviction that your product or service is right fit for them. You are trustworthy. This is the time to act and conviction that they must commit to the process or they must be willing to make the change. The third C, confidence in your expertise and service offering. Confidence also that your product or service is aligned with the objectives, vars, and desires. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for your time. See you in the next lecture, which is about the flow and stages of facilities closing conversation. 55. Lecture 6: The Flow and Stages of a sales closing: Section six, Lecture six, the flow entertainers of assays, closing conversation. While talking to many good clauses, I have found that quite often the influencers or businesses provide them with scripts which they want them to read to the prospects over the phone. This is the most efficient way to obliterate report and reduce the closing grade. On the flip side, those clauses, Wu use our structure with proper stages in their sales closing conversations are the most successful. Some call it the flow, and some refer to this as the blueprint. While some even call it a squared, the main objective of such a structure with proper stages is to illustrate and define the flow of a sales closing conversation in a very clear manner. We will elaborate on each stage in this lecture and describe each of these stages in detail in the following lectures. As you can see, trust is the most critical elements of a sales clothes and conversation. When trust is established at the beginning of the conversation, it makes the communications mode, and as a result, prospects easily shared the challenges, problems, and pins with you. The first stage is trust and making them feel safe. Here the main objective is to establish trust at just tonality and know their personality. The second stage is agent here, reframed the call so that we can move towards the exploration and discovery phase three, exploration and discovery. Here we ask questions to uncover pins and the gap V. Listen and write down pinpoints as they reveal their pins in response to our questions, the three levels of pain are identified during this phase. Listen more and talk less during this phase, ask open-ended questions so that you can gather more information about their pins. Number four, gap clarification. In this phase, the three levels of gaps are found, which are described by the prosperous as the OS2 or questions. You facilitate them in elaborating the gap by asking the right questions with the right tonality and with finesse. The first stage is the prospect GAP selling. Here we ask questions so that prospects can themselves. So the gap sixth and final stage is close by matching features with desires. In this stage, we match the features to their vision and clause. In the following lectures, we will describe all the stages in detail. Thank you for your time. I hope that you found the information in this lecture interesting. See you in the next lecture, which is about dissecting the status. 56. Lecture 7: Dissecting the Stages: Section says Lecture seven, dissecting the stages. In this chapter, we elaborate each stage of the sales conversation flow in detail in order to develop a deep understanding of the purpose, underlying intent, as well as the encompassing objectives. I firmly believe that it is fundamentally important to understand the reasons due to which each of these stages exist and what lies beneath the surface at each stage. Knowing these stages at surface will not take you far, but knowing them in depth will enable you to refine and adapt them. Various scenarios. That also develops conviction and trust in the process itself. It will make you a top much closer in any industry if you remain consistent and trust the process. Also, it means that you don't need to read human psychology in depth, but you still need to understand the way a particular stage contributes to the flow of a sales closing conversation. That not only reduces the time and effort, but also gives you confidence by producing consistent results. And that is worth matters. At the end of the day, after 12 years of closing the experience, I came up with this flow and fracture described in the previous lecture. And I use it each time doing a series closing call. In the next section, I have provided the blueprint, which consists of questions which are asked during each stage of the sales closing conversation. It is really flexible and can be applied in any scenario. In the upcoming lectures. In this section V explained each stage of the sales closing conversation in depth. So see you in lecture. It. 57. Lecture 8 - Stage 1: Trust And Making Them Feel Safe: Section six, lecture eight, stage Guan, trust and making them feel safe. Let us learn in depth about the purpose, execution, CagA, objectives of this stage. So here are the important points and goals of this stage. Number one, I understand the reason via pore is so critical. The first few seconds of the call macro immensely. If the prospect feels that there is a disconnect between both parties, you may have already lost the sale. Clear-cutting a connection helps to set the atmosphere rich poster prospect at ease and in a battle mindset. Our third your questions number to know them to some degree before the call, before you go deep into the call and before even starting the sales conversation, first, get informed about the prospect by sending them a preliminary email. In this e-mail, you can ask about their TOP challenges and goals. You can look at their public LinkedIn profile and public information on social media. But only if lost, allowed, if allowed, you can get an idea of their hobbies and interests. In this way, you can use this information to build a rapport and connection easily. The start of the scene as closing conversation, but never, ever sent them a certain requests is datas unethical. Also, you must obey and respect the regulations and laws and do that if law allows them after this step, you will be able to trust and confidence. This is essential in order to close the sale over the phone at the end of the conversation, but a good vibe into the conversation and laugh together when possible, you've got to keep it real. Being genuine, always used the name, connect and build trust. It must mark thick, you will feel it, then you are really connected. The third is that you should know which posterity Jim, they are. In the first few seconds, you must mirror prospects and find their personality gems in the start of the cells floating conversation here are the important trips of the four personality Jim's. So fires, they are fast, they are excited. They are taking people. They are motivated by fun and they like to party quite awesome bows. They outcomes because driven by helping people and not by one. They are loyal, loving, and the value fulfillment and love to connect emotionally. Huddles. And they are motivated by facts and figures, details, decision. They are very organized. They need information, they are process oriented. They view things black and white and do things in a step-by-step manner. Ruby, David, motivated by a challenge or money. They are risk-takers, go-getters, ambitious, competitive winners, and don't go into too many details. The main tricks of these gems are explained in the downloadable PDF file provided as the source in this lecture. The fourth is that you must remember during this stage, deck number one, understand their personality, Jim, and shift your vocal tone to match their personality as closely as possible. You should also remember that you want to become their friend during assess closing conversation. You should also remember that you should generally be the person who wants to help them instead of someone who wants to sell them something. You should also be a supporter of someone trust, someone who cares about your family hobbies and goals, not a pesky, self-centered salesperson. The fifth is that what are the main things which you must secure during her pole? So the short answer is, you must secure, trust and connect with them AT anymore student. Thank you very much for your time. I hope you found the information in this lecture interesting. See you in the next lecture, which is about agent. 58. Lecture 9 - Stage 2: Agenda: Section six, Lecture nine, the Stage two agent. In this step, you frame the call so that you can move towards the exploration stage. The main goals of this stage are the fame, the call, in such a way that you can ask questions in the third stage, which is the exploration stage. In this stage, your aim is to get the prospect to agree with the fact that you are here to understand their current state and goals. Your aim is to get their approval of asking the questions which will eventually lead to uncovering the pins and goals that they have. Without this step, they might not actually liked the questions or perceived them as awkward, that they have agreed with you on that they own their decision. And this implicitly motivates dental answered your questions in this vein, David director in Urdu, two answers, since the know the purpose behind your questions, the set of questions which you can ask during this step and to frame the call are mentioned in the blueprint script verges provided in Section seven. Thank you for your time and see you in lecture ten. 59. Lecture 10 - Stage 3: Exploration And Discovery: Section six, Lecture ten, stage three, exploration and discovery. During this stage, you ask questions to uncover pins, and your aim is to get clarity on the challenges and pains of the prospect. Listen and write down pinpoints of prospects as they reveal them in response to your questions. Here are the important points you must remember during this stage. The first one is the objectives of this phase. Who identified the paints at all the three levels? The second one is to listen more and talk less during this phase, the third objective is to ask open-ended questions to vector information about the pins. What is the main aim of this states? The aim of this phase is to uncover the pains at each level and get a total understanding of the problems which together form their current step. This face would not sound like an interview. You should ask questions with senesce and keep on noting their pains at different levels during the exploration and discovery stage. The third important point is uncle the pins at each of the three levels, you must die with modern depth. Then the obvious to get past the superficial problems, there is usually a real problem. There people go, wow, I never thought about TAG, Wow, I never thought it was affected my life. Wow, I