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Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - melt your silver scrap into beautiful earrings!

teacher avatar Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - introduction

    • 2. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - equipment

    • 3. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - soldering equipment

    • 4. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - materials

    • 5. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - melting the balls

    • 6. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - designing the earrings

    • 7. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - soldering part 1

    • 8. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - hammering

    • 9. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - soldering part 2

    • 10. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - shaping the earwires

    • 11. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - final thoughts

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About This Class

Fancy making a new pair of earrings for free? This class will show you how to make this stunning pair of earrings from scrap silver left over from other projects and a couple of short lengths of wire. Recycling silver is easy and fun with this method, and the design is so versatile you could easily make yourself a matching pendant.

You will learn how to solder multiple joins at once - and, most importantly, a few tips to show that it's not the end of the world when soldering doesn't go right the first or even second time!


This is one of a series of video classes, each one showing you how to quickly and easily make a lovely pair of earrings - sometimes two pairs - as part of my #52earrings challenge. I have challenged myself to design and film tutorials for 52 pairs of earrings in 2017, and I'd love you to join me.

In each video I will show you the materials you will need, explain the tools and equipment and go through all the steps needed to create your own lovely pair of earrings. Along the way I will share with you the same hints and tips that I teach in my jewelry making classes and private tuition so that you become more confident with your techniques and design skills with each class that you watch.

This class is for jewellery makers of all levels of experience from complete beginners upwards.

The equipment needed for the project is explained in the videos and also listed on a downloadable document that covers all of the tools that I will use in future earrings video classes as well so you can plan ahead! All the equipment listed can be used for a variety of other jewellery making projects.

Earrings #4 in the #52earrings challenge



Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joanne Tinley

Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer


I have been making jewellery for as long as I can remember, and have been passing these wonderful (and addctive!) skills on through my classes for nearly 20 years. I am self-taught and like many people I started with wire and beads. Learning how to solder, however, opened up a whole new world of jewellery making! There is something so magical about watching solder flow through a seam, joining two pieces of metal together smoothly.

My studio is in Southampton, on the South Coast of the UK. I design and make jewellery for galleries across the UK, teach regular and popular jewellery design workshops, and also offer private tuition. My jewellery design projects have been published in both UK and US magazines and books.

