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Rustic lettering on canvas

teacher avatar Kicki Vibe, Artist & Illustrator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. The materials

    • 3. The background

    • 4. Inspiration

    • 5. Transfer a sentence to a canvas

    • 6. Paint the rustic lettering

    • 7. The letter A

    • 8. The class project

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About This Class

In this class you will learn how to make an awesome rustic looking background with acrylic paint only using two colors.

You will learn how to transfer lettering (quotes, Cool sentences and beautiful letters) to your canvas and paint them in a rustic way using a brush, a cloth and a metal sponge.




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kicki Vibe

Artist & Illustrator


I´m a passionate art teacher, artist and lover of fun and crazy stuff and dark chocolate! I have conducted many workshops for youngsters and grown ups - and now I am also online here at skillshare. I paint, I make mixed media, litographs, draw with Posca markers, play with stencils and spray and use everything I´ll find in my many boxes :-)  My homepage is under construction - stay tuned. 

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm kicky. Welcome to this special class rustic lettering on tens. Throughout this class, I teach you how to make a nice, rustic looking background, only using two colors. And then I'll teach you how to transfer your lettering. The refugee, your canvas. You will use metals bunch directly from your kitchen cloths, water. I'll show you later on, and then we'll be able to make and this cameras with your rustic lettering on top of it. And I'm an artist. I'm a teacher, and I did many where shows throughout the years I did many exhibitions and now also a sculpture teacher. I always loved playing around with the letters, words, all kind of clothes and so forth in my outward, and I'm very happy to share this with you. This class is for beginners or for someone who wants to add littering into the artwork. It's all kind of creative souls who like to play around with the colors and letters. Be so much fun, and you could use it for a gift or for your outwork. In the end of this clash will be able to make this rustic lettering technique. I'm very happy to show you in a bit. So please hear your project in the attic gallery and follow me if you want to see my other classes here. 2. The materials: way. Yes, and welcome to the material, Joni Rustic lettering on canvas. So s I just mentioned you need a canvas and I just use this 18 by 24 centimeters. This is the 1st 1 to use for you can use whatever size you just have and them Then I have a smaller one, so I just make one with one letter on it. This is 15 by 15 centimeters. And then you knew you're a critic. Colors as I told you in the beginning, you only need to light and the dark one. But in this case, I use Payne's gray, the doctor and the white and a blends Thea occur and the white to make an off white. So make it the white look a little bit softer. You can also use a normal white warpaint like this. I just put it in Another can are the normal critic, but it can also use other colors you can use like there's a trick wise blue, a beautiful pink or whatever you feel like. And he also needs some water. I just put it in a normal class. I use it for t sometimes, but this is today I use it for the water and a brush. I need a big brush and and then a smaller brush. This is a little to pick, actually Can can be eso. You also have a smaller brush to use for the detailed littering. And then you need this metal spun church. It's directly from the kitchen to use for the rustic backgrounds. It looks like this if we assume in and then you also need a cloth, am I just cut it in half. So when was just not so big when he needs more for that s well so this is the things you need for the rustic lettering. And and also you need some tracing paper or some baking paper paper so you can transfer the mattress while the quotes. And then you need a pin pencil. Sorry. Yes, and then a hairdryer. If you're impatient like me, you could dry up the layers in between. You know, I like that. And then I just have this little the my paint, but just let it dry. You can see a lot of layers sometime of its and just let it dry and then put us a more You know I like that and and that's that's about it. This is all you need form. You can't stop it. Let's go on with the next section. It's here, Do. 3. The background: So let's get started with the backgrounds. I used the paint great. And I would like to with a thick layer on it to Megan. Nice move. Background. I used the the biggest brush I have for this water on it. And then I just stopped painting. Yep. And yeah, I just let's put up to music to get finished. Yes, Don, with bath. And then I have a smaller one here, 15 by 15 centimeters. So I used to do the same show. Right now, I just put it directly on my chemists and stop painting. I remember to do all the acres, and now it's time for the hair dryer. You can dry with dry or just let it dry. But I like the hit rate. Okay, I'm done. But, um, here's some small leaks. I just have to prepare them. And then I used to have dry once again, and they are dry by now. I can feel it. So I have to, um I wanted to blend off white to put on top off the black background. So I used my white. I always put it on my lit. Or unless I put it on beverage on the campus. And then I used my locker and just a tiny bit. You just need a type, but and you blended some water on it, but not too much water on it. Go it the white, then a little bit, Tucker to make this soft looking wonderful off white. So I'm starting with the small one Smaller chemise. Yeah. So I just for later on it make sure the brushes not to wit and remember the anxious. And then we just turn up the music of a bit. So I'm done with this one. And then I take the big chemise and use blend my off white once again. Oh, now it's too yellow. So I need two more white, that little white again and then I'm ready to paint. Just need a thick layer and we make the rustic look afterwards. Okay, so let's get to the head. Dr. Once again if you can't wait and you are impatient like me. So I'm ready for the next hat where we have to make the