never thought that was dx2 pallidum. You must probe lecture doctor, already told me without sounding like an interviewer. It will be malpractice If you don't ask the questions and not their problem before talking about her portrait or cellular is v should only take lines. Movie can help. And we cannot do that if you don't know what their problems actually are. Kenner doctored, ever prescribe a medicine without properly diagnosing the problem of the patient. The fourth is don't quote or become information proper nectar prospect with information broker, the goal is to give them what they want and understand their challenges. A lot of clients think they're don't have that last piece of information or secret that can solve their problem. The real reason is that they haven't made the decision to change. Many people buy a million books on a topic, vote, conquest, YouTube videos, and read many newspaper articles, but are never able to solve the for loop says they don't take any action. Information seekers don't search. The problem with information. The fifth is to realize your role as a closer v are here to serve them. And the only way we can help them is to get them to decide to fix it. When they know the impact of their problems, they will say, oh, no more, I'm done. Where do I sign up? Varies the program starting. How can I purchase your product? This is where we want them to be. The important point is to, is to keep some important things in mind. The first one is during exploration of pins, some helpful don't scare and you must have a genuine intend to help. The second is that US did name consistently throughout the call, the set of questions which you can ask during this stage are mentioned in the blueprint script, which is provided in Section seven. Thank you very much for your time and see you in the next lecture, which is about gap clarification. 60. Lecture 11 - Stage 4: Gap Clarification: Section six, Lecture 11, Stage Four, gap clarification. The aim of this stage is to uncover the three levels of gaps. In this stage, you must get clarity on the goals of prospects, since the goals of prospects define the future state. In this way, the gap clarification stage focuses on helping the prospect in painting a picture of their ideal future state at some point in the future. You achieved that by asking the right questions as in the previous stage. Sometimes I merged that faced with the exploration phase. Since just like exploration phase, you will still be asking questions and uncovering where their desired future state all goals are. The future state is also called the Vision, and they can paint that vision for you if you ask the right questions. Therefore, they should paint the picture of the future vision for you. As you ask them the right questions, the set of questions which you can ask during this stage are mentioned in the blueprint script, which is provided in Section seven. Thank you very much for your time and see you in the next lecture, which is about postpaid gaps in. 61. Lecture 12- Stage 5: Prospect Gap-Selling: Lecture 12, Stage five, prospered gaps. And even in this stage, you ask questions so that the prosperous can sell themselves on the gap. Here are the important points which you should remember during this stage. Number one, focus and importance. In this step, your job is to ask questions which will help you in talking less and getting the prospect to sell themselves on the gap. Meaning the post-purchase should tell you themselves the reasons due to which the Mushtaq now, once they sell themselves, this will mitigate objections since david themselves, then you haul urgent it is, and how much it can cost them if they don't find the solution. Therefore, if done correctly after this stage, the prospects have sold themselves on the idea that filling the gap is essentially therefore this, they just called Mossberg GAP selling the future state, which they design is called Bill vision. The second important point is the costing of problem. During this phase. You can cause a problem during this stage by asking the questions like, it is pretty clear goals, how much it can cost them if they don't reach their goals, how important it is for them. And the bottom line, to get a solution and reach their goals. I used the word bottom line. If it is a B2B sales conversation, how much it can cost them monthly, quarterly, or yearly if they do not find a solution. This has them understand the importance of taking action. Now, once again, the second of questions which you can ask during this stage are mentioned in the blueprint sphere, which is provided in Section seven. 62. Lecture 13 - Stage 6: Close By Matching Features And Desires.: Section six, lecture 13, Stage Six, close by matching features and desires. The aim of this stage is to match the product or service teachers today are vision and close the sale. Here are the important points and goals of this stage. Number one, had them see the value. In this stage, you have the prospects in understanding firstly, how your solution is going to help them in solving their problem and how your solution will provide them the Domitian's teachers, technology knowledge frameworks, et cetera, so as to help them in going from the current state to their desired state. During this stage, don't be pushy, don't be attached to the sin, and only focus on solving their problem. The Pantheon introduction, which I just mentioned, then serve you very red. In other voters, the more you solved act and behave in contradiction with the stereotypical says but some, the Becker who have John says off making us in. The second important point is to know how committed they are. You can know it by asking a question like next, say that's he can help you overcome your problem. How committed you will be to take action. Now, you can see how important it is to ask the right questions and direct point, doing a sales conversation. The third important point is telling them how many of you have had them here. You tell them All your product or service, little solved in a phone number. In other words, they need to know how your product or service will help them release their desire to take. The fourth important point is how the use of the Fosbury here you described their problem and tell them how you can have simply tells them the problems in their own words and tell them how they can be overcome via your homework or service. The fifth and last point is to grow the sale. So you can ask questions like Mr. prospect, meaning the name of the past, but would you like us to help you and soluble polymer, Do you think it is the right fit for you? If yes, what do you like to proceed and take action to solve their problem? Also, you must remember that after getting the answer from them, discuss about the payment options and then close the sale. Once again, the set of questions which you can ask to them this stage, I've mentioned in the blooper script for just provided in Section seven. Thank you very much for your time and I hope that you found this section interesting. See you in the next section. 63. WELCOME TO FIFTH STEP: Hello and welcome to the second last step of the six-step process for becoming any leaf salesperson. And I congratulate you for coming this far. So let's proceed to section number seven and start learning. 64. Section 7 : Introduction: Section seven, applying the skill blueprint and its application in B2B and B2C scenario. This section first describes a blueprint script which list questions that you can ask in each stage of the sale closing conversation described in previous section. Afterwards, the explained the way you can apply the blueprints corrupt in both B2B and B2C scenarios. At the end of this section, you will be able to apply the blueprint script confidently in your industry. We also provide the recordings of total place, one in B2B, N1 in B2C context. This section consists of four lectures. Apart from four lectures, it contains two recorded roleplays, one for B2B and the other for B to C scenario. Both these roleplays are part of Lecture three in lecture four respectively. At the end of each lecture, the lecture slides are provided as a downloadable PDF file. Also, at the end of Section seven, we will provide the transcript of all lectures as a single downloadable file. Thank you very much for your time and less proceeded to lecture one, which is about how we reached here, connecting the dots. 65. Lecture 1: How we reached here? – Connecting the dots: Section seven, lecture one, Javier east here, connecting the dots, let us look at the vv developed a strong foundation before learning the techniques and skills mentioned in the following chapters. It is always a good idea to look back and connect the dots so that we can appreciate the knowledge which we gained in previous steps. So here is how we developed a background in a step-by-step manner so far. Firstly, we learned about the unconventional wisdom in section three, which covered step one. Then we learned about the power of non-verbal communications in section four, which covered step two. In section five, we learned about the pin pyramid, where we saw that there are three levels of pain, three levels of gaps, and T layers of the vision pyramid. Section five covered Step three. In section six, which covered step four, we learned that the sale happens when the prospect has clarity, conviction, and confidence. And the trust, us and our service, we called them three C's, and we listed the important points covered by each C under it. Also, in section six, we studied the flow of the sales closing conversation consisting of six stages. This is based on my years of experience in B2B and B2C sales, it is based on a lot of trial and error, steadying numerous books on human psychology. And I have not gone into these underlying concepts to keep things shared forward and value centric. This section, meaning Section seven, which covers the step five, we provide the blueprint which can be adapted or used in any industry by modifying it. This blueprint is based on the six stages of SES closing conversation described in Section six, and lists potential questions that can be asked at each stage of the sale closing conversation. Each of these questions can be changed or modified so that you can ask questions in your own words. In this way, you will sound more authentic. Finally, in the next section, meaning Section eight, which covers the last step of the six-step process. We focus on the way you can start a successful sales career in the industry of your choice and gradually become an authority in the area of sales in your industry by following blueprints, which will give you an edge at each stage of your career. So you can see that all the previous sections had a purpose. And we needed that background in order to apply the skills described in this section with confidence and conviction in the following sections are based on screencasts in which I will go through the different questions at each stage of the sales closing conversation, which you can potentially ask. So let us keep on learning and see you in the next lecture. 