Visit my Etsy shop, Jewellers Bench Shop, for jewellery ma... See full profile

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1. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - introduction: Hello. My name's jointing me. I'm a jewelry designer and tutor from UK. Welcome to my plastic hammock dots. Here in sports, in this class, I'm going to show you how to make every single part of the hearings from the dots that make up circles to the ear wires on mostly hearing we made from scratch, we re cycling, scrapped by melting at which is lots of fun. This class is part of my 52 earrings Challenge. I've changed myself to design and film tutorials for 52 different pairs of earrings throughout 2017 but I'd love it if he joined to be a challenge. Look out the hash type 52 hearings on Facebook, so if you're ready, let's get started. 2. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - equipment: the's the hand tools that you're going to need to make the earrings the first tour that I'm going to need. Other shears that I used to used to cut the strips of solder into small pieces of Palin's. I'm going to use these to cut the silver scrap into small pieces from melting into the balls. The wire cutters the night on your pliers on the flat of those players are there to help me shape and cuts the ear wise. I'm going to need the Mandrell to shape the ear wise as well. But as I've said before, a pen bow will work just as well. It's one of these purpose made. Mandel's. The needle file is there to follow the end of the year. White. Make it comfortable to go through your ear, going to be using the hammer to hammer both the silver balls onto the ear. Wives give your wiser with respect to strength, and I'll be doing the hammering on the steel bench block on top of the leather cushion 3. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - soldering equipment: thing is the soldier equipment that I use for all of my smaller projects, such as earrings and sore pendants, everything sitting on a couple of slate tiles, a heatproof surface to help protect my desk on my work sits on a couple of soldering bricks , soldering blocks, while some heating it up. One of these soldering bricks is made of a softer material than the others. Because it's softer, it's picked up some dips and some cracks in it. It's being used over the years, and these could be very useful for supporting work that isn't completely flat. The charcoal block is there because I melt small piece of scrap on top of that on. Do they form nice of my balls as I am used to decorate my projects when I need to pick up my work or to support it whilst I'm soldering? I used reverse action tweezers that you can see here and have also got a pair on a stand through 1/3 hand, and it's there when I need 12 on extra hands to help me out. The blue handled stick is a soldier pick on and that I used to push soldier move it about to make sure it it's exactly what I wanted to be. Soldier usually comes in strips or sticks. Andi, I've got three different melting temperatures here that I using combination for different projects. The soldier gets cut into small pieces or Palin's you ting. The red handles snips as I keep those little pieces in the labeled boxes that you can see do. Make sure that you label your boxes because once a soldier is cut up, you won't be hard to tell which is which. Melting temperature. My curl over the ends off the sticks of solder so that I can tell which melting temperature they are, the more cold over they are, they're higher. The mountain temperature, bright yellow liquid is a flux. Solder won't actually flow out through the joining unless you use a flux with it. Andi the paintbrushes. What? I used to apply the flux to the joints in my work, so he was also available in a paste form, its ground up soldier that's already mixed with a flux, so you don't need a separate flux. In fact, if you were toe adds the yellow Fluxus, I showed you it would stop this soldier pace from working properly. It's most commonly available in syringes with small tips that she can see here. You can also buy it in tubs and pots, just like with the traditional sticks or strips of soldier, so the pace is available in three different melting temperatures. Easy, medium and hard. I've just got easy and medium here. The easy is the one that's 268 degrees sent rate for amounting temperature. The medium is 732. Recent weight. As you can tell, the easy solder paste, is a favorite newer than the medium soldier paste. When you have a new syringe, it's best to pull back on the plunger after you finished using it. Otherwise, the soldier pace is going to continue to snake out of the tip a little bit, and you don't want to waste it because this is actually the most expensive way of buying soldier. I like to use the solder paste on projects like chains on door, so hollow beads sometimes might use it on sucking rings if I'm in a bit of a hurry, because one of the advantages sort of place is that the soldier usually stays exactly where you want it to be. Unlike the sort of Italians that can jump off as you start to heat the metal up, small projects like hearings only need a small blowtorch, and I've got two different makes of those here. Both of them are easy to refill with the gas that comes in aerosol cans since the same type of gas butane gas that you use to reform cigarette lighter. At the back of the picture, you can see a so cooker that Scots a very mild acid solution. Good safety pickle in it. When you heat silver up, the surface becomes not darker and dirtier looking that some of the capo in the study silver reacting with the heat and auction flame to forward cause copper oxides on the safety pickle cleans that copper oxides up. Before you put your work in the safety pickle, it needs to be cooled down or quenched in a pot of water. Andi, you need to put your work in and out of the safety pickle with brass or plastic tweezers, not the stainless steel ones that I showed you before and thus, but definitely not least our have safety glasses. You've only got one pair of eyes look after 4. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - materials: Theo. Only materials you're going to need. These earrings are so no 0.8 millimeter wire, just some short length is not as much as you can see here on door. So some bits of silver scrap left over from other projects. The silver strap can be either sheet or while it doesn't matter which. But if it's sheet, try to remove any last. It'll pick bits off the plastic coating that's on there. Otherwise don't just burn off on that won't be so good for you. 5. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - melting the balls: ah, abuse this year's to cut some of the small pieces of scrap even smaller. Andi, I've put just five of them for the moment on the charcoal block. I'm melting on the charcoal block because that will absorb some of the oxygen and therefore reduce the amount of copper oxide that's going to be formed on the balls. Did you make him a little bit easier to clean up? Also gives him a bit of a smoother surface. Remember that the car would not. Sites form because sterling silver has got 7.5% copper in it. Ivory put a few pieces on a charcoal block the moment because where they melt, they could roll about a little bit. And I don't want to roll into each other because then I'd end up with bigger melted walls and I actually need, so I'm just gonna do the future time. I've also got my quench part just out of shot of the camera so that as soon as the bulls have cooled down my compartment, quench parched, put more pieces of silver on their on get melting again. Filthy blowtorch shop with gas. So I got a nice big flame on and just going to keep the flame on the sill. Remember, the hottest part is just in front of the blue. Tick on a silver just balls up. It draws up into shape, keeping the flame on the silver for a little bit longer to make sure any impurities of burnt off. And it's nice and smooth as possible and then move onto the next one. Oh, there we go. That's it. Is that what I mean? Don't have too many on that at the same time that they convert into each other bull up. If that happens, just go with the flow. You'll find a use writing something. Remember, You don't want to pick the bulls up until they have gone that nice, dark Carl. If you pick them up when they're that color, when they're still well, actually green don't quite quickly, But you will pick them up too quickly. They can still be soft, and you can squash them. So you hear a hiss as I put him into the quench Parche. So I'm going to put some more on the block and keep going and build up a nice selection of different sizable so that I can choose the best ones out of that. My project? Yeah, 6. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - designing the earrings: wait for the results of the melting Zai did your feet physical silver balls being the pickle to clean them up to get rid of all the corporate sides. By the way, a, um, health and safety chip for you. I've quenched my child corporate in some water after I finished working because I've done so much work on it had the flaming for so long that if I'd left it, it still would have sat there, smoldering away a little bit longer. Think about how long the charcoal on your barbecue keeps on going, so I've quench it in some water to make sure that it's completely out on it. It's nice and safe. He doesn't take too long to dry out from to use it again. The next part of the project is to lay out some of these walls into the designers. I want to. I'm going to make them into a circle, but you could make them into an oval. You could even put some of them in line if you wanted to. If you're going to put metal, I know don't make it too long because the longer the straight line is, the more vulnerable it is to breaking something like a circle and oval is going to be much a strong shape. So I'm going to tip some of these out Onda, choose some different sizes, try and get the two earrings to match up the best that I can on Don't basically have a bit of fun. I've done a little bit of sorting and put them into some match pairs. Well, that closely match as I possibly can to try and help me get my earrings matched up. Now we went, but she put them into the design. - I'm happy with that. There will be moved around a little bit as I put the soldier in place. But I'm happy with that overall design. I hope that you noticed that when I was put in the bulls in the arrange pattern, the bulls on this side we're here that the match pair of that one, for example, is over there. The much prayer of that one is there, so I was trying to make mirror images of the earrings so much one of that one is down there . None of the other little balls will go to waste. Then I'll get used for other projects. It's nice to have a stock with them available when you want to use them 7. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - soldering part 1: The next job is the one that's probably going to take the most amount of patients. It's not difficult, but it's a fiddly. Time's is putting the soldier in place in between the balls. I'm going to use solder paste because it's more likely to stay where I want it. And we'll also actually helped to hold the Bulls in place as I'm solving them. So I got medium solder paste. Andi, I've got my soldier pick as well to help push the soldier into the nooks and crannies in between the bulls. So here we go, squeezing a little bit of so to pay. So there goes one moving, I think couple. We put the soldier on a couple more before I start moving any back into position, just very carefully, turning the block around so I can get around two to this side. I really just move about that one. Okay, I'm happy with that one and has to a second. Okay, right then. That's all the soldier in place. It is worth taking your time over this job because if you rush it's then you might have to go back and add soldier a few more times. until you've actually got to complete salt circle. I've made sure that my sore blowtorch is full of gas that have a nice big flame. Andi. I'm going to heat up around each circling turn, making sure that heat is nice and even and trying at that soldier to melt in between the bulls. If it doesn't melt on the first side of not all the soldier joins, follow on the first time. It's not the end of the world. You complete up in the pickle ads from or soldier After it's cleaned up and give it another go. Remember the smoke and little bit of flame from the soldier places. Quite normal. I hope you saw at least a cup for the joints, that nice flash of liquid solder as it flowed in between two on and it's actually there We go. But it was such the brick for a moment, but so far circuit they were staying together. Let's see if we can do the same to number two. - I'm not convinced the soldier flew on that your face in two pieces. It hasn't been quite going together now. The silver is actually quite clean because this silver has already being heated up once ongoing the pickle once so some of the copper had already been moved from the silver, so there's not as much copper oxides forming. So I'm actually going to try and put in a little bit more soldier right now, whilst it's also in position and give it another go soldering, I've put some medium solder paste on the Pake. It's going to put that in place. Do that again with second join. I've done it that way because I don't like putting the chip of the soldier syringe on hot metal because that could dry out of solder. That's in the tip, right? Solder paste on block, the tip. So I much prefer if I have to do this to put the soldier on Soldier pick instead. So I was trying to eat us up again and get social melt this time. - That top joint still don't want to go first. The soldier probably wasn't quite in the right place, So while Cy had still had the frame on, I got a little bit more solder paste on the end of the soldier pick. I just put a little bit more in place Well, let me go to rings of Israel. Melted balls. Quite amazing. What? You can make out a scrap, by the way, I keep referring to these as balls, but they've actually got flat bottoms because I melted them on a very flat charcoal surface . So they have got quite distinct top and bottom. By turning over, you'll be out to sea What? I mean. So my next job is to put them in pickle and cleanup, which won't actually take very long because I've said there's not much copper oxide on there. 8. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - hammering: my circles all nice and free now and ready to be hammered. Although you could if you wanted to leave. Um, let's say, Oh, quite pretty as they are, but I'm going to go stage further. Andi, give them a slightly flattened look. I'm going to be using clashing hammer to do that. It's got a slightly domed head, but a nice, wide, smooth surface to flatten out the silver a little bit. By the way, if they break apart last you're hammering. Well, is better for it to do it now, then, whilst you're wearing them. But it means that socially join. It wasn't quite a strong as you thought it waas or we have to do then is put from it a little bit more soldier in place. Andi melt with soldier again. Well, there we go. There's one. Come off, right. I'll put that to one side while soldiers again in a moment. Don't just work on one side of the circle on, then leave the other untouched. Dual the circle going round, Mr Time on, Build up the person that you want. - Okay , I'm happy with that. Andi, I know this one started to be hammered But if I put them next to each other, you'll be here to see the difference between the if of all ways that have been hammered on the ones he's being left unhampered, this one are sold back into place in a moment and then carry on hammering it again. The reason why I didn't try to keep on hammering this part is if you hammer a shape that's open as you hammer it, it is going to open up a little bit. Mawr. It's that circle just stretched out more well. I wouldn't want to get it back into shape, so it's much better to men to join and then keep hammering. Once I got in, both hammered, I'll show you how to make and soldier in place the ear wise. 9. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - soldering part 2: ah e repairs circles that has broken apart. Andi. I've hammered that to give it the same look as the first circle, although it perhaps not quite as easy. Once you've hammered system, I've tried to turn the earrings so that they're still matched up. Um, and I've marked with a Sharpie where I want the ear rise to go the ear. While I was going to be made of no 0.8 millimeter wire, I've cut off to six centimeter lengths. I'm going to apply a little bit of easy soldier paste to the tips off thumb on, then put those tips in place in between. Two of the hammered bulls have actually taken the lid of the syringe. Well, if such a little bit easier to just take some of the easy soldier out, it's an easier way of getting soldier on there. Put one in place to the same sex 2nd 1 a little bit the easy soda paste on, you know that one? Then put it in position. Putting it in between two of the hammered walls makes the design a lot stronger. Soldier joined not stronger than if it was sitting on top of one of them. So I'm going to heat that up now and get the soldier to mount and flow. The biggest section of the silver is obviously the hammered balls, so I'm going to put most of heat into that actually, very little heat, really into the ear wise and sells because I don't want the air wise to melt. - It's a test to make sure that they all pick up is one piece Check the next one such the breaking orbit that will come off in its own good time. But they need to be pickled to clean them up on. Then I'm going to shape the ear wire sequel. Nice finished a pair of earrings. 10. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - shaping the earwires: way finished making the earrings or we need to do is shape the ear wise themselves on. Thank you. Everything. A nice polish. So I've those who make sure that year wise and I said straight by putting through with not on your pliers stoned you applies a great for shaping and smoothing without actually marking a buyer. Next job is to lying the bottoms up. I make sure that the year wise at the top are matching, which they are. That's fine. If one was a bit longer than the other, then I just him along one off and then I'm going to use the manage or to shape the air wise . I've already held thes up to my ears. Ohene a mirror are decided that I want the curve of the ear wise be round about there. So what's going to benj that why around the man Joe home complete U shape there Andi next seem to do is just flick out the end of that year. Why? So I used the wits of the flat nose pliers. Just see, flick that out, give him a nice of finish, same to the other one sachet, making sure that I've got these the right way round because there is question still is a saint to my eyes, at least to sink front and back. The front is a little bit smoother. It's got this light hammered texture, So start to bend the ear wire and then see if then machine up this one. It's still a bit longer. So I'm going to put it back on the Mandrell and push the front bit down to take up a bit that wire and check again. That's looking good. Then just fish spending it around to the same flick the end of that year were out. Two more things have to do. I need to hammer the front section of each year wire to make it stronger, and I need to file the chips so going to be comfortable to wear. So push the hearing hanging off the bench. Paige certain not damage this section. Well, I have a here, the same to the other one. That's enough just to shape it and give it strength and has said the very last job is to use needle file to smoothed off the edges. Remember the files. Are you got work going in one direction. Use your fingers as much your eyes to make sure that the end is nice and smooth. But I'm just saying to the other one, Okay, I just need to give him a polish and then the richest where? 11. Rustic Hammered Dots Earrings - final thoughts: now we'll published in clean on Really, how they turned out. I think they're going to be my new favorite hearing, so you might see quite a bit more of them in various introductions to the classes. I feel no so he has a class, a great way of using up small bit suspect, but it's a very versatile, designed. Well, you can do lots of different shapes out the doctors, even Natal stud earrings as well. Here's a sweet little pair that I made out of some of the bulls that were left over from making the larger dangle Deering's Andi. I'll write up how to make this project in Project Section. The class hearings were also great with darker, oxidized teach finish and have a look out for the color. Your silver class. If you want to know how to do that, thank you for watching on day. I hope to see you on some of the other 52 ales