arresting looking background. You can't miss this half dry and you have the cloth. Put it some water and grab it on your chemist to make the like background, come through and then stretch with your metals bunch makes and stretches, and then the plot. Again. I just take turns using both of the remedies. Okay, I'm done with a big one. Yeah, so but this dry and go on with the smaller canvas, So I just, um, dry. It's half drive. That's fine. Then I have my cloth again. Put it in some water and dab it, too. And you? Some work more water this time to get some more paint off. But sometimes you get too much paint off, and then you have to repair it a bit, and then you scratch it with your metal sponge. It's kind of fun. I like that. Ah, it's a little bit too much now. So repaired a bit and get a bigger layer again. Remember to keep your brush really dry. Not to wit. Do the checkers make sure looks neat and the cloth again. So I just take turns with a cloth and the metals bunch until there feel satisfied like this , almost so I'm done with this, and I'm ready to put on my rustic littering and find some inspiration with us. 4. Inspiration: So let's get on with this inspiration. We need some inspirational text for the rustic littering. These are my small quotes. They're small carts and I will put in this class section and for you to look at. I just love these and did your small sayings reminders? Take good care of yourself or keep your mind positive. Laugh out loud or whatever. So that's a starter. Or follow me here. I'll give you a shoulder inspirational tour, Right? As for myself, I went with this beautiful quote from Master halfway in the kung Fu Panda movie. One of them yesterday is history. Tomorrow it's mystery, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present. I like this so much show it's it's Ah, it's going to be a part of my rustic littering until my canvas. So seeing that section 5. Transfer a sentence to a canvas: Now it's time to transfer sentenced to your tennis and I've just print some textile. Remove the movie I talked about before. The comfort food Penda Yesterday's history Tomorrow's mystery. But today is a gift, and that's why it's called prison. So I put it in the text out precisely the size I needed and for my camera. So it fits directly on my canvas, and what I need to do now is transferred this to my canvas and and I use some transfer paper or some normal baking paper from your kitchen, and you just put it right on top of the text like this. And then I just need to find out precisely which words I like to have on my canvas. Then I tape it, so I take it so it doesn't roll around. So let's get going. So done. Now it's time to Morrow. I use this unique pin and 0.5, but you can also use a pencil, and I like the word present. Maybe it is the present, so it's that marking up just I just do the outline, not in the middle, and so I can see it after, Well, I have to transfer the lettering. So I use use just the words or the letters that you you like to do. And, um, let's put on some music. Now. We done our planning or the letters and words with our pencil or a pen unit pen announced. Time to get off all the tape and transfer it going with the transferring to our chemists. So get up. Take off all the tape. Yes, I'm taking off the tape now traded around so you can see the back off the lettering. Now it's time to hatch the area that you want to transfer in a minute. So, uh, what I use is to be or four b pencil. And then I just saw hatching like this really soft, but also very dense and compact. So I'm done hatching. Not it's time to find canvas that you want and then place the lettering on top of it. So just find my scissors, put it out. Well, I don't just have this rate of kind of six sec sister really work. Well, um, so I really just read it off here. This it gets better. So this place is where you like much has put it here almost in the middle like this. So in the middle of looks fine. But if you want to be more precise, you can use a ruler. So I just show you that as well. So I mark it up with my router mark on us on it, Make a street line. Your pencil. You have to live. You just do it with second line so you can put it on the second like this, teams exercising up for me. So let's put some tape on it so it sticks, Do you the kindness and then we're ready to transfer all this lettering. This is just one way you can do it. I show you another way where we come to the letter, the smaller canvas. So that stopped to mark up. And this time it's also just the outline you have to do just the outline of the letters that you choose. The words you choose to transfer. So we don't doing the transferring part. That whole went Yeah, like this from small falls. Would you talk to rectify balls? And you just do this by using your pencil again? Was outlining the small mistakes you forgot or I forgot, at least, so let's look at it. It's not quite straight, but it's OK and no, I'm ready to do the painting so we'll do that next action. So see you and get out from from paint. 6. Paint the rustic lettering: in this section, I'll show you how to paint the rustic littering. I have this a small small pressure and then I also have it a bigger brush like this. So I switched between them. So let's go out. Um, I used to paint spray. I like the pain is great. Much better than the black is more. It's soft. Has she after look to it. Better remember to use some water that will make it much easier to paint. That was just start out outlining. And this process I'll use of show you very, very slow. And then I will speed up in a bit. So you see how Holly do it. So definitely you some at some water to make the process easier that with the I. And actually I used the small. I used a small brush now, but I think actually lease quite too big. So I have to take a smaller one. Now have to take a small one, do some more paint, go with t so and so forth. So let's speed up the process, - right ? Yeah, yeah, - yeah . So stuff when it's half drive so you can just on the letters when they have drawings or you weaken work with him. So I have my cloth here with the water we should cut up out in him. I don't I don't need to watch water on it. And then I just step on the letters. Go. I want some of the paint off, but I don't want to take away outline. Then I need