66. Lecture 2: Blueprint The Industry agnostic Script: Section seven, lecture to blueprint, the industry agnostic script. One thing which I come across is that many salespersons emphasized the need to ask questions. But the actual reality is different since it is not just about having a bunch of questions or using a fixed script on each sales closing call. Surely, generic scripts can be used as a guide, which will help you visualize what Vern through the mind of a top-notch closer would develop it. You have to be genuine and you must express yourself in your own unique words during a sales closing conversation. Hence, the script mentioned here is a reflection of who I am and how I think. It lists the questions which I asked the prospects. In my own words. One of the most important things during the series closing conversation is listening. When you listen to the prospect, you note down the pinpoints and afterwards you ask further probing questions with finesse, meaning, without sounding like an interviewer. This will help you in also exploring the pins at lower levels. Hence, you can only ask the right questions when you listen. Therefore, instead of sounding like a typical salesperson who cannot stop talking about the features of this product or service. You listen and focus on understanding the problem. Of course, Understanding is all about uncovering the pin at t levels that your prospect is going through, act and intellectual level, financial level, and emotional level due to the problem which motivated them to be on the phone call video today. After elaborating the different steps, offices closing conversation, I know Provide a genetic blueprint script. This blueprint script can be modified or fine tuned to your industry. This blueprint mainly describes the questions which you can potentially ask at each step, offices closing conversation. This blueprint will help you ask these or similar questions in your own words. The underlying motive of each step has been already described in the previous sections. In this blueprint script that I have mentioned, the questions in each step, which I myself ask during the series closing conversation, you can write these questions in your own words so that you sound genuine. The more real and authentic youth zone, the better will be your desserts. As you do more roleplays, you will find other questions that you can note down and right in each step. In this way, your version of blueprints script will grow with time. It will contain more questions for handling different situations. The genetic script that acts as a blueprint and that can be adapted to various situations is provided as a downloadable file. In these sources section. This blueprint contains several potential questions at each stage of the series closing conversation. I've a no, go through it in this screen cast. 67. Lecture 2: "Screencast" The Industry Agnostic Script: Welcome to this screen cost. Let us go through the genetic script and all its stages. So in stage fund, the whole goal is to develop trust and connection. So over here in this genetic script, I'm mentioning all the key points like wire posts or important, than checking social media to get to know them before the sales closing conversation or call. Then also knowing what their personality Jim's actually are. We have four types of personality dim, so phi spose, amylose, and Ruby, you can learn about these personality Jim's very easily, it is an information which is widely available on the internet. But I have mentioned the key personality traits of these gyms over here. Then I mentioning some important points and also, what do we actually need to secure during the rapport? You definitely want to secure name, the location. The reason for calling insights into the goals and problems at the surface, not very deep, but just on the surface, it is a very good opportunity to develop trust initially and also connection with them and always use their name during the call. So as I mentioned before, as we go through all these different stages of the serious closing conversation, that level of trust must increase. So that is why the script is designed like that. This is how the different stages of this genetics group would actually developed. Of course, there are questions mentioned in each and every stage of this curve, but you don't necessarily have to ask the questions exactly in the same way. Why? Because in this way you will not sound or temping, right? As you do more roleplays, as you close for influencers and you get more and more experience in the field, you will definitely know how you are going to ask these questions in your own words, right? So just keep on writing them over here in different stages. One thing which you must understand it is to agenda is here you frame the code. You frame the call in such a way that you get a permission from the client that you are going to ask questions and you are only going to uncover the current state, future state, and the gap, okay? Only and only if you ask questions and write questions at the right time. In order to ask questions, you first have to ask permission from the clients because when did dentist allow you to ask questions? It's simply means that they own it. Of course, you shouldn't interrogate them and you should ask questions with finance. But you have asked the permission. You know, they have allowed you to ask questions and you are only going to uncover the surface level pins and the financial paints, the emotional pins, independent pyramid, and then the desired solution, the desired financial state and the desired emotional state and division pyramid. Basking dried questions. Now, the current state is uncovered. All the three levels in the exploration and discovery stage. So first of all, you develop the rapport in stage one. Then in the second stage, you asked for permission to ask questions from the client. And then in the third stage, you start from the left. You try to uncover the surface financial and most two pins of the pain pediment to totally understand the current state of the post_path. So that is all about tastes tree. Then at the stage four of the since conversation, you simply ask questions which will uncover the gap and also the future state. And that state is called gap clarification. Here you find that T levels of gaps and also you uncovered the vision pediment. No, you know, via your prospects are, and you also know where your prospects want to be in the future. And you also know what is stopping the prosperous to go to that desired future state. So until and unless all of this, the pin pyramid, division pyramid and the gap, all of this figure until, and unless this is crystal clear to you, did is a very slight chance that you are going to close. Then in stage five onward you are doing is that you are asking questions from the prospers due to which the prospects will sell themselves on the gap. That it is really important for them to overcome the financial level gab, surface level gap and the moisture level gap. So for example, in order to ask the right questions at that stage for the financial level gap, you can ask a question like, how much is it costing you to remain in the state and what would be your desired financial goal after availing or service or product and then divest themselves. Tell you that is the reason why devoted to overcome this gap over here in the middle, then you are going to ask questions so they are prosperous, can sell themselves on the emotional level gap. Why it is so important for them to go from the current state, emotional state to the final desired emotional state. Then you will definitely ask questions about the desired solution, why it is important to them, and why the current state must be overcome, and why the gap must be mitigated so that they can reach their desired solution. So in this way, bus the prosperous authored with these questions, they are themselves selling the idea that overcoming each and every gap is fundamentally important for them. So in essence, in the stage number five, prospects sell themselves on the surface level gap. Another force overcoming the first-level gap is very important for them. They will themselves say that in their own words. In response to your questions. Also, during this stage, the prosperous will sell themselves on the financial level gap, meaning, what are the main reasons or motivations for them to overcome the current financial challenges and reach the desired financial state. Whereas the seer, the owner, and when they sell themselves on the financial level gap, it means that they must overcome it. In the similar way. During this stage, you ask questions so that prospers can sell themselves on the emotional level gap. Why it is important for them too, mitigate or remove the emotional level gap so that they can experience the desired imaging emotions, which they won't. So your job as a closer is to uncover the gap at each level by asking the right questions at the right time. Also, your job is to ask questions which will help them in painting a picture of their desired future state division pyramid. So this part over here, it is stage number three, right after you have developed report and you have asked them for their permission to ask questions. So that is for stage number three. Stage number four is uncovering the gap and uncovering dy, vision pyramid and prospered gasoline. You have to ask questions so that post-purchase sell themselves on the gap at each and every level. Let's go to the script once again. So here is the prospect. Gaffs handling stage. How urgent is it? Pretty static state. It simply means that they're going to tell you how important it is for them to overcome a certain talent. How much will it cost them? So once they say that it is costing them a certain amount, and it simply means that it is important for them to overcome that gap. So whenever you ask such questions, the answer you and there are answers, will contain the reasons why it is important for them to overcome the gap and vendors say it, they own it once again. So after stage five, you go to state six, which is cloth, video match fetus and desires. Which simply means that you have to make the features