Russian Wedding Ring - learn how to make traditional interlocking rings

Joanne Tinley, Jewellery Designer, Tutor and Writer

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12 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Russian Wedding Ring - learn how to make traditional interlocking rings

    • 2. Russian Wedding Ring - materials

    • 3. Russian Wedding Ring - equipment

    • 4. Russian Wedding Ring - soldering equipment

    • 5. Russian Wedding Ring - calculating materials

    • 6. Russian Wedding Ring - preparing the single rings

    • 7. Russian Wedding Ring - soldering

    • 8. Russian Wedding Ring - shaping, filing and sanding

    • 9. Russian Wedding Ring - soldering the rings together

    • 10. Russian Wedding Ring - finishing the rings

    • 11. Russian Wedding Ring - final thoughts

    • 12. Russian Wedding Ring - bonus: how to add texture to your rings


About This Class

Russian Wedding Rings are beautiful and playful pieces of jewellery - and if you follow the instructions in this class step-by-step you will find them easier than you might think!

Traditionally made from rose, yellow and white gold, Russian Wedding Rings are three interlocking rings that roll comfortable around your finger as you play with them. This class will take you through everything you need to make your own set - and most importantly will teach you how to get the sizing right first time, every time.


The Russian Wedding Ring class continues with Silversmithing for Beginners classes. This series teaches you all the basics you need for jewellery making, helping you to become confident with sawing, soldering and much more. I will always take you through everything you need step by step, and include troubleshooting sections where appropriate too.

The Russian Wedding Ring was made as part of the Ring A Month 2019 challenge. July's prompt was Movement. For more about the challenge visit

if you haven't already watched it, the Simple Hammered Rings class would be a good choice for your next class as it covers important ring making techniques - and then things get exciting with the Stone Set Ring class and the Tube Set Ring class!