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Russian Cursive - Learn Russian Step by Step - Russian handwriting

Russian & English Tutor, Albina Gizza

Russian Cursive - Learn Russian Step by Step - Russian handwriting

Russian & English Tutor, Albina Gizza

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6 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Russian Alphabet. Intro

    • 3. Russian cursive. Part 1

    • 4. Russian cursive. Part 2

    • 5. Russian cursive. Part 3

    • 6. Russian cursive. Part 4

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About This Class

Привет, добро пожаловать на данный видео курс. В данном курсе мы с вами познакомимся с русским алфавитом, научимся писать не только буквы и слова, но и также целые тексты. 

Данный курс предназначен для любого уровня.

Давайте же приступим к видео!

Meet Your Teacher

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Russian & English Tutor

Albina Gizza


Hello, I'm professional Russian teacher. I'm here to help you learn Russian and understand russian native speakers fast and without getting lost.


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1. Introduction: Hello everyone. This is LB not. And this course is about a Russian cursor. In the first, second lessons, you will get acquainted with the Russian alphabet and it's writing. In the third, fourth lessons, we will write simple and complex words. And in the last lesson we'll practice writing a shop text. By the end of this course, you will be able to write not only matters, but sentences as well. This course is designed for all levels. 2. Russian Alphabet. Intro: Hello everyone. Welcome to my video about Russia alphabet. My name is Alina, and today we are going to learn and pronounced all rational letters. Let's burn nouns are rational letters altogether. Yo, Yo, z, e, E, L, L, m, m, and n 00. N, S, S, F. F. Say say chin. Chin. She should. The next letter is hard sign. We don't pronounce the letter in the alphabet. It makes the word the prior led her into word hazard. The re. The next letter is soft sign. We don't pronounce the letter in the alphabet as well, like the Haar sign. It makes that prior lead hurt a bit softer. So we need to pronounce the word softer. And the last measures. You. That's it for this lesson. I'll see you in my next videos. 3. Russian cursive. Part 1: So there's a whole number. And so here we go. Some of the code. No. Okay. Okay. Okay. When your Zan e l m, n, where their fair share share share. This knock hard sign. Is knock soft sign. You yeah. 4. Russian cursive. Part 2: Why? Okay. Right. Why? Why? Yeah. Okay. I don't know. Okay. Why Okay. Why? Okay. Okay. Okay. 5. Russian cursive. Part 3: Right? Okay. Four. Okay. To make a map, a business. Okay. 6. Russian cursive. Part 4: In this lesson, we are focusing on the writing the same text. Okay? If we position okay. Okay. Right. Right. Half the time. Okay. My style by Joschka chai would come to soak. Dadi, welcome TOM. Muslim. Edta. After Alexander, softer, EDTA, molecule, fructose, gem into Charlie coercion. Dorothy Maslow.