of your products and services to their vision and you close the prospect. So in this stage you simply tell the prospered how your product or service is going to help them remove all these gaps and help them reach the vision pyramid. Of course, you simply describe how your product features or your service features are gonna solve a problem here. What will be the financial impact of it? And then how are they going to feel once you have provided them with the solution? So that is all about, ladies and gentlemen, I hope that you enjoyed the screencast. Thank you very much. And let's proceed to the next lecture, which is about the application of this genetic script in B2B contexts. By. 68. B2B examples using the blueprint script: Section seven, lecture three, B2B example using the blueprint script. At the end of this lecture, you will realize how easy it is to modify the same genetic script for use in B2B contexts. We will go through an example script which is available in the resources and can be downloaded as a PDF file. This lecture also contains a recorded role play. This role play will be provided at the end of the screencast describing the example script. Now, I will go through the example script which shows application of script in B2B scenario in a screen cast. So let's keep on learning and proceed to the screencast. So over here we are adapting the genetic blueprint script into a particular B2B scenario. And what is the scenario? The scenario is the script for selling the Lead Generation service to consultation froms. So it is a B2B scenario. Who is on the call or Woo can potentially be on the call with a salesperson, sold. The business development manager, no. Manager of our conservation firm is on the call and his boss is not satisfied with the lead quality, and quantity. Of course, their marketing managers can also be on the call reduce. So you can just simply make a list and, and mentioned all the potential people who can be on the call with you. So here is stage one, trust and making them feel safe. Here are all the questions which you can potentially asked a prospect ofcourse. Nothing is set in stone. You can write other questions to over here, which will further refine the script. And you can even write these questions in your own words so that you sound more authentic. The Stage two is agenda. So you know, this, this stage one is very, very important because the rapport is built over here, right? It is very, very important. Over here you have to connect with the prospect I have mentioned before. Stage two is agenda. So over here you can just simply say their prospects. I really want to be respectful of your time in order to ensure that you get the maximum value out of this call, we need to get clarity on why you called and understand your current challenges. Right? And then in order to understand your challenges, you would like to ask you some questions. Is that ok? And of course they will give you the permission. And then you can start asking questions. Not innovate. Deck to sound as somebody who is interrogating them or interviewing them. But just in a friendly manner so that you make sure that the prospects feel understood and you get them emotionally involved. Here is stage three, exploration and discovery. Right? Over here. You can ask different questions so that you can reveal the Level one, Level two, and Level three pins, right? Once again, you can go through these questions and you can write down your own questions and even write them down in your own words. So that use on more authentic. After that, we go to the gap clarification phase, right? Or stage. So over here in stage TV have V must have at the end of stage three, a total understanding of the pain points. What is not working in their business wiser North working solution they have previously tried before, how much it is costing them financially and how has it impacted them emotionally, right? So all of these are very important points. So once the paint pyramid is Totally investigated or we have the clarity on the pins at about the pains at each of the three levels. Then we go to the gap clarification phase or what here the main goal is to first of all, get a very good understanding of the Fuji state or division pediment, right? And then we also help them getting a clarity on the gold. If, if they don't know exactly where Debord many a times you will see prospects will get on the call with you, but, but you have to set up the goals for them, right? So you can ask these questions. So once they have a clarity on their goals, then you can go to the next page. The page on the left is B2B and the page on the right is B to C. So we will discuss this part in the future. Don't worry about that, but let's focus now over here. So yeah. And then we also need to clarify the hurdles which they have to go to the desired future state. So at the end of stage four, v have an absolute clarity of their current state, right, which was done in stage three, exploration and discovery. We also have a clarity now on future state right, division pyramid at all three levels. We also have a cavity. Now on the challenges are the hurdles which they have to go to the future state. So the current state, future state and the challenges which they have to go there. So this is the gap, right? And over here then we come to prosper GAP selling where we asked questions like these in order to so that the prospects can then cells tell you why is it so important for them to fill the gap from going from the current state to the future stage wise are so important for them to overcome all the challenges in the middle and go over there to the future state, right? And then you also ask them about their commitment. So you can ask simple questions. If he were to solve this problem, how can we to do will be on a scale of 0 to ten to solve the problem. And since they have already pulled you widest were important for them to overcome the gap and go to the future state. They're going to tell you that they are committed. Mostly the prospects if they are qualified leads, the asset. Is it pretend? Then the solution in closed. This is the point where you actually describe in the final stage in the 66, how your product or service is going to help the prospects and overcoming all the challenges which they have so that they can go to the final stage out or to division pyramid. And yep, that is all about it. And after that, you just simply ask them if they will be ready to take action. That is all about it. Thank you very much for your time. Now, let's proceed to the role-play, which I have done with Mr. suppressing. 69. B2B Roleplay: Hello, am I talking to Mr. subleasing? Is icebreaker listeners. How you find so precise so that you booked a call with us related to your strategy called So can you tell me a little bit about yourself, where do you live and what is going on in your business in general? So I live in San Francisco about my business. I'm a lifeboat channel. And share the link with you? Yeah. Yeah. Yes. Yes. Asi I saw that. I saw that. Yeah. So actually, if we are looking for a person who can help people didn't lead generation. And I saw your occupation. So that's a reasonable view. And see how you can help me help me and generated some quality leads for my my business. Absolutely. That a little bit about your business and work. Copy. The absolute dv will go into that. So how did you hear about US Supreme, like deduce awesome ad or did somebody approach you or is it just that some some some of your other friends told you about us 102 came to know about us. Well, actually I saw your advertisement, the atom that you're running on Facebook. And then I just went on the website and I saw the testimonials, your IVF and all those people who are a little bit research on their website. And after that I just There's something. Okay. Okay, I see. I see. Good. So supremum will be really respectful of your time and you are calling us all the way from USA. And I live over here in Oxford shot entities already. 11:00 PM in the night at your place. So thanks for taking out the time for talk to us so respectful of your time and in order to ensure that you get the maximum that you are on this call. And to really get a clarity on what your challenges are, we would like to ask you some questions, so so I can only tell me what exactly motivated you to be on call with us today. What are your main challenges currently in your business? As I said, one, looking for lead generation people. What TEDx, thank God for me. Or he meets every month which can be closed. So not quite this coaching program and I'm coaching these individuals actually operating division looks to perform their jobs. You know, like the managers and the senior management for not becoming high-performance people and become more effective and more productive time management and leadership skills. So I'm helping all these people. And however, you know, because of all his whole or we think that's hopper and there was some, some regeneration things are not going to go that this moment. So I'm going to pick somebody who can help me in generating all these needs for ICIC. So tell me a little bit about your team saw the Wu generates the leaves. So do you have a separate Martin department? So actually I hired a person for generating the x W earlier like I was doing organic leads, his relatives like bottom mouth, organically, it's like the doctor. And I was also, I started a campaign and square bar this Facebook ads. We started like in the month of January, this year. At the beginning. We didn't like till now a history. First three months and we're just testing what is working well and will get aeronautical or getting some quantities. So the guinea pig, while they are watching the advertisements, that number of people who weren't giving, giving information versus a diversity that those leads up buildings. The number or really the lightness is that aren't working, they're wrong hampers. Oh, yes. So yeah. That was the scene. That was a challenge that was facing the When you're my team used to my sales team used to call them. It's a complete the number doesn't exist. And then later on they came to me at the center of these numbers are not loading and embodying again and again. So all the challenges, but they're people who like numbers when they're getting in touch with them. Yeah. And what happened was those people they don't read, they don't know who's calling them and who is what is the program all about? They're not aware of what they did was they said, I mean, watched so many ads in rural Nova Jaffe, we print it out. So it is actually an order quantity lead in which people they