to scratch a little with my metals punish so much fun. Probably get a sound as well. Don't like it? That's a more just which between the class and the metals bunch. And when you if you get some color and outside of the letters you can just take it away with the class so it doesn't get too much black or which color views used around the letters. You want the letters just to stand out, but not have a dirty look. So if you want to have a crisp and clear within some of the letters, you can see that the transparency within the S and the tea But sometimes you like too much away like the T year. So you have to correct the small mistakes you do just by painting again with the paints. Gray or whatever color you use like this, and then you can go on with the process again. So now it's time to rev up the process. And then you stop whenever you feel like it looks right to you when you have the real rusting look and then you can raise the line on any letters. You did it with a pencil. So that's it for now. See you in the next section. 7. The letter A: So in this section I'll teach you how to transfer the letter A from your computer and directly to your tennis. So you get a finished rustic looking A when you're finished with this section. So let's get to it. So what I wanted to do now is go to work and write your letter letter of your choice. I wrote a because I would like to use it for present. And then I try to make the size precisely so it fits to my canvas. I have a small canvas. It's 15 by 15 and I used to try a different kind of funds, this fund like, but it's not quite the right one. And I would like a to bigger. So I make it 250 and I go with the try to find fun that I lie. So I go with that. It would Ian script what I needed to be Yeah, well, like this. And I need this to be even bigger. So I will go for 350 so it will fit precisely to my chemise. And now I wanted to get some tracing paper and then put this tracing paper not rightly on your computer so we can transfer the ledger. So now it's time to mark up the outline with a pencil just like this, just so we couldn't see it. When we are doing the transfer park in a bit, let's speed the process up a bit. So we're done with the A outlining the all darting part. Now have to turn the tracing paper around to get the hatch and going, like predicting the other part with the rustic lettering is just precisely the same. So, um, use a soft pencil and let's get going. So I don't know the hatching part and now have to turn it around again. And then I have fine. Okay, ready to transfer to my canvas. So now it's time to make it sit to the canvas us my rustic background. So I just put the A until of it where I think it fits would like to have it about in the middle. Well, let's get a a ruler to make it more precise, so I just I wanted to find out where I wanted have four to go with the four centimeters, about two inches. Just make a soft line so I can see it when I'm transferring the lecture. Just try to put it on this line and check if it's okay. I think it's about there. Now, In this case, I don't use, um the tape. Just stroll and then try to hold the tracing paper in place. I think I don't need it, really. When, um I only do one letter, and then I do the outline evening part again so I can transfer the pencil, stroke the hatching to my canvas. - So before I get started with the painting part on, go through the letter and make sure I can see all the lines and make it look right. So just outlined it once again. Well, the plots that didn't get transferred So I think it looks fine like this. And I'm ready to get going with the painting, so I'm ready to do the painting. So I have the white I used the white as my base and I would like to make a pink looking A because I'm using it. Four. A baby girl. So I have the Romney magenta, this one and then I have the parole Red. I really adore this color. This is wonderful and wild. So I blended. Using the white is a base, and then I wraps all the colors, a little parole red and magenta to get the color that I really want. And it's nice to make a little portion. Sure, you have enough of your favorite color to your letter. You don't have to meet to blend the same color again and again. And when you do this, painting that way have to paying very precise. Sisley. Of course, you need quite small brush, the nice tip and then you some water, as also told you in the other section, with the sentence your some water to make it easier for you and then just paint the picture , right? Yeah, yeah, Now it's time to do the last detail. So I just very, very slow the last bit of pink painting, and sometimes I also use a pencil. I just used his pencil to make it stand all because it's very it's very light color. It's a very light pink, so I would like to This should be more rustic, so I don't want this peel kind of look like to be more rustic before we get started. So what make kind of a shadow in the left part off the letter and then just you the mark up the outline. So now I think I'm done with the little A that's going with Let's get going with the hat, Try action and remembers stuff when it's half drive because we have to work on the rustic pot. Oh, it feels half drying up and I we're going on with the rustic but and I need the metal sponge on my little I cut it in half as I told you so I thought, scratching a bit. And then I do the stepping with the You got to make it look rustic. So I just switched between the cloth and the metals funds to make it really look that I I like. Yeah, Do you? - So now it's time to wrap up and do the last details. No, I This may be more pencil strokes to make it more rustic scratching, and then I'm ready to rever rips around a door. Maybe a string like this. I hope you had fun. And now it's time to the class Project 8. The class project: That's it. We're done doing the rustic literally on canvas. Hope you had fun for the class project. You can use the inspiration from this class. I put down these interational cots as I have in the class Partick section. You can use a bigger Congress or smaller canvas at you. Please Onley make one letter. Make it as a gift that I did or you could just have fun. That's the most important thing. Please share Partick in the budget gallery. I can't wait to see it and get you some people so you and next.