are not, they don't know Hawaii. So how would my sales team will label the rows facing the reality? Okay, so if I understand correctly, so you outsource your marketing. Okay. I see. And how long have you been working with these guys? Since January this year. Ok. And did you did you tell him about these things inside it? We had a conversation about it. They are saying they are giving you all these reasons, which is a because of forward that things are not what people are doing this. But I don't believe that they are doing their work very well. And I don't see that they are just charging me but not providing to the quantity. They don't understand require exactly I'm looking for there is a kind of communication the Africans say in what I'm telling them and what they are understanding, it's not a match because the entries art is not giving me those steps. We had regular meetings, even my sales team. We're challenges, they're faced with the beads. I went ahead and as usual, the mondays era, that is not upon free leads for you. Let's work that VD0, that closing is not apart, so you have to check with the same soup. So you know, it's just the naming each other. Say you seem you're setting the regeneration lead generation to interstate scheme and I'm in between, I'm smiling. And I've seen like, you know, sales they release which are coming from the sales team people have endured. These are Hochberg. So I've seen that it's not quantity. Okay. Okay. I see. Yeah. I can fully and that we have given six months to them. It's not like a month or two months or three months or six months. And I'm not getting I'm getting satisfied with the work or their group. That's sort of yours. And I was looking for somebody who can help me binder, change, outsource my leads, needs engineers consists of somebody else and I was born some results and can help me with what I'm booth. I see, I see. And how much revenue do you think you have lost and due to this issue so far? Well, actually I feel like I have lost a lot of a lot of money. Here's earlier when I used to be the organic and word-of-mouth leaves around getting some cooling aircraft to move much closing for that word of mouth, people dinner for my name. We've already gone through it. And some of them, they come again and again, for example, there are some portraits. They come back to me and saying, are you train up this new monetary or Turkey or the matchers and they come up again and again. So you may also refer their bodies, their friends. So that is one thing that is happening. I am generating order, please don't bear. But the revenue that I was expecting from these iron campaign that I was honey. I'm not it's not even they've already set up and I'm getting I was expecting somewhat like in three months, I was expecting at least 20 people joining it. Now, that was the bare minimum. My expectations were great and everything. But getting warping seven or sometimes in the morning and 50%, it's not coming up. And even those are not quality deeds. Those are those are fun. And people might my sales team, you know, they qualify the leaks and later on as well. So qualification part it's again going to them. They're quantifying. Okay? Okay. Make sure it would be harder. But I think they are the audience is not getting targeted. Okay, so please So if I understand correctly, so the problem is with lead quality and and tell me a little bit about the closing date saw. But what about the closing Rich, let's pretend that then leads, come on. Let's say a 100 leads come to your sales team harmony. Much of those are actually closed. The fingers when children play, it's coming out to be seven or 8%. Pianist because of kind of cornered lived. What it is that as I mentioned, some of them are wrong that we're solving reachable. So if I deduct all of those out of the picture and then closing rate for the actual deeds abrogating. It's somewhere around here. It it's between ten to 15. Some sunlight on an average, I would say it's 13, 13%. Okay? Okay, if I cat creatine entire leads, including the wrong numbers and not reachable or incorrect information. And then it comes out to break down some of the people say, OK, seven to 8%, data's quark law. Yeah, I can't ask. So how much is it costing cube each the each month? Let's pretend that if you had quality leaves and if the closing rate was around 25 to 30%, how much additional revenue could could you have generated each month? Every month? I'm spending we're investing $10 thousand every month, including the sales and marketing bar. But needs and paying the guys in order to generate leads to the social media and everything, you know, for the whole thing. Including the cost of the advertisement stuff. It's costing me wreck somewhere around $10 thousand for the entire marketing. And kind of a model that I'm leaving on the table just because of this regeneration thing. It's I would say because it totally come getting seven to eight weeks, getting close every month and every batch wherever it has acquired was expecting right? 20 meets every month. So there is a deficiency or epistemic Omex world to 13 weeks. All right? So if direct gap can be sharpened or you can bridge the gap and you can imagine that much. Money aggregates of remaking. Yeah, that that is quite a lot. Icic. Yeah, achieving achieving this sort of a closing rate and getting these many leaves won't be a problem in your particular niche because I have some clients who actually are getting very good results while working with us. And as far as the quality of your services are concerned, I have seen that the views of the people who have worked with you, and they seem to be very satisfied. So the problem seems to be in the marketing. It seems to be the new generation system. Okay, I see, and not necessarily the quality of the service. So that the same so simply hallmark is the cost per lead at the moment for you. It cost per lead if our calculated thing and it's coming back to your work. Anywhere from 90.100.9200 golfers. I can separate the way people every month. And I'm investing a lot of money and on those quantities are getting all these corporate people in all the other people. So it's a, it's a rare on 19 $9,000 note. Nicely. That is quite a lot. So veer too to volunteers with the program that I'm doing. It's a high ticket program. It's not the load again, are charging $10 thousand for it. Okay. So it is a high ticket one, that's a reason when you are dealing with all these food for the specific audience. Yeah, we'll talk about that when people together with conveyed CPA or cost per lead, cost per acquisition outs or apostrophe, CPA, whatever you want. But it's very hard. Yeah. Yeah. My can understand. So okay. So let's talk about your future goals. Where do you want to see your business? In about two to three years? We've worked with our clients in very long term because of course, once you start working with our clients, it takes time for the ads to be optimized. You really have to bond in on the right audience. So after two to three months, you will already start seeing really good results under good improvement. So it just to ask you, where do you see your business in two to three years? How much revenue should you be making too, so that you feel satisfied that you ok, I have I am where I want to be a actually, as I mentioned, I wanted when AP but in my training, I want 20 people in that. Anywhere from 17 to 20. That is good for me. Okay. And how many batches Do you take per year? Mike, or select a five weeks training I gave. So sometime it's eight batches and but it's nine badges. So I try to keep it like deltaic. Ok, so it means if you have it batches nets pretend and if you have 17 people per batch, which is 136th people that you cause per year. So let's multiply that with the 10 thousand sorties, $1,000,360 thousand per year. So if we if you take away all the marketing costs, the commissions of the sales guys and everything, it sure does come down to a million in revenue before taxes. And then even if the textures wove, it tasted like seven to 800 K in net profits that you can make. Okay, I see. So these are your goals. Fine. Just, just the art of curiosity. So why vial is seven to $800 in net profit is important to you, or will you be also looking forward to scale even further if that goal is achieved or is it just like you would like your business to be stipulated that shovels and you will be satisfied. Okay. So you would like to scan it, even soldiers there too long. Ok. I see. So simply tell me a little bit about OK, so let's pretend that we help you reach your goals. Did just wonder, but one thing which I would like to know right now is, apart from that, say your job, lead quality and all of that and marketing, is there any other challenge that is stopping you from reaching that goal or is that the only challenge? See there are many harbors. The challenges that you face across it can regenerate so that you can know once they got an LED, you're going to find something that's coming in between being an entrepreneur, this is something particularly black are predicted to. But at this moment and for me to reach my goal, what I'm expecting from you or what I want to be with the heat integration. So severe. Could you please tell me more about later about how would you help him with his lead generation. They published you charged a company. Your clients have behaved in the same age and I am and how big the result. So maybe sick or importance. Okay, I see. So if I understand correctly, you said, If we put a scale from 0 to ten, you are really committed to solve this problem now, right? Okay. So as far as all the rest of that concern, so as I mentioned, we worked with our clients in very long-term. The first few weeks are actually spent together with the client in zone meetings like this so that we totally understand the ideal of a tar off our customer, right? So it is not like we just simply get a description of all of this service. You know, especially when we are talking about coaching. But, but our main operators that we simply get in touch with our clients through no meetings. And then we really, really understand what our client really wants to bring to the table in terms of value to the market, right? And what is the ideal our thoughts or their business? Because let's be honest, neither are many. Marketing firms moving promise a lot and they will say, OK, just send us your pdf or the program description. And then they themselves start to create a potential above the average. And that might be different from what the client has in mind, right? Because we really appreciate and respect the fact that our client has been in business for so long and they know what they are doing. So we will like to know from you also in the first one to two weeks what really your customer what are is we will really hone in on that. We will make a description and then he will send it to you, right. Then we will also discuss that with your sales team because they haven't been getting the actual calls. So bedtime, they also develop a perception that, hey, okay, that was not the right client, this is the right client. So it is also good to get did in ports also. So from Georgia, the inputs from you, input from the CL scheme and also from, from the business development team. We will, we will really hone in on the, on the customer, but almost that is done. Then we simply start preparing the ads, right? Which are really in line with your vision, with the value which you can bring to the marketplace. Sometimes the influencers are really good at what they do, but they are not that good in copywriting. So it is just a matter of putting the things improve words, and developing a very good staircase of the videos, right? So these things are complementary services so that you don't have to worry about that. All what we charged is a monthly thing. That depends on how much do you want to spend on the edge, right? So for example, we have one package of $5 thousand per month. The second one is 10, $1000 per month, and the third one is $15 thousand per month. So, so vivid, the $500 package, your ad spend is like $3 thousand, ok, so to 60% of the total service fee. So it is not that we are charging you $5 thousand and you have to pay extra for that. So we will do the Arabs management. B will do everything like really honing in on our thought and dim, constantly discussing with you also that hey, separate, look, this is the our talk that we had, but what about a little bit different market? Would you also be planning to target the insurance companies are just entrepreneurs which you are currently targeting. So in this way, we will, we will keep on bringing something from all sides to the table, right? Because because let's be honest. The more business you got, the bow, more business forget, right? So if your businesses doing val, definitely you would like to scale up. You will spend more on ads and this is how we will make more money. So if, for example, for the other packages also that I mentioned, it is just 60% of that is the Arab Spring. And the rest we just simply charged in Terms of Service peak, and that includes everything. We don't charge anything extra. Pay for all things that it doesn't feel. As an entrepreneur, social media. What all things will be? How do you define it? Okay, That is a good question. So basically we don't do websites, I will be on experts. We are very good in social media marketing, right? Okay, so DoubleTree experts from our clients is that they at least have a good social media presence, okay? Or FCE can help them further boost that also. So we will definitely be giving our valuable input on how they should create a good persona on social media. And definitely we have connections in the industry who can do the work at a very low cost. Like, like for a few $100. Because B, VB, we have some partners in India who can actually do the work pretty well. So yeah, we don't do that, but definitely we can assist you and your monthly cost if you want social media marketing, that would be, I think my v less than $1000. It is not a big fan expense, but that is something we will definitely help you. They know the right people. But actually we really focused on regeneration, right? And we really want to create tremendous value for o, for our customers like that. So you can think of us as, as, as a company which specializes in your generation, also in helping the customers really hone in on their customer our tar, right? And then generating the leads through our funnel. So yes, for the finance and we will do the copywriting for the funnels. We will do all the work. A2 zed, right? The only thing which we might ask you is to record a video bus. We have done the script together with you for the funding, right? So that, that is actually what we do. So because you know, the previous company, I don't, yeah. They're thinking they're called distinction and they have to be done email marketing in the care of Dickey termination part. They are doing the, you know, all these things like putting arrows, also managing my website as well. So it's a complete package that they've given it to them. So that's the reason I was asking and I was going to make you also do data modeling, almost really charging what you said. It's five thousand, ten thousand feet. So can you send me some more details about these buckets? Check more details I put all wouldn't end. But you can also save you some testimonies of people who have taken video services, Granger to my beach, what I'm doing. So I have got it and see how it is possible. Yeah, that is absolutely fine. So I fully understand where you are coming from. Okay, so the only reason why be focused on what we are doing, like a narrow spectrum of value proposition, is because in this bit the results can easily be tracked and the clients can easily held us accountable also. So we have a system of full transparency. You can actually see yourself each day home. How much is the cost? How is the campaign going hot of analysts performing, and how much is your actual return on investment, right? So how much money you are making with your aspirin. You see? So this is how we actually work. And yes, definitely if you want, we can talk to the companies that we know who can manage the website for you, who can do all the other things which the other company was doing for you under under $1000. So that won't be a problem. Does that sound like a good band? Aid and managers at previewing us with managing debt? Well, we can do that ourselves. That won't be a big problem. And we can also assist them in many different ways because the input that he gets from you while the initiative from the initial discussions, getting that customer, our tar discretions with sales teams and business development teams, getting all that input and acting as people who are experts in this and then communicating that vision, all this information and communicating that with them. We can also relieve you of that burden. So V can actually communicate with them and then they can do the work. So no problems nor normally we do that in very few cases. We just have two clients for whom we do that, but definitely we can do that for you. We can get there. My concern is I don't want to different people. I I understand the same thing. And looking for one person who can enter a 100, everything I just paid them, they manage all the things that I don't want people to stipulate for social media are separate for even more things at the website. I wonder why not? Why personally briefing and other paying, God, damn seeing what is happening, holding them accountable, patent wars going on. I'm one day, ten different V, you get no problem. So in this case with the vivid the two clients that I mentioned who are operating in a similar nice than you. One is operating actually in very nice data is pretty close to you. So in that case, what we can do is that we can calculate the aggregate costs together with the Arab Spring and also the money that you are paying them. And from there, from the total cost, then we calculate the cost per meat. And then you can see your overall revenue together with the marketing expense, right? Like social media, like website, maintenance and all that. So are you looking for something like this which can just simply tell you that, hey, this is how much I'm spending on marketing, everything, new generation, everything. And then. This is how much money I'm making. Saw, saw. Are you looking for this sort of potential V can weaken, provide this level of transparency and we can relieve you from from communicating directly with them, is something that you are looking for. Okay, so plead saw virtue. How how should we go about it then? Would you be interested to to go ahead today or would you like me to send you some videos or their testimonials or something like that. That would be great. Okay. Hopper. And make that all satisfied themselves, their book because it's not a small amount of money that you've got a charging. Yeah, sure. So I just need to be an early warning actually invest my time in something which later on is not giving me, tells me that I'm switching from one person to another company and again up to another company. And again, it doesn't matter because it takes time for you to hold off all the things. So yeah, we don't significantly differ and I can just have a look. Okay. And then you send me all the packages and other information and then I can conditional which kind of room for 5,001 takes out. It gets you up and whatever information you need, you can just like human or information that I need. Okay, so p That sounds good. So I will send you the information of the clients which we had in the actual video testimonials from them. Okay. And feel free to call them because you must be knowing them. So that is perfectly fine. So yeah, feel free to call them, reach out to them on LinkedIn VR, a very open companies, they exert quite Sadia. Thank you, but definitely you can. Vb will send you the video testimonials from the people who are in your niche. And then we will also send you their LinkedIn links because they are very happy working with us. Feel free to reach out to them. And as I said, you must be knowing them already, so yeah. And once that is done, we will definitely asked me if there is something that you would like to know, you know, prior to our next meeting them. So virtual BIA, right time for the next meeting superheat so that they can see if that is if you have to go ahead with it. So you can say I will use and with information about all these equity case alphabetically getting everything done. Okay. So whenever B a right, time for you today is Monday, right? So what about redness? Do Thursday. Let's keep it on a Vk outside of it. Okay. Sandra Day is fine, but about ten p ten AM in the morning. Uk time. Here's not to care for you too early for me back from California. So looks at looks at difference in the times, I guess I guess it's eight hours difference tonight? I think so, but yeah, let's do one thing. How about we do it in the morning in California? Let me just check. Homework time. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Ten AM Monday. In California. And nbsp? Yeah. Okay. No problems. Yeah. That sounds that sounds okay. So yeah, let's let's meet up next time and I will send you all the information in half an hour. I'm just going on for nine, so yeah, it was nice to meet you and let's go ahead and discuss their progress. Thank you very much. Bye bye and take care of iron. 70. B2C examples using the blueprint script: Section seven lecture for B2C example, using the blueprint script. At the end of this lecture, you will realize how easy it is to modify the same genetic script for use in B2C contexts. We will go through an example script which is available in the resources and can be downloaded as a PDF file. This lecture also contains a recorded role-play we're suppressing. Wu is a very good friend of mine. And the various periods closer workloads von off his friends. This role play will be provided at the end of the screencast describing the example script. Now, I will go through the example script which shows application of genetics blueprints script in a B2C scenario, in a screencast. So let's keep on learning. 71. B2C Roleplay: Hello, good afternoon, Superintelligence. Nice to see you on the call. Reference. Pleasure's all mine. Nice to see you saw so please, where are you located in indy. I saw in the form that appears when you are in India. So where do you live? I live in New Delhi, the capital of India. Ok. Nice place, nice cliffs. Good, good. So tell me a little bit about your family situation and about your kid and what sort of challenges does he have? Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't get like What do you mean by Tommy situation? Like how many kids do you have? And you mentioned in the form that one of your kid, you know, he is struggling a little bit with mathematics and we'll sign. So tell me a little bit about HDAC. Four or so. Accordingly, one son, he is six years old, and he is struggling with math and ethics. So I was just actually looking for something because I don't want to put him into deletions, private reasons because it's over there that we, teachers treat students. It's very a lot of pressure over there for a cake. And I go more damage any of his childhood memories with just six years old. I don't want yeah. Yeah. So that's the reason why I sought the product that you're selling. So I thought it would be good idea to look into this and see how this can help me on my kid. My kid to overcome this mathematical challenge is that he's facing V is not very clear with these numbers. Holiday penicillin for subtraction happens. He gets a little bit confused with numbers like which comes between. What comes between and what is combo comes, what comes before. All these things are ANY gets confused sometime he does a once you explain him, he gets it. After some time. You asked him something like, you know, what he has done. Similarly, for example, he has done from one to ten. If you ask the same question from 11 to 20, here, get confused. Okay? But if you ask the same question, i from one to ten, if he got the answer and you asked him again during one day and he will be happy to answer it, but not like appellate a limited 20 or in range if you're talking about so that is what is Allen town he's basing. So I will just thinking, what can you help? How you guys can be chair, shortly shown the epsilon to be, we'll go into that for sure. So you said you have just one kid, right? And this is your kid? He is six years old. Okay. I have one son and his three years or also Johnson and Johnson is quite at this point in time. Of course, when my son will be 30 years old, it won't be a big difference between that. And now he's like twice the edge, so good, good, good to know. Okay, fine. So good to know that repeat. So in order to really understand the situation and see if we can help you, I will just like to ask you a few questions, which won't be an interrogation. But think about that. So just, just to know a little bit how we can actually help you and just explored a little bit, you know, how your kid has been doing in the past and and where do you see him in the future so that we can see if our solution actually fixed. It really fell and he can really help them, you know, so yeah, sure. Is that okay? Can we proceed? And that's how some spare. So you mentioned that your kid is weak in mathematics. What are the other subjects in which right now he doesn't have moral subjects he hosts or in mathematics. They learned English, they learned the heart and cough and couple of other subjects, which is there, but that he's absolutely fine. And now they're basically it's not they're not x's remaining challenge that is English there because he knows he's not going to senior classes. So Marc Lawrence objects like science or biology or chemistry, is not yet, makes our business studies at all the stuff. Okay. I see I see. So many years have you taken before to help your son to work on this challenge? Did you get him some private tuition or let say, some other gadget or something like that. But actually, I haven't been to any kind of a product divisions because I don't feel that comfortable sending such young kids to do any private tuition. Because right. Intuitions their other students out there. So that Cuba is he or she puts a lot of pressure on, just like a six-year-old kid to study and compare them to be really scary for him. So my wife was, you know, taking care. She is teaching him. And when I get time, I got back home, I just spent some time with him. We play games in which I tried to make him understand that call. This calculation. Works on mathematics are, and sometimes alphabets, English alphabets are Parkinson, some games as well. And you're insured or he can play the games like gods, the number games, alphabetic, anthropic games, all things. So far, this is what we are trying. See. Yeah, yeah. So this, this sort of a comparison, you know, that you mentioned risk that teachers do between their school grants. It can make a student really stressed. I have been to rid myself and, you know, being from the same. Area, you know, on the other side of the border in Pakistan, in Punjab. It, it is our collectivist cultures are very good in some ways, but in some ways, a collectivistic culture has this disadvantage that since people are too close, you know, the kids, you know, they can be compared on a line, gd, something like that, that Michaelis intelligent and I'd think BIG tablets in the tuition centers, as Jim said, it happens in the school. So this collectivist culture, it has this sort of a downside, you know, which, which can sometimes make Kurds really stress. I have been through it. It, it, it, it, it, it has been the case and villi beliefs to predict when I went to Sweden for my master's degree, we used to have open book exams. I wish actually. Yeah, but you know, in India and in Pakistan he will have open book exams. Everybody will get full marks because the question is how often, you know, you just mostly it is memorization. Know that things are changing both course. But at least when I was doing my matriculation exam and pre-university education, which is called efficiency in Pakistan, was mostly memorization, you know, 20 years back, or maybe even more. So. So, so, so the thing is that then everybody will talk the bold, you know, that, that, that is going to be very good for a guy like me, you wouldn't be happy with their case? Yeah. My son or my daughter is that he has, he or she has coordinate 90%. Absolutely become very challenging for students to never before going for the coefficient, what we really done, who can give better answers by looking in the box? All creative. In Sweden, basically, we used to have problems centric exam. So for example, you can just simply take your book. You can look at the formulas. You can look a little bit because in four hours or five hours exams back in 2005 in Sweden, in the university directory. So of course you are person cannot go through the book and understanding everything. So you have to have a good conceptual understanding of the subject of the problem which we have describing the exam. And then you solve the problem. And also it was pretty much problems centric sort of bond and exam for electrical engineering students over there. And it, it was quite a sort of a culture shock for me also to see that the books are open. Because in Pakistan, if you have some sort of some sort of a pay-per-view, you have written something, you know, to recall in the example which I will reason can be actually banned or even maybe you're not. So very, very finite. I send. And coming from a collectivist culture, going to the very sort of an individualistic culture either side of the spectrum entirely, you know, in Sweden. But it was also very, very strange to see that, okay, find how the learning of the students take it and how they piece crystal grants. You know, from the grassroots. So like West, they are kids once they grow up and all that, it was very inspiring because a hairdresser and engineer, a cleaner, every tick is a profession there and everything is respected, you know, unlike our countries, you know. So yeah, that data's something happened. So what has been the opinion of this to the edge of the teachers in the school about her cared so much about different feedback have you gotten from them? What they are saying that they're young, they're working on it, they're looking. So then only asked us to spend some more time with chairman, help him out for the all challenges that he's facing and just make them black hairs and be creative. That's all that. Much. So I feel like there's something that is more than more needed, something experienced needed image will be easier for my wife as well because she asked baker Well, if other stuff. Right. So I just warmed my sign to do these things arise only when I'll be dead or mislead. My wife and me of course would be there are just worn pin one something which is which can understand how through each headwater gave him overcome this challenge. Okay, I just make it fun for him to learn and it will, it will. So being a small should not be able to order you to stop doing it. Entertaining should be fun while learning. So that heart should be so that he can learn. You can understand the basics and the foundation of this Fondo. Yeah, instead of, you know, just be that minimizing it and then just Magee heated up and later, I guess. Yeah. Yeah, I see. I smooth. So can you tell me as really like about this app at you that you've got to talking about. How does this outputs a wormhole links you will be getting into mania or my kid. How will you guys be teaching it? Okay, so I'm going to just expand it a little bit triple go in into the capital fit in the end of our conversation after really seeing the future goals that you have for your kids. But but in short, right now I will tell you that, okay, it is a complete package. So we send the books. This v, v, v have an app. And also at the same time, we provided tablet, which is specifically designed to deliver the content in content in an engaging and intuitive form. Surface. Not like just, just an app, but it is a complete package which you provide to make sure that the kids are engaged and they learn, innovate, that they are not scraps. Right? So, so when you say about Pakistan, world, things are there in the back. So first of all, the books will be provided, then the course material will be provided, then the tablets will be provided. And then of course, you know, once the kid has learned all the material view can always upgrade for the VBD small costs. So in this may be make sure that as the kid progressiveness learning, you know, V, keep on providing the best possible solution based on artificial intelligence is, you know, an, an intuitive form so that they can keep on learning for SRA and keep on progressing in that area of knowledge, right? So this is how it is. So then we get a little bit about about your goals for the kid. Saw. How much time do you think do you have at hand to actually solve this problem? The Idol giving much time to spend with them because, you know, once I come back from amorphous, I get little tire and I have to play with him as well African times about family. When violin, while playing, if you're talking only about, you know, study, study, study. He got a leader. So I, you know, I try to spend more time with him while playing the card players with him for some time. Then I spend some time asking me what he did and then try to create something new, a new bank would gain for him in which he can learn. But it's actually really hard to know where you're going. I can understand the ended with the kid, because kids are very creative and being and we have lost that kinda for creativity and has kids have yo-yo in sometime it is challenging. However, my wife, she's really good with that. So she notes investing a lot of time, a lot of her time with him, and go find to get the same data. But it is very hard and difficult to make a good focus as an added on one particular task. And when you're making them sit and study, he will feel like he's getting obligated and he's getting trapped into something. So he just wants to run away from there, doesn't want to do the studies when you asked me telegram, okay, you have to study, you have to study stamped with a coffee homo Kiva, make all the excuses and even try and you know, I didn't know when later on that quickly, all those things, you know, kids do. So just to avoid that thing. Yeah. My wife, she manages somehow she manages to get him and make him say and do his homework. But it takes a lot of time. A lot of time refers I could takes us. And to finish the omega you get from this book, which is very, very difficult for my art, sometimes annoying, but what can we do? We have to get out some reason for some objects. Okay. I see. I see. So so you said your kid is small, right? 13s like six years old, isn't it? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. Okay. So how does that work in India, I think it is the first grid or is it kindergarten? Actually, he isn't the first day right now. No problems. Without solutions. You will be teaching other kids various home port 20 of oh, yeah. And I think that's what I was one big link. And I saw the video that you have shared with me regarding your app. So I just wanted to understand in that video, you mentioned that there will be some exercises that could be cave and there had been a story Paul Martin guys would be teaching. And so I'm actually wondering like these stories, which is they're like how was it based decades, our kind of our who's like, what kind of history? Because I see that you guys have piled up with Disney. Alright, so you guys are made it really interactive, but I just wanted them going. Is it working with kids? And you guys have any kind of testimonials from different parents? Yeah, absolutely. Performing? Yeah. So all over the world, over over 200 thousand kids are already using it, you know, just, just in India so to speak. And you know, like Disney's all about stories. So you see lion king and you know, all these movies with the kids when they watch it, they are just glued to the screen and they just forget about everything and they become really nice people for that time. So we have actually used the same concept and really made use of for expertise and storytelling. What engages cares, what the love. We have developed special characters for that. And they are so engaging that kids can just simply voyage for hours and learn in a very intuitive way without even feeling that, that they are explicitly learning mathematics. So this is how v have designed or apparatus based on artificial intelligence, on human psychology. And it comes up with the same expertise. It's derived from those expertise which we have used in developing our very good cartoons. And they're, you know, they're really keep the kids engaged. So it is all about engagement. It will take this sort of a pain away of distinguished occurred for hours. I know Hubbard feels because my son, he is almost impossible to feel. But when he watches Lion King, you know, our firemen, Sam or popper troll, you know, it is easy to just feed him, you know, so, so don't worry, our app is going to feed all the great information into your kid's mind. And soon it will really elevate his self-esteem also because other kids will be looking up to him. Hey, hardest, How has he learned all that? And I didn't collectivist culture, it can really, really be very good for records wellbeing also. Because as I said, you know, there is always some discussion going on between brothers and sisters about their kids in school, all sorts of answer kid is doing really well. In steadies. It really is good for the well-being, emotional, well-being, self-esteem, which really pushes. The envelop further. Like she really gets out of his comfort zone and does wonderful things. So so so this is all based on OK. And you said the in the material that you better be sending it to us, it will be posted. There will be a cabinet. So is it something that got a tablet that you can ascending as it isn't good for us. Because, you know, watching the tablet and phone, television might also the eyes of kids as well. As it click, Save foil, it gets to you in that. Yeah, so basically our display technology is quite advanced and we know that the eyes of the kids can be effected. So basically you have you ever, if you have ever looked at Amazon Kindle, you know, it is it is not harsh for the ice. So we use similar technology. And the size of the tablet is quite big. So kids can actually really enjoy it at a fair enough, good enough distance. So, yeah, in this way, it really mitigates this problem of strain in the eyes, you know, and effecting the Isaiah. We have taken care of that. And how much is the app? How much does it cost? Yeah, good. So the app actually it costs $200 and it is for everything. So basically, we will provide the tablet weaving provide no, sorry, it is not $200, which is $400. But we not only provide the tablet, which is top-notch quality, it is very big and very, very good. So at the same time, the way we work is that the books, the materials, everything is provided there to her doorstep together with the public and everything. So it is like a complete package with cost $400. But the upgrades which happened later on are just like $20, you know, which you just simply do. And then it is $10 for the books and other materials that we will send you if then your current is done with the first stage of our course, then second, 1, third, 1, fourth, 1 as your career progresses, you know, in his learning. So for them, this particular ADB, he will be the phase stage one, right? Yeah, he's an H1 or the material that you guys will be sending it is a part of that $400. It's no, not everything is included in that. Okay. So after once he has cleared that stage and if he goes with you go for an upgrade, then you will be charging a $20 only $20 next? Yeah, exactly. And 10. $10 for the other material that we will send to your dose-dependent is basically. Honestly just the shipping charges because we have to ship it to you from our warehouse. Saw it. It is just actually a no brainer because because many of our clients, their kids, had been so engaged and so happy with this new mode of learning there. Just in 2-3 months, their kids were done with the whole mathematics curriculum for fourth grade, right. And then they went to the next one, the next one. So in one year, the Kurtz happily upgraded three times, you know, and and did their kids have really, really I've been doing amazingly well ahead of their appears in the class. So, so is there any kind of example reorder this. I see that my cape is not showing any trusted night and it's not working for him. It's any kinda funny back out and be you guys out. Yes, that is not a problem. So for example, if data is not working, then first of all, we get in touch with the parents and then we really see what the problem is, right? And then we simply solve the problem. But so far, you will be surprised to see that there had been almost no money bank. No returns. In some cases, yes. The kids, you know, just by chance they threw the tablets, you know, and the tibial broke. That is not a problem because we have an insurance for that, right? So that is also covered in $400. So if if some accidental damage happens or if let say that the tablet is broken, neon DAT case happens. So yeah. We do have like 60-day money-back guarantee. Right? Just photo safety. Yeah. We do have it. Okay. So nationalities, the insurance part that you said because usually the expensive ballots, decades, right. So it's not very easy for them to handle all these things. So yeah, that's a good thing like that. So it really sending a fire, for example, let's assume that pi or order it right now. And when can I expect that? That material that states are good? So since superheat you live in Delhi, search won't take long. It will just take like a Vk for the tablet to arrive at your door. And yeah, that is all about. And you can also pay the $400 in installments if you want to saw, we can break it into a $100 in the coming four months. So it is easy for you if if you if you would like that. So yeah, that is all about the monthly installment option, like you said, a $100 every month for the next four months. Yeah, you yeah. If you want to go for that option, that R2P. A